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Lies About FBI and Police From My Parents

My parents are lying about having taken me to FBI and police stations.  They are lying, claiming I never lived in Coquille, Oregon before 2011, and lying saying I never lived in Portland, Oregon where I saw Edward Howard show up, and worked on my OSU classes sitting at a kitchen bar on a high stool.

They are lying about taking me to FBI offices, where FBI had my body MRI'd before and after they tortured me by using an electrocution device in their offices, which was long after current FBI Director James Comey and James Cartright and Barak Obama used one on me.

Barak Obama was at the dinner with the people in the party hats, and he didn't like what I had to say about capitalism versus communism.  James Cartright and FBI agent, or agent-to-be Comey started trying to grill me about whether I killed Barak Obama's father or not.  They were holding a gun to my head, and electrocuted me and right after one of went behind me and unzipped the back of my shirt, Barak took out a ball and I don't know where it came from but he sat there holding the ball in his hands and tossing it back and forth.  Then after I was electrocuted with James and James on either side, he got in my face with the ball, right before I blacked out.

So then a year or more later, after FBI tortured me in their offices, they set me up to be raped by Barak Obama, and it was Carol Middleton who sat there holding the ball smirking at me, on the couch, after it happened.

My Dad started trying to say I was crazy or that something was wrong with my "head" around the time I was introduced to Green River Killer suspect Gary Ridgway.

Everything Kate Middleton has done and her family has done, is to rub in how I was tortured on Mission Ridge, with sexual assault and her own father present for it; to having them set me up to be (they hoped) killed by Gary Ridgway; to assault and sodomy on bridges.

This was after I witnessed her Uncle Gary Goldsmith and Carl Del Balzo dump a body in a swamp, with "Mike" and James (Whitey) Bulger.  They were going to kill Whitey and I told them not to, and he said I'd saved his life.

As soon as I barely mentioned I may have saved someone's life, Kate Middleton was all over that, trying to suppress and crush the information before her big fat Greek wedding day.  She is a criminal, like the rest of them.

Carl was especially anxious and trigger-jumpy and they had him (James Bulger) lined up backing the swamp and everything with his hands up.  They asked me if he was a rat.  I said, "I don't know.  I think maybe he works for the FBI or something, but I don't know for sure, and even if he does, he seems like he's decent enough.  I don't think you should kill him."  The minute they heard I believed he was, indeed, an informant (and it turned out he was), they were going to blast his brains all across the swampland.  (I actually did know, and to save his life I bluffed around it which was not usually what I did, because I usually told the truth no matter what.  I was psychic and the FBI tortured me to not be psychic).

So what did I get from the FBI for that?  They have kidnapped my son and tortured me in their own offices, raped me, sodomized me, defamed me, and they've become RICH with the local cops.  The FBI also deliberately set me up to live with Gary Ridgway, and his wife is quoted by someone as saying she's just glad she made him happy because he really was happy with her and he killed less.

Well I was the one who told the FBI he was happier when I lived with him.  He told me my Dad had put a "hit" on me the same day he picked me up.  That was when, all of a sudden, after I told my Dad he said that about him, I was suddenly being called "nuts".  I wasn't nuts and I've never been nuts.  Gary said, "That man back there isn't your father?"  And I said, "That was my Grandpa Garrett".  He said, "Your Dad is trying to kill you."  He said my parents were trying to kill me and that's why they wanted him to drive me away from my Grandpa Garrett's cabin, in a semi-truck.  He didn't tell me right away they wanted to kill me, or that he was "hired" to kill me, because at first he was getting weird around me and I tried to calm him down and then started reading some parts of the Bible to him.  He started crying.  He was crying and asking me to read more of the Bible to him, while telling me my parents worked for the fucking FBI and were tried to murder me.

So then I wasn't just in his truck, I was living with him, at a house, for a short time.  He never electrocuted me with an electrocution device.  He was actually better than the FBI whores.  I can say, honestly, he was better to me, and treated me with more respect than the FBI fuckers and cops who have used me, tried to murder me, and defamed me and then kidnapped my son to torture him in the same way.

