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UPDATED: Laura Ingraham: Child Rapist and Criminal Regime

UPDATED about Laura 1/18/14: One reason I know Laura was never "anti-gay" is because, as I explain here, she was the exact opposite. Instead of being a person who would commit hate crimes against gays, she was someone who organized hate crimes against anyone who said or did anything to gays, or who she thought did. I don't mean she wrote little articles--she was organizing violent crimes. When I was a kid, and she had misinformation about me, she used it an excuse to plot rape of me, and said to my face SHE had a gay brother and I had offended the wrong person. She and another person also made it clear they were discussing me with hatred because over gays because she tried to say with him about "she calls them faggots" and she was saying, "You want a bundle of faggots?", something about a bundle of faggots and using speech to imply that my "speech" which she assumed I'd used somewhere against gays, offended her. Her entire claim or prior cover of making herself appear to be anti-gay was a pre-arranged cover for her to infiltrate, find out who "offended gays" (to her way of thinking) and plan plots of violent revenge against them. That was ONE of her motives for harming, not the whole story. If there were people getting hurt on her campus over gay matters, and she was involved, she was organizing violent crimes against people who said anything about gays. If nothing happened, it looks more like part of her cover prior to participation in a violent planned assault against me.

This is the Laura Ingraham I know.  Look at what she's done to herself since she was involved in raping a kid, to try to soften her appearance.  She was a butch atheist and all of a sudden, she decided to get some nice soft feminine looking hair, pad her bra, become "religious", and oh yeah, adopt a child to make herself sound like the nice "mommy" type.

I was taken to meet Laura at this exact location.  She sat at that table, with the same rug on the wall, which matched a tie I had picked out for Prince Charles in England.  The same U.S. military was all around, and the man standing next to her had a butterfly net and they went after me at one point, trying to capture me.  

She is a drug dealer.  When I met her, her name was given and I was a pre-teen and she looked at me and I was told "Maybe she can help you" because I was being tortured.  Instead, she took one of the monied duffel bags, and just as she was about to say she would try to write or publish something to help me, for "child rights", Robert Garrett Jr. handed her a manilla envelope and said, "You might want to look at this first."  She pulled out photos and documents which I couldn't see and her expression changed and she looked at me with hate.  Hardened, cold, hatred and started mocking me saying, "Why don't you try to call Charles or someone."  She started mocking me about everything I'd ever done in my life, and made a bunch of hateful comments only a woman that looks like this and is jealous of a pre-teen would make.  She also did one of these sizing-up stares, where she raised her eyebrow, sneered, and looked me up and down from head to toe as if to process what I looked like and how I thought I was special and was I more special than she was?  Maybe she should do something to her hair to look more feminine like Cameo.  Maybe she should work out more and get more lean body mass like Cameo.  Oh she couldn't wait to find someone to rape Cameo and electrocute her.  I never forgot her ugly face because of the way she treated me there, and how desperate I was because I was being hurt and it looked like I might have help from Bill Gates "media" and then she mocked me about Charles.  Not only that, she was premeditating it because she positioned herself to be sitting in front of a rug on a wall that was very similar to a paisley tie I had picked out for Charles, which he wore publicly (which was after I had already reported him to London police, but had been made to believe there was nothing else to do).

When the SUV showed up at the house in Seattle, I recognized the blond woman.  I thought it was Valerie Plame at first, because Valerie Plame was definitely the woman we went rock-climbing with who tried to kill me.  I knew her manner, height, speaking voice, and face.  It was Plame.  So when I saw this blond hair like hers and sort of a similar face, from a distance at first I thought it was Plame and I saw her glaring at me.  Then I got closer and realized, this is the same woman who is involved with the Military Police.  She was working on a story as a reporter there at the time, supposedly, and had wanted to meet me.  She knew exactly who Barak Obama was because they talked about Stanley Ann Dunham at one point.  The bag of money went straight to Laura.  None of the military took it, she did.  She put it on the ground next to her feet by the table.  She was also the one who took the manilla envelope that was about 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick.

So what did Laura do since arranging to have me raped and electrocuted?  When she was jealous of me and wanted to get revenge against me?  She did whatever she could to make herself look prettier, more feminine, and "motherly".  She even went to Russia to buy a child for a prop.  

