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Collusion & Racketeering To Obstruct Business & College & Parenting

When I went to OSU as a pre-teen, I had financial aid disbursements.  I didn't see any of the money myself because my housing was paid for and then I just took the classes.  However, the second term I went there, I was told the disbursements would go to me and as someone who was very independent at any early age, I knew it would be enough to pay for my internet, phone and utilities, and housing.

One of the Robert Garrett Jr.s was living in Coquille, OR, even if temporarily by that time and I lived there.  When he said he was moving and did I want to go, I said no, I'd stay on my own.  I said I had enough money to live independently and I wanted to keep going to college so he could go back to Moses Lake, WA and I would stay here or move to an area nearby.

I was told that's fine, but you'd better connect your services up.  I signed up for full-time credits and had the books and was going to OSU for a second term, and then when I tried to sign up for internet, I had a massive amount of collusion that was used by people in the community of Coos and Coquille and outside of the area to force me out of college.

They did this by finding a way to lie to me repeatedly, and knowing I was a pre-teen, they figured they'd never get in trouble for it.  An entire group of people lied and set up times they were coming out to hook up my internet service and then they were backing out.

So basically, what CPS psychologists did to me, by scheduling appointments for me to have a psych eval that was court-ordered and would have overturned the decision or given me time to fight it with a private evaluation, and then cancelling them on the day before the appointment, is exactly what internet service providers did to me.  The state-contracted psychologists on the list I was given--all of them, set up appointments with me, and then set them out for a month later or more, and then when it got to the date, the cancelled on me so I had to start over and had lost a month or more of time.  It happened with over 10 of the appointments I made.  Not only that, their lie about how it was over my "blog" was a lie, because I told them about my blog on the first day after the first psychologist cancelled for that reason, and told them to look at my blog first and then get back to me if they felt comfortable proceeding with an appointment.  So all of the rest of them did this and they had the option of either being ethical and not scheduling with me at all, or being malicious and colluding to obstruct my psych eval by deliberately making an appointment to use up my time and then cancel.  After they cancelled on me for over a year, one after the other, I was told by CPS I had no transportation provided from them, as the state law requires for these court-ordered services, and they said I had to hitchhike without any money to go across an entire state to Vancouver, WA.  They did this to me, through Washington state government employees who are corrupt and have been part of the Middleton-Barak cocaine and human trafficking ring for decades.  They also did this to me when Michelle Erickson, who had met me on OSU campus with her "Uncle Gary", talked to a Robert Garrett Jr. after I'd met a board of OSU staff who said I could go to OSU a second term and if I wanted to, to sign up for classes.  Michelle Erickson and her Uncle Gary, who was not just U.S. Navy(connected to Marines) and was a government employee, knew all about how I was forced out of internet service my second term at OSU, for my online classes, which meant I had no financial aid money to live off of, no internet, and I was having to walk to a library that only provided 1 hour per day to try to take classes, when it wasn't enough time for internet.  I was forced to drop my second term of classes at OSU for that reason.  I was then forced to live with Dicksie and Robert in Moses Lake, Washington again.

This is an idea Maryland had, as well.  They knew Alvaro Pardo was an FBI employee who had illegally been holding me hostage and who knew Michelle Erickson and people from Washington state.  I was trying to set up my psych eval there first, and had permission to do so and no one would do it and then a woman scheduled one for a number of hours of evaluation and then when Alvaro made tickets to go back to Wenatchee, WA and had it booked, she backed out saying "14 hours".

At my mother Dicksie's workplace, they'd had their residence on the River, with a number 14 attached to it, which was either the address or selling amount for something, but she'd had it tacked up there like that for a year and when I visited, I noticed how that house and that number were up but it was supposedly "not on the market" to be sold.  So if not on the market, why was Debbie Sweetwater-Burt displaying a photo of it on her board, in her section?  I think the corrupt Maryland government people were planning the same thing Washington state and Oregon state did to me.  They planned to back out of a psych evaluation that they knew I needed and could have worked around in the D.C. area better than the NW, and she held onto it and then cancelled, knowing I was going back to Wenatchee, Wa with Alvaro, and then when he left I might have no place to live except with parents in Coquille, Oregon again, which would mean separate houses or selling houses.  If not, it was at least a way to show the same thing that happened to me in Coquille, Oregon as a pre-teen, being without internet, housing, and forcing me to be in an unstable and wandering-around position where I was vulnerable to U.S. military and government using me and stalking me,  was going to happen when Alvaro deliberately made a reason for himself to leave to go back to D.C. by deliberately cheating on me to my face which he knew I would not tolerate, and that's when they knew I didn't appreciate being their hostage in the first place, and knew I didn't know he knew Michelle Erickson and Nakata.  Not to mention Middleton and Goldsmith.  The Maryland psychologist deliberately backed down from psych eval to force me into harms way, and then the Washington ones who were government-contracted employees did the same.

