Monday, November 25, 2013

(UPDATED) Iron Triggers Seizure/Epilepsy

I know a combination of habanero and ginko triggered seizure symptoms in me but I just found another one.


Maybe this is why someone branded me with a big iron shape on my back.  I got some iron because I thought using a little extra would improve my red blood cells and energy levels.  I've been anemic in the past but not recently but thought it couldn't hurt.

I read between 100 to 200 mgs additional is acceptable for first trying to achieve higher iron level stores.  I have 27 mg tablets that don't bother me.  However, when I have been taking 3 of them at the same time, I am having seizure symptoms.

I just had to get up and splash cold water on my face, put my hands in cold water, and drink cold water a little, because I started drooling and was feeling like throwing up.  It happens right away, within 5 minutes or so of taking the pills and has occurred each time I've used them in this amount.

I went online to see if iron is a seizure trigger and it is, along with other metals.

I am able to definitely induce or reproduce my epilepsy or seizure symptoms with iron supplements.  So for those with seizures or any symptoms similar, this is something to watch for.

I'm not sure what the deal is with my blood.  I think if someone has blood that doesn't coagulate the same way, there are possibly benefits to that person individually, without injury, but it's probably a balance with different mechanisms.

I seriously wonder if my having seizure attacks from iron has anything to do with why an iron mark was burned onto my back.

Anyway, too much of it brings on seizure symptoms.

Well I think I got two things confused.  I think it's a combination of iron with ginko, taken at the same time.

I thought about it because I wondered why I was feeling so sick in the morning when I started taking more Iron, but I had also been taking a few other standard vitamins with no adverse effect, and one tablet of ginko.  Ginko works well for me, but I've noticed before I have a reaction if I take it with really hot chili peppers, like habaneros.  It is also fine if I take vitamins and one 27 mg of iron and then this one tablet.  But when I increased the iron 2 tablets from 27 to 81 mg, I didn't just get sort of nauseous, I started drooling with my seizure symptoms.

I noticed when I took 81 mg at night, without taking ginko, I had no reaction.  So it was mostly in the morning, on emptier stomach, and the combination of ginko and higher levels of iron.  I think it's just timing.  Iron really made me feel better.  So now, if I space them out, I have no reaction.

My solution to seizure symptoms in the morning when I had it, was to put my head down to not feel lightheaded and dizzy, basically I lean over and if I keep my head down it helps with dizziness and nausea, and then I heat up with a sudden flush feeling.  So if I go to the sink and keep my hands in cold water, and splash my face with cold water and drink small sips of cold water, I feel a little better.  I also ate a banana the first time it happened and this was soothing and then apples too. 

I never throw up but I almost thought I would.  My symptoms are nausea that feels like the kind of way you feel before throwing up, but instead, it's a sudden heat through my body, a dizzy feeling, and sudden instant production of saliva like drooling.  It always feels like brink of emergency, like if I don't control and calm myself, I might pass out or go into throwing up, so the head down and cold water works and then once calmed down a little that way, a small amount of food.

So I think, be careful of ginko with the iron at the same time.  I feel like iron really helped to restore my energy levels and ginko also helps with energy and circulation, but it's a matter of timing and spacing things out.

I actually remembered how Will o' Wales looked when he was having seizures.  We had about the same kind.  I mean, from what I remember, we did.  His were maybe worse but he was younger and I had worse ones when I was younger too.  It wasn't some other kid--it was him.  I remember the exact expression on his face.  And then of course I would tell people out loud, but a few times I think it was happening and I didn't know right away.  He didn't just instantly convulse.  There was an onset.  He would get a blank look to his face or stop playing and be quiet and then look down or slightly drop his head, and he drooled, like me.  Then he would go into convulsions sometimes and I wasn't convulsing myself all the time then--someone had to deliberately trigger it in me to get it to happen.  The only thing that was slightly different was his lower lip looked slightly larger than it is now I think but I haven't looked at any photos for a very long time.  He would put his lower lip out just a little and then drool.

It was horrible because it started happening every time he was brought to play with me.  I got upset because I couldn't play ball with him or play with other toys with him anymore, and even though I was a kid, I know it sounds weird, but I started to think someone was causing him to have them on purpose around me, so he wouldn't play with me anymore.  I thought it was sabotage then, as a kid.  But what I couldn't figure out, was why.  I like playing with little kids and babies and did the same with my cousins.  So it was a little strange.  Then on the same day someone told me not to follow Katie Middleton who was in a truck with my Dad, I was told to turn around and look "at your brother" and I was so confused.  There were two kids there.  William of Wales and the other one was, I believe Lee Howard.  They were walking towards me and I saw them, and said, "That's not my brother!" (neither looked like Levi) and went running after Katie to get in the truck.

Which is really incredibly crazy.  They had William running towards me with a ball in his hands, and then Lee Howard was there (it looked like him and I think his name was said) looking miserable.  My brother "Levi" was not there at all.  I looked at one and looked at the other and screamed it wasn't my brother and ran from both of them.  I figured they couldn't have meant William because they always called him William, not my brother, and why would they spring brother on me at the last minute for him anyway, when I saw him all the time?  I didn't see Lee all the time so I assumed Lee was the one they were saying was my brother.  But regardless, I ran away from both boys, and out of one man's arms turning me around and sort of desperately pleading with me to look, and go the other way, and I whipped out and away, spun around, and ran wildly after KATIE in the truck with my Dad.  I got in and she sat in the middle.  Then I wondered why it didn't seem so satisfying to be sitting there.

