Sunday, January 19, 2014

Barak Obama, William Casey, Thebaults Relationship

In reference to the apparent "murder" of CIA Director William Casey, I would say there is one problem with the theory. The problem is that Barak Obama was present in the hospital room when I was there. I had asked my Dad, Robert, "Why is Obama here?" because I had seen Obama many places, but I didn't know how he knew William Casey. It was Barak and part of his family and one of the women looked like one who had posed (or been) the lover of Philip Thebault.

So here's the thing. Thebaults were getting illegal diamonds from Barak Obama. The Thebault family was basically one of the recipients of illegal diamonds that Barak's family in Africa were coordinating with the CIA and Pentagon and any other crooked and corrupt official that wanted to make money on the side and not factor it into their regular income. I witnessed Barak at the house in Vermont or Connecticut, which belonged to Dolores Young Thebault, the wife of Philip Thebault (the father and owner of the company).

So you see, when the "new tree" went up in Times Square, shipped from New Jersey or whatever, it has SPECIAL meaning to Barak and his babies. To him, it symbolized a sending up note of thanks and appreciation to the Thebault family for all their hard work taking in those crusty old diamonds and shaping them up to be Presidents like Barak. Barak Obama's family gave them all the diamonds they could handle, and the Thebaults used their political connections to get Barak where he wanted to be, as President. The oldest brother Philip, knew it was all crooked. I knew and he knew, exactly what was going on.

Lisa Thebault, wasn't in the picture at all until her thug family wanted to jump and murder people to get in place. Her family was Italian and they were carrying out some of the dirty work. She took my job after I was gone basically, and then ironically, hired me back to their territory as their nanny which is really contradictory. Basically, the same people in the same corrupt group that oppressed me, passed me back and forth in their chain-gang to make sure they were the ones controlling all of the information about me, from me, and around me.

When I went with Philip Thebault (oldest brother, Brian's brother) to his mother's house, she didn't like me at all but she was happy to take in the money and as we were going in, Barak or someone who looked exactly like him was walking out and handing off and smirking.

So when William Casey was there and making this look and then supposedly dying, what I remember is that Barak Obama's mother, who was there in the room at the time, Stanley Anne Dunham was also there. (There was Robert Mueller, Patrick Sullivan, Stanley Anne Dunham, another FBI person, Karl Rove and some military-Pentagon people, the reporter Woodward or whatever, Robert Garrett jr., and me, and William Casey's wife and I think a few other friends. At one time, there were about 15-20 people in the room at once. I remember Oprah too and I didn't connotate her with the CIA or government usually).

So when I was later being RAPED in the house in Seattle and going out the door I noticed Stanley's expression imitating the same panick I saw on William Casey's face as I was being led out of the house. Which says to me she was either making fun of me, by imitating Casey's expression (which was either sincere or a staged reaction prior to his death as some kind of misleading symbol to me and an 'okay' to put a hit on me), which she saw as I did there, or she was reacting the same way to have me notice she and Casey reacted the same to me which connected them to CIA. It was possibly just an expression faked to make it appear as though either or both of them had cared about me and secretly disapproved of what others were doing to me.

At any rate, Casey died of a sudden 'brain tumor' and Stanley Anne died of sudden 'cancer'.

How does this connect to George Bush I & II? Well, they're CIA are they not? So obviously, when I was a kid meeting Ronald Reagan and being asked by him to give advice, and meeting George Bush sr. who asked for my opinion, and Bill Clinton, and Admiral Stansfield, and William Casey,...who were all CIA, it's pretty obvious the CIA had me around them for a reason. It wasn't like I just "happened" to meet ONE of the CIA Directors. I met all of them. I met all of the CIA Directors and I was sexually assaulted by all of the men who became President.

The FBI backed all of it.

While Barak Obama's family was smuggling diamonds to Thebaults, the George and Janet Bechtold family was there in Africa, trying to create covers for George Bush sr. and jr. Their main UK contacts were Middletons and Goldsmiths (Gary Goldsmith) and Diana Spencer and some royals.

Twice when I somehow escaped being chained up in my house, to my bed, I got up to see what was happening in the house. Once I said tons of guns lying across the bed ,mostly long guns like rifle type barrels for semi and autos. Another time, it was diamonds. All of the people I've mentioned, were torturing me over it. They were all involved in cocaine trafficking, illegal diamonds, gun smuggling, and human trafficking and pedophilia.

I was being electrocuted because of government sponsored illegal activities.

I am not sure if the CIA was so interested in me because of my marriage to Prince Charles alone because I was meeting them long before I was getting married secretly to Charles. It just got worse for me when I mentioned "pedophilia".

There is zero reason for my son to have been kidnapped from me. Everything ever said about me, most of it, has been lies. These people had major motives for lying about me. I would say Diana is in protective hiding. If she's not, I am sure the car she was in had a gun, diamonds or jewelry featured, cocaine, and something symbolic of pedophilia. Just a hunch. You know...because I wasn't, like, a witness or anything, fer shure. What would have to be present as well would be music, because of illegal entertainment theft and surveillance, and something symbolic of electrocution.

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