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Meeting President Obama's Daughter & Torture Of My Son

I am verging from my last post about E.H. and my experiences in being tortured and a victim of Mossad-influenced CIA to write about a few things that I would question about both Katie Middleton and Obama and their joint connections.  Below is a link with some information that is partly studied and verified and at least highlights a few things.  It shows Obama is a Jew.

Typically, in a religious sense, the full-Jew category comes from the mother, but his father and entire father's family was Jewish.  Which means, he has that in common with Katie Middleton and a WHOLE lot of other things.

President Obama and Michelle have been directly responsible for torture to my son Oliver.  I had, at one time thought the idea would be impossible and that maybe I could convince them to intervene.  They did intervene, and it's been with gangsters they know and approve of.

Whoever thought Obama was "Muslim" or tried to spread that propaganda was probably Jewish and working for the CIA and wanted to create a diversion from what is a fact.  The facts show he is a Jew.  His mother was supposedly "Christian" and that's up for dispute.

Before I go further, since I titled this post "Meeting P. Obama's Daughter" I will explain what I mean.  Someone, her mother or he or an aide, flew her out to Waterville, Washington, where I was having court hearings about my custody of my son Oliver.  It sounds bizarre, but given what I know about the CIA and the Jews who have tried to murder me and tortured my son, and given what I know of constant flights and travel for even children, to meet various persons, I know it was her.  I will explain more in this post as it comes up.

I decided to look him up because of his mentors and discovering many of them have been my persecutors.

Katie Middleton is just another look alike of Obama's mother AND Valerie Plame at once!  Remarkable.  I'll post some photos for you to see for yourself.  It's just the same profile, same face and head size and shape; same nose and placement; same lips; same smile and expressions; same elongated teeth; same attached-lobe ears with the same ridge demarcation above the lobe and same size of ears; and oh yes, they are all part of the same London, England and the same CIA.

In fact, Katie even emulated her, and no wonder, when Valerie Plame and my parents are her money sponsors from the CIA when Obamas connections were also Jewish-CIA. Here come the Communist Jews of the CIA and London:


How long are we having this "government shutdown" anyway?

The women above not only look related and come from the same (obviously) "tribe", they worked for the same people.  From an anthropological standpoint, they are biologically related.  I am pretty blood types and DNA analysis would prove it.  Before talking about the politics, I'll explain how they are alike.  They are all approximately the same height and body type.  They have the same kind of estrogen-testosterone levels or DNA for mammary tissue development and all have similarly shaped (and approximate size of) breasts.  Their bottoms are even the same. All of them have the same width of hips and the exact same kinds of bottom, which would again be attributable to bone structure and development and tissue and where it grows.  The fact one is more in shape than the other doesn't hide this fact.  They're all the same bottoms. I am sure if someone really wanted to check, we might even find their genitalia looks close (who knows).  My guess would be that if we checked, they would all have long genital "lips" to match their other appendages like ears.  I don't think there have been a lot of horse riders in their families, for any of them because they are built for it.  They all have naturally dark brown hair (Plame bleaches hers) and the same texture of hair and dimensions of hair strands. You can tell by looking at it.  They also all have faint mustaches they cosmetically "work with", and the hairline is the same design at the temple.   Their skull formations are almost identical.  They all have long faces and same facial bone structure, all the way to their noses, which are set higher on their faces, do not indent much between the brow on profile, same shape and size of nostrils, same spacing from the nose to the lip and again, not much indentation between the bottom of the nose and then the lip.  If they didn't have a nose tip, their faces are almost flat from the front profile.  It is only a small bump of chin and nose that keeps all of their faces from being a flat plane.  They all have exactly the same graduation from the top of their heads to a flat sloping forehead.  They are all long in the jaw, and all of them have elongated teeth, most noticeably in the front.  Their mouths are the same size and I would even bet they have the same bite plates.  Their lips are the same thinness and they are all as wide as each others.  Their eyebrows start and stop with the same length, same arch, and same height from the eye.  All of them have slight places for dimples in the same place of their faces, again, a comment on like bone structure and creating the same vacuums for skin and collagen growth (and formation of dimples or not).

Some say the most important things to look for, in matching genetics from the outsider view (not having the access to the DNA) is to look closely at teeth and ears.  Teeth and ear formation are developed with, typically, highly specific genetic traits.  If your ears are much different than your Mom or Dads' you might want to get a "second opinion" about who your DNA tests match up with, if it says there is a probable match.  Some have attached lobes, some don't, and the majority of the population does not.  Attached means the lower part, the lobe, does not really hang down far on it's own, but clings to the side of the face and looks more attached than "dangling" or like an extra piece of cartilage hanging down a little further.  All of these women have the exact same ears and for some reason, Valerie Plame goes to extreme lengths to hide hers, because she knows it's a give-away.  The photo I put up is the one, out of all of them, that shows the most of her ears, and it's not very much, but that much, is identical to Katies and to Anns (Obama's mother).

