Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hostage and Sex Abuse Report Re. Ironhorse Vineyard

LOREE Garrett <>
5:22 PM (1 minute ago)
I need the email address for submitting a report to Sonoma Sheriff's or district police for a crime that I was a victim of.
It was documented on a 911 call when I was a kid staying in the area as a guest but I was pressured not to make a report, by even the police who came out on the call.
I was held hostage, forced to give oral sex to two different men, and I had a gun held to my head when there was an argument between adults over CIA defector (then) Edward Howard and Princess Margaret (British royalty--still alive then).  When they pulled guns out, I was held as a body shield and then one person was taken into a private room and I heard screaming and don't know what happened.  In the meantime, while people were screaming in the other room, I was forced to give oral sex to one of the men. 
I was also taken into a room at one time on my own, forced to sit in a chair, and interrogated. 
When I could, I called 911 and then ran out into the vineyard where I was caught, had a gun aimed at me again and then said if you kill me the police are already on their way because I called 911 (it was also a public record).
Another time at the vineyard there one of the women cut me with a knife.
I tried to make a report about this a couple of years ago and was being blocked from doing so and not getting a response from the correct unit.  I do not have long distance phone service by choice and the only way to reach me is by email and from there I can agree to a time someone will call me to take additional information.
This is a report of crime and the statute of limitations have not expired.  Please handle this report as you would any other kind of documentation that is required to be filed and assigned a case number.
I would like to have the case number for this specific report.

Cameo Loree Garrett
P.O. Box 505
Coquille, Oregon  97423

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