Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (22)

In my last post I wrote about events that occurred at an apartment which was arranged by Bill and Melinda Gates.  I'm not really sure why the Gates entered the picture aside from a possible connection to FBI, CIA, or ?  but it was after I had been tortured in the British dungeon and asked what I thought William was going to turn out like (my reply was "I think he's going to be sort of weird."   ...followed with, "Well, like, plays video games a lot or something.  To the question about is he handsome I'd said, "Not really."  They asked what do you mean, and I said, "I don't know, like glasses or something.")

I don't know if someone thought it would be great to introduce Bill The Geek at that point or what, but I'm guessing that's what they thought would be "fun".  So from William of Wales the geeky kid, they had me meeting William Gates and his wife, through the Red Cross, which Diana was involved with.  From there, I was set up to be raped at an apartment that they owned or leased to me and the man I stayed with there.  I was told it was Bill and Melinda Gates place or their arrangement for us.

Bill The Geek, after I was raped and almost died from toxic cocaine overdose forced on me at their place, went on to step on my neck when I refused to kiss his "pal" Barak Obama, and told me they'd ruin my life with the press and had the power to do it if I talked.

I'm talking.

I'm not going to stop talking Billy Boy.

Bill Gates thought he could get a Revenge of the Nerds by wielding his power and money and throwing it around with his influence, over a kid he was jealous of.  Poor, sad, sorry, Bill and Melinda.  Bill apparently thought I was another of his competitors, and most of the others, I think he successfully vanquished by crimes and cooperation from the U.S. government to do it.

Guess what folks.  He doesn't get "really" sued by the FBI.  He works with them and supports black men and teenagers raping little girls that he feels are in his "way".  Has anyone noticed none of the "lawsuits" brought against him "go anywhere" or put him in jail?  The worst that's ever happened to Bill and Melinda is they've been forced to give some money to charity.  Mostly, charities that profit the FBI, not "compensation to victims" for the crimes of anti-competition and hate crimes.  He was on the same plane I was on, with Barak Obama and look at what Barak did to me, and now he's President.  Look at what the Gates did to me, and their corporate leaders for the computer industry.  So the U.S. is sending a very clear message that "crimes pays and we'll keep protecting you with the FBI".  The FBI is the agency that supposedly does "background checks" for the President.


We all have a lot of confidence in the FBI now, because they screened and passed a pedophile who electrocutes and rapes kids to be'm thinking they must be doing a REALLY good job at counter-terrorism too.  Probably, we should be wondering who is in jail anyway?  The good guys?!  How about we put the entire FBI in jail?

Wanna help me?  Then they can be close to people like Barak and Gates and not have it look suspicious or anything, and rape eachother in jail and talk about the good days eating hor d'eourves on private planes.  Maybe we should make sure we have a transport so the English criminals can visit the U.S. criminals from time to time, and let them work for the opposite country at no pay.  Free slave labor.  I'm thinking with a man like Gates in jail, jails could be really profitable.  He might think of some really good ways to catch pedophiles like his wife.  He could design special software and have it installed in her house without her knowledge, and then after watching her on video for years and collecting the most embarrassing moments, she could join him in jail and we'll give them counseling if they think they need it.  Oh.  Sorry Bill. You can't have a pencil in your jail cell though, and no shoe strings either.  I wonder how long William and Melinda Gates with a revolver in their hand, if they got raped enough times and then tortured?  Do you think they might do us all a favor and pull the trigger?

This is what they wanted to happen to me.

They didn't even have kids of their own until 1996, out of fear of reprisal for their own crimes against children.  They waited until I'd had an auto accident and got "operated on" at Salt Lake City University hospital and then sent to be observed by another computer industry person who worked in microchips.  So they waited until they believed they could target me from a distance, to have kids of their own.

Let me tell you this.  Bill Gates is not a good person.  I met him myself before most people had ever heard of him, and he sat there expecting me to kiss Barak Obama or be punished for not kissing him, when I was a kid.   This is after they loaned out their apartment to have me raped by a group of 10-20 individuals.  Bill's personal contribution, to my face, at that time, was to put his foot on my neck and stand on me with all of his might and grind his shoe around.  That is what the FBI supports.  Any economic "crisis" the U.S. is having can be paid for in full by one lawsuit against the Gates that wipes them out.  Why should they retain anything, even personal assets, after what they've done?

I have the solution.  Sue Bill and Melinda Gates and force them to be relieved of all of the monies and assets and businesses which have been operable solely on the basis of RICO crimes.  They would not be in business at all if they were not criminals who were getting money from cocaine deals and drug lords, and raping little kids and torturing them by electrocution.  So what happened to the other businesses that tried to make a start somewhere?  They weren't "good enough" for the FBI?  They didn't rape enough and torture enough even babies?  I always thought there was something wrong with who was handling and prosecuting the lawsuits against Microsoft and the Gates and it's true, they are working for the FBI and CIA.  They believe they are "immune" from going to jail.

After being raped at the Gates' place, "Hildy's" as E.H. calls it, sort of like Melinda "Mildy's", which did not happen in 1987 from what I remember, but earlier, there was another house.

The reason I know it was earlier was because I started my period on August 10th on my 13th birthday, a day I never forgot because I had thought how weird it's my Mom's birthday.  Barak Obama raped me well before I ever had my first period and the rape at the Gates' place (by oral sex not vaginal sex) was earlier than that, and before they were threatening me not to tell anyone or they'd make my life a living hell with their power and FBI influence.

It was criminal intimidation and torture of a witness they knew could bring their entire "Microsoft" company down.  I had major evidence against them and they repeatedly told me they would make sure...they would do everything they ruin my life and THEY had the "power".  Bill Gates used that terminology several times, "I have the POWER to ruin your life."  They had heard about my talking about "special powers" so Bill thought he would one-up that, and try to tell me he could turn the entire world against me because HE was the Geek who could control all the information and technology and had "lots" of special friends in science and NASA and the military.

E.H. states he made a covert trip to the U.S. in 1986, which is a year before  June 13, 1987.  I had my first period August 10, 1988 (age 13, going on 14).  I was introduced to William and Harry (when Harry was a baby and he was born in September of 1984) and asked what I thought about him.  I was tortured shortly after this, in the dungeon.  I was 10 at the time Harry was born.  In 1985 I was 11 years old, in 1986 I was 12 years old, 1987 I was 13 after October.  I was tortured in the dungeon in 1984 or 1985.  So it was most likely in 1985 or during the covert trip of 1986 that I was raped by the Gates' people by oral means and an object on top of the vagina.  Prior to that I was raped by the royals and Middletons by an object to the anus.  Next, they colluded to rape me by forced intercourse vaginally by Barak.  All the while, torturing me during, after, or before with electrocution.  All of it was premeditated. 

If the rape by the group of people was after June 13, 1987, when I was 12 years old, then getting raped by Barak would have been a couple of months later, when I was 12 years old.  It would have gone straight from England, to the plane with Gates threatening me, to being taken out to Gates' territory (Seattle) to be raped by Barak Obama on Stanley's birthday (so it was said) in late August or by another birthday in September.  If it was 1987, that would make the baby Carol held more likely to be James Middleton, who was born April 1987.  He would have been about 4 months old or so.  Katie would have been about 5, which is the age she was supposedly close to when I found a letter between Middletons and my parents.

It was probably around that time. The torture and other rapes were at other times. Someone made sure to have some form of rape committed against me every late summer to Fall, each year, before my birthday on October 22.

I think my "parents", and Middletons, Gates, Barak Obama, and all of them are going to jail.  I think a lot of people are going to go to jail.

It is very possible Katie Middleton was also at the house where I was being raped.  I didn't see the baby there but it was there and kept from my sight.  She could have been in England, but it's possible she was not.  The baby was most likely James Middleton, so the idea of "Cake Kit" takes on special meaning for him.  He is apparently getting some of his "lessons" from both my Dad and his mother.  Honestly though, it's possible Katie was there as well.  Why say out loud a message about "lessons" at a time a 5 year old would be learning something like that?  And there was a spoon left on the counter that had honey on it.  Babies don't eat honey from spoons.  Little kids do.  Let's say they were there, for some reason.  Let's say both Katie Middleton, age 5, and her baby brother age 4 months, were there with Carol Middleton and my Dad after I was set up in a premeditated hit to be both raped of my virginity and electrocuted.  Let's say the whole "jewish lesson rite" was for both of them.  What would that mean or imply?

