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UPDATED: 1/18/14 Test--Pray? and Getting Framed (and Whacked in Polo) and Tutoring William of Wales

UPDATED: 1/18/14. More to come here.

Really weird.

I saw this woman I either remember from before or who is similar to a Jamaican woman I knew before (from, I think, literally, Jamaica, maybe not even Africa, but I remember an island I visited once as a kid). It is possible there were two: one who was Jamiamaican and one who looked like her from Coos Bay, Oregon.

I will mention her in a minute. The one I saw again was the Coos Bay one, who always says her name is Diane and "but people call me Snickers". So I went back to my house and I had two of the guinea pigs in one room and had moved them this afternoon to have the larger room for a little while, and the others are still near me, but slightly smaller room. The ones I separate are the males: Horse&Hound and Princess (both boys).

So I was thinking, and remembering some things about Edward Lee Howard, his son Lee, my "brother" Levi, Robert and Dicksie Garrett and Diana Spencer (you know, a la Wales). I'm sure I must have done this before but I was thinking, "Did I have a guinea pig before too?" because the whole thing sort of spooked me.

Well I got back and looked at Horse&Hound and Princess who kept their distance and I was feeding them a peanut or half of one, to coax them over to me but they didn't feel like eating peanuts and backed off again to look at me and eat alfalfa. So I thought, "Is it really true people can create spells or not even that, but that a prayer to God can have any effect on an animal?" For example, I wondered if animal handlers just have a knack with them, or messaging, or a good vibe creatures pick up on, or are other things possible? so with both of them equally far apart from me I closed my eyes and prayed, "God if it's true, have one of them come over to my shoe." Neither had been near my shoes. So I opened my eyes and all of a sudden, it was Princess, and he moved around in a semi-circle and I didn't move and he went right to my shoe and touched it with his nose. I had no food in my hands.


I said, "I don't believe it. That must be random. I don't believe it" and Princess backed off away from my shoe and I stood up and then I said out loud, "Was that just random?" and then Princess walked right up to my shoe and pushed at it with his nose again.

So I thought of course it's possible it was random but on the other hand, because it was exactly on cue, it was also a little strange and makes me wonder.

On getting framed, I remembered after putting up a song to an ad for an office supply, that Diana Spencer had somehow heard of it or overheard it. I made up a similar thing as a pre-teen. I know there was a Scottish man, I believe, who tried to frame me in England and videotaped it. It was after William of Wales was only wanting to go to me. Well, I had not done anything weird to make him do that. I didn't "cast spells" and I didn't know programming or hypnotism but because some of them didn't like it, I guess, they wanted to portray me as having ulterior motives and/or to undermine what they possibly thought could be any "influence" I might have on William in the future. So instead of just singing to him, I was coached on how to "hypnotize" him or see if he could be hypnotized and I wasn't told it was considered to be a bad thing--I was just told it was a normal thing they all did. I liked learning new things so they showed me a technique and then said, "Sing to him and hypnotize him at the same time" and then what I didn't know was that they only wanted me to do this so they could videotape it and try to say he never had natural or genuine affection for me because I was good to him, and that I was just an "evil" manipulator. I did as told, and saw the videotaping and didn't think much of it until all of a sudden, one of the Scotland Yard or someone sneered at me and said, "THAT's ENOUGH SHARA-KAHN." They tried to then compare me to the snake who sings to the Jungle Boy Mogli and hypnotizes him with his eyes. So they were calling me "Khan". One of the men who was present and involved in that was Mike Middleton. He was right there.

Later, Diana actually had a boyfriend or two with the name Khan, but it was first used to refer to me over this. At that time, she was pretty much seeing James Hewitt.

