Thursday, October 10, 2013

Secret Service Mark Hardin

This man came to my house today and asked me questions about why I was making a report against the President.

I have seen him before in Wenatchee, Washington and/or Washington D.C.  He did not identify himself as Secret Service at the time he was around me but I've seen him before.

He came out and asked me questions about weapons training, psychological history, and my report of crime and then when he was leaving said "Thank You" in this weird way that was exactly like Geoff Rasmussen.  He looked related to Rasmussen when he said it.

Regardless, he was there with another local officer and both were polite in general, though the one time Mark Hardin wanted to distract me from asking a question and create a diversion was when I brought up England.

Every time I was bringing up the connection to England, he tried to deflect from it.  That is even when I was answering his questions.  He wanted to hear about weapons training in the U.S.; didn't want me to mention England.  He smiled when I said the U.S. used me as a kid for psychic work; he quit smiling and wanted to stop me from saying I was also used in England for the same thing.  He most obviously made a move at deflecting from the international aspect of the crimes Barak Obama committed against me when I was asking him if I was supposed to report this to the jurisdiction for the crime by Obama or if, because it was involving other basements in the U.S. where I was tortured, in addition to a basement in England, who I should go to for reporting that.  He said to report it to England.  I said, well if they are connected to the people in the U.S. and groups from both countries, who do I report that too?

So he started trying to go off-topic to ask me about something else.  He started asking about my internet connections and what kind of internet service do I have and is it dial-up, and so on.  I answered his question and then said he hadn't answered mine about who I reported an international group crimes against me to. 

So then finally he said "The FBI".

The FBI is part of the problem.  The FBI has used their own agents as part of the assault against me.  I hardly think it is "The FBI" that is going to handle it.

The man's license plates are 965 ETH.  The other officer just drove past and said the same thing and they followed my Dad out and Mark Hardin had a sadistic look on his face as he was pulling in after my Dad and my Dad looked sick.

I think Mark Hardin is hiding crimes he is connected to of his own, based on his expression and his treatment of this matter.  He had a look that was like someone who hated my Dad and was excited to go to a secret location to beat him up.

I believe Mark Hardin is part of the group that supports Katie Middleton.  He came out wearing a solid black shirt that is in the style that Prince William was photographed wearing once and kept putting one foot up on my porch, as he does in his official portrait with his brother Harry.  It is how he stood, the entire time while talking to me and it wasn't natural because the porch is higher than his knee level so he had to reach his leg up to stand that way, with that posture.

I was also being targeted with energy-directed weapons about half-way into his questioning.

Mark Hardin waited to come out to my house until I was thinking about how Alan Springer, a Mormon, was involved in the rape of me, and I was thinking about a Jew named Daniel as well.

He looks Jewish.  Mark Hardin looks Jewish.

A woman who also looked Jewish came driving into the driveway after they showed up, and was wearing a yellow shirt with an orange sweater over it and had stereotypical Jewish features.  She and the officers appeared to know each other.  Then, when I said I had seen him before around here, he said "You don't think it was Ben Affleck?"  and I said no.

His hands were sweating when I shook his hand.  He is not left-handed.  He was writing with an odd slant to his pen and it looked like a ruse to have someone think he's left-handed.  He is a right-handed thinker. 

He has European and/or English ancestry.  You can see it in his teeth.  His hair is curly and he has it wavy but it's extremely curly in certain conditions, when it's not weighted down with pomade.  He wore shoes that imitated the kind of shoes Prince Harry was wearing for a long time, and photographed in, at a time I looked at photos (which I don't do anymore).  They were scuffed up round-toed shoes.

I would say he's a Jew with Mormon and English interests, and a background in some kind of psychology.  I also think there is something wrong with his Secret Service card, even though it had the shiny decal on the back.  I looked at the front of it, and the back of it, and it had the shiny decal (maybe a bird shape?) to the lower right side of the card, with a U.S. warning imprinted on the back.  He also had a blue and gold badge behind it that said Secret Service.  I think something is wrong with his card.  Something doesn't match up with him.  I don't know what it is, but something is "off".

My Dad accidentally dropped the keys on his way to his car.   He reached down to grab them as the Secret Service and other cop followed him.

