Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flying Field Planes As A Kid

I flew planes as a kid but I forgot about it when the Secret Service person asked me about it.

I didn't just fly planes as a co-pilot, I flew them on my own, as the main pilot.  On large planes I was co-pilot and sometimes they turned over the controls to me, but sitting right there to take them back when needed.

On my own, with passengers to my side and in the back seat, I flew light flyers.  Field planes.  I remember my flying and my landings too.  Slightly bumpy and nerve-wracking for Jim Sandberg, but I flew planes and not badly either.  You know, for a kid.

The Secret Service person asked me a bunch of questions like:

1.  Are you trained in firearms?
2.  Are you trained in martial arts?

That kind of thing, and one of the questions was are you trained to fly planes and I said only as a co-pilot, but no, I flew them single-handedly.  I had my landing and my take-off down too.  I took off, flew, and landed.  No problem.  It was scary for the men.  I did this all before the age of 9 or 10.  I remember landing in fields and on small runways.

He asked if I was trained in martial arts and I said no, well, probably not.  He said do you know what a death lock is? and I said "I don't know, it is like the crook of the arm around the neck?"  he said, "I don't think you are."  I don't think I am either but I have a white belt in karate at least.  I never got past the white belt, but I did have a white belt as a kid, even though it was a long time ago.

I flew planes with my Dad and Jim Sandberg.  My Mom wouldn't go in a plane with me usually, but once she was there when I flew.  I had goggles, head gear, and I am pretty sure I had gloves.

So the answer is yes.

I am a flyer.

Add that to my file when doing a look-up on my real identity and why the U.S. has tried so hard to lie and defame me.

Girl that flies airplanes.  Me!

The British Royals let me fly for them too.  Again, small planes.  So I was a very young RAF and Air Force brat but I never signed up for the military--I just learned how to fly planes.

I want my son back.

I think someone has been really happy when I haven't remembered flying planes because it's added to an "anonymous" file as an essential detail for figuring out who I am or how the government used me.  But it is a fact:  I flew planes as a kid. 

I didn't like flying as a passenger with "Alan" in college--he scared me to death.  But when I was the one flying or with some of the other people that also flew, I wasn't scared--I thought it was fun.  Mostly I flew over fields, but there was some water too.  In one place, mountains.  One time either my Dad or I flew and had a really rough landing and it tumbled a little but no one was hurt and we ran out in case of explosives with combustion from the tank.

The mountain flying was very scary.

Aside from actual, literal flying, where it was touch-and-go and landing and getting out and everything, I also trained for flying inside a simulator.  It was a government trainer I think, because it was this screen, before video and computer games, of 'simulated flying' where it was dark all around and it was sort of set up to feel like a plane, with the nose and everything the same and then a screen was there and you practiced with the controls.

I think someone got jealous of my flying.  I don't know if some man or woman resented me because they thought I was getting cocky for a kid or what, or wanted some other kid to do these things, but they got jealous and I remember that happened.

One time when I was the pilot of a 747 (big plane) another man came around and I was the only one in the seat, with a captain's hat on, and he said, "You have a KID flying the plane?" and they made me quit which really hurt my feelings because I was doing such a good job, no one knew.  I cried and cried later, saying "Why is he mad I'm a kid?"  I said, "That's DISCRIMINATION against KIDS." 

I know I flew with Prince Charles at least one time too.

One of the places for simulated flying I don't know where it was, but it was dark all around and then this colorful screen and headphones.  For being in the dark, the screen was pretty bright, neons and other colors for controls, like night flying.  At maybe some other place, I think it was a NASA place.

I would say I was at a NASA station sometime because we went to a room where there was no gravity and you floated and could walk on the ceiling.  Then there was an astronaut compression and decompression room.  And I think it was at one of those places, I got off of some jet that was parked inside a huge warehouse.  Sort of a small plane maybe, not a jet, and walked down the ramp and it was concrete floor and all around, sealed off with metal walls and there was a control room with glass all around.  It was a nuke bomb training site.  Basically, one time poisonous gases were going off or there wasn't any air or something and I had to make it to the control room and then my Dad did something to either try to keep me out or push me out, so I couldn't breathe.  I either blacked out from not being able to breathe or had chloroform put over my face so I blacked out.  I remember that then later the flight trainers said I couldn't train anymore because I got too light-headed at higher elevations.  So they quit training me on the simulators because of my low blood pressure, or some physical reason but I didn't have any physical problem--I remember knowing I had been deliberately sabotaged.

I remember, as a kid, I believed it was Diana Spencer (or Valerie Duchess Michael) who had sabotaged me.  I sensed she was jealous I'd gone flying with Charles or was jealous of me for some other reason, or Valerie was mad.  I remember both Diana there and Valerie (the royal one, not the CIA one).  So then it was like my Dad was sabotaging me and then my Mom got into the night flying simulator one day (possibly one of the times I was truly flying a plane at night and didn't know it)...but this was a simulator place and my Mom came up behind me with a knife and started cutting me.  I bled and smeared blood all over the small walls of the simulator and ran out screaming.  It was horror.  It was dark, just neon lights from the controls, and then my own Mom or possibly Valerie Duchess Michael (they were both there) with a knife.  Diana wasn't there but I had wondered if Diana had wanted my flying to be sabotaged because one day I thought I read her mind that she was sort of jealous of me. 