I just found more.  Both Katie Middleton and Valerie Plame have the same ears, down to a weird cartilage nodule on their left ears in the same location.  Both of them do not have this same feature on their right ears, only their left ones.  From the right ears, they both have their ears matching.  Also, Katie Middleton's teeth match, especially matching Ann Dunhams teeth because her incisors were behind her other teeth and crooked like Ann's in the same way, because of too many teeth in a small mouth.  All of them have an overbite, which is partly why they have no inward slope from the bottom of the nostrils to the mouth.  Katie's ears also stick out slightly at the top if her hair is tucked behind them, like Valerie's and it is pretty obvious why Katie mostly hid her own ears, not exposing both at the same time, until she was getting married in public.  Then she thought it was "safe".


Given the fact Valerie Plame lived and went to college at London School of Economics, and how she matches Katie in nearly every way, even down to ear peculiarities; and given the fact she was from the CIA and attempted to murder me; given the fact she viewed me as her competition or competition to her agenda for Katie, I would say there is a very high probability they are related.  Aside from just being from the same Jew Tribe.  Oh yeah, and given the fact I was taken to meet Valerie, in London, where Katie was, when I had been babysat by Goldsmith Middletons and had Katie's favorite Uncle Gary beat me up and steal from me...there is a very high probability Katie Middleton is working for the CIA.  Or, we might wonder instead if Obama is working for MI5.  Or are they both just working for Jews and trying to kill little kids like me out of jealousy.

So if we want to look at why Obama is so fond of her, the reasons are obvious.

You have one choice fuckers.

You will return my son.

She does look Lynda Carter and I'm sure there is something to that as well, and I do know Erica Wiltbank was connected, by her mother, to Carter and by my family too.  However, the people who were trying to murder me on one occasion included Valerie Plame and she is connected to my parents that tried to kill me, to Jews, and to the CIA and the Middletons.  Obama is connected to the same Jews.

When I saw his daughter in Waterville, Washington, like I said, it was when I was there for a court matter involving my son.  I don't know who decided to just drop his kid off there, but I met a girl that looked exactly like Mahalia (the older one)  and was as tall and thin as she is/was at that time.  It was her.  There was no one else who looks like her there and what was more conspicuous was she showed up and was there by herself in a room when I was expected to go back to a church there that was closed  and told me come back at a different time.  It was a Nazarene church I think, over there.  So I did, and was going to use the phone and the woman said she was clearing things up in the kitchen so come in and there was one girl there and it was Mahalia Obama.  She was sitting at a table or a piano and didn't say very much and just looked at me.  It was pretty much like someone left her there to size me up.  So why would Mahalia (who is named after Mahalia Jackson by the way, so D.C. and the FBI thought it was really funny to later make all these references about 'going to Jackson') be in Waterville?  When I was there for court?  I mean, her Mom Michelle went there?  For what?  If not her Mom, her Dad?  How would he get out there without anyone knowing?  And if it wasn't her Mom Michelle, it had to have been some kind of an aide and I can't imagine why an aide would fly Mahalia to Wenatchee or Waterville just to be at a church when I was expected there (with the doors locked around us once inside).

Here I had been saying I hoped Obama would intervene or take action on my case, which involves breaking international laws and treaties, and was an official kidnapping of my son from me.  I think the main person who was likely to have been in Waterville at that time was Michelle Obama.  Which is something my Uncle Howard was sort of trying to tell me before he got murdered by the Pentagon with a hit to his head that put him in a coma. Yes, it could have been Barak Obama was there.  But I am guessing that if his schedule is watched, and Michelle is not tracked as closely, she went to Waterville.

Then she asked me if I wanted some water.  Mahalia did, or had a cup of water there.  Which was exactly what Gary Goldsmith, Katie Middleton's Uncle, got from me when he visited me at my house to jump me and electrocute me.  Then, Mahalia or some kid there, I only remember her there at that time, went into the larger area and started blowing bubbles with a wand.  It was the kid of the woman there cleaning in the kitchen or whatever.  She had a bottle of bubbles waiting and told the kid to go out and start blowing bubbles (where I was).

So this is just how "nice" the Obamas and Middletons are.

Jewish murderers who steal and kidnap others' children, and know they have power to do what is right and correct, and who instead show up to rub it in your face that they are going to continue with their crimes.

