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(PHOTO) UPDATED: Military Fumes House, Breaks in, Cuts Me With Razor

I haven't mentioned the most recent fumigation and sedation of me in my own house.

About two weeks ago, I noticed the guinea pigs not acting normal and then right before I fell asleep, as I noticed feeling odd myself and something about fumes (non-odorous but something not right) all of the guinea pigs were not acting like themselves.

Then the next morning I woke up and my place had been broken into and I was cut with a razor on my rear end.  I had a couple of items stolen from my house, but mostly I noticed I had been in a deeper sleep than usual, and didn't remember anything, and I had a long straight slice from a razor on my rear end when I had slept in leggings that night and there was no cut through the leggings and nothing sharp on my bed.  The cut was about 1-2 inches long and thin, slightly deep, and straight.

It was exactly like a razor cut, like from a razor blade without the razor part.

This was done approximately one day before my birthday which was October 22, 2013.

There is no way I wouldn't know this happened unless I was sedated. 

I also had a huge bruise on my head like something had been pushed into my head, and an odd shaped mark on my chin, like a gas mask had been fitted over the lower half of my face, but for whatever reason, the mark was only on my chin, in a round circle mostly, and not on the rest of my face, and left creasing in the skin on my chin, more than bedsheet marks from lying on something.

It had the appearance of having my chin painted with some kind of toxic chemical in a circle shape, and then removed with a paint thinner.  So it was red, irritated, and had odd grooves from something.  It was not there prior to my being assaulted.  It showed up the day I woke up with the razor cut to my rear end, and also had some kind of bashing done to my head because the entire top of my head felt bruised and burned.

This is not the first time the military has used gases or chemicals to assault me. 

The cut to my rear end was also made right after I made a blog-post about when I was a little girl and noticing Prince William had hair on his rear end.  So then the very next night, I was chemically fumed in my house here, and assaulted and someone had to pull my pants down to cut me the way they did, and the only reason to select my rear end would be to make it some kind of a sick retaliation for my writing about my childhood experiences and what I remember, and to humiliate me.

The only people who have keys to my place are my parents, and the people who order them around.  That's it.

Then the next day, all of these people were observing me throughout the day when I walked to town and back and were in high spirits like they were so excited I'd been assaulted again and by someone "She's NEVER suspect".   It was also at this time Barak Obama's spirits picked up, as evidenced by a change in his expressions and demeanor in photos from before that day to after that day, and he regained his self-confidence that nothing was going to happen to him.

I would not be surprised if Katie Middleton did it herself, or one of the royals with her.  I have sensed her presence for the last couple of weeks and I don't like it.  Additionally, she chose to have her child "George" 'christened' the day after my birthday and it makes perfect sense someone would think first, they would break into my house and again insult and assault me over her.

This is her territory.  This entire town of Coquille, Oregon is mostly Katie Middleton Nuts.  It's a U.S. government town, and almost every single pastor is a military 20 year service veteran (nothing against nice helpless but competent military who signed up one day and then found out their military is crap and that they're getting harmed).  This town has been conspiring to set her up and support her by crimes of sodomy, rape, torture, and electrocution, and chemical gassings and poisonings, since she was first here in the 80s.  She is not "Christian" so her 'christening' of any kid is pointless and nothing but a cliché.  Why doesn't she just be 'real' for once.  She sneaks around with her Judaism as if no one knows at all what her allegiances are.  She's a JEW.  Get it through your heads.  She is not 'anglican', not 'christian', not 'catholic'.  She is a JEW.  Her family is part of Jewish mafia and Mossad and they are worse criminals than many mafias.  If it's not a big deal to be jewish, why doesn't she just come out with it, and stop pretending to be a secret Esther or something.  She's not Esther.  She's like Hagida.  The entire reason they killed Osama bin ladin was because they knew he knew and he didn't mind sharing it.

She and William have started off all of their traditions with assault of my son Oliver and me, and made marks of it for the days they want to remember it by.  I'm sick of their criminal intrusion and favoritism by CIA and Pentagon and FBI for THEM.

I also do not trust Dicksie or Bob at all because one set of them has been supporting her, and ruining my life to the point of trying to kill me repeatedly.

They have had secret meetings with Katie Middleton since she was conceived and secret meetings with her continued all the way through childhood, took a break when she was a teen to be unseen and unnoticed, and then all of it all over again. 

I got jumped at my own house in Moses Lake, by my parents when they thought I was going to start talking about Katie.  They went after me with two metal strips held against me, and electrocution and both of them did it and then later Dicksie did this to me repeatedly, and forced me to submit to her by holding a gun against me, and this was how they finally ruined my brain and removed all psychic ability from me, after repeated electrocution with the electrocution box with Alan Springer.

