Monday, November 11, 2013

UPDATED: Barak Obama at Seattle FBI Offices Before Raping Me

I think it's very possible Barak Obama was working for the FBI.  I met him, the first time I remember, at my house in Moses Lake, Washington and he was a drug-runner.  He was not only slinging drugs between places, he was transporting money or taking money in large amounts, contained in duffel bags, backpacks, or briefcases, and he always had a gun on him.  He was not borrowing someone else's gun--he carried a concealed weapon.

He took his concealed weapon out and pointed it at my head while standing on the linoleum of our kitchen when I was standing in the living room next to our Christmas tree. 

It was him.  His Mom, Stanley Ann Dunham, was there and she was also standing in the living room.  I really have no idea how my parents were introduced to her.  I don't remember meeting her prior to that day, but of course it's possible I did see her before that.  If so, I don't remember, at least not right now.  I have always remembered her at our house however, and how her son was going to fire his gun to kill me.  He wasn't pointing it at anyone else.  It was just me.

From the looks of it, his entire education was funded with money from the FBI and organized crime.  I am making this post after writing the one about being in FBI offices where they electrocuted me, in their own FBI buildings, in Portland and Seattle, because after they electrocuted me at the Seattle office, a tall black man came in and out of the room and smirked maliciously at me.   I am pretty sure it may have been Barak Obama, which would mean he was inside of an FBI building, watching me being electrocuted and feeling good about it and with FBI standing by. 

Right after this, within 1 month, the FBI organized a hit on me, to rape me vaginally.  They got their FBI man Barak Obama to do it and he was pretty excited over his ideas of continual revenge, because all he ever said to me, as he stalked me from London to the U.S., was "You killed my father" and he made a lot of racial suggestions, about "Do I look like a monkey to you?" and then beating me, as if I, the white girl under age 12, was responsible for his feelings of black inferiority.

Many people would want me in jail for committing crimes against me, and he was one of them.  The problem is that he is 100% FBI-backed and from the looks of it, he was an FBI agent, potentially, at the time he raped me and then when he took office.  So the entire FBI that has a bunch of criminals working for them, can feel protected by the FBI with the FBI at the highest government position in the country.

I wonder if he still works for them.  If he was claiming to be "deep undercover" all that time, and working for FBI (and possibly Mossad, considering the number of Jews he entertained), when was he "not" "deep undercover"?  He quit his undercover FBI job when he became President?  Maybe he's just one of the sickest examples of racist hate crime pedophiles to defend the FBI.

He is a child rapist.

Anyone wonder why the FBI has been so interested and involved in the clergy sex abuse cases?  It's because whatever laws are in effect for organizations like churches will also lead to precedents that affect the FBI for their crimes of state-sponsored pedophilia.

Barak Obama is so filled with hate, he made sure to go after my son Oliver too.  To his mind, I supposedly "killed his Dad" (I have no idea, when I was age 8 or earlier? that's what he thinks) so now he can be the big man on campus in government making sure I and my son are tortured.  He is as responsible for the crimes against my son as George Bush Jr.

Barak had two girls.  Which is really incredible when you think about it.  He raped me, the white girl, and felt good about it, when I was 11 or 12.  I wonder if he ever feels like raping his own daughters.  Maybe Barak Obama tells them to go into his office and give him blow jobs.  Maybe their "daddy" who is President has a great future planned for them, with about 50 rapes vaginally and rectally lined up in store for them.  Does someone have a group of FBI agents lined up and ready to rape them?

It's okay for Barak Obama to do this to me, but the idea of anyone touching his girls isn't a welcome thought.  Maybe.  Maybe it's not a welcome thought, because actually, anyone that sick is likely to commit pedophilia on his own children, unless he is convinced having sex with himself is too gross of an idea, when they carry 1/2 of his DNA.  So what is masturbation?  Obama felt like having with himself right there while electrocuting me in a bedroom.

I still think seeing both of his daughters sodomized 50 times or more, might be too much for him to take. 

Barak Obama is a disgusting example of American Failure.  He is also proof that the FBI does not deserve to receive any funding at all anymore.

He appointed his best friend James Comey, who was at the same house he was at, on Martha's Vineyard, who tried strangling me in the kitchen.  He didn't try.  He did it.  Not to death, but severely, and punched me in the stomach until I fell over onto the floor.  Of course Barak Obama wants James Comey in charge of his FBI now, because he is FBI himself.

It was a roomful of FBI pigs.  The people that were all gathered together at that house on Martha's Vineyard, that I went to, were mostly FBI.  It was like a criminal FBI conference and someone attempted to shoot me after Comey strangled me, when I was walking through Coney Island.  Remember the photos of Barak Obama licking a vanilla ice cream cone while vacationing with his family on Martha's Vineyard?  Why go there?  Why?  Because that's where he's been going a long time, and where some of his government criminal contacts are.

What Barak Obama wants to prove to the world is that anyone can "make it" to the Presidency, including a corrupt FBI agent who rapes children, sells drugs for college money, trafficks money to other people in other countries, murders, carries a concealed weapon without a permit, strangles, assaults with chemicals, and tortures women and children.