One of her comments, after getting the manilla envelope and bag of money, was this:  "I'm in."  Like "count me in."  She was "in" for what?  I had wondered as a kid, "Why did she say that?  She just showed me how she suddenly hates me and looked at something and now she's saying she wants to be part of something?"Colluding to have me raped and electrocuted in Seattle?  Because she was the passenger in the front of the SUV to the side of the driver.

Laura Ingraham would do anything for Katie Middleton and Camilla.  Anything.  Rape kids; take huge bribes; write articles; arrange to have friends write defamatory articles; torture children.

After she got the money and said "I'm in" I was assaulted by military police.  They took me out to some place where there was a big pit in the ground and put me in it.  I tried to get out and Laura Ingraham stood over it and smirked at me.  She also stood on my fingers when I had them around the edge, trying to get out at one point.  It was the last time I saw her before seeing her "new look" in Seattle for my being raped.  I didn't forget her because when I saw she was out there, in the SUV, I felt shocked and thought, "She wanted me to be raped because she was jealous of me because she's not pretty."  I figured that was why because I thought, as a kid, why else did she go out and have a whole new beauty make-over after meeting me and sizing me up and then showing up as her "more beautiful self" to sneer when I was leaving a house she knew I was raped and tortured at?

I later did see Bill O'Reilly, in the same kind of SUV and closely connected, with a woman on the other side, but it looked like Donald Pryzbyla with Laura Ingraham in the driver's seat.  Donald is FBI and was working in California at the time and would have been the one to drive the SUV over.  He went to BYU, which is a Mormon institution, and the FBI called on him to take my report against Bujanda and Garza.  He buried it because he was involved in coordinating rape and torture of me in Seattle with Laura Ingraham, Middletons, Sterling-Tanzers, and Princess Diana and Barak Obama.  It's possible that with his Ukrainian or Russian last name, he was Laura's hitch to getting a kid from Russia.

There are only a few possibilities with the men when they picked me up from being raped to take me to the airport.  The only reason to take me to the airport to go to England was to keep me from being able to be examined in a hospital in the U.S. or going to police.  Bill O'Reilly was involved because he took part in arranging for a cover.  He was 100% personally involved in my being raped and electrocuted because of his contribution and participation.  He was from Boston, and Diana's favorite baseball team was the "Boston Red Sox" and Barak and a Robert had ejaculated into socks while electrocuting me.  It's why Bill and Hillary Clinton got a cat and named it "Socks".  They were also involved.  Bill O'Reilly was not the man who drove the SUV to pick me up from the rape in Seattle, he was one of the men involved in providing covers for those who were hands-on in the scene, and as a participant, by attempting to shift who was where and when and what time, he was 100% party and "in" on raping me and electrocuting me.

It could have been a Tanzer SUV because they're from California and had been drinking so it's possible they allowed Don to drive, but what is more likely, is that it was Don's FBI SUV.   He was already working for the FBI in California by 1986 and possibly earlier than that. His job was "property inspections" which linked him to real estate.  He is now working at Goldman sachs in Salt Lake City, Utah.  His work with the FBI also goes to showing the Seattle and Portland FBI had me in their offices prior to this rape and were involved in premeditating it.  They had me electrocuted in the Seattle FBI offices first, as a way to give other FBI the idea they had "clearance" to do whatever they wanted to me.

I remember Bill O'Reilly because he looked slightly like Bono, the U2 singer who I met one time on a music set, and because he greeted me with a "high 5" when he saw me.  It was always "high 5" with him.  Don Pryzbyla and Joe Wilson were not "high 5" types.  In the first pick up, the man didn't say very much but he tried to call Laura "Valerie" and I knew it wasn't Valerie.  Then while in the back I heard him say her name as "Laura" in front when people were talking and he thought I wasn't paying attention. I also recognized Laura instantly, up closer, as the woman who hated me that was a news reporter.   I saw she'd had a huge makeover and thought maybe that's why she is glad I'm raped.  She wanted to feel she was the prettier, cleaner, better person.  The driver of the SUV also had more swarthy, or not swarthy but slightly olive-toned skin like Italian skin, and Bill O'Reilly is white.  Laura Ingraham called the olive-toned man "Bill" but since he was calling her Valerie and it wasn't her name, she probably called him Bill and it possibly wasn't his name.  Then when I was with Raul Bujanda later, over a decade later, and he was driving a cop car from Coos Bay, "Bill" called him up and asked him if he was returning the van and saying the police needed the van back but he could do it in the morning.  After this, when I reported Bujanda for misconduct, they had "Bill", who was Don Pryzbyla from California, whom they already knew, come out to take my report.  They had it all set up.  It was a nice funny little inside joke for the FBI, to rape and electrocute kids in their offices and then blame the kid and ruin their life.  For who?  Katie.  Who works for them.  Also notice the "bee" in Pryzbyla.  Maybe they also thought it was a great idea to have a Pryz pick people up as they set up Barak Obama to be the Pres.