I know, because she trusted me enough (for whatever reason, or something, maybe trust wasn't it, because she did some horrible things to me...? but why????) to take me with her to meet all of them. There was not one lover of hers she did not introduce me to (that I know of, or which has not also been made public). She took me to the riding lessons with Hewitt and I really liked him because he was good with kids. I also said to her, "Do you like him?" and she said, "Why do you ask?" and I said, "Because you laugh a lot when you're with him." A Dicksie was also there sometimes, for riding lessons or to take me there. He treated me like an "equal" in a way, and I thought it was because he was military and didn't look down on me for being a young girl who was in the military as well, in a way. Charles never seemed to mind anything. I didn't talk to him about Diana's friends actually, and I was told not to gossip so unless asked directly, I mostly didn't gossip, not even between the royals. Whatever happened with Charles, I didn't share with the other royals at the time, unless inadvertently or when I knew they already knew. Same with the others. I had thought gossiping was "fun" though, because Diana liked to gossip and I didn't like it when I heard I wasn't "supposed to" anymore. My ideas of love and marriage and loyalty or tradition or law, were sort of custom-designed for the circumstances I was in and what I saw accepted or not. We started going to these riding lessons and then all of a sudden, I wasn't really getting lessons out of it at all. I realized, "Oh. We go here to look like it's for riding but really it's so they can meet up." I had to sit on the bleachers and read a book or play a Gameboy and wait. Later, I did meet some of the cricket players and the "Khans" or Persians were really into those games. I liked going and they were nice. I played with them once. I actually really liked the games where you used a stick on the ground (like cricket, or croquet, hockey and field hockey). I also played jockey (?) on a horse with a stick where you run after the target on horses, oh, polo, and try to control it. I loved polo. They didn't want me in the game after awhile because I was extremely competitive and wanted to hoard the ball and I would push people out to get control of it. I didn't hurt anyone, but I saw some of the men didn't like it that I was a girl and as competitive as they were and trying to win, not just cheering from the side. I got whacked over it. I had a polo club brought down on my head. I played with a mixed-company group and I played with just the royals because there were actually enough of them to make teams. A couple of the royal women were every bit as vicious as I was and I did not stand out in that way. Queen Elizabeth and Anne were die-hards. The Spencer girls were not at all as competitive as I was. My field-play matched Anne and Elizabeth's, not the Spencers. The Spencer girls were competitive but played in a laughing, having fun way. I played to win. That's not to say one couldn't undercut you, or that Dicksie wouldn't club you out of the way with a secret jab.

My "brain surgery" came up because of the whacking one did to my head in a polo game.

For me it was horrible because I had discovered I reeaally loved polo. I loved field hockey, and even more, this game on horses with the field stick. I used to hang off the side of the horse in my saddle and stirrups just to get an angle. I'd ram my horse up against someone else's horse, any day. I laughed at first, maybe the first game, and then I realized, I love this and we can win so my competitive driven nature took over and I liked the challenge of trying to win and then laughing after the game was over. I didn't feel like joking around and laughing during the game--I was more serious and wanted to laugh later. I liked the focus. Some of them wanted to play a friendly game and I wasn't that way. One time one of them said "Let Charles (or the Queen, can't remember which but it was one or the other) win" and I said, "No, I'm not going to just give up to let them win and I don't think they would want me to either. How much fun is it to play against someone who is letting you win anyway?"

The other thing was that Robert told me ahead of time, before one of the games, to tell Diana, "Keep them together" and I thought it was like "Keep it together" but instead, later when I saw everyone looking at me later, I realized it was used to incite hate against me or as an excuse to say I was improper, as if I suggested Diana needed to keep her legs together (because she was a slut) or keep William's legs together or something (as if I'd done something to him).

When I was whacked on the head, it was with William watching and it looked premeditated with most of the group there to me. They were saying to me, when I was whacked, something like "Keep it together Davis". The blow with the club was hard enough to my head, and the level of nervousness and expectation prior to that blow, was high enough, that it was clear to me they had planned it and that it was hoped to be fatal.

I believe they wanted to kill me. They knew I had a bleeding disorder and that this kind of blow would possibly rupture my brain. Any injury I sustained, they already knew, led to more severe internal bleeding than normal and bleeding in the brain was a possible cause of death. The other option was to have me brain-dead or brain-damaged. I had asked them at the one game, why they were calling me "Davis" and they said everyone was going by last names and I could be "Davis".

