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UPDATED (11/14/13) James Comey: Strangler, Child Murderer and Rapist

James Comey cannot be FBI Director anymore than Barak Obama has any business being President.

Barak Obama raped and electrocuted me one Fall of 1985-1987.  He was not alone and it was an organized hit.

Part of that organization came from James Comey, who I was introduced to prior to Barak Obama raping me.

I had met Barak Obama 3-4 times before seeing him at Martha's Vineyard with a group of people, and possibly in Hawaii.  I went with parents on vacation in Hawaii and also Martha's Vineyard and I remember something to do with him at both locations.  At a Coney Island location, he attempted to have me murdered with a gun that had a silencer on it.  We went to Coney Island from Martha's Vineyard and the house we stayed at there, to look around and it was after I met him at the house.  A gun was fired and a bullet got the edge of my ear and popped a balloon and lodged into something else instead of going to my head, and I had turned at the last moment possibly avoiding the fatal shot to my brain.  It wasn't like a balloon popped out of nowhere, the bullet touched my ear and went through my hair.

When I looked, I saw a Dicksie and what looked like James Comey replaced by another shooter, possibly a military person, but Comey had been right there.  It was odd.  They were altogether and then one split up with a Robert Jr and another person stayed with a Dicksie and then I was up to be assassinated.  I then saw Edward Howard and Prince Charles in the distance, and Charles said he was in town for business or something and was in a nice car and Edward was next to a building and had snuck back into the U.S. after having left.

At the house, James Comey wanted me to walk over to where he and Barak Obama were sitting and he said to me, "Do you know who the real king is?" and I said "Who?" and he said, pointing to Barak Obama, "THAT'S the KING."  I nodded and was walking away and he grabbed my arm and said, "Do you know about Martin Luther King's Day?"

I find it really frightening that James Comey would make "visiting the Martin Luther King's Day" memorial a requirement for all new FBI employees.

What the fuck.

Not only did this man organize a hit against me by a black man, Barak Obama, he made it a specific point to me about how HE was "the king", that Barak Obama, the black man, is a "better king than any British nobility".  So he went off, on some bizarre anti-monarchists rant, to promote racism and child rape by a black man against a white little girl, to try to "prove" how times have "changed".

Because to Barak Obama and James Comey, the day they get to have black men rape little white girls and go on to become "President of the United States" is "Equal Opportunity".

James Comey went so far as to indicate while he is not "racist against blacks", he is a child pedophile and advocates and organizes hate crimes of rape against small children.

Why?  Political favor.  He is probably counting up all the black people in America and thinking about their votes.

Not only that, it is increasingly bizarre that select groups such as "Jews" and "Blacks" are getting these little "EVERYONE HAS to pay respects to THEM" missives as if they are the only ones who ever suffered and as if they have not become worse criminals on their own.

What James Comey and Barak Obama have been part of, is an international terrorist organization.

I also think it's bizarre James Comey would go out of his way to make visiting a Martin Luther King Day Jr. memorial a prerequisiste for FBI agents, when he and Barak and others remember exactly under what conditions and occasion he sat in the room with them, holding a ball and grabbed my arm to force me to sit there and listen to him pump up pride for Obama.  It was James Comey, doing all of the hypocritical talk about "kings" and feeling really peevish that I had ever been around royals.  He said to me repeatedly, "Do YOU think you're SPECIAL or something?"  over and over.  Did I think I was "special or something" because I'd been royals.  He told me I was going to "find out" how "special" Barak Obama was pretty soon.

He was involved in organizing the hit against me and then he takes his criminal act, and wants to have it memorialized with his name attached, for the entire FBI organization.

James Comey: "Hero of 1986 child hate crimes; promoter of Martin Luther King Jr.; remember how I said it, how I am the 'special' one everyone, how I said Barak Obama was the special one and look at what I accomplished all on my own with some help from terrorism."

That's what Comey wants the FBI to look up to.