This is in a region where Katie Middleton has been getting massive amounts of money laundered to her through drugs, human trafficking, and electrocution and torture against people, and murder.  People have been murdered because of her and because of government and cocaine-and-weed addicted persons plans of allegiance to their Drug Lord.  She's not a royal.  She's a skank.  The market for drugs in the Pacific NW was one her family was supplying to, and Robert and Dicksie were involved, along with the FBI, as well as Barak, and England and Canada.  Since I was having all of my money stolen from me, and FBI and people like "Cher" were forcing me to work for them and then writing checks for my work that didn't go to me and were being sent to Katie Middleton, the same collusion to keep her drug industry running, and hope she'd do all of them special "party favors" later, was coming from CA, ID, WA, OR, Canada, England (UK), and from some parts of the East Coast.  When she wasn't getting support from drug addicts who just appreciated getting a "lift" from drugs and wanted to keep their supply steady and prices down for their habit, she was getting support from corrupt government in federal and state departments.

This is what state-contracted psychologists do for pedophiles.  They support them.  Many groups of people saw evidence of harm to my son outside of my care and they wanted to keep it that way, the same way the states wanted to collect bonus government-mafia money for trafficking and selling children, as they did with me.

Several of them were connected to people who were funding Katie Middleton's welfare.  So their hate crimes which were for purposes of obstructing my business, or college, or parenting (overall) were always connected to people that had revenge motives for my reporting pedophilia in England and the U.S., and their ideas of how to ruin my life.

The FBI and cops did the same thing to ruin my lawsuits and college when they used Judge Warren from Wenatchee, WA to issue a false suspension of license to steal my car from me, which obstructed my transportation to college and my lawsuits I had to protect myself.  I was forced to drop because the FBI stole my car from me.  Not only that, someone must have thought it was funny to have Judge Warren issuing the false report so they could ruin my life under "color of law".  I say this because when the FBI asked me to spy for them and obtain some DNA materials for them, I asked them "Do you have a warrant?"

The FBI didn't like that.  They didn't like having some pre-teen child beauty look at them with more professionalism than they had, and asking them if they had a warrant for it.  Of course they knew they had to have a warrant.  I was looked at, coldly and when I asked, they said, "No" and I said I thought it was illegal.  So they decided to lie and call me a Russian spy since I was putting checks on them.  They thought they were going to use me, without paying me (which is what they did my whole life), to get into people's houses, and get up close to people of extreme importance, social standing, and political significance, and extract DNA samples secretly and deliver them to happy little FBI cha-chas.

They must have thought it was really funny to have "Judge Warren" put "little girl-trying-to-be-my-judge-boss", "asking-me-if-I-had-a-warrant" in her place with an illegal action made by a judge with that last name. 

It was another form of obstruction of my college, business, parenting, or legal matters, and it was through illegal collusion to disrupt services I had for living and to illegally block my travel.

This is coming up again because I have been trying to order satellite internet and phone and I'm having the same people cause the exact same problems, and colluding to have me out of all services again by making fraudulent claims of providing service they have premeditated not to act on.

When I was a pre-teen, the phone service at Coquille had been Frontier.  Since I was getting my own financial aid, I was going to move it around to satellite service, not cable or dial-up.  I didn't like calling the Frontier number and hearing that it was "Frank, the voice of Frontier" and some comment about "could you tell I was a buffalo from my voice?" when I was mocked by someone at OSU over whether I could tell someone was one thing or another just by the sound of their voice, and then there was the aversion to the "Frank, the voice of Frontier" part.  I also had a feeling Frontier had been tapping my phone line and the U.S. government got permission through them, so I was going to get new service and I wanted satellite.

I went to Excede satellite, which was also Wild Blue or Viasat and Debbie and John from Oregon Satellite told me how much over the phone and made a date to fulfill the order.  They went out and their contract was worded differently from what they had told me over the phone so I asked them to change it to include the information we had agreed on.  They went into my house and looked around and said they'd update the contract to match what they'd told me, and then they called back and said they weren't going to do it because now they were "behind" and it would be another 2 weeks before they could schedule so they threw me over to "Sherry" with Southern Sky Satellite.  She took my order and made a date and it was right up to the day my second term at OSU started and my internet with Frontier ended.  They knew this.  She led me right up to the cut-off date and then cancelled, saying they couldn't come out and they were cancelling my order, and leaving me with zero internet and no phone.  I called Excede over the phone at the time and I was harassed.  So I called Hughesnet and got harassed by another person at customer service there who said they had no one in my area to set it up.

