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UPDATED: Michelle Erickson Part of OSU-ROTC Middleton Group

Michelle Erickson was there.  Michelle Erickson, the person Wenatchee, Washington had lie about me and my son, was at OSU when I was a student as a pre-teen.  She was younger than me and a girl, and I had asked people why that girl (Michelle Erickson) was there at my appeals panel to go to OSU another term after a bunch of Parks and Rec/OSU friends and FBI connections broke into my apartment and attacked me by physical assault.

It makes more sense now, how she already knew Washington D.C.'s Alvaro Pardo  and Katie Middleton.  Her entire family is connected and heavily invested in University of Washington researchers and U.S. Navy.  Michelle Erickson's first job as an intern was at a U.S. Navy hospital in Washington state.

The entire thing was some kind of sick U.S. military-CIA-FBI retaliatory action against my Dad, who was believed to have defected from the CIA:  Edward Lee Howard, who is the man who wrote the book "Safe House" and writes about a dog Whiskey he couldn't keep, who gave me that dog himself.  The man who adopted me, Robert Guy Garrett Jr., and Dicksie, forced me to give that dog away to someone who was in U.S. military and had cop connections.

I think Michelle Erickson was possibly there, possibly, because of Sarah Finger McDonald, who was a young teen, and was from Virginia state originally, next to Pentagon and CIA, and who had put together a class on "Plant Nutrition" with her voice and a voice that sounded exactly like Michelle Erickson's voice.  Sarah Finger got involved with a federal tax accountant from University of Washington and married him.

Someone at OSU or U.S. military, thought it would be funny to plan ahead for the event I ever had my own child, and plot in advance who was going to lie for the U.S. to steal him from me.  They had Michelle Erickson there, watching me at my academic appeal in Corvallis, Oregon and I had said to my Dad, "Why is that girl there?" 

Not only was it Michelle Erickson, Sarah Finger, the older girl whose voice sounded like Michelle Erickson's, was the one FBI and Robert Garrett Jr., who is a government employee, kept asking me what I thought about and punished me when I said she slurred her speech and had some kind of speaking problem.  Seychelles is pronounced "Say-shells" by the way, for those who wondered how to pronounce the island Katie Middleton took her honeymoon on.

Carol Middleton was the first person I was around when I first went through some of the OSU classwork.  I had wondered why she was there and what she had to do with horticulture or plant pathology.  She was tied-in with CIA and the Pentagon and OSU.

So here is what is even worse.  My mother visited my apartment one day near the end of my term, and gave me something that was a stick of some kind.  I said, "What's that?" and she said, "Pee on it and call the number to get the result".  It wasn't a pregnancy stick, because there was no way I could be pregnant.  I was told it measured a hormone in my body.  It was a stick made by Clear Blue.  So before I went to this OSU academic appeal that had Michelle Erickson, who is a U.S. Navy brat, there, I was being told to pee on an hormone-estrogen stick and to call the number.  So I did and it had a smiley face and I had to call the 800 number and a woman answered and I said I didn't know if it was working because the smiley (happy) face was sort of split on one side.  The woman was friendly and made me give her all of my medical personal information.

It was seriously, possibly, a way for the U.S. government to track and find out when I was "ovulating" at that time in my life, if it wasn't some kind of estrogen test, because the tests they have now are the exact same thing, with the same smiley face result, and when I called the 800 number about information for something because it wasn't working properly, a woman from "New Jersey" said the same thing said to me when I called as a pre-teen.

When I called up as a pre-teen the woman asked what sign it had on it, how long it was there, and then said over the phone, "Do you know where you're calling?  This is Jersey".  I had thought, as a kid, it was odd she was telling me "This is Jersey".  It sounded like a code, like when adults had used me for their own personal spying and transmission of messages to eachother and needed excuses to say information out loud and did.  I thought she was nice, but then I said to my Mom, "Why did you want me to take that test?"

I was NOT pregnant, and nothing had been done to me by way of sexual abuse that was recent, but it WAS a hormone tracking device.

Later, I was under assassination attempt with Valerie Plame there and a "be happy" notewad in my shirt as they wanted me to fall to my death, with some guy who looked like one of my OSU professors, John Lambrinos, in one of the helicopter cockpit seats. 

After my Mom had me take this Clear Blue test, and give my personal medical information over the phone, I was then seeing Michelle Erickson at the OSU academic appeal I went to.  Maybe they thought if they didn't kill me, and I had a kid one day, they'd just place people there to show how cool all of them were for being so psychic and abusing me for their own fame.

