Saturday, November 16, 2013

Example of U.S. Anti-Competition Tonight

It is 9:43 p.m. and at about 9:40 p.m. or slightly earlier, I was targeted on the left side of the top of my head, under the skull to the brain with pulsing pain points and all of a sudden, the radiating pain to my left jaw where my teeth are, which was done all winter last winter, started up.

This occurred while trying to study for a lab I have to do in plant pathology, which requires a graph of x and y coordinates and r and t, and a number of potential other factors.   This was also started when I was on the website page that has a graph for "Halo blight:  logistic transformation".

So I was studying what I had to study for this lab, which is located partly under the graph example labled "halo blight:  logistic transformation" and I started getting targeted with torture to my brain, literally, by U.S. anti-competition.

Not only that, not only did the U.S. just give another example of malicious abuse of me, I was taking this exact same lab and class, taught by Jeff Stone, in 1986, through OSU, and instead of being targeted to the head (which was prior to any kind of magnet or microchip implant from a surgery done against me at the U.S. Veterans Hospital in SLC, Utah after another assassination attempt of me) I had my house broken into, and several men, one of them connected to another professor whose class I was taking, jump me, beat me up by punching me in the stomach and using martial arts hits on my back and kicking my legs, and then they tied me up in a room and took another man to the next door bedroom and began torturing him.

This is what was done to cause distress that made it impossible for me to work or study, when I had already tested out at genius level, which the fucking U.S. doesn't care about letting anyone know if I wasn't going to be a pansy for the FBI or CIA.

So they took a genius-level kid, who had intellectual capabilities that could have propelled them through college as a pre-teen and into an early career and making money and living independently financially at a young age, and targeted me, to be tortured by them, out of hate crime, jealousy, and anti-competition.

It was not the only thing they were doing to me at the time I was taking the classes, and the classes, I recall, were no harder for me then than they are now.  I was capable of doing the work and I was deliberately being attacked. 

The U.S. did the exact same thing to my son Oliver.  He was testing at levels of being a genius--more than ever I was as a baby or a kid I would say, and the U.S. targeted us with military technology and he was also attacked by Dr. Malcolm Butler, who was involved in harming me when I was younger, and worked for the federal government, with some kind of injection or torture in another room, out of my sight, and my son wasn't able to speak or articulate his words any longer because of it.

It was the exact same anti-competitive behavior the U.S. used against me.

Not only that, some of the time, the U.S. exploited this torture and tried to make a sick political point about it, by claiming that's what "communism" does--it tries to make everyone equal and no one is smarter than another person.  Then they got really excited, when the Berlin Wall went down and the Iron Curtain fell close to the same time, because now the U.S. got to be the #1 hypocritical Communist State. 

The U.S. is torturing me and my son because of our intellectual abilities and gifts, not for any other reason.  They also knew I was a genius and tested that way and they did everything in their power to make it appear my academic lack of success meant I was really not so intellectual.  So they tested me privately, obtained evidence I was a genius, more than one time, and then what they fed the public, and gave me for my public record of work and abilities, was something that looked only "above-average".

The U.S. should be bombed because they can't manage themselves and too corrupt for spot control. 
I really don't care how many people are bombed, and I would hope most of them are at the Pentagon and White House and Arlington, Virginia and FBI headquarters, and DOJ, because this is where the pedophiles who are communist gang-bangers that just want to be #1 commies are grouped up.  NASA should be bombed too. 

There is no reason to keep around people who make it their life work to torture children, for decades into their adulthood, around, so they can feel "equal".

Am I saying I'm going to bomb?  Of course not.  Or am I saying I know someone who is? No.  I am expressing my right to free speech, which the U.S. doesn't like when it's showing their corrupt political rats up, and only wants to document if they think they can use it against me.  I have a right to say to say those who are criminals and those who protect decades-old criminals, have no right to live.

Instead of now organizing gang-bangs and jumping people, which they still do anyway, but not as much, the U.S. is using technology to directly target some of the smartest individuals in the country, to push them out from being able to compete in business.

I am 100% positive there are other men and women and children, who have been targeted and prevented from their own natural rise on account of their abilities and desire to do hard work.

Instead, the U.S. prefers sluts like Barak Obama, who substituted hard work with drug dealing and murders.  It's not like he or the others are the living the American Dream.  They didn't work from the ground up, using their natural abilities to take them as far as they could go.  They committed crimes and killed, tortured, raped, and sodomized others and sold drugs to get ahead, while allowing those who were working from the ground-up to be tortured.

9-11 Attacks were a point to be made about how it feels to work hard and lose everything.  How hard did the Wall Street and bankers and other industry person work, and represent money and independent success in combination with government?  Some very smart and very hard-working people were killed, at the Twin Towers in NYC, and it never would have happened if the U.S. federal employees had not been torturing and targeting a little kid or two for decades with the entire world sick of the double-standard.

The federal government assaulted me and targeted me to lose.  They wanted me to lose economically, my entire life, and tortured me.  Getting a test proving I was a genius only made them more determined to put me into some category of possibilities, and then ruin it deliberately, to bring me down and show me it was pointless and that the entire line of working hard was a lie.  It proved the U.S. government is communist and that the only reason they wanted Russia and Germany to collapse was to be the lead communist country. 

There is no possible way this country is going to continue to develop.  It's been at a decline for decades and it is not going to pick itself up.  It's headed for take-over.  The U.S. instead settles for corrupt merger deals with other countries, when it's infested with corruption, but it's already on its way out.

Of course I don't think it was great a bunch of Twin Towers people died.  I didn't know anyone there and I didn't cheer over it, but the point is that, which family or group of citizens or employees, stood up to defend me when I was being electrocuted in FBI offices by the FBI and their use of my own parents?  Who defended me and my right to be left alone so I could finish the college courses at OSU at age 11 or 12, and go to the next term, and graduate with an early diploma and start a career and family myself?

There is no reason to keep around dangerous criminals who abuse U.S. authority to target citizens to push them out of competition by torture through remote means and now that they have technology to torture citizens through remote means, that's what they do.  They have no right but to die.  They do not even have a right to trial or jury.  They have chosen to commit crimes on U.S. soil against U.S. citizens, for decades, and because of the level of severity of their crimes, they'd get the death penalty anyway if it went to trial and no one needs to spend money for their trials.  They have one right and one right only and it is death.  However that is accomplished, I hope it happens as soon as possible.

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