Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hospitalized at OHSU in Portland, Oregon and in Seattle, Wa

I remembered upon waking and getting up this morning that I was hospitalized at OHSU in Portland, Oregon either before or after assault by FBI agents in the FBI offices.  I was in a hospital bed for at least a week or more, on a level that was skyline and higher up, and this was when I was about 11-12 years old.  I am pretty sure they did an MRI at that time for some reason.

Then I was taken to Seattle, Wa and electrocuted again at FBI offices several times and then they told my parents to take me to U of Wa and have full-body MRIs done.  So the FBI was participating in torture of me and then collecting records of their Nazi work and what kind of damage it did to my brain.

I also remembered being taken into Diana's private quarters at James Palace and shown around and then told to sit on her couch there, and she got out the electrocution box and tortured me.  While she was doing this, Charles or another man walked in and said, "What are you doing?!" and she looked confused like they should know it was considered to be no big deal.  It was done from the exact same couch as she is photographed sitting on in some of her personal collection photos.  My mother was there and one of her sisters, holding me down, and it was more than once on that couch.  There were also some men who came in to help. 

When I could remember how I was getting to James Palace and not tranquilized or drugged, I know I was in cars hiding under a blanket and driven to a carport and then let in through a door.  It was always with a blanket over my head, for at least 10-30 minutes from one location to the next.  Where I stayed prior to James Palace didn't seem to be that far away because I wasn't under a blanket for a very long time for the drive over.

From what I remember, Diana Spencer also visited me one time at my apartment in Portland, Oregon where I had a stool next to a kitchen bar from where I was at the computer and worked on OSU classes.  She visited me prior to my apartment being broken into and being beat up.

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