The actions taken by several individuals against me amount to terrorism.  It can be called a RICO case easily, because they crossed state lines and conspired across state lines.  However, their activities were involving international people and money laundering, rape of children, drug trafficking, and murder.  Some might say if someone is murdering people or stealing or bribing political offices, it's just a mafia.  However, they were engaged in politics and in torture.  It wasn't just an accidental murder here and there--they used prolonged decades-long torture and protracted suffering with torture devices and use of military and did it on an international level and then gave rewards of highest offices in the U.S. and to the UK to those that were participants.

James Comey's idea of how a black man Obama was "king" was not to say his "talk" about anti-monarchism was his motive.  He is hardcore monarchist for England.  His "talk" about how the U.S. promotes black men as kings was nothing but talk to promote himself and his own agenda.

You do me a favor, I'll do you a favor.  He promoted and murdered for Barak Obama, and Obama gives him the top job for the FBI.

Every single one of those involved in the terrorist organization that committed crimes against me, were given and bought the top offices in not only the U.S. but their own countries.

It is home-grown international terrorism and the entire time the U.S. was putting bans on money being sent overseas to select groups, they were sending billions to Middleton in England.  Bill and Melinda Gates were part of this terrorist organization and they control the largest share of the computer industry as a reward.

So why wasn't Microsoft prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by U.S. attorneys?  Think about who the FBI Directors were.  Louis Freeh, who stood there as my tongue was bit and held onto by a White House Hannibal Lector, and then showed up in China at the opium den for sodomy of me, and Robert Mueller, who showed up in China at the opium den for sodomy of me and he was vicious.  He also defamed me by passing false information to the Chinese to incite them to hate me and then harm me.   They have all been part of the same terrorist organization the Gates are in and this is the reason they are not in prison.

Also, Leon Panetta is the person who punched me in the nose and broke it.  Larry, the black man who was there, attacked me saying do you think I'm a monkey? and he beat me up but then it was Pentagon official Leon Panetta who punched me in the face and was extremely violent.

He should not be the top official of the Pentagon.

He punched me in the face and my nose was bleeding and then Larry was still there in the room and got some Kleenex or toilet paper tissue and then James Cartright came in or a James and pummeled me.  A whole group of men beat me up there in the Ireland house, making it counts of aggravated assault against a minor by all of them.  They also sexually touched me, not all of them, but most of them.  A couple of them then left the house in one car with Mike Middleton, another car was ours and we left with one of the men, and then there was a third car.  The entire kind of scene was repeated with the plot to rape and electrocute me in Seattle a year or two later.
11/14/13.  Updated.

I just looked up some photos, to be sure about the faces with the names and height and everything.  I did definitely meet James Comey, and he did not like me, but it was in England and Carol and Mike Middleton's (or Gary Goldsmith) house.

However, the person that was being called James Comey (I thought) from the St. Martha's Vineyard house, who was in the kitchen harassing and then out in the livingroom, saying to call Obama "king" and everything, was shorter, not 6'8".  He looked more like John Edwards or Patrick Fitzgerald.  I think James Comey was there, at the house, because his name was always called out, but he wasn't the person in the kitchen that tried strangling me and I think it was a man who looked a little more like John Edwards.

Patrick Fitzgerald was someone who told my mother to shoot me with a gun.  I just found out he was a U.S. attorney prosecuting Scooter Libby for "outing" Valerie Plame.  Patrick would have a high incentive to defend a woman who tried to murder me, because he did the same thing.   He and John Edwards knew each other.  What's really bizarre is how they look alike in face.

But he and John met my mother at an apartment in New York, and I went with her and suitcases of money were exchanged and then he (Patrick) told my mother to shoot me, and made her hold up a gun and said, "DO IT."  My Mom started shaking and she pointed it at me, and then didn't shoot.  He kicked her and called her a dumb broad.  It was after this, Valerie Plame came into the game to really kill me, with a thought-out assassination.  And of course, Patrick wanted to defend her.

The other individuals who were there, from what I remember, were Charles Spencer, at the same apartment at one point, and then James Comey DID show up, from a distance, from the porch of another house.  It was weird--like, he watched everything from a distance and I thought maybe he went out onto the porch to get a better view to shoot me and my mother grabbed me and told me to duck and we hid from him.  It was definitely James Comey.  From what I heard about him, he was in the mafia.  Maybe that's not true, but he stood there on the porch, with a hand in his pocket like he was going to shoot after we were leaving the apartment where Patrick was, and my Mom hadn't shot me and killed me.