Would anyone wonder or have an idea about what kind of symbolism such a ritual would take, in those circumstances?

Does it sound like grieving and crying over a girl being tortured and raped? (me).  Does it seem like someone feels remorseful for what they've done?  Does this sound like normal CIA work or is it sort of sounding like Mossad + CIA work?

I mean, if my Dad and Carol were giving this honey to James and Katie and talking about "let this lesson be sweet to you", "let learning be sweet", "let the law be sweet to you", and all of this garbage about "honey" and how sweet it is to be raped by Barak Obama, does it seem strange that they wanted to focus on how I was nothing but "crown gall"?  and then this horrific bitch of a woman Katie goes on to use GAL MM for one of the kid's names?  Does this sound like maybe Hate Crime? 

Not only that, Katie had a girl she knew, Minji, living at the house where I sent things to my son Oliver.  Her criminal family knew the people who knew Minji, from South Korea, and if my parents and family committed the crimes they have against me (and they have), they've gone after my son.  Which is probably why they never wanted me to have my own child because they didn't want me to have any "heirs".  It's also misfortunate that I sent email to my Mom and Dad about how smart my son was because they've been an enemy to me.

So here's what I saw, when I left the SUV full of criminals: 

My Dad, Carol, a baby in Carol's arms.  When I walked in I heard something about this lesson rite and then when Carol saw me she looked over to a place I couldn't see and said "Run" and I heard feet running and it wasn't just one set of feet, like just Carol.  It sounded like Carol and a kid.  At least, I heard two people running.  So then my Dad was about to run too.  Carol looked like she thought my avengers may have arrived to wipe them out.  She looked like a woman who expected to see machine guns, like her husband totes around from time to time.  I went to the sink and stood by the counter and my Dad glared at me with hatred.  I saw an almost full bottle there, a jar of honey with a spoon out and honey on it, like it was full of honey and hadn't been given yet, for the end of the lesson.

I was threatened and I thought my Dad was going to try to kill me.  I then went outside and my Mom was getting out the SUV and my Dad said "I thought you were going to the airport" and my Mom said, "I guess we're not going."  They had earlier said my Dad would meet them at the airport.  So supposedly, we were going in the SUV and they were going in the station wagon.  My Dad walks over to the car and took out the car seat for a baby that had been put there, and possibly there was a booster chair too, I don't remember. 

I mean, this is totally crazy, and they're practicing freaking Judaism????!!!!
pg. 10/17/13.  It was Mike Middleton and Carol Middleton who ran into my car to run me off the road in 1992.  They were the ones in the black vehicle.  She was a passenger, wearing a baseball hat, and I hadn't seen them in such a long time, when I did, and then they flashed the lights at me, when she used to break light bulbs around me as a kid, to scare me, I panicked.  Also, my Mom was in the car.  That was a "pop up" surprise that led me to try to say out loud, "Mom?" before my car crashed into the side of the road.  I was so shocked no words could come out of my mouth.  I thought later, how could I have just talked to my Mom on the telephone and she sounded like she was at home, and then she's in a car with this man?

Tony Roos was in a truck that followed them, it appeared to be my brother in another vehicle that followed (he came home shaking and sweaty and moved to a different town), and the white sedan vehicle appeared to have Doug Peppmeier, Darren Hughes, and one other blond man inside. 

The only men in town with hair that dark like that and sort of similar features, would have been Roger Harris and Erica Wiltbank's Dad.  Also, there was a Canadian who had similar features, and James Gilbey did in some ways.  Aside from this, Forrest Tancer had dark hair but not exactly like that, and Joy Sterling had eyes similar to Carol Middletons.

I recognized him as soon as I saw him and then he flashed the brights on to blind me and scare me before trying to kill me.

A different time, my Mom and Dad did the same thing, sort of to scare me again after this was done.  A young woman who looked like Katie Middleton also showed up later in a car following this, on a different night, and tried to do the same thing to my car and she wore her hair in a ponytail and was the driver.

Given the fact the woman seated next to him looked like Carol, and the fact they flashed a bright light before running into me, when they had practiced popping light bulbs to scare me when they babysat me as a kid, I am pretty sure they thought if I caught a glimpse of her first, and then the light flashed, I would panic.

They would have planned their attack based on information George Bechtold gave them.  They decided when I was invited over to their house and then I called before I was leaving and George was aware of when I was going to be going. 

It's possible, if the Middletons were in the area, and Katie was with them, when the other woman who tried to run into me after them, looked like her, that they stayed for at least a week or so with some kind of excuse.  When the woman who looked like Katie tried to run into me, she had her hair pulled back into a ponytail with a baseball hat over it and I knew she was Jewish, and not by the nose.  When my Mom tried to scare me later and do the same thing, she also wore a baseball hat and was the driver and my Dad was on the passenger side.  Then there was some Mexican or Hispanic in a car as well, who did the same thing of trying to scare me that way, but the first ones who ran into me and attempted to murder me looked like Mike and Carol Middleton.  Knowing how they work, if there wasn't a flight that documented how they got to Oregon, they went through Canada. 

 There was a group of 3 young men, one of looked the way James Middleton looks now,  the time I saw them I thought they were English because I'd lived in England and traveled there and knew how some of the features were for some of them, and they looked English, not American. 

Because the Goldsmith-Middletons and Wales family had been jointly committing crimes against me since I was a kid, and the royals got their cocaine from them, it is most likely William has known Katie all along and did not suddenly meet her at St. Andrews University.  Of course they're not to reveal how they had a criminal background in common and knew eachother that way first.

I know the woman who was at the apartment set up by the Gates was Melinda and called Melinda by name as well because that's what my Mom was calling her by.  She used her name, and it was the same one I knew from going to a Red Cross event with.  When I got to the apartment, the group of people all broke in after me even though I told them they couldn't come in and I ran up the stairs to the bathroom and thought there would be a phone in there and there wasn't.  They broke into the apartment, they were not let in by me voluntarily.  I found E.H. in the bathroom, and thought he had a phone and said, I need to call police and he held out a hairdryer with a look and I panicked and froze and then he said, "That scares you?" and he shook his head and said, "Your Mom..."  It was more than just my Mom.  Then I didn't know why he was telling me I had to go out there and he looked upset but said I did and tried to say something like remember everything and I didn't know why he was telling me to go out there when it was dangerous.  I did and then they all did this to me and my Mom and Melinda Gates and one other woman were cleaning up.  Then I was at the other house in the hills and went to the bathroom and Robert Jr was there and looked like he'd been crying maybe and I can't remember if we just stayed in there for the most part.  When I had walked into the house, after being raped recently, one of the Jewish men was asking if I knew what a bat mizvah was and it was a 'coming of age' ritual for the Jewish.  He said this after asking how old I was.

Carol Middleton had been at the "event" where I was "levitated-raped" with Melinda Gates, my Mom, Gary Goldsmith, and another woman.  Carol said she had to get back to James (her baby, who was a few months old) so she left after the photos and it was over, instead of helping to clean.  The other women, one of them wondered where she had gone and said "Is Carol still here?" and the other one, I believe Melinda, said, "She left to take care of James."  I saw Carol Middleton there in the doorway with others and it was confirmed she was there and then went back to the house because of having a baby.  It didn't matter to her that I was raped.  She was present for my being raped by oral sex with a whole group of people and then she was present for me to be raped of my virginity by Barak Obama and had her baby with her at the house (so it appeared), with Katie Middleton (so it appeared).

The timing of the year may have truly been when I was 12 but what seems odd to me is when I talked to Barak Obama he told me he was going to law school and I asked how old he was and he said, from what I remember, "23".  He could have lied, but that's what I remember he told me at the time.

I do remember, however, saying something to my Mom later, about how could you let me get assaulted by all those people at that apartment in England and then right after that you take me to a house to get raped?  I remember specifically confronting my Mom over it.  Even then, as a kid, I calculated how many months it was exactly and said, basically, "what the heck are you doing?" 

