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UPDATED: Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (19)

I am making comments about E.H.'s book and adding thoughts about my own life as I remember some of them and they come up.

Also, I do remember Forrest Tancer was there to burn me and then he and another man argued over which was going to actually do it.  I think Mike Middleton was the other man.   It is the only time I remember Tancer-Sterlings being directed connected to Goldsmith-Middletons in front of me.  I'm positive it was Forrest Tancer and Mike Middleton.  There were two men, Forrest and another man; Sandra Bernhard and Jennifer Palmieri, and one other woman was, I believe, Joy.  It was 2-3 women doing different things to hold me down, and the men burned me.  I think my Dad was around as well but I remember Forrest and Mike in the room and if my Dad showed up too, he was there to look, but as for who was on the plane at the time, they all were.  Mike and Forrest acted like they wanted the lead on this one and it is possible Mike Middleton pushed Forrest out of the way to do it himself because both of them were there.  They both had the same dark hairy arms too, except Forrests' were hairier.  I do know my Dad was there because I saw him at the last minute and wondered why he was there.

It is remotely possible that in Russia when my back was broken (by mostly Jews) so I couldn't be a gymnast, Carol Goldsmith-Middleton was there but it's slightly possible Valerie, Duchess of Michael or whatever, showed up because I remember her there for a very short time, also with a shot in her hand and mostly looking at what was done to me.  I vaguely think she maybe did something to my back though, after it was already broken.  There was something one of the women did after the men tortured me and broke it.

When I was back at my house in the U.S., like I said, I had to wear a back brace that went from my waist to the top of my neckline for a very long time.  I think it was over a year because every morning, once I was out of bed, my Mom had to go in the room and lace it up and I would say "Tighter!" because if it wasn't tight enough my back hurt all day.  When I kept saying tighter one day she said why, isn't it tight enough and I said, "No!  My back hurts!"  Usually I was quiet and meek about it but now and then I felt like I hated all of them.  I never thought "I hate them" but I was short and curt and would yell because I was frustrated and in pain.  I had 1-2 different medical back braces and then to have me forget about it, I was then given a corset for "fun" and a bouffant dress and petticoat to play dress up in.  Prior to ever having my back broken, when I visited the British royals, and tried on a corset once with ladies in waiting around me (they were taking my measurements for everything) I was told one of the corsets had belonged to Queen Victoria and try it on, out of curiosity.  From what I remember, I don't know if it was a kid's corset from her being a child or what, but I couldn't believe how little it was.  They told me I was going to wear it to dinner with the royals one night and I did and I couldn't breathe because it was so tight and started to pass out.  Then the joke was that I said, "I'm fainting!"

I was wearing that corset for more than one occasion.  It was something like for several days I wore an actual corset, or possibly more...And my blood pressure was already low..

I think those royals know all about me.  They know everything from my blood type to my ancestry to my measurements to who knows what.

Someone got mad at me for "fainting" at the dinner table and said take me away or I was excused and they didn't like "dramatics".  They said I was making it up too or just wanted attention and then I really fainted in front of them and they had to "grab the smelling salts" and they also ammonium choloride or something in a napkin.  I remember first they used a nicer way to revive me and then one time it was something extremely pungent in my nostrils.  I was used to carrying around "smelling salts" with me in my purse, in case of emergency.  No, I'm not kidding.  When my blood pressure got low or I felt faint, I had to smell my smelling salts.  Then Charles gave me something for it,  either a vial of perfume to smell, along with my salts, or maybe it was smelling salts in a vial diluted for me but I think it was perfume because then I was also given an atomizer for use when I was traveling and it had a little puff thing on the side to pinch for a spray of perfume.    I think I could remember the perfume he gave me if I tried because a lot of things are coming back to me, but I don't immediately so I'll think about it.  After my first perfume from Charles, I was given a few others later and wore them and I had my crystal atomizer bottles (very small and pretty) for a long time and then they were stolen.

Another thing I remember was chloroform.  I was given both things to revive me with, and to waken me up from a faint, and cloths over my nose and mouth covered in chloroform.  They called it chloroform right in front of me and I knew it made me "sleep".  When I was chloroformed, I went into an extremely deep sleep.

The other thing that happened was I was put into an animal pit and net and left hanging from a tree.  When I was learning how to climb in and out of chimneys and rappelling down onto fireplace hearths, the royals all seemed to think it was fun.  None acted like they minded but one seemed to love it and be fun and conspiratorial about it, another acted annoyed after awhile, and then another grabbed me and hit me when I accidentally landed in the wrong chimney and I think it was the royal that looks like Dick Whittemore but I'll have to check.  Maybe Snowden or something.

I was taught to sing the "Santa Baby" song and Charles thought it was funny, especially when I sang, "What I really do need/is a deed...Sign your X on the line!  Santa Baby and hurry down the chimney tonight! boo boop de doop).  So my Santa Baby song ended up being replaced with my having to sing, at the Presbyterian church in Moses Lake:   "I'm just another chipmunk/and He's, He's a great big God!  He cares for all of us animals/why even the ones in the zoo! and if you ask him to, He will care for you.  Doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee).

Charles asked what I wanted most from the "list" and I said "A deed of course!" No one coached me on that.  I just knew what a deed was and when he said why a deed, I explained why and he said I was a very smart little girl.

Snowden or whoever, had such a bad attitude about my ending up on his hearth, it depressed my Dad.  Something about it wasn't charming.  Edward was also started to act strange, as if my chimney action could make him jealous?  and it possibly had something to do with someone not liking my training, thinking I was too good at it, and that I was stealing attention away from them which might end up with my being a position over them if I was older.  I think they thought ahead at the possibilities and saw me as a burgeoning threat.  The women royals didn't act like they minded it--it seemed to be something fun and sort of feminist to them, but it bothered the men more.  A little girl, scaling chimneys...

The women would receive me laughing and sort of winking-eyed, and some of the men would go into this pacing and grinding their teeth or deep thought and chewing the insides of their cheeks and sort of haha,...

So then I was taken out into the woods and often I was in the woods somewhere, shooting arrows or hiking, tracking animals, and that kind of thing.  I was put up in a tree one day and told to be very quiet and not say anything and just listen. I was very young.  My Dad  went below the tree, with me above and out of sight. 

On another occasion, I literally slept in a tree with my Dad once when we were hiding out from someone.  Something was wrong and we had to sleep in hiding in a tree.

After a while Prince Philip showed up and one of his sons was with him. I am not sure if Snowden was there too.  They started talking to my Dad about killing me.  They were basically asking my Dad to kill me, put a hit on me.  They said "She's trouble" or something like that and was going to be a problem.  I was so shocked and hurt I almost fell out of the tree.  Philip was the one I read comics with, so kindly sharing his breakfast tray with me; the other was my friend, so I had thought and he was standing there looking so peevish.  I was supposed to stay quiet and not say anything but I was so caught off guard and emotionally spontaneous, with my heart out on my sleeve I cried out, distressed and in amazement, "Why you want to kill me for?!"  I didn't say "What do you want to kill me for?"  I uttered, "Why you want to kill me for?"  I must have been young because my grammar and sentence structure was this way.

They jumped and pointed guns.  There was a rifle, a shot gun...everything.  One of them carried the long rifle and the other had a very exquisite looking pistol-revolver kind of gun like something out of a revolutionary movie. Out of the blue someone said "Don't move" and it was another man in hiding.  I am pretty sure.  There were 2 different things that happened.  Either someone said don't move then and pointed a gun at them or it was the second time when my Dad took me out to shoot me and someone intervened.  I think it was all at the same time.  They discussed shooting me and said how would it be explained I didn't go back and where would they put me.  The other man said, "I'll take responsibility for her."  My Dad got beat up for having me there in the tree to overhear.  I thought they were going to kill him but they didn't.    Then they said they were going to put me up in a net and if I ever talked about it they'd kill me.  So they put a huge hunting net around me and tied me up suspended in a netted bag from a tree.  I was left there overnight or for many hours because it got cold and I don't remember how I did it, but I cut or chewed my way out of the net, grabbed onto an end and let myself down.  There was a Scottish Yard guard watching me so I had to work when he wasn't looking at me.  The other man who said he'd take responsibility left me there with the guard.  He was sitting up in a tree with a gun.  He was very hairy, like a serious Scots.  I know it was royals, not U.S. military because there was no doubt it had been Prince Philip there with one of his sons that I knew.  From what I remember, one of the royal sons was hiding out and confronted the other ones and that was who spoke up for me and assigned a guard but left me out in the net.  At a different time I remember someone who was not a royal doing something similar.

To reinforce my not talking, I was lured out to the woods again, over an animal pit.  It was covered in leaves and branches and suddenly, snap went the branches and I fell into a hole.  I was left out in the animal pit for days and they brought bread and water to me.

They had been digging a grave, or two, out there when I was being taken out to the woods.  They were not just "animal pits".

Another time they tied my entire body, roped around, to a tree trunk and then told my Dad to shoot arrows at me and split the apple on top of my head.  With my Mom once, there were arrows or knives thrown at me and then with my Dad once, it was arrows or knives.  It was not just guns.  I know the sound of an arrow hitting wood next to my ear. I also know the sound of knives.  Having knives thrown at my head was extremely horrifying.  I think they once tied my Dad in some extreme way next to a tree and tortured him because I remember hearing it and seeing some of it.

Then later, to cover up for everything that happened in England and Scotland or wherever, my mother's side of the family laid out animal pits for me to fall in or go around, and nets too, and I think it was to confuse the first thing with the next.  I went out with my cousin Rory (who looks like Williams twin as a baby) many times, as he talked about animal pits and we dug them out and put a layer of twigs and wood across them and then layers of leaves over that.  Rory was the one directing how to make it and I helped.  Then one time in Washington state I got snared up in a net and my Grandpa Baird and Uncle Loren came out to play the parts of the Evil Philip and Royal Son.

I almost fell out of that Royal English tree.  "WHY YOU WANT TO KILL ME FOR????!!!!!"