I would say Mark Hardin is extremely passive-aggressive.  He acted casual and like a slow-talker and hunched over (showing he had some kind of wire on his back, or vest that was sticking his shirt out) and walked slowly but then when he was in his SUV he had this eager look of sudden 5 cups of coffee and now I feel alert look, like he snapped "on" and was someone getting ready to chase on a safari and turned his wheel quickly and had quick movements, not slow and relaxed, and a determined, "get to the fight on time" look on his face.

I declined signing a release form with him or having my photo taken.  He said why not have the photo taken and I said my photo was everywhere and was current and there was one on my passport he could access that was current.

They have stalled on sending anyone out to my house until I was at my place, thinking about which men were at the car when I was raped and electrocuted by Obama. 

Diana Spencer was not already in the car when I was there.  She came out from the house and had been at the house where I was raped like most of them.  When she came out, she was sort of trying to cover her face when she left.  None of the others covered their faces but Diana did and then she was in the car.  She was probably one of the women who had been around the corner in the kitchen upstairs.  But the pick-up car didn't show up with her already there, they were picking her up along with some of the others.  She either had put a scarf over her head and wrapped it around or was pulling a shirt up over the lower part of her face, but she hid her face until she was in the SUV.

There is probably a serious reason why the U.S. doesn't want to admit it.  Which is also a possible reason why she is either really dead or it was a faked death and she's being protected from participation in crimes of her own by the U.S. government.

Another thing Mark wrote down when he asked if there were government agents there, I said, "Yes." Then he said again, "There were government agents there?" and I said, "I believe there were."

Diana was covering her face the way Valerie Plame has a scarf around her head for a photo with Joe Wilson sitting in a car.  She didn't have a hat on her head, it was a scarf of some kind.

Also, the men that went in to pick up luggage and put it in cars were mostly wearing baseball hats and one of the men was Alan Springer and one was possibly Scott Sandberg.  I wondered why these familiar faces were showing up with strangers and it was the shock of seeing the familiar faces and having them call me "Cameo".  They grouped up around Gary Goldsmith and a man who looked Jewish and was taller and thin and named Daniel.  There was a shorter man who was possibly Italian , looked very Italian, maybe named Frank, not sure, and he went to the Obama, Ann Dunham car.  I thought Alan and Scott seemed over-awed to be in the presence of Gary and this "Daniel" man.

Also, the Jew Kyle Flick is the one who, in the basement at my Aunt's instructed a Mexican man to beat me until I blacked out.  He was there with several white attorneys that stood to the side with him:  John Bridges, Miller, Dennis Hotchkiss, and possibly Paul Cassel but I'm not sure if Paul was there or if I heard them mocking me about "where's paul" with regard to my talking about a light.

If there were 4 at the Gary car, and 3 at the Obama car, and then 3 at my car, and 6 at the SUV it was a total of 16 people.  15 adults and I was the only kid.

The other man who had darker brown (close to black) hair and was called Daniel, from what I remember, who was Gary's friend, seemed to be a quiet and calculating person who hated me.  I remember the way he looked at me.  There was no pity.  Then Alan and Scott acted like new guys who were impressed with being part of a mobster government group, like they really wanted to feel special and included.  It was clear that Gary and Daniel were familiar friends and the other guys there at the trunk of the car, were not as close to them but wanted to help out however they could.  Scott and Alan were getting introduced to Daniel by Gary and they were making small talk and Daniel didn't want to talk to them very much and when he looked at me I saw deeply penetrating eyes that, to me, expressed hate and a feeling of "revenge" and cold triumph, knowing I was raped and electrocuted.

The only person who showed any sign of misgiving at any time, which was very possibly "staged" and part of clever manipulation, was Stanley.  She gave a look at me to not go with my Mom and Joy when they said go with them or after they'd been talking.  My Mom also looked like she was being coached to act a certain way at first, as I was going up the stairs.  They had Joy and Stanley standing up talking with my Mom and Carol sat in middle of the couch, holding a red rubber ball in her hands, staring at me with a smirk on her face.

Carol Middleton was the last person out of the house, who locked it up, which made her look like one of main figures in the set-up.  She treated the place like it was their job and her responsibility to clean up before they cleared the place.  It was Carol or Joy Sterling, but I am pretty sure it was Carol.  From what I remember, Diana, my Mom, and Joy or Carol were already in the car.  The SUV.  There was one woman still at the house.

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