Tuesday, January 14, 2014

UPDATED: Forced To Lie To UN About Brain Surgery

UPDATED: 1/15/14. The other thing that was attempted, which is probably null and void, at the UN, was an attempt to force me to give up British citizenship. I didn't realize at the time, that the British royals and some of MI5, after assaulting me, were trying to cover up evidence. The Pentagon wanted to conceal the fact I'd been living there some of the time, as did England after I reported Prince Charles over pedophilia. They had also tortured me there and sodomized me. However, I had dual citizenship and it came to my attention when a group of individuals began to tell me, after forcing me to deny I had any crimes committed me (which was something England, Canada, and the U.S. all plotted by torturing me), that they wanted me to give up British citizenship and if I wanted to take Russian citizenship I could instead. I had a feeling their attempts to force me out of British citizenship were a way to try to deny I was married to Prince Charles of England. What I didn't realize was that if Edward Howard was my biological father and then living in Russia, what they were suggesting is I could give up the British citizenship and move to Russia and get out of the U.S. It would have possibly been safer for me, and it was proven that when I stayed in the U.S., they retaliated against me, tortured me, and premeditated further war crimes against me. I refused and they got really, really mad. For one thing, one was upset because they felt I was jeopardizing my own safety by being "stubborn" and not going to Russia. I had a Visa and a right to be in Russia actually, and I had property there as well, with a deed issued in my own name (Russian name). However, they were saying, you can be a dual citizen but you can't be a citizen of three countries: U.S., England, and Russia. What one person was saying was that I was already a citizen of both England and Russia and I was no longer a U.S. citizen. They were saying the United States had no rights to me, or to hold me captive in any way, because of this. They produced evidence that showed I had applied for and obtained citizenship in Russia and that I already had citizenship in England. They said I had renounced my citizenship to the U.S. when I got Russian citizenship. So they were saying, "You have to choose" and on the records they already had the evidence, that I was not a U.S. citizen anymore. Because some of the English royals were so mad about my rights and my marriage to Charles, they tried to push me to give up the British citizenship and I wouldn't. The one who I remember was present was Andrew. They named a Hurricane after him, I think, because of how he was in that UN meeting. He was there to be some kind of "enforcer". I refused to make any changes so some group took me aside, beat me, and tried to make changes for me. However, I had stood my ground. One of the British attempted to force me to sign something or signed something himself and then snatched it away like "AHAH! and now you are not a citizen and not married or anything anymore!" But whatever was done was coerced and not voluntary from me and is probably invalid. I had a right to declare on my own, what I wanted. If the attempt to take the British citizenship away was to force a U.S. assignment again, it is possibly not valid. Which would mean the U.S. always knew they had no legal right to go after me and my son when we left the United States for political asylum in Canada, and which is why Ross the immigration officer already knew I was not a citizen or wouldn't have tested what I remembered by asking me if I thought I was. If I am not legally a citizen, or was not at the time, neither was my son. Furthermore, I had made sure he had no social security number. He was born to a mother who most likely, technically, could be Russian and British, but is possibly not American. If my son Oliver is born to a Russian or British mother, he himself takes on the citizenship of the guardian which would make him either/and/or Russian and British, not American. The fact he was born in the U.S. means nothing when he had no federal interalias and no social security number and I had made a point to not connect him to the federal government, and when I had left the U.S. for political asylum besides. He was born in the republic of Washington and then left, and that is it.

He is most likely Russian-British and Mexican (wherever his father in Mexico was, but he gave up his rights and said he didn't want anything to do with it and I was free to raise him on my own). So technically, Oliver is probably Russian and English, because if we had left the U.S. for political asylum and had no part of the U.S., and the other citizenships fell into superior position over us, while refugees from the U.S., the adapted citizenship is the one which was not being discarded or fled from.

Oliver is not a citizen of the United States. He would be either Russian and/or English.

When I was taken to the United Nations panel, because someone had issued and made a report of crimes against human rights against me, I was forced to lie by the U.S. Pentagon.

I was a minor and an adult had made a petition to the UN. I was somehow flown there and stood in front of their panel and questioned but the Pentagon had gotten ahold of me and beat me first and told me how I had to answer. They did the same thing to me that was done in England with electrocution until I answered the way I wanted.