I should say, going back to having my back broken and everything, I know my Dad was around when some of those things happened to me with the Goldsmiths (Gary and Carol).  I also remember my Mom showing up one time.  For example, on one of the days I was being interrogated.  I know I got scared because Carol was there one day with some men and Russians and then another day my Mom showed up and Valerie was with her there, but I had thought it was a British Valerie (Duchess Michael).  I already knew what the shots were doing to me because they were deadening my mind and contorting my tongue and causing it twist, the same as Haldol did to me later in the U.S., but I went into seizures when I was a kid.  When my Mom came at me with the shot, on one day, I just begged and cried and I yelled for "Carol" because I didn't know who the worse one was.  They were all bad.

I think it's a true testimony to evil prevailing for Katie Middleton, Carol and Mike's daughter, to have presided in any way over Olympics after what they did to my back so I couldn't train to be an Olympic gymnast anymore.  I think it's an example of the most cruel and disgusting crimes against children being highlighted by Jewish-Nazi Criminals.  It is almost like the few Jews that were killed one year in 1972 Olympics, the Jews never got over and took it out on me personally.  They tortured me, raped me, degraded me and beat me up and incited hate crimes by other religious groups against me--anything to take the blame off of them.  And then they promoted Katie Middleton, a Jew, as their symbol of how they were going to get "revenge" through hate crimes against me, for a couple of Jews that got shot.  So Katie is their status symbol, and she went through the Olympics as a woman who had already committed grotesque crimes of her own, dealt and used cocaine which is also against the law in the UK and U.S., and then she's pulling up her shirt to show off a belly before getting pregnant.  No broken ribs there.

When E.H. writes in his book he knew he was "damned if I do; damned if I don't" I was also familiar with that sentiment because I was between a rock and a hard place and the Middletons and my parents worked together and they all harmed me.  I also know I was introduced to Valerie Plame in the London for the first time, because the English royal "Valerie" had been in Russia with my Mom during one of my interrogations.

It seems odd to me that all this talk about "halos" was made when they were trying to ruin my mind with Haldol even back then, when I was a kid.  I remember I would fall to the ground and be in a seizure and then they were putting something in my mouth saying, "Make sure she doesn't bite her tongue" and why they cared about that I don't know, because they were breaking my back and doing other things to ruin my dream of being a gymnast for the Olympics.  I could have later still been a runner for the Olympics and that was sabotaged as well, with implants that had been put into my knee surgically to be sadistically "blown up" when the military wanted to.  So they'd let me train and train and then before I had a scholarship, blew the inside of my knee up.  When the women were there to interrogate me it was in pairs.  One of them was Joy, with Carol Middleton, for example, and the other 'team' was my Mom with Valerie (the royal).  So an American accent with a British accented woman was how they did it.  I slightly don't remember Joy there as much so it could have been my Mom twice, or one Dicksie one time and another one the other time.  Not sure but it is possible it was Joy for one of them, but more likely, Carol was alone and then when my Mom was there, so was Valerie.  Joy was probably at the bank, wiring funds to them.

So after all of the torture and Haloperidol, Katie Middleton was wearing this "halo" tiara for her wedding which is another really stenchy thing to do.  I remember I had a doll there, and they stole my doll from me and gave it to Katie.  I distinctly remember this because it was my only toy or plaything and something I liked and they took it from me and let me know who was getting it:  Katie.  They discussed this right in front of me while they were breaking my back and doing horrible things to me.  All that I had there was my fur-trimmed coat and my doll.

So after all these people tortured me, broke my back, and drugged me with Haloperidol, as some kind of sick joke or wordplay with taking my doll from me and giving it to Katie Middleton, they then all celebrated together by having me injected with haloperidol before Katie's wedding, after stealing and kidnapping my son from me, and then they put her in a nice corset with an unbroken back.

I mean, does anyone at all have any kind of concept over the meaning of "justice" and what kind of Justice I should be having, with my son over this?

This is beyond sadistic and cruel and beyond violations of international law.  It is...So if someone was telling me something was really "bad" and I don't want to know how bad it is, against me...tell me, because I do want to know the rest.  There is no possible way to avoid or deny the fact Katie Middleton has been some kind of scrounge-hound that had a bunch of Mossad-CIA torturing me for her and stealing my property to give to her. 

My Mom came out with another shot of haloperidol after I was screaming at them to give me my doll back.  Oh yeah, who else was involved?  The Crown.  So quit your fucking laughing.  They had Mossad, the English royal crown, and the CIA against me.  Of course they wanted the rest of the world to join them.

They even discussed it first.  "She wants her doll back.  Shall we give her some haloperidol?"  I screamed and begged with them, and they assaulted me anyway.  Those women.  What great women.  Every man wants a mother and an in-law and a companion and romance-partner like that.    And you know, every woman wants a pedophile and hit man for a husband.  They were all evenly matched.  Scum with scum.  The royals want Scum representing them?  They got it.  They even bred with Scum.  And look at the kinds of groups who now, even today, support Scum.

They had a high motive to murder me and they tried, and they did not give up trying.  When they weren't torturing me or degrading me or using me in some way, they were thinking up new plans for how to cause "an accident".  My Dad took my doll from me, handed it over to one of the women and they said it was going to Katie.

The only royal that showed up in Russia was Valerie.  None of the others were there for my interrogation or anything else.  I mean, if they were, I didn't see them or they weren't ones I knew very well.  The only royal specifically showing up for that specific occasion was Valerie Michael of whatever.  I did know she was one of the royals because I had met her before.  I don't think it was Diana, pretending to be Valerie.  She was the same Valerie that was on the train they tried to kill me from.  I do think it's possible it was Diana coming off of one of the helicopters when they tried to kill me from a look-out tower.  I knew what Diana looked like from Charles introducing me and knowing her on planes and at the palace mostly, and from some back-room torture to my head and heart.  I remember Diana Spencer specifically torturing me herself, and taking an active part in putting electrodes on my head to do it.  With Charles, I think he burned me one time with a masonry tool.

I was burned in the same place on my back several times and the adults doing this to me were counting.  They were joking about "9 irons".  The more times they burned me on my back, the more they reinforced their group motive to keep each other blackmailed and to have the same motive for wanting to kill me.

There was no one else that looked like Lady Diana the time I remember she tortured me herself, to my head.  She was the only woman with hair that short at that time, with that face and figure.  The rest of them had longer hair and looked sort of like each other in some ways.  I don't know how many times Diana Spencer tortured me to my head, but I know she was dating or engaged to Charles, or married, and I remember one time specifically where I believe I watched her dancing ballet and practicing ballet and then she took me to her back dressing room and put electrodes on my head, while I was lying down, and tortured me.  It was maybe not a dressing room but to a corner or something.  First she danced.  Then she tortured me, and I remember the sheer white curtains at the window and the natural sunlight coming through when she was looking down at me.  For some reason, the women always put their faces just inches from mine so I could see them grinning when they electrocuted me.  I do not remember any other women around her that time when she did it.  From what I remember it was me and her and no one else around.

Another time, she stood-by as Carol did the same thing to me.  But the one time she used her own hands to do it, no one else was around.  I am sure I tried to scream for help and there was no one around.  If someone filmed her from a distance for blackmail, that's possible.  I don't know.  I don't know why she did it, I just remember it happened.  Then I remember her with Carol when Carol did it but she stood-by only, and then another time my Mom used a defibrillator to my heart and she stood-by and watched.  So at least 2 times I saw her with other women and one time by herself.  I used to try dancing with her.  I think Valerie danced too, because I remember her with her longer hair.  She went into the same dance room to practice that Diana used.  But when it was Diana, I knew it was Diana.  I didn't confuse Valerie with Diana torturing me there.  What I thought, was maybe she did it because she was mad at me about Prince Charles.  I do remember screaming and panicking.  She actually used 3 different things on me.  She burned me with something you could make small burns with, she had a pen-knife or razor of some kind, and then there was the speaker box or torture box she used to torture me with. 

I am remembering now, I do think it's possible Mary Cedarleaf, with the CIA, later tortured me too because she repeated the idea of dancing and then torture in a back room, but her dressing room was different.  So yes, Mary Cedarleaf somehow knew Diana and what Diana did to me.  So I know of at least 4 women who were directly hands-on involved in it and they were Diana Spencer, Carol Goldsmith-Middleton, my Mom Dicksie Garrett (one of the Dicksies at least), and Mary Cedarleaf.  Mary Cedarleaf did something with a hair-dryer, and it was possibly she was burning me with it, but I remember it wasn't just used to do my hair, but for torture of some kind which may mean it was a copy of how Diana burned me with a hair dryer.  I remember smaller burns, not with a hair dryer, with Diana.  One of them burned me with a mirror using light from the sky.  I think Diana was the one who did that to me.  She let the sun reflect onto my skin from some small mirror with her until it worked like a laser, magnifying the sun ray intensity to burn my skin.  Possibly more than one woman did this.  I remember sort of getting burned on the inner thighs by Diana, and then cuts with a razor to my arms or wrist, and then some kind of electrocution that fried my brain by plugging one thing in and then putting something on my head.

I think the face Diana Spencer was involved with this and the CIA was too, is a pretty strong indicator she either worked for the CIA or the CIA thought they worked for her or something like that.  Or, as they say, it was the "Illuminati" with "Dirty Di" at the helm.

I do remember I saw Valerie dance one time and she danced nicely.  I remember because it was usually Diana and then this long ponytail woman came in and danced, also ballet.  If Valerie tortured me too, I don't remember as much. I remember Diana because I was shocked by it.  It's possible Valerie just came in to try to confuse things and then was present later for other things, because they worked together.  Actually, I do believe Valerie tortured me too because then it was the last time I was in their dance room (sort of a ballroom).  Valerie used larger things like a hair dryer.  Diana used smaller objects.  They both tortured me.  I mostly remember Diana with the electrocution of my head and then with Valerie I remember she used a hair dryer to burn me.  I remember one time Diana was electrocuting me and I was screaming and Valerie came in and I thought she was going to help me and instead, she burned me with a hair dryer.  Diana and I were alone usually except for one time it was me, Diana, and Valerie there.

