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(photos) Torture Reminder: John, Catherine, and the Beekeeper

I'm going to put up a photo I found, from a Humbolt's college magazine, that is sort of similar to the kind of metal strips that were placed on either side of my head for one form of electrocution.  I found it in an article about a beekeeper.  The only difference was the tops and bottoms were grooved with indentations sort of like the end of the hammer that is used to pull out nails.  I will post the photo and then draw a picture of what the metal strips looked like.  This was only one form of extreme electrocution done to me as a pre-teen, directed to my head.  The other form was primarily from mechanical carburetors, an electrocution box that had a metal band with bolts that were tightened to fit as a tight frame around the head, and then loose-end or split wires from electrical boxes and outlets were used.

They were thin metal objects like this, and curved this way but they were split with small v's at the top and bottom.  They were also smaller, about as long as 2-3 inches maybe and were held up, lengthwise, against the sides of my head, on my temples.  This is one way I was being tortured when the electrocution box was missing from the house.

This is the article it's from, which is about the John and Catherine Foundation grant.  On the cover of the magazine, from Humbolt college, Spring of 2011, is this photo:

This is obviously not a perfect sketch, but if you can imagine, it was like the metal tool the beekeeper is shown holding, but it was split in the center of both ends to be sort of an arrow facing-in.  Then there was a hole in the top somewhere or something to hang it with because at one point, I was chained to my bed in my room and a nail in the wall was up above my bed, and they hung both of the metal strips there and then would unchain me and torture me by electrocution with them.  One time Diana Spencer was present.
I just sketched the electrocution box and head frame but I'll draw a better picture of it, showing a person with the head frame on and then without it.
 I just cut off the bottom of the box a little, but the aluminum frame went around the head in a crown or headband way and then was tightened by bolts that were on either side of the frame, near the temples of the head.  A wrench was used to tighten the bolts most of the time but not always.  The cords came from this and then went to the square box that had knobs and electrical connections and then it was turned on.  I do not remember that it was ever plugged into a wall outlet.  The energy was sourced from some kind of extremely high power from the box itself, but on occasion it might have plugged in or something else used with it was.  I guess it was, because I remember my Dad saying, "Where's an outlet?" a few times, at other places, but I also believe it was sometimes powered without a cord or outlet.
Here is a drawing of me sitting on my bed with my back to the frame of the bed, arms tied or chained, and the box near the edge of the bed with the cords and the band around my head.  I was always either sitting or lying down when it was used on me, and in the FBI offices they used this same machine on me, and had me sitting in a chair.  Then they told me to have MRIs done of my entire body at their nearest university-led hospital.  I was in extreme and very severe pain and I was conditioned not to say anything, or resist or I would be harmed worse.
I had exit wounds from this electrocution that I was hospitalized for and most of the time, my exit wounds were never documented and it was all undercover torture of me.
I have very serious concerns that I am possibly not related to either my mother or my father.  My mother told me I wasn't related to my Dad, but to Edward Howard (from the CIA) but when I asked for DNA testing from them, they said of Dad? and I said to my Mom, "For both of you" and then she sounded panicked.  I don't believe someone who is biologically related to me would torture me for so long in this way.  It is much more plausible I look very much like them, and I'm related to someone else and was kidnapped and used for torture for extortion and hate crime reasons.

It IS true that Dicksie and Bob have identical twins, so it is very possible one takes more flack for the other or if one was though to "step out of line" they were tortured back to "obedience" and "cooperation", however, even if one of them is related to me, I am not going to lie and say I wasn't tortured and electrocuted and sexually assaulted and I don't know anyone else, on either side of the family that was harmed in this way.  I mean, my mother's side of the family had people that did things to me, in the basement, and my Dad's side had people operating off of the property of his Dad's cabin in Idaho.  Then they colluded to steal and kidnap my son from me.

I cannot say anyone in my family supports me because it is most likely that I am not even related to any of them.

If I am, they tried to kill me in addition to harming me and I know Barb Greenman and other FBI employees were telling my parents to have nothing to do with me after CIA Edward Lee Howard died, along with Robert Garrett Sr.

Not only was I tortured by electrocution all the time, I was taken around "on show" to a variety of places that included Portland and Seattle FBI offices; Barak Obama and gang house in Seattle, Wa; Alan Springer's house in Moses Lake, Wa; Cashmere, Wa; Goldsmith-Middletons in England; and then some of the people came to our house in Moses Lake and watched or participated.

Almost all of the sexual abuse against me ended when I started my period.  That was when I was 13, almost 14 years old.  I was no longer sodomized or raped or assaulted sexually.  That didn't happen again until I was 24 years old when I was raped, and then a little earlier when I was being manipulated once, which resulted in a form of abuse, but not rape until later.

I started my period August of my 13th year and I turned 14 in October, a couple months later, so I was almost 14 years old before I was left alone.

By that time, the FBI had ruined my brain and they used my parents to do it.  When they didn't kill me other ways, they got the CIA involved and continued with their attempts to assassinate me, using Valerie Plame as one of the hired assassins.  She was on the helicopter, and my Dad, one of the Robert Garrett's, was driving the helicopter when he came around the cliff to pick up my Mom, who had just cut my line and expected me to fall to my death.  It was a military helicopter with CIA agents inside of it, and they had exchanged a huge amount of money with Joy Sterling ahead of time.

I had wondered how my Dad knew how to fly a helicopter, but I witnessed him flying planes before so it's probably not much different.  I don't know who trained him, but it's not like he'd have a record of it because the U.S. has been using them in a secretive capacity for too long.  When he came around the corner he had this stern, determined, calm, hard look, like "it's done" and he was picking up my Mom and then he saw me there and no one could believe it.

Since I had seen how much money they had in the briefcase and how it was passed over, before this, a big to-do was made over trying to mix things up later and to discredit me.  It was 100% Valerie Plame there as well, and we all know she's CIA and was back then.

The first time I saw her was in London, England, but then I think I saw her at embassy clubs later, and I think she was already negotiating how to murder me.

The U.S. and FBI have used my parents ever since, and their "relationship" or biological claim to me, or proximity, to harm me further, using them to extract bad reports about me, and any means for discrediting me and making me sound mentally ill or getting further MRI records and documentation and permissions from them to abuse me.

They also used the idea of the parental bond and security as a way to try to keep me from reporting other U.S. officials who are criminals.  Like Barak Obama and the FBI.  Or George Bush Sr. and the CIA.  Or George Bechtold and his cop friends--The Bechtolds knew Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame...Robin Bechtold was trying really hard once in high school, to have me say it was a short squat blond woman not Valerie.  He stiffened when I said the name, "Valerie" because Robin Bechtold and his family are part of that group of murderers.


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