Sunday, October 6, 2013

(UPDATED: photo) Computer Disconnections and U.S. Govt. Electrocution

Since I made my post about Barak Obama and Katie Middleton, which is true, I have not had my computer working at all. 

Someone shut my computer down so it was disconnected all day Friday and I couldn't get any college work done.  I also couldn't further my report with the right agencies or persons.  Then today, I spent time on the computer from 7 p.m. until after 12 a.m., over 5 hours, and the disconnections were so bad I was only able to send a couple of emails and look up maybe 5 or 6 single pages online.  The rest of the time was spent dealing with this.

In the meantime, I don't know what's going on elsewhere, but I have been hearing screaming from people across from my house at their houses off and on for the last several days and then the U.S. electrocuted me at my house tonight at about 3 a.m. and I am now developing a blister on one of my feet from it and you can tell it's a burn blister.

I was in the bath earlier tonight and had no blister and nothing I've done this late at night had anything to do with affecting my feet.  (UPDATED:  See photo below)

The only thing that occurred was I was electrocuted with some kind of a ground-running current that came from the opposite side of our property by woods, closer to where power control towers area, and then I heard it and then I was hit and electrocuted and now have an exit burn in my foot.

I've been in bed since 12 a.m., resting, and not on my feet, and it only started hurting and burning 10 minutes or so after the electrocution.

So someone needs to control this country or it's not going to be here anymore. 

I hope someone will be able to keep an eye on who is hacking my computer and disconnecting it and slowing it down because most of it is being said to be from the server, not my parent's house.  I heard someone under or near my house again before I was electrocuted, like a rumbling under my house or flooring so I don't know if someone set it up to have a line running out where they can do this from a distance, or directly, or if someone is literally coming in late at night to go under my house and then do something, but the initial start of it, that I heard, was farther away, like where the power towers are and in between that and a house where I have seen FBI plates before from Pennsylvania.

UPDATED 10/6/13
This is a photo of the exit wound from being electrocuted by the U.S. last night, as it appears today. It is on my right foot to the right side (outer side) of my pinkie toe.

It is both a burn and last night was blistering and now the blistering part has gone down some and it looks more like a burn.

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