The other thing was at the game where there was a formal bet, they placed a vow or wager on it and said whoever won was Queen of England or next Queen of England. I was told to lose because I was a good player I guess, and I said I was going to play like I always did, to win, and I won. Then they looked shocked at me because I played to win and the only other person who looked like they were playing for real was Prince Philip, who also played a serious game, and didn't chit-chat a lot and socialize. He was vicious like Anne and Elizabeth and I was the same way. Dicksie was too, but she copped a lazy attitude and then could pull a dagger. I did like being social, but polo didn't bring out lacksodaisical socializing in me. I liked the sport of it too much. I probably had my real expressions on my face because I wasn't trying to hide my game, and it "appeared" like Philip, Elizabeth, and Anne also just played and didn't bother to hide their game. I was surprised that Camilla was another chit-chatter. The reason I was surprised was because she liked the hunt, as in fox hunting and seemed not to mind the chase and obstacles, but she at least in polo she wasn't really focused on the game where I saw her as much as just talking with people.

I figured, or what I "felt" was some of them decided I wasn't a "social", friendly-game, team-player. I mean, I did work as a team, calling out things and taking instructions in the game, but I was serious about it. I got upset if someone didn't try or if I knew they were not playing hard.

Someone could take me painting and I'd talk, or for walks in a park and I'd talk, or dancing and I'd socialize, and even just riding side by side on horses, and I would talk, but I don't know how to describe it--in strategy sports, I wanted to focus. I felt it was looked down upon by some of them. I also thought, "Maybe someone got mad that I still played the same way, to win, with a prize of being Queen as a reward" and I thought, "Maybe they feel it looks like a "motive" on my part". However, I really liked having a goal or challenge, but I played that way anyway. I did the same thing in Africa with the tribe where they said whoever does the bungee jump the most times (hitting their head) is the king-leader of the tribe. My drive to succeed has been punished by the United States with torture as long as I can remember.

When I was on the ground, after the blow, someone said "Is she still alive?" I was going in and out of consciousness from it. Someone said, "It's worse than it looks--she has blood coming out of her ears." I had blood coming out of my ears, my mouth, and nose. Mostly I remember touching my ears and feeling sick to feel this blood oozing out. When I pulled my hands away and saw my red bloody hand in front of me I got light-headed and started to black out and someone had vapors or salt not far away because it seemed like one of them was fainting for some reason now and then. What it looked like to me, when I saw what was around me, was like someone thought I might die because there was a tarp on the ground not far from the playing field, like expecting an injury. I believe it was next to Diana. She wasn't on a horse in that game--she had brought her kids along to watch from the side.

I had to go to a clinic or house doctor off of the field and it is possible I had a spinal tap then to relieve the pressure to my head which was swelling up. One man walked in and said, "Oh my god, it's as big as a basketball". I said what and I was conscious and wanted to see and when I saw in a mirror, one of the men brought in to see me looked like he was going to throw up and then I saw my head was huge and swollen and round. They had to do something about that and then it was either there or I was taken back to the U.S. and then they did another surgery to cover up why I had a head injury at all, and claimed they were looking for seizure nerves. However, the doctor was named David and there was a man named Moss with him. I also know the doctor was talking to my parents about "Angela" and I thought "How does he know Angela Salinas?" a friend I had in grade school. I didn't realize he wasn't asking how "Angela Salinas" was doing--he meant Angela Merkel, from Germany. They called her Angela and "Angie". The other thing that was done was I told I could "sue the royals" by someone there and they wanted to know if I planned to and I didn't know what that meant. Then I was being threatened over it. After this, I was tortured and harassed, when a nerve in my brain was messed with or ruined, and the doctor then got in my face with another man and smirked and he took out a scale, like a balance, which had two ends on it where you could put weights. He said to me, "Let's test something". I said okay and he said, "Put some of the weight on the balance (it was a valuable of some kind)." I thought it was a regular doctor question to test my brain and cognition so I did. He said, "Good." He then took it off and put it in his pocket and said, "Now what do you have?" and I said, "Nothing" and he smirked at me, right close to my face and said, "That's right. YOU have NOTHING."

