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UPDATED: Torture During Classes Still & OSU Ecampus Prior to 2002

UPDATED: 1/18/14. After I was in England with a head injury and overheard which people were glad to think I was dead, I was assaulted with technology in the U.S. and then it was "suggested" I have another "operation" (for free) and that is when the U.S. cut into my skull.

The U.S. is still torturing me, and basically repeating most of what they did to me in the 1980s when I was in my second term of OSU online classes.

I noticed a newspaper article which said the online program has been since 2002 but the U.S. Navy was working on the program since the 60s and had funding for it shortly thereafter. So basically, if online ecampus courses were not available to the public, in the late 80s when I took them, they were only available through the "test pilot" program of them that I was told it was connected to.

The way it was described to me was "It's a test-pilot program." I don't know what they were testing, but they had full classes, and most of it ran the same way it runs now.

When I was trying to take classes the second term, I was getting targeted with energy weapon torture so badly at my house, that I wasn't able to stay at my own house and work on classes at all. I was forced out of my house where my computer was, over it. I missed the same quiz I missed this time around because they did the same thing to me, but it was actually even worse when I was a kid. They tortured me that day much harder to the point I almost blacked out several times at my own house. I almost threw up from it, it was that bad, too. I was extremely sick and seeing black spots and almost blacking out completely because my head was being targeted. So I moved away from the house and it wasn't happening, or quit, and I had to stay out of my house and that location the entire day, where I had my computer, or be extremely sick trying to look at my coursework. The quiz I was being tortured not to be able to complete, which had the deadline for that day, was in Remote Sensing.

I think it had to do with retaliation against me and trying to still frame me.

Some people beat up Edward Lee Howard in a private location and tried to blackmail him and I witnessed it. The CIA and military also tried to blow up an area and blame it on another group overseas. Some of the people who worked together were Daniel (Gary Goldsmith's friend), Gary, Mike Middleton and some others and they all knew each other. Mostly, they were CIA and Jews, whether U.S. born or British or Israeli. When I got back to the U.S., some military people who went to OSU, Nathan Bechtold, Scott (who worked as a cop in Mt. Angel and who knew the other guys), a kid named Christopher (possibly with the other group), and Raul Bujanda (FBI) and some people tried to enact a repeat performance of a similar thing and they took photos of me to try to frame me as destroying property.

I also knew Tom Clancy, because he went to one of the sites and I was told, "He's writing a book". Yeah he did. He wrote Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising and refers to a lot of information he did not just get from documents but was involved with first-hand, on-site.

I went from meeting Tom Clancy who talked to me about his book, to later being raped by an Irish guy who Bectholds knew, named Seamus Hainey, who I was also told "Is writing a book--a translation of Beowulf."

I had "Hunt for Red October" or "Red Storm Rising" in my house, a new book, which was right before I was gang-raped (sodomized) by the U.S. on a bridge in Coquille, Oregon.

I was told if I wanted to have my own baby (a 'bundle') I could have a "bundle of faggots". So they raped me with sticks and other items.

There was a CIA "mission" in Russia, and then there was an FBI and domestic cover-up in the U.S. and I was being framed and targeted and then the CIA and military really had a motive to want to murder me, after sodomizing me and framing me and knowing I knew they had tried to frame me and set me up. They also had Tom Parker, Camilla's own son, working with them on the "mission" which, I guess, explains a little more why she was hanging out of the helicopter window staring at me during an assassination attempt later with Valerie Plame (CIA) on board.

What I remember was Tom Parker Bowles was taking part of the mission in Russia, Tom Clancy for one of the missions, and My Uncle Tom, Mexican Tom was also involved. They had 3 different Toms. Christopher was involved in the first mission, with Middleton and Daniel, and others, and some kid who was said to be William (or looked like him) was involved in the second one (which was mostly just a stand to the side station of taking a photo). I had photos taken of me in Russia too because they were trying to have me killed.

