Saturday, November 23, 2013

Barak Obama's Desperate Need To "O.K" "Paying Our Debts

Barak Obama took his entire family to a college basketball game with a team from the school I go to:  OSU.

He did this just a few days ago, or a week ago, when OSU played against Maryland.  Everything Barak Obama has done recently, smells of desperation when he is facing a criminal complaint of rape and electrocution from me.

He wants me to lose my financial aid so I don't have money for living expenses, to disrupt my life.  His entire publicized stint about "we need to pay our debts" wasn't as much a political problem the U.S. was facing.

Remember how the entire U.S. government decided to "shut down" their offices, claiming it was over unpaid debt?  That's not true.  They shut the government down over my call to Secret Service, for the second time, in my second attempt to make a criminal report against Barak Obama for raping me when I was a minor, and electrocuting me, taking marijuana after he raped me, and a briefcase of money with him to Chicago where he was going to law school.

The last time the U.S. government shut down all of their offices, literally, was the last time I tried to report Barak Obama.  The U.S. has only shut down their offices a couple of times in the last few years, and both times, it was right after I contacted police and was told I had to report the matter to the Secret Service.

I have one investigation for one matter, pending somewhere, but the Seattle police, who I've contacted, were bribed with money to not take my report.

The other location where police have repeatedly refused to take my report, since I was a teenager, when I first mailed them a report about being sodomized in Hood River, Oregon, and beat up by some of their cops with a detective there, is Hood River police.  Hood River, Oregon, currently has a big tall black man helping run the show, who was first working for the Seattle FBI.

He knows Barak Obama and he and the other cops who were involved in the original crime, have never responded to my complaint.

The other place that has a big black guy who is corrupt and working with Barak Obama, is Seattle police department.  Before I was set up to be raped by Barak Obama, I was first taken into the Seattle Police Headquarters.  They received a bag of money.  It wasn't like all of the police at the headquarters there, were around, but a group of about 5-10 were, and they were always including a U.S. attorney in the mix.

The Hood River corrupt cops are linked to the Seattle corrupt cops by the FBI.

Both of these police offices have tried to block my reports and have not ever assigned a detective to the case.

When I was going to OSU as a pre-teen, I was assaulted while in the middle of taking classes, had a book sent late, and then when I was told I couldn't go the next term because of bad grades (which wasn't my fault), they said "You can go if you pay for some of it first" and made it impossible for me to go, because they knew I couldn't pay for it.

Barak Obama obviously knows this, and not only had government shut down over his personal problems, with the excuse to the public that it was a "debt problem", he then used his position to find a way to send a message to my college to have me kicked out of financial aid and to have them repeat what they did to me when I was a pre-teen.  THEN, he took his ENTIRE family to an OSU basketball game when he doesn't go out and take his entire family to basketball games around the country, just to watch basketball.

The only reason Barak Obama would want to go to an OSU game is to get favor from OSU, make a point of bringing them publicity as a "You do me a favor, I'll do you a favor", and possibly, to be close enough to have access to someone connected to Oregon or Washington who he knew would be there that he could send a signal to or pass a message to, as he did in the old days when he was a drug-dealing gang-banger.

Had he just talked about "we need to pay our debts" I wouldn't have thought about it.  But then all of a sudden, I was being faced with the same kind of scheme at my college, which I remembered, last time when I was a pre-teen ended my college career with them telling me I had to pay for it knowing I couldn't afford it.  And then, a few weeks after this, he's taking his kids to an OSU game?  When he was putting down his territory with Oregon and Washington decades ago?

Not only that, who has been involved in deciding to just "Shut down the government" every time a rape and aggravated assault by electrocution report about Barak Obama comes up?  I mean, is this country THAT corrupt, that an entire cabinet of Senate and Congress and politicians and intelligence are just "shutting down the government" to avoid being contacted by me when I am trying to make all these phone calls or email people to try to get somewhere this report I have a right to make?

Like I said, the FBI is RESPONSIBLE for his BACKGROUND check.  Do you REALLY think the FBI had "no idea" he had ever raped me?  He didn't just rape me.  He sat there and masturbated himself while I was being electrocuted.

I mean, that is as sick and disgusting as it gets.

He masturbated himself into a white tube sock and then the Clintons decided to get a cat and name it "Socks".  ??

So lets get the visual for what this "President" did to me, and hoped I'd never report because of my bond with my "Dad" who I'm being told is not even my biological father afterall.  I mean, I do remember when he started asking me if I wanted to call him "Dad" and why would he ask me if I wanted to call him "Dad" unless he wasn't the original one?  But I do remember that.  But here is what Barak Obama did.

Also, I already explained, he was a major drug-dealer, and worked with my Dad and Gary Goldsmith, and the Middletons and a black guy from Moses Lake named "Larry" and then they were connected to some Italians and various other inviduals.  The drug business wasn't exactly exclusive to one race or group of people.