What I remember with Mary Cedarleaf is just being afraid of the duffel bag and the dance dressing room.  Diana had a duffel bag, and Carol Middleton had a duffel bag and nothing good usually came out of it.  It was kid's play things mixed up with devices or items for torturing me with.  After Valerie and Diana tortured me together, I sat off to the side I guess on one other occasion and Valerie came in with her long hair in a ponytail and started doing pirouettes from the doorway, along the wall, circling the room and smirking over at me.  I sat there like someone who was half brain-dead.  She just went right to the side of the wall, twirled, and leaped and twirled, and leaped, and did this all the way around the grand ball room and then later at some point someone gave me a music box with a ballerina doing a pirouette on it.

I looked up to these women, and this beautiful concept of ballet and they were blasting the brains out of a little girl.  Yes.  Royals.  With Katie Middleton's supporter's background, there is no way she got to be married to a royal herself without torturing children.  It was looking like that was part of their business.

I don't remember Sarah Fergusen.  I possibly met her but if so, I never spent time with her.  That's not saying she is any better, but I just wasn't around her.  I also don't remember spending much time with some of them because they don't all usually hang out together at once.  There is a set group and then an extended set group.  The only one, I think, who didn't torture me was Edward, but that was at first.  Then later I once saw him along for one of the attempts to murder me, sort of showing up to be a witness I think, and then it was either him or an imposter who punched me in the stomach and beat me up in Bonners Ferry, Idaho where he had visited me on occasion.  Charles was never around to torture me, but I believe it was possibly him with Philip who came out to the woods about killing me because I was "becoming a problem" or "trouble".  For some reason I want to say it was Andrew and Philip because I can't think of Charles there, but he would be the main person "trouble" was with, according to them, in my opinion.  The person who came out of the woods was, I think, Edward, to speak up for me.  I may have them mixed around and could think about it more later, but it was Philip and one of the sons and then another one of the sons came forward to defend me.  It's possible it was Philip and Edward and then it was Charles who spoke up.

I remember I told Edward, coming down from the chimney once to his hearth, that the others were making fun of him and he wrote his name and number on my hand and said he was a friend.  He wrote it on my hand or paper.  I didn't tell anyone for decades because I was sworn to secrecy.  It was after this that Philip came out with one of them and said I was a problem.  The only reason I told him was I felt sorry for him at the time.  They probably all talked together anyway, but I felt bad for him so I told him a small thing and that's all I ever shared with the royals, in the sense of "gossip".

Then later when people came out to see me dead at the look out tower, I think it was Diana, Andrew, Ogilvy, and maybe Charles, along with Valerie's husband, the royal (Snowden?) who looks like Dick Whittemore, and Edward.

On the plane, trying to kill me in mid-air, Diana was there, my Mom, and "Anne" or "The Queen" but I thought it was Anne.  It looked like the same Anne everyone had called Anne up to that point, but someone said it was "The Queen".

I seriously am not sure who my friends were if any of them were English royals.  I would have no idea and it would be a huge secret.  It seems like most of them, at one point or another, gave themselves away in some regard.  I knew things about their family and there was some embarrassing information, but nothing to kill a kid over and yet it seems a lot of them wanted to kill me and they colluded with the U.S. government and Jews for it too.  I felt I had so much in common with them I couldn't understand why they wouldn't like my company because I was artistic and interested in the exact same things.  It was not easily understood by me.

I don't think I met the extended-extended set of aristocracy or if I did, I didn't know about it and they knew me but I didn't know them.  Most settings were smaller and private.  I know there was a song we sang when going to the bog that I liked a lot, something about " the clearing".  The last line in the sets of verse was repeated and it was "in the clearing" and I loved that song.  It was some kind of traditional folk song.  Maybe between that song and my ability at clairvoyance one time, was why they called me "Claire".  I don't know.  I met someone or other who was not part of the main set but friends through this but otherwise, I didn't meet many other people.  I was always hidden away, under blankets and in planes and dropped down from helicopters.  If I went to a large show I possibly remember going to see a ballet and I remember seeing an opera.  We sat in a booth tucked away up high in the back and had magnifying spectacles to view from but usually could see from where we were.  I remember I cried at one of the operas.  I LOVED the opera.  Every time I went (I guess it was more than once) I felt all this emotion welling up inside of me.  I liked ballet and thought it was beautiful, but I felt all of the emotions at the opera.  I could sometimes go away from a ballet and think of dance moves and creative dances in my mind but at the opera I remember feeling this thrilling, well of emotion and suddenly I wanted to do everything.  I wanted to write, I felt inspired to paint, I wanted to sing, I wanted to tap my foot in time to the music and did, and I wanted to dance, and write an opera, and conduct, and have a family and take them to the opera.

I wasn't thrilled with straight symphony.  It was nice, but give me the opera.  I used to crush up my napkin in my hand at the opera until it was this crumpled ball and I think I once accidentally broke a necklace pendant I had by crushing it because of the tension in the drama.  I had it in my hand, and didn't realize I was holding onto it so tight and as the opera became more and more intense, it broke in my hand.  I could be carried away by the opera, to the point of forgetting about myself and what I was even doing.  I remember being fully flushed there.  It was where I got my flush.

What is remarkable is how much my son liked opera as a baby and I had forgotten I even liked it at all.  He was enthralled.  I couldn't believe it because he sat through an hour of opera like it was the best movie of his life, a little over the age of 1.  Some of the things I had really enjoyed I was so displaced from, I forgot they were my favorite affinities.  I remember in college seeing someone "jousting" in a suit and thinking, "Those suits look horrendous" as if I'd never done it myself before, and it just looked "pretentious".  However, under all the cover up and masking tape, I really loved these things at heart and had been so far removed from them I'd forgotten.  I had forgotten I even jousted myself.

I later did listen to symphony music in the house, in Russia, but I liked opera best.  I did try out "conducting" there though. 

I know someone made fun of my "flush" once, from the opera, and took me to the bathroom to flush my head or threatened to do it.  I had no idea what they were talking about but they were furious at me for liking opera.  I think it was maybe Charles Spencer.  A man took me into the bathroom and wanted to flush me.

I think I got my first kiss from a man, (not a relative) at the opera but I don't remember who it was.  That's not why I was flushed...because that was from the heat there and the emotion of the opera, but I was kissed by someone there.  I don't remember more to it than just a kiss.  It was one time where it wasn't a whole weird thing, but sort of a romantic idea.  And I have no clue now, who it was.  There is such a thing as a Judas kiss I suppose.

I made up a play with some aristocratic kid.  I remember one time, in an upstairs room, like a scene out of Little Women with Jo, Meg, and Beth making up plays and dressing up, I made up a play that involved a sword with some royal kid.  I think we made up the play with the sword featured first, and I got to try real jousting next.  I looked once at the royals' kids though and I don't see any that were close to my age really so I'm not sure who it was. There was a boy, close to my age.  Then later I played with my cousins and sometimes the Springers but I did make up some plays and ideas with some kid one time.  It was always a sword.  You need a play?  Where's the sword.  Then we fought each other with them like Jedis.  Usually the goal was to "kill the dragon and save the princess".  I did handle a real sword but I don't know who it belonged to, but I was handed more than one and said what I thought about them.  I sometimes said what emotions I picked up with them.  Sort of like that gift of picking up an item and trying to read the character that was placed on it.  Telemetry.

I remember, very specifically, with the opera, that first it was this romantic opera I loved and went to all the time and then all of a sudden, one day it was a bunch of Jews on my ass.  I mean, they hated my guts and I remember one of the first instances of sensing and knowing this hatred was at one of the last operas I went to, or a play I later went to which had a semblance of theatre.  They followed me out into the break room during intermission and were all over me, stalking me and making all kinds of dark and horrible prophecies and curses about me.  They wanted to do me in because they had another agenda on their plate.  I know Goldsmith stalked me out on one occasion.  I mean, one minute everything was just beautiful and light and happy and awe-inspiring and everyone enjoying the opera and then one day it took this weird turn into becoming a sniper stand-off.

I think I played with Peter, for the plays.  He wasn't the royal who kissed me one day secretly, or man, or whatever.  He was a boy and we played together.  He was a fun playmate at that time.  I now sort of look at his photo and cringe because I've either met someone who looks like him (older) who wasn't nice to me, or there is some other reason, but for the time we made up plays together we had fun.  I think it was him and a couple of other younger kids possibly but I don't think so because there weren't too many around.

I played with my cousin Rory as well and he had good idea, and then I was playing a similar theme with Springers but I knew they had introduced it, and their wooden sword, as a cover or to have me forget.  I never had a good feeling playing with the Springers because it wasn't the same imagination and it felt like mockery, even as a kid.  It wasn't that the costumes weren't good enough--"something" was "missing".   Magic. There was no magic in it.  Magic was missing and I noticed it.  Some people call it "chemistry" which I've been inclined to do since I'm older, but really, it was magic.  There is even a slight difference between the idea of chemistry and magic.  I don't mean occult.  I mean magic.  There is chemistry or a spark of compatibility, and then there is magic, where amazing sorts of phenomena occur at the same time you're playing, fueling the imagination and making it more exciting--slight shifts and coincidences, and things that a kid would even notice which created a fluency to the imagination. 

From what I've heard, some kind of a Simon tried to get my Dad to reveal what the source was and money was involved and someone got blackmailed and screwed over it and I've been tortured ever since.  I was definitely tortured and electrocuted so I wouldn't be very wonderful anymore.

Playing with Rory there was still some magic like when I played with a royal.  There was some kind of prophetic wind blowing so-to-speak or flair or "magic" flowing.  It was dead as a doornail with the Springers.  And they were highly imaginative kids and smart as well, but no magic.  When it's magic it is like a spiral of smoke coming from incense that weaves around and tips things over, brings out an unexpected word or gesture, to be met with an equally surprising match.  It is sort of like an unspoken yin and yang.  I mean the same with girls playing with girls, and boys with boys and opposites, and just the way it flows.  So anyway.

