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License Plates of Criminals; Journalists: Getting Information From Kids

(Update with License Plate Numbers at bottom of this post)
I am being tortured to the metal stent or wires they put into my chest at my surgery in Maryland.  This country has done everything possible to target me my entire life and then used every single surgery that opened up my skin, to put in new implants and means for harming me.

Because there is a lot of information to uncover about who is responsible for torture to me and my son, I am asking people to come forward with information and let me know.  If anyone has a way to access databases and records, and some of them will be written and in safes, not stored on computers or memory, then please find a way to get that information to me.

Any information about those involved in torture of my son I want.

I also highly recommend going to children to get information and dirt about Presidents, Presidential Candidates, and officials and agents.  The U.S. uses kids and tortures them for blackmail and then tries to kill them before they can talk about it.  So I would highly recommend getting information from kids.  These kids are also usually tricked into divulging information to the wrong people so many times, and sent a "message" through retaliation by torture, they have few to trust.  So many are not going to say anything or won't remember right away, everything they know because of the trauma.

My son Oliver has a shitload of information on people in Wenatchee and outside of Wenatchee.  Some of this is information I know about because he was too young to remember, and others will know about. 

My information on Valerie Plame, for example, had that come out earlier, 20 years ago, there is a very high probability President Obama would never have been President.  It is also highly probable Katie Middleton's sponsorships and funding welfare from the U.S. and theft of other kid's money, would have been cut off.  So having even one person exposed and out in the open, matched to the information provided by even one child, can bring down an entire group of extremely inter-connected and influential people.

It can also mean future torture of kids is brought to a stop and I want my son returned to me and use of him by others to end.

Had someone shown me a photo of Valerie Plame, when I was a kid, I could have positively identified her.  They try to mix people and their genitalia and other things up, so it's hard to tell for kids, and few kids survive assassination attempts by the government.

I highly recommend someone get involved now, and not lose information my son can provide on my family members (some who will have been set up to do it, but it will lead to others), doctors, counselors, nearby orchardists and owners, people from his church, people connected to Seattle, and go outside of the box of assuming it's all "local" crime and bring in photos of people I've been tortured by in the past, their children, and contacts for the current President and his advisors, and officials in the CIA, military, FBI, and cops who may have access to those in higher positions. 

He is going to be scared of, and triggered, by people who tortured him but sometimes, because the U.S. attempts to force bonding with the torturers, will have forgotten or not want to believe some of the people who harmed him and will try to protect them.  Others, he will know right away are not good people and showed up once or twice to assault him or belittle him or do some bizarre things.

Wenatchee keeps a tight rope around kids.  Their medical professionals, church people, and teachers are all mixed up with this so most of them don't talk.  But where someone may have an idea other kids are being promoted to work for or with the CIA, or other U.S. agencies, while the other kids are getting tortured, is a good place to look for clues. 

The U.S. murders children.  They do not just torture them.  They try to murder kids and they recruit for the CIA as early as pre-teen years.  They want their hands on kids who they can use up by the time they're 18 or 16 and then kill off, or on kids they can brainwash and use and promote for themselves to then marry the people they're being set up to marry, to give special interest groups better access to government secrets and power.

They have not been looking out for the best interests of the American people but select interests of an already-rich group that is responsible for most of the torture engaged in now.

So if a journalist feels they are at a loss for where to get evidence, start thinking about which kids can provide testimonies that will put others in jail and protect them and even protect them from their families because some of them are not like family at all.

You protect some of those kids, and you have grounds for a Class Action lawsuit against the U.S. before the U.S. later tries to tamper with the testimonies or the evidence.

Get rich the honest way.

I'm going to put this post into a hidden form, because I've said the same thing in the past, but I repeat it because it's information that goes with my own testimony and is a reminder. 

I love my latest Obamas-Mama, Katie Middleton, and Valerie Plame post.  I mean, how much better does it get than that?  I LOVE those mugs all lined up that way.
I went downtown, walked, after several days of being targeted to magnet-metal implants put into my head during my head surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1995 (visible on CT), and severe torture to the metal stent in my chest from Maryland in 2009 (with Obama's knowledge as Alvaro Pardo was his friend), and ultrasound to my back.

I was looking at feed for some pets and then it became a huge deal to this government CIA and military town, to make fun of the fact I asked to borrow a calculator to check on some things.  After this, I was being made fun of about being tortured to the head and then a bunch of smug Latin Americans and Irish and Jews and an Italian drove past, not to miss the 1/2 Japanese man wishing to be noticed at the exact time he drove past the local police station (like that's not an Alicia Nakata move).  One of the things smirked about, was set up, because I've been going to the post office routinely, every day, and today a Hispanic woman who did the exact same thing before, parked her huge long floor sweeper by the door, waited until I was going to leave the post office, and then chose to walk in then to push it at my feet, touching my shoes with it.  Then she said "I'm sorry" with a smug smirk when it was clear she wasn't sorry, and here she is, doing the same thing again, exactly as before, and inside a U.S. federal post office which has her on their payroll as a bona fide government employee.

A number for a Latin American group, that I felt was most likely to be connected to Mike Tancer, Forrest Tancer, and Joy Sterling is:  (Oregon)  24727.  They run some aspect of the drug industry and are connected to people who have access to those giving orders on who to torture with military technology and otherwise.  I would also guess Raul Bujanda or Armando Garza know them personally.  It was the driver of the car, a woman and a few others and all of them Latin American and Mexican.  I also think they are connected to the country of Colombia.  It's like Tancer called up all his Peace Corp people.

An older couple that seemed more like retired psychotherapists who have done work for the government had plates:  ZWL 485

When I left the post office after saying what I did both an Irish man who "looked" like some kind of hit man, and an Italian man who looked the same, looked at each other and smirked and I only wrote the Italian's plate down because I've seen him before and he's been furious at me whenever I have made a blog post about Katie Middleton.  I know he is someone who works for her and his plate, don't let the lesser-looking vehicle fool you, is:  322 WSV.  I don't know what his ethnicity is but he "looks" Italian to me.  He comes across to me as a highly intelligent man who calls a lot of shots from behind a pretty crappy looking car.  I have never talked to him and only seen him from his windshield and I've never doubted his intelligence.  That he supports Kate Middleton?  Is not the best choice he ever made, but he's otherwise intellectual.  He is older and I don't know what he does or where he's from but he is always looking satisfied if I'm being harmed or humiliated and looking furious and enraged if I write something about Katie Middleton.  So he and this Irish "boss" were staring at me as I left and the Irish one just parked directly across from me as I walked, and then I went onto the sidewalk and off to the side I saw a man in a truck who I knew had prior plans of what was going to be done to me and what was happening and was someone who hated me and part of the other group of men and his plates were 713 EAH.   He was in some kind of work truck with a slogan on the side and didn't expect me to look back and catch his plate. 

The 1/2 Japanese man (or Asian, possibly not Japanese) had plates 485 QUA.  It is possible it's QAU instead but he's 1/2 Asian and it's a large size silver truck.

Another Hispanic woman who has been around to mock me whenever I'm harmed or degraded drove a sedan with plates 116 FHW.  Possibly FWH but I think the other and I was noticing other people at the same time so I am not sure.  She looks slightly like Filipino instead of Mexican but is something like that.  It was a modern but sort of low-to-the-ground kind of sedan.

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