He made it clear he was harassing me and telling me I had nothing, as in, no brain or money or something and then right after that he made a joke to Moss saying, "A rolling stone gathers no moss" and then they laughed together because they were making a pun out of "no mas", "mas" being Spanish for "more". So he was saying, "A rolling stone gathers no more" about me. Then I was quizzed about why did a rolling stone gather no moss and I had to answer saying something like, "Because it's never in one place."

I also remember when I was first in the hospital after the polo game and getting hit, I was in a room and I heard someone tell another person I had died and that they could go in and view the body. So they were expecting to see me dead. I overheard an entire conversation and then there was more discussion while I was lying down and the one thought I was dead there and then when they came over to look closer, I opened my eyes. They froze, like caught in headlights.

I remember it was a man who set them up to think I was dead and then they were talking about money and glad to be rid of me talk.

I also thought, why isn't Johnny Spencer coming to visit me here--doesn't he know I'm in the hospital?

I actually do recall I did not just lie there for long, after I was hit because I ran to a nearby house, worried someone was going to strike me again. I did not realize how badly I was hit--I ran in shock and fear. When I got to the house, Diana's lawyer "David" was there and I said "Give me a phone. I need to call police." Then I saw there were a bunch of MI5 and cops in undercover (whose positions I already knew) waiting there. The other party that was on the sidelines with Diana was Mike Middleton, who I knew was some kind of cop. David said no, he wouldn't give me the phone and sort of dangled keys with a yellow enclosure on them near me, and there was a car outside. I knew what it was. It was an attempt to make me do something desperate, like snatch the keys and try to drive myself to the hospital, when there were cops out there just waiting for an excuse to put me in jail after attempted murder of me. I didn't take their bait and said to David instead, "I'm wired, and if you don't give me the phone, people will know you attempted to keep me from calling police in an emergency and that's a crime." He started shaking and gave me the phone and that's when I realized my hand was red from blood when I put it to my ear. That was when I got sick because I knew blood from the ears meant I was bleeding internally in my head. So then all of a sudden the cops came around me and started trying to beat me up and then I passed out and then next thing I knew I was in a hospital.

There was another situation where I was being framed and people were trying to murder me and it involves explosions, and they were trying to frame me. But before mentioning that, I'll touch on Oliver Hoare. I don't have that much to say about him except that I am able to prove I stayed with Diana at a palace apartment and I can say what I did the last time I was there.

It is known Oliver Hoare's wife reported "harassing calls from Diana" to police. She reported someone was repeatedly calling her house and then hanging up and the calls were all traced to Diana's personal line. Well, I had been introduced to Mr. Hoare and I thought he was interesting because of his art interests. I know Diana maybe said something like "Isn't he dreamy" or good-looking or something, but he was one person I did not know she'd possibly been involved with romantically. It wasn't as obvious to me. I actually thought he was acting like he was interested in ME and I didn't know why but thought maybe it was over art. I was called by one of those artist types, his "muse". What I mostly remember, is that he gave me his personal phone number and I did not know it was his house where he lived with his wife. I think he gave me his office phone too, and we talked on his office phone a few times. He took me to the gallery and that sort of thing. Maybe once to eat somewhere, a very nice restaurant, and once I think I saw Edward Lee Howard there instead. The other time was a gallery. So what happened is I got panicked one day and he said to call him and I did but a woman answered. I thought, "That's odd. Who would be with him?" I said, "Who is this?" and she said, "This is Oliver's wife. Who are you?" and I hung up. I thought, "His wife??" So I thought I must have dialed the wrong number. People played phone tricks sometimes and I seriously thought maybe someone was playing a trick. So I called again and just hung up. Then I called later in the day to see if he was alone and could take the call. I did not call repeatedly or incessantly at all. Maybe a few times. However, what became noticed, was that these calls were coming from Diana's apartment when Diana was out in public shopping, publicly, where anyone could verify she was. So if Diana was shopping, who was the woman using Diana's personal and private telephone? Me. It was virtually the only way I was able to point out I really did know Diana and stay with her because it was documented evidence. As to dozens and dozens of calls, I didn't make those and when I was asked about phoning, I thought someone was trying to frame me as a "stalker". In actuality, it works in my favor for proving I am not lying about having known the royal family and living there. I think Edward Lee Howard felt I needed something like that because possibly he was worried I was being taken advantage of and would end up in a sewer or a nuthouse for good if enough people lied about me. I had a glass of wine with him. I also had Sandeman porto with him in the U.S. at his house where he lived with Mary. He asked me about different kinds of wines and which did I like and I liked the Sandeman porto. I asked him why it was different from the other ones and what kind it was and he said "It's a mixed wine" and described it with some adjectives. I never saw him drink white wine. It was always red.

