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Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (21)

In my last post of this "series" (#20), I left off at pg. 183.

Some of the things I described were being literally crucified on an actual cross (I was tied, not nailed, but my Dad had his hands nailed to it), and also being tortured in an actual dungeon and then a "torture chamber" which wasn't a chamber as much as a huge room with extremely high ceilings (so high I don't even remember them), stone walls, and torture devices from the middle ages.  In that torture room, it was a huge room, the size of a ballroom at least, and then had a bunch of things like the rack, and other less "heard-of" machinery that was very old and still worked.  It wasn't like we were in a hospital or a boot camp--it was ancient torture devices that were antique and most of them didn't need electricity--and they did still work.  It wasn't like they were broken down or non-operable.  The only thing that was electric or had electricity running to it was an electric chair that was brought in.  They had brought in a generator to supply electricity to it.  I'm sure that's what it was, because first it was just the machines, and then there was a noisy large sort of rectangular box thing they brought in which I believe was referred to as a "generator" and it wasn't small.  It was probably at least 4 feet tall and I believe it was wheeled in on a dolly.  I remember it being about the size of a hot water tank but square or rectangular in shape.  The chair was probably 1900s--whenever they first made electric chairs, and straight backed, wooden, and had iron clamps I think but I'm not sure how they restrained me because I remember being tied too.  They put one kind of device under my feet.  I know someone referred to either the chair or the generator as "Jenny".  Such as, "Bring Jenny over here."  So they did some maneuvering to have the electric chair brought in, and put a metal hat on my head with a metal bit and a gag packed into my mouth.  That was after they were telling me to hold the "royal balls" which were genitalia and made a sexual abuse thing out of it first.  The British royal women didn't come to the door when that happened, they showed up when the metal bit was put into my mouth and then the men backed away so the group of women could stare at me from a distance.  They stood in a hallway, from my perspective, to the right side of the wall.  So if I was facing forward, they were up ahead over to the right.

When Carol Middleton and another woman and Gary took photos of me at a residence after I was drugged, stripped, and held up in the air while people licked cocaine off of my body, my Mom was also there at the end because she went in to pick up trash while I was on the floor, and the group of people taking photos also stood to the right of the doorframe and smirked at me.

Before I was put into the electric chair, as I said, I was put on the rack and a number of other devices and was bleeding internally.  Then at one point my Dad picked me up and I thought we were going to leave so I was glad he finally picked me up and he acted nice and like no problem and casual and then said, "Here's let's sit down here" and he sat me on top of a torture cone-shaped device that punctured my rear and I screamed and sort of left me there but bracing behind me so I didn't fall off and then picked me up again.  He said something about "How I was getting my crown" before he did it.  I was bleeding, and then they said here's your royal scepter, and then it was him, Mike Middleton, and possibly another man but those two were the main ones in front of me and they rammed a pole up my rear end, telling me to bend over first.  I screamed and when I turned around I saw Mike Middleton had traded places with my Dad, maybe to have him pull it out, and my Mom was there behind me, with this horrendous evil smile on her face, of sadistic hatred.  This is, of course, me looking over my shoulder on my left side. 

I described in my last post how I had noticed there is more than one Dicksie when I was younger and it was by face and body a little, but then when I noticed their breasts were different was when I never again saw them without a bra on, so I couldn't tell.  They had different nipples--one had larger, brown colored nipples like those of a woman who had nursed a baby, and the other one had smaller pink colored nipples.  So not to be graphic, but that was how I knew and I said something about it and after that, I never again saw either of them without a bra on.

As for the Dad that was crucified next to me and had his hands hammered through with nails, I looked for scars and never saw any and wondered why.  He was put up on a cross with me and my Mom at the same time.  So I asked about it and no one had an answer.  I know I've seen two Bob's around the house here and haven't looked at the hands closely though I'm sure someone could try to conceal scars.

After the room where people licked cocaine off of me, I was then back at this "secured house" with the guards and everything.  I got this call from "Charles" to meet him and then when I got there to the hotel it was possibly my Dad if not Charles Goodman, and I wondered why he was there.  He had a couple of beers and then from what I remember, we were going to meet some people in a room so I went with my Dad to this room and I was introduced to Charles who said his last name was "Goodman" and I remember this because it was expressed to me that he was a "good man".  The other person I met was Barak Obama, before I ever saw him at the house in Seattle and he raped me.  It was at this time, he did his own questioning of me, sort of having stalked me out, and was trying to meet this girl he believed "killed" his Dad.  I remember one other man there who looked Jewish and I thought he was but I don't remember which one he was.  It was the first time I met "Charles Goodman".  Over the phone, it had sounded like a British accent and I thought it was about Prince Charles.  When I got there, he wasn't there. 

This is one of few times in my life, that I can remember, as a kid, having a very bad feeling.  I sensed nothing but hate, sadness from somewhere like horrific grieving from someone who loved me, and perversion.  Everything was bad.  At first they joked about the name good man and did I think they were good men. Then I was told Barak's name and I said it with a question because I'd never heard a name like that and he said, "Just call me Aladdin" or someone else said to call him that and they laughed.  They started talking about did I have a magic carpet, and could I make it fly and they'd give me one.  Then I was asking about Barak and he said he had family from Kenya and then said something about "Do you think black people are like monkeys?" and went off about monkeys and did I think they were monkeys and trying to incite me to agree or say something.  So I finally went along with him and then Goodman elbowed him like "I told you so" and Barak got furious but kept it inside.  They then said what I really needed was a doll, like a rubber doll, and here, let's see you nurse from your Dad's breasts.  So they forced my Dad to take off his shirt or something and told me to kneel in front of them and suck on his nipples and pretend they were "wet-nurses".  My Dad had introduced me to this Barak person like he was someone "special" and he wanted me to meet this guy, but it was possibly that Goodman forced it because even though my Dad or one of the Bob's was ramming a pole up my rear with Mike Middleton, there was some torture happening to them too.  Not to Mike Middleton--to my "parents".  However, unlike when I was in pedophile moments with the some of the British royals, who I had sort of become accustomed to and who made even pedophilia seem normal somehow (?), I had this horrible feeling I should have felt everywhere, but I especially sensed it there.  I was scared of them.  They were total strangers to me, and they were mocking me and then this Barak looked at me with a murderous scathing look and Goodman was cruel and cold as ice.  And they wanted me to nurse from my Dad's "breasts"?  They kept saying they didn't have a doll, and said did I have any dolls and I said I had one I named Crystal and they said we don't have a "crystal doll here" but why don't you pretend to be the baby and we'll pretend to be your mommy?  All they wanted was for me to kneel to Barak Obama. 

I backed up and said "No, I have to go back because people are looking for me."  I was thinking my Dad was waiting for me at the secured house, but then I was sort of confused because it looked like my Dad in front of me too.  So I wasn't sure why my Dad was both places, but I wanted to go back and then my Dad looked extremely scared.  What I saw, when I thought about it later, was "Don't leave me here alone with them."  He kept saying, trying to take a light tone, with someone pushing at his back, "Come on, stay with us" and was trying to convince me to stay and I think he thought I would "ruin" everything if I backed out while Barak Obama was being told I was the one who killed his Dad.  I think my Dad thought it made me look like I WAS guilty and didn't want to be around him and was raising his suspicions from whatever these Jews were telling him.  And that is pretty much how Barak looked as I was leaving. His eyes widened, face hardened, and he looked angry and more determined than ever and I thought, "He thinks I did something wrong" because of the way he acted like he was catching me like a cop and I hadn't done anything wrong and I left because they were "creepy".  So then I walked out and I don't remember my Dad going with me.  I think he said he was going to stay with them so go on ahead and give the taxi this address.  From what I remember, he was stuck with them.

So then later we were on a plane and I was going back to Russia.  I believed we were going back to Russia, and I was tired of being electrocuted by my Mom and Alan Springer in the U.S. so I was glad. 

The other thing, was where E.H. says he was in this dacha with two nurses, after I got back from Barak's there were 2 women there but I had a bad feeling about them too and didn't think the man there, E.H. or my Dad or whoever, was thrilled with them either.  They were, or one of them at least, was a registered nurse and took my blood pressure there and then asked me about levitation and psychic powers.  I didn't say much to her.  Then at the hospital or interrogation room in the building at the security place, I didn't admit it either because I sensed they were looking for excuses to discredit me when they knew illegal crimes were being committed against me by major officials and prominent persons.  I even wondered about E.H., or the man I was there with (my Dad?) and how he was disappointed I hadn't told them I could levitate people or had a couple of times.  I wondered if he too was trying to have me discredited or if someone was pressuring him to use his influence to get me to admit it.

I definitely levitated someone a couple of times, and I was able to move objects with power or strong force, by thought alone, before I was 13 years old, but I had been repeatedly electrocuted for this and my remote-viewing and telepathic gifts and I wasn't always convinced my parents even liked the competition.  Though then again, I can't say which of the twins was which.  But I wasn't going to make myself sound crazy and be held by someone or discredited when I was planning to report some of the crimes against me.

I didn't want to live in the U.S. with my Mom because she and Alan tortured me too many times.  So I was on a plane to go to Russia and first it stopped in England from what I remember, but we were on our way and then all of a sudden, a few men came from behind the curtain and the minute my Dad saw them, he threw up from nerves because he knew it was bad.  First one man came up and said, "We're turning around" (the plane).  My Dad said why and then they briefly talked and one of them had "defected".  One of the men my Dad thought was on our side, was himself a double-defector.  They even admitted it, and right after admitting it, like who cares, I don't care if you know now, a couple of "beaters" showed up.  My Dad vomited.  He said "Oh no" or "No" and it was Charles (Chuck) Goodman and I believe the other one was Gary Goldsmith.  The man who said they were turning around was possibly Mike Middleton or Bruce, a man from Canada. I don't remember for sure but I also remember Forrest possibly and Joy Sterling definitely.  Joy was the one who said to go with her when the men started chloroforming my Dad and tying him up and I knew her, and went with her past the curtain for the cockpit and she injected me and I blacked out.  I don't know what she injected me with but it was black-out stuff because I was instantly unconscious.  The one who admitted to defecting was the short dark-haired man, and the beaters were large medium brown haired men who were slightly taller.  It is possible I saw this one Jewish person Daniel again too, who had dark hair but I'm not sure.  I'm sure about the others and about Joy.  What was odd was that I remember this plane being a larger plane, not a small private one, but I could have been wrong about it.  Then one of the men that came up was a pilot who took my chair and said he was flying and give him the hat.  What I remember was some man who was Canadian I think, maybe named Bruce or something, and then Forrest coming in after the beaters were there.  One of them was either Mike Middleton or Bruce.  I usually say Mike Middleton because he was the same height and hair but I don't immediately remember a British accent there so it was possibly someone else, however, he looked like the same one who tortured me in the torture chamber and his accent was British there and I knew it was Mike.  Then again, why didn't my Dad have a gun on him?  He must have thought everything was fine with this other man and then this man admitted he was a defector.  Even I could guess that much.  One minute someone we all knew was part of our team and then the next minute, he's bringing in gangsters and saying they're turning around?  So I get to be held hostage again and tortured, and oh guess what?  Obama is given the opportunity in the "land of opportunities" to rape me and electrocute me, with several of these same individuals present.

So guess what?  They took me back to the U.S. to be raped by Barak Obama.  That was what they premeditated against me next.  I knew it was bad we were going back to the U.S.  Getting electrocuted almost every single day, and radiated, is not what I call "freedom".  When Joy had me go with her, there were 2 other women there waiting and smirking as well.  Boy did they all think they had won it all.  My Mom wasn't there.  I knew she was at home and didn't expect her there.  Right past Joy were two women with dark hair. 

I am pretty sure someone was reading my mind and using their own telepathy on me because I was getting ready to report torture and pedophilia.  I knew I couldn't do it in the U.S. or England so I was waiting to land in Russia to do it.  I think they knew.  Soon enough after I was electrocuted more to have me 'forget', I was being raped by Barak Obama and then the CIA sent Valerie Plame out to help assassinate me.  In just one of several attempts to murder me.

Oh, the other thing they did to me in the British dungeon or torture room, was after several forms of very painful torture they then said, one of them, "You like to run?" and I nodded and he said, "You're a pretty good runner aren't you?" and I nodded and he said, "Not anymore.  Let's take her knees out."  So after this group broke my back so I couldn't train for Olympic gymnastics, and after the torture and the rack, I was specifically targeted again on something a group thought I was skilled at and could be profitable with and they started working on my knees.  From what I remember, they told me to sit and had my legs bent and then it was possibly some kind of a "rack" stretching thing, because I know they went after my knees, and possibly I was sitting on the edge of the "rack" machine (which was wooden), but I think they used a hammer or mallet or something and hit my knees with heavy blows to either side and said "You're not going to be running".  For whatever reason, my own Dad and Mom who were behind ramming in the rear, to my face at least, my Dad said "no" or shook his head, and someone did this.  I don't remember that it was either Mike or my Dad but another guard there.  It was one of the military-scots sort of looking guards.  It was one of those guys who also came in and asked why I was bleeding already or bruised up everywhere or someone said to him I had porrphyrria. 

One thing I've wondered about, is after the time we were crucified on crosses, I later asked my Mom why she wanted to be upside down and she said it's how Peter was crucified (the apostle) and I said, "How come they nailed Dad's hands and he doesn't have scars from it?" because I was trying to figure out why I couldn't see nail scars because I witnessed exactly what they did and it wasn't fake.  They hammered nails all the way through his hands and forced me to watch.  I tried to close my eyes and look away and they kept telling me to keep my eyes open and watch.  When I asked my Mom this question, she didn't answer and had tears in her eyes.  So I guess it was possibly one of the Bob's, and they put him in a jail or something and had the other one out to cover for him (his twin) while he had wounds to heal from.  I don't know.

pg. 182.  When E.H. mentions the "gold bond" project, I can think of Goldsmith and the bonds and ways they tied me up and tortured me, all the way up to having me raped, and then they disappeared from sight, not to resurface until Katie Middleton was publicly dating a royal, and unnoticed by me who they were (or making the connection) until after she was married.  I remember while at the "security place" someone maybe let me see documents about gold bonds for financial research, but I had thought the information was older, and needed a computer and software.  My Dad or the man there was also working on it but I was going to help and then I never made it to Russia or to a place where it was possible to work again.  My "work offers" came from the CIA and I didn't want to work for them. I  wanted to work for myself and have intellectual work that would turn into a career.

pg. 183.  About the gold bonds again, as I said in my last post, I brought up a question about it in my high school class for history and I was a teacher's assistant for Mr. Howard (English professor).  That was coincidental.

He says one snowy night in late November, he left the dacha and walked to the train station, to catch a train to Moscow, and he was permitted to travel on his own.  E.H. writes "I was bored out of my skull at the dacha."  I remember one night I went on a train with someone to Moscow.  I went out to catch one with him and then police came.  The police said he wasn't authorized to be in the "special" area.  This is pretty much what I remember.  Someone showed up and said we didn't really live there and we did.  E.H. says the guard said, "Don't you know that's a special area and as an American you're not allowed to be there?" He said he was a guest there and the KGB was protecting him and the man said it wasn't likely and wasn't funny either.

I remember I started to laugh.  I laughed out of nervous laughter, which was a habit I had.  When I got really nervous, sometimes I'd start laughing and couldn't stop.  Maybe it's true they had me there partly wondering about my "special powers" of telekinesis.  In the case I could have been protected, I'd have wished I'd admitted to having the ability.  Instead I ended up in the U.S. being electrocuted and then having people claim I was never gifted.  I was desperate enough, under the conditions, that I wanted my brother there, who was just a kid, to witness some of it and my Mom started refusing.  She didn't even want my brother to witness it was true.  He did see some things and then he wasn't allowed to watch anymore.

pg. 184  E.H. says they asked what to do with him and that the American embassy should come get him.  I remember this entire time, just a heavy sadness and oppressive feeling.  I mean, part of that was from torture but also, there was a horrendous desperation from more than one person over being trapped or fear of being sent back to countries and people who would hurt them.  E.H. says on the way to Moscow he considered jumping out of the car.

I know I thought about it.  I was poised and trying to think about how fast the car was moving and could I make it.  I did not want to go to the U.S.  I had my hand on the handle and tried it I think, and found it was locked.  I couldn't even jump if I wanted to.  E.H. says U.S. Marines stood at the embassy and they said "Get out.  That's your embassy.  Go inside."  I told them I was going back home.  I remember I screamed and shouted saying, "I have a right to live in Russia!" if I said political asylum I may have, because I had heard the term before and what I remember is I was separated from E.H. there.  They said he was staying there and I was going back to the U.S.  I remember him standing there, in a long coat and I begged to stay there.  They said, "Your name isn't Howard.  It's Cameo Garrett" and claimed I had the wrong identity and couldn't stay there.  So they turned me over to the Devil.