The Russians and the Pakistanis/Arab/Persians (or Taliban-Al Quaeda) hated each other. They weren't friends. So one day I'm being "married" to one of them (after Charles of Wales) and then next day the CIA wanted Russia to think Muslims had started a fire and explosion in Russia and they wanted them to think I was part of the Muslim group. That way they could have all kinds of people wanting to kill me. They would have been happy enough to have Camilla, Tom and Katie in their CIA squad and have me dead.

Does Chris Dabney know Katie Middleton? Yeah, like a yellow jacket has a stinger.

I think Christian was also trying to kill me.

The Jews hated my guts. They had put a hit on me.

They also killed a man on a ship who tried to tell me some things, who called out for me as "Anna". He was imprisoned in a cellar of a ship and a bunch of luggage and hard objects fell on him and I think someone hit him with one too, and killed him. He was killed and then the luggage was unleashed to make it look like it was an accident. Basically, in this video by Sting, where the man is found on the floor under luggage, is what it was like. He had said to me "Edward is your Dad". I was trying to figure out which Edward he was talking about and why he said this and then he was killed.

This song is also close to a song that I sang on the ship. I found out the Jews had put a hit on me and I started singing. I sang a made-up song about "Why should I cry for you?" and everyone got quiet.

I overheard "the Bairds" (Dicksie's family) were in on the hit against me. There was no mistake in what I heard. I don't remember who I heard that from but it was on the ship and I was around a corner listening in after I had already found out there was a hit against me.

The man who tried telling me Edward was my Dad, had tried to tell me a couple of things and I went down to see him a couple of times because he was giving me information but I didn't go there knowing he was, he just started to say some things and I didn't know what he was talking about.

This was before a mission in Russia and then the repeated enactment of the idea by people in the U.S. after. It was also before Valerie Plame and others tried to kill me and before I was set up to be raped by Barak Obama or had the mostly U.S. officials gang-sodomizing me. I think it was also before I was whacked on the head in polo and had brain surgery.

First, I believe they had hoped I'd die in the explosion in Russia. I am really not sure why in the world I didn't. There was fire everywhere. One of them lit a match to a line of gas I had and all of a sudden, I was told by another person to run and went under shelter in a building but I should have exploded into flames. I didn't realize someone was planning to have a line of fire out for me, to kill me by. I mean, was the Russian fire really about Russia? Or was I just being targeted to be murdered? It's possible someone felt I'd made friends there they didn't want me to have, if I escaped or it's possible it was just a way to cover up an attempt to murder me by having it look like a "Muslim terrorist plot" I was involved in and then they'd show photos of me living in a camp with Usama bin ladin or whatever. Then they could say, "Yes. This little girl was a terrorist and died during an act of terrorism." I'm still unclear about how the U.S. was going to explain how I got there in the first place. I mean, after all, if I was Cameo from Moses Lake, Washington, how were they going to say, "Uhh, we found our missing little girl and well..ahem..we uh, uh, well, we found out she got trafficked to Usama bin ladin and had become a freedom-fighter. Isn't that right George?" Youza Ben-Nahzi? Why Should I Cry For You

This song has many elements of the song I made up. My refrain was why should I cry for you. People cried when I sang it. Men cried. I sang the part about "north, north" because of the compass I was taught which I used as a line for my song. I still remember a head jerking up at that, in shock. I also sang about "where's the stones of pharaoh?" It is pharaoh, not Faroe. I also used a part of it to reverse to a king Arthur song of fair row.

I loved you in my fashion is also a double entendre. That part was something someone did/said to me. I basically sang what came to my mind. I think it's possible I sang two songs and the most powerful was the one I remember I sang spontaneous. I sang it, without telling any of them I knew about a hit against me, to them, and thinking of my life too and some comment someone made about "why should I cry for you?" I meant it two ways, why should I cry for you who are trying to murder me and why should you cry for me, you think, you think why does my life matter at all.

One of the individuals who did a whacking was Carl Del Balzo. He was there to help whack the man who was telling me Edward was my Dad. He was maybe at the second re-enactment actually. There was another for the first one.

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