When I was back in the U.S., as I said, the animal trap idea was repeated and at some point my Grandpa Baird and Uncle Loren came out and I had my neck stepped on or was in another pit of some kind, seeing boots above me.

In the UK, they first had some Scots looking guard watch me and I got out of the net so they said he let me out.  True or not, they assigned a man who looked to me like Mike Middleton.  Somewhere with the guards, the name Campbell was in the mix, but the man they assigned looked like Mike and he wouldn't do anything and they tied me up again in the net.  I couldn't get out.  I was trying to find a way to break through it and it was horrible netting and then I tried to pull myself up to the top to then get leverage for somehow untying it.  I somehow got ahold of a tree branch and broke it off.  I might be wrong about that part but I remember somehow getting ahold of a branch and then pulling it in as a tool to use to get myself out.  Whatever I did, made Mike freak out.  I don't remember how I got out the second time, but either they let me out or I freed myself again and they didn't try it again.  Possibly the net was pullyed up and then staked into the ground and I got the stick and was undoing the stakes.  It was some practical purpose I used it for and he freaked out.   I don't think that's how it was secured but however it was, I was working a way out, or trying and he came over and I grabbed something from him, I think.  Some keys in a pants pocket or something when he got closer.

It's possible that when my Mom saw the cop from Bonners Ferry and "Philip" and "Charles" had electrocuted me with my Grandpa and then stole some jewelry and my Mickey Mouse watch, it's possible she thought it meant I was no longer guarded.  I don't know why that would matter so much though, because I was getting fried, but it was much worse then.  They all wanted me brain-dead.

From what I remember, I went to Russia after that and they all went after me then.  Well no, I was fried after Russia, so that was later. 

It has been more important for people in this country to either kill me, or a bunch of Jews to make horrific predictions and then bend over backwards to force them to occur, to the cost of billions of dollars, than leaving me alone and respecting my rights.  Anytime it appeared like I was going to escape or go 'awry' of their plans and predictions, they poured in donations and buckets of money and began torturing and killing people to make sure I "lined up" to what they were banking on.  None of it has been "natural" and not very much of it has been authentically "prophetic" because "God" does not billions of dollars and desperate actions and hit men and hit women to achieve what He might have planned.  What it means is a bunch of Jews deliberately thwarted God's natural desire, and the right of the will of people. So for Jews to call themselves "God's people" or "God's chosen" is a lie.  They chose themselves and corruption and bloodshed and torture of innocent kids--they weren't choosing what God chose.  They defied God, and set up Katie Middleton and God will bring her back down.  If I were God, I would resent the actions taken in my name to murder and torture innocent children.  It doesn't matter what religion you are, kidnapping me and my son and separating us from each other, because of jealousy and defamation against me to cover for assassination attempts against me, wasn't smart.  It also wasn't "God's will" and no religious group can claim torture of us is justified.  So say all you want, but don't dare purport to be religious or even "Anglican Katie".  Scoff.

E.H. writes, pg. 159, that the KGB gives him a fake passport with the name Scott Alan Roth.  Again, I think it is an indication of connection between what they knew and me, and my neighbors Scott Springer, Alan Springer, and wrath and merciless electrocution of me.

By the way, there are these horrendous Mormon "missionaries" that have been in town here lately that are really atrocious.  I don't think any of them are 'christian' at all.  They act more like individuals who will torture kids so they can feel connected to Middleton and hijack a trip to the "Palace".  They've always been upset that I didn't want to be Mormon or join their Mormon church.

Pg. 160.

E.H. says he was given instructions on how to get into Austria, where visas are not required from Soviets and says he was given some cash to get by and told his wife was under the thumb of the FBI and how to approach her.  He says the "friend" they referred to had a number written in reverse order on it, which would dissolve instantly if swallowed.

I would say most of the experience of my parents has appeared to be CIA and Pentagon driven, however, if they got training from the CIA and Pentagon and instead worked in FBI on counter-intelligence or something in the U.S., it would mean I lived with the enemy my entire life.  Basically, almost any way you look at it, they made themselves my enemy.  This isn't to say someone didn't direct some things or wasn't, at times, worse than they, but I saw actual emotions and actions that made it clear to me it wasn't hard for them to want to kill me, or even torture me.  I think they thought it was "getting" to someone else, and that's part of the reason they did it and I think the other part is they resented me, were jealous of competition from me, and were also sponsoring another kid they are biologically or religiously connected to that they valued and appraised to be 10x worth their affection.  Some of the time, I think they just wanted the money.  I don't think their lives have been easy so maybe they thought their only way out was to get rid of me.  At least some of the twins and triplets have been kidnapped themselves and tortured at various times, so this have them motive to want to do something.  More than anything, some other kid bewitched them and how is that possible unless the kid is theirs biologically, or became a huge Mossad Tool.  If my Dad isn't related to me and my Mom loved my Dad, maybe he hated my biological father and she hated me for my Dad's pedophile acts against me which she thought stole affection from her.  Or maybe they thought I was going to talk about their work and torture of me. 

They had enough influence that they were sought after by many internationally and used.  I was taken to the White House, Buckingham and Edinburgh, Russia, and many different locations like Canada and NASA, not to mention all of the CIA and military sites and airports.

Regarding a name and number in reverse on paper, I was given such a thing by a royal in England, but I don't know what it really amounted to.  If E.H. is really dead, I'm not sure who to trust.  I also think of when I was at my parent's house and they forced me to chew up paper and swallow it.  I also think about my Mom, citing off some agent name and number before cutting my line to murder me from a rock-climbing trip where they ALL expected me to be murdered.  It wasn't like the helicopter showed up and innocent people stared at us.  They were ALL guilty.

No one goes rock climbing, driving cars to the location, and then halfway through, ditches the idea without any warning and comes by with a huge helicopter to pick people up from the side of a cliff who are still supposed to be climbing.  It was a full-on steep dead drop.  Underneath me, was nothing but the sky and then a huge mountain-tall distance to rocks at the very bottom.  Any fall would result in death.  And my Mom cut my line with all of those people knowing about it.  Valerie Plame, who was there, is confirmed CIA.  So what do you think the others were?  It wasn't like chimney rappelling, where you could brace yourself against 4 sides of a chimney.  It was one side, and nothing to hold onto except that cliff and I wasn't holding on when she cut the line.  I reached out for a grip at the last minute, almost fell, rocks crumbled out from under my foot and I stuck it.  My Mom's expression was not nice, not apologetic, nothing but "true colors".  All Middleton.  Not one person there wanted me to live.

The only reason I did live was because I yelled something that maybe someone didn't want on a recording or surveillance to somewhere if I did die by "accident" because it would tip the other party or a potential person off to something, or because someone didn't want to actually "witness" what they did and have another "psychic" working for a government read their minds, that many minds who would see and witness my murder, and get caught.

You see it?  You saw me die?  well guess what.  So did another psychic who is reading your mind.  You may have a wee problem just a little bigger than your newborn baby.

My Mom said some agent name that sounded Russian.  I knew it sounded Russian because I was in Russia and knew the dialect or sound.  Then she gave a number.  Then she said something that sounded like Israeli or Middle Eastern.  Then she threw something down my shirt.  She said something like "Pecan Nuts" which sounded like "Be Gone Nuts" either then or later and I had a pecan nut in my shirt.  Also, "Be Happy" in a spit wad.  Pecan Nuts in an acronym would be PN, like the pin Goldsmith stole from me with my Dad, to give to Katie, which the French woman (who was maybe Mossad or Jewish) gave to me before she died.  It is possible that if the French woman was not on my side and giving me the pin, my Mom and Carol Middleton thought she was some French Jew that was on Katie's side and not mine.  Or, they could have wanted to kill me knowing I knew who was stealing from me and there was correspondence between my parents and Middleton and they were involved in breaking my back, electrocuting me with Mormon Springers, and colluding with several U.S., Canadian, and UK officials and royals on behalf of...?  The other thing that's possible is if they were trying to kill that woman and she was on my side, they didn't want me talking about it.

My Mom had been eating pecan tarts and buying them before she tried to murder me and said something about pecan nuts.  And what did Katie Middleton wear to her wedding, in her ears as a gift from her "mother"?  Acorn nuts.  After they had me injected with haloperidol a second time in my life, at Vanderbilt, which has acorn nuts as their symbol.  Then, I believe they allowed UK persons to view me from behind a tinted window after they stripped my clothes off at a federal site in Knoxville.

I know my Mom didn't expect me to live, because her first look was determination.  Then when I caught a grip, she looked shocked.  She made sure she was far enough away from me that I couldn't reach up and grab her leg or something to hold onto.  So then when I 'accidentally' grabbed a hold of the cliff, she also couldn't reach down with her foot enough to kick at me, though she made a motion of it.  Her next expression was shock that I caught a grip.  Then she looked afraid because I was alive when the helicopter came around the corner, and it wasn't fear "they" caught her because "they" were all in on it.  It's that I yelled out a name, and also, if all of them saw me as psychics, all of them were in jeopardy of being caught and intercepted by other mind-reading psychics who would see the entire thing when one or more of them thought about it later.

My Mom did not look afraid when I was barely hanging there, and she looked even more confident and triumphant when rocks and pebbles broke away under one of my feet.  She was sure.  And then...she wasn't.  And when I stuck my foot into a different spot or in tighter and held on, then she looked scared.  My God was greater than her "god".

My God is still greater.  They lie and say turn to God, what does God want you to do, and use "God" to try to justify what their Jewish-CIA UK group has done to me and God isn't on their side.  He's on my side.  They may think they won something with Katie Middleton but I don't think so.  I think they all tried to murder me too many times, and they have facilitated torture against me for decades too long.  I do not believe God is on their side, or on Katie Middleton's side.  It is possible, since there is more than one "Dicksie" that it was one of them and not the other.  Many different things have been done to me, and that Dicksie that was there tried to kill me and she isn't the first one or only one.  There is an entire list of individuals involved that is every bit as bad as this instance.