Which is the United States of America.  I kept telling them, over and over, what my real identity was and they said E.H. wasn't my Dad and I had to go back to my "parents".

When E.H. says he was bored out of his skull, I remember at the interrogation room, they also did something to me there that affected my psychic abilities.  I sensed fear from E.H. and we were trying to go to Moscow to find another place--either with people there or to find friends or someone who would make it known if anything bad was happening.  I don't remember if they gave me shots there or electrocuted me in a chair, but possibly it was electrocution.  I remember one of the women wasn't happy with my answers and then I was sort of walking around the dacha in a daze, kind of out-of-it and unable to process my thoughts, and work.  I wasn't sure if it was infrared or radiation again or something they did at the interrogation place, but I think E.H. knew and we tried to take a train to be around more people but we got caught.  There was snow, darkness, flashlights, tan-brown, passports, and red.

Maybe someone there was known to have a "bond" with Goldsmiths or others who wanted me tortured so I couldn't talk, even by some Russians if necessary.

I don't remember him saying we were leaving Russia at all, but just going out to Moscow to find some people we knew--there was a family there or something that we were going to see I think, and for me, maybe I thought of it as leaving but it wasn't his intention and for him it was only to go out for a night on the town or a vacation.

When I was flown home I remember my Mom picking me up and I felt totally defeated.  I mean, I'm not sure which of the Dicksies it was, but once I got to the house, whichever one it was, I remember at one point she smirked at me and I thought, "Here we go again."

I mean, in 1983, it was significant for what?  Katie Middleton turned 1 year old?  Obviously a group had some plans with her and wanted to really do me in and get rid of me.  Her own family has been involved in my life, and they discreetly stepped out of my life to have me forget when they were hoping I'd be killed off anyway and then no one would have to worry about my talking.

I do remember some kind of slight suggestion from a Russian man once who sort of looked like Putin, and in the same way of other men, as whether or not I was going to flirt with him but from what I remember, I said I liked his wife, and steered away from it and I don't remember anything happening and he didn't persist like some.  There was maybe one point where I was worried he was going to push me over the veranda, up high somewhere.  I got scared and I don't know what I did but we talked a little.  I think we even "grappled" a little, like he did a martial arts move and asked me if I knew any and I didn't really but probably tried.  I almost think I once saw him somewhere in his martial arts uniform but maybe that was another man.  I sort of remember something like it, with him wearing a white karate suit and I think I had something on athletic and his wife said he was outside.  I think I met another young woman too, once.  She was about my age and I think she was training in martial arts and I watched her.  I remembered thinking she was very good.  I was told, "That's your competition."  It was just meeting people who were being hospitable, but I'm sure there were a paper.  There was some document about my living in Russia or being a citizen at some point.  There was something from the meeting with conservative people and then this other man approved something, like having to do with a passport or right to be there.

That's not who we were planning to see though (I don't think but I don't know)--I think there was a small family that could host us and we were going to go out for shows and restaurants.

Honestly, I got tortured on some level in several countries, but mostly in England and the U.S.  Canada did, and Russia did--with some Russians, not all and mostly with non-Russians when a Russian man was taken to a jail and then I was tortured with technology to some degree at the secured site and some jail where the other Russian man was interrogated.  It was at one of those places I thought maybe someone was just going to kill me but they didn't.   Also, I was a victim of degrading blackmail in Israel and I got jumped either there or in Jordan in that dug-out place.  So there were a few places.

Pg. 185.  What's odd is when I was separated from this E.H. person or whoever he was, he didn't look emotional.  He sort of smirked, like he was glad I was going and I didn't understand that, but what choice did he have either?  I really don't know who wanted me tortured worst to have me unable to be psychic.  I mean, which country hated me the most?  I don't blame all officials or all people, but really, it was this huge deal.  I'm sure some groups just hoped to "get to" someone.

E.H. writes there was a tape made about a phone call where the Ministry told the Marine guard in English that Mr. Edward Lee Howard had been apprehended in a restricted area and was being brought to the embassy--The Marine either didn't understand or thought it was a joke and hung up on the Soviet caller.

I remember something like this.

This morning I woke up and remembered a lot more about the plane event with my Dad getting met by "beaters", and I remembered some other things.  I then read this article about a U.S. detainee committing suicide near a bathroom and remembered I got most scared at the apartment where Barak Obama was with Charles Goodman, when a man came out from the hallway from the bathroom.  It was the same "lay-out" in apartment design, in some ways, as I had remembered with Prince Edward, and my Dad on a different occasion.  But that's just lay-out.  For example, you walked through the front door, and it was a living room or room and then back behind the main room was a doorway and a hall and the bathroom was behind that.  I remember when I saw the man coming out from that hallway was when I was scared because I thought about hanging and wondered if he'd choke me.  It is possible the man who came out from there was Goodman but I think he and Barak were sitting by me and my Dad already and it was possibly (not sure) a third man.  He was taller, blond or brown hair, and average build with sort of German-American or Russian features.  For some reason, I think it is remotely possible he had gloves on and that was another thing that would have scared me.  He wasn't wearing a coat, but he had gloves on.  He walked from the hall into the room and then went to the kitchen, from what I remember and was out of sight.  What I remember is he spoke English and another language.

At the plane, I did fly or help fly a 747 once, but the time when I was flying and my Dad was approached and they took my "Captains" hat off of my head and told me to get out of the pilot seat, it was a smaller private plane with the living room and everything.  What happened is Mike Middleton was there and wearing a hat and my Dad said did I want the hat and I said yes.  He did something to knock Mike Middleton out, or Mike Middleton pretended to be out, and my Dad took the hat, I had it on my head and I was flying the plane in the pilot seat with my Dad on the other seat.  Mike was either on the floor or went to the back.  I remember he knocked him.  So then Bruce (a Canadian man who was always around and knew Tancer-Sterlings) came up and said they were turning around and then admitted to defection, or after someone had secured Mike and taken him out, he came back up and said this, but I remember Bruce was there too.  My Dad said oh no, and then Goodman (Charles, i.e. Chuck, Chuckie, or Upchuck) was there, Goldman, and then when a man they called "Ben" came up he said a kid can't drive the plane and took my Captain's hat, and put it on his own head and "Benjamin" (i.e. 'the youngest') drove the plane, and they said they were giving it to Mike Middleton and I was then standing next to my Dad, to his left, and then Forrest Tancer came over, and started twisting a large steel or metal watch next to my face, wanting me to notice his watch.

Then Joy came up behind Forrest when Forrest went back into the plane or moved to the side, and told me to go with her and when I did, there were two other women I wasn't as familiar with, who had dark brown hair there and possibly another I don't remember.  One was Melinda Gates, Bill Gates' wife, from what I remember, and the other was possibly Stanley Ann Dunham before she gained weight, and then one looked half-black or something and was tall like Condoleeza Rice.  I remembered wondering why she was there because I didn't usually see black women on the plane, and then I did get injected, but not right away.  Joy had me go to the living room and they had Barak Obama there, the same man who had been in the apartment with Goodman earlier.  He said come sit by me and I didn't want to but they pushed me over there.  He looked mad again, when he saw I didn't want to sit next to him and he was holding a beach-ball sized plastic or rubber ball.  Basically, larger than a bowling-ball, like a beach ball size.  He was moving it around and had his hands on it.

When I sat down, I was introduced to Bill and Melinda Gates.  It is also "possible" Brian and Lisa Thebault were on that plane.  I was told they were the "media".  I said what do you mean and Bill and Melinda told me they knew I liked computers and they had a company designed around the internet and worked in computers and it was information-based technology. Then the other group told me they had a printing and newspaper business.  I think there was also someone there who was into film and making movies, and told me this.  I slightly think it may have been Steven Spielberg, but I can't say for sure.  It's possible.  It is the only name that came up with film and the man looked like Steven Spielberg too.  I'm positive about Bill and Melinda Gates because I was most connected to that kind of business.  I've seen Steven Bing before and thought he looked familiar and it's possibly at some point in my early life I also met him, but on that plane, I know it was Bill and Melinda Gates, Barak Obama, I think Brian and Lisa Thebault, and a film-maker.  This is all after I was told to leave the cockpit and they took my hat.

I was chatting with them a little, about these things but it wasn't like talking to some of the other people I'd met.  I was uneasy, and given what I was being put through, and what had just happened, I was on edge.  I tried to make small-talk, but they looked at me not like they wanted to work with me but as people who wanted to let me know they were going to screw me over.

Also, one of the women who was standing in the doorway next to Daniel and Gary Goldsmith, in England, at the house where people were licking cocaine off of me, who had a camera looked like Lisa Thebault.  She was shorter, with the same hair, and same kind of face, and she was one of the individuals that took photos of my being drugged, "levitated" and stripped, with cocaine licked off of me.

So one minute I was sitting with these "media" people who told me they make information go where they want it to go, and write stories about people, and they began to intimidate me.  They even told me they write or disseminate news to protect the government and "the country".  I was told they could make it very bad for me and they said, "We wouldn't want to see your good name dragged through the mud."  This was said shortly after I met "Goodman" of course, and at the apartment having joked about if someone was a good man or not.

It's also after I had been separated from E.H. with a guard standing behind him and what appeared to be a possible gun at his back as I was dragged away, through the mud, as I tried to dig my heels in,  by U.S. Marines.  This is also after some group was possibly wanting me to say something to make myself sound crazy to discredit me (after I had cocaine licked off of my body and was photographed).

While these "media" people threatened me and looked over at me in a very cool business-like way, Barak Obama told me to kiss him.  He started to lean over and I backed away.  He yelled did I have a problem kissing a black man you slut, or something like that, and whacked me, like back-handed me with his arm and then right behind him was Joy, or another woman, with a shot in a syringe to have me pass out.  When he hit me, I fell over.  One of the men there then stood on my neck and pushed down. It wasn't someone else that hit me, Barak Obama hit me, extremely hard, across the head.  The man who stood on my neck and said horrible things after I fell from the bench I was on next to Barak, was Brian Thebault.  So yeah, I remember that and it was him, and most likely one of the women who had been photographing me with cocaine licked off my body was Lisa.  I sort of remember Steven Bing being there as well, but not with a wife or I don't remember as much.  If he was there, maybe they thought it was funny to have a "world-wide web" man there when I had so much of my life about "webs" and "spinning webs", and then with all the maraschino and bing cherries from other groups, they thought they'd have a man there with that last name.  I remember Brian's teeth when he pushed his foot into my neck.  Then, as I say, I blacked out.  I believe I blacked out from an injection because then I don't even remember getting off the plane or seeing them after that, but I could have had my air cut off from the pressure of his foot on my neck.  I tend to think it was a shot.  I am trying to remember who gave me the shot, because I sort of do remember that part...but I'm not sure.  It was possibly a man or a woman.  On that occasion, I believe it was a man--either my Dad (revived or released from the cockpit and voluntarily injecting me to teach me a lesson or being ordered to do it) or Mike Middleton.  There was also a time when Bruce, from Canada, stood on my neck and it was possibly he did after Brian did and then I was injected.  They were wearing loafers and tennis shoes kinds of shoes, not boots.

After that, I was taken back to the U.S., electrocuted more, and I didn't see him or Stanley Ann again until some of the people in that group had arranged for me to go to a house where he would rape me.  So Barak Obama stalked me out at least 2 times before raping me in a premeditated hit.  The people who were at that house were all individuals I had seen from England and on private planes (Joy, Forrest, Daniel, Gary Goldman, Scott, Alan (I think)) and then the one who is "out" as being CIA is Valerie Plame, but from what I would gather, she's not the only one in the group that was CIA or FBI.

They had decided, on their own, by 1985 or 1986, that they wanted to rule the world and these hugely powerful people, ganged up against me, believing I was one of their biggest threats.

When E.H. mentions the calls placed to a U.S. Marine, I know my Grandpa Garrett (a former U.S. Marine) was called twice and both times when I tried to talk to talk to him, our phone call was disconnected.  It didn't really sound to me like he was the one disconnecting the call but if he was, it was "Hello?" and then disconnection.  We were calling him from an embassy.  When I say "we", it was me and another U.S. Marine guard at the embassy in another country, calling my Grandpa Garrett in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Also, I remember it was my Dad asking me to watch and witness his hands being nailed through.  He didn't want me to forget, and it's possible one of the "guards" at the England Towers where I was tortured was possibly named James.

I'm sure Mike Middleton was on the plane because otherwise I wouldn't have wondered why they did some of the things they did, but a man named Bruce who I knew from Canada (possibly even the same one or connected one I met in Canada again later in 2007) was occasionally around and I remember him there for some reason.  I know Brian stepped on my neck, but it was more than one person.  I fell when Barak hit me and then Brian stepped on my neck, possibly then Bill, and then Bruce, and then I got injected with a shot by Mike or my Dad.  Several of them did, as a way of showing me what the "media" would do to me.

This was all done when I either told my Dad I wanted to make a report when we got to another country, or I kept it to myself and someone read my mind.  Prior to being on that specific plane, I had already made a plan of who to go to with my story of severe torture and pedophilia.  So it was like this "media" group then decided to be part of the plane, and tortured me.

On one occasion, I was in a trailer of some kind on a movie set, but when I was on planes, they were actual planes, not fake planes or trailers.  It's possible I was on a plane and then moved to a trailer where more conversation took place later, and then out of one, to make it seem like it was all stage or trailer or movie sets, but that's not how it was.  There was actual flying involved.

I am not positive right now which one said they were turning around first, or made me think they were a defector.  I know I thought Tancer and Bruce from Canada or some group had drug business together.  I shouldn't say which one quite yet until I have a better memory of exactly the order of things in that situation. 

It's also possible I once visited Bruce and his wife in Canada, with the idea they were maybe my parents, after I read these letters from some Canadians.  It's possible an apartment there was separate from the residence of the Middletons in England because I remember a Canada house location and the Middleton's in England.  With Canada, we went back and forth over the border, maybe sometimes to catch flights.  If I stayed there with someone it was maybe for a month in the summer or something.  In England, I was regularly back and forth.

I don't remember seeing Carol Middleton on the "media" persons plane, but Obama had made this thing about having a big rubber ball with him and then yelled that I kissed British royals but I wouldn't kiss a black man? so he called me a discrimination whore or slut. and then whacked me.  I had been wondering why he was asking me to kiss him in front of these business-casual dressed people who had been talking to me about business.

Then I was going to all these torture basements in Washington and after that, I was taken to the house where I was raped and electrocuted by him.  Carol Middleton was definitely there, and sat in the middle of the couch holding a red rubber ball, glaring at me with a slight smirk on her face.

The entire thing, all of those people, are completely out-of-their-minds crazy for power and money.  I mean, who is so sadistic they even plot with "props" like rubber balls and then trying to mix it up with my Crystal doll and a crystal ball too.  No one does this without serious planning and forethought ahead of time.  This was a long-planned event and premeditated.

So then when I remember Bill Gates on that plane and the problem I suddenly had with my long-held Microsoft account, right after John Kerry (an Obama, Tancer, and other friend) is set up for Department of State leadership, even with several attempts and still trying to resolve this, it's like a proven fact now that Microsoft is working for The President and his "friends" who include individuals like Tancer and Sterling and Middleton, who conspired to torture and rape me.

It's a big ball of fire if it goes down, and it should go down.  They don't have a right to do these things for decades and get special privileges and award their own friends with honors for torture of me.  I was a child.  None of them were kids.  These were grown adults ganging up on a kid--it wasn't a fight between two adults--they used me and attacked me.  What kind of a person stalks a kid (me) in England, to take photos of me after drugging me, then stalks me to a plane, and then rapes and electrocutes me and then gets to be President of the United States?  What kind of a "woman" gets to show up at a house for my being raped, and hold a red rubber ball to mock me with, and then have her daughter collecting welfare from Great Britain as a "royal"?  I used to think a monarchy was a nice idea and nothing wrong with it, and maybe there's not, if it helps support an economy, however, they are corrupt and have been working with other corrupt government officials.  There is no way that "kingdom" should be taking any money from citizens there.  They don't deserve it.  When one of them speaks up for me and tells the truth, maybe they can redeem themselves, but as it stands, they have no right to anything.

The U.S. leadership?  Microsoft shouldn't exist, based on what I saw of their treatment of me as a kid.  Why should they have a right to selectively pick out email accounts and try to close them or block them, just because their friend is a rapist and electrocutionist?

So a pedophile rapist who hates white women gets to be "Commander in Chief" of the entire U.S. military?  Barak Obama can start with getting signed up for the sex offender registry and go into treatment for pedophilia and anger management.

My own "parents"? I don't know if they're my parents actually.  There's a book called "Safe House" Edward Lee Howard and I remember most of the things he writes about and my Mom told me he's my biological Dad and if that's true, I am the daughter of a CIA defector which means some of the motives for these crimes against me has been hate, which makes most of the crimes conspiracy to commit hate crimes, or terrorism with a political objective.

