Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kelly Katherine Donegal Wants A Cracker

I have an OSU professor who not only lied about make-up work and giving me credit for it, she then took prejudicial action against a post I made on a discussion board that allows free speech.  Then she threatened me and lied about me, accusing me of defaming someone else (which was her way of retaliating after I accused her of defaming me by saying I lied).

Here is the correspondence:

Donegan, Kelly
9:23 AM (8 hours ago)
to me, Cameo
Hi Cameo,
I have removed the post you made (copied below) in the discussion board for my HORT 112 course. The posting is inappropriate and defamatory and is the fourth inappropriate and defamatory posting you have made in this course.
Because I have contacted you twice before, to notify you of the inappropriateness of your postings and to warn you that you will not be allowed to continue making postings if they are not appropriate, I have now set up the Blackboard Discussion Board site for the course so that you are unable to make postings.
If you would like to stay enrolled in the course and continue to receive credit for discussion board postings, you will need to email your pre-and post-video discussion board postings to me, at this email address.
Scott Robbins: FBI Memories & Turf
Cameo Garrett
Posted Date:
November 12, 2013 1:49 AM
I really did not enjoy watching this set of videos. For one thing, when I took this class as a pilot program in 1985 or 1986, I had the exact same reaction when I came across the video by Scott Robbins, because I recognized him as part of the FBI and part of beating me up and being involved in a crime committed against me in China. So his reference to China and traveling, really grated on me then as it does now. At the time, he was whining about some kind of death, like someone who was killed, that he was related to, and he was blaming ME. He wanted me to be harmed and killed myself. So after some incredibly horrific experiences at Portland FBI and Seattle FBI field offices, where they literally hooked me up to an electrocution box and electrocuted me in their offices (where Scott Robbins was present for one of the times, but I think it was in Seattle, not Portland, and wearing dark glasses then as well--never without them), and then setting me up to be assaulted by Barak Obama, who I had known since I was a kid and who was involved in %60turf management%60 of the weed (marijuana industry), I had several assassination attempts against me with a %60Don't Worry; Be Happy%60 Israel motif (from the Haiwaiian singer), when Stanley Ann Dunham was part of the time in Hawaii. So going to the Lewis Brown farm and seeing this video all over again, when I had to withdraw from some of my classes because of interrogations from FBI and assault by FBI and premeditated gang-bangs by government employees (also in the %60turf%60 business), brings back horrible memories. I was being stalked, literally, by Barak Obama, who accused me of %60killing my Dad%60 and on one occasion, when I asked him if he was taking the weed to %60Gary%60 (Goldsmith-Middleton) he held a gun to my head and was going to shoot me (that was before I was assaulted in FBI offices and then set up by them to be raped by Barak at a house where we visited Stanley in Seattle for a birthday party prior to Barak's leaving for law school in Chicago).

So %60turf%60. What does it mean to me? Well, nothing made Oregon richer than selling marijuana and the FBI profited from that industry. I can give a whole list of names of people who were involved in massive amounts of drug-dealing and money laundering that went from the Pacific NW to England's Middletons and back. It has been quite the cycle. Now that it's legal in Washington, the crimes Middletons profited from, are no longer crimes and now the same people who tortured little kids can expand their businesses and the FBI can say %60Go for it!%60 and not worry about someone asking THEM why they smell like marijuana and why they snort coke in their bathrooms. According to the turf slide (which I saw a long time ago, so it's not new to me), the seed & weed industry went from 1 million in the the 1900s to over 500 million %60today%60, and that's quite awhile ago that the video was made so the numbers are much higher now. This is for grasses alone and not including the illegal grasses and transportation thereof. I would argue the FBI made more money off drug trafficking for themselves than they did investigating any actual crimes, because they were caught committing crimes themselves and some of them are the worst offenders.

The other thing that really bothered me about Scott Robbins was that one of the guardians I was with, a Robert Garrett Jr., was defensive about him and didn't want me remembering him and what he did and who he worked for. I wasn't supposed to know he was an FBI employee, or my mention of FBI in a negative sense, really infuriated Robert. I know I also commented about how he'd said %60be happy%60, %60happy%60 twice, and Robert didn't like my noticing that either, and in fact when there was an assassination attempt against me, two different times, some kind of catch-phrase of %60Don't worry, be happy%60 was used prior to the attempts (with one attempt involving the infamous Valerie Plame from the CIA on a rock-climbing trip where they cut my line to have me fall) and the other involving deliberate car hijacking.

I think turf, as a commercial golf-course or landscape product is here to stay and there are good reasons for it. It has environmental advantages. As to the research aspect of it, I would say the project from Australia in managing sludge with turf turned out to be successful for them.

If I were to do research, what aspect? Well, investigating homeopathic remedies extracted from plants, and also cures for plant pathogens.
Kelly Donegan
Head Advisor/Instructor
Departments of Horticulture and Crop & Soil Science
Minor in Entomology
ALS 4155
Oregon State University
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Albert Einstein
LOREE Garrett <loree.o.eerol@gmail.com>
6:20 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Kelly
Your action is inappropriate.
Your accusation of me defaming anyone is also a lie.  Defamation, if you will consult an attorney as needed, is disparaging another's character or implying criminal behavior if it is not true.  The comments I made, though you may not personally like them, are true.  Are you claiming to know Barak Obama did not deal weed and did not rape me or that my taking this class at that time was not affected by conduct unbecoming by the FBI?  Are you also claiming that I have no right to express my personal feelings about some of the instructors or the topics on which they teach?
My comments were not defamatory and I am reporting to the administration.


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