I also think it is possible my own "brother" and Dad were involved in using bleach to poison my son.  I think Middleton and her group would do it, and CPS people would, and I think I know my son didn't look happy to be sitting on my brother's knee with my Dad taking a picture of them, and he didn't look happy to be at that Jerod-the-FBI-agent and Ivory wedding either.

I also think Valerie Plame is being "outed" as a CIA agent when it's possible she was working at that time in FBI counter-intelligence and not CIA and put a hit on a kid and the FBI doesn't want to assume responsibility so the CIA is willing to cover for them.

So what were they going to do?  Cut my line and then say I fell?  No one was going to look at the line?  Or were they going to pick me up and dispose of my body after I fell? 

So Katie Middleton went to her public wedding, and wore "nut" earrings and gave a raised eyebrow look the way Valerie Plame of London School of Economics and the CIA always did, when she looks related to Plame, who tried to kill me and was using money for it, and then she goes on to be a representative for Olympics when her family and others tortured me and broke my back during torture, stripped me and molested me, and stole my doll from me to give to her.  Along with stealing my coat.

So what was Chris Rozollo's part?  To steal my white coat from me as some kind of weird symbol of stealing my coat again, as some kind of "action man" for Katie Middleton?  and then they steal my son and terminate my rights illegally?  I wonder when she got her "pearl necklace" too.  Then I got injected with haloperidol again in an act of torture and interrogation, with the U.S. holding me hostage for a 2-faced bitch that never should have been born; who tortured my son and used the same Mossad-Squad to torture him that tortured me. 

THIS is why, if Osama bin ladin thought he might go after Katie Middleton, he felt morally justified.  Mike Middleton most likely participated in his capture along with my Dad, and Alvaro Pardo was one of them.

If Katie Middleton cut my mother's face, she cut the face of the Dicksie that did not support her, not the other one.  There is no reason to think she is not as violent as the rest of her family.  All of them are violent batterers, and torture people and I've known Mike, Carol, and Gary Goldsmith personally to know.  My Dad, or one of the Robert's was also doing favors for her and made it clear it was for her.  If they got tortured later it was because someone made them a scapegoat for others, not because other's weren't working with them.  They all worked together.  They were not working against each other--they worked together.

None of them was "working with Muslims" against Jews, not that I would care, at's just that it is obvious the ones that targeted me were mostly Jewish.  They brought in other groups later, and a few individuals earlier, but when it wasn't about religion, it was money and greed and political favors, like "How would you like to be a judge?" or "How would you like to be a public defender or lawyer?"  "How would you like to work for the CIA and make $300,000 a year?"  "How would you like to get funding to start your own business?"  "How would you like to distribute cocaine for us and keep it looking clean for the government but find gangsters to do some of the work?"  "How would you like to launder money and get a cut from it?"  "How would you like to be the next Queen?"  "How would you like to have your daughter go to St. Andrews, who held a pistol against Cameo, because I think we can arrange that!"  "Do you want to play?  I'll give you a lot of money for being my friend."  "How would you like to be President?"  "How would you like to lead the Pentagon?"  "Would you enjoy being Director for the CIA?"  "Let's see, between two candidates on this plane, which one does the CIA want to put up for the Presidency first?"  "How would you like to rape Cameo and we'll promise you get away with it, and you'll make $100,000 each rape and a bonus like a pyramid scheme to the ones who went before you?"  "How would you like to be the first University in the NW that NASA supports with funding for remote surgeries and remote torture?"  "How would you like to be rich Mormons?"  "Think of all the good things you could do for your family, and all those kids you have to feed, and your church, and just imagine how many souls you could save so you can all go to the 7th heaven?"  "How would you like to have this accusation by Cameo out of the way for you so your church doesn't have to worry, because we are motivated to incite hate against her as much as you are for the loss of one of your partners at the CIA who WE THINK was killed because of Cameo's connections".

If my Mom wasn't wired, and she knew I was bugged, with surveillance and wires, when they were trying to murder me and making an announcement about it first, who was that announcement going to?

Oh yeah.  Just the CIA.  Who else.  Pentagon and the CIA.  That's a given.  But who else?  What did they do?  Send the recording directly to the intercom on the helicopter there?  Is everything I say and all sounds around me...are they all "live" with NSA who then gives certain persons and telecoms and radios the information?  Does it go to Langely first?  There was no time to get it to Langely first and then there.  One of the individuals on the plane had to either be wired too, or have something on them, or it was sent to the helicopter which would make it a joint Pentagon-CIA "attempted hit" on my life.  So if it's not that they were all worried about "having bad memories" of watching me there asking for help and refusing it to see me fall, rather than just picking up my dead body, why would any other thing I said have bothered them?  That I said "Dad?"  or that I said "Forrest"?

Maybe they had a little side deal going with Joy and Forrest that was outside of the CIA hit.  Or FBI or Pentagon--whatever.  A little extra cash flow for the favor, to then get routed somewhere else.  Or maybe it was something about my Dad they worried about.  Maybe they didn't want my Grandpa Garrett or someone else to know my Dad was there.  Maybe they were worried it might ruin one of their plans.

If you work for the government, I strongly suggest you get some DNA results on who your kids and parents are, and then don't discount the fact your own family might try to murder you either.  But at least if you know about your own DNA and other possible "outliers", you might have a chance to live.  Supposedly religion is the only thing that has kept people 'together' in the past.  That's a sociology "secret".  Only the religious communities survive.  Those based on other ideals or shared common goals, never go anywhere.

UPDATED 10/6/13
pg. 160.  Where E.H. talks about a "legend" or cover story and then describes the false passports and ID and quizzing,  I remember the same thing being done with me.  I got most of the coaching for that part at home.  I was told if I had a pretend name, to memorize it, and then a whole list of other things like where I lived, my parent's name, and everything.  I figured it was a game of some kind.  I was quizzed several times and there was only one thing I accidentally goofed up on.  It seemed to me like a "CIA boot camp" exercise or test and pretend, not actual.  I have forgotten all of the information for it.  I don't remember what the name was.  I know I was called "Claire" in actuality and "Anna" or "Anya" at different times, and Chatty Cathy as a joke but those were the only ones.

I think before that exercise came up, was when I found some letters in an attic. I had seen boxes with official documents before but these were sentimental letters and photos. I found them when I got curious about a trap door to a crawl space in the ceiling and got a ladder, and I believe I found some things at another house too.  I was in a royals attic once but it was different. 

I found letters addressed to me from someone which I was never receiving.  When I found them I wondered why my parents were hiding them from me and not allowing me to have letters that were clearly mailed to me.  What I remember is some set of letters from "Edward" as well.  There was an Edward who was writing very nice letters to me and then a woman who said I was adopted writing to me.

These were not letters or correspondence I found "in-the-making" or by opened mail on the counter in the kitchen one day later.  These were letters that were being hidden and I sort of think one was from a woman who wrote to me and said I was adopted and what they did and how was I doing and then there were letters from Edward.  Lots of letters.  I think I knew the letters from Edward Howard were different from the letters from this other Edward.  The ones from the woman who said I was adopted were from someone who told me they were French.  Maybe French and living in Canada or something.  I am confused now because I've been told Edward Howard is my biological father, but I also found a stack of letters, not one or two, from a woman who said I was adopted and they were French and I think she said they lived in Canada.  The ones from Edward, were of a sort of light romantic nature, and one of them referenced I was "betrothed" to him.  I did find some from Edward Howard, CIA person, and writer of the book, who knows a lot about me and who may be my biological father.  I also had some letters from an Edward in England and one did say something about sworn to each other.  I never got the letters.  They were all to keep in touch and nothing bizarre or weird.  It was a nice writing hand, nice paper, and short thoughtful letters.  It's the only kind of a mention to a "contract" I knew of at that time.

I think the idea of a cover story came up after I found some letters hidden in the attic.  There was a trap door in the ceiling and I was curious about what was up there and one day went up.  It is possible I once said I went through one at the Middleton's house and then another time at my parent's house.  I know for a fact I did not read those letters at the Middleton's residence, even if I was put up to look around once.   The only time I found and read secret letters and then asked someone about it was at my house in Moses Lake, Washington.

I had thought, once before while writing, that it was maybe at Middletons and after that, they brought out some idea of a "French connection" but it wasn't about them.  They may have a French "relative" somewhere, but the letters about my being adopted were addressed to the house in Moses Lake, where they believed I was living, and to my name.  It was why I brought it up to my Mom one day asking if I was adopted and why some people were writing to me saying I was and I never got their letters.

