Thursday, November 21, 2013

U.S. Contractors: Break Ins Into My House Again (Tonight) & Interference With College

I had a break-in, into my house tonight again.  I am changing full locks on everything and codes.  It was done tonight between 4:30-6:30 p.m.  Someone unlocked my door and left my door unlocked, which was the first thing I noticed when I got home and the next thing was that a string I tied for finding out whether someone breaks in or not, was broken, which confirmed someone entered my house without my permission.

I was also robbed a week ago.  Someone broke into my house and re-tied the string and took some of my socks and a pair of my underwear.

Not only that, I have some of the same individuals who tried to run me out of classes when I took them at OSU a decade ago, as a pre-teen, do the exact same thing this term to me, to try to force me to have bad grades and not continue with my courses.

1.  I have had assignments disappearing from the blackboard (a computer forum where you submit your online assignments), discussion posts I made which give me credit disappearing as well. My assignments/exams and discussion posts disappeared from a class I have with John Lambrinos (discussion posts I submitted were deleted), and with Jeff Stone (quizzes I took were deleted where I had a better grade and then the quiz changed so it wasn't the same one that it was before and I got a worse grade).

I have also asked both Katherine and Jeff to confirm they remember me from when I last took their classes, because the exact same problems happened then, and Katherine lied, and Jeff hasn't responded to my question.  I asked him if he would check his records and haven't heard back about it, and Katherine just lied and I know she knows she is lying because her partner was involved in assaulting me, and then she knew another man who assaulted me (punched me in the stomach and broke into the apartment with a few other men) at my house when I was a pre-teen taking these courses.  This would be her own personal motive for lying.  I also know the "sharp gal" my parents refered to all the time, was her, because I called her Donegal instead of Donegan at the time and had told my parents I didn't think she was a very good or smart teacher.  This is the same thing I told my Dad and James (Whitey) Bulger when I was last flying small craft with Whitey in Ohio fields and I said I didn't like Katie Middleton because she was a "goody-two-shoes" and I didn't think she was very smart for a kid her age.  I wasn't being mean, I just said what I thought and didn't know James Bulger knew her very well.  I got beat up by my Dad for that.  My parents refered to this woman they know, Katherine (Kelly) Donegan, who worked as an "assistant" for Alan Shay for the class I took with them, as the "sharp gal".  "She's a sharp gal" is what they would say, whether it was to refer to Donegan as a younger student helping out with a class or Katie Middleton, I am not sure but I know the acronym for Kate Middleton's kid is GALMM and this was decided when I was going into Horticulture and some of them already knew ahead of time they were planning to screw me over a second time around.  They have NO IDEA how good of a memory I actually have.  I may forget some times until reminded, but when I remember what was happening, I remember every single detail to their hairs on their pop can lids.

I remember one of the OSU staff who showed up to try to force me into a mental health hospital in Corvallis, Oregon, was Rolf Fare.  Rolf is "German" (? I think?) and I had contacted him, as I say, when I was a pre-teen, taking these courses, about a math question I had.  I have NO IDEA why Rolf Fare was there because he wasn't even one of the regular teachers I had and was just someone I tried to get in touch with by email, but he was standing there after I was out of the place and giving my mother a hug.  At the Corvallis Clinic I was at, one of the psychologists who they forced me to see (after OSU-connected staff and political persons assaulted me of course) was a Jewish man who filmed me with a video camera and then made my Dad hold the camera and videotape me there.   I also emailed Willie Riggs.  I remember almost every single OSU staff person I met in person and emailed.  I also contacted Diane Hart with the math learning center and she still has the same webpage design for herself.  I even, when I did a google search for a woman to interview for one of my assignments, and Google first offered me "Maryann Ivon", had contacted Maryann Ivon in the past as well, along with a farming medical school based in the Dakotas, which I did not bother to contact this time around.  I remember all of them.

2.  I also have the "icons" or pictures that are online in this forum, next to the links where you submit an assignment or test, disappearing from 2 of my classes so I never saw the homework or exam posted at all, even though I was checking the class folders every day.  This term, there have been only one or two days I did not check the folders for each of my classes.  The classes where this occurred are with Katherine (Kelly) Donegan's class (one assignment) and for an exam in Sarah Finger McDonald's class.