I got upset about Oliver Hoare because I thought he'd given me his house number to have me look like a stalker and then I was upset about it. But it's fine that it happened because even though I was not calling so many times, and only at least a few of the times, it does establish some credibility.

Diana would sometimes leave me at her house (apartment) alone. She'd go out and I was there by myself. I stayed up so late, and sometimes was tranquilized before bed, I usually didn't rise until late morning and she was most often back to the house by that time. Other times, I'd make myself an egg and have tea or milk and toast and read the paper. She got different papers delivered to her door each day so that's what I did. I read the morning papers and was prepared to be debriefed on news if asked. I was possibly there with William sometimes because I know I got a bottle started and walked with him. It seems like he was older at one point though because I was told I could be his 'teacher' but then they tried to frame me "hypnotizing" him and called me Shara Khan. He really did like me. He looked forward to my lessons and being with me. Very happy to see me and excited. That was why some of them got mad. They thought he liked me way too much. Most of the time I never went through any drawers or looked around for things in anyone's house. Then when things started to get weird and I wondered who was setting me up and why and what did Diana really think about me, I looked through some drawers when I was alone. I think she had hidden cameras. One time I gave her a note and said, "Save this in case anything happens to me." She said what do you mean? and I said, "In case I die. If I die, I want you to let people know about this note because I think someone is trying to kill me." She said who do you think is trying to kill you? and I said, "Maybe Robert or Charles" and she said why and I said "I don't know. Maybe they don't like me. Maybe they like someone else more." and she said how do you think they'd try to kill you and I said, "Probably car accident". I thought later that was why she didn't let me back, because I thought she maybe is upset I mentioned what if Charles wants to kill me? Then a Dicksie gave me a similar note and said save it and I thought, did Diana tell her what I did? Because I hadn't told anyone. I asked her who she thought would kill her too and I think she wouldn't say it out loud but wrote it on paper maybe. I'm not positive. Some things she wrote on paper and wouldn't say out loud.

However, the other thing I did, in wondering who was trying to set me up, I did look through some of Diana's drawers. I wasn't stealing anything of course, but looking more for notes. I found a couple of love letters, shorter notes, and bills, and not much else. Someone also wanted me to bug her phone. I don't remember who for sure but it was maybe to try to frame me because I'm sure her phones were bugged, just being who she was.

One negative thing I once said to my mother, about William, was "William steals." It was sort of a strange thing to say because I'd been taught spying techniques myself, but there were times when I didn't remember how some of the same things I was taught too. The other thing I didn't expect was how irritated or annoyed that Dicksie was with me that I said this. Mostly they had him steal documents from me. I had homework I had to do sometimes when I was visiting and my homework would disappear. One time I think it was a semi-important paper. He also took a bracelet from me but I don't think it was important. He didn't really steal valuables worth money from me, someone had him stealing papers. I did get really upset one time when I had met Edward Howard (I believe it was, but who knows) for wine, or maybe it was another who looked like him, and I was given a necklace and William was told to steal it from me. I said, "HE has ALL THIS JEWELRY and they have LOTS of JEWELS and CROWNS and he STOLE my NECKLACE." Diana made him give it back to me and he looked really upset and sad and then she was mad at me and didn't want me around. So I think then Robert or someone stole it instead and gave it to someone. It was sort of ironic because some of the lessons I gave him, which he liked so much, were how to spy and sneak things. So I was teaching him spy tradecraft. He was a mini-Bond. The grown-ups didn't like it that I was showing him those kinds of things so they infiltrated. I never tortured him either. I think they wanted to get their own hands on him.

