Monday, December 2, 2013

Assassination Attempt with My Parents and Valerie Plame (CIA) in U.S. Property Helicopter

I need to make this very clear.

The rock climbing incident that was used to attempt to murder me through a U.S. government hit against me, involved a helicopter that was clearly marked U.S. property. 

It wasn't like it was some kind of a private helicopter or a privately-arranged hit against me.  It was a hit organized against me involving at least one person who is known to have been working, at that time, for the CIA:  Valerie Plame.  The other factor that makes it clearly a U.S. government assassination attempt against me, is the fact the huge helicopter they used, was clearly marked at the tail end of the helicopter with the words, printed:  "Property of the U.S.".  It was a United States Property title, in small black print at the back of the helicopter, which is the first thing I noticed when I turned my head to see a helicopter coming around the corner while they had all expected me to end up dead below the cliffs on the ground.

Not all of the helicopters I saw or was in were marked that way, or that color, as some of them were black, or other colors occasionally (not usually) and I didn't notice any kind of label on the helicopters.  But this one I noticed, and I never forgot.  It was a khaki green-tan helicopter with a U.S. property definition on it.

The fact it was U.S. property, and Valerie Plame is now outed as having been U.S. property (or an employee), it makes the situation very clear the United States was trying to murder me.

My mother, or one of the Dicksie Garretts, who cut my line, also clicked out of her sweet, nice, "Mom" and above-average intelligence "sleepy" act to look like a calculating, cut-throat, determined and very clipped and highly intelligent woman who suddenly popped out of her shell for the last time she and the others ever thought they'd see me again.  There was no sleepy act, no "sort-of smart but not very logical" act, no hesitation or vulnerability.  It was suddenly Agent Dicksie, rolling out a list of foreign names and numbers and code before cutting my line that held me from falling off of the face of the cliff, because it was attached to her.  There was no "landing" below me--it was a strait-away to the ground thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands feet below.

It wasn't the first or only time someone tried to murder me, but that time, it was pretty clear.

When someone decided to pick me up, maybe not wanting to risk the idea of another psychic reading they had witnessed me fall to my death and deliberately not assisted, one or two of the women took off to the restroom and didn't want to be seen by me, and there was a baby carseat or carrier there.  Someone had brought a baby to the assassination.  Just like someone brought a baby or a carseat for a baby to the hit against me for Barak Obama to rape me in a U.S. government hit.

Everything the U.S. has said about me, my mental state, and my son and their excuses for stealing my son, is a lie.  Canada has colluded with them.

My Dad appeared to be driving the helicopter and then when they switched, it looked like Forrest or someone with a face like his, like James Cartright or a Joe Wilson "type" of face, but I don't believe the driver of the helicopter that day was Wilson. 

It looked to me like Camilla was on the helicopter, along with Joy Sterling.  I mean, Camilla, Prince Charles' lover.  The other woman looked like Joy Sterling but because Carol Middleton occasionally looks like her, depending on hair color, it's possible it was Carol, but I thought it was Joy and she was who we'd seen earlier with the money revealed in the suitcase.  I thought, "Why is CAMILLA there?"  I did not see Diana on that helicopter but who knows where people were hiding, but I didn't see her, or remember another man.  There were 3-4 men in front who stayed in front at the cockpit, and a baby carrier/carseat, a woman that looked like Joy or Carol (probably Joy), and Camilla, and one of the two women, staring out at me in shock said, "Oh my God."  Valerie Plame was on helicopter too.

The Val we all know who went to London School of Economics.

I rarely saw Camilla around.  So it was a shock to wonder why she was there, of all people, with the others.  I thought it had something to do with why my mother was aiming for the opening of my shirt to throw something in before they thought I'd plunge to my death.

I'm not saying Diana didn't show up other places, because she did, but that time, it was Camilla I saw, with a couple of women (and some men in front).

Interesting hmm, in a U.S. property helicopter.  Why don't we all ask Valerie Plame why the U.S. wanted to kill me.

I never forgot Camilla was on that helicopter, but I didn't bring it up much, because I questioned the significance and wondered why it was the only time I saw her in the U.S.

It's easy to see why the U.S. would want Katie right up to her back.  Knock out one playuh, and who do you get?  Ping. 

Kill (or seclude) Di, implicate Camilla, raise Katiekins.

Oh dear me Alice.  I REMEMBER

Isn't it funny how all of them could be working for the U.S.?


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