Sunday, January 26, 2014

photos of Child Abuse of Oliver Garrett Avila from Wenatchee, WA

Please read the last post about U.S. military for more information
 One of the photos where my son looks scared and distressed and does not even have a fake smile is missing from my computer and my account it was sent to is being blocked by Microsoft.  Here, it is obvious to me, as Oliver's mother, his smile is fake.  There were two photos sent, one with Oliver on Levi's left knee where he isn't smiling at all and looks scared and distressed  and the other is this one, of him sitting on Levi's right knee with a forced smile.  I told my brother I didn't want him around my son and he said "Too bad."
This is a photo that was sent which shows my son with his tongue curled back and a pill in his hand as if to check and see if he's "cheeking his meds".  This was from over 1 year ago and with the message one photo was from christmas, one from winter and one of him walking the dog soldier and says 'hope you enjoy."  It is actually his tooth it looks like, but the 'hope you enjoy' and the tongue curled back is a reference to meds.

this was sent with the pill one

this is of him walking soldier.  

some of these photos are from his being "adopted" in a fraudulent adoption for U.S. human trafficking and showing him putting his foot over the other one as I was forced to do all the time while being ejaculated on and sexually abused.  you can tell from his expression he's scared you can also see he has circles under his eyes in this photo where you can't see this from the other ones.  this is after someone gave him the blown up wiener dog and the people are in front.  also there is a black kid there next to him that isn't in other photos, and some other kids that are not in photos.  he is also not flushed on the other side of his face, only a mark on his one side of his face that makes it look like he's flushed when he's not
here he is with Holly holding his balloon weiner dog and a bunch of hot air balloons in colors of Colombia and in star shapes.  His t-shirt is a "Toy Story" shirt with "Woody" on it.
here are some other photos, with a poster of handprints in tempura paint, which is the kind of paintings from my son that were in my house and which I put in my car when we left for Canada for political asylum
here is my son sucking his thumb (he's left handed) because he's feeling insecure about the Judge and people in front of him, which he also put his feet together for.  isn't that a god damned ugly flag?
what an ugly, ugly flag
i hate the united states of america
here is my son after being adopted, with a round bruise over where his adam's apple is.  he is a kid and it's not a shadow and his adam's apple isn't that big.  he is being tortured.  the other thing i can tell is he's had his neck stretched out which was done to me when i was a kid.  there is also a bandage or 'tag' on left ear which is the one someone started pulling on repeatedly after the u.s. and corrupt canadian officials colluded to kidnap him from me.  they started bringing him to cps visits with marks on his ear where someone had been pulling his ear out from his head constantly.  he got that coat a year and a half ago.  first someone gave him an orange coat and then they gave him a blue coat to match the colors displayed from the DEAs offices in Middleton, TN.  There is also a black and white blanket to the side that says "Dream" and is upside down.  That kind of tag on my son's ear matches a photo I had posted on my blog of cows tagged on the ear in Scotland so someone has been doing this to my son.  His ears never stuck out either, it's something someone began doing for Barak Obama, who hates me and my son and has organized hits against us with others.  The way my son is holding his head is also natural for his neck and his neck isn't that long.  You can see there is evidence of torture to his neck because of the large circle in the center where it looks like someone either punched him or put a suction on him with a machine for a long time.  When I broke my neck, they made me wear a 'hard collar' that fastened around and prevented you from moving your neck and it had a hole in the center that was circle shaped, which was the only part that exposed the neck.  Someone decided to do that to his neck, where there is a hole on the left side of his jacket, and they forced him to have a square tag on his right ear where there is a white square tag on the left side of his jacket.

All of this proves extreme hatred to the point of wanting to mock my claims of seeing 'detail' or 'patterns' or of 'symmetry'.  This is government torture of a child with intent to degrade and prove a point over the ability to humiliate and torture a child and get away with it, while mocking his mother who has ratted out their fucking government mafia.

Someone even assaulted my son to his right cheek to create a rectangular oval shape on his cheek and then gave him a box or something that was the same color and shape to hold up to his other side  (see photo 6)

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