No one was forcing them to do that.  Both of them were furious at me and when they tortured me that time, the way they did, they acted not like people putting on an act, but people desperate to ruin me for Katie.  I am very sure she would bring her child over to their house to have it "prayed over" with some secret Jewish ritual.  At least with one set of the Robert Jr and Dicksies, she would and probably did.

They had metal strips hanging on a hook they installed in my bedroom.  They left the hook there and then would bring in the strips and hang them there before attacking me.  Then when I had the candle holders, they removed the candles and put nuts there.  Acorns. 

I was told, when they told me, "No one will believe you.  You're NUTS."  Then they tried to remind me of this with taking out candles and putting acorn nuts there instead, on holders that resembled the metal strips they used for torture of me.

So when I get thrown into a hospital and drugged for the 5th time with Haldol, out of jealous rage and hatred of me, and an attempt to "get me" for Katie, and she is showing up at her wedding with diamond earrings that have "acorns" in them and a scrolling like the candle holders I had which resembled instruments of torture, I think it's rubbing it in.  I think it's an attempt to give international credit to people who tortured me, and I hope she ends up as nuts as the earrings she wore. 

I am not the person who is nuts, and thank god I will never wear "nuts" earrings.

The Dicksie who did this to me, wore gloves on her hands when she used the metal strips against the sides of my head and elsewhere to electrocute me.  She did this with a Robert Garrett Jr., by herself, and also, one time Diana Spencer showed up and also wore gloves.  Came right into my bedroom in Moses Lake, Washington to help one of the Dicksies assault me in person.

Diana is definitely getting a cover.  I don't believe she is dead.  There is no way.  She did enough things that would convince both governments to hide her and fake her death.  I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it with my own eyes.  She is basically on some kind of "disappearance act" and she's as dead as me on a cross looking at Prince Philip to say "I'm still alive."
UPDATED 11/13/13.

Since someone broke into my house while I was sleeping and cut me on the rear end and assaulted me on the face, I have had a weird reaction to my chin from it.

Whatever was put on my chin, is reactive.

I woke up and had a round, irregular spot over my entire chin and now have noticed some kind of impression marks on either side of my nose by my nostrils.  My face and skin were fine until someone broke into my house and they DID drug me, because I didn't wake up until the morning and there is no way I would sleep through someone pulling my tights down off of my body and slitting a line into my rear end with a razor, and applying some kind of mask or chemical over my face that changed my chin overnight.

First it looked like a red mark in a circle from some kind of an impression, basically, like someone got a snuff can lid that was embossed on the front and made it smaller and dipped it into a chemical and then pressed down on my chin for a very long time.  It was red and there was a mark.  Since then, my chin has become "reactive" to the ionic energy from my laptop when no other part of my face is.  It is basically like someone applied a chemical that is like a magnet to the energy from the computer and then I feel it the whole time I'm online and then I've looked in the mirror and noticed some kind of etching being done into my chin. 

So basically, I have thought for some time there is something seriously wrong with this computer that I was forced to buy.  No one would be able to target places on my face to ruin my skin and do bizarre things with energy or lasers, without seeing my face from the other side of the computer screen, through some kind of 2-way hidden camera, or it is that this specifically round part of my chin is now reactive all of a sudden, and only that part, because of a chemical that was applied to my chin.

In addition to the chemical being applied to my chin, which has ruined my skin there, and created deep pits and cavities like I have acne scarring when I don't, or like one of the biological chemical weapons used to try to disfigure politicians, the top of my head was horrendously bruised, hot, and sore the next day and felt almost completely flat.  The top of my head is not flat, and never is, but something was done to my head that somehow temporarily softened the skull so they were able to flatten it with extreme pressure.  Which sounds crazy, and maybe the most crazy of all the things I've mentioned, but unless it's possible for heads to shape to pressure even as an adult, something was done to cause my head to do this.  After mid-day, the next day, it was back to normal with how it felt, but before that, it was flattened and I don't see how that's possible on an adult but I had severe pain from it.

So I'm going to show a photo of my chin and what was done to me, and the biological weapon that was used to disfigure me, in the United States, by U.S. and UK employees.
You can see the difference in my skin on my hands and on my chin.  The skin on my chin looked the same as my hands until I was assaulted by break-in and torture and chemical assault.  Ever since, now I have this same part being targeted when I am on my computer, as if someone is able to directly target me with the energy from the computer, to use it as a host for facilitating use of Department of Energy weapons to disfigure me.

I am also still being targeted when I walk, and coming home to find a weird ring around my face somewhere that eventually goes away but is from a kind of weapon.