At the same time I saw Michelle Erickson there, who was with a male adult that was one of her relatives, I was then being taken to a U.S. Navy site which is where they had me going into a tank of water and doing tests underwater for them.

The fact that Michelle Erickson's voice could be an exact double for Sarah Finger (McDonald) from Virginia, is another interesting fact. 

Alvaro Pardo, who told me he'd worked with U.S. FBI, knew her.  He knew Michelle Erickson.

The other part of this disgusting fraudulent "CPS" story, is that Attorney General Maryann McIntosh, was working with Rick Baken (FBI) and George Bechtold, along with knowing my Grandpa Robert Garrett Sr., and having her daughter married to a Wenatchee cop, Jones, who was there with Officer Jim West.  After threatening me at the Idaho property (this was before OSU as a pre-teen), and after the cops didn't fire their guns on me as they had planned when they took a walk out into the woods with me and one of the Robert Garrett Jrs., Maryann was packing away the electrocution box the FBI had used on me inside of their own offices, and money that was in a briefcase, into the trunk of her car, with the cops and her daughter there.  She was the one who smirked and said, "Is Gary on his way?" to the people there.

The "Gary" they were referring to, was U.S. Army veteran Gary Ridgeway.  He was driving a semi-truck for work at that time, like George Bechtold, and maybe that's how George Bechtold knew him.  How Ms. McIntosh knew him is anyone's guess, but her claim to fame is with the United States Armed Forces.  Her parents were career military employee and she was a military brat.  So aside from being connected to the Department of Justice or FBI, she was connected to the same military that Gary Ridgeway (the Greenriver Killer) was connected to, and it was after he picked me up that Gary told me he'd been hired as a hitman to kill me.

This means AG Maryann McIntosh was involved in a premeditated murder attempt of me, along with some FBI  and Wenatchee cops.  It also means HER "military people" are the same as Michelle Erickson's "military people".  I found out Gary was part of the U.S. Army when I was asking him questions about his life and what he did and he told me he had been in the service and I asked which one and he said "U.S. Army".

Maryann's entire life was centered around U.S. military.

The helicopter that later showed up when I was rock-climbing and one of the Dicksies had cut my line and my Dad was in one of the cockpit seats, as a pilot of it, was a U.S. military helicopter and Valerie Plame, who is outed as a CIA employee, was also a U.S. military brat, spending most of her life on U.S. forts and bases.

OSU was the first college in the U.S. to have degrees for U.S. military.  Their computer centers  and the online distance course designed campuses are also operated and run by the U.S. Navy and/or got their development from them, which Michelle Erickson's family was part of, and which was the branch of military she got her own career start from.

Michelle's aunt, Pam Erickson, married Doug Erickson, and his parents were Eugene and Clara Erickson.  This is interesting since I was told to take a Clear Blue test before I went to the OSU academic appeal ("clara" means clear).  This family of Erickson's had family from Korea, and the exchange student who suddenly showed up at Holly and Pablo Avila's house, to live with them, Minji, was from Korea as well.

Michelle Erickson was connected to Middleton because I remember Carol Middleton was involved in the "pilot program" as they called it then, and Michelle Erickson was dragged in to be present, whose voice sounds like Sarah Finger's, after I was told to take a Clear Blue test and then be around ROTC (military).

The United States military is kissing Michelle Erickson's ass as a thank you for lying about me, along with McIntosh, who tried to murder me.

All of the U.S. government employees who kidnapped my son from me and lied about me in a CPS hearing, and through the "appeals", were people from my past who were involved in torturing and raping me, and attempts to kill me by premeditated murder.

David Erickson, who is the head of Wenatchee's Parks and Rec, is another relative of hers (I believe) and according to what I've read, lived in Wenatchee and possibly Alaska as well.

The Pam Erickson that was apple blossom queen in 1972, had a mother who was Portia Thornton Murray, who was apple blossom queen (big deal for Wenatchee politics and U.S. government, because back then Wenatchee was the #1 exporter of apples in the world), had a court of princesses Ms. Dennis and "Ruth Ann Jones".

Let's think real hard about this one.  Michelle Erickson's past relatives were on apple blossom "queen" court with the Jones family, the one that Officer Jones, corrupt cop belongs to, who worked with McIntosh to try to pull a murder hit on me when I was a pre-teen.  Portia, who is Michelle Erickson's relative, was also a "Thornton" and it was Julia Thornton with the FBI I had to give my 2004 FBI misconduct report to, and it was "Tina Thornton", whose husband is a cop, that was assigned to be my social worker before there was ever a CPS report made about me.  Tina supposedly made the first report against me, and was best friends with Brett McDonald, the psychologist assigned to counsel me, before any reports were made against me.