They had said, "Okay, you can teach him whatever you want." So he'd show up and I'd have to think of what I wanted to teach him. As it turned out, I ended up teaching him spying. So then the adults said, "We said you could teach him and you're teaching him to spy? that's what you thought of?" and I said, "Well, lots of things, but he LIKES it and it's fun!" They said, "We were thinking like school, like maybe reading or writing or lessons or something" and I said I could teach that too but right now he liked the other stuff and I said, "and I'm going to teach him the bow and arrow too." I wanted to teach him weapons and spying because I thought it would be fun for him and then I said to him one day, "You need to take martial arts." I said, "You need to know how to defend yourself but I don't know enough so we'll have to find you a teacher for that" and I told the others he needed martial arts lessons. That was about the time they decided to make me look like a devious hypnotist who was trying to wrap William around my finger. I thought I could show him the bow and arrow which he was excited about and I did maybe one day but I think they wanted someone else teaching him.

(UPDATED 1/18/14) Also, someone had the wrong idea one day, that I was attempting to "Lord over him" by having him follow me. I used to pack a picnic for him which he really liked, for our lessons and I would take him on a walk and excursion, teach him some things and bring a picnic lunch in a bag for us outside. In the spying techniques I was teaching him, I told him I was going to teach him (one day) how to follow people and not get caught, and so he would "shadow me". I told him sometime you might want to find out where someone is going and not let them know you're around, so I want you to learn how to follow people carefully. I said, "So I'll pretend to be different people and walk ahead of you and you follow me and I'll be looking back to see if you are acting non-chalant or hiding well enough, okay?" I didn't always walk in a funny way, but I pretended to be an older woman, a girl, and various people and put on mannerisms and then would look back and see if he was looking discreet enough and then I would coach him on how to pretend he either just happened to be walking along and didn't notice the person, or he was finding a way to duck out of sight. Mostly I said use an expression like you're not following and look at me or don't look at me like you don't notice. So I was walking along one day, doing this with him and sort of walking funny and then looking back now and then with our lunch sack in my hand (which I pretended was a purse or other things) and he was doing this and one of the Scotland Yard or guys pulled me aside and said, "That's ENOUGH." I was startled and so was William and I didn't know what was wrong and the man said "We don't need you training William to follow you around like a puppy dog. You're trying to LORD over him." Which wasn't the truth at all. I was training him to spy. It wasn't to spy for someone, it was to have skills to use himself if he thought he might need them one day. Instead, someone thought I looked "weird" walking around like that with William silently following so many paces behind me. It was just one of many things I taught him or tried to work on. Some things I taught him indoors and then it was when I was outside with more, after awhile, I was noticed and misunderstood or some just wanted an excuse to remove me. I know he liked being with me. I didn't do anything manipulative to try to gain his affection either. I used to then check and say, "Okay, that was reeaally good" and comment on when his acting looked good or he was stealthy. I told him other times he might want to pretend he doesn't know someone and walk near them and act like they don't know each other until they're around a corner. I took a picnic lunch every day with us. Before that, indoors, I had a picnic with him in the house after teaching him things like how to listen through vents, getting up close to a wall and peeking around, looking through keyholes, walking without making boards creak, and that was basic stuff. The one guy or his group got mad and said I had to see Charles (or someone connected) over what I was doing with William because it was described as my making him look like a fool, walking in a weird way as a little girl and with a plastic bag and having William tag along (I put on affected airs for some of the act. I also would say, "Ok. You be so-and-so and I'll be so-and-so and I pretended to be people he knew and he was supposed to think of how to track them). My idea was that there are different kinds of people and different approaches to take in following some of them. He made it sound like I was in trouble for "making him follow you" and then when I got there I explained why I was doing that and what it was for and he didn't mind at all. That was when I explained the other things I wanted to teach him too, which I thought would be useful, and they all knew I made it fun. I think at first it hurt his feelings because we did everything side by side in the house most of the time, and I started trying to teach him some of the shadowing in the house but said, "We need more room" so I got permission to go outside with him for more walking room. I explained of course I wanted him to walk right next to me but we were pretending to learn some things so he then seemed to understand.