Basically, they had me unexpectedly out of service for internet and out of phone, and had deliberately stalled my time to make sure I was ending up with nothing.  That was all in the 80s, when I went to OSU as a pre-teen.  They had organized all of that effort to ruin my life already.  Not only that, John went into my house and said he was setting something up but he didn't and disconnected what service I had and then reconnected it and it cleared out all of my data on my computer, which contained evidence.  I had some things saved on my computer that I was going to use to prove some crimes against me and he cleared all of it by disconnecting without telling me and then he refused to install the satellite as promised.

I made some calls, this time around, for satellite service again and I called the same people because I thought maybe they've changed and I'll give them a chance.  They did the exact same thing to me.  The only thing is he didn't disconnect my service, but they brought the same inaccurately worded contract over and made the same excuses, and then told me to call "Sherry" whose technician "Wayne" is the same one they used in the 80s.  He had shown up to my place, entered my residence and then refused to install service too, saying he got a call on another one and he had forgotten to bring the contract.  There was some excuse.  So I scheduled with them, and they didn't set me up for service until the 4th which is 2 days before term starts.  Sherry was extremely two-faced.  She was super bubbly and cheerful and nice until she got what she wanted by screwing me over and leaving me without service and then she let her true colors show and was rude, hostile, and mean over the phone.  So she's scheduled me for the 4th, and I hung up with her and knew she was going to do the same thing.

The other thing about all of this, is in Moses Lake, WA, after I got back from Cher's flat where she was studying lines for a film she was hired for or practicing for (not in CA), one of the Robert Garrett Jrs. brought over an alarm clock that started up the same day, at the same time with "I Got You Babe" by Cher and Sonny Bono.  This was before the movie "Groundhog Day". 

So basically, committing RICO crimes for decades, with groups of people who are trying to destroy my business, college, parenting, bank accounts, and anything else to do with my life and being financially independent, has been cyclic, to the point they all think their role in life is to repeat their crimes against me, unending, and there is no way all of these people would be doing this without getting some kind of a money, political, or drug incentive.

What has the U.S. promoted with the Obama-Middleton team?  Money, politics, and drugs from the UK to Canada to the U.S.  They also did this with Bushes, and with Clinton and Diana Spencer, because why else gang-rape and sodomize me with U.S. government officials unless they wanted English royals to feel special that the U.S. would torture kids who reported pedophilia?

I am also 100% positive the U.S. and some in the UK and Canada were trying to figure out ways to frame me with crimes I didn't commit.  I'm positive, because all of these countries made false claims I was a prostitute after I reported pedophilia as a pre-teen.  They also forced me to work or be around people who were, to create an appearance that I wasn't being trafficked in a specific way, but that I was around those involved in prostitution or "windows" and that kind of thing.  The pedophiles then encouraged the rapists to rape me decades later.  By then, when I was older, it wasn't "pedophilia" anymore, it was rape, but they lied about me to keep passing me around to rape me and every rapist was connected politically and business-wise, or by relation, to the pedophiles.  Even in Canada, Bruce attempted to force me to offer sexual services which I'd never do, when my son needed medicine and I said I'd pay him another way.  He wanted to entrap me on the Canadian side, or hoped he could extort this from me, to feed the Commonwealth with ammunition against me to support UK and U.S. lies that I was a prostitute when I was never a prostitute, and when all of these claims arose after I reported pedophilia.

Look at how many corporate and government structures want pedophiles and child torturers to succeed.