I don't remember the rape exactly on June 13th but that may have been when the first rent period started.  It's possible, but I remember it was more like later in the summer possibly.  It was hot at night though, and muggy.  The man who took me there or stole my purse was named Alexander and he was Russian or Ukraine.  I had been with some of the royal cousins and then they said go with him and it was he who let all of those other people into the apartment. What his religion was, I don't know, but I do know, his name was Alexander.  Gary Goldman knew him and I believe one of the royal cousins did.  He was blond, slim, fairly tall, and looked sort of like Edward.  In fact, I thought it was Edward at first and he told me to call him Alexander.  I asked him where he was from and he said "Georgia".  I said is that in Hungary? and he said it was Georgia.  So I said, "You look Russian. Is it Russia?" and he didn't like my questions and was extremely political.  I knew he was political by his feelings about what location he was from or what his nationality was.  It was sort of like hearing how my Luxembourgish grandfather (?) was said to have commented he was not German, he was Luxembourgish.  Possibly he said, "I'm Russian" because I may have said so you are Georgian?  I was talkative and cheerful and unsuspecting and he was quiet, serious, and guarded.  I thought he didn't like me very much.  He knew someone named Anna.  I remember he asked another person about Anna and then thought it was coincidental he used my "legend" name in mentioning another woman he knew.  I thought it was a girlfriend he had that was older than me.  I don't remember that he went into the seems like all these people rushed in after me and I ran to get a phone to call police to get them out and he left (I think he left at the middle of the stairs.  He went with me to the middle, and then said, "I have to go" and when he turned to leave, he was smirking and I had a bad feeling.  So he went down the stairs and I tried to run to the bathroom to lock myself in and call police to get the others out.  I'm not sure what scared me, but something he said or did on the stairs, scared me.  Possibly he showed me a knife or he just said something and I believe it's when he stole my purse and left.  I do know he knew Gary Goldman.  He did tell me to save the pamphlet that proved where we had been and I had it in my coat pocket.  However, when I got back to Moses Lake, and had saved it all that time, my Mom didn't want me to have the evidence and I saw her get mad and her eyes narrowed and she kept saying "Give it to me."  I'm pretty sure she told me to give it to her and didn't just steal it secretly later because I'm not positive but I think I put it in my mouth and chewed it up instead of giving it to her.  There were a couple of times my parents demanded papers of some kind and I would do this rather than turn it over to them.  I knew, as well as my Mom, that that brochure showed the location of the nightclub I'd gone to which was close to the apartment, so it was going to prove I was in another country, at a specific location which could be confirmed.  Since my Mom (or one of the Dicksies) was also there, "cleaning" up with Melinda Gates, and Carol had been there but left, it would show my mother (or one of the Dicksies) had been there with Melinda or Carol.  I remember later when I was around Melinda I had asked her what her last name was because I thought she looked sort of European and she looked at me coldly and said, "French".  It was really obvious that woman hated my guts from the way she looked at me while she cleaned, and here she was, this adult woman I thought, acting like she has a huge problem with a kid.  I told her I didn't feel good and how my heart had stopped, and she looked at me, while cleaning and said crisply, "That's for Jennifer and Katie."  I thought, "What is she talking about?  that's for Jennifer and Katie?"  I never forgot how she said this and then she was talking with my Mom about "Were you mean to a little girl named Jennifer?  How about a little girl named Katie?" and then she did something like put some trash on me and rubbed it in.  I was so shocked, because here I was, having just been sexually assaulted, stripped, and degraded, and she was bringing up some old classmates I had in elementary school (so I thought).  First she said, "That's for Katie." and then when I said "Who's Katie" or something like that, my Mom then butted in and said, "Were you mean to a little girl named Katie?  how about Jennifer?"  So then, a decade later, in 1996, Melinda French Gates had a daughter she decided to name Jennifer Katherine, like some kind of sick memento of pride over being involved, like a "real" woman, in a premeditated "hit" against a kid:  me.  The interjection by my Mom was to cover for the Katie Melinda was actually talking about:  Kate Middleton, whose mother had just left to take care of the new baby James.  Melinda stole a necklace off of me while I was lying there and gave it to my Mom saying, "That's for Katie" and then rubbed garbage on me.  The necklace she stole off of me was the heart pendant that I had been wearing when I grappled with Putin in Russia.  So if anyone has seen a heart pendant on a chain that Katie Middleton wore as a kid, pre-teen, or teen, it belongs to me.  Melinda Gates is a thief and a criminal pedophile rapist and oh yeah, she has "powers":  She knows how to 'lift' jewelry off of little girls.  The pendant had been given to me as a gift and everyone knew it was mine and I wore it all the time.  The person who stole it off me, and decided to do so, after mocking me and saying loudly, "My last name is FRENCH", was Melinda Gates.

Seriously.  I mean, and this is supposed to be a Fortune 500 professional, normal, woman and she commits crimes of pedophilia against girls, arranges for it in an apartment they owned or paid for, takes photos with others and watches, and then steals jewelry from little girls after they've been forced to "orgasm" by a gang she set up with Middleton.  These are the people running Microsoft and they sponsored Obama and his raping me and I am very certain they gave money to the Middletons, to Katie, to sponsor her as well.  Melinda wasn't satisfied using just her own money, or Bill's money however, she wanted to steal from me.

Why do you think that is?  What would make a grown up woman like Melinda Gates do such a thing?  So then when we went out to some Red Cross event with her and Diana, I saw Melinda holding a kid or touching one and acting normal and thought, "I don't believe it.  That woman is a thief who premeditated having me tortured and raped in her apartment, and she is acting like she likes kids and like she's a good person." 

To me it wasn't just sexual assault, it was torture, because for them to bring in a vibrator and use that on me when I was used to electrocution torture, it terrified me. I didn't think it felt "good" and I didn't want to do that.  I was scared and it was painful.   I said "no" and meant it, and tried to leave until I was drugged, repeatedly.  I had tried to call police when they first broke in as well. 

Melinda and Bill should not be in business.

I was scared of the hairdryer in the bathroom not because I thought it was a gun, because once I saw it wasn't a gun, I was still scared of it and it's because I was being burned with a hairdryer by more than one woman.  One of them was Diana Spencer or Valerie Duchess of Michael and I would have to think about which.  I believe it was Diana.  Valerie made a motion to one once and I was scared, but it was Diana who had been secretly burning me.  I think they both did because Diana did one time and I was terrified and then after that, it was Valerie, not as much, and sort of covering for Diana.  Diana did the electrocution box on me too.

I know when I went to the Red Cross event where Diana and Melinda Gates was, and my Mom, my Mom talked to them but I sat by myself.  I didn't sit by any of them because honestly, I didn't like any of them.  I would have liked Diana but she tortured me, and Melinda had just done something bad and I felt betrayed by my "Mom" so I sat alone and then ended up talking to total strangers.  Mostly, I was unusually quiet.  Then I saw what looked like my necklace on Diana.  It probably went to Katie next, but I couldn't believe it.  DIANA stole my heart necklace???!  I thought maybe she's just wearing a heart one that looks like it of her own and is rubbing in the fact mine went to Katie.  But I was just astounded.  Not only that, she was looking at me to see what my reaction was when she played with it so I just turned around and put my back to her.

pg. 195  E.H. says the Hungarian KGB helped him obtain an Austrian driver's license under his alias and he bought a used BMW.  E.H. says in July writer David Wise visited Budapest to spend five days interviewing him for his book "The Spy Who Got Away". 

I remember at the house in the hills, the man who said his name was David was possibly David Wise.  The last name sounds familiar and he said he was writing a book.  This was right after being around other media types like Gates (computer information) and Lisa Thebault (newspapers).  I had a bad feeling when I was at that house.  It was just depressing.  I think part of it was my own depression, possibly from coming off of a massive cocaine overdose and also having been assaulted, and another part of it was I sensed others were depressed.  There was a heavy spirit, so to speak, around.  It felt very vacant and lost.  David Wise was there, really.  He was also writing a book and had some other people around.  They didn't seem like great people.  I had a bad feeling about them.  One of them darted out to leave and said "I don't believe."  I always thought what in the world was that for?  Then I got past the questions at the front of the house and went around and one of the Robert Garrett Jrs was there in a bathroom looking like a locked up hostage.  When the book is called "The Spy Who Got Away" and then I found Robert Garrett jr (one of them) in a bathroom looking like he was being held hostage, it looked like an interrogation and hostage-situation, not really an interview.  I also know David Wise helped arrange the sexual assault with a vibrator of me at the other place because he already knew the story and tried to justify it as if it was just a "bat mitzvah ritual".  He said something about "coming of age" and it made me feel sick and I said where's my Dad.

What I don't understand is why E.H. would tell me at the other place to find my Mom and sort of threaten me out of the bathroom with a hairdryer, and then imply there was something wrong with my Mom. 