Then he stands there, with a wife and two girls, as if he has a right to raise children when his best option is life in jail with conjugal visits with Michelle whenever he can get them.  That's his best option and it's a take it or leave it deal.  His other option, is that they are all sitting ducks for vengeance from God.  I do believe in God and I do believe there is repayment for evil.  I think what is obvious is that the country has suffered from the evil of many individuals who colluded together to commit crimes and promote themselves.  I don't think others should have to suffer for the deliberately malicious crimes of those who are responsible.

So let's see.  Does Dan Gatti know Frank, Obama's friend who drove him to Chicago, where he went to law school?  I know Gatti lived in Chicago for awhile.  Who else in Chicago was connected to Gary Goldsmith?  Richard Block?  He used to fly in from Chicago, to Wilsonville, Oregon just to go to the gym I worked at when I was age 21.  Most likely, he was another of Barak Obama's hired stalkers or worked for the FBI.

What is Barak Obama doing with the position of President?  Let's see.  He laundered money and drugs to support himself in college, and raped little white girls for money.  His solution to Americans is to "pay our debts" but what?!  He's getting money for raping little girls?!  So the country is financially going bankrupt and down, and Barak Obama is getting rich off of "white-girl rapes".  So that is really racial progress, to go from getting hung over raping a white woman to being paid cash for raping a white woman.  Boy, that must feel like a real ego-booster.

Where are his daughters going to school?  Public schools?  Is he sending his kids to public schools so they can all be "equal"? or is he using money he made from raping white girls to send his black girls to private schools. 

I don't know.  Let me check.

I checked.  They are using money from raping children to send their girls to an expensive private school:

I'm sure Sidwell-Friends loves having the notoriety of dumbass 1 and dumbass 2 on their lawn.  Paid for, by the raping of white children.

Barak Obama hasn't been worried about being "assassinated" for being "black".  He has been worried, along with the FBI, about being assassinated because he is a criminal child rapist who ELECTROCUTED me.  He did not just rape me until I bled everywhere, at age 11-12, he electrocuted me and masturbated himself while he did it.  He did THAT after feeling secure the FBI would let him do it, because they had electrocuted me in their own offices in Portland and Seattle.

Barak Obama is in danger of being assassinated for being a criminal that fraudulently represented himself to America, if he is "in danger of assassination" as the FBI has claimed.  Why should the FBI think there was a concern unless they already knew what they are all guilty of.

So the leader of the country rapes little white girls and electrocutes them.

Do you trust his judgement when he is issuing "pardons" for selected criminals?  What wackos is he setting free, on the loose, who are his own homies?  I met one of the women he pardoned and she was a great example of what I'm talking about.

Do you trust his judgment when he is involved in who goes to jail or "mental institutions"?  He is a black man with a chip on his shoulder who rapes little white kids, holds guns against them in impulses to murder, and premeditates electrocuting them, while he takes money from the FBI.

Do you trust his judgment in equality? To be fair to all, white or black or any color?
Well, he uses money from raping little white girls and electrocuting them, to send his black daughters to private schools that cost a fortune, just so they can be "the smart ones".  His daughters are as cold and ugly on the inside as he is and that's how they trained them to be, because he is determined to get "revenge" against all the smart white kids he feels did something "wrong" to him or his family.

He is an immature pedophile racist who is extremely dangerous, violent, and armed.

Immature pedophile is sort of bad and you have to wonder what is wrong mentally to be a pedophile but sometimes it's possible to have a feeling of "that is terrible and maybe they can go to counseling and keep them away from kids".  You have an idea of "what did someone do to them that made them want to force children to have sexual relations with them"?  But when you add the fact someone is violent,  armed, pulling a gun out to shoot at any kind of scare, even on a kid, and electrocuting kids, you know this is not just a sick man, but a violent and dangerous man who needs to go to prison.  Bye bye Sasha and Malia.
Another aspect of the hate crime against me is Jewish hate crimes over Black September and 1972 Olympics.  Every single September is when the Jews staged an attack against me.

A few of the attacks were during Easter Vacation.  I was pulled out of school, told to do homework from a distance and that we were going on vacation or having an early summer.  And then there was the year I wasn't in public school at all, which was 18 months of being out of public school if you include the summers before and after and the fact I was pulled out early in April, for "Easter Vacation" and then an 'early end to school'.  So basically, my parents negotiated with the teacher to allow me to do my homework and give it to my parents who would mail it to them and turn it in for me, from a distance.  This enabled me to be flown to London, England for assaults.

So when it was not something done around this time, with the idea maybe I'd forget and everyone would just say "It's impossible!  you were in school!" as if I never did my homework from a distance, it was repeated sexual assaults or a whole gang-beating every single September.  It wasn't like it was a coincidence.  These people had symbolic "traditions" and Jewish high holy days they thought made them feel like real Maccabees.  They got everyone else in on it by persuading them with high positions and incredible amounts of money.  Who was providing the money?  Jews.

Who has been preserving Zionism in their positions of reward for participation in crimes against me? 

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