What was done to my chin is something that is still being done.  For the last week, each time I've sat down at the computer, I have my chin reactive and feeling like it's moving and vibrating or has a fizzing feeling under the skin, while someone does something to target me.  And then it's worsening my appearance as well, and additional grooves and etching is being done.

So basically, U.S. criminals that got away with cutting my body all over and etching designs on me, now use technology to try to do the same thing.

They also did this the day or two before a christening of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton's baby.  I am not sure what kind of joyride they thought they were getting out of assaulting me in my house in the middle of the night, but I am positive it was done with regard to Mossad symbolism for them.  Why else specifically target my chin with a red round mark like a "seal" on my chin?  I mean, what kind of a whacked conk needs to just be done with? 

They go into my house, assault me with some kind of a bizarre "seal" on my chin, flatten the top of my head by pushing it in, and slice me on the inside of my rear end?  No one who is slightly normal would do that.  It isn't even like someone just pulled down my tights, which were tight, skin-hugging leggings I wore to bed, and made a small razor mark on the side of my rear.  They cut me with a razor line up from the rectum in a straight line, over an inch, maybe 2 inches long.  So someone basically had to pull my pants down, part both sides of my rear end, and make a precise incision with a razor. 

The individual or persons that did this is/are a whacked conk that needs to seriously be put out.

It wasn't like I had a problem with my rear or the toilet either, or that I fell or cut myself on a razor in the tub by mistake and didn't notice.  It was deliberate slice up the crack of my rear, along with a chemical "seal" pushed onto my chin, my head pushed in and flattened, and two weird indentations showing up next to the outsides of my nose like someone pushed the tip of their finger down on either side and left it like that for days.  I don't know what they did, but it was bad.

This was done for Katie Middleton's "festivities" week leading up to her having her baby christened.

It was also done right before my birthday of October 22, which has been a hate-crime tradition of royals and Middletons and the gang-bangers from the U.S. who are now in political office.  This large group of people have been assaulting me, every single September during the Jewish "holy" days, and leading up to my birthday.  For years, I have been targeted with a sexual assault or group gang-beating at this time, specifically.  No one would repeatedly commit such acts of hate crime against me unless it had to do with Black September and killing of some Israelis at the 1972 Olympics.

Why is Obama so snug with Mossad?  What was he supposed to be?  Another point about Black September?  The Black man who rapes the white girl in September out of Jewish Zionist revenge scheme?  All of his talk about how I "killed his Dad" was a cover for the fact he was a criminal pushing drugs and carrying out hits for Jews.
The targeting of my chin is still occurring as well.  Whatever is being used, someone is using this to cause even worse marks on my chin from it.  Yesterday I could feel some kind of line being etched onto my face, on my chin, with something like a directed vibrating laser, and then I looked, and it was done.  Someone had just then done something to create a new line in my chin.  Then another day, it was something else and I looked, and someone had created some kind of line that impressed my skin.

Basically, the U.S. has criminals who have been making fun of my name "Cameo" and creating impressions into my face like "intaglio".  Intaglio is when instead of a raised relief, it is a sunken or engraved relief, and this group of individuals is so seriously demented, this is what they have in mind while they do this to me.

When  I first saw what my chin looked like the next day, I thought it was from the same biochemical exposure a Russian president suffered that had only a small amount of something and his entire face became mottled and pitted.

Basically, someone used something that created the same effect and then they have been working at disfiguring me more every single day. 

This group of individuals is obsessed and crazy.

Whatever the chemical was that was put on my face there, they did it after chloroforming me or drugging me through some kind of vapors introduced into the house because I wasn't awake for any of it.  The chemical applied has not just caused problems to skin on my chin, which proves poisoning, it is reactive still.  It is specifically reacting to ions.

I know a lot of people knew what had happened to me the next day because I saw how they were looking at me when I left the house to walk downtown, and how some of the women in their SUVs with their boring lives and hateful jealousy, made a bunch of grimaces holding their chin, or pushing their chins down into their chests and making visible demonstrations with or about their chin, to remind me or mock me and then they were laughing.  It's not just women either, but from the women who did this, they just looked catty and desperate.  None of them was very pretty either.  Groomed, yes, but beautiful?  No way.

Then I saw a few people at the store who saw me and they knew, something was confirmed to them about what was done to me.  So there is a huge group of people, I would estimate at least 25% of this specific town that I live in, that knows exactly what happened and who did it and what was used and how it was done.