Also, I remembered this morning, it really was Mike Middleton who tied me up and set me down on the iron cone first and then he decided not to all the way and another man came over and did it and then they passed me over to one of the Robert Garretts and what I was surprised by was that there were two of them next to eachother and I didn't know why both of them looked like Robert Garrett jr.  One was to the side and looked upset and the other didn't look as upset and said "Crown gall".  So yes, it was Mike Middleton at first and it was then the first time I noticed the Roberts were twins, right next to eachother.  It is possible they were or are triplets even, like the Dicksies, sort of a huey, duey, and louie.  I definitely have seen the Roberts side-by-side.  I don't know that I have with the Dicksies but I've seen their chests are totally different, or were, in the 80s. 

I remember I was always trying to look to check and then when one of the royals nursed I wondered if they were the same and tried to look.    Diana did nurse herself because I saw her nursing.  She had a mark on one of her breasts, like a mole or second-nipple.  It was a little-known secret.

pg. 195.  E.H. says he met with David Wise against KGB recommendations because he wanted to show he wasn't Darth Vader.  He says to account for time he was in Moscow unofficially, they fabricated a legend that he'd been travelling in Latin America and Europe.  He would say he didn't arrive in Moscow until June of 1986 and that he did so via an unnamed Socialist country, which he deduced was Hungary.  He says federal attorneys said if he didn't disclose secrets to the KGB, he did to Wise.  He wasn't sure where he would live and didn't rule out returning to the U.S. 

I know the Robert Jr. in the bathroom there did not look like a comfortable guest to me and I can't imagine disclosing anything.  I didn't talk to the book man and walked past him.  The most I said to him was my age and when he said something about coming of age, I either said, "Well, I'm not 12, I'm 11" or I shrugged and said nothing because I felt uncomfortable with him staring at me that way and making that comment after what had happened to me.  It wasn't something I wanted to talk about and he looked like he was enjoying himself too much.  So he asked more questions, some to be polite I'm sure, and I didn't feel like talking to them at all.  Usually, I was social but I didn't feel like talking and I didn't.  I saw my Dad and then for some reason I was put in a room by myself and nothing in the room at all that I remember, and stood there looking out the window at a full moon.  I don't remember if they locked me in the room or told me that's where I'd stay for awhile or what, but I was put into a room by myself, that had nothing inside and all there was was windows to look out of.  My Dad was locked in the bathroom from what I knew.  When I saw him in there he was on the floor crouched in a corner like he expected someone to come in and start kicking.  David Wise acted more like FBI than an author.  He acted like some kind of FBI counter-intelligence that was taking hostages and laughing about rape of children.  First he sounded creepy, then he sounded like a cop, so I kept my mouth shut when I was around creepy-cop.  I didn't think he was someone who was going to help me if I tried to report what had happened to me.  From the start, he was trying to be dismissive of the whole thing like no big deal.  If E.H. was indicating anything about what was happening to that Robert Jr., it was implied with using a hairdryer held out like a gun. I can't say that's what he was doing, but this is how it looked to me. 

They put me into this big room that was like the one at the apartment, but left me there with nothing.  No food, no water, no furniture, not even a chair or a bed.  All it was, was windows.  I think I was there for a week like that, or possibly less, but I remember someone went into the room saying, do you want to stay HERE or do you want to go back to the United States?  I said I didn't want to go back to the United States.  So they'd leave me in the room again, with nothing and said, "Do you want to stay here, or do you want to go back to the United States?"  over and over.  I said, "I don't want to stay here and I don't want to go to the U.S."  He said, "You don't have any other options.  You can either stay here, in this room, if that's what you want, or you can go back to the United States and try to live a normal life there."  I do not remember receiving any food OR water there.  In fact, I remember I became severely dehydrated because I was being refused water.

So they started taunting me about how I didn't have any water and if I agreed to go to the U.S. I could have water.  I refused.

That was not what they expected.  They did not expect to see me refusing water after going a week almost, without water, in protest of returning to the United States.  So I laid down, got dizzy, and began to pass out from dehydration.  When the FBI opened the door, and saw me almost blacking out and saw that I still refused to agree to go to the U.S. in exchange for water, his eyes opened wide and he panicked and they forced me to have water.  He basically went out and brought me a cup of water.  He said, "Can't I convince you to go back to the U.S.?"  I said I didn't want to go back there and he said you don't have anything here and I said yes I do, Princess Margaret likes me, and he said, "They don't want you here."  He said if you stay here, you'll have nothing and you'll have to stay in this room or go to an orphanage.  I said, "What's an orphanage like?"  He explained it and I said, "Maybe I'll go to an orphanage then" and then he changed his mind and said, "No.  You'll stay here until you sign this paper and agree you're voluntarily going back to the United States."  I said "You just told me I could go to an orphanage."  I said "I'll stay in an orphanage and visit my Dad here."  He wouldn't allow it and then said either I stay there by myself, with no one, never see my Dad, and only have water to drink, or I sign their paper and after he told me I could never see anyone again, ever, and would be locked in their house with the "bat mitzvah David Wise" smirking around somewhere in the house, I said okay and it was the worst feeling of my life.  They coerced me to sign a document by lying to me.  I knew it was a mistake.  I didn't think I had any choice, but the minute I signed it, I knew something bad was planned.  And actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I signed it at all.  I think I read it and maybe said I'll go back to the U.S. if you say I have to but I'm not signing this.  Because I remember then he was shocked I actually read it and knew not to sign it.

Sure enough.  The U.S. couldn't wait to have Barak Obama rape me and electrocute me and then they were going to electrocute me some more and put me in more basements.  They didn't give me a "normal life"--they gave me hell and put me in a country run by people who tortured me and set me up to be raped, like Gates.  I think the "Windows" platform has special meaning for Bill Gates just like the name "Jennifer Katharine" does for Melinda Gates.

When I was in that room, I wasn't given books, paper, or social contact.  I had nothing. It felt like I was there for a month and all I know, is I remember I had no water until I was going to die or pass out from dehydration, and they never gave me food.  Instead, at one point, when I said I was hungry, they had someone poop or scooped up a bunch of poop, and put it on a plate and served it to me and I cried.   They told me if I was hungry, I could eat shit and went on and on about it.  They never gave me any food.  So that was the American FBI doing their "counter-intelligence work".  From there, they put me on a plane and took me as a hostage back to the United States, where I was a hostage from that point forward.  Then my Dad said he'd get me back to Russia, and the confrontation occurred where they said they were not doing that and were turning the plane around, and I was forced to face Gates again, stepping on my neck, and Barak Obama screaming at me for being a "slut who goes to royalty but won't kiss a black man."

They planned with Middletons and Goldsmith ahead of time, for me to be raped by Barak Obama there and then they plotted how to kill me. 

Also, when I asked the FBI over 10 years ago for my FOIA, and asked again, and again, and again, and over probably 40 times or so, in writing, the FBI has not once released my file to me and instead has lied claiming they have nothing and hoping I don't remember FBI Agent David Wise and the other agents.  I had a bad feeling the entire drive to that house.

Edward Howard also thought there was something wrong with one of the Dicksies, like she wasn't on my side, and I got that from some other people too, and then it came down to being on the side of a cliff and she cuts my line to have me fall to my death, after, of course, I was raped by Barak.  Also, it was sort of strange she was there about the "levitation" thing right after she and one of the Robert Jrs was getting mad over my "special powers".  I actually cracked the dish in half the last time I did a telekinesis with her at a table.  Both of us chipped things, but I split it down the middle.  She flipped out over it.  After I split the dish down the middle, and she got scared, visibly scared, and wouldn't say anything and just looked shocked and had her hands shaking, I was getting electrocuted again and drugged.   It was after I split the dish they had "Dagmar" the telekinesis guy come over but I didn't see him do anything, he just asked me questions.  He was more like a child psychologist (yes, "shrink") that Alan Springer or someone came out to try to get a crazy theme started against me.  They had me cooped up with no social interaction from no other kids.  It was for an entire summer and then a year.  The only person I was around was my brother, who was younger, and he wasn't always around.  I did have psychic gifts, but they were isolating me and then telling me to do things sometimes, that made me sound odd.  I remember my Mom picked up the pieces of the dish and wanted to see which way it split or how it split and I wanted to look at it too.  There had been no crack there or anything so it was a solid split.  I did wonder if my Mom had done it and not me but I think I did it.  I felt part of the reason they overdosed me with Melinda Gates and Carol Middleton and everyone, was to again try to ruin my mind.

