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UPDATED:Why Pablo Avila Is Not An Appropriate Parent & Seattle FBI Corruption

I am still fighting for my son Oliver and I never quit.  I never received the information I asked for from the FBI, in time for any trial, and it was Seattle FBI that stripped me, photographed me, and then forced me to have a full MRI done of my body when I was a victim of assault by their own employees prior to age 13.

Not only did the Seattle FBI haul me inside of their offices when I was 11 or 12 (prior to my being raped by Barak Obama, who was visiting Seattle before leaving to go to Chicago to law school), they degraded me and stripped me and then had FBI agents and a U.S. attorney and a woman who looked exactly like Carol Middleton and my mother there, along with one other woman who was going in and out of the room, and they photographed me, with a camera, at the downtown Seattle FBI offices without my clothes on.

The other bizarre thing was they electrocuted me in that office.  I don't mean, they forced me to put my finger in a light socket or anything.  I was literally electrocuted, with the 'electrocution box' IN an FBI office in Seattle and their lights went out.  Either the lights in the room went out from an electrical surge or someone wanted to keep them out, because no one made an effort to turn full lights on again.  Instead, they had some kind of a weird spotlight on me, with everything around me in the room black, dark, or dim, to where I could see the women there, but nothing beyond them.  The hallway, that the door opened up to, was bright light, and there was nothing wrong with the lighting in the rest of the building.

It is possible they stripped me in front of some kind of hidden or two-way mirror or window.  The only point would be if they had someone inside of a room, behind the glass, that they either thought they could try to use against me, or that they were torturing.

The bizarre part was if the FBI even imagined they had something to charge ME with, they were on the defensive after I was assaulted by several of their own employees on bridges, being sodomized and beat up.  They knew they had nothing to charge me with and that I was a victim.  However, I was told to point a gun at my mother's head and then one of the female FBI agents rushed in and grabbed me and tried to put me in a hold and said she could arrest me for pointing a gun at my Mom.  I said, "You are an FBI agent, and the other agent who is right here in your office just told me to and you know it."

One of those women was going by Laura or Laurie and it was either Julia Thornton or Laura Laughlin.  The name the others used for her was "Laura".

Instead of legally doing something, like offering me victims assistance for being sodomized and beat up by some of their employees who were gang-banging me to keep me from being successful in school and to promote their own idiots, and possibly because their friend Barak Obama kept stalking me and whining from England to Moses Lake "you killed my Dad!" they refused to follow the law.

Instead, in that FBI office, right after they told me to point a gun, the FBI and an attorney they had with them, forced me to sit down and be connected to an electrocution device with a metal band that went around my head and they electrocuted me right there.  I was not only electrocuted with the same "box" at Portland FBI offices, they then had select FBI agents involved in electrocuting me in Seattle FBI offices with the very same thing.

So if some officer wonders why the FBI and some other cops have worked really hard to make me sound crazy, misquote me, or lie about me, that's one reason why.

I am not counting the times I was in private residences, or offices that didn't seem to be government offices.  I am telling you, the FBI fucking electrocuted me.  It was before I was even 13 years old, and they did it inside of their FBI building, in a room.  Both Portland FBI and then Seattle FBI did this to me.

Then after I was electrocuted by them they ordered full-body MRI of me to be sent to them.  It wasn't just of my head, but my entire body, head-to-toe, so it was about 3-4 separate sections for MRI, however they partition them...One for legs, one for torso, one for neck and head, and then another for another view.

My parents were instructed to take me to University of Washington Hospital, which was close, and it was done there inside of the hospital. 

When I asked for copies of my medical records from a D&C I had to have because of incompleted miscarriage in 2008, which was a surgery done in Maryland when I was with FBI employee Alvaro Pardo (who did not disclose his affiliation with FBI with me until after the MRI was taken), that hospital in Maryland took full-body MRI scans of me, without asking me first, without my permission or consent, and without disclosing they did this later or the reason why.

I have been asking the hospital for my medical records since Alvaro Pardo left, and he was also connected to England and the Department of State.  The hospital has refused to send me copies of my records for 5 years now.  I finally got a billing statement from them and that is when I found they were billing me for full-body MRIs taken of my entire body after I was under anaesthesia but right before surgery.

A D&C has to do with the uterus, not any other part of the body, and yet that doctor, who was a black woman who knew Barak Obama and seemed to know Alvaro Pardo, ordered full body MRI of me, exactly as the Seattle FBI did before they set me up to be raped by Barak Obama.

The FBI is responsible for doing the "background checks" of the Presidents or potential Presidents.  What they proved is they are a privately run mafia.

