Saturday, November 23, 2013

U.S. Pentagon/NASA Torture Tonight & Murder for Hate Crimes

I am being targeted for torture since early this last night. 

I am being targeted with use of remote surgery technology that facilitates remote torture by use of energy weapons the U.S. has been using, with Navy and U.S. Army assistance.

They targeted the left side of my head repeatedly and then switched to the right side of my head, after I published my post about torture from electrocution with metal strips to the sides of my head.

They started torturing me, exactly after I posted some photos of myself and then a link to a song with the caption "Johnny hates Jazz". 

Immediately before I posted additional photos, I had an advertisement pop up that was comparing how smart people spend their time and how do stupid people spend their time (with the implied meaning that smart people spend their time getting savings on car insurance and stupid people have nothing to show for what they do and are therefore stupid).

This was sent to my computer after I started putting up photos of myself.  There isn't any reason for torture out of the blue and pop-up ads that directly try to belittle someone's use of time, without someone being jealous and catty and attempting to demean me out of hate crime motives.

This is a regular pattern I've noticed over the years, about when I am picked on and tortured, by any means, and for any reason.  It is constantly something done with the exact same hate crime pattern and not having anything to do with science.  It is always following jealousy over photos of me, or hatred if I refuse to pay attention to some man or woman who thinks I should pay attention to them, hatred if I don't want to be abused sexually and want to pursue my intellectual or academic goals, hatred over how I do my hair, hatred over my white skin, hatred over my having a small nose, hatred that I look young for my age, hatred that I'm thin and in shape and like to work out, hatred that I'm good at sports,...

It is always the same thing.  Hatred that I sing well, hatred that I tested out as a genius so now someone wants to ruin my college so I look dumber than I am, hatred over my owning my own house when I was 21, hatred over my ability to manage money so then stalking to try to "catch her" spending money more frivously, it's always hate.

Hatred I'm reading the Bible in the closest, hatred I am going to chapel, so now someone feels they have to do something to make me look "bad" or less spiritual, because they think I'm "better" than they are.  Hatred over my social life so I'm targeted with people who pretend to be my friend in order to shoot me down and then make me more afraid to be social.

How dare I read my Bible in my closet.  I am supposed to look "bad" and bad enough that everyone keeps wanting to electrocute me, right?

Robert Garrett Jr, a Jew, and Barak Obama, a black man, tortured me out of hate crimes against me.  They hated me because I had been living with, and was related to, an older man who hated Jews and blacks.  He had a cat that I took care of and I lived with him in his apartment and then they broke into his place and murdered him in front of me.  Before they murdered him, when he was already an older man, they made sure he witnessed my being raped and tortured by a Jew and a black, the same people he hated.

The man they murdered in front of me was German.  He loathed Blacks and Jews and he was protecting me from Robert Garrett Jr.  I was living in hiding in another country when they went after him.  They broke into our apartment, forced him to watch videos of me being tortured until he cried, and then they murdered him and kidnapped me.  The man called me "Anna".

I am positive I am not related to either Dicksie or Bob Garrett.  I remember too many times that I was being kidnapped by them, and tortured for revenge against others.  They used me, with the U.S., to commit hate crimes to avenge their own ideas of others that they thought committed hate crimes.  So all they have ever used me for is for revenge.

"National security" interests is a lie to cover for a hate crime revenge motive.  They didn't want me to have any children to spite people I'm related to as well, biologically.

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