I know not just a necklace was taken off of me.  They were taking some cake to Katie Middleton, and a hat, and I think they took my coat from me too.  They took an article of clothing from me and if it was my coat, I put the pamphlet somewhere else, hiding it in my tights or something.  I know they took my coat because then my Mom checked the pockets there.  It was why they didn't expect me to have a brochure later in Moses Lake, Washington that proved I'd been out of the country. They gave that, a baseball hat, and my necklace to Katie Middleton, along with a piece of cake.  This was after sexually assaulting me, forcing me to have an orgasm, and drugging me.  One of the young men there had taken off his baseball hat and put it on my head while they were assaulting me or after.  So they gave Katie Middleton a baseball hat which was tossed at me after I was assaulted, my coat, my heart necklace, and were taking her a piece of cake.  Melinda Gates was planning to go visit the Middletons with Lisa Thebault after the clean-up.

Then they repeated their whole cake theme when I was raped by Barak Obama.

Prior to this, I think they were even premeditating further back than that, because they had Mike Middleton putting my private parts on the iron cone torture device one time and then had another man come around to put me on it again, harder, the second time.  They also had Mike Middleton's basement full of people putting a rubber ball to my vagina while I was being electrocuted and then using a fire-hot iron rod inserted into my rectum.  So following that, they had it all planned out.  They were going to assault me touching the top of me with a vibrator and have cake over it, and then they were going to have me raped vaginally by Obama and have cake over it. 

It wasn't accidental or "mistaken" games.  This group planned ahead of time, to commit gruesome crimes against me.  It was organized and it was being funded with money. 

Not to mention, has anyone noticed how Melinda French Gates looks like Katie Middleton?  It's like she fell in love with her own image.

pg. 196.  E.H.  says he doesn't object to the book but some of the information has no basis in fact and says his words were taken out of context.

I remember when I was talking to an interrogator, they kept reading back what I said to them and it was usually making me sound nuts, or had some kind of inaccuracy.  Since he was FBI and made it clear he had knowledge of my assault, and yet discouraged any report instead of writing a report, it proves the FBI has been guilty of criminal misconduct and has endangered the entire nation because of it.

E.H. says during the summer he discovered the Budapest library and starved for English-language materials he read about George Blake, a British MI6 officer and Soviet spy who escaped to Moscow in the 1960s.  I do remember at some point they let me out of the room after I agreed to go to the U.S. and there was a library and I pulled out a book about an MI6 officer and spy.  I believe it was Blake.  I was curious about him and thought it was an interesting book and someone lit up when I picked it out.  E.H. says the embassy club was next to the library and they were invited to go in and played darts and had ale.  I remember I did go to a club.  I think it was before my Mom arrived to take me back or something.  I liked going there and when a couple of men acted like maybe I was there for another reason I made it clear I was just there to talk and be social.  I had soda and fries maybe, and talked and played darts.

I also remember visiting a Canadian club connected to an embassy and people were friendly there as well, at that time.  He says he trusted a woman named Connie who was a tall blond.  I remember there was some woman my Dad or E.H. was trusting or seeming to like and I told him I didn't know about her.  I sensed she was trying to pick out information and wasn't to be trusted.  There was an undertone to it.  He writes (pg. 197) that he still met with Sasha at a pastry shop once a week and said Moscow wants you to take your security seriously so be careful about Canada and Connie.  There was definitely such a woman around and I warned him too.  I saw how she looked at me and how her mind was working.  I told him, "She's a honey trap."  I probably picked up that terminology from the book I read about George Blake or heard it somewhere but I knew it fit her.  There was a brunette woman he flirted with and a blond, and probably more but at least 2 I noticed and one in particular stood out to me as a threat.  She was sort of a Valerie-Plame type.  He said thanks for the opinion but I'll take responsibility for this. 

He says he met a U.S. embassy communications man who was about to be posted to Turkey and he shared a few beers and Sasha was happy they'd met.  E.H. said forget about him because he's leaving for Turkey next week and unfortunately he never met another cipher clerk.

I remember the cipher clerk.  I thought it was extremely exciting.  I wanted to hear all about ciphers and how it worked and what they did.  It sounded to me like economic analysis in a way, and I was thrilled to meet him and wondered if I could be mentored in ciphers or how cipher work is done.  I wasn't spying on him, I was looking for a job I liked and enjoyed good stories.  I really liked hearing about it and then I remember he said he was taking off and after all the nice talk he gave me the brush-off and my feelings were really hurt.  So E.H. or my Dad or whoever said don't worry about it.  Just forget him.

E.H. says Mary arrived in August and stayed 3 months.  Connie befriended her and gave her orientation tours.  I remember feeling deliberately excluded by Connie and she and Mary or some woman would go off together talking and leave me out.  He says his son Lee started school at the American International School and Mary made friends with the wives and he looked for work in international trade.  November arrived, Lee and Mary went back to the U.S. and he closed the house in the village and spent the holidays at the dacha in Zhukovka. 

E.H. writes of more adventures and some of it brings to mind things I did, but not necessarily in the same order. 

pg.  198.  E.H. says he learned the East German Security (stazi) was making a film to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the CIA.  They wanted him to visit and be interviewed and he declined because he didn't want to make the U.S. mad, and maybe if he didn't make them mad, the U.S. government would let him live in peace.  With his family gone he decided to accept the invitation as long as they didn't record or videotape him and he went with Sasha to East Berlin.

What I remember, is probably something from CIA boot camp when I was younger one time.  I did some sniper work.  I think it's possible it was for a movie but maybe it was just training and we didn't kill anyone, but made aim from heights and exchanged fire.  I wasn't that young because I carried a rifle, a snipers rifle.  So we went up to the top of this white stucco kind of place, like something you'd see in Sergovia, Bosnia, or someplace, and up really high and then we'd find a spot for where to take aim if fired upon.  No one fired first from our side, from what I remember.  I sat on the ground sometimes and handed out ammo and I slept with a gun.  That was one thing I was tortured over later, or it was mocked.  From what I could tell, it was a CIA exercise.  I never saw anyone die or blood or anything.  It was more like learning the rifle.  So after I did this, one of the ways I was tortured was to be tortured with my arms contorted behind a gun and forced to be tied in extremely painful position like this for a day or more.  There were flies all around my head and everything.  I believe it was in East Germany and I felt I had been tricked to go there.  I was told it was all some nice interview story idea and then I got tortured.  They also had my body contorted and twisted around some kind of a saw-horse and made fun of me, like I had to lie on my back across the narrow beam and my arms were tied down with my legs or something and I was forced to be in that position a long time. 

This also occurred after I had met Barak Obama who thought I'd killed his Dad and was stalking me everywhere, and one of the men with him was a German who talked about Angela Merkel.  I had wondered why I went from talking to this Russian Alexander, before getting assaulted, to meeting a German who maybe didn't like me, and  from what I remember he was in some kind of Army there, maybe even a U.S. man stationed at a German U.S. Army base.  I'm not sure. 

When I went I thought it was going to be about a movie interview and touring and that was it.  The hosts were very nice from the start, with first-class everything.  There was a very nice limo and then Sasha rode in one of two escort cars loaded with guards with Uzis.  It was first-class and it was torture from day 1.  Whoever E.H.'s "Sasha" is, may have been okay with him, but the minute I saw him separate from me, he was smirking and I knew he was bad, not on my side, and looking forward to what the Germans were now prepared to torture me with.  I was hit with massive ultrasound to my back as soon as I was in the limo in the back, in front of the escort cars.  It was so violent and so bad I thought I was going to throw up and I was nauseous, sick, and scared out of my mind.  It was a very extreme hit with energy-directed weapon technology.  All of the guards had been grinning too, like they couldn't wait.  E.H. says the guards blocked off traffic and used their sirens or blue lights to clear a path and played Jefferson Starship and Abba tapes on the stereo as they drove around.  I think the Jefferson Starship was a play off of the Jefferson slave-rape theme, jews, and "starship technology" and Abba was probably for the Swedish Mormons.  I was completely sick the whole way and Wolfgang wasn't innocent.  I felt like a hostage as soon as I was there.  Also, I remember a Robert Jr (I think, not E.H.) who went with me was forced into an escort car and beat up first.  Mike Middleton was there.  He had arranged for the jet that flew us there, and he stood by the escort car with the men who had Uzis and I could tell was being malicious.