Don has his photo removed from the entire web.  Don Pryzbyla.  I went to Goldman sachs and was blocked at their site from even looking up his name at all.   I do remember the name Pryzbyla because of the sound of "bee" in it and thinking about this with the assassination note of "be happy" for rock-climbing.  I also remember a name of "Don" mentioned.  

The only reason to have Bill O'Reilly later come around with a similar SUV and crew, to go to a baseball game I believe it was (he bought popcorn), was to have a "Bill" who was actually "Bill" in the driver's seat and hopefully to confuse me with the other individual that was in the driver seat picking people up from the house in Seattle where I was raped.  

The U.S. Army is giving a date of 2006 for the photo above but that's not when I met her, next to the exact same rug and table and with the same individuals.  It was in the mid-late 1980s that I met her and it was before she participated in organizing my rape and electrocution.  She had her hair short and butch and wore the same color shirt.  So to later attempt to "replicate" this by doing the same thing in 2006 is trying to detract from the earlier visit she made which implicates her, along with MPs (U.S. Army military police).  This is said to be Iraq.  Which is sort of close to the idea of Bill Gate's wife Melinda participating in having me raped by a bunch of teens, some who were military-connected, and leaving me with a "Rock and Roll" hat to "give to Katie Middleton."  This is also possibly the Middle Eastern location where I was strapped to a bunch of explosives and told to kill myself.  I have already described this--how they made me put on an explosives vest and go out far away from them and said if you don't want to be tortured anymore, go ahead and pull the string and you can end it.  Laura Ingraham was involved in that.

Laura is from Connecticut, and went to Dartmouth and then a Virginia college.  Half of the wikipedia page is  misinformation because it suggests she was against Lesbians and Gays and she made it known to me in 1985 or 1986 or so, that she supported gays.  It was another reason she decided she hated me and a reason why a Robert thought it would hit a good note with her to get her involved.  She already knew her brother was gay and I believed she was a lesbian herself.  It's claimed she secretly taped meetings to be against gays and then later changed her mind and supported them but that's not true.  It's impossible she was against gays and secretly taping them to be against them, because she made it clear to me she supported them. Any taping she did, was as a spy for gays, and with a lie that she was against them.  I also remember she had some kind of knowledge I had asked Charles if he was gay and she tried to make some humiliating point to me about it.  Laura is a liar.  
What someone could have had in those documents or photos is anyone's guess, but maybe it was what appeared to be me putting a stick in my brother's rear for the "medical reason" I was told by parents and a military person there, when I didn't want to but was told it would help and be careful.  It sounds bizarre, but I've written about that in more detail.  So maybe they thought since Laura's brother was gay and she was defensive about crimes against gays, maybe she wanted something like that for inciting hatred against me or used it to give herself an excuse to be involved in having me raped and electrocuted.  The problem with the "idea" is that she was already positioning herself by a rug that looked like the tie I bought Prince Charles so she was expecting something, and she did get a bag of money as well.

She also went from looking like a butch lesbian herself to glamming up for the occasion of picking me up from being raped and electrocuted.  She also got mad at me enough about something she implied that I discriminated against gays, which would be another motive for her to want to put a hit on me because she was a flaming gay.  That's what spies do.  They lie and pretend to be the exact thing they're not and collect information as a spy for the side they claim to hate or be against.  She was a gay right flaming activist with a personal grudge and she pretended to be against them in order to work for them.  Maybe that way she thought if she wrote against them, people who were anti-gay would feel secure contacting her and sharing with her and then she'd site them out for attacks on behalf of the "Rainbow Alliance" that included Cher and Chaz (gay) who sent millions to Katie Middleton.  She adopted one of her kids from "Guatamala" which is only significant in that one of her friend Barak's kids is named Malia.  

She then spent time in Russia, and adopted a couple of other kids.  I really don't know what she was doing there, but she was never a Catholic.  She is atheist, according to her in the 80s and Anglican could be an even closer match.