The other reason I think all of these countries had individuals trying to frame me is because they were constantly trying to set me to do things like "Rape William the baby" (which I didn't do), or they would set up soundbites to sound like one thing happened when comments made were about something else completely.  For example, when Diana Spencer once had me nap with her and William one time, after I'd reported Charles, was the time she brought over toys and a blindfold.  When she put the blindfold on him I said, "He doesn't like it, let's take it off."  If someone just heard the soundbite, they would know I said let's take it off, but what?  What was I saying we should take off, that would be on a baby?  His clothes or diaper.  Because how many babies are assumed to be wearing blindfolds.  No one who heard "He doesn't like it, let's take it off" about a baby in a bed, is going to ever think, "Oh, she's saying they should take off his blindfold."  There were a few other comments made or ideas brought up by Diana and I remember even as a kid, after that day I thought, "I have a really weird feeling someone tried to frame me."  I thought this because I was able to play back in my memory what words we said, and I was able to think about how it would sound if no one saw what was there or what was going on.  My opinion was that Diana Spencer had deliberately tried to make comments come up from me that she or Charles or someone was hoping to use against me.  It was one very distinct time I remember how the conversation went and how unusual it was she brought new things over.  I thought, "Maybe she wanted it to sound like I said we should take off his clothes and use a toy on him in a bad way."  I remember she got a very vengeful and mean smirk after we had talked there with William and I remembered thinking, "Oh no.  She did something or thinks she got something bad on me." and I thought back to think what could it be, and that's what I remembered.  It was like she was deliberately trying to frame me as "sounding" like I had suggested sexually molesting William the baby.  No molestation occurred and any comment by me, was not about that, but in reference to things she brought over, suggested, or how she was trying to guide the conversation.  What I remember was she put a blindfold on him and I made a comment about that which sounded like clothes, and she mentioned some toy that I think was made of wood, and you did something to it to have it work, can't remember exactly now but if I think about it more I might and I made comments about it and then later I thought my comment could have sounded like I was referring to putting it or packing it into the baby (like sodomy) or some kind of weird use, but I don't remember the wording and yet it was just a comment I made about how it worked because there were a couple of different toys she brought over and they weren't like regular kid's toys like plastic keys but they weren't sex toys. 

The fact that I was sodomized, raped, and assaulted with sex toys after this, is a  pretty good reason for "Princess Di" to want to get witness protection from the FBI, and go into hiding.  Add to this effort by her to frame me as sexually molesting children (royal children none-the-less), Charles wanted to have photos taken of me standing next to the electrocution device with William there, as if I had electrocuted him when I had not.

All of these attempts to frame me occurred after I reported sexual abuse and pedophile acts committed by Prince Charles and Diana.  Then the U.S. decided to "punish" me too and they used a pedophile I was living with "Robert Garrett Jr" to help them, along with Dicksie.

I think since they couldn't get me to do anything where they could photograph crimes (because I refused to commit them) they relied on possibly trying to influence or engineer a conversation to sound "bad" by soundbites alone.

I never touched him improperly or hurt him.  I can testify many were willing to hurt him, including his mother (Diana), his Aunts, and possibly Dicksie, with things that induced seizures.  I was not part of that group.  I was the one reporting when I thought someone was "hurting the baby".

Diana tried to frame me I think, and then she was showing up for my being raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama and a Robert Garrett Jr. as if it was to get revenge for something I did when I never did anything and Obama was a crazy mixed-up drug runner who was shouting "You killed my Dad" and raping me with racist motives.  Camilla showed up to see me dead, for an assassination attempt against me that included the CIA and Robert and Dicksie. 

Another sort of interesting thing is that when I was calling for satellite service, when I called Hughesnet, in the 80s, they used a name I wasn't their real name so I called myself "Jeanette" and the woman said she was Jessica.  They got someone on the phone to do the exact same thing when I called Hughesnet yesterday, that they did over a decade ago.  The thing is, I don't think they expected me to use the same name I came up, of "Jeanette" (pronounced by me as "Jen-nette"). 

I went from being forced out of a second term at OSU, to being forced to live with Bob and Dicksie in Moses Lake, WA again, with my mother sitting in a chair reading books by Janette Oke (a Canadian author).  This was a book series that suddenly came out with Christian stores, and I had thought it was odd because one of the women who was trying to keep me out of college was named Joan Oakes.  She was friends with Kathleen Donegan, who reported me for misconduct when I said I wanted a grade change in the 80s (as a pre-teen) and she did the exact same thing this term, 5 months after Katie Middleton brought her baby out for photos.

I wonder why Katie wanted to wear a Jenny Packham brand dress in June when her baby was born.  

Janette Oke books my mother read were  "When Comes the Spring." (1985), "When Breaks the Dawn" (1985),  "When Hope Springs New" (1986) and the "Love" series that included book 6, "Love's Unfolding Dream" (1987).

Katie has been getting a lot of welfare for a very, very, very long time.  In the meantime, I've had my life being ruined to extremes that trash everything anyone ever thought the U.S. stood for.

I've also been framed and lied about for purposes of creating "excuses" to commit hate crimes against me for decades, and for reasons to discredit my reports of torture and pedophilia and knowing ALL about Katie Middleton's Drug Ring.

Other attempts to frame me, aside from soundbites or possibly photos (me next to electrocution device) that made me look like a juvenile pedophile, when I wasn't, were possibly collection of materials the U.S. was working at for a long time, to save up "for later".