There is no doubt at all that Katie Middleton and William of Wales are pedophiles.  I had several individuals tell me they are and that they attempted to access my son and my Dad or one of the Robert Jrs.  I know, based on their family histories, and what I know of his mother Diana and his father and relatives, and their rape, sexual assault, and torture of children, along with Katie Middletons family history of torture with dungeons, chaining children up, rape, and attempted murder, and murder, along with drug dealing and sexual assault, there is no possible way both Katie and William are not also pedophiles or non-violent.  One of the Robert Jrs was being repeatedly raped in this area, along with my son in Wenatchee, by people they know and they have made visits to my parent's house in-person.  I would never, ever, trust my child left alone with Katie Middleton, any of her family or friends, or with William of Wales and any of his family.  I say this, as a person who goes to a church would warn other church members not to leave their kids with a particular man or woman at Sunday school.  The best of appearances have made for a pedophile and torture haven for them and the very fact that such violent criminals as the Middletons and Goldsmiths, then intermarried with more violent criminal pedophile offenders, leaves no room to wonder whether or not Katie and William are also the same way.  They are.  If I am willing to say what I've said about my own family and be honest, why would I lie about them?  I am being truthful about all of them and the idea that any of them have anything to do with children at all, is shocking.  Some of the royals claimed the reason Katie the "Commoner" was accepted into the family as a non-royal was because they had trusted Mike Middleton's grandfather in the past as their pilot or some kind of nice tea-and-conversation story of respect has nothing to do with it.  Their only commonality is vicious crime against children.  It's not like they even respect people who work for them or who try to be honest psychics and give good advice, they torture them and have others torture them for them.  They raise children to service them sexually and then torture them with Mike Middleton stabbing fire-brands into their rear-ends.  Then they try to make the children feel like they're the ones guilty of something, who should be killed.  Katie was raised to marry him or be his whore.  From the time she was a kid U.S. professionals sponsored her with huge amounts of money and favors, and some in the UK as well, and it's like the more crimes Mike Middleton committed, the cozier the feeling for why they should have their kids marry because now one pedophile raping, torturing family could unite with another one and they could try to protect each other while giving favors to others from their positions.  I always like to fall back on the idea that Diana Spencer was a nice woman and admirable and how I had looked up to her.  It's easier to think of someone like that, in that way, but that is not the truth of who she is or how she is.

pg. 199. E.H. says, "I was taken to a house and given a room and the place had a sauna, billiard table and refrigerator stocked with German beer."  This was all true.  I was getting radiated at that house too however, and spent a lot of time in the sauna.  I don't remember meal times being formal but informal with t.v. dinners and sometimes something very good, but it was more like a large cabin.  The food was good I think, when it wasn't a t.v. dinner, and I wasn't throwing up from radiation or ultrasound.  I was made fun of about dressing for dinner.  They said you're just a country girl, don't worry about trying to make something of yourself.  E.H. says "I told the guards I liked to jog" and that a group arrived to run with him.  I remember they were athletic joggers and that one of them tripped me to fall while I was running and they went between acting friendly to acting passive-aggressive like they wanted to kill me.  Every single day I went out to jog, they did this so I quit jogging with them. 

The Germans, or U.S. Army in Germany, wherever this was, used the opportunity of having us there to torture us.  I saw torture of my Dad, or Robert Jr., I was tortured, and then I saw my Mom show up and they both acted like they were trying not to cry and then I got shot, literally, in the arm, with a gun.  It wasn't a stray bullet, it was a targeted attempt and I turned my body against the wall to avoid the bullet and it got my arm instead of my heart or head.  I was being told since someone thought I killed their Dad they were going to kill me now, and they did aim and I was hit.  This is all part of this sick and disgusting whining by Barak Obama about a little girl supposedly causing his Dad to have a car wreck, and the idea that some of the adults who couldn't stand the psychic or intellectual competition got jealous and wanted to think of any excuse to accuse a little girl of something, mainly to justify their sexual pedophilia and their use of torture on a kid to try to boost their own careers.  I was shot at a U.S. Army base in Germany, when the pretense to get me there had been that I was going to be interviewed for a movie about the CIA.  So WHO was shooting me again?  OH YEAH.  The United States Army.  They thought it would work out better if they tried to kill a U.S. citizen overseas at their own base.  So why is Mike Middleton working for the U.S. Army and CIA?  Or is it just Mossad, like I've said.  He and Carol get all of their terrorist money from the U.S. and a few privilege perks from British royals.  I hardly think working for some pedophiles in England qualifies as working for the English.

Mike Middleton and the royals tried to make a point of having my Dad say, "I'm sorry this isn't like what's at the royals" or something, as if Mike Middleton and Carol were a real catch.  This is not to mention the fact that the German man who showed up with Charles Goodman and Obama, was working with Mike Middleton, when the Middletons had just had me assaulted.  Then it was Middleton again, sending us off to the U.S. Army in Germany, so why exactly is Mike Middleton so tied-in with the U.S. and not his own country aside from some pedophile and torturing royals? 

While I was there, they had guards go in and that was where they had my Dad force me to sit on him, and then they brought in U.S. Army guards who told me to give them sexual favors and I was 12 years old or less.  They beat me up for not wanting to do more with them.  Then they forced my Dad to take his pants off, which is what E.H. refers to the unexpected "de-briefing" and kneel on the carpet and bend over while they had German U.S. Army guards assault him and my Dad was trying not to cry and told me to go in the other room and don't look.  It was one huge interrogation session when it wasn't sexual assault, and that is what Mike Middleton  and James Gilbey patted the cars off with a smile over.  That's not to say Middletons and my parents don't work together, because they do.  The only other German person connected to intelligence or Middletons at that time was George Bechtold, who I first met when I was locked in a smokehouse.  That was before I ever moved to Sherwood, Oregon and was around the same time I was sent to be tortured in Germany with Middleton and Gilbey patting the cars off.

On the topic of pedophilia, I've seen some gross cases of it from Mormons.  I wouldn't want Geoff Rasmussen or his friends, or Andy Panda or others around him.  I've seen some of the things they do and I also know how some of them are involved in sexual trafficking of young woman and boys.  I witnessed this in Wenatchee as well as in Moses Lake.  I know it's also in the Mexican churches in Wenatchee.

We can ask why Raul Bujanda, with the FBI, wanted to show off his watch, specifically, the way Forrest Tancer used to do on private planes.

And why he and Armando Garza wanted to imitate the way Alexander ran up and down my stairs and how I was forced to let them in when I unlocked the door.  How was it they knew exactly what had happened to me when I was set up by Middleton and Gates to be gang-raped with a vibrator through a break-in of the same nature?  We can wonder why Raul thought he would ask "Are you hungry?" to get a hamburger in the middle of the night when E.H. did this and had to live in Hungary out of fear of FBI persecution.

Is Bujanda still at-large?  Oh, because I thought I had reported him and Garza.

The person who shot me in Germany was one of the Robert Jrs.  He aimed for my heart and I had ducked out of the way and it got my arm.  I made sure to say out loud,  "You just tried to shoot me."  I must have known it was possible there was surveillance in my body or in that area or on someone, because I said it loud and then he didn't try again.  He said it was a stray bullet and no, it wasn't. So they tried to shoot me in the heart after my heart necklace was stolen from me to go to Katie Middleton and Barak Obama stalked me out thinking I had killed his Dad when I was even younger than 11-12 years old (which is when he stalked me).  The location of the shooting against me by my Dad was the U.S. Army base in East Germany.

The invitation to go there, for a "movie interview" was made at the house with Barak Obama and Charles Goodman, following being the other house where I was assaulted.  So they were connected to the attempt to kill me.

Some things I remembered more clearly for correction are that I think it was James Gilbey, not Mike Middleton, who pushed the doors on the escort cars when we got to Germany.  I sort of remember seeing both of them there, but Gilbey was the one who talked to one of the Robert Jrs first.

It's possible if it was not Diana Spencer with the supernumary nipple, it was one of the Dicksies.  I know both of them were nursing a baby around that time, and from what I remember, it was Diana with the extra nipple, and I saw both of their breasts from nursing, but it would be one of, it was Diana.  Because later, my Mom tried to cover for Diana claiming she was the one with one and I said "I know you're not, how come you don't want me to remember had it?"  I was told it had a magical power, and having an extra nipple meant you could be a real witch.  Diana just said it gave her "special powers" and another woman joked it made her a "witch".  I didn't have one so they said they could put a dot on my forehead instead.  I was looking at my stomach and chest to see if I had one and she said I think you do but someone else said, "It's just a mole" but since it stuck out a little, she said we both had them but they decided I should have a dot on my forehead for some reason.