What he did to me wasn't just some kind of drug-business deal though, it was hate crime, because he got it into his head to blame me for his own Dad's death.  However, it was pretty sick and disgusting.  He not only almost shot me when I mentioned the drugs I smelled a different time and asked him if he was taking money to Gary Goldsmith, the time the FBI had me set-up to be raped, in Seattle, with the Seattle police (or a group of them) involved in knowing to "stay out of it" ahead-of-time, imagine this...He raped me.  No condom or anything because he knew I hadn't had my period.  It was impossible for me to get pregnant and I wasn't raped vaginally before so I didn't have any kind of disease to contract at all.  For him, it was no health risk to him to rape me without a condom.

He was also coached ahead of time, by someone, about my defense techniques and how I protected myself with what kind of gymnastics or martial arts (not that I knew much of the latter) kinds of defenses.  So when one of my best defenses was that my legs were extremely strong and I could hook someone's head and neck with them into a lock, to push them off, he was ready for it.  I noticed, right away, he was waiting for that and expecting it.  I did not lie down on his bed and invite him to push me down.  He went into a rage, grabbed me, forced me down with his arms, sat on top of my legs with his knees and then he smacked me in the head and assaulted me when I tried to raise my legs to hook him in a lock and forced my legs down.  He was punching me, and hitting me and I believe he had a gun with him that he knocked my head with.  He was armed because he went for this, but because he beat me more than told me to stand still at gunpoint or anything, I only saw it when he was beating me and at the very first.  He then raped me and I bled all over and I was stunned and I went to the bathroom and was bleeding or he came out and threw toilet paper at me first actually and then I went to the bathroom and was wiping and bleeding everywhere.  He seemed proud of himself, calm all of a sudden, and happy.  It was like he was a psychopath.  He went from his outburst and violent rage to this bizarre calm and collected state.  He was sort of nervous, shaking and threw toilet paper at me but then he was acting like no big deal and right then, my Dad, who had forced me to go down to the basement with him, went downstairs with the box and a briefcase, threw the briefcase under the bed with the box and then asked Obama to take the box out and "get some socks".  He tossed him a bag of weed and said they didn't have the other stuff yet.  Why would Barak Obama only want a lunch bag sized bag of weed anyway?  I mean, he raped me and he is just a small-time user? 

I thought that was strange even as a pre-teen.  Then he sat there and they pulled their pants down.  Yeah.  Pulled their pants down together, to their ankles.  They then took out their male parts and using the tube socks Obama got out of a drawer, they turned on the electrocution box with the metal band around my head, which is the same thing the FBI did to me in their own offices, and watched, and then had me to a hospital for an MRI over, and while I was being electrocuted, they masturbated themselves until they ejaculated into the socks.

That is Barak Obama.  There is zero doubt and the people involved all knew him and his mother Stanley, who was definitely around and overweight by that time.  She was the exact same Stanley from visiting our house in Moses Lake when the black man who was "in" with Moses Lake cops (Larry) was gang-banging with Barak and Gary Goldsmith.

There is a little more to it than that but I'll save it for the report.  I just can't believe the entire country thinks they can just shut down business and hope it all tides over, rather than facing the fact he's a criminal of the worst kind. 

The FBI definitely knew about it and I believe they set it up and knew, and planned for me to be raped by him.  They got themselves into a blackmail position first, to prep for it.  They sat there and watched me being electrocuted first in their offices, to send the message of "go ahead and do whatever you want, because you can see we'll protect ourselves and we don't care about Cameo's life".  So the FBI made it clear that from Portland to Seattle, they were ALL FOR IT.  There was money dropped off with Seattle Police Headquarters first too.  All of these little details got squared away before the "big event" of having FBI and cops support Barak Obama raping me and electrocuting me.

Is that sick and corrupt or not?  It's not just a few of them.  The entire agency, from the FBI Headquarters, was responsible and knew about it because the Directors they chose had been people from the DOJ  White House basement gang-bangs.  It's like you couldn't get a job as the head of the FBI if you weren't a worse criminal than the worst inmate on death row in prison.  The stranglers, child pedophile rapists and sodomists, were the ones who got hired for the top jobs.  So then they did a little top-down management from where they were, to get a group of regional people squared away, and then said, "Go ahead and torture, rape, sodomize, and electrocute, and drug this kid". 

I hardly think any normal person gets hired into the FBI anymore.  If there was one or two, somehow, the main group kept them out of the office on the days they committed their group crimes, and then probably somehow found ways to discredit them, block them from investigating, or fired them and defamed them. 

So the FBI is in charge of the Background Checks, and they set me up to be raped and tortured by Barak Obama and a group of adults (I was the only kid there until later possibly there were other kids but not being harmed like I was).  What is the point of an FBI Background Check then?  There's no way they can use a "security" claim on this.  The FBI could come up with some crazy idea that "national security" was to secure blackmail on Obama so the FBI could control him and he would know he was only "allowed" to be President if he supported FBI agendas, but that would be a lie.  They were full of hatred and they made several disgusting rounds of gang-banging by government officials against me. I mean, it was really, really bad and has been bad.

I don't trust any of them and I don't trust my family because I honestly don't even think I'm related to any of them.  I don't see what other reason they'd have than this, to treat me differently from everyone else, as if I am not one of them and it's fine to torture me and my son. 

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