Thursday, October 17, 2013

UPDATED: Why Report Is Delayed

I have sent emails and made calls reporting crimes.  They have already gone out and I haven't had a reply.  My next step was to make some calls with a legal advocate which I was going to do today until I realized some of the dates, times, and specifics are coming back to me and it will be important to include in my report against people like Bill and Melinda Gates, Middletons, Alan Springer, Goldsmiths, Tancer-Sterling, Plame and Joe Wilson, Maiers,  Fallons, some of the royals, and a number of others who are guilty of crimes.  If the list seems rather odd, or "impressive", they all worked together.  It's not like they were all separate private individuals.  They worked in drugs, money-laundering, theft, human trafficking, and torture by electrocution, and molestation and rape of children.  Several of them also worked in government using psychic abilities and that is what I was used for as a child until other psychics got jealous of me and didn't like the competition, and others thought my psychic powers were too dangerous (I did remote-viewing for locations and predictions), and then another group was furious and had the mentality that no psychic deserves to be their own manager.  If they can't have you, and control you, they don't want ANYONE to have you.  They would rather kill a psychic that is independent, or torture and drug them until their abilities are gone, than allow them to just "work for themselves".  They're too afraid of psychic people who see things and know things and what others think, and if you're not going to keep your mouth shut for THEM, and only work FOR them, they pretty much figure you're a "loose cannon".  Psychic ability is more highly prized in the U.S. than mass weapons of mass destruction.  The U.S. would spend and exert more energy over trying to control one psychic kid, that they worry they might not be able to control later, and rack up multi-billions of dollars in expenses, than be paid for a multi-billion dollar nuclear arms deal.  So basically, the U.S. will go "into the red" and into deficits, just to try to control one single psychic.  The reason is because one single psychic that's that good, is like someone with a classified-only and top-secret clearance into every single operatives thoughts, movements, and documents.  This doesn't justify degrading kids and torturing and raping them.  But this is why the kind of jealousy I faced, was coming from people like Bill Gates, who you would think has enough money and power of his own and wouldn't be scrounging for something more.  The way I met them, was with the idea of what a great opportunity to meet computer industry people when I liked working with certain programs for analysis.  However, it turned out they had no interest in being "mentors"--they wanted to use their influence to harm me.

I had wanted to do it yesterday and then was going to take a taxi there to get started but she was in meetings all day and one of the calls has to go to Congress, according to the Secret Service.  Today I planned to go and make a start with calling for information, which I could have done, but because some of the dates and timing has come back to me, I have postponed it until next week.  So for those who are counting on these reports going through, hang on until next week, and do what you can to cover yourselves until then.

Things like, when I was raped and when I ran into individuals or was at apartments...all of these things have come up for me to sort out.  My own mother (one of the Dicksies) was involved in the 1992 attempt against me by car, along with a couple of other people, and there are things to sort out.

I was raped (CLARIFIED:  sexually assaulted, or with an object, if it's raped, later that occurred) every year, in one or another form, until my 13th birthday when my "Dad" (one of the Robert Garrett Jrs)  sexually assaulted me by forcing me to have him give me oral sex in my bedroom.  Every year prior to this, I was sexually assaulted by people they knew from England and in the U.S.  The person who raped me vaginally of my virginity was current President Barak Obama.

Not only that, Edward Howard knows about it and the CIA knows because they printed his book.

Also, there was U.S. Army involvement (surprise, surprise).

I don't know when something is technically "rape" or when it's "sexual assault."  I have not looked up those definitions.  I have known forced vaginal intercourse is "rape".  The other things, I'm not sure.  I am positive it was Barak Obama who raped me in that one sense.

Also, one other thing confuses me and that's the year it occurred because when I met Barak, he said he was in law school but I may have had the impression he was going to start law school.  I thought he told me his age was 23, but he could have lied for whatever reason.  He was the one to say what our age difference was.  My best abilities of memorization are with conversations.  I have a very good long-term memory for them.  Numbers are another story, for memory, for me, but conversations are not quickly forgotten by me.

I don't remember anything happening to me after age 13, and I didn't choose to have any sexual contact with anyone from that point forward because I was waiting to get married.  I was raped again for the first time since age 13 by Jew Josh Gatov.  It was very important to those people, I think, to have me degraded again prior to Katie Middleton and Barak Obama making a joint debut on opposite sides of the world.

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