Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jenny Durkan and Dana Garvey (criminal Katie Middleton supporters)

I looked up Jenny Durkan again because I think I once looked her up, along with Dana Garvey because I remembered them from Seattle.

My opinion is they are criminals and I know they support Middleton and are involved in money laundering.

I visited them at their apartment in Seattle after I was photographed naked by the FBI at Seattle FBI offices. 

Jenny Durkan is a U.S. Attorney who lived in Alaska which is probably how she knows Joy Sterling and Middletons.  I knew they were gay when I met them.  I don't think it was a big secret and that was in 1986.

I overheard them threatening a Robert Garrett Jr. and a Dicksie and witnessed an exchange of briefcases.  They talked about Joy (Sterling).

They had a large flat up higher in a complex in downtown Seattle with large windows and stood by the fireplace hearth, talking with each other and she was home from work at the law office and had a work suit on and her partner Dana wore a big pantsuit.  She was throwing around her weight as a government employee (didn't they all).  I stood right there and heard it all.

Then, they made this deliberate point to snub me and wanted me to know they were snubbing me, to my face.  I am not kidding.  This woman Dana, gave me a ball or something to hold for a moment, asking me first if I liked to play ball so she put one in my hands and then at that moment, Middletons walked around the corner with Katie Middleton.  So Dana stood up, taking the ball from me and said something about Katie and handed it to her and then they smirked at me.  She had big pants on and a light blue long-sleeved shirt.

I mean, it is unbelievable.

It was either Jenny in the FBI offices that told my mother to take naked photos of me or a woman who sort of looked like her.  I got all the butch women mixed up:  Julia Thornton, Laurie Laughlin, Jenny Durkan...but I think it was Jenny who took the photos because then I was at her house and wondering what she was going to do with those photos of me, if she was gay and thought girls were cute, were they just for the FBI or for something else?

So why was Jenny Durkan, U.S. Attorney, inside of the FBI offices anyway? and having photos taken of me?  Then she was the one who said she wanted a full body MRI of me.  She claimed it was to see if I had any broken bones after the fight out in Portland, Oregon.  That wasn't why they did it.  It was just a lie and FBI use of me.  What kind of shape was I in, to be raped by Barak Obama?  So Middletons can feel good about themselves, along with Goldsmith, "Bill", Valerie Plame, Sterling-Tancer, Frank, Alan Springer, Robert Jr., et al.

I sure haven't seen anything about this in my FOIA records requests to the FBI, and they just think they can haul people around for years and share all of the information with all their employees, and Katie Middleton, who is not even a U.S. citizen, but they keep the relevant information from others who make legal requests for it.

I remember they wanted a baby and then I got weirded out when one of them wanted to go with Robert Garrett Jr. into a private room.

Maybe they thought I'd become a dyke like they called themselves if enough men sodomized and raped me with women standing by supporting it and participating.  Who was "at the ready" to handle a case if it came up, after Obama raped me in Seattle jurisdiction?

Of course.  They were.  They knew ahead of time it would be considered an FBI matter because people who participated were from out of state, some of them, some from out of the country, and the individuals were linked to others in other states in the U.S.

I remember when several cases came up and I knew, as a kid, when I found out about them, some people were trying to get word out, in extraordinary ways, about what they knew was being done to me.  They killed people with names linked to people who were harming me.  Seattle FBI knew it and they hated me and wanted me raped repeatedly to punish those who stood up to THEM and THEIR internal criminals.