I was in an attic at a royals once, but it wasn't the same thing, where I found a small box with photos and letters and certificates.  I did see boxes that held official documents of course, but separately this was more of a sentimental letters thing.
I found a bunch of letters being written to me by someone which I was never receiving.
Most of them were about living in the country, what the house was like, what they did for work, and that kind of thing.  I ended up saying to my Mom, "My name is Claire?" and in England they called me Claire.  I thought it was a nickname and it did fit for what I could do, but I think it was possibly in these letters too.  Not for certain, but possibly.  I know when I gave another name for something, they said "That's not your name Claire" but no one was calling me Cameo there.  I think Anya or Claire, one of the names, was my own idea for a cover name for the legend game.  From what I remember, I chose either Anna or Claire and then the one I didn't choose, some other group was calling me that or it was in the letters.  So I was either Anna from the letters, or maybe Claire.  I thought the woman who shouted at me one time my name wasn't my real name, she kept saying it was Anna.  I thought she said the last name was a Russian last name.  But I am not sure.  Maybe she didn't want to say too much to protect me still...I don't know.  I know for sure she screamed over and over, when I told her name was "Cameo" or whatever, she kept saying, "You were ADOPTED!  That's not your real name!  That's not your real name!"  She believed everyone there was trying to trick me into believing I was someone I wasn't.  When she asked what my name was, I am pretty sure I told her the one I used in the U.S., Cameo Garrett.  That is what I believe I told her.  I didn't have a last name for Claire that I knew of.  So she was protesting that "Cameo Garrett" was not my real name and I thought she said it was a Russian last name but maybe I'm wrong.  Then the letters said I was adopted and I was French.  They asked me to write to them and tell me a little bit about myself but I never got the letters.  Then as time went by they got shorter and shorter and said we thought you would like to write to us but you have not, and we are disappointed but maybe you are busy with school.  I read enough of them to see a progression of expectation and then disappointment that I wasn't writing back.  They were saying maybe you come stay with us for a summer if you like, and that kind of thing.  I believe she said one of them was some kind of business person analyst.  They both worked and had no other children. 
I remember, on a side note, at one point, when I was getting older, why my Dad was unzipping his pants more than Mike Middleton was.  It's possible Mike hid it more or something but at some point my Dad or one of his twins started getting so mad at me about everything and yelling and more abusive.  So when I started to wonder they switched around the pants and belts idea so it was reversed.
I didn't see many other people--maybe in Canada a few times, but I always wondered why that woman said my name wasn't my real name.  And then later, I thought it was also strange after a few people seemed to die, not like I remember tons, why such a hush was made when the French ones died.  This is going to sound super grotesque but I was ready to cut someone up into smaller pieces.  It wasn't my idea.  I never had the idea cross my mind.  Ever.  But one day when someone said they couldn't fit a person where they needed to go and the person had be cut up into smaller pieces, they asked if I'd do it and I said yes, do you have a knife?  They just stared at me.  To me, it was a dead body, and no one acting alive, and if it had to be cut up, I was distanced enough to do it.  I didn't like the idea but I thought I could try.  No different from a mortician, surgeon, or any other kind of person.  I just thought it was something that had to be done.  For all I know, I was taking to a mortuary when I was 1 or 2 and watched it done and was asked to help.  How should I know?  I do not remember ever cutting anyone at all.  Not then, or later or before, in my life.  I cut strings and ribbons and things, but I don't remember cutting anything else.  I know I didn't get trained with knife throwing or weaponry or cutting, nor did I ever think about it.  I was just a kid, working with the grown ups, feeling challenged with trying to make good guesses in clairvoyance, and I wanted to be a gymnast and analyst more than anything, not a hit man or hit woman.  Mike and Carol Middleton were there when I said I would cut it into smaller pieces.  I didn't want to at first either, at all.  But then, it was already dead, and they said they'd give me "a bunch of gold".
What a party.  So I'm not sure what happened aside from their attempts to have me tortured and degraded and keep me from having even a normal life.  In my life, I never did.  I couldn't stand to see my Mom gut out a turkey or chicken, and  never even wanted to do that myself.  I opted out of dissection of frogs for biology too.  So the only times I've ever said I'd cut anything, was as a kid, probably younger than age 8, and then when I dissected a small minnow because a boy wanted to see how it was inside and that grossed me out but I did it because I figured it was educational for him.
So for my honest or earnest attempt to work and do something necessary, for payment for the first time, when none of them ever paid me for my clairvoyance, or sponsored me for anything, or gave me an income or salary for what I did for them, when they said if I cut it up they'd give me gold for it, I said okay, because I knew I could save it and use it for something, and for once, they were offering to pay me for my work.
So where's my back-pay Middleton.
From a kid's perspective, not knowing what they did or were up to, it was honest pay for honest work.  To spite me, they degraded me, beat me up, peed all over me, ejaculated all over me, and told me "here's your gold".  They didn't just not give me the clippers or knife or whatever and look at me with disdain, they held it against me my entire life, and tortured me and told lies about me to others to incite hatred against me.  They chained me to beds, electrocuted me (which they had already started doing because someone was either jealous of my clairvoyance or didn't want me telling them when the bog was clear one day, for good or bad reason), raped me and didn't just rape me or sodomize me once.  My whole life.  They couldn't even stand to allow me to try to get an education and have a career and do something good with my life, if I wasn't working for the CIA.  It's not like I was a dangerous person because I had no dangerous instincts or skills.  I was dangerous because I was a gifted psychic worth banks.  I was also pretty and they were worried possibly that some man might like me when I was old enough to be married.  To someone this was a threat and honestly, I don't know who.  Maybe there was more than one idea floating around and more than one man or woman jealous.  It wasn't just women, I think some of the men felt threatened by me.  I liked going to the bog.  I didn't like what happened, but I liked going with the group, being outside, trying to think about where something was or wasn't and making good guesses.  It was a challenge and fun, and I felt appreciated for it when I was accurate.  I liked many different kinds of things.  Killing people wasn't on my list at all.  I just happened to see a business opportunity, where, from my child standpoint, it looked square and fair.   I didn't always have a great attitude either, but sometimes I was egged on with that, deliberately, or mistreated in such a way they knew it would provoke me, or someone occasionally said "hey!  do this!" and made it sound like it was something everyone approved of when it wasn't, and then I was punished for it.  Kids get set-up too.
As for the Middletons and Goldsmiths, they were involved with Joy Sterling and Barak Obama in having me raped and electrocuted.  Maybe they were the ones who told him I killed his Dad too, when I didn't. 
I do know Middleton owes me money for a contracted slice & dice.  Do you want to pay me now or when you're in jail?  So I didn't do the slice & dice because you changed your mind, but you still contracted for it.  Where are you putting the "bag of gold" these days?  Katie's new basement?  and if I somehow witnessed my parents being murdered if I'm adopted and they were my real parents, you owe me more than that.
I remember another thing someone didn't like was that I used to be a good shot as a kid.  I got trained when I was very little probably, and we went out hunting and I shot a duck that was flying in the sky and someone wanted to say they got it instead. 
I'm not interested in hunting animals because I care about animals and living things (and did then too) and I've never been interested in any kind of violence but all that these people did to me, was torture me my entire life and taunt me about "Do it and you'll get the gold!" and "rainbows and pots of gold" and try to set me up to be the scapegoat for adults.  I have a right to compensation for acts of violence against me as a child, perpetrated by adults.  Those who committed these kinds of crimes do not deserve positions like "President" and "Duchess" or anything of that nature.  Not that that's what I ever aspired to be.  My aspirations were realistic and based on doing honest work and using my talents and gifts to succeed and then help others succeed as well.  I didn't have the philosophy of "getting there" by electrocution boxes and I don't have that dream or desire to see that happen for my son either.