They had tarp on the floor and bed and everything--like plastic stuff covering the floor and furniture, and were telling my Mom to shoot me.

My perspective was that someone had it lined up to happen and then this tall man who sort of looked like them, but taller, and darker hair, who was exactly the match for James Comey, was several doors away at some other apartment, came out onto the porch and stood there in an ominous way.  So I remember we tried to get out of his range.  I also remember, however, right before getting out of his range, my Mom nodded at him.  I said to her, "Who was that?" and she said "Who?" and I said, "The man you just nodded at."  She said, "I didn't nod at anyone."  I said, "Yes you did, I saw you, and he looked at you too, like he knew you.  Who is he?"  She denied it and I always remembered it.  It was Comey.  I also remember one of the Robert Garrett Jrs was pushed out to the doorway by someone from another porch and that another time one of them stood and looked like Bill Clinton as if expecting something and looking calm.  There were two times to that apartment and one of them, there was plastic and tarp everywhere and everyone was wearing gloves.  It was after that time, that James Comey looked out from his porch.  He was the only one that tall and stood out. 

So that Dicksie did not murder me, but then later that one or her twin sister tried to assassinate me with Valerie Plame, who Fitzgerald wanted to defend by sending Scooter Libby to jail.  If Christopher Hitchens said Fitzgerald always knew who the person was, I am not sure what that would imply.  The man Barak Obama chose to put in his place, when he resigned in 2012, right about the time James Bulger was going to go to trial, who I wanted to contact, about some matters, and who was tortured in November 2012 after I made an attempt to get ahold of him, is Zachary Fardon.  I recognize Zachary Fardon.

It was like some kind of Sesame Street NYC style neighborhood with townhouses and porches.  From NYC we visited Boston.  We took a car trip all the way to the other side of the United States and back and did it in something like a week.  It was constant driving.  We went to NY, Boston, and Chicago.

That's aside from flying whenever we did that.  We stopped at a few other places along the way, but those were the major places.

The guy in the kitchen at the house on Martha's Vineyard did some crazy things.  He tried strangling me, and then one time I walked in and thought I caught him sodomizing my Dad.  Then another time, it looked like he was peeing on my Dad and then my Dad, who had been crouched up, stood up and I said, "What is wrong?" and the John Edwards looking guy said, "Nothing.  He's just old."  Then he said do like Lucky Charms? and I said yes and the next morning he got out Lucky Charms and said "Here."  So I poured them into a bowl and then I went for the milk and it was gone,  and my mother was smirking and I said, "Where's the milk?" and they said, "There isn't any" and then John said, "There's some in the cat dish."  He had put a cat dish on the ground with milk. 

Then he went behind me and said let me zip you up or something like that, and he unzipped the back of my shirt a small amount and then put something on my neck and turned it on and I passed out.  I think it was a tazer.  He did this after pushing me down saying "You're a dog, and I'm a cat."  Earlier he'd said, "CATS are better.  But you're a dog."  I said, thinking he was playing a game, "I want to be a cat."  So he pushed me down on the ground telling me to "kneel" and then he was pushing my head into the bottom of the cabinet where the milk dish had been, and then he STOOD on me and said, "You're a rug."  Then he yelled out to Barak Obama and said, "Obama's Aladdin" and had Barak Obama stand there while he had me flat on the ground.   He was mocking me saying, "Hey!  She's a magic carpet!"  "Can she fly?" and went on and on about how Barak Obama was "Aladdin".   He also broke something in my neck because he was pushing on my spinal cord and I heard a pop and I told  my Mom, "I think he broke some kind of a bone in my neck."  She said no he didn't and I said, "Well he pushed really hard and I heard it pop, and it wasn't like when I crack my head to the side or something."

