Saturday, November 23, 2013

(UPDATED) Computer Hacking/Obstruction (Now)

I have someone hacking my connection and disrupting it, turning it off and on every few seconds to every minute or so.  Basically, my wifi is showing a constant signal and something else is turning it off and on repeatedly, which is hacking.

I know it's hacking because this would not be occurring the day after someone pulled through the driveway with hazard lights going off and on, unless someone today wanted to be malicious and try to annoy me and disrupt my work by repeatedly turning my computer connection off and on, which is occurring on a day I have to study for exams online.

The reason I know it's turning off and on, is not just because of stalled websites and my email not going to my email for over a half hour, and that kind of thing, is also because I have youtube on and the music is being turned on and off and then just stalled and kept off for 5-10 minutes at a time.
UPDATED:  I wanted to add, today 11/24/13, that shortly after I typed this post (last night), the problem was fixed somehow and I had no further problems with the disconnections. 

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