My mother took me to Seattle FBI offices and my Dad took me to the Portland one.  Then, after I was electrocuted in Seattle FBI offices, my Dad started taking me with him to the Downtown Seattle Police Headquarters, always with a briefcase, like he was a cop himself.  When I told him I liked them better than the FBI and they were nicer to me, he said, "You think so?" and they organized to teach me a lesson by beating me up the next time until I was on the floor almost unable to breathe.

The FBI wanted me to talk about Gary Ridgway.  I actually hadn't wanted to leave his house.  They were better to me than my Mom and Dad and Alan Springer who tortured me with electrocution every single day one year.  He did tie me up strangely one time and got weird and I was scared but then he let me down.

The FBI never let me down.  They were repeatedly tying me up and electrocuting me and feeling special, like real royals, because some of the royals they so admired did it too.

Everything Kate Middleton exists for is about torture.  She has been nothing but a skein of sheet metal to reflect off of the abuse I suffered from her family, my family and their corrupt business dealings in the government that she likes, and participates in.  Duchess of Cambridge?  Cameo is tortured on 2 bridges, and Mission Ridge, and set up to be murdered by Ridgway, which he didn't do and instead he tipped me off to who was trying to kill me, and with all of the "Cameo and Ridge" and "Cameo and Bridges" she's suddenly "Duchess of Cambridge" for being a willing slut to a man born with papers that say he has been in line at the DMV office because he took his number at such-and-such a time and that's what he got.

I actually tried to keep myself together, and attempted to save my virginity and make something meaningful for myself and meantime, the FBI was slutting it out for some Middleton-Royal-U.S. scheme.

I was told Katie was throwing up all the time once, or was sick, and I said, "So?" because they were sexually abusing me, and I was supposed to care if she was throwing up? Because some of them got so mad at me I wasn't sympathetic about her vomiting, they took me into an office and had someone sexually assault me.

Then later, some of these people who were worried I might say something, just wanted to hurt me and keep me controlled, with microchips and torture from their friends, and the same Del Balzo's that supervised dead body dumps with Katie Middleton's family, wanted to monitor me after I rigged for remote torture later by military/technology means, and then, I'm sure, slandered me to a bunch of lawyers.

One of the photos, of James Bulger walking along a bridge by waterfront with a couple of guys is exactly like when I was walking with them.  Someone brought a manila envelope to me and showed me two different photos.  One with me in the photo, and one with me out of the photo.  I said, "I was there.  How come I'm not in that photo but I don't show up on the other one?"  I had no idea they knew how to "photoshop" and edit photos back then.

I was wearing a baseball cap when I walked with them. 

The FBI has known, along with Seattle cops, and others, that there is nothing wrong with me.  They knew this before they LIED about me, tortured me and my son and then stole him from me and created a fraudulent CPS case over their crimes.

Maryann McIntosh, and her son-in-law or son-in-law to be, Officer West, were there putting money in their car at my Grandpa Garrett's place in Idaho after I wasn't shot or killed when I was told to kill a bear and ran up to it when everyone else was running away.

Gary Ridgway was there, on time, right on the heels of AG Maryann McIntosh and Jones who were from Wenatchee, Washington.

They wanted me dead.

That bitch then went after my son and kidnapped him from me through abuse of power.

All of them, can be summed up in one phrase:  RICO CRIMINALS

Maryann McIntosh was the one who wanted the assurance Gary Ridgway was going to pick me up.  She said, as she was putting the electrocution box and money into the trunk of her car, looking sideways at my Grandpa, "Gary's going to be over to pick her up right?" and she smirked over him and he nodded.  She knew which Gary.  She knew it was Gary Ridgway and that he had a history of some kind or they wouldn't have set me up to go with a known murderer who was hired by them to kill me and confessed it to me in the truck.

Did the FBI like that?  Not very much.  The FBI doesn't like it when their attorneys and cops get caught for trying to make "hits" on someone when they are supposed to be protecting the citizens, not conspiring how to get rid of them. 

When I wasn't killed they decided to keep using me to be raped and sodomized.

I was also taken to Hood River to be evaluated for where I should be in school and the people there said based on my testing, I needed to go to college.  I was 11 or 12 years old.  So I was signed up to take classes online at OSU.