I remember some of the adults who were present started smirking and laughing because, I knew, then, they were glad I was running the other way.

For all I know, they even programmed me to associate William with balls and seizures and torture, whether it was my fault or not.  He did not look like a happy kid at ALL.

I got the idea about cold water from Anne, Princess Anne, of Wales.  When I was very young and had seizures at their house, Anne and my Mom and some other woman would dunk my head into ice water.  There wasn't ice in the water, but the water was as cold as ice.  It was freezing cold.  It was the only natural thing that stopped my seizures but then the "remedy" began to feel like torture, like they were just putting my head under cold water for no reason.  They would put my hands and head in cold water and sometimes my entire body in a tub,  but I mostly remember it was my head and hands.  The CIA probably got their "water-boarding" ideas from it.  At the time, at first, it was done, I remember, when I had epilepsy or seizure starting.  I overheard them saying it's what they'd done for hundreds of years.  So at first, I thought it was just to help but then sometimes one of them would take it further than that and get a mean face and hold me underwater longer than necessary until I was gasping for air.

As to the time they had William try to run to me, with a ball in his hand, and Lee Howard there, and I was being told one of them was my brother, I turned and ran from them screaming.  I remember I saw William's pathetic face and he wanted to play I thought and didn't look happy, he looked lonely and saw me and brightened up, and Charles was there, having him go to me, and then Lee Howard looked skinny and like he wasn't sleeping.  I remember I didn't know who this Lee person was, but I felt bad running from William when he was trying to run to me.  So I effectively rejected him and rejected Lee and who knows what Lee was being told.

I ran after the truck because I saw Katie get in and I was jealous of the time she spent with my Dad and wondered why he was driving away from ME with KATIE in his truck.  So he actually didn't seem that happy to see me either, but I felt relieved, because it was what I "knew" was that this man driving the truck was my Dad, and then on the seat of the truck was a Bible.  I had a bad feeling about something but I didn't know what it was.  Something was wrong.

I based my decision on how smart I thought Katie was from that meeting and a few other times.  I decided then and there in the truck, she wasn't all she was cracked up to be.  I decided she wasn't really that smart for a kid her age, and she was a goody-two-shoes.  I mean, what was she doing sitting there with a Bible?  with my Dad?  and acting so "sweet"?  I'm sure some of my feelings were from feeling hurt by it, but I also sized her up then and there.  He had been giving her some kind of a Bible lesson.  I knew because the Bible was there on the seat and then she started to pick it up and said should she still read and he said no.  He was basically having Katie Middleton read out of the Bible to him while all of those same people were plotting to have me tortured and raped.  When I got in the truck he acted annoyed and told her not to keep reading while I was there. 

I was punished for my estimations of her.  It was after this I told James (Whitey) Bulger what I thought about her.

So then, it's really creepy when later, when I was being set up by the U.S. FBI and others, to be raped by Barak Obama, Carol Middleton was sitting on the couch in the aftermath, holding out a ball to me and then another woman taking it and holding it out to me again and I walked away from them.  I was being told to help the men load their cars with money and weapons, including the electrocution device used on my head.  When I went back to the house after a group tried to take off with me in an SUV to the airport, what was going on?  Some kind of a Bible lesson.  My Dad that I was told was my Dad, (one of the Robert Garrett's), before being told it's Edward Howard, was there with Carol Middleton, a baby bottle of milk, honey on a spoon, and reading some kind of scripture with what looked like a baby there.  This was, of course, right after they had electrocuted me in that house and had Barak rape me.

The other thing, going on this tangent from seizure reactions to paternity, was when I stayed with Spencers, and Johnny Spencer, he wanted me to call him Dad and once he gave me a nickname but had been calling me Elizabeth and then the German man I stayed with, called me Elizabeth.  That's the German man who got tortured by being forced to see videos of ME being tortured as a kid.  From what I knew, he was trying to help Johnny Spencer hide me.  He said (the German man said) "I'll call you Elizabeth" and I said "Well, what about a nickname?"

I have another odd very early memory of knowing French.  Yeah, like the French language.  It was maybe not for a really long time, but you know the Madeline books, where the nun is walking out for a field trip with a bunch of little kids in uniforms in a line behind her? When I saw that picture book for the first time I recognized my old teacher and me and my classmates.  I don't know how long I was with them, or was taught by them, but they spoke French, and we all wore the same thing and it was exactly like the Madeline books.  Like some kind of early, early preschool with a nun.  People FREAK out when I bring up that memory (as I've done seldom in the past).

All of this "No!" Denial business.  It's possible it was in Canada, because they speak French there and I had some family there and we went to visit.  However, because I was taken around the world when I was very young, it is possible it was literally in France or something.  They were not speaking German, English or Russian.  They spoke French.  I know I wasn't very happy there.  It was like an austere boarding school.  It is possible I was only there for a summer, or maybe only a few weeks.  It could have been in any range but I was very young and I did look forward to the outdoor "walks".  We went on walks with the nun.

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