Which calls to mind Putin and if what he once said to me, about my competition was younger, was maybe not said to me at all but relayed to the microchips the U.S. and England had inserted into my body.  Maybe he was talking to someone else and not even me.  I mean, maybe Camilla was by the radio listening in and hearing "Your competition is younger" or Diana was.   It would seem Putin is a possible CIA asset.  Why else would the CIA and FBI try to have me meet him.  The U.S. not only wanted me around Putin, when they had me implanted with microchips, some of the Russians worked against me for the U.S., accusing me of being a spy to sell me to the U.S. over the Jewish spies Anatoly and the other ones.  They basically tried to all make claims so they could use me as a negotiating chip.  It is also possible that this alliance with the CIA is why Putin and Obama are close.  Putin is from the Ukraine and Oregon State University decided to put in a big Ukrainian exchange program after I went to that school and was harassed.  They also took my necklace for the karate, saying no jewelry and gave it back but then my necklace was taken from me by Angela Merkel.  She also went through the whole routine of claiming her phone was tapped and the U.S. was spying on her which is the same thing she claimed in the 80s.  Nothing new.  She had that news go out the same time point in my college as before, from decades ago and photos of her pretending to look upset were displayed in the papers again, as usual.  Nothing new.  Maybe if they all keep doing the same thing, like, 10 times, they can all shuffle the pictures and then get rid of the ones they don't like anymore and put in replacements instead.  Maybe I can be "Cam" and then Middletons can have a CEM.  Chuh!  Yeah man.  And a Cam for Parker-Bowles too.  And then maybe we can clone people and steal their eggs and have little armies of clones instead of just twins and triplets like before to sneak in and out of places.  

Also, about the "Don Pryzbyla" there was also a government man from New York who I met that looked like him.  Maybe it's the same guy.

I'm also tired of Barak Obama's criminal regime torturing me.  My entire chin is full of scars because of what his regime is doing with technology to my face.  They keep thinking I'm going to run out and buy 70,000 Vitamin E or take Hyaluronic acid internally and that's not going to happen.  They have been stalking around hoping I'd repeat their ideas of forcing a cycle of sameness to occur, and in the meantime, Science News has an article about how Vitamin E is discovered to deflect electromagnetic buzz, and how would they know?  Maybe it's because the U.S. government was spying on me in 1986 when they did this to my chin then and watched what I put on my face to protect it.  Then they all rushed out to make millions on their "discoveries" which were made off of torture of me and were not even their own idea but my idea.  That way, the same fucking country that knows I was born with a high I.Q. can keep torturing me to dumb down scores as they exploit my own genius and call it their own.  Just like they do with my music.  The U.S. had selected individuals commit war crimes in the U.S against U.S. citizens and then they put these murderers and torturers at the top.  Do you really think Barak Obama is not repsonsible?  Or that Clinton and the Bush duo is not responsible?  

The U.S. has been run by a corrupt regime that has become rich for a few and increased the power of a few.  They have perpetuated a lie that they blocked others who would stand in the way of fairness or equality because they are murderers and child torturers.  Then they have used the same group and took it to the next generation by encouraging generational rape of me from not just the fathers, but their sons and younger relatives, to keep the hate crime and war crime motives going.  This is why they torture my son Oliver and are controlling him.  Barak Obama raped and electrocuted me and he'll do the same to my son through his employees.  The U.S. has sponsored war criminals who do favors for Mossad to be the President for the last several decades and Katie is another Mossad actor.  Barak Obama would murder his own mother to get her out of the way.  I have a feeling he had something to do with her death, even though it looks natural.  I think he was worried she was upset about something and might tell on him so he made sure she was dead before he got his "job" she knew he had no right to.

I also can see exactly what the U.S. and England were up to with having people killed to increase the chances of William marrying Katie.  They wanted to use an emotional trigger to have him feel he was turning to her and then she was there to be the comfort.  They had it all worked out.

I say Don Pryzbyla because it was Forrest Tanzer (thank goodness I'M not drinking right now and my head is clear) who said the name about the driver.  The only reason I didn't forget was because he said it more than one time and I caught on to the "bee" part and wanted to know what kind of a name it was.  Also, when Don called Laura "Laura", it was not just when others were talking, but he already heard me talking to people as well.  I "sounded" occupied and of course he would think I wasn't both talking and keeping my ears open at the same time.  That's when I heard the confirmation code of who the bitch was.

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