Like the rest of the Bureau, the Seattle FBI started to work more closely with its many partners in the 1980s and 1990s as cases began to grow more complex and crossed jurisdictional lines with increasing frequency.
Gary Ridgway
One such investigation involved the so-called “Green River Killer.” On July 15, 1982, two boys discovered the body of a 16-year-old prostitute floating in the Green River. By August 16, the bodies of five more young women had been found along a one-mile stretch of the river, and the FBI was asked to prepare a psychological profile of the killer. A task force was formed by local authorities to investigate the murders; the FBI joined the investigation in the summer of 1985 after two victims were found in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. In January 1986, 10 additional FBI agents were assigned to the investigation—known to the FBI as Major Case 77, GREENMURS. On November 30, 2001, Gary Ridgway was arrested by police after his DNA had been positively identified on one of the victims. In November 2003, he pled guilty to 48 murders and was later sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. While officially admitting to 48 murders, Ridgway may have killed many more women and remains one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history.
In 1984, the Seattle Division joined a major manhunt for Robert Mathews, the founder of a white supremacist group called The Order. Created in 1983, the group launched a campaign of armed robbery to raise money for its plans and propaganda efforts. On June 18, 1984, members of The Order killed a Jewish radio talk show host named Allen Berg in Denver, carrying out a plan likely conceived by Mathews. Mathews became the target of an intense manhunt in November 1984 when he escaped from the FBI in Portland, Oregon following a gunfight that wounded an agent. A month later, he was tracked to a house near Smuggler’s Cove on Whidby Island, Washington. Following a 35-hour stand off, a gun battle ensued between Mathews, Seattle agents, and more than 75 other law enforcement officers. Mathews died when the house caught on fire as a result of the gunfight. The Order’s legacy of terror ended four months later when 23 members were indicted by a federal grand jury in Seattle and arrested by the FBI. Twelve members pled guilty and the others were convicted at trial of racketeering, conspiracy, counterfeiting, armed robbery, and murder. They received sentences ranging from 40 to 100 years.
Ten neo-Nazis convicted
During this time, the division also investigated a violent, white supremacist neo-Nazi group called the Aryan Nations. In a case called BRINKROB (because it began as an investigation into the robbery of a Brink's armored truck), Seattle joined other FBI offices in what expanded into a racketeering/domestic terrorism probe. In 1985, 23 defendants were charged with a variety of crimes, including the robbery of two armored cars in Seattle; a $3.6 million Brinks robbery in California; counterfeiting; possible involvement in the murder of Allen Berg; and the bombing of a synagogue in Boise, Idaho.
Beginning in June 1986, the division investigated a serious product tampering incident that resulted in two deaths. That month, a Seattle man named Bruce Nickell and another Washington state woman died after swallowing poisoned medicine capsules. After an exhaustive investigation, Seattle agents determined that Nickell's own wife Stella—hoping to cash in her husband's life insurance policy—had laced the capsules with cyanide and placed additional bottles of the contaminated medicine on store shelves randomly to make the deaths look like the work of a serial killer. On May 9, 1988, Stella Nickell was convicted in federal court of product tampering that resulted in the deaths—the first such prosecution in the United States. She was sentenced to 90 years in prison. In 1992, the division also successfully identified another poisoner whose tampering with off-the-shelf medicines left two people dead and another ill in a strikingly similar case (only this time, a man was trying to kill his wife but failed).
On March 20, 1988, following an anonymous tip, Seattle agents arrested Ten Most Wanted fugitive Danny Michael Weeks in north Seattle. Weeks had been serving a life sentence for murder when he escaped from the Louisiana State Penitentiary in 1986. Following his escape, Weeks committed a number of crimes. After his arrest by the Seattle Division, Weeks was convicted of abducting two women (one in Alexandria, Louisiana and another in Houston, Texas); transporting a stolen motor vehicle across state lines; and using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime.

Gary Ridgway was to bring up Gary Goldsmith and his crimes against me (1984).  He killed all of the people by the Green River, after I was being tortured and punished while I was an innocent kid.  Robert Mathews killed Allen Berg (1984) and I knew as soon as I saw the news on nightly news, it was over an evil Jewish man who had tortured me around that time, Alan Springer electrocuting me, and Sandberg's and their use of their cop daughter against me.  Robert Mathews picked out that man for a reason, and as a kid, I watched and I knew, "Yes.  That is RIGHT."  I had some kind of an unseen defender somewhere, and Robert Garrett Jr. acted like he knew it and was going to put an end to it. He acted mad whenever someone new with a name of someone who was torturing me popped up. Then in 1985, more people came out who stole armored cars twice, with money and I knew they did it to remind me of the carjackings I endured in England with Mike Middleton and Robert Jr. and Barak Obama and Gary Goldsmith and others.   Then Stella and Bruce Nikkel came up in the news over poisoned medicine capsules right after I was realizing I was being drugged at my own house in Moses Lake, in 1986.  And then when I noticed, I was then seeing a bizarre thin yellow dust film over all of my furniture in my bedroom.  My room was being fumigated with military chemicals while I was sleeping.  It was yellow.  Yella, like Stella.  My heroes were not the FBI.  What was the FBI doing for me?  They were electrocuting me.  I cheered for the criminals.  In my heart, I knew they were 10x better than FBI.  The FBI were worse criminals--they tortured and electrocuted and raped children.  These other men, killed a few adults to expose and highlight some names of individuals who were trying to harm me and murder me.