Some of these original offenders then sent their own kids out to double-offend in a kind of government-allowed and encouraged repeat offender cycle.

I'm really wondering why police will take a report, and give me a case number of any kind of report, whether they agree with it or not, but whenever I send a report to police in Sonoma (where Tancer-Sterling live) or Portland, or Washington half the time, it's ignored like they think they are immune and going to be protected by their pedophile and electrocuting leadership.  Obama screamed at me, in front of Thebaults, Gates, and Spielberg, about how I was a slut because I kissed British royals but wouldn't kiss him, a "black man" (after twice yelling at me about "killing" his Dad which I didn't do).  So is he happy now?  Is he happy that he gets to be part of that "club"?  Now he can prove to the world he is a black man but not just any black man.  A criminal black man who made it to the Presidency.  What a precedent.  If only you DREAM.

THESE whacked-out psychos, who have unbelievable psychological problems, took MY son from me but they're raising kids in castles and the White House and on gentleman farms as if their "fit" to parent and I'm not, when all of my adult working life has mostly been working with kids, and their lives, they've been busy electrocuting kids.  Why lie so hard about me and my son?  I mean, me, we can see their motives, but my son?  What do they need--more kids raised away from protective mothers for their pedophile appetites?

Not only that, but notice how both E.H. and my Grandpa Garrett were murdered to be "out-of-the-way" for Obama's big debut.  And in preparation for this "reappearance", timed to be at the same time we were seeing photos of Katie Middleton in the UK, I was getting hit with severe military torture, in later 2004-2005.

Which is really convenient isn't it?  The CIA and FBI knew their faces were coming up and I might eventually recognize them and remember some things, and start talking.  So they killed a bunch of citizens and they they tortured and defamed me in preparation for the debutante ball of Barak Obama & Katie Middleton.

Who are Barak Obama and Katie Middleton?  Well, they are very good friends and have been for a long, long, time.  Their families are in the drug business together, and they torture kids.  How closely connected are they?   Well, proximity-wise, I saw their families together, doing torture/drug/pedophile-rape business together no less than 2 times, in the same room, and aside from that, I saw their joint associates and friends in various groupings dozens of times.  They are very, very, close.  And that is aside from the bizarre almost identical features that Valerie Plame, Katie, and Obama's mother all share--to the earlobes. So then you have to ask, how did they meet each other or come into contact?  Well, their similarities in appearance and structure would suggest biological relations.  Their interest in the same politics and torturing kids, would suggest a kind of shared politics.

The other royals, a few of them, touched me or had me do things for them when I was younger.  And, a few electrocuted me.  However, Barak Obama raped me and I bled from it and he deliberately raped me knowing I would bleed from it, and wanting to be someone who took my virginity as a kid (though since I usually forget about when I was a kid, I think of rape of my virginity when Josh Gatov raped me when I was 24 and had been celibate).   There is no way he should be in office.  Some of the people supporting him have probably also supported Joe Biden, because there were Catholics like the Gates surrounding Barak Obama.

Back to the torture room, I do remember another woman there.  Usually I only think of the guards but there was another woman besides my mother who was involved and wasn't just standing to the side at the end, to see me in an electric chair.

I can also say I was electrocuted in a van that went back and forth to Canada.  It was like an immigration van or workman's van, and it didn't belong to my family because we didn't own one.  I was tied to a grate in the back, and sometimes with rope and other times I remember someone used shoe strings and a belt to strap around me.  It was like, well, if they didn't have tools or equipment for torture, they used anything.  And yes, this man who was in the news today, having died from suicide by hanging with shoe strings and a belt--it reminds me of this.  The smallest things can be used--it's true.  My Dad did once, and someone else did too.  I saw Bruce driving this van, a Canadian man; he knew and was friends with Forrest Tancer and Joy Sterling.  I knew they knew each other because one night we drove into the woods in Canada with the Tancer-Sterlings and it was scary, and then out in the middle of nowhere, suitcases were exchanged with Bruce, who was living in Canada.  Most likely it went to Middleton.  I know it was packed with money because the suitcase was opened and he checked it.  It was extremely tense.  There were guns and someone was mad about something.  So it was sort of cool attitudes, but tense, and some bickering.  I believe possibly Gary Goldsmith was with him and that Middleton's name came up.  But the money was taken by the Canadian government out in the backwoods.  Or what else was he?  FBI in Canada laundering it over?  So the time I remember being in the Middletons car or with them, it was also going out to a remote location, in England, for a money exchange.  I was in a car with my parents and Middletons before I remember the drop between Tancers and my family and the Canadians.  We exchanged money with Middletons many times and most of the time it was done inside houses, not out in the woods.  With the Canadian and the Tancer-Sterlings, it was off in the woods somewhere.  Everything was always checked before anyone left, and there were always guns, and it wasn't scary the entire time, all the time.  Some of the drives were very frightening and tense, and then a few times there were horrible arguments that scared me to death.  Horrible arguments with Middletons and I remember one in Sonoma at the Tancer-Sterling residence.  Middletons would scream.  Especially Carol.  She was a real witch, was what I would overhear other people saying sometimes.  Carol may look calm and collected, and probably always was as a flight attendant on a plane, but she flew off the broom handle at houses over money.  Not every time, but she was loud, which was strange because she babysat me and hardly even talked to me.  She just tortured me and left me in my crib most of the time.  In my own sad, love-deprived way, I bonded to her anyway somehow as a baby at least, choosing some stuffed animal in print colors of her 'new bedroom colors' to keep over other stuffed animals I was shown as a kid.  Why in the world I'd pick out something with colors of that house I have no idea.  Even my mother was disappointed and sad.  "Don't you want the elephant?"  "How about this one?  You loved this one as a baby."  I was allowed to keep one after I was told they were all being taken away from me and I chose a dumb giraffe that looked like it was cut out of a cookie-cutter and sewn in Carol Middleton's bedroom fabrics.  I do remember Carol had a sewing machine.  So she would get extremely snippy when it came to money.  Mike Middleton was usually a little more reserved and the guys just stood there with a gun and they went over whatever they had to talk about.

Until one day Mike Middleton decided to hold a gun to my head.  That was real fun.  No one said, "Bruce...Bruce..." It was "Mike...Mike..."I didn't expect it because Mike wasn't like that around me.  I mean, typically, he wasn't holding guns to my head or anything.  He was at places where I was harmed or maybe took me there, but one time, he did hold a gun barrel to my head and I couldn't believe it, in front of Carol my babysitter, and my parents and everything.  It preceded the drama that was to unfold later with Tancer-Sterlings in Sonoma.

The story behind the giraffe I chose to keep is really sad.  Its construction was the result of last-minute desperation in finding a way to have me forget what was being done to me and to make something look "kid-friendly" all of a sudden.  I remember when Carol made it for me and then instead of seeing her face before she electrocuted me, she would hold the giraffe inches from my face and play with me for a few seconds before torturing me while I was lying down or trying to hypnotize me and say bad things.  She'd touch my nose with it and have me hold it and she did this repeated thing to force some kind of bonding to the giraffe she made so I'd choose that one when asked.  If it wasn't sewn, something else was and then I was given this too.  I remember both Carol and Diana Spencer used it with me.  I remember I knew, even as a toddler or however old I was, that the reason for suddenly repeating use of it around me was to create the reinforcement of an idea that this was a good and positive person.

And by the way, Alvaro Pardo also violated my rights and was working with the exact same people who have been involved from the start, to torture and rape me.  His alliance with Katie Middleton also shows criminal collusion between them, from her side, which starts including conspiracy with her open involvement with Gary Goldberg and drug dealing.

All of the money that I witnessed being taken to the Middleton's house, was going to the Middletons.  They were not giving us money but I remember one time Carol looked at me and said about me "She has nothing."  She said, "Annie, you really ARE an orphan."  This was said before I was taken to audition for the "Annie" play.  It was her own comment I never forgot.  She said something about "You pitiful little girl.  You really have nothing" and then she made the comment about my being an orphan and it was the last time I witnessed money given to them because Carol said, "Don't bring her next time."  She knew I was old enough to remember so they didn't want me going to their money drops anymore.  She said this after Mike held a gun barrel to my head and said he'd shoot and my parents said "Go ahead.  We don't care."  When I was referred to as Anna, it was Anna, not Annie, but Carol called me Annie the same way her jewish friend Lorraine Rose (with her sister in London)called me "Cammie" instead of Cameo.

The Middletons did not always have a house with a bright red door.  I remember the bright red door, but I also remember an apartment and their first cars weren't great either.  I mean, I'm talking about their 70's stuff.  Well, it may have been our car and then once they were in it with us so I was thinking it was their car.  They may have had another car. 

Before my Dad (or one of the Bob's) was literally crucified on the cross, his hands were one of his strongest assets.  He had extremely strong hands which is something I think he felt was targeted with the torture chamber or crucifixion.  He didn't play piano as well, and he wasn't able to get the same kind of grip with things.  I think he wanted me to watch to witness what was done to him, but also possibly in the same way I wanted my brother to witness I could move objects telepathically.  Even my Dad seemed mad about that ability, but it's possible he thought someone was trying to undermine his abilities or something he used for his work.  I remembered thinking I was sorry he'd had it happen but I was glad he wasn't choking me as much, but why he was choking me before, I don't know...possibly to scare me, possibly to teach me how to combat surprise, or really because he was mad, I'm not sure.  I sensed, even though I wasn't psychic, that my Mom was glad. 

They also put out railroad stakes next to his hands while nailing his hands, to have me imagine or think they were putting stakes into his hands.  This was probably to try to discredit my testimony later, by saying it was impossible he'd live with staked hands, or maybe they wanted to say the damage would be more obvious.  It didn't fool me though.  I saw that was literally driven and hammered through my Dad's hands, from top to bottom, were nails.

He told once that he was thrown in jail somewhere once for choking me and then when he saw me he couldn't have any objects with him (like a cord).  So then we went somewhere and he showed me he had his shoelaces and belt.  He said, "Well look.  I'll just use my laces and belt."  This was referring back to what some other man had done to me when he appeared not to have any weapons and it was dismissed as impossible this other man could have harmed me. I had actually tried to report this other man for what he did and the police said they didn't see him with anything so it wasn't possible, but it was.  They also claimed how could I have been tied up to something if no one had a cord or rope or there weren't chains.

I think after my Dad's hands were harmed someone else, a competitor, went for his job.  He did a lot of work with his hands even though he was very smart and psychic as well.  I think what a group did with me by destroying my psychic abilities, was attempt to "tamp down the swirl" (to use Valerie Plame's indelicate reminder) so someone else could take over--competitors who made a lot of money and could be powerful with such gifts.

Whatever Diana Spencer saw, she was present at one point, during torture of my family.  I remember her there.  It was me, my Mom, Diana, some men, one other woman with brown hair, and a lot of blood.  Then she was gone or went somewhere, because I only saw her at one place, and after that, I didn't see her again until there was a group of women later, and I'm not completely sure I saw her specifically because it seemed there was only one blond (Valerie) but I thought maybe a woman with a veil over her head was Diana.  Not a veil, a scarf.  The other woman with the brown hair was possibly Carol Middleton but I would not say for certain.  I am pretty certain about Diana Spencer there.

pg.185.  Igor came back and said he was shaken by what had happened.  He says he could have been put in jail if they'd forced him into the embassy.  He was told he'd be given identification papers again. 

It is possible that after I was forced back to the U.S., someone called and said I could go back, which was why I was going back there (I thought).  E.H. says Igor said he needed a vacation somewhere to rest and enjoy Christmas.  He suggested a Baltic republic.  They thought Budapest would be a good place.

What I remember is after being tortured in the Towers, the crucifixion ordeal occurred either in another country where people were then flown in to see it, or another location.  It seemed like we went to some Eastern country with warm weather in the mountains.  What is odd is I have a memory of being on a cross in the Tower and then in a church that was dome-shaped and Eastern Orthodox.  What I think is the reason for not knowing is maybe because it was so close to the other torture, or that we flew to another place and then there was a room kept dark and grim for nailing to the cross, and then we were put up on the crosses at the front of the church, which were against a white wall.  Or, since the brothers still came around from the same hallway, it was possibly done in the torture room, as I remember everything close together, and then later again for "show" with maybe all of us just tied (which is still extremely painful).  Nothing was faked.  It was actual torture.

pg. 186.  E.H. says the man who helped him make a transition was Vladimir Kryuchkov and he went from a 3 star General to a 4 star General.  They last saw eachother before the 1991 putsch.  Since the putsch they sent greetings but didn't meet because of conditions unfavorable to him.  He helped oust Mikhail and Boris Yeltsin wanted VK shot (reportedly) and they were foes.  They had dinner a few times and sent gifts that were small, from a short-wave radio to cartoons in English for his son. 
pg. 187.  He says his gifts were always practical and not ostentacious and he showed a genuine interest in reuniting him with his son.  In the first 2 years of living in the Soviet Union, he VK wasn't impressed with how he was adjusting.  When he said he didn't want to be in intelligence, he tried to find other work.  In the first months there E.H. had complained the guards wouldn't even let him walk in the woods and he changed that so he was alone.  He discouraged the 1986 covert trip to the U.S. but when he saw it was important, used his personal jet for the trip after his best man trained him.  E.H. then says, on the other hand, VK is a heavy-handed leader with the disposition of a feisty terrier whose ideology was Stalin and the KGB was run as a tight ship.  In a room of generals, he spoke first, and commanded respect. 

This section is where everything matches a description I knew of Vladimir Putin.  I think it's possible sometimes, E.H. uses the same names or characters to bring up things I might remember with different people, so I don't pin it all down exactly.  But with what I've already mentioned, this is who I knew.  The "putsch" sounds familiar because he attempted to push me from a high veranda, or wanted to see my fright factor and response to it.  Then we grappled and on that day I'm not sure what was happening.  We'd visited other times, but this one time my Dad or E.H. or whoever seemed nervous and afraid.  He looked like he didn't want to go.  Maybe it's because he thought I might be killed, maybe because he thought someone assumed he or I was giving out information (not true),..I am not sure.  I was given a locket or heart shaped pendant and I can't remember if Putin gave it to me or took it from me, but there was a necklace.  It's possible I was to take off jewelry before grappling and then he gave it back.  On one occasion, I tied a scarf across my forehead to match his.  I thought he was very nice, and his wife too.  I sensed something shifted a little and didn't know what.  Maybe he went from being a supporter to being Katie Middleton's supporter, I don't know.  He wanted me to be doing more, but so I did I.  I was trapped without work and activities and if I could train I would have been training.  He did make some kind of suggestion, maybe to test me, and I said I liked his wife and then he said you're too young and something about coming together when I was older.  I think it was just his talk though, nothing actual.  There was a translator because I didn't know enough Russian.  He talked briskly and to the point and it was sort of nice to see they didn't try to guard the fact they were psychic.  It was evident.  I told my Dad or E.H., "they know everything I'm going to do before I do it and they read my mind."  I would think a thought, and not say a word out loud, and he'd have his translator respond to my thought.  His abilities to communicate like that were very much how mine had been as well, where you don't even have to really use as many words because you know what the other person is thinking.  He was pretty exact.  Then, I didn't know what was going on with my Dad at the same time, because I heard some screaming or "No!" or upset and I didn't know why.  Then I saw my Dad's hands and his hands had been beaten up.  I had heard a hammering sound and then I saw my Dad's hands all swollen and thought maybe he was in trouble somehow or someone thought he did something wrong, and had guards hammer or beat his hands.  I thought they were maybe broken or fractured.  So when E.H. says on one hand he was very courteous and loaned the private jet and extremely professional (all true), he says he could be "heavy-handed" which is possibly alluding to his hands getting damaged.  It was also after this visit I started noticing at the "special place" that was secured, I was getting some kind of laser or technology boring into my head so I couldn't think and was trying to study this 1983 gold bond information and couldn't. I was worried and confused about why E.H. (or my Dad) got beat up (so I thought) and received some kind of disturbing information (maybe about him or maybe about me).  I didn't know what I'd done wrong myself and kept trying to figure it out and E.H. said nothing to me about it.

I did receive some gifts too, nice thoughtful kinds.  My Dad did get a short-wave radio and I was the one who got cartoons.  When the cartoons were given, it hurt my feelings because it was implied that here were some cartoons for me since I wasn't serious and wasn't going to be very smart anymore.  I thought it was a way to say "Here are some cartoons for the empty-headed brat Cameo".  My parents in the U.S. thought it was funny and E.H. tried to say they were for my brother Levi (who was younger than me). I was pretty sensitive about it and I think I even cried at one point and insisted no, I knew how it was intended.

