Saturday, November 30, 2013

Disfiguring with Use of Computer Technology

I already mentioned how someone broke into my house and did something to my chin (which I photographed) and that it was vibrating after, or tingling in a way consistent with being radioactive or active in a reaction to some energy field.  I showed the photos and at the same time, someone had made an incision into another part of my body (which I wrote about).

This thing done to my chin was the exact same thing done to me in 1986.  It was done in Hood River, Oregon when I was assaulted (the police there were involved and have never taken my report, not even when I mailed it to them while I was still a pre-teen), and then the tingling and weird reaction and monitoring of me was done in Portland, Oregon while I was sent to take online courses through OSU.

I had the same feeling and same reaction to my chin then, at that time, and the same marks from whatever was done to me as well.  I also had the reaction occurring mostly when I was sitting in front of a computer screen, as I had to do for OSU online courses.

It was after this, I was assaulted in FBI offices with other technology, in addition to what was already being done to me, and then they were asking for full body MRI scans of me.  It wasn't Seattle Police headquarters (which we went to) asking for the MRIs.  It was FBI.  It wasn't like the FBI was the good guy either.  They were torturing me inside of their own offices and then requesting MRIs to be sent to them, which they possibly passed on to Pentagon people, but it was through FBI, not regular police.

So this is still continuing.  I don't know if this computer monitor has a 2-way screen or internal camera inside of it (it was a huge pressure to get this computer and then Fred Meyer made such an issue about my returning it, and lied, I am not shopping there anymore).  I don't recommend Fred Meyer as a business after what they did, and I haven't finished the process of reporting them to reporting faculties with commerce.  Basically, not only while I'm in front of my computer screen, do I then notice this odd targeting feeling to my chin, it is happening when I am a short distance from the computer but when it's on as well.  In addition to this, the line that got marked onto my nose only happened when I was sitting in front of this laptop and I could feel it as it was being done.

There is no other part of my body, anywhere, that has anything happening to it, like this.  Everything that's been done to disfigure me or cause skin problem appearance has been to areas that face and are in direct proximity to the computer screen, and/or were targeted with some kind of chemical after I was assaulted and drugged in the middle of the night while I tried to sleep.

In Hood River, Oregon, I was assaulted by people into hypnosis, and who were connected to police and detectives there, as well as alternate school people. 

Another time I was hypnotized by someone was by Roger Beachy, who is from Michigan and who President Barak Obama nominated for a major promotion.  I met him and he used to discuss plants but he is into hypnotizing people and he did this with me.  One day when I was taken to see him, instead of being nice as usual, he assaulted me.  I was so shocked as a kid because I had really liked him.  I still think he's a good teacher.  But he wigged out, went mad,  and instead of being nice and talking about plants again, he assaulted me and made me give him a blow job.   I was severely beat up by him and smacked around a room that was well-lit, with large windows, and plants lining the shelf of the window.  He whacked me to the point where I would stand up and he'd whack me back down again. I had gone to see him and was giggling over something funny he'd said and happy to be there, with a good feeling and then out of nowhere, this jeckel-hyde complex reversed and he suddenly went nuts.  I had something like, "I know you're trying to hypnotise me" because he'd done it before, and I caught him and said something before he continued.  He freaked out, forced me down, smacked me, and forced me to give him a blow job and then hit me more.  So instead of hypnosis, he tried to intimidate me with sexual assault.  It's possible his hypnotism was for facilitating sexual assault in the first place, but if so, he had to skip over the hypnosis part that time.   He's basically not just a scientist but a programmer (mind control) and hypnotist.  He has a relative in England I believe, who sounds and sort of looks like him but is a different person.  Barak Obama would have a motive for promoting him, because both of them assaulted me.  He also said something about how "that" (what he did to me) was for "Mike Middleton".  I never forgot that part because I was shocked he knew Middletons and wondered how he knew them and was that why he'd just sexually assaulted me?  So Roger Beachy sexually assaulted me for "Mike Middleton" and then Carol Middleton was present for me to be raped by Barak Obama in Seattle. He also then forced me to stay on my knees on a hard floor so long I could hardly walk out.   So as many people as Barak can get on his side, that go up for major promotions and positions of authority, the more power Barak Obama and others who assaulted me or did anything wrong, have with affecting my future and my son's future.  I would say it's pretty obvious Beachy is FBI-connected, like Barak Obama.  So here I have these people, who are all part of some kind of assault-Cameo gang, and all of them are getting into these crazy-high positions, as rewards for hate crime and anti-competition against me.

When my Dad came to pick me up, he grabbed my arm and had me go with him like he was glad I'd just been assaulted.  He didn't act sorry about it, or like he felt bad, he acted like he and Roger Beachy had the same plan.  This is the same way he acted when he grabbed me by the arm and forced me to go to the basement in Seattle with Barak so Barak could rape me.  They have Middleton in common.

Of individuals that specifically hypnotized me or practiced these techniques, one was Roger Beachy; one was in Hood River; one was connected to people I had to see after I ran away from school in Moses Lake; one was probably Melanie, my babysitter; and then others I might not remember at this time. 

So what's one sexual assault perv going to do for another?  Promotion.  Barak Obama, who raped me when I was a minor, promoted Beachy, who forced me to give him a blow job, to a high position in government.  I think Obama must have felt they could protect each other better if they all helped each other into authority positions.  He gave Beachy the director job of Food and Agricultural oversight or something.  It's some kind of USDA type of job in science.

From what I recall, it was an office at OSU when Roger Beachy beat me up.  He was there visiting apparently, and I was enrolled in courses and talking about how I wanted to study plant genetics and he said, "NO" after first having been friendly and nice.  Actually, that was possibly Jeff Stone.  I remember some other things about what happened too, and who was there.  He got really mad when I said I wanted to study science and then I said something about his trying to hypnotise me.  I know Jeff Stone was around at some point because he and Roger knew each other.

I wonder if any of them knew the psychologist I was forced to see after all that? 

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