From what I remember, she offered to let me nurse from one of her breasts.  My Mom didn't, but Diana did.  I didn't think there was anything wrong with it, or with the idea and was curious about how the babies got milk from the woman.  Unless Diana had a secret child before 1982, it would have been in 1982 after William was born this happened.  I was 7 or 8 years old at the time.  What I remember, is she offered, so I tried it.  Seriously.  It wasn't sexual, or weird...I was a little kid who wanted to see how it worked with the milk like that.  I don't remember my reaction to it.  I'm not sure if I spit it out because I wasn't used to it tasting different from cow milk, or if I just said it was good milk and patted her chest and that was it.  I'm positive it was Diana and remember the look in her eyes when she thought about it first.

This became a huge deal. It was such a big deal without my realizing it, that people in England and the U.S. both heard about it.  It is probably why Dr. Malcolm Butler harassed me with the question, when asking how long I intended to nurse my son, "You're not thinking of doing it until he's like, SEVEN are you?"  I really didn't see why he was making such a big deal about my nursing.  Then, I ended up being harassed by Barak Obama later, with Charles there (Goodman) and Mark (the German).

They were punishing me for nursing from Diana Spencer's breasts all the way until I was 12 years old, because that's how old I was then, when Barak, Chalres G. and Mark and another man tried to force me to nurse from my Dad's "breasts".

I also got tortured 10x more severely after nursing from her breasts.  I remember I patted her chest and said, "That's good milk" or something so maybe that's why they had some guy there named "Goodman" later.  I also said it was sweet.

I also remember William had seizures.  He had full-on, total body seizures even as a baby.  The reason I later thought Joanna or someone needed a stick in her mouth so she didn't bite her tongue was because William had something put in his mouth so he didn't bit his tongue as a baby.  Possibly it was just a finger across his mouth when he was little and then later he had seizures too.  From what I saw, there was nothing occurring ahead of time to trigger them.  I played with him on the floor, before later being asked what I thought about him after I hadn't seen him in a while.  I would be playing with him and all of a sudden, he would go into a seizure with no warning.  Once we were playing with a ball together on the floor sitting down.  I rolled it back and forth to him and then out of nowhere, he had a seizure.  They did put something in his mouth sometimes, to keep him from biting his tongue, from what I remember.  I remember Diana looked at me, sort of upset once, as if "What did you do?" but I didn't do anything.  I was just sitting there playing with him.  I remembered my Mom sat there with some of them as well, sometimes a group would sit on the floor while he played on the floor.

Here's the sad part.  They maybe tortured him and then tried to blame me, including his own Mom.  This is when they started electrocuting me a lot so I wouldn't remember.  I wasn't sure what it was but they would sometimes sit in a circle around him or in a part-circle, and use a device and click or push something and he'd go into a seizure from it.  Diana, his mother, used it on him, and caused some of his seizures, and my Mom held it when it was handed to her by Diana.  I never used it.  Later, after they thought I didn't remember anymore how Diana herself used it, my Mom was pretending to "hide" it from me but let me see it and then I would be playing with him and he'd go into a seizure.  I "told on them".  I said, "My Mom and Diana are using something to hurt William" and after I told on both of them, I was "in trouble".  So they tortured me instead, more than before.  She called me "Rat".  Diana did.  "You RAT."

Katie Middleton was never there when I was there at the same time.  Not from what I remember, except for once.  I think after she called me a RAT, they brought in Katie.  Now Katie wouldn't be a "rat".  Oh no, they would rely on Katie.  I remember they rubbed it in and my Mom even didn't look comfortable.  Diana went on and on about how sweet and nice Katie was and how Cameo was a MEAN RAT.  She implied I was the one causing his seizures too.  So William and Katie sat there on the floor playing together and I was told I couldn't play because I caused his seizures, and sat on the bed instead, while they sat on the floor playing together.  She kept saying to William, to look at her and she pointed to Katie and said, "LOVE" and then pointed to me and said "RAT" and then repeated this over and over to program Little William to see "love" with Katie and "rat" with "that mean girl on the bed".  William wouldn't keep looking at her and wanted to play so Diana was standing there telling William "LOOK AT ME" and then pointed to Katie:  "LOVE" and then to me:  "RAT".

The "Love Rat" had nothing to do with James Hewitt talking about something.  It had to do with how Diana Spencer was programming her child to think.

I sat there being called a "RAT" and having Diana point back and forth for what felt like a half hour or more.  Not only was she lying, and programming her own kid to think a certain way when she took part in torturing him herself, she was degrading me and every time she called me a "Rat" it made me feel bad about myself.  LOVE RAT.  LOVE.  RAT.  Over and over.  I started to huddle into a ball with my arms around my knees at the head of the bed, and having to sit there being punished for trying to protect a baby.  They induced seizures in him often.  Carol Middleton was 100% along-for-the-ride and coached the programming.  Carol was telling her, "Now stand and point and then tell him, and make sure he's looking at you."  Carol Middleton is literally Hell's demon and nothing else.  I actually remember, it was Melinda Gates now that I think about it.  Carol was there, standing there, and Melinda was the one coaching Diana on how to do the programming with Carol smiling about it.  My Mom and I were on the bed, apart from them, sitting up by the headboard, with Katie and William playing on the ground and the other women standing around them, directing programming.  I think it's possible my hands were tied and my Mom was tied too.  For some reason it was like we had to sit there together and neither of us moved at all.  I'm not sure why we didn't move.  I know they were calling my Mom a "rat" sometimes too, not just pointing at me but pointing to my Mom and my Mom was scared of Melinda.

When they later introduced him to me again, after this, I didn't remember any of it at the time because I was being electrocuted.

It wasn't like they were making predictions about the future.  They were torturing a baby, with his own Mom involved in it, and then programming him to think how THEY wanted him to think.  They had his life planned out according to their own desires.  Then they tortured and degraded me all the time to ruin my life and bring out the worst, not the best, and it had nothing to do with predictions or prophecy.  They were manipulators. 

As for William, was it really him?  Yes, of course.  I saw his diaper being changed and I remember exactly how he looks and that he peed on my hand once when I was helping.  I had commented "it" was "small" because I didn't see babies usually.  It was probably about average for a baby boy.  I commented that his butt or something was "hairy".  The grown ups looked at me strange and I said, "He has hair on his bottom!"  They said no he doesn't and I said, "Yes he does, look" and it was this very fine blond hair.  It would be really horrible to have Harry think he's named after his brother's butt but who knows.  I guess his name is actually Henry and William wanted to call him "Heh-whee?" 

When Jew Josh Gatov raped me later, after he commented about how I was "taken by a Jew" he later made a specific point to claim I had "hair" on my butt.  He directly referenced what I'd said about William of Wales which was another indicator for motive for his Jewish hate crime against me.  What I said, as a kid, innocently, was used against me and not forgotten all the way up to being raped again at age 24 by another Jew with aspirations of world control.  If they want to control the world, great, go for it.  But don't ask people to respect you, ever, for raping someone because you're so jealous you're still picking on a kid, for things said or done when they were a kid, that you can't get over.  Obviously, it was hate crime.

One person he knew was Lorraine Rose and she showed up in her old station wagon, with her kids inside of it, to mock me in England and Germany.  I met her son "Josh" who I didn't like and knew was a brat even then.  He had hateful derisive eyes and a Jewish superiority complex.  Lorraine showed up after Robert Jr was driving a truck with Katie Middleton in the car, having just talked to Carol Middleton, and Edward Howard was with his son Lee.  They did this thing I didn't understand, trying to turn me around from Robert Jr. and Katie to face Lee Howard and saying, "That's your family."  I didn't understand, and kept trying to go to the truck where my "Dad" was and I was scared of Edward Howard for some reason and he kept trying to turn me to face Lee  and the grown ups stood there and waited for me to make a choice and I ran after my "Dad" in the truck who had Katie with him and Lorraine Rose and Jews drove by me smirking at me.  They felt they'd won the competition.  It was like some kind of bet or competition or something.  I thought I had made the right choice because why was this Edward Howard almost crying and acting so desperate and trying to turn me to this other boy and saying that was my brother?  I said, "No he's not.  My brother's name is Levi, not Lee."  I may have just said, freaking out, "He's not my brother!" and it turns out, he might be.  As a kid, how do you pop that surprise on a kid in a sudden moment?  People lied to me all the time, and what was I supposed to think?

