Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gang Rape Of My Mom (Bujanda, Kyle Flick, Others)

I have remembered a gang-rape against my Mom.  It explains why she started crying in 2005 when I sat next to Kyle Flick and didn't recognize him, after I had gone out with Raul Bujanda and didn't recognize him.

They were involved, as a group, with other men in a gang-rape of my Mom, and an organized attempt to coerce a hit on someone's life, and they discussed cocaine.

My parents were going to meet a group in the woods somewhere and someone shot a moose first.  From what I remember, it was my Dad or one of the Robert Jrs and I didn't know he hunted.  The moose was huge, or it was a huge deer, but I always thought moose.  The carcass was cut and I crawled inside.  I was told to stay inside the guts of the carcass and listen to everything I heard and watch where I could.  So I did.

Raul Bujanda is a criminal, dirty FBI man.  I had thought my problems with him and Armando Garza were just about sexual assault of me, but I remember back farther.

There were Wenatchee Judges and lawyers there too.  It was a huge huge mess.  I mean, serious criminal.  Kyle Flick was one of the ring-leaders.  He is actually the one who punched me out and did some kind of martial arts move on me and I blacked out. 

I know it was Bujanda because I remember how he stood there and they didn't call him Raul all the time, but "Bujanda" and the name stuck with me because it was unusual.  There was a man with him who was also Mexican and his name started with an "A" and it was an Armando, Alvaro, or Alberto.  The two Hispanic men I most remember were them.  I witnessed Bujanda unzipping his pants along with a Judge.  Raul and the other Hispanic laughed at me because I tried to fight them off and kick them and then it was Kyle Flick who assaulted me with enough violence I blacked out.  I remember they mocked me saying, "Can you say booo-honda?  boooooooo-honda."

I was a kid, maybe between 4-9 years old.  I don't remember being older than that but it's possible.  I don't remember my age exactly but I remember the entire event and who was there, and I was small enough to fit inside of a huge game carcass.

It was before I was tortured at the dungeon in England with all the torture devices.

Jim Sandberg was there, and he was working with them.  He had on his big boots and did some kicking with them.  They were all corrupt,  and there were a ton of them.  Some of them took my Dad to some other location and then the others stayed with my Mom which was next to the carcass.  I witnessed full rape from what I could tell, and a knife at my Mom's cheek.  Judge John Bridges was controlling her.  He treated her like he'd been a handler abusing her since she was 4 years old and got her into some kind of blackmail position.  He was definitely into cocaine but most of what they talked about was putting a hit on someone.

There was Judge John Bridges, Jim Sandberg, Kyle Flick, Raul Bujanda, I think Armando Garza, and Alvaro Pardo (before I met him again decades later), Dennis Hotchkiss, Paul Cassel, and Miller.  There was also maybe Scott Sandberg with Jim (not positive but I sort of think it's possible and that I saw them together standing at one side together), and maybe there was another State trooper or someone.  There were maybe 2 other men I didn't really know or recognize as much, one of them tall and German-looking.  I might remember more later.

I was supposed to stay quiet in the carcass but I started screaming when they put the knife to my Mom.  From what I remember, I think she was raped multiple times and then they held up a knife to her cheek and drew it down either in front of me or I saw it from a distance and I ran out screaming, "Leave my Mom alone!" and ran over and started kicking and punching.  Judge John Bridges looked like he'd been raping my Mom a long time, or coordinating it.  Kyle Flick was the main person talking for them, with the Judges, and Sandbergs were kicking and keeping my parents in line somehow.  They brought up Joy Sterlings name and Forrest Tancer.  Specifically, I remember Joy's name.  Raul said her name and so did another man there.

Prior to this occasion, I remember when I was very young, age 3 or so, everyone leaving me for some reason and I had to stay warm and a man had been killed and the only thing I could use to keep myself warm was the corpse of a man who had died.  Possibly it was in a mortuary but I was left by myself until things were rotting.

I think it's pretty obvious the FBI has been defaming me while retaining criminals who get paid money to lie about people like me.  Half of these individuals I mentioned had a direct interest in lying about me to steal my son Oliver from me and the same ones are most likely involved in coordinating torture of him as well.  The FBI...?  There is no possible way they didn't know about this "event".  No possible way.  Which means they not only knew about this, they also knew about the coordinated plan to rape me with Obama and some of the same people connected.  Not to mention Kyle Flick is a Jew who demonstrated more violence than all of them, against me, and it seems like he was the one who held a knife to my Mom's cheek too.  The Mexicans are usually the knife people but I think it was maybe Kyle.  Someone held her and then he did this and they forced me to watch and then he went over to me and knocked me unconscious with a massive blow that was martial-arts derived.

I actually think, Kyle stood there and it was Paul Cassel with the knife.  The Mexicans were all behind me and I think one of them had a gun to my head.  Another one had a knife at my throat horizontally while another knife was on my Mom's cheek vertically as she faced me and had other men holding her.  I said "Don't cut her, you can cut me" and they let me go and Kyle and Bujanda kicked me unconscious.

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