By this, I mean, I think the U.S. hoped that at some point, they could try to frame me or blackmail into working for them or put me in prison on false charges to keep me from successfully suing them or putting THEM in prison.  The reason I think this is because I was asked to handle a lot of things others were wearing gloves over.  Money, guns, steering wheels, different things.  It's possible the FBI and CIA store things away with fingerprints and then think they can try to stage things against me later.  For example, let's say the FBI told me to pick up some RICO money as an informant or spy for them, and I do and then they decide, "Now we can lose all this money and the other money with her fingerprints from when she was a pre-teen and we can blame all of the money on her and charge her with robbery and say we found this other money with her fingerprints in a secret bank account."  So then the criminal FBI employees who electrocuted me in their offices and raped me, can find a way to put me in prison to discredit me.  Something like that.  Someone from any law enforcement or intelligence agency in the UK or U.S. could collude to frame me for anything.  "Gun with her fingerprints on it?"  found right next to the body of a royal when she was in England.

I mean, whatever they had planned, they were trying to collect a lot of different things that I believe were things someone thought they could possibly use if they tripped me up.

They haven't tripped me up, so they've tortured me and continued running me out of business and college, lawsuits and court, and parenting.  Canada tried to trip me up, the U.S. tried, and others tried and no one succeeded other than to make flagrantly false arrests of me, which have zero evidence backing them.  I've been falsely arrested, with zero evidence backing the arrests, and I've been forced to sign statements that are not true by government officials in Canada, the U.S., and possibly England.  I've never done anything to invalidate my testimony so the only way they make themselves feel better is through attempting to malign my character/mental health, torturing me, and ruining my ability to succeed in college and work.


This is how the U.S. pays royalties on Pedophilia.

The other thing the CIA got involved in wanting to assassinate me over, was the fact I had tried to set up international phone service that was unlimited through satellite.  When I was a pre-teen, the first time I was trying to order satellite internet, I also asked for satellite phone and satellite international calling which was provided with the place I made the first appointment with.  I think this scared the CIA and FBI and military because they knew I could start making phone calls to report crimes against humanity and illegal pedophilia and human selling and trafficking of me.  I wasn't a prostitute, and I didn't ever get any benefits or money, but the U.S. was making a ton of money off of using me and they used me as their own personal surveillance device.  Not only were they using me to torture me and try to extort confessions from people, the FBI was trying to use me to collect DNA from high-ranking individuals, and that's after they'd been sexually assaulting me and trafficking me around to pedophiles in government.  They also used me for child labor, and then had checks and money made out for MY work, but had it all being directed to Katie Middleton.  I had also made it clear I preferred to be independent and live on my own, as a pre-teen, rather than with Bob and Dicksie Garrett.

Sort of like a McCauley Caulkin situation except I wasn't a child celebrity--I was being used by U.S. government and tortured and I was mature enough and savvy enough to make it on my own and the U.S. knew it.  What the U.S. didn't want me to be was a "free agent", working for myself, going to college early, living on my own in my own apartment, paying my own bills, and the idea that I was choosing not to live next to fucking Alan Springer and his electrocutionist Mormon psychologist ideas, was a threat. 

The contrast is that their "agent" Katie Middleton didn't move out of her parents' house until college, and then only temporarily until she was married, choosing to live with Mom & Dad through her 20s and until she was 30. 

I was choosing to live on my own as a pre-teen and I had enough knowledge and business sophistication to do it.

Personality difference there is dependency vs independence.  The U.S. likes to have their agents with dependent personalities, because they suck up to them more.

That's not to say some European situations are economically incomparable, with many having to live with family for longer periods of time, but Katie wasn't poor or struggling.  She was benefiting from U.S. welfare and working in an established business and she had other job offers as well.  At any time she could have ventured on her own and she did not.

This ended up being exactly what the U.S. wanted.  A dependent "team player".

Which is great.  But why tread on me, the entrepreneur?

For a country that is supposed to "be about" entrepreneurs and innovation/invention, they did nothing but try to oppress me.  I even had ideas about where I was going to live.  My first thought was to purchase a $5,000 mobile home and then pay park monthly rent.  When they said it was only for 55 and older, I considered apartments and other housing.  I was trying to buy my own house as a kid, even if it was a mobile home.  My plan had been to take online classes until I graduated with a degree, which could have been before I was 15 years old.

The U.S. attempted to murder before I was 15 years old.  They obstructed me prior this and they've been obstructing me ever since and then they kidnapped my son Oliver, when we were literally out of the country.

I would say this a pathological problem that the U.S. is suffering from.  I mean, what kind of control-freaks try to hunt down a mother and kid when they've left the country, when you know, it's none of their business?  The problem was that the U.S. was  already giving money to Canada and had Canada coordinate the kidnapping with them.  They worked together on it and forced me to sign more false documents.

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