I think one time, I am DEFINITELY NOT SURE about this part, but maybe one time one of the pilots got shot and they told me to fly and I was scared so someone else had to run up and help.  But the pilot was killed.  I think it was a gun but maybe by a noose or choking.   So I had to keep the plane steady in mid-air until another person came over.  Maybe it was acting, with the death, but it wasn't acting that at least one time I sort of flew a larger plane in the captain's seat.  The whole thing was to stay focused on the flying and not notice the killing.  He got dragged away and tied up. I know I was on the captain side because I remember he got killed or passed out, to my right.  I don't know if it was a U.S. plane, European one, private, or what.  It was a bigger plane though, not a field one.  I remember, along with this, one time my Dad was there and Mike Middleton and another guy chloroformed him and tied him up.  They did that to one of the Bob's (one of the Robert twins).

The other thing I remember that happened, was I knew what decompression sickness was.  You'd throw up from it sometimes.  This happened a couple of times but what sabotaged me was I was being given poisoned drinks that made me throw up and it had nothing to do with decompression sickness, so the men were told I just couldn't "hack it" and got too sick and they (apparently, or were in on it) believed it.  So that was why my flight training quit.  I knew, myself, as a psychic kid, I was being forced to drink things that induced vomiting.

I didn't want to quit.  I LOVED flying planes.  I really, really, liked it.

The attacks in the planes were mostly from the right side and the attacks in a car were mainly from the left.

Other things I tried, and other times people tried to kill me:

I rode a bucking bull once.  I don't know how I got into a barn with a small room and a bucking bull but I was told I had to hold on as long as I could and it was much harder than I thought.

Someone tried to kill me (my parents were there) on an elevator.  After the business internationally with "sending cables" someone thought it would be a good idea to have a cut cable on an elevator. I mean, and that is separate from the cable car and my cut line while rock climbing.  It was a cut cable to an elevator to send it plunging.  I believe it was a genuine attempt to kill me, not a fake or a "test".  It was either at the Seattle Space Needle, or I was taken there after an attempt elsewhere, but I did go there when the elevator was completed, however, I am pretty that's where the assassination attempt was too, when it was still under construction--possibly.  I don't know if the 'space needle' idea had something to do with the spinning wheel I had and the idea of the spinning wheel needle, but I was taken up an elevator shaft and told to walk across metal beams.  What happened there was pretty much, I should have died and I had only a split second to not die.  I remember wondering why mother looked disappointed that I hadn't been killed.  My Dad was around somewhere too, so it wasn't like it was just one of them.  Probably knowing more about who was in charge of the construction at that time would be insightful because it had to be a construction site they would think was without hidden cameras or safe for me to kill myself in "an accident".

So all of a sudden I was standing on these beams next to the top of an elevator and my Dad started choking me.  He was choking me and sort of pushed me and to get away, I landed on top of an elevator with a cut cable.  It began to plunge and it was way up high, at least right in the middle.  It was sort of a miracle because I reached out and grabbed a cord from somewhere at the last minute, like a bar or something and with a jump I then swung my body to the side onto a different platform and ran down.  The elevator crashed at the bottom and was broken and a bunch of things fell on it and it was a crash site they had to clean up.  I remember my Dad looked at me like "what thu..." first with this horrible mean and defiant look as I was falling and then shock.  I then ran out to find stairs or get off of the construction platform and down at the bottom was my mother pretending to be upset.  She was saying, "Oh no!" and people were saying I was dead.  Well actually, first I think she was talking with them about how she was glad it was over.  It was sort of like "the job is done" talk and she was saying something about how she didn't like me or talking about how now they could move forward...sort of crying but saying she was glad it was done, and then I came around the corner and I said something like, "Hi.  I'm still alive."  Or "What are you talking about?" and she jumped like she had just seen a ghost.  They all jumped and were scared to death.  I was the last person they expected to see.  I may have said "I'm still alive" because I knew they were talking about me as if I was dead, or I thought it and said instead, "innocently" "What are you talking about?"

I knew then, "Oh my gosh.  They all knew what my Dad was going to do up there and they expected me to die."  Then they got these hard faces, my Mom especially and I ran out away in a circle around her because I thought, I need to be out in the public more, like, where others might see me if someone tried something. 

I could not believe it.  I mean, and you should have seen the "end zone".  It was a demolition site.  Nothing living was going to be there, that was for sure.  I mean nothing.  The elevator was crashed and wrecked and steel beams and debris were all over it and covering everything.  It was a major demolition.

All I did was jump.  The elevator was going down and plunging and it was fast, not slow-moving, and I jumped up, grabbed a bar, and had to gymnastics my way to the side.

You know, it wasn't like my Dad looked "proud" of me.  He looked like a hit man who was determined and then shocked to find the spider got away.  So I was thinking my Dad is like the devil and then I go down the stairs to find my Mom talking about how, sniff, sniff, well, at least it's over.  I'm not sure, but I thought one of them was saying something about another daughter or some other kid or goal she could focus on now. From my Mom it was just sniff, sniff, sort of sad but maybe just relieved that now, at last, ....she was FRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I think I later tried to find out who was in charge of the construction at that time and it was someone my parent's knew.  I am pretty sure it was Sellen.  The construction company was either a company owned by someone my parents knew, or it was one of those things where Scott Sandberg's friend owned it or worked there.  Which was why we were supposedly there, looking at it.  From what I remember, the elevator cable cut happened before the rock climbing and look-out towers and fire tower later.  It may be the reverse but I think that's how it went.

I mean, my being raped and electrocuted was real enough, so why wouldn't assassination attempts be?

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