Is Brett McDonald related to OSU's Sarah Finger McDonald?  Or is she just knocking knees with the Thorntons.
UPDATED:  12/7/13.  I should mention, before I was taking this one stick test, I had someone come into a computer lab I was at, working, at some point, which was a different lab than the one I've mentioned before (that one was a larger room) and someone came up to me and stuck a patch on my arm.
12/8/13.  Michelle Erickson was there on the OSU campus with her Uncle Doug.  Doug supposedly died in 2012, and I met him and he wasn't a nice person, not to me.  He was glad I was having to appeal my courses and part of an effort to keep me out.  I know it was Doug Erickson because Michelle was with him and he introduced her, he gave his own name and it matches his photo, and he said he was in the "secondary mortgage business".  As a kid, I thought the way he used the phrase, which was for his work, was also with another double-meaning and a sinister one.  There was something wrong with him and for some reason, he wanted to ruin my life, along with some of the others.  His motive?  I am not sure.  Michelle hardly said anything.  I have a very strong feeling "secondary mortgages" wasn't his only "business".

The U.S. had lined up a ton of people against me, early, to ruin my future if I didn't die first. 
The U.S. clearly used people in Oregon and Washington at the same time against me, and had planned for me to be in either one or the other state.  Another woman who was a government employee and not just working for OSU, was one of the instructors, Sarah Finger, who married a man from Washington with the last name McDonald, like the name of the counselor I was told by Tina Thornton to see:  Brett McDonald.   Tina Thornton was a Washington state social worker I was assigned, when I had made an FBI complaint to Julia Thornton (FBI) in Portland, Oregon.  Tina didn't tell me Brett McDonald was her best friend when I was told to be counseled by her, but then I thought it was odd that Brett had no problem counseling me and said everything about me was normal, until I knew I needed to document FBI actions against me and began talking about them in my visits.  Brett McDonald didn't mind if I talked about legal matters at all, and encouraged me to talk about the Catholic church legal matters, and traffic citation matters, harassment around my house, stress, and inaccurate records by a doctor, until I brought up FBI.  Then she cut me off and said she would not allow me to mention the FBI. Shortly after, within a week of this, when I made it clear I thought it was biased, Tina Thornton made the first attempt to defame me to CPS claiming my son should be taken away from me.

I don't know that much about a CPS visitation monitor named Shirley, except that she babysat me once or twice or I met her when I was a kid myself.  The next woman, Susan, was a huge liar, and extremely disingenuous.  I would never, in a million years, pick Sue to be highly intelligent, above the norm.  Most of the time I am halfway good about figuring out general basis of intelligence and naturally, I would think Sue was about average.  I would think Sue is an average-intelligence woman who is trying to make extra money for her family by working for CPS.  This is not the case, unless she had a lawyer editing her notes.  They were written like a lawyer writes misleading evidence, so either she is highly intelligent and calculating or a lawyer was revising everything she wrote.  Anne Crane worked for the FBI.  She was hired after Alvaro Pardo left Wenatchee, and the FBI made sure they inserted Attorney General U.S. attorney Maryann McIntosh, who they knew had a motive to harm me and defame me (they could count on her because she had tried to murder me by having Gary Ridgway show up).  I also witnessed my Grandpa Baird's green VW car parked outside of her offices on one occasion, for hours.  I thought, either she is trying to blackmail my Grandpa or someone is paying off the other person for some reason because there was no reason to be at her offices that long.  A few minutes, sure.  Hours?  And there was wide open parking so he could have parked anywhere.  Anne Crane helped electrocute me in Seattle FBI offices--she was present.  No one except for FBI and/or FBI informant or "the accused" was there was I was being electrocuted.  Anne Crane had absolutely no reason to be in those offices at that time, unless she either worked for the FBI or she was an informant for them.  She wasn't being electrocuted herself, like me, so she was not a victim.  She was also not being accused of anything.  So that left two possibilities:  FBI employee or informant.  And why would she be only an informant, for something like that?

The FBI is in huge trouble.  So to answer Dr. Saw-Haw and associates comments about "Is there any reason the FBI has an interest in you" (or would want to fry me, derange my mind through drugs, or assault me or defame me) the answer is "yes".