I have nothing to thank the FBI for.  NOTHING.

Then, there was Daniel Michael Weeks.  My Dad seemed especially mad at him or over him and I knew, just another notch in my belt for names of people who had just premeditated raping me with Barak Obama.  When they premeditated raping me, Daniel was one of the men there, Michael Middleton's wife Carol was there, and it was in 1986, he escaped a prison and assaulted a woman in Alexandria, Louisiana and Houston, Texas jail.  ALHT.  Like, Carol Alt.  It was about my being raped for Katie Middleton.  Look at the name potential in Alexandria, Louisiana, and who lives in Texas (George).  It's like George, Alexandria, Louisiana...HEY!  Whaddya know.  Like what Katie gave her kid for a name.  To commemorate my being raped for her.

For her.  She's sure, because she named her son after it.

I would not be at all surprised if Chris Dabney, who worked for the FBI in D.C. and who lied about me, worked with the Aryan Nation just to get revenge against the man who killed Allen Berg.  Then Chris thought he'd rape me too, and feel like one of those sticks-in-the-rectum-of-a-child "heroes".  He had a Nazi swastika tattoo that was supposedly from "being in an Aryan group" and basically, my impression was he infiltrated one. 

The Seattle FBI hates my guts because they have been fighting off insurgents against their Bureau who have been attempting to leak information about FBI crimes to others.  The FBI has some of the biggest and sickest, demented criminals in history working for them.  They have a track record THREE DECADES LONG of participation in rapes and torture of me and then my son.

What were they raping me over?  Their pitiful egos?  Or were they raping me and sodomizing me thinking they were "getting to" the "Green River Killer" who was killing women whose names matched up with corrupt FBI, women, and cops who tortured me?

He says he made a career off of killing women.  How is he worse than the FBI?  The FBI made a career and careers out of many, off of electrocuting me and sodomizing me.  The FBI was banking the money.

The other thing they had their U.S. Attorney do to me, in their Seattle offices, was Jenny Durkan told me to take her gun and hold it up to my mother's head and then she either photographed it or did something, and then said, "I could have you arrested right now".  Instead, she said to the FBI waiting outside the door, "I want a full body MRI".  That was coming from a federal attorney and FBI, not a doctor.  When a U.S. attorney is telling you to hold a gun up, in an FBI office, and you're told everything they say is the law, what is a kid supposed to think?  I didn't fire it, I held it and I thought she was examining something, like one would on a gun range, but maybe measuring something, or wanting to see an example to have her think better about something.  They were all just criminals, and the FBI had 100% full knowledge of my being tortured and raped.

I haven't seen anything like that in the records I requested from the FBI, and if it's about me, they are required by law to hand it over and instead, endangered my life and have tortured my son and endangered my son's life, after over THREE DECADES of participation of rapes and torture against us. 

I just spent the last 3-4 hours being tortured by military technology with their NASA program of remote-torture directed to my heart, which is something they've done since they put a device under my ribcage in a surgery and since they added microchips to my body in 1995.  This was directly to interfere with my attempt to take my classes online and every single time I have tried, they never quit.  They do not know when to stop, have no controls, no morals, and are pathologically ill.  This country has a bunch of pedophiles and sodomists running the nation and women who electrocute small children, repeatedly, as adults, with electrocution devices.

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