James Comey is someone I first remember meeting at a dinner table where they had all worn party hats and I wanted to wear one too and they said, "You can't have one."  It was at that dinner I was introduced to some different people including James Comey and James Cartright.  James Comey asked me what my political views were about capitalism.  I said something like what is capitalism?  and they explained it and I said, "Well, I think its okay to try to work and get as much money as you can but the Bible also says if someone asks you for your coat not to deny them this and to give to the poor."  So then someone said, "Would you like to join the communist party?" and I wisecracked saying, "Why? because James is a commie?" and people stared at me because for once I wasn't being earnest and gullible and I was as sarcastic with them as they were deceitful to me.  James Comey looked at me with loathing and hatred glinting.  He wasn't amused at all.  I think partly it's because I had said his ideas weren't "logical" or said something like, "Well I don't think that makes any sense, because..."  So then after this, I had my mother at the house in Moses Lake, Washington, trying to make some kind of political point by telling me to "hand everything over" to her.  She'd say, "Jesus would want you to give your coat up if I asked for it, so hand it over."  So she did this for awhile.  It was like punishing me for mentioning the idea of being a charitable person, and the principle of it.

They didn't like some pre-teen spaz quoting scripture--at least James Comey didn't.  When people got up from the table, I was still sitting there, because everyone suddenly stood up after my comments, sort of bowed to me or something and then James Comey was left looking at me with fury and he went behind my chair with James Cartright still there, and strangled me from behind and then they pushed my face down into what was left of my plate of food, and one of them snarled, "You know what YOU are?  YOU'RE an IRON-WOLF."

An "iron-wolf?"  What the hell.

Then he added, "You know what THAT is?  It's a Communist-BITCH."  My spirits and heart just sank, because this James Comey and James Cartright were degrading me, hated my guts, and wanted to curse my life.  They were all ready with their comeback about how I was a communist bitch.

I was told I was going to pay for it.  Seriously.  And then one of them unzipped the back of my shirt and I blacked out.  I don't remember what happened after that and I didn't get up from the dinner table on my own.  I think they tazered me if I remember correctly, and they did all of this at one end of the long table, in the same way Portland FBI field offices replicated the ordeal by having a bunch of them electrocute me as I sat at the end of a long table, at the head of it.  At this other table I was seated at the end, but not the head.  If I'm correct, now that I'm remembering, they unzipped the back of my shirt, to make sure I heard the zipping noise, which was something cops and FBI were doing repeatedly to "announce" and induce panic from me prior to a physical assault.  It was their own special technique and routine against me, done by them, U.S. federal employees, dozens of times.  Zip.  I was supposed to hear the sound of a zipper unzipping and be panicked knowing next I was either going to be sexually assaulted or physically abused and tortured.

That's your real "James Comey" now in charge of the FBI.  After they did this and strangled me, I was thinking I blacked out, but that was later, and no, I don't remember leaving the table but they did drag me to the head of the table and then set up the electrocution box.  They put the metal band around my head, had me tied to a chair, with my back to the length of the table, so I was at the head of one end of the table but facing them, not the table, as if the table behind me was the "train", which was a comment they made with each other while making fun of me.  One of them said, "Look!  She has a TRAIN!" and the other laughed about it.  So they had me tied to the chair, and then had the electrocution box which had been on the floor in a corner or something and I hadn't noticed, and they brought it out and I screamed and panicked and they electrocuted me.  James Comey and James Cartright.  Right there.

Leader of the Pentagon, and now, Obama's "pick" for the FBI lead.

Do you really think a man who electrocutes children is fit to be President or Head of the FBI?

Oh, the other thing, is that they were on either side of me, saying to me "Will you marry me?" and mocking me, telling me to give them my hand and then saying, "Oh look!  She has a train!!" and then the other man said something about how no one was there for me and remember everyone was gone from the table.  They told me no one would believe me and no one was on my side.  Then one of them said something about how it looked more like a coffin than a train, made out of wood.   And I blacked out at some point, because I don't remember being untied from the chair and I don't remember when they quit electrocuting me.  I don't even remember what happened right after that or what house I was in.  They were completely frying my brain.  I am very clear about everything they said that I've said they said.  At some point, one of them took out a gun and pressed the nozzle of the gun into my head.

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