Putin took me to a dojo after his house, with a great big Japanese flag on one wall, and it was a nice open-style dojo.  Very large and spacious and authentic architecture.  He said to sit and watch and I watched this woman doing karate who was a little younger than me but close in age and had brown hair and she was very good and highly trained.  So when he said, "That's your competition" and I was told there was a girl younger than me, I thought, either he's letting me know I have a problem, or he's letting me know this other person is so good they don't care about me anymore.  Sort of like, here's what she can do, and what have you done with yourself in the meantime? 

I didn't really have a choice in the matter because I was being oppressed.  So I wasn't always sure what he or others thought about me, but from my side, generally speaking, I didn't have any bad wishes or thoughts about any of them and they'd have known that. 

I guess the other thing I thought about later was how when I was in gymnastics, I was sort of alone and not always included in social things with other kids, which was okay, but I was very alone.  So when some of the gymnastics teachers praised and praised the other girl and looked down on me, and the girl or girls would walk past me, I took on a defensive stance, which wasn't being a brat or thinking I was better, but was defensive because of my own treatment.  I know some used it against me and were furious, thinking I was just insulting some Russian girl for no reason when that wasn't the case at all.  Seeing the young woman at the dojo who was better than me in karate and told "She's younger than you" wasn't offensive to me.  I felt bad that I didn't have more to offer but I knew she had the opportunities to train and I didn't.  So I got back to the U.S. and said I wanted to take karate and I had to be training.

It was not allowed.  No one in the U.S. was going to allow me to be trained for anything.  I just thought I could improve myself and took it on as a challenge, but my Mom shook her head sadly back and forth like, "It's not possible so don't get your hopes up."  She said how are you going to pay for it? I said I'd pay for it with my own money and I wanted to start working again as an analyst.  So I asked for the computer and software and promised I could work well enough to make money somehow.  It was queried and then refused and I was electrocuted.  I was extremely depressed at that point.  I knew I could make my own money.

pg. 187.  E.H. says he got a red riding stick for him as a birthday present in 1988, and he thought of it as a gag joke but the officers and guards said he kept it in his office. 

What I remember, is not Putin, at least not initially, receiving this, but I gave something like this to an older man who was a guard and sort of a grandfather type and I either gave it to him or to give to Putin perhaps but I think I was told by E.H. to give it to him and he thought it was funny.  I guess specifically, I kind of remember giving a stick to an older guard, as a magic stick or something, and he liked it, and then later E.H. or my Dad gave Putin a red riding stick after I'd had a "scepter" jammed up my rear end.  When I saw this given as a gift, I felt extremely bad because I thought why are they making a joke out of my being tortured?  I had a pole rammed up my rear end while being mocked about "Here's your scepter" after being 'crowned' by being sat on top of a triangular iron shaped torture device.  I had developed an enormous pus-and-water-filled blister from the torture in the Towers and it popped and as I was carried to another device, to have the pole jammed into my rear, a heavy stream of pus and water flowed across the floor.  There was about as much water from that wound as a woman in labor whose water has broken has.  Several people saw and one or two gasped when they saw it and then they all worked to deny it had happened and tried to cover it up.  There was no "water balloon" around. It was pus and water both, and from a huge blister from a wound. 

So when E.H. mentions a "blistering cable" after the red riding stick given as a gift, I know what he's referring to again and it's to my suffering and injuries from torture sustained as a child.

It was commented out loud as being "gall" and "crown gall" at the time, which again, is reason for me to notice Katie Middleton and William gave their child an acronym that spells GALMM or GAL MM.  It is not as if they are innocent or normal people and I don't know that much about who raised William after his mother died, but I do know about Katie and she's rotten.

Then, after the U.S. initiated another round of rapes against me and kidnapped my son from me, on illegal grounds, they introduced me to Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo, both who used a chemical to touch a part of me on the last time they thought they'd be close to my body to do it, and used a blister-forming chemical on the top of my clitoris.  They both did this, and both worked for the same people, and did it on the night they believed they'd last have access to my body.  That is, again, not to be graphic, but to describe exactly how sadistic and grotesque the injuries against me have been, how long it's been going on, and how these sadistic criminals who run government have been operating together.  It was Middleton again, and this time it was Katie Middleton.

pg. 188.  E.H. says he only saw Putin lose his temper twice, and he was a man you didn't want mad at you.  The first was when he thanked him for the professionalism getting him to the U.S.S.R. and he was upset when the Helsinki embassy had told him to relax a few days while they checked with Moscow, and he sent a blistering cable to Helsinki, reprimanding them for letting him out of their sight.  The other time he looked like Nikiti Khrushchev when Khrushchev pounded the podium at the UN in 1960s with his shoe--he made the mistake of mentioning Vitaly Yurchenko and his re-defection to the U.S.S.R. and said "You are not Yurchenko! You cannot return!  I have punished him!"

Here I think of various things.  I saw Putin mad and had to be careful.  I think I mistakenly said something wrong one time, and then I remember he exploded when I said I wanted to economic research with this one Russian again or something, and I think that's what he got upset about.  It's possible he was mad that I still used a last name connected to my parents or someone else that he believed was not a true identity but I'm not sure.  He is also stating (E.H. does, in his book) that VK implied he could not go back to the U.S.

pg. 189.  He says he found it hard to get a word in because they spoke Russian and knew what was on his (E.H.'s) mind.  He says the relationship was personal which was unusual in intelligence and in 1970s and 1980s the CIA (is he implying Putin is CIA? or comparing?) developed a bad reputation among defectors.  They'd treat the defector like a prince, pump him for information, and then after sucking him dry, boot him out with a couple hundred and a number.  E.H. says VK treated him and his family well and he'll be thankful for that and was it humanitarian or a payback motivated by hidden guilt over his taking so much heat for Aldrich Ames as a result of the Yurchenko defection?  E.H. says he may have had a guilt complex because he was running A.A. and knew he was taking the blame for everything.  The KGB would joke and say, "Well Ivan, you did it again" and A.A. was giving info but he was taking the hits and VK knew this.  E.H. says he likes to think the motives were personal not professional and he was part of an old honorable school unlike the new one that will sell anything for $500.

I think for the first time, I have considered the slight suggestion or possibility he implies Putin, the man I knew, could have been CIA.  If it's true, and someone mistakenly went to him for refuge from the CIA, hands might be broken over that sort of thing.  I do remember one thing that was slightly implied when we left that one day and it was that, shaking head back and forth "no", he wasn't KGB or Russian intelligence.  I remember I got the idea possibly Putin was working for the U.S. and we'd be trapped again.  There was vomiting I overheard there and hammering and screaming so it didn't sound good when they talked one day.  It's possible the CIA attempted to force a re-defection of E.H. to them in some way.  I know E.H. kept shaking his head, shocked.  Then again, I don't know.  I also think it's possible if I was treated as cruelly as I was in England with the torture chamber and basements, and mocked over having a "crown" or being a princess, it's possibly similar things were done to men, and that they were sexually assaulted and repeatedly degraded, "pumped", "sucked dry", and basically, raped non-stop, tortured, and booted out.  When E.H. says VK treated him and his family well, he splits into was it humanitarian goodwill? or payback by hidden guilt over his taking so much heat for A.A.?  He uses the "great person on one hand, and on the other hand..." suggesting the complexity and why it was confusing to know.  So perhaps he suggests both, that there was humanitarian concern but also payback.  And this split, potentially suggests Middle-ton influence as well.  Was he all-out for them or 50/50 i.e., exchanging money with Middleton and the CIA.  E.H. then says he was part of an old school, which was more honorable than the new one, which sold anything for $500.  I think I was asked if I wanted $500 before but I'm not sure if it was after or before this time.  If I'm refered to as new school or "American" it may imply he was part of the "old school" (older England, which also has CIA).
10/14/13 3:44 p.m.

I saw a man behind my Dad (one of the Bob's) today that I recognized from the torture.  He was one of the military-types, and this man either was him or looked very much like him and he was involved with sitting me on top of one of the devices.

I saw him at Safeway, at register 3, with Bill at the register, at 14:20 (military time) or a few minutes before.   I saved the receipt from my transaction at the register so I'm reporting it here for one place, and I'm sure Safeway and others have cameras and there were  a lot of people watching from the parking lot so it is obvious to me someone knows about others who were present when I was tortured.

Then I went to a store not far from Safeway and a Japanese-American man was there who I recognize, and it may be the same person because the voice was the same, but if not, he looked like him, and was standing at the opposite register when I bought something at Farrs at 3:02 p.m.  He looked like a man someone brought around for "karate" lessons for me when I was sent back from Russia and wanted karate.  He was connected to cops and worked for them and at first he was very nice and I laughed with him a lot and then one day, he flipped out, punched me and beat me and left.  So the U.S. was making a "habit" of assaulting me by aggravated assault and rape.

Other things I remembered this morning were that Carol Middleton was mocking the fact some of my jewelry was being given to her.  I had a solid gold locket and it was in the suitcase with money and other things.  From what I understood, the money was my money, and it was being diverted to Middletons for some political reason.  I don't know where the money was coming from--from a Russian I worked with or E.H. or who, but it was literally my money and given to my mother to put into a safe place or account for me and instead they were giving everything I owned to the Middletons.  I remember when that suitcase was being packed, my Mom was wanting to come up with more things to send over and started trying to convince me to part with anything and everything of value that I had.  I was told someone might get killed if they didn't have enough in the "offering" and I was expected to hand over any jewelry, or stone, or object that had any kind of value.  So who was it going to?

It was FUNDING Katie's ass.  This is the same ass who kept taking money from me, and colluded against me with others, and waited to show up in public with Barak Obama until they thought the U.S. military had a handle on torturing me. 

When I was in Russia, I had at least one person tell me, or suggest, my mother (or one of the Dicksies) was involved with some other "girl".

The reason I had a huge boil inside my rear, which I was sat down on an iron triangle torture device in the Towers, which poured out pus and water all over as I was removed from  it, with a man saying, "Look.  It's the 'crown gall'"  (I later asked my Dad, "Why did you say it was the crown gall?  what is crown gall?" and they wouldn't tell me.  They denied it was said but I never forgot it) was because Mike Middleton and Prince Philip had heated up an iron rod like a poker, or some kind of a stick or pole was made burning hot and then rammed into my rear while I was chained to a bed at the Middleton-Goldsmith basement.  First they were electrocuting me to my head and telling me to put the rubber ball on my vagina, and then Philip came in and he and Mike Middleton took something out and jointly rammed it into my rear end and I blacked out.  Then the second time Prince Philip came over I was terrified of him and tried to be charming because he was by himself that time and held a gun and said he thought he might have to kill me.  I have ZERO doubt about who rammed the burning hot (like a brand) rod into my anus.  It was Mike Middleton, Prince Philip, and I remember Charles Spencer wasn't far.  It was one of the few times Charles Spencer was around.  There were several of them, during the heating up and preparing of the rod.  I recognize James Hewitt.  Not when he was older but in the 80s, about the time I would have seen him if I'd seen him.  I believe he was one of the individuals acting a military person in the Towers when I was tortured.  He and Diana were together.  It looks like him and Diana said his name "James" when they were standing together and I think he was there.  It is slightly possible it was James Hewitt instead of Charles Spencer that was with Philip and Middleton when they rammed me in the rear with the hot poker (or electric rod) that caused a boil to form.  I think it was Charles Spencer however.  First they rammed me up the rear with a hot poker or electric rod while I was chained to the bed in the basement and had the electrocution helmet or band on my head.  I believe they took it off or unchained me to turn me over, because I was usually on my back, and that's when they rammed me.  I remember the pain and when I woke up from being unconscious, I felt a horrendous problem beginning to build there.

They must have been using this torture technique for centuries actually, to have known it would produce a boil or blister so bad, they could then pop it over the "crowning" triangle.  I was in such pain afterwards, I couldn't sit or lie on my back and I was on my stomach instead.  When Philip came in again, I sat up out of fear.  He said "You know too much."  I said, "I promise I'll never tell anyone.  I promise."  Then I went on to be as charming as I could be and said something like "I don't think God would want you to kill me." I was in horrible pain.  He also said something about the Queen and I said, "I won't tell Betty."  He said something about a crown again and then I noticed he looked up at what appeared to be a small daylight window to the basement I hadn't noticed before because it was usually pitch black and all basement.  If I imagined the tiny basement window, I imagined it, but I thought they put a light or something there for some reason.  It's possible I just saw something psychically again, but aside from that, everything was pretty much the same.  It wasn't like when I saw a light that had no explainable source.  This was more of a light from an actual source that appeared to have an actual place of occurence and he brought it up.  I don't know why some of them wanted to bring up the light but I thought it was to have me forget about a different kind of light I saw that maybe some of them didn't like.  I even said to him, "That's not the kind of light I saw".  I said this to Philip.  It was a different kind of light.  Then he said, dropping his head, "You're the one" and I didn't know what he meant.  I thought he was going to save me and let me out and when he left I stayed on my stomach and then I was told I was going somewhere so I thought I was going to be let out and from there I was taken to the torture room for a series of torture.   The rod they put into my rear end was glowing red.  I don't know if it was iron because it was so red.  It may have been something else, but it was bright red like a burning coal.    I went from the Middleton-Goldsmith dungeon or basement to the larger towers torture collection and at some point I was thrown into a dungeon dug-out place that was crawling with rats.  From the way they interacting during torture of me, I thought Diana and James were in love with each other.  I believed they were boyfriend-girlfriend from my child perspective.  I don't know right now if she was married to Charles already (probably) but I knew they acted like they were in love and I told my Mom later.

Also, I remember the woman who used a giraffe in my face before torturing me, would put the giraffe close to my face and have it say "I love you" and after playing with me and acting affectionate and cuddly, then she'd force my legs open and pinch me as hard as she could.  She did this repeatedly.  "I love you" and attention and then torture.  She would leave me alone for hours, with nothing to do, and no attention or affection as a kid and then the minute she had me on the floor, she'd do this to me.  So when I chose the giraffe, my Mom was upset.   This woman would have different animals, stuffed animals, and have most of them show up just for a second and then have them say something mean to me or ignore me, or not spend time with me.  So then she'd bring out the giraffe, making it the only one to play with me at all, and be loving, and then she'd torture me.

That is just how great the United States is.  This was done to me, however, in England.

I also remember James Gilbey.  He hated my guts.  James Gilbey used to stalk me and smirk from a distance, after I'd been tortured or something bad had been done to me.  I thought he was some kind of secret service person or police.   I can look his photo up now and remember him.  I remember Will Carling too.  I believe he was somehow friends with James Gilbey or James Hewitt.  They were pretty good friends and I saw them together, and they asked me questions, and I saw them apart.  It is possible Diana had some of these boyfriends all at the same time, not one after the other in a succession but maybe at least 2 at a time. I remember that was the extent of their conversation with me, too, when they stood together and asked me questions.  They asked me if I had ever been with two men at the same time.  I was under the age of 12 when they asked, probably between 9-11.  I remember then, one time, it was arranged by someone to have me in a bed with another woman and a couple of men.  I thought it was like some kind of "slumber party".  There was one older adult woman, 2 or 3 men, and me.  This may have been before I was tortured as well, or it could have been after.  I was introduced to Will Carling with "he's a rugby player".  I'm pretty sure it was Prince Charles, not Diana, who introduced me to them.

Later, when I'd forgotten about all of this, U.S. government kids knew and they wanted to get a photo of me, Shannon Adams, Alicia Peters, Erica Wiltbank, and another person all in bed together and I remember Stacey Darling was there with her best friend Claire and they were involved in wanting the photos and arranging it. I  thought it was just slumber party silliness, but I had a bad feeling, and it's not hard to figure out why.  The U.S. gave away tons of my personal and private information away to others, so they could harass me or mock me and make jokes between themselves about it.  On one occasion, from what I remember, Will was with Diana, James Hewitt asked about Sarah, and James Gilbey maybe about Jane.  I remember Will Carling and Diana snuggled up together.  I think I was in Diana's bed more than once because I remember different conversations her boyfriends would have with me.  I used to paint my toenails in bed with Diana before they showed up.  I had the opinion she was introducing me to her boyfriends to detract from Charles, however, I also know they must have been approved by Charles because before I was in bed with them with Diana, he was the one giving the introduction.  He didn't look completely comfortable though.  Or one of them, didn't look comfortable, like they thought something was "off".  James Hewitt would sit on the floor with me or at the edge of the bed and play cards with me.  There was usually someone else under the sheets.  Like I'd be playing cards with James and then I'd look over at Diana and they'd poke their heads out now and then and then Will would say "What are you looking at?"  Diana would say leave her alone or don't worry about it and he'd say, "I don't like her looking at me."  One time they all massaged me at the same time, telling me to turn over and they'd massage me.  I don't remember they did anything besides that, and I thought it felt good of course, and then another time they said to go under the sheet and take off one piece of clothing.  So the strip poker was first with them.  One of the men, I think James Gilbey, who maybe wasn't there, was frequently on helicopters or planes or making arrangmenets.  I had thought he was like a Dad to me in some ways, and protective, and I wanted to learn more about his work, and then after all this, I got tortured and electrocuted and after I was electrocuted and tortured, I saw him smirking at me (it looked like him to me) from a distance, like, "You're out.  Mission accomplished."  It is possible Mike Middleton was also one stalking me out.  I believe it was both James Gilbey and Mike Middleton because I saw both of them, once before torture all the time, and then after, making a point to mock me and see the effects it had had on me.