1.  I demand the return of my son Oliver.
2.  I want compensation for damages that have affected every aspect of my life.
3.  I want reasonable prosecution for serious crimes.
4.  I want discovery, complete discovery, on who is responsible for using technology to torture me and my son Oliver.
5.  I have a right to know who I am biologically related to and if I was adopted and to know the accurate date, time, and place of my birth.  I'm told Edward Howard is my biological father.  I feel I have the right to have verification one way or the other, and to know what the letters from the French were supposed to be about and why some woman was screaming that my name wasn't Cameo Garrett. 
6.  If it wasn't just me that all these people hated and resented, when I was even under the age of 8 years old, I want to know who else these people have been trying to target with hate crimes.
I know in reference to killing me, my parents have mentioned phrases like "be gone nuts" or "pecan nuts" said similarly, Claire d' loon (clear the loon), and Don't worry, be Happy (with the cuckoo sound in it).  This, along with statements like "don't be weird" from the time I was a kid, are probably an indication someone in my family wanted to imply I was nuts or mentally ill even when I was a kid, when actually, they're the ones who plotted with others to commit electrocutions and rapes.
At one time I was being asked about things even like could I see affairs or not, with the clairvoyance gift I had.  Diana was one person who asked me.  I said on the occasion I remember this, "I don't know--what's an affair?"  Because I was asked, "Is he having an affair?"  I had to have someone explain what that was to me and then another person, or she said, "Do you see him with another woman a lot that isn't me?" or something like that.  I remember I thought about it.  I was always trying to make them happy or do a good job with this kind of thing.  I am sure I saw more but by that time, I know I had already been "hit" by the electrocution box.  They were already using it on me, though not all the time.  I was also getting some kind of injection or "drink".  I knew it had affected my ability but I still remember, at that point, trying and it was one of the last times I remember seeing anything for her.  I saw him walking about, sort of nothing remarkable, Prince Charles I mean, like in the house and garden and I said there was maybe a blond woman.  She said, sort of looking at this other woman, "Camilla" and I knew what she looked like and I said, "I don't think it's Camilla."  They said what do you mean? and I said, "It doesn't look like Camilla, it looks like some other woman.  She is younger and has blond hair."  So they said what were they doing and I said I just saw them walking around together and they said are they like boyfriend and girlfriend, I mean, do they kiss? and that kind of thing and I said, "I don't know.  I just see them walking around and they like each other."  I didn't see naked people or anything.  I said I wasn't sure it was romantic or not but it was possible and I didn't know if it was right then or in the future because they asked me that too.  There was more that I might remember if I think about it but that was what I said.  Since I was a kid, it was sort of guided, in the sense of "affair" had to be explained, and then other things had to be clarified.  I said I saw them mostly in the house together and maybe a kid or kids.  I had thought I saw a baby.  I said "Maybe".  That was the last time I remember being asked about something, specifically, and my Mom was there and I thought she didn't like something I had said or something bothered her or made her feel a little uneasy. Not huge, but I didn't know what it was.  I remember they asked who was holding the baby and I said if there was one, maybe, and it's theirs, "He's holding the baby".  I know I felt sort of guilty because of how she wanted to word "having an affair" because the way she said it was sort of directed to me, or implied in a way that I would think he had those kinds of attentions with me.  And she looked at me with this slightly cynical look, as if waiting to trap me or push a point.  I did feel guilty because I thought maybe he had liked me more than he was supposed to or something, and I didn't tell her, "Yeah, me."  I did try to think about it and tell her what I saw and that was what I could tell her.  I didn't need to tell her he called me his inspiration.  For all I know, seriously, he wanted to kill me too.  So I was honest, but I was going down in a major way and it has been horrificly painful.  They said too, "Maybe it's Valerie" and I said, "No, it doesn't look like Valerie.  She sort of looks like Camilla, her figure does, but she's younger and has a pretty face."  I said to them, "Maybe he's with someone right now and that's what I see...where is he right now?" I said this because I wanted to know if it was present real-time or future because I didn't know.  But anyway.
I thought they were all just done with me, because by then, I had been electrocuted too many times and I didn't see things the same, as quickly or without hesitation, as before.  I thought it sort of was a "passing" information but I knew at that time I had lost something in a major way.  And then from there, I had a crystal ball at the house and I was getting electrocuted to the point of being a virtual vegetable.  I guess you could say it's been a real Witch Hunt.
pg. 161.  E.H. says he's given instructions on flying in to Bratislava, Checkoslovakia, and that he will not divulge the friend's name or number.  In commenting, I would notice he's going to 'brat is slava" which makes me think of the brat is a slave.  I was called a brat and I was enslaved that was for sure.  I think the Russians didn't want him to be too worried or depressed (maybe) about how bad it really was.  For me, I want to know how bad it is because I don't know how anything will change if I don't; for example, I didn't want to remember the part about being electrocuted with my hands on my Dad and our current President.  That was not something I wanted to remember or write about, because it's degrading.  However, for whatever importance it has, it might go towards proving what I've been up against and why I'm not mentally ill, but what some of the motives are.
There are even other things I haven't mentioned yet, that were done to me, which I haven't talked about or written about, so really, I am not kidding when I say it's been very bad and still is, because I am now tortured all the time.  I remember being a target for long-range torture from the time I had metal put into my body for my arm surgery but it is possible I could be tracked through earlier implants.  Tracked yes, but tortured, I'm not sure.  Increasingly, implanted microchips and wires were added in surgeries I had which allowed for extreme torture, not just surveillance.
E.H. says he gave the Russians his "Get Away!" TWA credit card as a souvenir and then he was on his way and had to get rid of any plastic combs, laundry stickers, or anything that would notify someone he'd been living in another country.
I remember this part very well.  Every single time I came back from England, I had to do the same thing.  I know this was true of Russia and Canada if I was in Canada long, but I remember especially when I was older, it was a routine to go through everything in my suitcase first, in the kitchen, and piece by piece, inspect each item and remove any traces that would show I'd lived in another country or had even visited.  I brought my suitcase to the kitchen and opened it up and then I'd hand things to my Mom for inspection and we'd go through the whole thing.  The kinds of stickers that were on my laundry, when he mentions "stickers", were electrodes.  They were rubber stickers like in hospitals, where they stick them to you and then they have small metal parts in the center and are used as electrodes.  My electrodes got hooked up to electrical wires and circuits.  This was coming from Carol Middleton's house.  She or Mike would sometimes pack my bag and I remember this one time they didn't fold anything or wash anything first.  They just threw everything I had into a suitcase the way it was and I remember my mother standing there in the kitchen, pulling off electrode stickers from my shirts.  As I watched my Mom, I had been so electrocuted I couldn't even remember them, at least not instantly and said, "What are those?" and my Mom just looked down and she said, "You don't know what these are?"  I said, "Well I know they get stuck on my body but why are they on my shirts?"  I think the time I saw them was when Mike said he was packing my suitcase.  I think Carol usually did it and got rid of every trace, but he wanted to do it and left things on and threw it together and then when I was at home I saw them, which helped me to remember later what they were used for.  I had my feelings hurt because usually they washed my clothes first, and he seemed like he just wanted me to get out.  I remember my Mom counting how many there were. 
pg. 161.  E.H. writes he tossed and turned all night and was on his way covertly to the U.S. He wondered if he'd end up in the arms of his wife or the ....FBI?...
His next line, on the following page is:  "Illegal entry".
For me, this comes across with the idea of rape by the FBI.  In my context of reading it, I wouldn't take 'wife' literally...literally as the story but not sub-story or triggers or message beneath it, and so I might not assume "FBI" is also literal but another agency or person but I think it means political and government and rape.  He writes about tossing and turning, in bed,  and would he end up with his wife or the FBI?  so "illegal entry" suggests the latter, that it was outside of the law and/or moral permissions.
pg. 163.  E.H. writes about the trip home and how he sits with Alexander in the back and two KGB guards in front.  I remember being on a plane exactly like this, maybe back from Russia the one time.  I remember they were huge KGB men and I felt nervous and bit my nails and read and talked, and I sat next to a younger Russian or person and I think his name was literally Alexander.  I remember my Dad being around somewhere, either in another section, maybe hand-cuffed apart from me, or showing up later to get me off the plane.  Somewhere, my Dad figured in at some point.  I remember I had a very small kind of panic attack on that plane but I don't know why.  I was more upset internally than usual, more emotional but not in mood swings, and feeling sort of short of breath like in a panic attack.  I was excited, scared, apprehensive, uncertain, hopeful. 
I don't remember being raped as a kid in the Middleton's basement. I was assaulted and sexually exploited but I do not remember rape.  I do remember something like that at my Uncle Howard's basement, in Russia to my other side, and by Barak Obama.   I also know my Uncle Valentin kept putting me in the basement, but so did Locklyn, for punishment and Locklyn removed a class photo of me smiling from her fridge, of me in the first grade in a small yellow and orange print dress, from her fridge and had it moved down.  Whenever she or Valentin dragged me to the basement and turned the light out on me, they first moved up their daughter Rani's photo above mine.  This hurt my feelings very deeply as a kid.  I don't know why because I should have thought about how Locklyn blind folded me and had me tortured with Granny, or alone, in my high chair, or with Joy and Forrest there to brand my tongue with a blazing hot fork.  However, I was grieved by this.
Some of the things they did to me, adults generally, were to completely isolate and reject me and then display obvious affection to other children but not me, having me watch.  It wasn't like accidental favoritism, it was premeditated aggravated attempts to hurt me psychologically and emotionally and spiritually.  Almost everyone sees favoritism as a kid, or shown to others, at different levels.  What was done to me was total isolation and rejection and then having conversations with other kids in front of me, holding or hugging other kids with normal affection, laughing with kids aside from me and telling me, on the other hand, to then go place somewhere else, go outside, go to your room, or something like that.  So my mother might have "Jennifer Woods" for example, in our car for car pool and she would never speak to me all day or show any affection or kindness and then start talking to JW like she was this sweet, thrilling, wonderful little girl and was so happy to talk to her.  She wouldn't tell JW "I love you", instead, she demonstrated love and affection but for her own daughter, or me, it would be highly controlled strict routines of denial of affection almost all the time.  It wasn't always that bad but after the CIA "games" of picking locks, and a little fun conspiratorially with that, it was no affection.  Most of the time, because it was all the time, I let it roll off my back and it wasn't a big deal.  I felt cared about or valued in other ways at times, and I prayed.  However, all the time, and then this deliberate show of enthusiasm for some other kid naturally brought out some mean retorts from me now and other times I might say something I overheard others say and not think how it would hurt someone's feelings or mean to hurt them at all.  So while I could still value myself to the point some didn't know why I had such high self-esteem, the entire object was to break me so they could control me.
My occasional comments were not any more unusual than those of other kids, but what occurred with me was aggravated and I think it mostly came up in about 1982.  There was a serious turning point with regard to jealousy and hatred of me from that point on.  I suppose I am able to remember cruelty even when I was a baby, but the outright emotional abuse or desperation to put me down and get me out of the way, came about in 1981 or 1982.  It was at that time it began to feel like this frantic mission of hatred, to throw out every possible good idea there ever was of me or allowing me to have a normal life, and a full and complete turn to undo every learned or gift of ability and to force me into the worse and most degrading circumstances possible which can only be described as concentration camp.  This was thrown on, after I was tortured when helpless and unable to move or walk or get away.  The minute I could run from them or leave, they pushed every horrendous psychological harm upon me they could think of, and then chained me down.
The reason my Dad did not sit next to me on the plane was because he had assaulted me during the "interrogation" in Russia.  There is more than one of him--twins or triplets, but one of them assaulted me.  Obama did what he could to imitate my Uncle Howard and the response of those who assaulted me when I was chained in his basement.  One of the individuals that showed up for that, at his house, was also a black man named Larry who was friends with my Dad and part of the Moses Lake police department.  Both Larry and Gary Goldsmith showed up at that basement.  I didn't see Gary Goldsmith, or remember seeing him at the Middleton's basement, I remember Larry and Gary together at my Uncle Howards.
