Sunday, November 3, 2013

Clinton Forces Oral Sex With Mother; Electrocutes Me With FBI

I do not believe Hilary Clinton should be running for President.  While I support a feminist and have admired many of the things she's done, I worked on a campaign for her and her husband once.

It is the only time I was part of a campaigning venture and Bill Clinton occasionally was seen by me, consulting with my mother on one of the private planes.  We stayed at their house, my mother and I, for a short time, and from what I remember, he was the one who forced my mother to have oral sex with him while holding me or having me sit on his lap and then said, "Do I have to feed my family and you too?" and kicked her and then we were leaving their house and Hilary came out with her arms crossed and looking mad.

This also happened with George Bush Jr., but maybe not with the kick, because I remember one of those times I was looking for identifying information on their body parts.

This was done in the U.S. after something similar happened when I was in England at Althorp. 

I also know Bill and Hilary were involved in taking briefcases of money back and forth when I was being electrocuted and sodomized by a group.

I don't think any of these people who have had anything to do with each other should be part of the government at all.  Why put a bunch of parents in Wenatchee, in prison, and take their kids from them to be sent to other parents for adoption and to mental hospitals, with accusations of sex abuse or a "sex ring" of pedophilia, and then allow all of these CIA supported politicians to enjoy immunity from prosecution?

As for Bill, I am not sure why I was sitting on his lap and everything, or why he made it sound like I was part of his family but my mother wasn't, but we did stay with the Reagans when they were in the White House and it was, in fact, the first time anyone ever asked my opinion about "neutron bombs".  Reagan asked me himself, at the dinner table.  After I told him what I thought, without prompting from others and thinking about it, with the pros and cons presented by him, I said what I thought and he enacted a purchase order for tons of them.  He said, "Let's make the purchase."

When we visited the Bush family, it was at the ranch and at their home and I remember being both places and how Barbara's couches were solid white.    The Clintons had a smaller place, but nice and with high ceilings and I think we were staying there because of working on the campaign or preparation for it.  It is possible my parents temporarily split up because of domestic reasons and we were staying with them. Possibly it was because of some kind of quarrel between Ed Howard, my Dad, Mike, and my Mom. They had us stay for awhile and then this happened and we were outside with our suitcases.  I also remember they took some kind of a package from me.  It was a present mailed to me from Edward Howard and Clinton threw it around and then from what I remember, he opened it.  I was crying and saying, "That's MINE!" or "It's for me!"

When it was opened, it was a doll, to replace the one stolen from me in England.  Instead of giving it to me he held onto it and then said "Here" and tossed me a basketball he had waiting somewhere, that I had sometimes bounced in the halls of their house, and then he said, "Now give it back to me" and told me and my mother to leave.

So I left sobbing that Bill had stolen my doll, which was sent to me with my name on the package, to my current address, and he had rubbed it in my face that he was keeping it.

So where's my son.

Then Leon Panetta, later, years later, when he and James Cartright visited my house, he stole one of my toys too, one that I already had and played with.

I think it is too bad that this many Presidents have gotten away with what they have.  They've ruined the country.  I do not think their BFFs should be taking their place.  I think everything needs to be cleaned out.

Bill Clinton had a daughter then, Chelsea.  I played with her a few times under close supervision.  I remember someone was always there watching her, at her house, and most of the time, she was off at lessons somewhere and I don't really remember what I was doing aside from bouncing a basketball up and down their halls and saying, "I'm bored."  I was told, "If you're bored find something to do."  They electrocuted me with the electrocution helmet and I don't remember Bill being around for it, it was Hilary.  It was done in their study, a room in their house, and about 3-4 women were all present and I don't remember any men being there. 

Some "feminists".  Torturing a little girl out of jealousy.

From what I remember, they had Katie Middleton visit there once as well, when I was there, and on one occasion it was me, Katie, and Chelsea playing and then I was told to leave and they electrocuted me, leaving the other two to play with a ball on a porch or veranda.  They took me by the hand, saying, "Come on Cameo" and then they tortured me.