No one who is legitimately serving the public interest electrocutes children in their offices, terrorizes and intimidates them, and then tortures the next generation while attempting to have their victims intermarry with an employee so they don't have to worry about getting sued.

Laura Laughlin thought, "If Cameo marries Alvaro, and he's working for the FBI, she won't sue us."  Just like Mueller, who was in China and assaulted me there in China on his "Day Off". 

So what kind of a person electrocutes a kid?  Inside of FBI offices, with FBI present?  and then sets that child up to be vaginally raped by their friend who they're already talking to and know, Barak Obama? 

No one who is serving public interest does that because what does it mean if Laura Laughlin or the FBI electrocuted me and then had me raped by a man they wanted to be President?  It means the President and the FBI have "special" secret deals with each other.  It means, if the FBI is so corrupt, they're sodomizing children themselves because they are sicker than the people they put in prison, and if they're electrocuting and torturing children inside of their offices when they are supposed to be the people a child can go to for help from organized crime, they are looking out for new cars, new houses, private schools, and the thrill of being the mafia and getting the public to think they take their tax money to work for the public.

Are you kidding?  So is it true then, that if the FBI is taking tax money, and using it to torture children, doesn't that mean they are laundering money?  They don't even have to fork it over to Middletons in the UK.  It is money laundering when money is taken and used for a purpose other than what it is intended.

No one in the U.S. gives their tax money to the IRS, to have it sent to the FBI for gang-bangs of little kids and electrocutions of pre-teens inside of their FBI offices.

When the FBI uses money and their positions this way, and begins distributing money to the UK and others, as favors for keeping it quiet, they are worse than any mafia.  At least a mafia is what they say they are.  The FBI pretends to be the one in the white hat when they are SICK and seriously, grossly demented sadistics who are so hard up for thrills they rape children.

These people, who used their FBI positions against me, were all psycho "role-players" like the kind of whackos you meet on the street who are playing video games all day like Dungeons & Dragons and even more intensely role-playing games.  They are not only freakish role-players, their triggers, and what excites them, are only the sickest and cruelest forms of sexual abuse and torture.  Some of them like doing these things all by themselves and others, you'd think they'd be too ashamed or embarrassed but no, they start driving each other and feeding into each other and get even more excited.  It's like torture orgies.  They are so seriously, gravely sick, they are FBI employees who literally use victims for torture orgies.  Then they get really high.  I mean high.  Who were they buying from?  Goldsmith and Middleton.  The only other high they get is the exhilarating rush they feel as they are holding stacks of money in a briefcase. 

How is it possible for anyone that is normal to break through their corrupt tightly held circle?  They have the worst "cells" than any group in the world.  They are not only putting people from other countries on "terrorist lists", they are monitoring them to see if the training they got from the FBI is working out for them.  The FBI is the group that builds insular networks, like honeycomb cells, interconnected and split up only for a purpose of trying to avoid detection.  While they go out trying to hunt down a few "bad people" to redirect the focus, all the while, they are torturing kids in their offices, water-boarding innocent people without any charges, and exchanging briefcases full of wads of cash.  They spend their time figuring out how to put this official one place and then another criminal in another place in case anyone tries to report them for their crimes.

What the FBI did, is set up their own criminal network against me, and then promised each other they'd see each other at the top.  Not only did they participate in the cruelest crimes, they made a sick role-playing game out of it, like it was all fun for them.  After I was sodomized by some men and some cops were involved, in Hood River, and I was electrocuted until all the circuits blew in the office, then the FBI was putting on the same 'circuits-blowing' show for each other.

They think they are clever, and that it's cool, and fun, and part of the role-playing.  To them, it is a game of "party pieces" which they turned into a criminal manifesto, by attaching one piece or part of someone or some group into the next group that assaulted me, and interlocking the people between to make a puzzle.

I mean, they have thought of every single way they can get on their shabby little dirt bum knees with BIG FBI credentials and pay homage to Carol Middleton.

Because the Seattle FBI used the electrocution box on me in their own offices, and then had an MRI done of my entire body, just months or less before I was forced to be in a house where I was raped by Barak Obama, in Seattle, it is very obvious the FBI was directly involved in setting it up.  It was maybe one month later or less?  Around that much time between FBI photographing me naked and electrocuting me and then sending me to Barak Obama with the same electrocution box so that now they'd passed it on to him, he didn't have to worry.  Don't WORRY, BEE HAPPY because the FBI tortures kids too, right in their own offices.  See?  feel better?  Now come on, be like us.  Be a proud FBI agent.

The FBI deliberately coordinated my being raped.  Of course they worked with the CIA, because what else was an assassin like military brat CIA-employed Valerie Plame hanging around to kill me for?  It wasn't just Valerie, but Joy Sterling, and others, and my own Mom and Dad who I'm not sure are actually my mother and father. 