I caught this man staring at me from a distance, across from a veranda I stood on, and he made a point to have me notice him smirk triumphantly and then he left.

Most of the time it was just me, Diana, and some of the guys, but once it was Diana and her sisters and men.  They had used condoms all over the floor.  I was sometimes asked to bring the box of them over, like a ring-bearer.  I don't remember giving any to Diana.  She used to say it was unnecessary.  I think one of the men maybe wanted to wear one anyway but I don't remember who or why the box was out and which person it was for.  I know I held it and said, "Do you want red, yellow, blue, .." and would list the kinds they could choose from like they were crayons.  One of the men said, "Don't you want to use a rubber?" and she said "It's not necessary."

So from there I was tortured with a rubber ball held to my vagina in the Middleton's basement.

I think when I went home to the U.S. once, they had sent a box with me of condoms because I took it out of my suitcase and showed my Mom and said "Look!  there's all kinds of colors."  It was either that, or my Mom gave me the box of condoms because I remember she was holding a box of them and telling me about them.  I actually think, now that I remember more, I had wondered why my Mom wanted me to look slutty.  I said something like I don't need them or I'm not going to use them because I'm not having sex, but you can if you want.  I don't know which Dicksie it was, but then she had a weird look on her face like she was mad and I thought, "I don't believe it.  She really wants me to be a hooker or something" or "Does she think I'm going to have sex with one of those men in England?"

So the U.S. set me up to be raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama after more torture in other basements.

Jane Spencer was a real witch.  When the men would come over, she was suddenly giggly and flirtaceous and the life of the party.  Her shy, quiet side was no longer shy and quiet.  And she didn't seem to be fixed on just one man or very conservative either.  Between them she seemed to be the one who looked at me in the most jealous or hateful way.  I wasn't sure if it was jealousy for herself, or over her sister Diana and wanting to keep Diana in her position.  Most of the time, she acted jealous of me over even men she was trying to claim for herself, and she'd secure one and then take him to the side.  All of a sudden her own jealousy over me took on a "justified" flair when she decided I was trying to steal one of Diana's boyfriends, after Charles and everything.  Diana wanted me to talk to Will Carling who was nestled in next to her and started to maybe get upset over him or James Hewitt.  When the man began to talk to me more, Jane's eyes narrowed into slits and then Diana said "Take Will."  I thought what does she mean by "Take Will" because I didn't really like Will Carling that much--I was sort of scared of him because he was a rougher rugby type and very abrupt at times so I didn't know if he was mean or nice.  Then either someone got mad because I didn't let Will Carling kiss me, or someone got mad because they thought someone else was flirting with me, I don't know what, and all of a sudden, I was lured over to the side of the room by Jane who said she wanted to show me some "magic".  I really loved magic and had seen some magic shows that were very small and private with the royals and then had seen some hands-on kinds of magic and I was fascinated with it.  So I went over and she said to me "I'm a real witch" and then suddenly the 'boyfriends' jumped me, and she tied me up.  She is not inexperienced at tying or bonds.  Jane acted like she'd done it many times before and she tied the ropes tight.  Then she put pantyhose over my head, like a sheer black stocking, and then if I am correct, wrapped me up in a fishnet and then opened the door to a secret passageway and had the "boyfriends" carrying me through a dark tunnel.  She said I could play "Go Fish" in a net and the boyfriends were laughing about it. 

The entry to the secret tunnel was right off of the room.  I didn't see how it opened because I was lying down and tied and they blind-folded me at one point, but we did not leave that room so it had to have been a hidden door behind a closet or bookcase or something.  I was carried out with one holding my feet and another holding my wrists and I was scared but I had no idea what was next.  I thought maybe this is a weird entrance to scare me before a magic show.

I also saw, more than once, Diana Spencer nursing and another woman nursing a baby.  At some point, someone was going in to hand her a baby to nurse.  I patted her chest once, wondering about it and I think..well anyway...I also know they brought William of Wales into the room.  Diana wanted to know what I thought about him and he was a toddler.  He was maybe 2 or 3 at most and I think younger, and I think Charles brought him in and I was next to Diana.  If it wasn't Charles, it was some other man and she asked me, "What do you think about him?  Do you think he will be a good ruler?"  I remember I looked at him and thought about it and said, "I don't know.  I think he's going to be kind of weird."  They looked upset and she wasn't smiling and said, "What do you mean by weird?" and I said, "Well, like glasses and everything."  I may have meant I don't know about ruler because I didn't know and possibly she asked what he'd look like, if I thought he'd be handsome and that was when I said maybe "Not really" and then was asked what did I mean and I said, "Well, like with glasses and everything."  I know I didn't say very much about the ruler part because I didn't know everything they did and wasn't sure.  But I said I thought he was going to be sort of weird, had glasses, and maybe I said he'd probably be a good ruler if they kept asking.  If I said "with glasses" as part of being weird, I may have meant kind of nerdy and eclectic.  (Later, at my own house, I would do something for attention and my Mom would say, "Don't be weird" which became an ongoing mandate).  I was playing with a rubber ball, a bouncy ball, and tried playing with him and let him hold onto the ball and then they looked happy about everything.  They didn't look happy until I let him hold the rubber ball I had been playing with.  There was more I might remember some other time if I think about it.  I know my comment about the glasses hurt Diana's feelings because when she asked if I thought he'd be handsome she was sort of smiling eagerly and expectantly like she thought, or was sure I was going to say "Oh yes!"  I think she maybe asked what kind of physique and I said tall and lean in however I would say that as a kid and she looked satisfied with that.  I still remember how he was when I saw him there and he didn't seem very happy.  He didn't seem like a happy baby at all and then when I gave him the ball his eyes became more active and he seemed happier and more responsive.  He didn't look mad, just subdued and slightly depressed like a kid who just had a seizure and then went to meet someone he didn't know.  I accidentally once (possibly then or another time) called Harry "King Harry" instead of "Prince Harry" because I didn't really know the difference with that either and she laughed.

So one of those times, Jane Spencer told the boyfriend guards to help her tie me up and they took me down a secret tunnel into a torture room.  It was a narrow hall because I remember it was this Will Carling and James Hewitt (I think, or another man) who went with Jane through it and I think she was holding the light.  They were saying they couldn't see anything and the one was backing up while the other faced forward.  There was only enough room for one person or two side-by-side that were not large, at a time.  It went downwards in a slight slope.  The tunnel seemed to be very long.  It was stone or rock of some kind, and had a fairly high overhead clearance.  It opened out into a larger room and I believe it was Mike and Carol Middleton who greeted them there.  I think at that point I was thrown into a cellar dungeon room with a bunch of rats.  I think we crossed through the main room and went to a different hall and then there was a cellar and I put there in the dark and they put another man in there with me. 

Then I heard other people later being brought in and taken to nearby rooms or places there and the screaming started.  I heard sounds of torture, people saying "Noo!" shouting and what sounded like interrogation.  Someone was screaming my name:  "Cameo!" several times.  I remember Will Carling standing at the doorway to that cellar, with 2 other men and smirking.  When I heard what sounded like my Mom screaming "Cameo" it reminded me of an even earlier time when we were separated into rooms in a building like a police station or hospital or secured intelligence place.  She was screaming and they had me in a different room, sometime when I was a baby.  Then I heard sounds of cracking and machinery and heard a man screaming no or groaning and sounds of pain. 

At some point, I don't know how, I ended up in the basement of the Middleton's.  They must have let me  out of the rat place with the man, to be forced into a house, because the red-hot rod they jammed up my rear was done there, before a pole at the torture place.  It is actually possible I went to the room where I usually saw Diana and Jane and others after being in the Middleton's basement and having that done to me, because I think I remember being embarrassed about how much pain I was in and not wanting to tell anyone, or Diana.  Yes, that was it.  That was the order of events, because then I noticed she was smirking and I felt crushed as in, "She knew what they did to me at Middleton's?" and then from there Jane tied me up, and I was in the dungeon with rats and then it was the torture chamber with all of the equipment and devices.

What I remember is the door to the tunnel was pretty narrow.  Like a doorway sized space and concealed by maybe even a toilet in front.  It was very well-designed for the cover.

And that is what happened.  I went from the Middleton's torture in their basement and repeated assault and the rubber ball held to my vagina and electrocution, to being taken to the room where I usually saw Diana Spencer and her sister and some of Diana's lovers (and guards).  She asked me to sit down and I said I'd rather stand, or I sat sideways, off to the side to not put pressure on myself and then I saw her smirking and I could tell from one look into her eyes, she knew what had been done to me and she seemed happy about it.  I think she was there too, with her sisters when they said things to me once, waiting their turn between people, but I didn't remember Diana there as much as her sisters and then when I was out in daylight and to that room, I saw her and it was more noticeable how she was still sort of gloating about it.  She did not have any children in the room that time.  I believe she said "Take Will" out loud twice, possibly to confuse surveillance about order of events if someone listened in.  Once it was over William of Wales I believe, and another time it was said about Will Carling in another way or suggestion.  I even remotely remember someone there once, at some time, suggesting I give oral sex to a baby boy, after all their suggestions with men and I don't believe I did but I know it came up once, and I think this was suggested when I was younger in age, but I remember something to that effect.

I remember again, what it was. Yes, they wanted me to do oral sex on a baby boy and I wouldn't.  I'm 100% positive about it because I remember I was being pressured and this one man got really, very, mad that I wouldn't.  I shook my head no and backed away.  They had the baby laid down on the bed, upside down from me.  So I was sitting there and they put the baby on his back with his head close to mine and feet at the other end and then were telling me to do this to him and I wouldn't.  So then I saw some of the people were scared or upset I refused.  I don't know if someone wanted to trap me in something or blackmail another person or what, but it became a big deal.  Even though they had sometimes told me to do this to men, when I was little, it wasn't like it was all the time, and I thought it was odd they wanted me to do that to a baby, or I was older and knew it was wrong and said no.  I think the man who was pressuring me to do something was James Gilbey. 

I know when she said something out loud, when I showed up after being tortured at Middletons, that I knew it was said to confuse timing or disguise what was occurring potentially so I felt aware others believed there was surveillance of an audio-nature.  I felt it was either to incriminate or implicate someone or to cover up for an event and mix up what was said or happened next.  I thought maybe Diana was saying things to cover context of where she was prior or before my torture and that James Gilbey was maybe a cop who had just wanted to get rid of me with someone else so pretended to be nice and friendly and then wanted to trap me doing something they could feel justified in harming me over.  My question later was if Gilbey was a cop and didn't get what he wanted maybe they worked even harder to try to patch various audio together, or ideas, to make something sound like it happened that didn't, and vice versa.

So then, from there I've described what was done to me, for the most part, in that dungeon or torture towers.  From what I remember, I think there was a more public entrance or hall, where guards could come through, and then there was a secret tunnel attached to a place the royals used so if they wanted to lure someone in to kill them or torture them, no one knew where they went next.

As it turned out, next I was the one being licked and drugged and everything and then having Barak Obama and others try to have me suck on a man's breast.  In both the situation with Barak and the situation with the baby on the bed, I sensed not only did someone want me to do things I wouldn't do, they wanted me to kneel and bow to them, because some of them had some kind of obsession with the idea of it.

pg. 191.  E.H. says Moscow is like a cranky lover.  "Daily life creates a build-up of frustrations: the potholes in the streets, the slow-moving Russian bureaucracy."  He says most people who leave Moscow wish to return.

I didn't think Moscow was a bad place myself.  I wouldn't have minded living there and my main concerns were when I started getting radiated at the security house, and not knowing for sure who was my friend.  E.H. says Budapest was a pleasant contrast in December because they celebrated Christmas and churches were decorated.

I don't know where I did this, maybe another church, but at one place I played bells in a choir of a cathedral.  When I got back to the U.S. some smart aleck decided to give me a zylophone that had rainbow-striped bars and the purple one barely worked.E.H. says he tried looking for work there.  I think I remember taking a vacation somewhere once and remembering my Mom or Dad really looking hard for practical work, or any kind of business work to sustain themselves.  I thought I had work too, because I was looking for myself as well, thinking maybe I could work even though I was young.  One place said they might have a need for someone that could help with English translations at a small business.

E.H. says then Mary called in tears to tell him the FBI AND CIA told her to "voluntarily" surrendure her passport to keep her from visiting him.  What I remember, is FBI or some officials came to my house in Moses Lake and did this to me.  My Dad or someone had told me what kind of work did I want and I said anything--I'd do dishes even, but if someone needed an English translator or to help with brochures or their business, I could try to edit for them or write marketing for them in English.  So my Dad got very excited and called up to say he had found a job for me.  Literally.  I had a job lined up after nothing in the U.S.  I was THRILLED.

Then the FBI or CIA decided to visit me.  I am not kidding.  He even asked me, over the phone, how much do you want to make? and everything and give him an idea.  So I did, and he really found work for me, I think it was in Hungary or Budapest.  Supposedly some small place and I didn't care, I just wanted out of the U.S.  So the U.S. trapped me to torture me more instead.  I sobbed and sobbed and couldn't stop crying.  I hated the United States then.

"Amerika."  So much for the "land of freedom" (as E.H. says) was EXACTLY right.

They went to my Mom and had my Mom give it to them and claimed it was a "voluntary surrender" of my passport, like when I was supposed to give Katie Middleton my gold locket and money because SHE'S the CIA bitch.  Her family punctures anuses for a living and inserts red-hot rods into little kids' rear-ends, literally, and steals money from kids.  And the U.S. gives her information about my life, but how many "background checks" have they done on her?  about as many as they did for Barak Obama The Pedophile Electrocutionist.

I used to spell "America" with a "k" at that time too.  It was carry-over from Russia and I liked it.  I wrote a poem about "Amerika" and how it was a false hypocritical state.  It was stolen from me.  It was the length of one page and was one of my better poems at that time.  It started out "Amerika!" I wrote the poem before the FBI and CIA forced me to give them my passport.

I was offered a job and then I wrote an anti-American poem about "Amerika!" and they decided they were going to keep me in the U.S. as a hostage.  I knew it was retaliation against me for writing that poem because everything was okay until I did.  So they showed up to bully me around again, over ONE POEM.

That's the real U.S. for you.

E.H. says the U.S. couldn't get to him so they targeted Mary, his wife (while for me it was me, his daughter or something?) and kept them separated for political reasons.  "When other countries attempt such tactics, the U.S.A. protests loudly."

This is absolutely the truth.  The U.S. proved over and over again that they are not worth the paper their "rights" "laws" "bills" and "rules" and "constitution" are printed on.  If anyone else, or any other country comes close to doing the horrendous things this one has done, they use their power to bully them around and act like they're the hero.  Meanwhile, look at what they did to me.  I was less than 12 years old when all of these things were done to me.  They revoked my passport to keep me from traveling so they could make sure Barak Obama got to rape me and electrocute me.

Other information that came to mind this morning:

I remembered Mike Middleton was involved in having me sat on the torture device shaped like a cone made of iron.

When Jane Spencer said to me "I'm a REAL witch", it was in reference to my having told them at some point how Carol Middleton "is a real witch" because I mentioned going to her house or an apartment and how she stole money from me.  She was there, and Diana or Sarah was there. I don't remember if it was Diana or Sarah.  It was the same day.  I believe Will Carling was there and I wouldn't let him kiss me or I was talking to him for awhile or something and then I wanted to do something else like play cards, which is what sometimes they did at the end of the bed.  Instead of being at the end of the bed, there were some of the Spencer sisters, one of them Diana, sitting there on the floor playing cards together.  They sat cross-legged on the carpet.  This is when I was asked about Carol Middleton or about something to do with money.  They asked about whether I had some kind of paper or not.  It prompted my memory so I suddenly spoke up and said, "Yeah, this one time, we had to meet Carol and Mike and they made me give them my jewelry and everything, and a bunch of money..." and I said something to her about "And some papers of mine that were worth something" (like a deed to a property, bonds, or some kind of right to ownership of something) and as soon as I said this, Diana startled and didn't want me to say anything else and I was just talking away and repeated what I heard my Dad say once about Carol, "She's a real witch."  Right after I said this, Jane told me to go over to see some magic, and then she and the men there jumped me and tied me up and she got in my face and said  "I AM a REAL witch" and then they took me through the dungeon hallway that was a secret passage, and on the other side of the hallway stood Mike and Carol Middleton and I knew I was in trouble.  Carol smirked at me and I knew right away, "They planned this.  They wanted me to say something about how she was a witch and now they're going to hurt me."