But of course, I've been dumbed down too, because after my classes were signed up for, the Portland FBI and Seattle FBI were electrocuting me in their headquarters, with the same box and set-up Mary McIntosh used.

Gary Ridgway may have killed some people.  I'm sure.  But I was more afraid to leave his house and his nice wife and go live with Bob and Dicksie Garrett again.  I met his wife later.  She was on vacation or something at first and then I met her.

When my Dad says the U.S. owes me "nothing" he's bluffing.

They owe me everything.

Mary McIntosh knowingly took a case against me and my son, depriving us of visitation to break the bond, not increase it, and said, "You can't admit you have a problem" as the reason for kidnapping my son from me.  She wanted me to admit I was "mentally ill" so she and her criminal son-in-law and others that tried to use Gary Ridgway to murder me, didn't look guilty. She was desperate to discredit me.  She and the others, went to lengths to torture my son over it.

My "defense attorneys" had similar conflicts of interests.  They were people who should be in jail for life.

I have a right to have my son returned.

The entire case was fraud and an attempt to conceal the crimes from the past. 

I demand the return of my son to me.

Any citizen that does not agree with me or support me on this matter, is aligned with criminals who torture and sexually rape children, and who deprive parents of their parental rights just because they have a need for revenge or to create an excuse for public slander to cover up attempts to murder me.

Maryann and Officer Jones were involved in the hit to murder me.  West was there too.  Officer Jim West.   Both Officer Jones and Jim West are still police officers in Wenatchee.  The other two men were Rick Baken, and George Bechtold.  Maryann McIntosh knew both of them like personal friends, and she also knew who Gary Ridgway was, the man they'd arranged to come pick me up, who told me "Robert" called him on the phone to arrange for a hit on my life and told him to show up at the cabin.

Since when do people who are part of a "hit" against my life get to decide how much visitation I have with my son, and take a case about my son and parental rights to court?  My would-be murderers, who are criminals that take bribes, were running the case and the FBI knew it.

The FBI also decided they could electrocute me all they wanted if I was out of college classes as a pre-teen.  They first used other forms of technology against me and then used their agents to break into my apartment and assault me and torture people, including Edward Howard, and did whatever they could to keep me from doing well and then they tortured me and started asking for MRIs.

How funny this is exactly what they did again, in 2004.  Except this time, instead of Edward Howard on the floor unconscious, we hear he and my Grandpa Garrett are on the floor dead, and I was blocked from traveling which kicked me out of college and then the FBI was involved in allowing and participating in torture of me to extremes, and kidnapping my son from me, and then telling me to get him back, give them an MRI.  They did full body MRIs in Maryland when I was with Alvaro and then they demanded another set after they tortured me more and had been drugging me with medications Alvaro and Chris Dabney were giving me.  I didn't consent to full-body MRI in Maryland.  It was done when I was unconscious, supposedly getting ready for a D&C surgery for an incompleted natural miscarriage.

Having people like this, who are murderers, getting away with murder attempts and trying to frame me to look mentally ill, take my son and control a case, is fraud.  They have no authority to perjure themselves in court, and abuse their authority to cover up their crimes of torture, sodomy, rape, and attempted murder.

They owe me everything.  They owe me my son back, and they owe me their salaries and savings and department money allocations.  They already hid and invested bribery money for themselves.  They owe the entire country and all citizens an apology for spending more money on my CPS case than ever in the history of CPS, all to support a lie and fraud.

How would Maryann McIntosh know George Bechtold?  He was living in Oregon and she was living in Washington state.  He also knew who Gary Ridgway was because she smirked over at him when he said he was on his way.  I don't understand how AG (Attorney General) knew George Bechtold actually, but she did.  It makes sense she'd know Rick Baken, because my parents knew him from carpentry work and other work (before he was FBI I think) from Cashmere, where his father was FBI before him.  My mother's family lived in Cashmere.  So Maryann knowing Rick Baken, is a location-obvious knowledge but how she met or knew George Bechtold, I haven't figured out.  Maryann flirted with George.  "Oh GEORGE" she would say and bat her eyes when he joked around with her.  They had me bent over the trunk until Gary Ridgway showed up to take me "for a drive".