I also tried to help Lee once, not knowing he was actually my brother. It was in Jamaica and we were together for awhile and then they separated us and it was extremely traumatic. It wasn't Levi, it was Lee Howard. He and I were being sort of isolated like prisoners on an island with no water and Edward was being put through the mill. I was actually teaching him spy things and we went fishing together and I had picnics with him and then after awhile, someone spotted me and decided (maybe) they wanted me to do the same thing with William of Wales. I was distraught when Lee was gone. I went fishing with him with Edward Lee Howard every day. They said, "Here. You can teach William." So I did. The entire time I never saw Levi Garrett. I mean, there were long periods of time when I have no idea what he was doing because we weren't around each other and then when I'd see him I'd say something like, "Where have YOU been?!" That was around the time I noticed someone had been coaching him to clam up. He was suddenly looking at me as if I wasn't his sister at all. When I asked who he'd been with he said "Mike" and then wouldn't say anything else. I'm pretty sure he said Mike but if he didn't say that, he never told me. What I heard him say was "Mike" true or not. He then turned to look at me and said, "You're not my sister" and I said what do you mean and he said, "You know how you used to say you were a Daddy's girl and I was a Momma's boy?" I said yes and he said, "So think about it." He tried to imply I was not biologically related to him. I said, "Who told you that? This Mike guy??" The only other group I saw around were some kind of military like in camo fatigues kinds of clothing. It was the first time I ever heard Levi Garrett say he had information I did not, that he and I were not related. I thought at the time, "Why are they telling Levi this, but not me?" Then, out of the blue, one of the next things he did to me, when I wasn't looking there and distracted and looking another direction, is he got up behind me with a ligature and started trying to strangle me. I said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! ARE YOU NUTS????!!!!" He was using a cord and some kind of other techniques he'd been learning from someone while I was out spending time in that house. Then after that he or some other woman said to me "We saw the photos" something like that, and it was sort of said in a way to imply (I imagined) I had done something to Levi, like really bad, but I hadn't. So all of that was while we were on this island. From there he disappeared again and I was told I could teach William of Wales. I was feeling distraught about Lee because I saw him all the time and became friends and then the last time I saw him, this islander woman was "shape-shifting" (seriously, or, like I say, I was on major wild drugs) and then one minute he was there (Lee was) and the next minute it was a goat in the house and nothing else. I screamed and said, "LEEEee!" when she said, "He's a goat now." I said, "YOU TURNED Lee into a GOAT?!" and because I really did witness shape-shifting and it's a serious thing with voodoo people, I was momentarily on a plane of suspended disbelief, thinking "Is it possible?" Regardless of where he went, Lee was gone and there was a goat there and they were saying be nice to the goat because it's Lee and then the goat went crazy wild and started trying to horn me and was bucking around the room and attempting to gore me. It was like a village style billy goat. Grey and white. Someone came in (one of the Roberts who I hadn't seen for a long time), got in between the goat and then said something about why couldn't you control the goat? I had killed a tiger and bear before and been able to defend myself so one person was making fun of the fact I didn't do anything to the goat but I was too freaked out because they were saying it was "Lee" and I couldn't hurt it. I was rescued from the goat, injected, and the next thing I remember was waking up in England to be William's tutor. Before Lee was taken out of there, and when we were not together fishing, we were being deprived of water. Both of us. I don't know why they were doing that to us, but they refused to give us any water to drink. Lee was getting really sick and I was too, but Lee was younger and acted sicker. They made us go for like 3 days without any water in hot tropical weather, and I think we were also being radiated or targeted with infrared because I noticed other things. Then just as we were about to die it felt, or pass out, they'd give us really small amounts of water like a few drops at a time. My impression was that there was still some kind of interrogation occurring and we were at a black site as hostages and being tortured to get to someone. What I also didn't understand was I think I saw his Mom, Mary, Lee's mother there, and she wasn't giving us water either. She was only there a moment. There were some Jewish people around too and Diana showed up at one point, later. I thought some of them were plotting to make me sound nuts by depriving me of food and water, torturing us, and then doing weird things with shape-shifting and (maybe) drugs and then wanting to have me say "Lee was turned into a goat." I mean, they were already looking for all kinds of excuses to call me mentally ill because of their need to cover up for human trafficking and pedophilia and torture. We were so dehydrated and thirsty we were trying to lick dew off of plant leaves in the morning that were in the house. Then someone used that desperation to get photos. I looked up one day as I was licking dew off of houseplant leaves and someone was smirking at me and photographing me. I mean, what were they going to do with that? "She's nuts. She started crawling around like Nebucaddnezar, eating the grass of the field with the dew clinging to her coat." (?) I was giving Lee plants to lick and I was licking the dew from them. We were both photographed with our heads bowed down to be licking plants, like that's not degrading or anything. After a while, it got worse--the effects of dehydration, and our vision was blurry and we couldn't see anymore. At one point, one of the Dicksies was there dehydrated but I don't know which one. They also had Diana come in when my head was bowed down, and I thought, "Is this about the whole 'royal right' thing?" I thought "It looks to me like they wanted to take me out here to knock me down a few." Edward Howard was allowed to take me and Lee out for 1 hour a day and not anymore than that, like we were on some kind of CPS visitation idea. He was getting extremely depressed. Every time they brought us to see him we looked worse and for some reason, he didn't explain, but there was nothing he could do about it. He started bringing more beer in cans and drinking more beer and trying not to cry the last time, though once or twice I wondered if it was all an act. I thought, "Maybe he's glad and doesn't like me and is just pretending." I wasn't sure. I also wasn't sure if it was Edward I was having picnics with first and then Robert a few times. When I was being dehydrated, one of them made fun of me saying "Can you cry?" and pretended to wipe imaginary tears from under an eye. I thought, "Where did that come from?" We're sitting by the river fishing and he's mocking me over if I can cry or not when I am so severely dehydrated he knows it's impossible?