My Dad wasn't the one who pushed me all the way down on the cone-shaped torture device.  It was a man whose name I heard was "Ben", or I heard the name "Ben" said at that time.  It was maybe his name or maybe not. He looked like this man I saw showing up at the Safeway yesterday, in line behind my Dad.  He was furious and then he looked around for approval from everyone after he did this and there were men and women around.  They had me stripped naked because all of the torture machines in the dungeon were not the kind that clothes stayed on.  My Dad (or one of the Bob's)  made the comment about "crown gall".  Actually, this man "Ben" made the comment about it and then later when I heard my Mom and Dad joking about "crown gall" in the kitchen I asked my Dad, "Why did you just say something about crown gall?" and then I asked my Mom "What's crown gall?" and she just looked at me through slitted eyes and a slight smile and wouldn't tell me.  I asked about it because I didn't forget what they said when they did this to me at the dungeon place.    I was sat on it one time first and then the other man came over because he didn't think it was good enough, even though I had screamed, and pushed me down on it harder.  I then had pus and water pouring out.  I was totally naked, on display for group of about 10 or more individuals.  What I remember is Mike Middleton tied me in a hog-tie and then he carried me over to the iron cone device, handed me to my Dad and my Dad sat me on it but not far and I screamed.  So he was carrying me away and this other man grabbed me, pushed me down on it and water and pus gushed out and handed me to my Dad and my Dad said, or he said "crown gall" and made a joke to all of those surrounding this to "watch" the scene.  He then carried me over to my Dad and I thought why am I seeing my Dad again if he's holding me and it was the other Bob Garrett, his brother.  It was Mike Middleton who shoved the red-hot rod into my rear and they heated it with a blowtorch or something for a long time and then would lift it up so I could see it glowing orange-red over black and they would say it's not hot enough.  So then they'd raise it up again while I was lying down, chained there, and say this again, and then finally they thought it was hot enough and Prince Philip said he was going to spank me and told me to bend over his knee, to bow under the light from some window and Charles Spencer was there, and then I looked back when I wasn't spanked and had that shoved in my rear, and screamed and it was Mike Middleton.  I sort of remember some of the other brothers (Philip's sons) to the side watching, but there weren't immediately behind me.  They stood in a huddle, and at an angle where they could see the "hot rod" being inserted into my anus.  One of them had a dark black hood over his head or pulled one up, which I thought was odd.  It was like a long black cloak with a hood attached and he pulled it over his head.  And actually, I am not sure about the light that time because it was the second time Philip came over he asked me about that.  I think it was all dark when this was done.  It is possible they brought William to watch from the front.  I think it's who Philip wanted me to bow to, or this group wanted me to bow to when I was forced to bend over.  They brought him in and he was hiding his face and scared and he was forced to watch and they told him "Look!" and made him watch and he screamed.  He basically fought at them because he didn't want to be in the creepy dungeon, like most kids.  He was there, and it is possible the man with the hood was an English Magistrate of some kind because they had political persons from there torture me prior to this hot-rod event, and not all of those political persons were present when this other thing was done to me, but it is possible, one standing next to Philip's sons was a politician or Judge for English courts of some kind.  I don't think it was Charles holding William--I believe it was Charles Spencer, the "other Charles, Diana's brother."  William basically tried to push with his arms and was kicking and turning his face and didn't want to be there because of being scared. 

As a kid, I thought or knew they were partly doing all these things with a ball and "rod" or scepter against me to degrade me or try to keep me quiet or who knows what, but they owe me a lot of money.

Also, I remember how Charles acted when he came in with William and the baby one time, before this happened.  James Gilbey had already tried to force me to do oral sex on a baby boy and I wouldn't.  He even got violent looking about it and one of the Spencers stood behind him so that if I bowed over at all, I was bowing to them.  I knew, even if I wasn't totally psychic anymore, I still knew from psychicly knowing her motives, they were hoping I would both commit a crime against an infant and bow to a Spencer at the same time.  They wanted both.  Well, and I would have been bowing to James Gilbey too I guess.  So I wouldn't do it.  They tried to have me do this after Putin (in Russia) had someone (either him or someone else) say something to me about "69" which was two people having sex at the same time but I don't remember this happened.  Something was slightly suggested and then not, and I "think" I was just told they'd wait until we could "come together".  So from there, they had this infant on a bed upside down from me.  I wouldn't do anything and the Spencer woman and Gilbey got extremely angry.  Diana Spencer stood there behind him, and one of her sisters stood next to her.  The other sister stood off to the side of the room and was out of my focal point or view and I believe she had a camera but was not wanting me to see it.  I saw a glimpse of it later after I refused to do anything. 

I later thought they were all trying to set me up because, I wondered, did Diana have something to do with my money and papers being stolen from me? and jewelry? because why did she not want me to remember anything about Carol Middleton and what my parents were doing? 

So then Charles came in holding Harry (I guess) the baby (close to newborn or a few months old), with William as a very young toddler and he made this weird motion of holding the baby from me, like letting me see and then looking at me with a disdainful look and pulling the baby back close to him, as if I would hurt the baby and that was when I wondered why in the world would he do that unless someone lied and told him I was persuaded to do oral sex on a baby?  He let me play with William, but he pulled this baby back to him as if to tell me, "You're not getting close" and I thought it was so strange, in my kid-perspective I thought, "Did someone tell him I did something wrong to a baby when I didn't?" so I thought someone had lied to Charles.  Then again I thought, who knows.  Maybe this is just some weird moody game and I didn't know why he did it.

I remember a little more what I was asked and said about William.  When I said I thought maybe not too good-looking, like glasses or something, she then said what about his body? is he shorter? medium? tall? and said well what did I think and I said, "I think he's going to be tall and lean, sort of like Edward."  Diana smiled then and said, "So you think he has a good body?" or something about nice body or something and I said, "Yes".  So she seemed a little happier then but I didn't say things to please her--I said what I thought.  I guess I've already written this before so I'll delete it because it's not really new information.  I possibly said when asked "what do you mean 'weird'" I said, I don't know, maybe he likes video games a lot and they said sports? or what does he do and I said maybe swimming and something, and something with a stick.   They asked me if he'd play soccer or with a ball and I said I didn't really see him doing that, and I saw him more with a stick.  I remember they both didn't look as very happy when I said this.   They said what do you mean with a stick and I said I don't know, something running with a stick.  They looked happy again when I gave him a ball and was playing with him a little.   They said rule meant to manage people or money or ceremonies, and I can't remember how they explained it to me but I didn't really understand and all I remember saying to it was "I don't know". (I was taught, if you don't know, say "I don't know.").  I may have said something else but I don't remember right now.  No one prepared me or coached me when they asked so anything I said was spontaneous and not coached--but I knew from the past I wasn't supposed to make something up if I didn't know.   I gave the baby with them something else but I don't remember what.  They said do you want to find something for Harry too? so I looked around and tried to think of what he would like to play with or would like.  I think when I brought the ball to William it was because I knew kids usually like playing ball back and forth at that age and maybe it would make him happy and it did.

Also, at one point in traveling back and forth to England, my mother (or one of the Dicksies) was nursing a baby and it wasn't my brother.  Since they knew Middletons and the royals, it may have been Katie Middleton or one of the royals or another kid, but it was in England and my brother and I were already older.  I have no idea what they did with my brother during the times I was away, because he was never with me at the same time when I was overseas or on a plane. 

My Mom stood to the side with Sarah Spencer when they were trying to get a photo of me doing something to a baby boy.  Diana stood in front, not looking gleeful, and Jane looked sort of mean and gleeful.  I also know I thought all the talk about "Take Will" (either take William out of the room or Take Will Carling to bed, or whatever) was to partly cover up for talk to me and others regarding "The Will" and before I was tortured Diana was asking someone if another person "Got the will."  "Did you get the will?" and this was after I was talking about money and my jewelry and my deed to property being handed over to Carol and Mike Middleton.  There was another paper though too, and it had to do with something else, I think my rights or royal something-or-other but I didn't hear it discussed much but it was discussed.

About the torture over the iron cone device, I also remember, for more information, they hog-tied me first.  I was naked and one of the men had taken me off of one of the other torture devices, like the rack or something.  I will see if maybe one time I can try to remember the order of the torture machines they used on me exactly.  But I was taken off of one thing or brought down from suspension or something, and they put me across a wooden machine and used coarse rope to hog-tie me.  My hands were tied to my ankles so I was in a kind of sitting position or ball-shape and that is how they sat me down over that device, not with my legs extended on either side, they were picking me up and carrying me around like I was a basketball.

They had me hanging upside-down by my feet with my ankles chained or tied up prior to taking me down to hog-tie me.  They also tied me or had me hanging with my arms behind me in some way but when they had me hanging upside-down, it was for hours.  It was not in a gymnasium, it was in the same dungeon room.  The ceilings there were so high I don't remember them and I am not sure there wasn't some kind of protruding hooks or bars or beam in the walls up high before you got to the ceiling, because they used the rope like a pulley and had me upside down about as high as the top of a one-story from the tops of their heads below, or possibly 2 stories up if measuring from the top of an average person's head, if they were standing there.  I remember people below and looking at them and then going in and out of consciousness.  I remember I spit once, not out of being mad, but it was blood and I remember I started to eventually have frothing at my mouth while being hung upside down I am pretty sure but I don't remember why.  They mocked me saying it looks like the bat might have rabies.  My being hung up in a dungeon was later imitated again in a kind of gym in the United States, but I was being suspended to the point the backs of my arms really hurt, prior to being hog-tied.  In the dungeon I was naked, and in the other place I had a tank top and underwear. 

The other thing they did in that dungeon, after using a "hot rod" to insert into my rear, and electrocuting me and telling me to hold a rubber ball to my vagina, and a number of things, all things which sort of reflected on some of the things I had said when asked what I thought about 2 year old William of Wales, was they had a film person there or what appeared to be a film person, with a camera.  It was one of those very high moving scaffold types of things that can be rolled in with a person holding a camera up high to get an aerial view.  Well, two of them were rolled in right before they carried me naked to the iron cone to have it shoved into my rear and pus and water gushing out.  I don't know if it was just a stunt to have me think of later, or if it was really filmed, but if they filmed that, an act of torture, the only sadistic thing I can think of was that I had said I thought maybe William was going to be sort of weird, and when asked what that meant I said like playing video games all the time or something.

pg. 192.  When my trip to work in Hungary or wherever was cancelled, I thought it was maybe because I had sent my Dad this poem I entitled "Amerika".  I think I faxed it over.  We got a fax machine in the 80s and had one for a short time and I faxed over my poem.  I thought he might like it.  Instead, he called back saying I couldn't go now, after the FBI and CIA stole my passport.  I wondered if the "job" was just a false flag job from the CIA they reneged on.  I also think the constant fax explosions and ruining of my fax machine during litigation in court between 2002-2004 were specifically targeting my fax for this reason:  lawyers and enemies who defamed me believed the CIA was backing them up, along with the DOD and FBI, 100%.  They felt they could target me over everything and there were no laws or rules.

pg. 192.  E.H. says he swore vengeance.  Istvan was afraid he'd do something stupid and calmed him down.  He said he'd win the battle with patience and not stupidity.  He invited his sister and son to join him at Hildy's for a week and felt better with their company.  They tried to go to Moscow in January and that the Soviet Union would mount a media barrage if the U.S. denied her to travel a second time.  He phoned his wife and she said she'd request the return of the passport.  He said they were prepared to make an issue of it if it was not returned and knew FBI and other listened in.

What I remember, is because I they claimed to me they "just want to look at it" and then stole it, I had a right to have it returned.  That was how they put it to me, that they just wanted to look at it and would give it back to me.  They didn't give it back to me--they stole it.

E.H. says the passport was returned to Mary.  If my passport was returned to me, I never knew about it and my Mom held it or gave it to my Dad or they went back and forth.  I held onto my own passport up to that time, like everything else I was responsible for, in my purse, including keys, money, or anything I might need to have on-hand like paper and pen.  I was always organized.

He says he sent them roses and a card and when his son jumped out he was very happy.    E.H. says he couldn't talk because of a large lump in his throat and they were all a family again.

For me what I remember is maybe visiting altogether over there or somewhere and it was a nice vacation and they looked around and I had laryngitis.  The U.S. knew I was going over somewhere with plans to talk to people about working there, and I had laryngitis that "suddenly" affected me, right before our trip.  No one else had it--just me and it was bad enough I couldn't make any sounds from my mouth at all.  I felt convinced it was a biological terrorism act against me by the FBI or CIA.  Or the Army.  I suspected my mother had something to do with it or knew about it somehow and I felt it was done to punish me and keep me from making any business contacts in the short time I'd be there.   I tried making phone calls from the dacha or hotel or bed-and-breakfast place and my voice was cracking and couldn't be heard.  So then I tried to go out in person to some places and couldn't speak or be heard because I had no voice to talk with.  No sound came from my mouth.  So I desperately tried to jot down a note to the business owners to explain and all of it took too much time and went nowhere.  I remember I had no voice by the time I got to Hungary, to Budapest. 

pg. 194.  E.H. says they were in Moscow one week first.  For him, I'm sure it's true.  I may have been one place first and then in Hungary, but I knew it hit me by the time we landed in Hungary and that was originally where I had planned to look for work.  So I tried there, but some of them were really scared for me.  Some of them looked at me with big wide eyes and I thought "How do they know me?" and would shake their heads as if to say, "Danger.  Beware."  If they were psychic, any of them, maybe they knew.  I really liked it there.  I was able to see myself living there.  It was a like a nice larger village and I felt free and independent to walk around and thought if I could work there, it would turn out.  I guess if we were in Moscow first, depending on how long we were there, and how long it takes to inoculate someone, I may have gotten the biological warfare stuff from a "Russian" that didn't want me to work in Hungary.

Also, this was one time I do think my brother Levi was there.  Usually he was never where I was when we traveled and this was a rare exception.  E.H. says he talked with his son and he could express himself well and was four.  What I remember, is E.H. or my Dad or someone was upset because he was NOT able to express himself well.  Well no, I think he could express himself and was doing okay but maybe it was that he wondered why I couldn't talk at all (I was the one with laryngitis).  It was a little strange that the only one with laryngitis was me, the one who needed to talk to look for work as I had wanted to do.  One Hungarian told me to watch out for my Mom, implying my Mom was against me.  Another said you are in very serious danger.  Overall, I liked their people, town, and culture and I think had I gone there to live, I would have been happy.  They had some of the mystique and interest in spiritual and psychic things I liked (I didn't feel weird), they had a little art culture, and I was able to move around and feel safe.    That was, of course, back then, and it was my impression from a week there.  E.H. or my Dad or whoever asked me if I'd live there and I said "yes".

There was some problem with the roses that were sent too, because I remember this Russian man got mad or said send the roses "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" or something or it was that there was some offense about why don't you have the roses in your room?  or something and someone put E.H. in a chokehold.  Maybe it was that I said I thought I got a bad biochemical agent or something and then someone was saying drink the fertilizer water from the rose vase.  There was a blow-up over something.

I started remembering things, torture done against me when I was there.  I said I was remembering pieces of it and said I knew the U.S. was trying to keep me from putting all of the pieces together for the big picture.

pg. 195.  "So I was moving--to Budapest."
E.H. says he was given a list of Soviet embassy personnel and he'd use his Soviet passport for travel and then once there, he'd use the name Scott Alan Roth.
10/16/13.  This morning I remembered the cars I was in with Middletons.  They did not have the older cars, my family did and they didn't like being in them.  They were used to their sleek black government-sponsored vehicle that we usually drove in and acted upset or grossed out when they had to ride in the back of our station wagon one time, which must have been in Canada because I don't remember we took to the station wagon to England.  However, I remember being in a station wagon, in England, going over cobblestone one time because it was bumpy and I asked why and was told it was cobblestone.  I had said "What's cobblestone?" and they explained it and when I looked out, I saw it was a bunch of round rocks all together to make the road and I never forgot it because I'd never seen cobblestone streets before.  They were extremely narrow roads.  You could barely get two cars passing each other from opposite directions at the same time.

There are no cobblestone roads in California, or Washington where I lived, or even in Washington D.C. where the roads have stones but are not specifically round-stone cobblestones.  They are also not in Canada where we went to visit; they are only in England.  The kind of cobblestone my family drove on, with the Middletons, for a money exchange, was in England and was an English road.

I noticed it when I was older, but then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I've been on roads like this before" but it had been awhile.

The dungeon where there were torture devices was also not  a movie "set" or someplace in the U.S.  It was a solid rock or dungeon larger stone dungeon.  The men who had cameras to film or who looked like their were filming, came in on high scafford-type dollies that were rolled in.  There is no impossibility to the idea of someone rolling in such a thing, to an old dungeon if they wanted to.  It was the 80s. 

When Diana supposedly died in the tunnel, the cameras were "off".  I think this points to the fact some people knew I was tortured and that video-cameras were even brought in. 