This was done to me one other time in my life and then the effects were removed or went away naturally because I wasn't around a computer where someone was tapping into that to facilitate further damage.
The only other thing I noticed that was unusual in any way, aside from break-ins, was that one of my opened bottles of absinthe (the green liquor) had an odd taste to it when I got back from a walk one day.  I drank it anyway, thinking maybe it was my imagination. 

Right after that, I saw the photo of Barak Obama, with a steely glint to his eyes, toasting with 2 other UN members, one of them holding up a green liquor for the toast.  That was the photo, along with a bunch of ads on that spread, or layout of two pages, that made me decide he is absolutely needing to be reported once and for all, for raping me and electrocuting me.

I had a weird feeling about the photo too.  I could see from it he had an internal, hard-core mean satisfaction from the meaning of that toast, and I was on only my second bottle of absinthe and I just knew, if something was wrong with my drink in my house, he knew about it.

So then later, after writing about E.H. more and deciding to go through to report him, and some others (which has taken time because I'm gathering evidence and dates), I decided to buy burdock tea and found out later, after drinking it, that it is a remedy for poisoning.

What was odd, was that I felt 100% better after drinking it and then I wondered why and found out the main historical use was as a cure for poison.  Then, it was the day I went to the store to ask if they had more, that night, I was assaulted and whether the weird effect showed up on my chin from a reaction with poison to an antidote, or brought out the properties of a hidden chemical, or whether I was assaulted and had a chemical pressed on my chin, I'm not positive.  I  think the tea was just helpful in a silent way and that then someone who knew I was drinking it to avoid toxic poisoning, came in at night and put a chemical on my chin to disfigure me and poison me, along with assaulting me with a razor and pushing my head up against a wall.

Because it was focused on a wide bordered spot on my chin, I would say I had a chemical introduced with the break-in and assault when I was drugged unconscious because burdock tea would not cause that to happen to one place only, and it's been reactive since.

I also just found out burdock root has another name of A.munus.  Like amen, which is probably another reason why someone thought it was a great idea to assault me before the false amen people had a kid baptized.  Amen?  No way.  That was not a holy marriage by any means.  I guess it's also supposed to be a remedy for "snake bite" which I wasn't using it for, but just read, and since she wanted her kid born in the year of the snake, maybe someone just really thought they were cool to assault me that way, right before the baptism.

Dear God I love someone but who it is, I'll never know.  At least there is someone who agrees with me.  I am sure many more people agree with me now than they did, even if they don't like all that I write, that serious crimes have been committed.  I am sure some might feel they understand more now. I am one of them because this country assaulted me with their employees and friends so many times and then forced me to accept it and push it to the back of my mind.  Then to go on as if nothing ever happened, ever.  To the point of forgetting about it for awhile or at least not recognizing some of the people when they turned up again.

I am not going to go back into that phase and condition the U.S. plans on, again.  I'm not going to forget about it, I'm not letting it go, and I'm not going to push it to the back of my mind.  I am not going to listen to hypno-crap people try to use to trigger me back into what they call their "safety" mode either.  One of the technics my enemies deliberately used against me was to move me from place to place or change the setting, hoping I'd forget with a new change of location.

I remember one time, after I was seriously, I am not kidding, strangled by Rabbi Emmaneul Rose at this one house on Fir Street, and beat up, I was living at another house later, after being sodomized repeatedly on a bridge, and I started making a painting.  The brush was a really bad one, and not a paintbrush, and the paint was horrible, but I started painting and began thinking, "I am not going to forget.  I will paint a picture of that house so I don't forget."  So I started painting a blue line that split at the top.  It was the road to that house, which was long and straight and then split into a y at the top with the house where I was assaulted by a bunch of Jews with Katie Middleton there, and some other various people.

So I was painting that and determined.  I had a house and nice tree and sunny scene and then I started painting that blue line and one of the Robert Garrett Jrs knew something was "up".  He decided to go find out what I was doing and saw that and I saw as soon as he saw that line, he knew I was making sure I remembered and he said "We're leaving.  Get your things together."  So in response to my determination to remember, he wanted to switch it up.  Change gears.  Change locations.  Move away from there before I found a way to report it.  He wasn't acting mad at the perpetrators, he acted mad at me, like I was the threat.  He didn't erase it, or go over it, but we left immediately.

I never forgot what they did to me, and I have not forgotten many things.  It's that people have repeatedly moved me around, deliberately provoked me or caused distress, assaulted me with someone or something new to have me forget the other assaults, and focus on surviving the next one, and drugged me.  I was drugged many, many, times with knock-out drugs.  If anyone thought I overheard something, or thought too much, or shouldn't know how I got from one place to the next, it was a syringe in my neck or shoulder, chloroform, tranquilizer darts, and meds.

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