I mean, what the hell is wrong with this nation.

Do you really think they have any right to be in supervisory positions over the Department of Justice and any other organization when they'll throw the next-door-neighbor in jail for abusing his wife, or sodomy, or pedophile rings or torture, but no one gets to touch them.

They just swing their briefcases of billions from one group of hands to the next.  Not only that, it is understandable, sort of, how someone could be tempted by money or power of a position that would bring them money.  On the other hand, if someone stole money from them and raped a kid, to put them through law school, and protected them up to a power position, of course they expect the favor to be returned.  What is sad, is how they are all completely mentally ill people walking around snatching up the highest offices in the country.

They are mentally ill.  Not just "sort of", but pathologically sick.

It is one thing for a kid to run up to a bear and try to stab it in a hunt 
It's another thing for an adult to stab a child with a stick into their rectum

Who is the "hero" and "leader"

NONE OF THOSE INVOLVED in the things I have been testifying about.  I was just being a kid too and it's not like I'm jealous of their positions or that I want the positions myself.  What I'm saying, is what did they really target me for?

For making them feel less-than-heroic and showed-up by a kid?  Probably.

After this happened Mary Ann McIntosh, the same AG who lied about me and ruined my case with my son to enforce a kidnapping of him, showed up in Bonners Ferry with her daughter Jennifer because her son-in-law Jones, was a dirty cop.  He and another guy were "regulars" with one of the Robert Jrs and Robert Sr. and when I was there with the bear one of them attempted to kill me.  They took me out into the woods and the 3 of them aimed at me, and when I turned and said something, they stopped because they knew if I was rigged or wired, it would be picked up by NSA and someone there might talk.

MaryAnn McIntosh acknowledged she had a personal "conflict of interest" at the start of the case, and then she decided, well, no one would notice if she tried to sneak in later, after Tomas Caballero.  It's grounds for her to be disbarred.

Officer Jones, who was there to try to murder me?  Has the top position for the Wenatchee police.  I have no idea how he and his partner knew who I was, or who Robert Garrett Sr. was.  The only connection was he was from Wenatchee, which is where Dicksie Baird was born, but why he would be involved with a Robert Jr or Robert Sr., all the way over there, can only be money laundering, corruption, and murder.

MaryAnn was determined I have a negative psychological evaluation because her daughter's husband and their entire economic future was at stake.  She was married to, or daughter of, a career-military person before moving to the Pacific NW but she went out to the property in Idaho, and took a walk back in the woods with me and she and her daughter glared at me like I had done something to them personally.  Not only that, while out on the walk, they made a point to ask the Robert Jr. how "Katie" was doing.  The only "Katie" I knew of that was around a Robert Jr. was Katie Middleton.

So there was Ms. McIntosh, sitting up on the stand, next to pedophile Judge Hotchkiss, who is friends with and went to school with a Robert Jr. where Robert Sr. taught, telling me, "You can't admit you have a problem."

Like I'm the mentally ill person when she goes into business of child torture and assassination cover-ups and launders money.  She is bad enough, she would pour bleach down my son's throat herself, or have Jone's wife do it with a perm solution.

Jones was out there more than once.  It wasn't like it was the first time I saw him.  He was at the electrocution of me at the house there with the briefcases being traded and money going to people.  I don't remember he went by the name "Doug" then except with MaryAnn and Jennifer.  He was called "Jones".  The other man with him was, I believe, a cop from NYC named Kevin.  I might remember who exactly but there was one named Kevin. 