The fact there were people who looked like they were filming, when I was naked and being tortured, does not diminish the possibility, you look at how Diana died, and it makes perfect sense.  My opinion however, is that she's not dead.  She was involved in too much work with the CIA and others and I think it's very possible someone would arrange to fake her death.

The other thing I remembered this morning is that what I gave Harry when I was asked to find something for the baby to play with, was a set of plastic keys.  My Mom was there and looked like, "Oh no."  I could tell something bothered her about what I picked out but they didn't leave much to choose from in that room.  There were only a few toys scattered around.  Then Diana looked sort of happy and triumphant but slightly narrowed her eyes and I didn't know why.  So then he was playing with the keys and I could tell he liked them because I saw his eyes as well, and I knew kids that age like things that jangle and are colorful or contrasts and can be held onto.  I was intuitive with kids even as a kid myself.  I gave them things that I knew were age-appropriate.  What I didn't realize was that these royals were putting symbolism into it.  You know, they used me, and I didn't ask to be used and I was just a kid, and then they tortured me.  No one ever paid me for the work they had me doing for them.  They had me chained to their thrones like I was their child-psychic slave.  I didn't fully realize their positions or what I was doing for them, but I do now, and they didn't pay me for my work.  On one hand, one is taught to never expect payment for "that" kind of work, if you're a psychic or prophet and not a fortune-teller, but if I was then an unpaid "prophet", look at how they treated me?  How can any group of people use someone in that way, and then try to fry their brains out and reduce them to sexual services?  I started feeling my parents were getting jealous of me too, because they were telling my Mom to quit talking and then would go to me and say, "What do you think Cameo?" and say to another person, "She's honest."  So I remember one time when my Mom was right there with me and they cut her off from telling them things to redirect to me instead.  I remember the look on my Mom's face and her feelings were very hurt.  At least, one of the Dicksies, whichever one.  But then too, I found out some of them were testing me to see how psychic I was because they were trying to torture it out of me and when I said the truth about what I saw about Charles my Mom was worried and then I was tortured and I wasn't sure if she was worried because I was turning out to be decent, or if she was worried Diana didn't like my abilities and with every proof I still had the ability she'd torture it out.  I also remember feeling Putin sort of rubbed it in my face because he grappled with me, and did this mind-reading thing with me, after he knew I had been able to do this myself once, and couldn't anymore because of excessive and constant torture.  So it felt, in a way, like maybe he was trying to show me who was "better" now.  Or have me remember how I had once done that and comparing his abilities with mine.  I thought he was very good, and I also intuited there was some kind of triumphant show in it.  Then when I left with my Dad I said what was that noise in there and he said a leaf suction blower or something and I said why would they have that in the house?  It very well may have been his point too, because then I was shown to a dojo where a girl was better than me at karate and told, "That's your competition.  She's younger."

It wasn't another kid, like some U.S. kid and a faker.   It was William, and Harry.  So I gave this rubber ball to William and then a key ring with keys on it to Harry.  The next thing that happened was I was told not to like William for some reason.  I don't remember who, but also was taught to say "You're cursed!" or something like that if someone made me mad.  It was just kid-stuff to me, and I didn't think it was any big deal at all.  Then they brought him in again, to see me, at the same place, in the same room later and I don't know how they primed and groomed for this, because the adults did a lot of that, in setting kids up, but they had me see him again after I had been tortured with the "hot rod" and "rubber ball", one to my vagina and the other to my anus, just 'specially for William and Harry and a bunch of adults who hated me for being their competition. 

Also, from what I remember, they brought my brother into the dungeon that one time.  He was never around, but they took him or another kid who looked just like him (aside from William) in at one point and had him see me being tortured.

They had William of Wales blow bubbles at me while the adults stood around, and he did it to taunt me.  Basically, it was soap bubbles with a wand, and this is after they'd tortured me in the dungeon and caused a huge boil to form inside of me which they broke over the iron cone torture device.  So then they had him blow bubbles at me and the way he did it, even that young, was not just blowing bubbles, but to blow them directly in my face at me, and it's probable an adult coached him to do it that way, but I was going to show him something to play with him and he took a step back and blew a row of bubbles at me and as a psychic still, I knew it was to taunt me, not an unconscious action.  Whether an adult coached him to taunt me or not, I knew his mind at that time, and after seeing him in my face watching me get tortured, I thought it was rude and I said, "You're cursed!" and walked away and then I was picked up and beaten for "cursing Prince William of Wales."

I was yelled at and they said, "How could you do that to a little boy?  He's just a little boy!"  I said, "He did it on purpose."  They yelled, "He didn't do it on purpose.  He's a little boy" and I started crying and said "I didn't hit him.  I just said "you're cursed!".  Basically he was put in front of me and then blew one row of bubbles after the other and I started trying to play with him and he kept giving me this look and blowing bubbles in my face and I said "You're cursed" and he fell over backwards.  He basically fell back onto his rear end but I hadn't touched him at all.  So someone thought I had pushed him but I didn't.  He was taking steps backwards as I stood in one place, and I reached my hand out to see if he'd give it to me so I could try to show him a larger bubble, and I was saying this to him, and then he was blowing bubbles in my face and it was intentional and I said "You're cursed" and he fell backwards on his butt.

I had not touched him.  So I was trying to explain this and my Dad was saying or someone was saying another person said I had pushed him and I said no, they know I didn't.  I didn't touch him.  I said he was cursed and he fell over backwards on his bottom.

So actually, I think it was after this they plotted how to torture me to create a giant boil and then sit me on my butt over an iron cone and mock me saying it was "crown gall".  So then Katie Middleton, whose family has been involved in crimes against me since I was a baby, and theft, marries William and they have a kid publicly with a cute acronym of GAL MM.  It's like a nice cozy feeling they get to think of it.

I know I was tortured in some way prior to seeing him the second time, but I think they arranged to have me tortured with the  Middletons there and everyone, and Spencer sisters lining it up, after this.  All of it was premeditated torture against me as a child and it was far worse than that.  It is even worse than I've described.

There is no way anyone English should be giving their money to those people.  Charles would assist Diana in hiding out and faking her death for the purpose of protecting his sons and themselves from being mentioned as participants in gruesome torture against me.  The idea that Charles was planning brake failure against her was a way to detract from how she herself was involved in that plot against me.  It means if she is alive, she would secretly torture my son and work with Middleton and my family and others to have my own son tortured the same way they tortured me.  Besides which, it would also mean her CIA and FBI friendships in the U.S., which were obvious by the time Barak was raping me, would be used to assure mutual protection for all of the criminals involved. 

The one other possibility is she decided to switch to a different intelligence group and if for some reason, she really died, she would have known it had something to do with my brother and family (Charlie Brown) trying to set me up for brake failure and that it was possible someone on her side would as well.  Her position in the back seat of the car when she turns her head, is where my mother was sitting when holding the cake box when I turned and saw her there and then got out.  Both my Mom and Diana held it and Carol Middleton was sitting next to her and I think it was possibly Joy that was locking up the house last.  I think it was maybe Joy and not Carol because I remember Carol's scary eyes and hair in the back seat next to my Mom and Diana.  So it would have been Carol and Diana walking together, carrying the cake box and then Joy at the door with the keys.

You know, acting so nonchalant after I was successfully raped.  No big deal to them!  Who needs a RAPE KIT?!  Let's go with "cake kit" of course.  Hahaha.  How cute.  Rape Cameo and then walk out with the cake box instead of a rape kit.  Cake kit!  get it? get it?  And then they wanted to drive to the airport from there.

I got my best friends Me, Myself, and I OUT of there.  I think it's pretty obvious some Muslims somewhere had to have known something was wrong because I had wondered why some of the Pakistanis didn't want her around their kids, and know...odds are NOT good if the relationship "sours".

So which is it?  Mike Middleton's MI5 friends?  Mossad? or CIA and FBI?  Take a lUCKeee guess!

The next thing they forced me to do, by torture and coercion, was after the British royals tortured me in their dungeon, I was again tortured in the U.S., not just in private basements, but a gymnasium that was open only to military and cops.  There were a lot of cops there.  They tortured me but not as badly as what happened in England.

Then, after they did this to me, they wanted extra security from my Dad (one of the Bob Garrett's) or something and told him to have me sit on his face so he could do oral sex on me.  This was after what Goldsmith and Middleton had arranged in England when I was drugged.  It's also not the only time one of the men did this to me because another one was a royal who went up under my skirt in England.

After this at my house, my Dad and brother began farting in my face.  They waited a year or so to have me forget and then they began saving up farts and if I sat on the couch reading a book, they would come up to me, put their rear end in my face, and fart on me.  Almost every day, and for over 6 months to a year, until we had moved to Sherwood, Oregon.  They would sometimes wrestle me to the ground or if I was lying on the ground reading, grabble me to turn me over, sit on my face and fart on me.  All the time.  So the "ill wind from Washington" went from England to Middletons to my house to Barak Obama's office, where he farts on the White House chair.  How do you feel as a country, America?  to have your President farting in your face for $300,000 a year, bonus pay, and perks.  Obama and Katie Middleton and some royals get to fart all over the law and anyone and anything they want to, and that's how they feel about you after you send in your tax monies that go to pay for their privileges.  What noble persons for heads of state and Presidency.  They are really, as James-Cake-Kit-Middleton says, "living sacrifices" of the Lord God Alrighty.

I actually have to think about Joy and Carol again, as to who was left at the house after they raped me and who was first in the car with my Mom.  The reason for this is I need to go over it more carefully in my mind to sort out and be sure of who was there.  The reason it got confused was they later repeated the scenario with my Mom in the back of a car, and Joy and Carol there but not Diana, and I remember they were hoping to mix things around, and started calling a torture device a "cake box".  So I will update on that later.  It's possible it was Carol with Diana and my Mom in the back but it could have been Joy instead of Carol with my asking Joy didn't she want to sit next to Forrest, and Carol at the house with the keys and my Dad with her.

I'm pretty sure it was my Dad and Carol Middleton inside the house.  I ran out, and went into the house and I saw them there looking like they were romantically involved and wondered why my Dad would be having an affair with Carol Middleton.  There was also a baby there, in a carseat.  Either the baby was right there, or it was a car seat with the blanket and the some toys and a diaper bag ready-to-go.  So I asked, "Where's the baby?" or why is there a baby here?

No one expected me to get out of the SUV and run into the house and see that.  I was standing at the sink and Carol ran out into a different room and my Dad was there and he was furious but holding it inside and said, "There is no baby."  I said, "Yes there is, and the bottle is right here."  The bottle was almost full, and slightly warm still.  I thought my Dad was going to murder me then.  He looked at me and either there was a gun or a look of shut up or I'll kill you because I got extremely scared and he either cut me with a knife from there or told me to go to the car.  Maybe I just saw the knife.  So I walked out, in a daze, having been raped and electrocuted, and then seeing some secret baby my Dad was involved with, with Carol Middleton.

They then took about another 10 minutes and everything had already been packed into cars before I found Carol and my Dad with a baby in the house.  My Dad had been holding it and then Carol was.  I saw the baby before they went out of the room and the bottle was left behind in the panic of having me walk in.  It is possible they had Katie Middleton there to celebrate in my being raped.  I don't know what other baby it would be because my family did not show up at Stanley Ann Dunham's house with a baby.  Most likely since my Mom was going to the airport and my Dad was behind with the car, either he and Carol were planning to put the car-seat in that station wagon that my parents owned, or another person was going to drive her somewhere.

Then when my Dad told Carol to throw him the keys, he tried to call her Joy I think, maybe once, and he also tried to mix up the fact of whether she was throwing him the house keys or the car keys.  She threw him the house keys because he already had the car keys and she said it was locked but she probably just lied and was planning to go back in after we left.

I still remember the look of horrific shock on her face when I walked into the house.  She said something like "Oh shit" and I didn't hear her swear usually.

So you know, lets rape and electrocute Cameo and then we'll feed the baby some milk and honey to celebrate their crimes.  Yeah.  That's the other thing.  They had honey out too.  So it was some sadistic Jew ritual of feeding the baby with milk & honey (Mossad anyone?) after they put a hit on ME.  I said, "Why is there honey out here?" and my Dad was furious again.  Then when I told my Mom later at our house, she didn't want me to mention the honey.  Milk in a bottle is one thing.  Milk & Honey looks like a Jewish Hit with a Jewish ritual performed over a Jewish baby by Jews who RAPED AND ELECTROCUTED ME.  God damn all of you.

This was all done, by the way, after Barak Obama and some Jews tried to have me "nurse" from my Dad's breast at their house and bow to them.  So instead they then did this whacked out job against me and had Jew symbolism all over, I guess so Baby Bama could feel "better" about his Jewish Dad dying, who he thought I had killed when I didn't.  And then they made some kind of a new life ritual of promise over this seriously whacked out ho Katie Middleton.  I can't remember what the whole honey and milk ritual is over but it's something like let the law be sweet to you.  That's the whole Jewish rite for a baby that is Jewish, is to give it a taste of honey and say this to the baby.  So they rape me and want the "law to be sweet" to Katie Middleton, because what other baby was it?  I think, actually, when I first walked in, Carol was holding it and then my Dad was standing next to her, saying something over it, or giving it honey or a bottle while she held it and she saw me and turned around and ran (RUN CAROL!!!!!!!!!! RUUUUUuuuunn!!!!).  So they did run.  They ran to Jordan.

Then they all tried to kill me, as I've already mentioned.

The other thing they did to me was that before this happened, I was at the royals in England and Diana was asking me about Charles and right after I said I thought I saw him with a baby (psychically), and described things, then my Dad or Mike Middleton (I'll remember later) burst out of the closet after she was done asking me questions, holding a baby doll, not a real baby but a doll, and whacked me on the head with it and I blacked out.  So I had just said I could Charles with a baby in the future and then said or maybe it's now..where is he right now? and some other man came out of the closet with a doll, from the same room and whacked me.  But I didn't confuse my meaning--I think they wanted to confuse my meaning.

As for the royals who went up my skirt, Prince Charles was the first and he said "I need you".  He said I need you and "I love you" and when my Mom found out everyone flipped out.  So then Snowden I believe was next, to supposedly mask over for Charles and what happened, and I accidentally farted and started to laugh and I told my Mom about that too. So for these events, which I had no control over as a kid, they tortured me and felt my Dad should do something to me and that then my Dad and brother should fart all over me all the time.

It was shortly after Prince Charles did this and said he needed me and loved me, that I was then being introduced to Will Carling and another of Diana's boyfriends and he looked uncomfortable (Charles did).  They then played some games with me and then tried to set me up to do something to a baby boy and then took me to the royal's torture chambers and disgraced me and tortured me for a long time, and to the Middleton's basement.

"Let the law be sweet to you?"  FOR Katie.  I want to barf.    He was glad she won her lawsuits.  It's like my Dad is her Dad or thought he was her "unauthorized rabbi" or something and he blessed her so she's doing great.  I hope they lose everything.  So this Katie Middleton, who has been a beggar off of my property and belongings, who owes me her life, has gotten away with running to Jordan for protection after people put a hit on me, and then she hides out undetected while I was being tortured out of my mind, then she and Obama rise up like "nice leetle Jewish stars" up from their heap of hatred; then they engage the U.S. military to assault and torture me and kill off anyone they think will be in the way while they're plotting to put Katie out as The Official Jewish Whore For England and Pedophile President of the United States; and the U.S. goes so far as to use the FBI in defaming me along with a Jew-run newspaper; I get tortured all this time and have plots of murder against me so Katie and Obama can squeeze in their Jewish Pride and hatred of me and repeatedly rape me, and then of course, at the exact same time they get their pledge of security from FBI pigs, like Robert Garrett Jr. and others, they have Katie and Obama moving into the spotlight and media attention and begin carefully grooming them for publicity, "monitoring" me 24/7 for any possible reaction.  Then this country arranged to keep me suffering while they promoted these other individuals who should be in jail for life.  Katie Middleton was involved in drug dealing with her Uncle Gary Goldman who is a hit man and a criminal and she also was involved in organizing Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo against me to her own advantage.  Katie Middleton also had my son Oliver tortured, and was directly involved in his torture, with some of the same people who tortured me as a child.

My Mom made such a big deal over how my Dad was found by me, giving this baby honey from his finger as Carol held it, they actually let the ceiling to my bedroom fall out and leak and put pots to catch water all over and then after shooting holes into the ceiling, they introduced hornets into my room, to make a nest in the ceiling where there was  an opening and forced me to live like that in Moses Lake and then made it an excuse and reason for "remodeling with new beams to cover for the fact they'd been using my bedroom as a torture chamber for me there.

They had me living with holes in my roof for months, and let the hornets nest grow until honey was dripping out of the nest onto my floor.