Maybe they can design a military drink called the "Cambridge Over The Kwai River". Sniff sniff.

The woman who looked like Mary, Mary Howard, who was supposed to be Lee's mom, if that was really her and not someone who was just called Mary who looked like her, she stood there at one point talking to people about Edward and I wondered why she didn't care her own son Lee and I were thirsty. Maybe it wasn't her, but I know someone who was supposed to be like her was there one day. I may be incorrect, but my thought was it sounded like Mary Howard was maybe against Edward Howard and giving information to someone about him. I say I may be incorrect because I am not sure but they were talking about Edward and someone handed a quiet manila envelope over. I think my reason for thinking maybe Mary was against Edward was because me and Lee were there dehydrated and she didn't seem to care, having more of a cool look so I thought, "Maybe she and Edward had a fight and she doesn't like him anymore." I may be mistaken however and that is really something not to take lightly. We didn't leave the house. At first I thought we were hiding there and then all of a sudden, military was surrounding it.

With Levi, his entire attitude and everything had changed. This one Jamaican woman was freaking out. She was hardcore voodoo and Diana knew her, I think because she was very good and it was an interest. She saw horrific things up ahead for me. She would look at me, into my eyes, and then her eyes would get wide and she'd look extremely scared and would start screaming. She'd say, "Oh no, no, no." She was also a shape-shifter and I am telling you, in the voodoo world, there is such a thing. I was either on some serious drugs or she did something voodoo because she turned into a wolf and another animal and a woman and a bunch of different things, right in front of my eyes, and she wasn't even putting on costumes.

In the U.S. I watched Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie briefly when they were toddlers. They were friends as little kids. I wasn't around them that much, just a little for a little while.

One attempt of the U.S. and some in the U.K. and Canada (and Israel) to try to kill me and frame me with a crime others would want to murder me over, was first in Russia I am pretty sure, and then it was replayed (I think) in the U.S. again and used as an attempt to incite FBI and criminal hits against me.

I think it is possible someone had blackmail on some of them and was trying to support me in a way and then some group decided to frame me and then try to blackmail anyone who wanted to assist with it. I am not going to lie and say there was a time I wasn't tortured, but at some point, someone possibly was trying to do something good and then others used criminal tactics to frame me with a ton of horrible things, I think in the hope that groups of people would attack me and then they could get what they wanted.

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