When I say Pablo Avila should have nothing to do with my son and that it is a crime by the FBI my son was taken from me, when the FBI was guilty of espionage and treason against their own citizen, and of torture by electrocution in a federal FBI building and office, I don't exaggerate.

Former CIA employee Edward Howard did not want ME in a car with Pablo Avila.  Pablo is a pedophile and he sexually assaults children.  He did with me and I'm sure he has with my son.  He also was present for electrocution of me in Bonners Ferry, ID where money was exchanged from my mother's husband's Dad, Robert Guy Garrett Sr.  Pablo used to take me out unexpectedly and I remember one time, Edward Howard was outside and he made a point to deliberately drive slowly past him, in his truck, with me there, and then laughed in his face in a weird violent way.  I remember the man then looked completely panicked.  I wondered, as a kid, what was going on with the grown-ups--why was my Uncle Pablo laughing and making fun of the other man on the sidewalk, and I knew he did it to bother him and I saw the man was scared.  So why would Pablo want to stalk someone and scare someone that cared about me?  I could at least see the man was extremely upset to see me in his truck.  All Pablo was doing, was trying to rub it in.  HE had "cameo garrett" in HIS truck and HE was in CONTROL.

Pablo Avila is the same sick bastard now that he was then.

He is on my list of individuals to report for sexually assaulting me as a child.  If he thinks his "adoption" of my son is legal, he's wrong.  His wife is homicidal maniac besides and my own "parents" physically harmed me which means there is no reason they wouldn't do the same to my son, who is possibly not even related to them.

When Leon Panetta and James Cartright came to my house in Moses Lake to visit, they came as representatives from the military for both sides of the family--for the Bob side and the Dicksie side, with one from the U.S. Army (Panetta) like Roland Baird (Dicksie's father) and the other from U.S. Marines (Cartright) like Robert Garrett Sr (Bob's father). 

Role-playing.  All of them, were highly consumed with role-playing and fantasies.  Almost every person that was part of assaulting and beating me up was into role-playing, fantasies, pedophilia, and sick torture games.  I mean, the lowest of the low gross crimes, and they wanted to be at the very top and made promises to each other, they'd get there, and no one would break into their cells.  They organized exactly like organized mafia, but they used the name of the U.S. for their cover, and they are U.S. employees.

In any other country, if enough people found out and were convinced it was true and was affecting them, or people they loved, or could in the future, it would be grounds to overthrow the government. 

Instead of the people having any ability to overthrow the U.S. government, by attacking or physical demonstrations, or seizing power from those in command stations, the most disgusting criminals on the face of the earth infiltrated the government to overthrow it like termites from the inside.

Did I really want to crawl into their infested hole in the rotting log with term and be a termite with sap-sucking privileges? 
The other thing is I believe Edward Howard knew I was in serious danger.  He attempted, one time, in Wenatchee, to rescue me and have me leave with him and since I didn't know him very well, I wouldn't go with him and instead stayed with a family that beat me, sodomized me, abused me, and insulted me for the U.S. government, and Pablo and some of the others mocked him and his attempts to have me go with him.

To make sure they "punished" him, I was driven to a gang of Mexicans and a few others who beat me, sexually assaulted me, and beat me so bad I blacked out.  Pablo Avila was the one to drive me there. I think it is possible one of the Robert Garrett Jrs was there, and then some Mexicans I didn't know, a few other white men, and possibly Valentin.  From what I remember, even though Valentin had a temper, and there was the basement incident at his house, and I was assaulted there, I was surprised that Pablo was mocking someone and driving me to a place.  He also had a rifle in his truck when he was driving me to be beat up.  It couldn't have been that far outside of downtown Wenatchee because it didn't take that long to get there.

There is no way my son should be around any of them.

As for Barak Obama, I believe he was an FBI agent.  I think the only reason the Seattle FBI would be covering for him and prepping him to rape me, or would have him involved with so many cops and federal employees as well as drug lords, was because he was FBI.  I think the FBI wanted the FBI in the President's chair.  I believe he was an employee of the FBI at the time he raped me.

I also remember one time, a girl who looked like Katie Middleton showing up and her eyes looked drawn or tired and one of the Robert Garrett Jrs got so mad Katie looked sick he decided to torture me with others more.