That was when the Obamas I guess, decided they were interested enough to show up in Waterville for some reason, but were not doing anything to help me and my son.  I never said anything about it because I wasn't sure what the point of it had been so I kept it to myself.  Other people knew about it.  It also means if they wanted access or proximity to me, they had access to my son Oliver.  It means more likely than not, the Presidential family participated in torturing or poisoning my son.

Middleton and Obamas are part of the same Mossad Squad and the same one that tortured me and my son, tried to kill me, and used Jewish aspirations to influence the CIA and Pentagon while they had access to these jobs.  It also means they encouraged others, of other faiths, to go after us.

So I didn't say anything and then I was told by someone "Do not go back to Washington D.C.--it will be very dangerous for you there."  So I tried Tennessee, to get some distance and find work.  It was only several months later, when I was there, that I was then being taken hostage and drugged with Haldol overdoses--enough to kill me.  This was done to me right after I wrote a blog post about Pentagon Strategist James Cartright and meeting him next to the White House, and about Mike Middleton being a cocaine and drug trafficking man, and saying I had more to add to that.  So the FBI told me, through "Diane Harsha" and then a black agent there, and another woman, to go to Vanderbilt University Hospital about bleeding from poisoning and my broken knee (I fractured it when I fell and it's a visible fracture).  Then they said after I did, they'd talk to me.

They told me this is what Washington D.C. told them to do.  So I did and the minute I went to ER, the woman there and everyone there was ready to take me in and hold me hostage and it was obvious some of them were notified I was on my way over ahead of time.

I was not examined for medical injuries and no x-rays were taken even though I now have proof an x-ray was needed.  I was surrounded by 5 men, several of them Jewish, and hauled away and then when I saw a black woman there I recognized, a nurse, from Maryland, I asked her how she got from Maryland to Tennessee and she looked afraid that I recognized her.  They had a cop driver me to a remote location, and then immediately after I was inside, they threatened me and injected me with overdoses of drugs.  They were then forcing me to take overdoses of pills every day to ruin my mind.

This is after I met the President's daughter Mahalia of course, and right before Katie Middleton's wedding.

I would say, going to "Seyshelles" for her honeymoon was a nod to Michelle and Barak Obama.  When I ended up back in Oregon, I talked to my Uncle who asked how I was doing and he said, "Ten" and indicated to me the Judges and the President had controlled my custody case over my son and Michelle had had something to do with it.  He brought up "Ten" because I had let him and others know someone said 10 judges wanted to kill me and my son, one of his first words was "ten" when he was just a tiny baby before the U.S. government decided to assault him out of jealousy over his intellect.  My Uncle brought up Michelle Obama because he knew I had met Mahalia when I was in Waterville for a court hearing in Douglas County with Judge Dennis Hotchkiss and Mary Ann McIntosh, and Michelle Erickson, over my son.

He was then repeatedly attacked and blasted with U.S. military technology so that he felt so sick he went to the ER.  He got there, saw someone he knew was bad, and turned around to leave and didn't make it out the door, collapsing from a hit to the head and a massive head injury resulting which put him into a coma.  He died.

Shortly after he died, right after, I was watching television and some comment was made that slightly referenced this, on the O'Reilly Show, which the U.S. government knows my Dad watches.  I don't know if they knew I was watching or not, but Karl Rove got on for an interview and said, regarding Bradley Manning, "We kill traitors."  He said, "In the U.S. we do not tolerate release of secret or classified information.  We kill those who do."

I knew his comment was directly emphasizing the point of their attack on my Uncle Howard, who served many years in the U.S. military faithfully, was used as a guinea pig, was a genius and psychic like others, and wasn't even given the option of a kidney transplant.

So he hated Obama, he was ready to die if that is what it meant, and he told me who was involved in torturing my son Oliver.  He made a joke about who needs a monkey if you're married to a face like Michelle or something like that.  I'll try to find the specific joke and he didn't usually make jokes like that but I think he did to play off the fact he was giving me information or commenting on what anyone could have already known.  Obama's kids are public persons.  They do not have a right to privacy and my opinion is that they have already tortured and killed others.

What is shocking to me is that someone had to coach Mahalia on what to do, and also have the other woman ready with her bottle of bubbles, which I think Mahalia blew too, because I remember she grabbed them and was blowing bubbles after the water.  She imitated me, and what I did as a kid in front of Katie Middleton's uncle, Gary Goldsmith-Middleton.  This was something I had done after massive electrocution and then he came into my house and stole from me and assaulted me.  So why were they showing up to do this in front of me, at the same time they were pushing for the lies against me in court to steal my son, and keep torturing him?

