Sunday, November 17, 2013

Redstockings Feminist Organization Prior To FBI-Barak Obama Rape

I visited the website for feminists when I was a pre-teen.  Specifically, I emailed Redstockings.

After I was making contact with some feminist organizations, like Redstockings, I was set up to be raped by Barak Obama, who raped me and left me bleeding and then took 2 socks from his drawer to masturbate into while he electrocuted me with my Dad, in Seattle.

This was after FBI in Seattle and Portland used the same box to electrocute me in their offices, one time in Seattle over Gary Ridgway, to get him to confess.  So they tortured me, an innocent kid, by electrocution.

This was not the only time or reason FBI electrocuted me however.

They also decided to pick up Ridgway only after he told me they were responsible for putting a hit on me, and hiring him.  So basically, the FBI knew what he was doing, and they used him themselves as a hitman until he refused to carry out a job.  When he refused to kill me, they decided to take him in and prosecute him.

I would never join a feminist group connected to Arlington, VA.  There is one there, where CIA is headquartered and on their front page, doctor's stethoscope and the words "Did you know?" which is something Alvaro Pardo always used as an expression.  They used him to hold me hostage, drug me, and have me MRI'd for the FBI again, while he slept with all of the women he could find in Virginia.

I notice most of the feminist organizations that disbanded or fell apart, did so because the FBI forced them out of business.  Instead of independent feminist organizations, all of the non-profit donations are going to U.S. government-connected feminist organizations instead.  Why would the FBI care about feminist groups?  Because they traffick women and children for sex and torture. 

Then, of course, Bill Clinton named his cat "socks" when I was going by a nickname of "cat" when I contacted feminist groups and this is after he had participated in abusing me too.  I was being called "communist bitch" and "feminist bitch" at the age of 11 and 12.

The military and FBI didn't want a feminist when they were sexually assaulting me because they are anti-women organizations.  Any of the women who have worked for FBI, stood there smirking while I was electrocuted as a pre-teen in their offices.  They're criminals, and they don't care about women's rights and they don't care about children's rights.

For someone to even THINK "animals" have rights, is a ludicrous idea to FBI gang-bangers.

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