Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photos of the Acorn Holders and Kate Middleton's Wedding Earrings.

I've mentioned the candle holders I bought.  One day after I was tortured and electrocuted in my house, someone stole the tapers that were in them and left two acorns there instead.

Has anyone noticed Katie Middleton's earrings from her wedding day?  what a coincidence.

Anyway, find a sketch of the basic design below and a better description on my post about Edward Howard (24).  The only thing that was different was they were not perfectly rectangular and had a diamond shape to the top and bottom.  So it was more of a long diamond shape.  I will redraw them to show this, but here is the basic idea.

So let's think about it.  I had two candle holders that I held white 8" tapers with.  They were metal and had leaves etched into the background of the design, and they were diamond shaped.  After I was electrocuted severely at my house, with metal strips put on either side of my head, and regular electrocution, someone took my candles and left 2 acorn nuts there in the holders instead.
Kate Middleton's earrings were diamond earrings, with leaf etchings and an acorn in the center.  It was almost the exact same design as my candle holders with the nuts in them, and this was left as a souvenir of how I was tortured to lose my psychic abilities.
When I asked my mother who put them there she smirked when she looked at them and I said what kind of nuts are they? and she refused to tell me.  Then I accused my brother, and said did you do this? and he backed off, looking scared, and wouldn't say anything.  I said you were the one at the house when this was done, and would know who did it or you did it.
Everything Kate Middleton stands for is criminal.
Not only that Diana Spencer was there and involved in torturing me around that time.  She was at our house in Moses Lake, Washington and helped my mother do this to me one of the times, and on the way out of the room she looked at my candle holders I had next to my door.  She looked slightly scared.
Not only that, I had drawn a straight blue line on a door at one of the sheds next to another house I stayed at, and at the top it split into a Y.  It looked like a river because it was blue, but it was for the road that led to a house where I was beat up, and inspected prior to premeditated sodomy.
Diana is supposedly buried on an island with a plant of oak trees and someone created a stone river as a memorial after her death. 
The news claimed Katie got the earrings she wore as a surprise gift from her "mother".

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