Thursday, November 28, 2013

U.S. Anticompetition Ex. Torture During Math Study For Exam

I am studying for a science exam and the same thing that was done to me as a preteen is being done again now.

I am being tortured with use of energy technology, which began specifically as I was studying the math examples for 'transformation' and other math models for science.

It was the exact same thing that happened when I took the same class in 1986.

I wasn't tortured for areas of studying where it was linguistic, but it was always being directed against my studying for math, I believe to really try to dumb me down.

It's the same chapters for the same book and most of the same slides.  I remember the exam.  This term, I've remember most of the classes and the slides from before.  There is one chance to take the exam (for plant pathology) and I can tell you before I even go to the site to access the test, what is on it, or what was on it in 1986, because I remember it from then.  So unless it's changed, and most of the other tests were not changed (I believe for U.S. government purposes of trying to 'assess' now-and-then after they didn't kill me through attempted assassination) there is a whole section on transformations, and a question about the Q fungicides and most of the test is based on math models and chapter 8, which is the section on viruses.

Pretty much, you could say at times my memory is almost photographic. Not quite, but close enough.  Which is why I distinctly remember faces and places of where I've been in the past and know the United States is a liar.

The U.S. has lied about my son as well, and about my parenting or ability to raise my own child, and it's because they are Class A System Liars.

They've lied about me, used me in proximity to many intelligence officers and agents who are now in prison, tortured me inside of FBI offices and my own house and other locations, and have been system-abusers that have tried to extract MRI or CT scans of my head every 3 years, or spinal taps, to see how some of their chemical and technology torture has affected my body.

They've lied about my intelligence level, about my abilities, which countries I've been to, what persons or officials I've met or known, and a whole number of other things.

The U.S. lied about me to effect the kidnapping of my son Oliver.

Most of their lies, since the 80s, have been for anti-competition and hate crime reasons, with most of the assault coming from individuals who have U.S. government positions and felt assaulting or raping me was a way to get revenge for ideas that I had personally been responsible for killing someone or out of hate crimes with the idea CIA defector Edward Lee Howard was responsible for killing someone.  Almost all of the torture and abuse has been directly aimed at my intelligence and at attempts to reduce my PSI (psychic) abilities and my intelligence level or the appearances of what I am capable of (I.Q.), and this has been a direct aim since Katie Middleton became U.S. classified property, and since someone thought it was a way to ruin me when I said I didn't think she was more than average for a kid her age, intellectually.

All targeting of my scholastic ability, I.Q., and psychic abilities began at that time, and was right about the time I was introduced to James (Whitey) Bulger, who was with the FBI, and the FBI was really HOT about Katie Middleton.  She was an FBI Darling.

I just took the test and it was one I remembered but the one with more of the math was a quiz I haven't taken yet, not a test.  However, on this exam, most of the questions and diagrams were the same, to the same wheat stem rust and barberry cycle diagram.

So why not get all answers correct if I remember?  I remember content, but not always the specific conclusions.

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