The University got a lot of money after they used me at their facility.  I was basically used, and forced to drop everything and look like I wasn't very smart, and a ton of money went to them.  Then, they got a huge amount (10 million) of money again, in 1995, after I had microchips implanted in me in a surgery done at the VA Hospital in SLC, Utah.  University of Utah also got an enormous grant from NASA and the Pentagon.  The other place that ended up with sudden inflow of money was a college Janet Bechtold had gone to in California.  What's the connection with OSU and 1995 when I didn't even go there in 1995?  Well, they do have a remote technology center and they were the first college in the United States to be a military college.  What would Janet Bechtold or California have to do with anything?  Well, George and Janet knew some of the OSU professors I was taking classes from, and George was involved in breaking into my apartment with a group of men to assault me while I was enrolled in these classes at OSU.  Janet's mother was friends with some of them as well, the one everyone said was "so powerful" from California.

This was at the same time the FBI was interrogating Gary Ridgway, who they tried to have kill me (who knew George Bechtold and Maryann McIntosh and the cops); after I had met and spent time with James (Whitey) Bulger; during the time CIA's Edward Lee Howard (my biological father) visited from Russia; and right before and then during the arrest of OSU professor Harold James Nicholson, who was accused of spying against the CIA for Russia.  I was kidnapped from a Corvallis location where I was supposed to be for a college conference, to a prison, where I was interrogated over Harold Nicholson, and then I was flown to Colorado at I was interrogated at a prison there, with the excuse that we were in Colorado for a field trip to see the OSU-USDA Germplasm Repository where they keep all of their seeds in cryofreeze storage at Ft. Collins, CO.

So one would think, you know, after doing all of those things to me, maybe someone in charge of the blackboard technology would back off and give me a break or something.  Instead, they started up the exact same kind of harassment and I am forced to try to catch up and have my grades being impacted.  Not to mention the deliberate attempt to cause distress to make the situation even worse.

Not to mention, failing electricity at my place, and computer disconnections and break-ins that have been ongoing while I am trying to take these classes online.

Some of the time I took the classes at OSU, when I was a pre-teen, I was driven to Coquille library to use their library facilities.  I was living in an apartment in downtown Portland at the time, but if I had to use a computer and when I suddenly didn't have one to use, after break-ins at the place there, where Edward Lee Howard visited, I was driven to Coquille library and used the computer there.  Why I was driven to Coquille library, when this entire town is run by the Pentagon, and black ops CIA, is a real dilemma.

Three different employees at the OSU bookstore deliberately lied to me at the start of the term as well, holding up my book order for over 5 weeks, because I had ordered it and called about it before the term started and then they kept lying to me telling me it was on backorder and would be there anytime and it wasn't.  I know when something is a mistake and when it's deliberate malicious delay and that is what it was this time.  Everyone knew what they were up to.  Including one of the Safeway store employees who said as much to me, that I should have asked for a new book instead of a used one because of what tricks they were going to pull with my book order.

If you want to know who the rats and U.S. spies are and who is connected to whom in trying to order assassinations, I just gave you some pretty good leads.

There were people at OSU working with FBI in both Portland and Seattle offices, and willing to torture a kid and then lie about that kid, to protect their own careers and reputations.

Why should I be the one forced out?  They should all be fired.

I'm tired of the wrong people getting "in" and the innocent people being forced to pay for the crimes of their offenders.  If some of these current OSU professors are lying to my face about when they were teaching and remembering me, while they repeat the same kind of harassment, why are they the ones employed?  They are liars and not just liars, they colluded to have me beat up, tortured, and it's looking pretty bad on the "attempted hit" front as well.  Priiiitty bad.

Updated:  11/22/13.  One of the professors, Sarah Finger McDonald, is another professor I took a class from in around 1986 and she's using the same cerrado soil paper she used back then, but updated.  It's exactly the same with a few updates to it and Barbosa added to it from the research done in Brazil.  When she first presented it, it was a paper spun off of of the "Annals of London" (Harding, 1981), "Walker",  and "Brasil" publications.  So now, I'm getting the exact same thing in the same class but just with a newer date on it.  Her grading of my work is also as bad and malicious as it was in the mid 80s and she didn't have a bunch of kids then, in the photo of herself.  I contributed to all the discussions and was getting a very poor grade despite my work, and I remember one of the exams was missing then as occurred this time around too.

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