Monday, November 18, 2013

How It Went Down With The Rat Question (James Bulger)

Them:  "Is he a rat?"
Me:  (I stared into his eyes first, carefully, thinking)  "Yes."
Them:  "Who does he work for?"
Me:  "I think he's working for the FBI".
Them:  "Why you..." (to him, about ready to shoot him)
Me:  "Wait! Don't shoot him!"
Them:  "Thought you said he was a rat."
Me:  "Well yes but...I dOHWNt NOHW."  (My hands emphatically down from hands raised in a question mark to down.)
Them:  "What do you mean you don't know? I thought you just said he's a rat and he works for the FBI."
Me:  "Yeah but, I dOHWNt NOHW." (said with a Canadian accent)  By that time I was lying, but I didn't know how to back out of admitting I knew he was working for the FBI.  I repeated, "I THINK so, but maybe I was just influenced by what someone said earlier--I dOHWNt NOHW."  (My hands up again and then down like shrugging and pressing my hands down).  My hat brim felt sweaty around my forehead.
"Anyway, I don't think you should kill him because maybe there's something good about him."

So then they looked at each other sort of smiling, maybe because of my pre-teen mannerisms, and possibly because they assumed I wasn't really that psychic.

Oh believe me.  I was.

They went back and made some claim to someone sort of belittling my abilities and saying to my Dad, "I thought you said she was a psychic" (or gifted or something like that).

So the FBI only wanted to torture me anyway.  They electrocuted me in their offices not long after this. I pal'd around with Whitey some, with some other guys and flew some field planes with them.  Then all of a sudden, the FBI was electrocuting me.

I loved flying planes.  I never thought it was unusual but I really loved it.  I loved the feel of it and when I was flying for real, I was sometimes pretend-flying.  The only time I was scared, aside from commercial flights with turbulence, was when my Dad flew a plane once and did a whole carnival ride routine with it.  He took it up high, cut it down sharp plummeting and then rolled it in the air.  I was scared out of my mind.  He was able to do a lot of aerial tricks with a small craft.  I was screaming "Stop!" and he said, "I thought you liked flying"  and I kept screaming.  Yeah, it looked like fun from a distance, watching others do it, but being in a little plane and doing sudden-plummet-screeching, rolling, somersaults and twirls in the air scared me to death.  I thought I was going to fall out.  We were upside down such a long time at one point and I wasn't in my seat very well, and I thought I was going to fall out of the plane.  I had only my hand grip and a foot I tried to wedge under a seat keeping me from flying into the air.  One time I got scared from flying tricks with my Dad and then another time, Jim Sandberg was there and that was when I thought I was going to fly out of the plane.  The last time I was around Whitey, and everything was okay, he suddenly decided to spook me and did something mean to me in a plane, and after that I saw him snarling at me and wondered why he didn't like me anymore.

I remember I cried.  It was after I said something about Katie Middleton.  All of a sudden, he went from being the guy who said he owed me his life to being mean to me because I said I didn't like her.  That was the last time I remembered seeing him in the U.S.  I had really thought he was my friend and started thinking, "What is wrong with everyone, that they are monsters about Katie Middleton but don't care if I'm tortured?"  It was the first time I knew she was a real problem.

It was after this day, I was being severely tortured by electrocution from Alan Springer and my parents and the rest of the FBI.  They turned on me hard-core.  They didn't want me to be psychic anymore, and they hated my guts. 

My feelings were extremely hurt by Bulger because he had been treating me like a real friend.  I had almost no friends that were my age, and I had thought he liked me.  So when he reacted to one single comment from me, that I didn't like Katie Middleton, I thought it was pretty weird, and I was shocked by his sudden reaction, and then just cried and cried.

Why would the FBI care that much about a UK kid named Kate Middleton?

Hmm.  Let's think REALLY HARD.

UPDATED:  11/19/13.
My "Dad", Robert Garrett Jr., one of the twin Bob's, beat me, kicking me and hitting me on the head after we got out of the plane where I had said I didn't like Katie Middleton.  He was furious.  It didn't seem to me like he was acting at all.  He acted like Katie was his biological flesh.  Even James Bulger, who had first yelled at me and hurt my feelings, looked slightly shocked.  I could have maybe insulted any other kid, or said "I don't like" any other kid, and never had this reaction.  But with Katie Middleton, the adulterous spawn (my theory), it was huge.  It was either she was the product of a fling or affair; or she was some political tool.  What kid doesn't have a right to say, "I don't like that other kid"?  Since James Bulger knew who she was, and my Dad did, and James was working for FBI, and my parents were taking me into FBI offices to be electrocuted when I was a kid, I would say Katie had an early seat in the FBI.  Which means one or both of her parents did as well.

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