They proved they have always been working with the Middletons and the Goldsmiths.  They proved they worked with Valerie Plame, who tried to kill me and smirked over my being tortured when I was in London.  They proved, by showing up in Waterville, that they had something to do with Michelle Erickson and her black boyfriends as well--some who were beating up my son, and some who were not black or undercover but came over from Seattle and other places to torture him, as if he wasn't tortured by the Pentagon and NASA enough.

Middleton wore a "Jenny Packham" dress when walking out with her baby and the Senior Advisor to George Bush Jr., who also tried to murder me at the towers, was Julie E. Cram.  She worked as "Assistant Liason for PR" as Director for Surrogate Media (2007-2009) work at a time Katie Middleton used a surrogate to have a baby born in the U.S. (my opinion) before she was married.  The woman who then took her place was Valerie Jarrett, who is a Jew.  She holds the position with Daniel Pfeiffer, who is also a Jew and looks like another member of Katie Middleton and Valerie Plame and Stanley Ann Dunhams Mossad Squad.  You should have a look at Jennifer Psaki too, because she worked for John Kerry and now Obama has her as the speaker for the Department of State which is something Katie Middleton and Valerie Plame could use--a PR speaker on their behalf who looks just like them, with another long head, short-stop nose, elongated teeth and basically...their clone.  I can't find any news about Jennifer Palmieri, who was also leading for Katie, as a Speaker, and who worked for Leon Panetta, but she looks extremely familiar to me.  Yes, I will remember why, but she looks like Sandra Bernhart.  I also remember, looking quickly at news about Palmieri, at a mention of Edwards wife collapsing on the airport tarmac and tearing her blouse to confront him about an affair, saying "you don't see me anymore"...That is like script from one of the planes I was on and Jonathan Edwards wasn't on it.

I met Sandra, unless it was Palmieri and someone lied, on a private plane that I believe Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer were on.  Possibly Bush as well.  One of the events involved a pearl necklace.  I was burned by the person with something else and I don't remember right now, but I will later.  There were two women I was meeting who were political and on the plane.  She told me to call her Sandra, but I think it was Palmieri because she was working on writing a speech.

There's more to it than I mentioned last time.  I'm going to keep working on my commentary about E.H.'s book and then come back to this.

I want my son returned.

I also demand some fucking back-pay from the CIA for exploiting me and working me without my permission, and then pretending to be nice and recruiting me over plans to kill me.

I remember what it was about the pearl necklace.  I had a real cultured pearl "pearl necklace" and they stole it from me.  I wore it, I believe, to my meeting with the people in the conservative suits, in Russia I think.   It was one piece of jewelry I owned, aside from gold, that I knew was "real" and was told what it was.  They literally pulled it off of my neck from me, while I was on one of the Sterling-Tancer planes, I mean the ones with CIA and other people on it, and Jews.  I remember she even started laughing and I said "No!" and then she got extremely mean.  It was her and another woman, and then they burned me.  I think I did meet both Sandra Bernhart and Jennifer Palmieri because I remember the space in the teeth of the one and I remember the speech writing of the other but they both looked a lot like each other.  I believe I will remember more about it and then I'll add it here.  I also know Joy Sterling was on the plane when it happened because I remember the woman was talking to Joy (Sterling).  It was bought for me by my Dad or the man in Russia.  I remember it being a gift to me from my Dad.  I got something from Charles once too, something smaller but I don't remember what.  The pearl necklace was a birthday present for me or something like that and then the Jewish CIA Sterling friends stole it from me.  I'll try to think about exactly who it was from, but it was a gift to me that I knew some wanted to steal.  They also tried to kill me from the plane that time, or to hurt me because they tried to push me off of the metal landing and it was high up above the ground.  Joy Sterling has been behind theft of my jewelry and then she was giving hit money to others to have me killed.  She was there when it happened.

It is possible the necklace was then given to Valerie Plame who gave it to Middleton or Goldsmith to give to Katie.  I did meet Sandra and I did meet Jennifer Palmieri and I was tortured or mocked by both of them.  I remember they were working with Valerie, another Jew and another CIA woman.  I know, because after I turned Valerie Plame down and she didn't like the fact I was articulate and told Mike or my Dad I didn't think she was that great, Jennifer sort of made fun of me, saying she needed help writing her speech.  I didn't want to help with writing the speech.  I liked economic analysis.  I was good at what I did before, and it was interesting, and I enjoyed it as a kid.  I didn't have an interest in helping some Pentagon-CIA woman arrange hits on other people or working as an in-house editor for the government on a private plane.

I think I will cut out some of this to add to E.H. posts instead of here.  Well, no, I guess it goes with the Obamas too so I'll leave what I have and now add the rest of what I am talking about to an E.H. post.

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