There are two possible Jewish rites my Dad was doing with Carol Middleton and that baby and one is to have the kid taste honey because milk and honey are supposed to be the first things the Jewish baby tastes, and the other rite is to dip the child's fingers in honey and touch them to Hebrew letters, and say "let the law be sweet to you" as a first rite of learning a lesson.  I wasn't close enough to actually see whether the baby sucked a finger or had it's own fingers dipped, but I heard something said and then Carol ran and I saw the bottle of milk and an opened jar of honey on the table.

Also, the car seat wasn't there yet.  I am wrong about that order.  They had put the car seat into the station wagon, OUR station wagon and then I was in the SUV.  Then when I ran out of the SUV and into the house and saw my Dad and Carol ritualizing some baby, after I went back outside, my Dad had to take the car seat out of our car, and put it back in the house with Carol and then I saw the blankets and things.  So I was asking my parents why they had a car seat in our car when they didn't have a baby.  They got mad and I was lying down because of pain from rape.  They kept telling me to sit up and I refused because I couldn't.  I don't think they liked the fact I was lying there across the seat where someone had hoped they'd be taking off with a baby there instead.  Probably to another airport or the same one with a different car.

Yes, it was the rite for a lesson because now I remember exactly. It wasn't the rite of first giving the child honey or milk though that may have been the case as well.  It was a rite of a lesson because when I asked my Mom about it I told her what did it mean if they were doing something with honey and then saying something about a letter or "letters" and having the baby touch something.  They specifically mentioned a letter or letters.  My Mom was extremely upset and said no nothing like that was said, but I remembered then and I remember again now and I've remember in the past as well.  So basically, they gave this baby, possibly Katie Middleton, a Jewish ceremonial rite to "let the law be sweet to you" and "learning lessons" after they had raped me of my virginity and electrocuted me in a "bridge" between Barak Obama and Robert Guy Garrett Jr.

Either "my Dad" thought he was her Rabbi, her special friend mentor, or her biological father. 

Then it was Joy, Diana Spencer, and my Mom in the SUV and my Mom sat next to Joy and Joy sat to the far left of the vehicle behind Forrest.  Diana wanted to switch seats and I could tell that then my Mom looked like her feelings were hurt.  Either her feelings were hurt or she was pinched or cut and had a look on her face from it, and my Mom went from sitting in the center next to Joy to Diana in the center and my Mom on the right side, behind me. Diana held the cake box and she was the one I ran from, out of terror, remembering what she'd done to me.  It was Diana Spencer I ran from at that time, not even my Mom or Joy.  Diana was 100% in electrocution of me.   Later, in another car, Carol Middleton sat to the far left of the car (all directions as if standing at the back of the car), they had my Mom sit in the center, and then Joy to the far right.  They made my Mom hold the torture box and Carol Middleton was the one who had it and kept trying to scare me from the left as I looked back, and then they said, "Here Dicksie, you hold the cake box" and handed her the electrocution box and I started screaming because Carol got up close and they all started "pretending" to be "witches" except for my Mom in the middle.  They started saying, "I'm a REAL witch, are you a witch too?" and this is after they'd tortured me in the dungeon.  The woman who I said was Joy was possibly Sarah Spencer actually.  It was imitating the car arrangement with Joy, but Joy was not there, and it was a "Sarah" instead, and it may have been Sarah Fergusen at that point.  Yes, it was Sarah Ferguson from what I remember because she was newly with Andrew and I was newly meeting her and getting to know her.  So it was Sarah Ferguson at the right of the car, my Mom looking terrified in the center, and Carol Middleton to the far left and that time it was probably a car in England unless they were visiting the U.S. or Canada.  It was also late at night.  Yes, and one of the men there was Andrew, one was Forrest or Mike Middleton, and one was my Dad and they took my Dad outside of the car and beat him up.  I think it possibly happened in Canada because it was in the woods again at some undisclosed remote location.  They kept the headlights on and stopped the car and I could see ahead and they were all taking turns beating my Dad.  I started screaming over it and then the women in the back started making deliberate witch cackling noises and laughter and saying they were real witches and started going after me from the back seat.  Sarah Ferguson had a weapon and so did Carol.

It was definitely Sarah Ferguson.  The same one that lives in the U.S. as a 'refugee from justice' in California, who has been in contact with one of Barak Obama's major funders, Oprah.  It looked like her, she talked like her, she was there with Andrew, all her stories lined up to things only royals would know about it, and it was "Fergie".  Fergie with a weapon against children.  Another criminal from England getting sanctuary in the U.S.

I think not only did they beat my Dad, I am pretty sure they raped him.  At the point I saw them start to rape my Dad (sodomy), after first beating him, the "witches" in the back terrorized me more and then I blacked out.

I was terrified of "Andy" after that.  Sarah Ferguson deserves to be in jail like the rest of them.  For some reason, she feels "safe" living close to Forrest Tancer and Joy Sterling in California.  I think they feel California will protect them.  From what I saw, I saw definite beating of one of the Robert Garrett Jrs., (there are at least twins of them) and then they were forcing his pants down and doing other things and it looked like rape.  They also tied him with shoestrings and belts.

I remember I tried to report this event to police after it happened and one of the men in the car was a known cop or FBI agent so the cop I reported this to said, "That's not possible" and tried to say no one had rope with them or anything.  However, I saw what they did and they did tie him up eventually and there were some kinds of cops or FBI there as well.  Sarah Ferguson held a gun to my head.  She also did hold up rope of some kind at one point.  The gun she held looked very much like the pistol I had seen with Andrew and Prince Philip before and she was wearing gloves, like driving gloves, in the car, when she pointed it at my head.  She was not holding a tiny black gun or anything.  It was like a pistol or revolver, not a glock.  My Mom had the box for electrocution put into her lap, and then Carol used both a gun I believe, and a knife like a pocket knife.  Carol's gun was smaller, like a small glock type.  It was one time I saw a couple of people with 2 different weapons.  Then one of them put the cord or rope around my neck or told me don't move and then they blind-folded me.  They shouted "For ENGLAND!  For IRELAND!  For SCOTLAND!" and assaulted me.

That's Sarah for you, and Carol Middleton and my Mom?  which one of the Dicksies?  I think it's safe to say Katie and Sarah's kids need to be thrown out.  Not one single one of them has any right to draw a salary off of the earnings of the citizens.  So these grown women, all of them shouted out their rallying cry, to mock me, with their pitiful, sorry, feeling of "winning", and assaulted a minor with multiple weapons.  From there, I was burned while blind-folded, repeatedly and asked to guess which one of them did it.  They burned me on the neck in front and back, on my hands, and they burned my mouth.

The other vehicle that was there in the woods, when we had driven out to some location to drop off money or exchange something, or possibly just transportation, was full of Jews.  They were all Jews and dirty cops.  Charles Goodman was there, the same one from the plane and who I saw next to Barak Obama at a hotel, Gary Goldman was there, and there was one or two others who were either in cop uniform or who I knew already to be cops and one of them looked like "Chris Rozollo" who was a person that stalked me out in Wenatchee.  One of them was a relative of the Maiers, Stephanie Maiers, possibly John Sellen. 

We were supposedly going out to meet "John" and "Bruce".  Then the car doors opened, and a bunch of Jewish gangsters came out of the car, and possibly Bruce (Canadian) and possibly John Hart.  There is a John Hart that lives in this town now, and I remember the last name Hart had something to do with it, and John Sellen was involved as well and many of the guys worked in various aspects of construction.  What I know of the John Hart who currently lives in Coquille, is that he is a U.S. federal employee who works for the postal service and his wife is a French Jew.  I saw the photo of her mother or grandmother and when I asked about her, she told me she was a French Jew who worked for the French resistance of the Nazis.

Because they blind-folded me, I'm not sure about everything that happened to one of the Robert Jrs.  I did see a long pole and they beat him with fists or something and then they had him bend over the opened up trunk of the car and took his pants off and it looked like others were unzipping their pants.  I am not sure if I'm blocking it out because of trauma, because earlier today I thought maybe I remembered more, or if I was blind-folded but right now I am able to say I remember accurately up to that point.

For me, in the car, they did a few things.  I was screaming in terror and helplessness over watching my Dad get beat up and then felt even more horrified to see what I thought they were doing next.  So then behind me I had the self-proclaimed professional "witches" screaming, and saying things in foreign languages and scaring me to death.  As I said, Carol and Sarah each had guns and they wore gloves when handling the guns.  Carol was asked about the charger or generator or power supply to the electrocution box.  The car lights were left on and I'm not sure how they did it but supposedly Carol Middleton had some kind of charger, small generator, or something that supplied power to the electrocution box.  Then they split the ends of a cord.  They had one wire going one way and another going the opposite direction.  Before they used that on me, they put the blinds on me, and then started burning me with a lighter or something.  It was some kind of coal they warmed from a cigarette lighter somehow I think, I don't know.  As they burned me they kept telling me to open my mouth.  Every time they touched me they'd say "Who did it?"  Then they started trying to force me to tell them which royal men had been in contact with me.  Then one of them said something about "the prophet Jeremiah had a burning coal touched to his lips" and I believe they used this verse out loud to horrify whoever they thought could hear from surveillance I was wired or bugged with.  They forced me to open my mouth and put what was like a hot coal in my mouth and forced it shut.  I was crying and then Sarah gave me the gun she was holding and said, "Hold this gun and point it at your head.  Anytime you want this to be over, you pull the trigger."  They kept burning me and then at the same time, reminding me over and over.  "You can put this to an end.  If you pull the trigger, you won't be in pain anymore."  Not only were they torturing me to convince me to kill myself by pulling the trigger, they had me handling the gun with my bare hands when the rest of them had gloves on.

Let me just tell you again, for the record, which women were forcing me to hold a gun to my head, and torturing me, and telling me the pain would only stop when I pulled the trigger, and this is with ME holding the gun with bare fingers while the rest of them had gloves on:

Carol Middleton 
Sarah (I say only Sarah right now, instead of Spencer or Ferguson for one reason and that is when I remember the reaction to something I said during their interrogation of me, so I have to think about it.  They tried to mix the two Sarah's up deliberately, so both conspired in the event, and the other even they sat in the back with the same people but the other Sarah)
Dicksie Garrett (one of the twins/triplets)

They also made sure to unload and load the pistol so it could be heard to have ammunition in it.  Then they turned on the electrocution box and told me to open my mouth while they held a gun to my head still, and put the split wire into my mouth and electrocuted me through my mouth.  I don't remember for sure if one of them put it in with just the end split or if one on each side held an end and put an end of it to the side of my tongue, but I remember it was split somehow.  I was repeatedly electrocuted with the split wire placed inside of my mouth.

So really "kiddos", if I find out after having a 1.  fork branding my tongue and 2.  Middleton then using a split wire on my mouth to electrocute me, there is any kind of a 3.   'stent' to my heart that is enabling further torture of me, thanks to their FBI friend Alvaro Pardo, shit is going to fly left and right, all around Katie.

Carol then told me to give her my hand and set it down on something that then caused a large enough electric shock, I blacked out.  It was even burning in the back and you could smell burnt flesh and then I passed out.

The other thing I remember is when a group tried to force me to give a baby boy oral sex, they had Edward Howard with them, or someone who looked like him.  He had flown back and maybe it was a layover or stop or something, but it was someone who looked exactly like him and had his eyes.  It appeared James Gilbey had a gun at his back and was forcing him to bend over the baby and then they were telling me from the other end to do something.  So they had Edward Howard facing this way > for example and I was facing this way < and they had the baby in the center.  From the side of the room where my Mom, Carol Middleton, and Sarah Spencer were, it would have looked like this:


Carol Middleton was there in a corner to herself, and my Mom (or one of the Dicksies) was to the side with Sarah Spencer.  Behind Edward Howard was James Gilbey and then behind him was Diana and Jane standing together.  James Gilbey appeared to have either a gun or knife under the suit coat or something and was forcing Edward Howard over to bow to me and they were telling me to bow to Edward, to do something to this kid.  They had Edward trying to persuade me, urgently and harassed him to do a better job of getting me to do something to the baby.  I remember he had tears in his eyes, this man who looked like Edward Howard did.  Maybe he was faking it, but whoever he was, he was visibly upset or seemed to be, and panicked-acting.  He looked very scared.  After I wouldn't do this, James had him leave the room or forced him to the ground where I couldn't see him, and then did the same thing, trying to convince me and he got mad, not teary-eyed and then I thought, "Someone wants to have something bad on me, to put me in jail for kids over or something."  It was the only time I remember seeing Edward Howard, specifically, in England...I think.  I can't forget because his eyes were up very close.   After that, I was taken to the dungeon and all the torture happened.  Not immediately but in order of events, this occurred some time before I was lured to the dungeon.

Another thing I remember is that after Putin said to me in Russia when you're older we can come together (sort of implied in a sexual way but could be taken other ways as well), I was then in England and that was when they took me out to some night club and then had me in a private room, drugged me, put cocaine all over my body, lured me there saying they could "levitate" me, and they did oral sex and other things to me until they forced me to orgasm.  While they did this, they were all saying they wanted to "come together" and mocking me and then in the doorway photos were being taken of me.  I believe they possibly put a vibrator on me or something because I remember first they were all licking me and then they brought something like that over and turned it on.

They raped me.  A group of 10-20 people there raped me.  Then there were Jews in the corner to take pictures of it and Carol Middleton and my Mom (one of the Dicksies or a woman who looked like my Mom) came in to clean up garbage while a nurse examined me because I was not able to breathe and they had to do CPR because of my low blood pressure.  They gave me so much cocaine, I was overdosed, and because my blood pressure is naturally low, I almost died.  I don't know if part of the overdose was that some of the cocaine absorbed into my body or part of it was they forced me to have some but it was a ton of cocaine.  One was making a joke about how I was nice and powdered after a bath.  I know I almost died because there was medical equipment that was brought in and I was having to be revived, and I remember how I felt, and I also know my personal medical history is such that a large amount of cocaine would affect me more than most because of very low blood pressure to start with.  They stopped my heart from beating basically, and were standing over me with a flashlight in my eyes to check dilation to see "if she orgasms or not".  One of them said to the other, as they were talking, "Her eyes will dilate if she really orgasms so let's make sure she doesn't lie."  I had asked them what is orgasm and they said, "We're all 'coming together'".  So this was a group of royal cousin connections, Goldsmith-Middleton people, and "media" persons like Lisa Thebault and Melinda Gates.

This was done to me after being tortured in the dungeon with a ball held to my vagina while I was electrocuted so when they put a vibrator on my vagina after stripping me, the entire time while I was telling them "NO", I was terrified.  I was not just a little scared, but terrified.  When my heart stopped, later, most of them ran out of the room and panicked.

Next, I got to see the great Mr. Barak Obama, joking and mocking me about the "crystal doll".  Not only did that group try to play off of my torture in the dungeon, they imitated, in some ways, the torture of me that occurred in Jordan when I was taken into a hut underground and then an interrogation room, and had a "Happy Meal" thrown all over me with a bunch of men eating it off of me, and a man who looked like Edward Howard in the background.

I want to know what right Barak Obama has to be President.  He has zero.  Katie Middleton and her family?  are at zero.  Royals?  Deserve no sympathy from the public except for maybe a few of them.

I just looked up Melinda Gates from 1980s photos and she was there at that "event".  Which makes sense now, why another movie made about the Facebook creator features a scene with kids lifting a woman up to lick cocaine off of her body--from another computer icon to another.  Melinda Gates was there, and then she was on the next plane I had to take back to the U.S., with Bill.

I also went on a humanitarian mission with a group of them one time, or to a specific place to look at kids, and I remembered thinking why is she holding kids as if she's a nice person when I know what she's done?

Boy did Bill marry a "winner" or what.  She sponsors rape of children, and torture.  Of course they'd threaten me on a plane about what the media could do to me.  They also sponsored Barak Obama.  I mean, it makes sense then, when you think about it, why Barak Obama wouldn't think it's strange to try to demand I kiss him in front of them.  He knew they watch a bunch of teens and 20 year olds rape me so he felt pretty comfortable with openly making demands around Bill and Melinda Gates.

pg. 195.  E.H. says on June 13, 1987 he packed up Moscow possessions and returned to Budapest and the Hungarian KGB hosted him at a villa for a week to give him time to find a temporary apartment.  He says he was fortunate to get an apartment in the hills, above the city, where he could "catch a breeze" because it was hot and muggy that summer.

I also remember someone stole my purse before I got there.  I remember the owner of the house was named David, or I was introduced to "David" who was supposed to be the owner.

From what I remember, there was an apartment in the city, where I was supposedly staying for a day or something with Edward Howard up high in the apartment complex.  He was taken away to a different room and then I went in with this other man and a group of people were waiting there.  It was an apartment owned or arranged by Bill and Melinda Gates.

  From what I saw, they forced him into a room apart from me and beat him up or locked him there while the others raped me.  Then there was this house in the hills where the owners and friends were Jewish.  I knew they were Jewish because I could tell.  They just smirked at me like they were glad something bad had happened to me.


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