MaryAnn McIntosh is a leech.  She was already glaring at me and talking about how I might benefit from mental health services for kids and she was completely ready to slander me.  I witnessed Officer Jones put the electrocution device (box) into his own car one time and she was there.  She is a child torturer and abuser who has been paid with money under-the-table for a very, very, long time.  She spent the entire time out in the woods, threatening me with taking me in for counseling and mental health "help" if I felt I had something to "talk about" and then said, referring to Jones, "If you want to talk to the police, he's an officer."  From what I remember he was already some kind of an officer, but I don't know when he started.  They mentioned some of the Wenatchee Judges in their conversations about money as well.  There was a briefcase that went with them, of money, along with the electrocution box and MaryAnn checked it.  It was supposedly going to "Hotchkiss" or mention was made of his name.  She brought up Bridges and Hotchkiss but my understanding was that the briefcase was going to Hotchkiss, or something was going to him, who knows, maybe the electrocution box.

The other place Bill and Hilary Clinton showed up at, was FBI operated, and I was tortured with the electrocution device in Portland, Oregon and then a Robert Jr. took a briefcase of money to the FBI offices there, along with a CD.

The FBI offices in Portland, Oregon were in a skyscraper with a department from OSU or a science lab next door to them.  I was being taken to the lab to do microscope work and then taken across the hall to the FBI.

The briefcase of money Robert Jr. delivered to the FBI was passed on to him by Forrest Tancer, who showed up at the apartment I was staying at in Portland, Oregon, with his son Mike Tancer.  People who were present to electrocute me with the electrocution device in Portland, Oregon included Forrest Tancer, Mike Tancer (who was a kid), Joy Sterling, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, George Bechtold, and several others, with some women who worked for the FBI. 

They put what they were doing of me on a CD while having an interrogator ask me questions prior to being electrocuted, and then during, and then after, and they made 3 CDS.  Then the man said, to copy what Robert Garrett Sr. said one time, "This one is for the right" (and he handed a CD to someone), "This is for the left" (handing a CD to someone), and "This is for the middle" (handing a CD or keeping it).  Then they mocked me, saying "If you forget you were here, you're in trouble" and they made a joke between themselves about it, like they thought all of it was great fun.

I was not only tortured and electrocuted in my apartment I stayed at, I was electrocuted by the FBI.  They used my pilot program with OSU and going to a lab (OHSU) next-door to them as a cover for why I was going to that building where their FBI offices were. 

Bill Clinton and Hilary were known by all of them and were all addressed by name when they were there and they looked like them.

I was electrocuted by the FBI in FBI offices in Portland, Oregon, after being electrocuted at my apartment in Portland, Oregon, where both Robert Garrett Jr. and Edward Howard were.

Not only that, I saw Mike Tancer, who later date-raped me in Portland, Oregon and stalked me out knowing who I was already, no less than 3 times.  He showed up with Forrest at the apartment I was at, he showed up to torture me with FBI at FBI offices, and he was encouraged to try shooting me with a rifle on a mountain I was taken to later for a "hike" where Forrest Tancer made me the target and told "Mikey" to shoot me.

Some of the other people who were there at the FBI offices in Portland, Oregon were Peter Mersereau, Mary Del Balzo (and I believe Carl was there as well), a Secret Service man who has since shown up to my house in Coquille, and there were a few others I'll mention next time, another Mormon and another lawyer. 

They also made fun of me, over how I was sodomized and did this mockery proposal on one knee in front of me while I was being electrocuted and interrogated.  I was repeated mocked about knowing any royals and being on any royal flights and the transcript from one of Edward Howard's interrogations by the FBI reflects some of what they did to me, by asking me to repeat myself over and over, about flying with royals (which FBI described as part of the royal flyers club, 6 times exactly).

Basically, what the FBI did was not only torture me, they tried to brainwash me through severe electrocution.  They did this to me after I had been viciously sodomized by government gang-bangers twice and also in England.  What they told Edward Howard, was not that they wanted to interview him again, it was to leave the U.S. and if he didn't like it, too bad.  They told him they were giving him one chance to get out or they'd throw him in jail on blackmail they had forced him into, and told him "Run".  He was back in the U.S., and interviewed by FBI again and that is what they told him.

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