There was a serious reason Judge Hotchkiss was a liar and blocked me from cross-examining the visitation monitors.  He denied me the right to cross-examine Anne Crane, Sue, and Shirley, and a few others as well.  The only other person in that case who was not a prior enemy to me, by employment with FBI or military or U.S. attorneys, that I had not met before was the parenting "guide" or expert, and what I got her to admit was she worked for the military and was a military brat.  Anne Crane didn't have a problem electrocuting me when I was a kid, right there in FBI offices, so it's also true she would not mind if my son was poisoned or pinched and showed up with bruises all over his legs.  They could count on her to lie because that's all she's done her entire life.  She also knew Carol Middleton because Carol was there as well as my mother when I was electrocuted in FBI offices.  Anne Crane was nice to my Mom, when I was there at FBI offices, but hated my guts and treated me with no attempt to hide how she hated me.  She was right up next to me, electrocuting with the worst of them.  So that's another GREAT role model Child Protective Services has "looking out" for kids.

The CPS Line-up Against Oliver:

1.  AG Maryann McIntosh:  Murderer and attempted murder in hit-for-hire against children under age 12.  Practices--threatens kids not to "tell on" her and dirty cops or face mental health processes  to make sure I don't make a 911 phone call from the house before Gary Ridgway picks me up, packs up electrocution box and money, greets the Greenriver Killer, sends me away to be murdered, pops up again to smear me and steal my son with the motive of being desperate to discredit my testimony against her.  Also knows Gary Goldsmith. (U.S. Department of Justice/FBI)

2.  Anne Crane (visitation monitor):  obstructs me from having increased visitation with my son with a motive to have my son taken from me and the bond destroyed.  Works with known child-murderer McIntosh, as a known child-electrocutionist for the FBI.  Has inlaid motive to harm and discredit me because of my potential testimony bomb against her.  Also friendly with Middletons. (FBI)

3.  Tina Thornton and Brett McDonald:  FBI.  Not only were these women friends and didn't tell me, breaching ethics, they are connected to, and work for FBI as well as having family in the Washington State patrol.

4.  Michelle Erickson:  Shows up at OSU in Oregon, from Washington state, with her Uncle Doug Erickson when I was being forced out of college.  Possibly related to Katie Middleton.  Worked for U.S. Navy (all of her family has) and Doug (possibly FBI).

I could go on, because there is more, but also, all of my "public defenders" were as corrupt as the above individuals.  The above were not just "working for the state" or federal government, and not just protecting interests of "the department"--they are known serious (worst of the worst) child abusers.  Not to mention Judge Hotchkiss, having been a former pedophile who was involved in a gang known to electrocute me at a karate place in Wenatchee/Cashmere, and as part of a group of Judges torturing me in a basement.  He went to school with Robert Jr., participated in drugs, was in a motorcycle gang that helped out with drugs, and is a pedophile.

Jews involved who were connected to the Rabbi who assaulted me are Justin Titus, Donna Titleman, and they are connected to Rabbi Rose and Josh Gatov (who is also part of construction groups that included Gary Goldsmith and the Maiers).  Their part was going back and forth to Canada for trade with Bruce.  The immigration officer who met me, "Ross" from Canada, is also someone I have possibly met before. I'm not sure about that one though, I'd have to think about it.  The others I'm sure about.

The black man and others who were around when I was electrocuted were also around Anne Crane, who talked with them (at FBI offices in Seattle).  Of other people there that I recognized, one man looked like one of the presenters for an OSU horticulture video (not my instructor but someone who presented) and another one looked like the same Judge John Bridges that I witnessed in woods trying to extort money for Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer.

So who else was at the hit-site where Barak Obama raped and electrocuted me next?  Bridges associates.  He was there, and Anne Crane was there and I remembered recognizing him and thinking, "Why is someone from Wenatchee here?"  It's possible Dennis Hotchkiss was there as well, because they talked about "Dennis" at one point.   I'd have to see a photo of him from that time frame, at the age he was at then, to know.  It's very possible he was there.  Judge Bridges was there and the man from an OSU video was there.  Yes, Dennis was there.  I remember because they started talking with Bridges and Locklyn came up once, and then they left.  There were at least 2 Wenatchee Judges present in the FBI offices when I was electrocuted and tortured:  Bridges and Hotchkiss.  One of them was behind the tinted window when I was being electrocuted, which is where the tall black man came out from as well.

Anne Crane did not just stand by, passively, watching or talking to people in the FBI offices.  She was hands-on with electrocution.

Basically, most of the people the Seattle FBI used and had present for my being tortured and electrocuted in FBI offices, and as a security set prior to my being raped by Barak Obama, were put in charge of stealing my son from me later.

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