Then it was Gary who started crying and telling me who put a hit on me.  Then he was upset and shaking his head like he couldn't believe it. 

Later, in FBI offices, I was taken there and tortured by FBI not just one time, but more than one time, and at least one of those times, they did it to extract a confession from Gary Ridgway.

The Seattle FBI doesn't like to share that information with information with others, because they had many more crimes committed against me than that.  They have never been held accountable or taken responsibility for their criminal actions.  They had one of the Dicksies, my own mother, turning on the electrocution box with me in the metal headbrace, to have Gary see it and see she didn't care.  He looked at me and said, "That's your mother?" and started to cry.  Not one person in the entire FBI room had any emotion other than hatred, and it was only Gary Ridgway who cried, out of sympathy because of FBI committing aggravated assault, torture, and attempted murder on a kid.

They went after him after they tried to use him to do a hit on me for them.

The victims should have sued the FBI.

Maryann McIntosh was not only involved in torturing me, money-laundering with cops and FBI, and trying to kill me with Jim West and Jones, her son-in-law, she was involved in telling me if I wanted to go to police, good luck because she had them all on her side and they'd say I was crazy.  The next thing she did, and her daughter was there too, was to be standing by with George Bechtold and Rick Baken, talking about Rick to George, as Gary showed up in a semi-truck at my Grandpa Garrett's house in Idaho.

He told me the FBI had put a hit on me.  They hired him to kill me.  He said "your Dad" and thought it was the man who was my Grandpa and said it was "Robert" who organized it.   I was then told, by him, my parents worked for the FBI.  He kept crying about it.  So then I stayed with him for awhile and when I was told I was going back to live with Bob and Dicksie, I screamed and panicked because they were torturing me every day with Alan Springer there.

I think the FBI has his wife lying for them as well.  They got her to take some of my statements and claim they were hers so if anyone requested FOIA and a name was blackened out prior to a statement, they'd think it was his wife's statements, so they encouraged her to borrow this for using publicly.

The FBI isn't protecting me.  They've attempted to murder me a number of times and then the CIA did the same, and using Pentagon helicopters, I would say that also implicates the Pentagon.

The way Diana Spencer is standing, when she is wearing the red dress on the cover of "George" magazine, which was owned by JFK Jr., is how Maryann McIntosh stood and was acting when she would say "Oh George".  She was also wearing bright red on that day.

I would say it's possible JFK Jrs plane went down because of someone who didn't like the idea a suggestion about what happened in Idaho was being made publicly.

George Bechtold then later broke into an apartment I was living in, with some other men, in Portland, Oregon when I took classes at OSU as a pre-teen, where one of my instructors who was creating problems for me deliberately and acting controlling and demeaning, was connected to, and very good friends with Bechtold.

Having all of these people interconnected and then sticking around to control where I go or who I'm around has impacted my life and is the only reason why my son is not living with me.  I was forced out of college even, as a kid, because of torture and a break-in that was connected by at least one of the men to one of the professors I took a class from, and then I was being electrocuted in FBI offices.

When they first said Gary was taking me home, I thought they meant Gary Goldsmith.  He was the one always around for the drug deals and money-laundering.  But no, their surprise for me was Gary Ridgway.  So how did those federal U.S. employees know him?  He drove a semi-truck and Maryann McIntosh knew who he was and was smirking about it.

When AG Maryann McIntosh is devising ways to have me get into a truck with Ridgway, who told me he was hired to murder me (and decided not to), can we really trust Maryann McIntosh with a position in the Child Welfare department?  She was the one telling me, I couldn't have my son back because there wasn't enough time for me to go to counseling and be cured of "mental illness" and keep the bond with my son.  She said, "You can't admit you have a problem."  SHE said this.  The woman who was stuffing money into the trunk of her car with cops and FBI, an electrocution box device, and who was eagerly waiting for "Gary Ridgway" to pick me up so he could murder me (they hoped).  Who has the "problem"?  Me? Or Maryann McIntosh?

The U.S. then appointed her to preside over child custody cases. 

It is totally sick.

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