I also met David Koch of the Charles and David Koch brothers.  David did not like me at all and I am sure some of the rapes were funded by him.  I believe I met his brother as well, separately and he hated me and didn't say much.  David talked more and was rude and I left with the impression they had it in for me.  From what I recall, I met him prior to the bridge gang-bangs and several assaults against me.  It was in his business office or some kind of business office, with a desk and chair and he asked my advice about a business matter as if to use me for his own psychic deductions on how to manage money.  After I said what I thought, he argued the counter side to it and I effectively argued the rebuttal.  He got mad, and felt I had one-upped him and had me sit down in a different chair and an assistant came in and that's when his brother came in.  They electrocuted me with the electrocution box and then were throwing Robert Garrett Jr. back and forth from the room.  In the room and then out of the room.  They had him hand them a briefcase and then one was given to him on the way out.

The Koch brothers are full-blown criminals.

I remember I didn't think he was very smart.  I mean smart, yes, but not genius-smart.  My impression was that he had shrewd business sense and was calculating but he wasn't logical.  He was also somewhat psychic himself and displayed this to me, and I think he knew I thought he wasn't very logical.  His brother hated my guts and showed this on his face much more than David Koch, and then they had some younger men with them to be beaters.  In that visit I don't remember anything sexual, it was electrocution only.  I think they were die-hard for Katie Middleton.

Basically, some of the richest and most powerful people colluded to electrocute me and then the FBI wanted to feel powerful and assumed electrocution of children in their FBI offices made them special and included in the rich and powerful circle.  This means, the FBI is interested only in money and that they were motivated by hate crime and greed to torture kids in their own offices.  No normal person does this and no normal citizen would ever expect or imagine this kind of thing was done by the FBI, and it was, and not just one time.  They were not only electrocuting, they asked for the full-body MRI to see what effect their torture had on me.  Those MRIs were taken directly back to the FBI and held by the FBI.

What kind of a fucked up government group does that?

There was one other thing that I witnessed in an FBI building and it was gang-banging.  They had a line-up of FBI agents and lawyers to come in and commit sexual assault in an FBI office that was well-lit.  This was separate from when they electrocuted me in Portland FBI and Seattle FBI offices.  They not only did a gang-bang of someone, they did a group assault of me with punching me in the stomach or in the face.  They had a bunch of different federal and FBI attorneys punch me along with agents, in a large conference room that had bright lights (regular lighting) on.  One looked like Bujanda, one looked like Alvaro Pardo, one was George Bechtold, one looked like Rob Schneider and I know his name was said out loud.  Then someone who looked like John Kaempf was there and then left the room.  First they told me to punch my Dad in the stomach.  I didn't want to and refused.  They kept telling me I had to.  So I barely did, when they threatened me.  They told me I had to do it harder and I didn't do it very hard and I think my Dad was also saying to punch him harder and I didn't know if he was acting or what.  So then right after that, the door opened, and all of these FBI agents and lawyers came in and they took turns assaulting me with extremely hard punches to my face and my stomach.  I ended up with a bloody nose and I remember I was spitting up blood later.  That happened in the downtown FBI Portland field offices.

Also, when Barak Obama pulled the gun on me at my house in Moses Lake, Washington, it was after I made a comment like, "You smell like marijuana.  Are you taking drugs to Gary?"

Maybe the fact I smelled the drugs and commented was why later when I was sodomized in Coquille, Oregon on a bridge, the police brought K-9s over and a K-9 unit vehicle.  I would think, to rub it in my face that I mentioned Barak Obama, the criminal who the FBI recruited, had drugs on him and I knew about his UK contacts.  There wasn't any reason to have a K-9 unit there.  No one who was at that gang-bang cared if the other person had drugs on them and it was at the end of a dead-end road.

So who became President?  Obama.  Who married a royal?  Katie Middleton.  What caused these events to occur?  Crimes committed by the United States.  Katie and Barak were like hand-in-glove.  After all, Barak's drug money went back and forth from her uncle Gary.  So where was Chris Dabney for part of his life?  Oh yeah.  Chicago.  My mother and the Bairds--they have something to do with him I think.  The reason I think this is because of the Robin Bechtold and Jewish connection.  They all thought if they put a hit on me or did some kind of harm, they were doing favors for my mother.  Robin Bechtold was already involved in assaulting me because before I ever met him, his Dad knew my Mom and Dad and showed up to beat me.

As for the time I was put into a truck and taken around by Pablo, another person who did this, in front of Edward Howard, was one of the Robert Garrett Jrs.  One of the Robert Garrett Jrs. drove me up the road in Wenatchee that leads to the ski place there, and they parked off to the side and then a bunch of Hispanics and cops beat me.  What I had been most shocked by was that one of the Robert Jrs was involved and I couldn't understand why he was saying I was some other man's daughter and why he was standing there to be involved with a bunch of Mexicans assaulting me.  Valentin was involved, and a bunch of others.  I was hit with sticks, and forced to bend over the trunk of a car and they beat me up against the back trunk or hood of a car.

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