Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Torture To Heart Since College Classes Started

I am being targeted with military and NASA technology since classes started for me in college.  It is mostly being done when I'm online trying to work on my classes and all of my classes are online.  So this is to make it very clear what the United States continues to do.

It is occurring tonight, it happened last night, the night before last night, and every single time I've been trying to work on college.

Someone was not targeting me if I blogged, at this point, focusing instead on torturing me in classes that I have to have good grades in or cannot go to grad school, or have a career, or even learn what I need to learn.  So they've been fine, recently, with my blogging, and have targeted me for the financial aspects of attacking me when trying to compete in academics.

Not only that, today there was an entire regiment of soldiers in camoflague and plain dress in town today, and then hearing a bunch of them got a surprise welcome in Chicago, is a little strange, given the fact President Barak Obama held a gun to my head.

For someone who has been on the "anti-gun" campaign, he not only ran drugs between Chicago, England, and the Pacific NW, he held a gun to my head in Moses Lake, Washington when he visited our house there.  This was before he raped me in Seattle a few years later.  He was encouraged to shoot me in the house and when he didn't, he was told, "You'll regret it later."  Then he had me go over to stand next to him and put a deathlock grip on me on my shoulder and I passed out.  I don't know why I passed out unless he cut off some kind of circulation point or someone came up behind me when he was doing this, and injected me and I sort of remember someone coming up behind me to inject me while he was squeezing some point of my neck and shoulder in a martial arts lock of some kind.

I do not deserve to be tortured and I am tired of anti-competitive antics which are terrorism and domestic mafia.  I am really sure which Obama prefers--to be called a terrorist, part of a UK-Israel-U.S. terrorist group that had some Irish and Italian mafia backing them, or if he prefers to be known as part of a mafia.

The U.S. attorney who had my mother take photos of me was not the only U.S. government employee there.  One of them was Laura Laughlin.  I don't know what her position was then, or if she worked for Portland at the time, and was brought in, or for Seattle, and then got moved to Portland and back to Seattle, but she was there and she has used her past involvement with me and my "parents" to personally have me blacklisted by the entire FBI.

Also, Charles Bolden, who is now head of the NASA departments, was present in some of the shuttles I took with my parents in the 80s where I was beat up and tortured.  He was an astronaut at the time, and was involved in some of the missions and he sat next to a British looking or speaking astronaut for one of the shuttles, who was tall, larger-bodied, and blond.  He HATED me.  I mean, I didn't even know who he was and he really, really, had something against me and as a kid, or pre-teen, I didn't know why he disliked me that much.  He was also always joking around with the blond man about how he was "Prince Charles" or he'd tell me to call him "The King" and it was some joke they had over his name being "Charles".  So, for example, I asked him what his name was and he snarled at me and then instead of saying what he really thought about me he made a sarcastic joke to have another astronaut there hear and think it was funny and he said, "Why do you want to know?" the other blond said, "He's the king...(hahah)..King Charles."

He didn't want to tell me his name.  Charles Bolden had a lot of SHIT up his sleeve to hide.  So it was another blond, Caucasian astronaut who told me.  I felt that other man, even if he was friends with Bolden, and it seemed he liked him, I think he knew something was wrong with him.  And I couldn't figure out why he hated me so much so I persisted in asking him what his name was until I got it, and then had it confirmed by others in the shuttle.

So I really don't need continued torture and SHIT from Mr. "King" Bolden, or Leon Panetta the Irish-House-Party-Basher, or Barak Obama who ran drugs all over the world, held a gun to my head in an attempted homicide, and then settled for raping me instead, along with endorsing continued torture of me and stents in my chest by surgery and any means to facilitate torture of me remotely by technology.

I do NOT believe this country should have trading rights with any other country and I believe every other country should put sanctions on any trade with the U.S. I also do not believe any other country should be trading with Canada or England, based on what some of their higher officials and royals have done. 

No one who heats up iron rods to glowing temperatures and inserts them into the rectums of children, and then retains their positions running a country, can be trusted or respected.

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