So why exactly did Lorraine Rose want to stalk me down later, when she knew I had forgotten about her and "Josh" and her brats?  It wasn't like they were even nice kids and I suspected she'd said something really awful about me to them by the way Josh looked at me with this mocking smirk.  He didn't even know me, so why look at me like that?  I knew he was a self-consumed brat from the first day I laid eyes on the criminal colluding rapist-tyrant.  My Dad flipped out and spanked me when I turned my back on Katie too, on my own one day.  He beat me.  I wondered what his problem was and why he was so sweet with this kid "Katie".  When I went to the truck, I don't even know if he told me to sit in the front with them or if he just said "Hop in the back" and made me ride in the back of the truck behind them, because one time he did that.  I don't know if it was that time though.

The Jews who showed up were a dark-haired woman Jew in one car, Lorraine Rose (who had grown up in England and whose sister still lives there) in another car, and then there was someone else.  I want to say Katie was about 3 years old, and we were at a construction site of some kind. I know there was construction going on there.  From what I remember my necklace had been stolen from me, that had the heart on it, and then I was going to the "movie interview" in Germany next.  It is possible Edward was warning me and trying to turn me around from Germany where he knew my Dad was going to shoot me or someone had that planned (who knows who).

The German man was named Mark and I remember "Mark Shaw".  Mark Shaw was friends of my parents supposedly and there with Barak Obama and Charles Goodman.  However, when I showed up at my parents house in 2011 and looked at my Dad's trash mail on his computer, all of the messages from Mark sounded threatening, in a way someone who controls your life tries to threaten you.  It didn't sound very much like friends to me. 

So then I was in Germany and the other thing is I said I was forced to sit on my Dad's head but I remember my Dad didn't choose it.  Several German U.S. Army guards broke into the house or got mad that my Dad didn't have "more information" because he had no "information" and they told me to put on a skirt and forced my Dad under my skirt.  I remember they were telling him to put on a skirt too and pulled girls or women's clothing partly over him.  There were 3-5 guards, all big men and in shape, and all of them beating me and my Dad and forcing him to do this.

I know it was a U.S. Army base because I had the flag and signs pointed out to me when we were leaving.  However, I'm not sure why because my Dad tried to shoot me in the heart and did it secretively and I moved.  It caught my arm and I had a sling.  I was seen at their clinic there eventually too.  But before I could go anywhere, when my Dad saw I moved at the last minute (he was behind me with the gun and I had turned my head and then moved, he tied me up.  He had his hand on the gun and had tied me so I couldn't move when he tried to shoot me the second time and at the last minute I worked a hand free and smashed him over the head with something hard and ran.  It was hard enough that he fell down to the ground.  What happened, I think, was that he had found out his gun was out of bullets and as he was loading, I got out of it but I also said, "Why are you trying to shoot me Dad?" which I knew was getting picked up by audio surveillance somewhere and I knew he didn't like it.  I didn't wait for someone to help me, I ran out of there and when I was down the stairs I was outside.  I screamed for "Help" and then I think I found I was right next to a different room with people inside, in uniform. 

They got mad I was there.  Then they took me to some holding room with military and then after that I was taken to a unit for the bullet wound.  I met James Cartright there if I remember correctly.  He was connected to the Pentagon even back then.

On a tangent...some of the flying I did was in Ohio in the country.  I don't know what kind of training bases they have there, but I was flying small field planes.

After being interrogated by James Cartright and another official, and knowing James hated my guts and was extremely upset I wasn't dead, as planned (he was on the phone with Mike Middleton and intercoming with him when I walked in), I remember some kind of scary experience at the medical unit.  They looked like they didn't even want to take me there, like a baby someone tried to abort and didn't abort successfully, and treated me and then I remember they did some cutting on my arms.  It wasn't just cutting like a quick razor cut. From what I remember they did some kind of carving and had my parents watch and were telling them to give them information.

My Dad was there and I saw the huge bump on his head where I had hit him and I started giggling.  I wasn't making fun of him--it was a nervous response and I started laughing and he got furious and said, "You think that's FUNNY?" and walked over to me and began strangling me and I couldn't breathe and then a nurse walked in.  I thought I was just about to pass out and she walked in.

I can't remember exactly where I got hit with the bullet except for in the arm and I think it's my left shoulder because I have a spot that hardened into a callous where I think they removed the bullet.  It wasn't like a bullet bounced off of me, it was in my arm and I looked at it when they had removed it with pincers, because I said, "I want to see!  I want to see it!" and they showed it to me.  From what I remember, it was a steel silver metal looking bullet.  It had some blood on it but they washed it off.  The bullet was a couple of inches deep.  There was a fraction to part of it.  Like 1 and something or 2 and something and I think it was 2 and something.  I know whatever the depth was, later my parents tried to say it wasn't that deep and wanted it to sound more like a surface wound.

My only question to all of them was "Why was that man James Cartright talking to Mike Middleton?"  I mean, he's on a conference call to MIDDLETON????  while he thinks I am being assassinated on their property?

Then they tortured me by forcing me into weird positions to stay in for a long time.

Also, the woman who showed my Mom around the apartment later, after I was at the British embassy and library and Canadian clubs, was Mary from what I remember.  She had dark brown hair and I believe I called her Mary.  She was the one who showed my Mom around.  The blondes, there were two that I remember.  I think one of them was possibly Valerie Plame.  I distinctly remember meeting her at her college in London, but I think she was also at one of the clubs like the Canadian club and was possibly the woman I told my Dad was a honeytrap, along with another one who was an even more of a cool blond.  I think 3 blondes, maybe Diana visited once, the one blond and then Valerie.  Valerie was talkative and cheerful there, not like at the college, and this other woman was very cool and reserved.

Supposedly, killing me was to make Barak Obama feel happy.  However, I hadn't even killed his Dad. 

Also, the person all the Jews were calling "sweet" was Katie Middleton, not me.  Or it was William.   I remember this because to avoid being tortured by Middleton or Diana one time I tried to say, "Can't I just hold the sweet baby?"  I called the baby by the name "Sweet Baby" because I overheard someone else saying to it, "Oh you are so sweet"--they kept saying the baby was so sweet so I began calling it "sweet baby" and asked to hold it to get out of being electrocuted. 

Which possibly shows where Halea Meyers was going when in Europe and then Israel later.  She worked for Laura Rose-Lewis and Halea said, "She asked me if you are really as sweet as you seem to be and I said oh no or I wouldn't be friends with you."  It's sort of like she wanted to pass the message on about her friendship with Kate Middleton, not me.  Halea then took a trip to Israel next.

"Can I please just hold the sweet baby?"  Someone would approach me to torture me and I knew what was in store and I would say, "Please, can I just hold the sweet baby?"  or "I'll hold the sweet baby."  It wasn't my brother Levi.  It was another woman calling the baby "sweet" and it wasn't my Mom.

I remember my brother Levi, when he was born, was moved to a different house.  I have no idea where he went but my Mom and Dad were at the house I lived in and yet he was raised somewhere else for awhile.  I didn't see him for months.

What I remember is that I think I called William "sweet baby" possibly and also Katie when I had to be at her parent's house.  One day her Mom, Carol, was going to torture me and I saw the look and it was the same routine and I said "Please can I just hold the sweet baby please" again, as usual, to get out of it.  This time Carol allowed me to hold the baby and then put the electrocution headgear on my head.  She also had me sit in a particular seat and then she brought a bowl and pitcher over and filled the bowl with water.  She either put my feet in it or told me to put my hands in the bowl and I think it was my feet maybe.  She took the baby (Katie) away from me, saying, "You will NEVER be Queen" and then I think she gave me a rubber ball and then took it from me, and then turned on the machine and it was such a horrendous shock with the water that I blacked out.  I was only 8 years old.  I was fried so badly I had exit wounds from it that I still remember, and there was black soot or smoke everywhere.  This happened several times and it was after she had redecorated her house.  She got decoration money or something around the time she began pregnant with Katie or had her.  So she took me to this sort of blue and green living room that had no lights on and left the sheer curtains down over the windows.  One time however, I remember she left the curtains parted and I saw a man and woman watching from across the way in a window of a house across the street.  They made sure I saw them and they saw me.  There was more than one person and couple who went to a house across the street from which to view my being electrocuted.
I will describe how I was being electrocuted and who was across the street.  Also, I said the invitation to go to a CIA movie promo in Germany came from Mark or Charles Goodman but I remembered it was at a house in Coquille, Oregon when other people connected to them were torturing me that this offer was made, by a Mr. David Slader.

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