Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Barak Obama Visiting Larry In Moses Lake

I have remembered a lot more about some things.  Some of it I've already written about, at least briefly or tentatively, in the past.

Barak Obama and Stanley Lee did not just premeditate raping me in Seattle/Mercer Island.  They went to our house in Moses Lake, Washington when we still lived there and visited, and Barak Obama was a drug-runner.

He also said he was "Aladdin" and had a magic rug (Obama did).  This was after Prince Charles had done a magic trick one time with a magic rug, or made up a story about one, when I was very little and visiting in England.

I'll write more about this in my posts titled with Edward Howard in the topic.

I was also being tortured when I was very young, and every Christmas someone made it a "tradition" to pick me up and sit me on top of the Christmas star on the Christmas tree and pushed me down enough so that it hurt my rear end. 

After they did this to me maybe 4 years in a row, they got rid of the star and put an "angel" up there instead.

They also had not only Gary Goldsmith visiting, but Katie Middleton, and went into a shop and tied me to a metal stake and I was left there for one week, until Mike showed up to pick her up.  My Mom was basically babysitting her and she played with my brother while I was locked up in another building without any windows, and lying on a stake and then I got retied a couple of times and checked on and that was it.  I had major back problems from it.

Then when I got candle holders later, either for this or another incident where I was hung up on a Christmas tree decorated with burning candles (real ones, not plastic), my family acted nervous and then someone stole the candles and put a nut in each holder.  I was being told no one would believe anything I said because "you're nuts".

So I will go over this a little later, in an Edward post.

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