One of the major issues that was reported as a human rights violation against me was that the United States had opened up my skull to perform an unnecessary "brain surgery" for experimental reasons.

It was after I was forced to lie to the UN about a number of serious allegations against the U.S. regarding torture of me, that I was then back in the U.S. and a group of U.S. citizens decided to punish me and the reporter who had reported to the UN (by torturing me further) with a "Neopolitan" gang-rape chain against me, which they joked about. They were joking and saying, "You want the United Nations? How about the New Party? We can give you a NEO-Politan if THAT's what you want." That is when these people were saying the ejaculate and semen from the different men there was "vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry" and together they were "United" to a "Neopolitan".

The UN asked me one question after another, saying, "Were you ever ????" and I had to say, "No" and act casual and roll my eyes and make jokes like someone, some adult or group was nuts, and none of those things ever happened to me. I was forced to do this, because the U.S. Pentagon was torturing me and beating me telling me to do this, Jews were beating me up, and some of the English in England first "prepped" me by electrocuting me repeatedly until I agreed to lie and deny the truth to interrogation questions.

Really, probably the monarchy, the U.S., and Israel could be blown off the map and God might not care that much when it comes down to it. There was also a priest, a Catholic priest, torturing me with them, to lie to the UN. They were all so corrupt, they were torturing me repeatedly and then collectively lying to have me lie and then after the UN dismissed the complaint about torture against me, I was taken back to the U.S. and gang-raped again, with people making jokes about the "neopolitan" and saying, "Cameo is our 'Milkshake Machine'". I had a Snoopy slushy maker it was being compared to. I had been given the Snoopy slushy maker when I was younger, and you had to insert this one part into the machine which was a doghouse with Snoopy on top of it. Then you cranked the wheel and it crshed the ice and made the slushy or mixed it together and we would pour it into snow cones.

So what these people were doing was saying I was the "Snoopy" Milkshake machine and they were going to insert their penises into my mouth and turn on the electrocution device that was a box which conducted electricity to a thick metal band they put around my head, and then they were moving their penises around in my mouth saying, "I'm making a milkshake." The entire time I was being electrocuted and then one of them said, "This is a nice buzz, I like this vibration thing but can you turn it up any higher?" and he reached over to the box to crank the knob or whatever and turned it up so I was electrocuted with more force which made my body and head and everything shake more and he said, "That's better." Then after they were forcing their penises into my mouth, they were going into another room to get "snow" (cocaine). They also called me "A Milkshake Maker" because they were making fun of me because they told me to spit out their semen into a cup so basically they were saying they were making a milkshake and I was like the snoopy snow cone maker, spitting out the "juice" into a cup.

When Barak Obama and the FBI set up the house for me to be raped by him in Seattle, they didn't put their penises into my mouth, I was raped by Barak and then they sat there with me in between them and forced me to have my hand on their penises so they could feel a vibration and then were masturbating themselves and ejaculating into socks, like those were the snow cones.

The United States is not anything like what many people around the world think it is. The U.S. makes all these lying claims about human rights and how they go to war to "help people whose rights are violated" and then they are raping and electrocuting and doing "brain surgeries" on their own citizens, and torturing them telling them "This is not a Free Speech Country."

They also accused me of having participated in making the UN report which I didn't do, but I think they knew who did and were partly torturing me just to get at them and prove they, and the British royals and MI5 and others would torture and rape children whenever they wanted and no one was going to tell them what to do.

The U.S. had to present themselves at the UN because they had no choice. They were not given an option to not attend. What they did, is beat me up and tell me how to lie if I wanted to live at all. At Mike MIddleton's, the MI5 and people there were saying, when they raped me in a gang and put their penises in my mouth while I was being electrocuted, they said, "It's like M&M's, it melts in your mouth, not in your hands." They called Mike Middleton, or referred to this form of torture of me as "M&Ms".

One of the questions the UN asked me was about my brain surgery. Another was about cutting and other injuries to my body. Another question was about rape. Another thing they mentioned was that I had dual citizenship (which was legal to have). I was forced to lie about everything and forced to deny taking other citizenship or accessing it at that time to leave the U.S.

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