...I had to think about it because I thought, Gary was there at my Uncles, and then he was at the house later after Barak Obama raped me, and then he was also in Russia when I was interrogated and injected with Haldol, and then I saw him at my parent's house when he came over and assaulted me with my Dad.  It means I've seen him at least 4 times if not more, specifically present when I was being raped and then in one case, assaulted.  He tried to rape me himself and couldn't because he was not "hard", and was embarrassed saying he was nervous and instead, beat me up.  It wasn't another Gary either.  All of those times it was Gary Goldsmith.  He and some of the Hispanics in the Guzman's basement didn't get turned on.
UPDATED 10/7/13
I would have to take back the idea I wasn't raped in England in Middleton's basement.  I don't remember rape to the point of bleeding all over until Barak Obama.  At least right now, from what I remember, though I remember some kind of brutal force at my Uncle Howard's and in Russia to the other side.  The reason I think I can say some kind of rape occurred, even if it was with a finger or some other object, is because I remember when the European men came down to assault me in that basement, I think first Mike or maybe Gary (if Goldsmith was there helping to set  it up) told me if I wanted the electrocution to stop, I had to have a penis inside of me.  I am thinking it was Carol, because before all of the men, there was a woman's face who set it up with them and arranged things.  I remember her face getting very close to mine and this horror scene down there in that basement, and she had the metal band on my head or electrocution box hooked up and turned it on and then demonstrated that if something was touching or inside of my vagina, it reduced the flow of the electrical current and the electrocution wouldn't hurt as much.  So she was turning it on, and letting me feel electrocuted, and then putting something by my vagina and saying, "See?" or something like that and repeatedly demonstrating and then was telling me to take hold of something and hold it up against me there, like a rubber bouncy ball or something.  Then she was coaching me saying, "Where do you want me to put it?" and having me tell her, "Put it here" (on my vagina).
I remembered this part when I was thinking about why was Gary Goldsmith not turned on for raping me in my bedroom, and then I thought, well, how did I know he wasn't turned on?  and I remembered why I knew.  It was definitely Carol Middleton.  The exact same face as in the photos from that period, and she looked even scarier when it was dimly lit in a basement.  It was the last thing they did to me, their last big "event" before they sent me home to the U.S. for good. Gary Goldsmith and Mike Middleton were there setting up the basement.   There were several of them that worked to set it up before all of the men were invited to come over.  There were at least two-three women who "prepared" me to be raped and they were Carol Middleton and another was a Spencer and another was possibly Sarah Ferguson, who I never met until the very end.  I knew one of the women to be one of Diana's sisters, either Jane or Sarah and then I did not meet Sarah Ferguson until around that time.  Carol called one of the other women, "Sarah".  From what I remember, 3 women showed up and then it was mostly 2 that stayed or wanted to rub it in and had the most eye-contact with me.  They were making fun of me and enjoyed seeing me being electrocuted and telling me where to "put the ball".  I knew, at that time, who they were already because we'd already met, and when I look again now, at their photos I can confirm it was the same women.  Sarah Spencer was one who got right in my face and smirked while this was being done to me.  She hated my guts.  The fact they were there probably had something over fear of my clairvoyance and their wanting to remain in power.
They were both there.  Jane and Sarah Spencer showed up together, and Carol let them in to the basement.  I remember both of them.  Sarah got up close to my face and was more extroverted and openly bitter, saying many things to me before the men came over.  I remember I thought she looked like a Wicked Witch.  Then I saw Jane too, and in the dungeon setting, I started to think maybe all witches have hooked noses.  It was like they were bringing a charicature to life.  Both of them were definitely there and they knew I knew who they were but I wouldn't expect them there.  I knew they were Diana's sisters, but Diana did not show up there herself, that I remember at least, right now.  I know without any doubt, Sarah was the one who got up close to my face and said "You tried to steal my sister's husband."  She went on and on about it, and said, "You will NEVER be Queen. My sister is going to be Queen" and she said "sister" several times.  I had never told anyone I thought I was going to be Queen so I didn't know what she was talking about.  I knew she hated me because of, apparently, her sister.  Then Jane was extremely cold and cruel.  Sarah was so mad, she just spit her words in a bitter rage and then Jane was very cold and then yes, I do remember, Diana was there.  She waited until I heard what her sisters had to say and stood behind them, staring at me, with her arms folded across her chest.  That was when I noticed they all had the same hooked nose.  I mean, nothing against hooked noses, which can look very elegant at times, but I remember seeing these cruel women who I knew, who were torturing me, and trying to curse me, in the dungeon of the Middleton's basement and they suddenly all had their noses showing.  That was when I noticed they all have the same hooked witch nose.  I waited for Diana to rescue me.  She didn't.  She got up close, said something to me, and then all of them left.  I sort of think she said to me "You will never be Queen."  She didn't say it loudly but got close so I would only hear her.  Whatever she said or how she said it, crushed my spirits because I had looked up to her in some ways.  Maybe it wasn't that specifically, but it was something out of the blue and shocking, like that or "No one loves you" or something.
Carol stood in the back I think, but I'm not sure because I was chained down to a bed.  I could see people close to the bottom of the stairs and she stood there against the wall.  I also remember once being in a torture chamber or prison of some kind and hearing other people screaming, but I'll mention that later.
All of this was done after Diana asked me if Charles was having an affair, from what I remember, and I told her what I saw. 
They then had it mostly dark but sort of lit, and had several men coming in to sexually assault me and turned on the electrocution box with the band over my head, and they would turn it up higher and higher in levels of voltage until they said, "Where's your ball Claire?"  They had given me a rubber ball and a stick for a "ruler's staff".  So when the first man was there, and they kept turning up the voltage they said where is it? and had me put it on my vagina which stopped some of the current flow from the electrocution and then they took it away from me and told me to use his penis.  "Where's your ball Claire?" and told me to say to the man, "Put it here."  So then the man molested me and beat me up, and said, "You whore.  You're nothing but a slut."  He said things like, "You want it?" and then saying to others, "She wants it."  And he said out loud, "What do you want me to do?" and they forced me to say, "Put it here" and then wanted me to say what "it" was out loud. 
The Middletons did this to me in collusion with many men and women.  Every time, they kept telling me to take hold of the man's penis and say, "Put it here" or not say anything and just take ahold of it and place it there.  They did this to me with close to 10 men and each person I was with I was electrocuted for at least a half hour.  After all of that, and some of it was not all at once.  I remember being left down there in the dark and then a whole day passing and another man showing up.  I could hear the doorbell ringing upstairs or knocking or something and knew it was another man showing up to assault me.  So the Middleton's would lead him down to the basement to do the same thing.
After many men did this, Prince Philip showed up and I thought he was going to kill me.  He did not lie on top of me to have me grab him and I don't know if it's because I convinced him not to or what.  I know I pleaded with him.  Then they got a bunch of people together, put a metal bucket over my head and said "Do you know what the stick is for?" and then they took turns beating the "Pinata" which was me.  When I was blind-folded or had the bucket over my head, that is when I heard what sounded like Prince Charles' voice.  I heard him say "Oh my God."  I didn't see him, but I heard him or someone whose voice was exactly like his.  What it sounded like was someone brought him in to beat the piƱata with a stick and then they took his blind fold off and it was me, or else he saw me all along and making some remark about the entire thing, or my response, I don't know, he said "Oh my God".  I know they gave me a stick at one point, to "fight with" blind, with a bucket over my head.  Or maybe they took the bucket off at that point and had me fight with just the blind-fold, because then I got hit on the head and I must have blacked out. I know I fought several of the men or persons there with a stick while I was blind-folded and then it was "Oh my God" and then I was hit on the head. I shouted something or they told me to shout something and I don't remember what it was, but it was some kind of knight-joust-defender proclamation. Something about St. George or the crown or the order of, or surrender or something.  It was something shouted at me that I had to shout back in response.  I had to shout back something or did and then I was asked who my Lord Protector was or something and to point.  I remember I said it with a British accent because that's how I had learned it.  I think they told me to point to someone blind-folded, I did, with the stick, and then "Oh my God" from a man's voice that sounded like Charles  and then I was whacked on the head.  I know I had a bump on the head and then almost immediately, Mike Middleton was packing me up and shipping me to the U.S.  There was something strange that happened because I sensed it but I was blind-folded so I don't know what it was.  I know at one point I started shaking from something but it wasn't fear or electrocution.  It was more like power or prayer which was odd, given the circumstances.  I also remember my shouting back was not timid at all but warrior-like.  I also sort of remember a sensation of light but I was blind-folded so I don't know if someone later turned on a light down there or opened curtains or what, but right before they whacked me on the head or after I shouted there was something like that.  I do remember another small part too that I don't have to mention now but I remember it.
A different time, someone had me hit the man with a bucket on his head and it turned out to be my Dad. I didn't know it was, and was blind-folded.
So from these women setting me up to be electrocuted and sound like a slut, and telling me the only way to make it stop was with a rubber ball or now, a man's penis, when I was a kid, and cursing me and yelling at me that I was trying to be the Queen, I had repeated kinds of things done at the basement of my Aunt Locklyn's and at my Uncle Howards.  I think the more the Goldsmith-Middleton group degraded me the better some of them thought their odds were that I would never be an attractive person to any normal man or have any kind of a normal career and life.
So from this event in the Middleton's basement, they repeated a similar theme at Stanley Ann Dunham's house and showed up with the rubber ball again after Barak Obama raped me.  So England and the "Crown" raped and assaulted me, degraded me, for political power, exactly like the U.S.
Doesn't someone want to know why they felt I was such a threat?  I mean, who in their right mind does this kind of thing, to that extreme?  Any normal, regular, citizen would be in prison but they believe they are above the law and I believe it's their time to go to prison.  If they think they can do these things to me, and not be held accountable for what they've done, as adults, who all knew what they were doing, they have no right to power of any kind.  In the meantime, they've used their power to defame me to the public and to huge groups of people, vilifying me out of hate.  I have spent my entire life being tortured and raping me a few times wasn't enough for this group--this country went on to encourage and allow rape of me by the next generation as well.
As E.H. states he was instructed to remove anything that proved he was living in another country, I had to do the same.  I was also being told not to speak with a British accent, which I had.  When I was around the British, I picked it up because I was a kid and that's how everyone talked.  So I was being coached at home to get rid of the accent.
I also do remember my Mom at first looked disappointed to see these stickers on my shirt when unpacking me from Middletons, but then when I said I didn't know what they were from, she sort of looked happy about it, like to-herself happy and I had thought, as a kid in that moment, it crossed my mind it was to represent men who raped or sexually assaulted me and I felt this sinking feeling when I saw her sort of smile, because I wondered if she had also wanted me to be degraded. 
All of this happened before the rock-climbing and towers incidents.
In Cashmere, every time I was told to go to the basement, they kept raising up Rani's photo higher, and then one day, they removed my photo from the fridge completely so only Rani was there.
In the U.S. everything done to me was to oppress me from that point forward.  It was done to ruin my homework, my grades, my emotional state, my safety, I was abused, and degraded and they continued the electrocution of me to extreme levels to where I was almost a total vegetable.  I think their main goal was to destroy my brain to bring me to a lower level intellectually and psychically.   I was still smart enough to do all upper-advanced courses but I was tortured while trying to do homework and had things stolen.  Mostly they wanted to erase my memory of things they were doing to me and really they already knew this form of torture ruined psychic ability and that is what they wanted.  They didn't want me to be psychic anymore, to read their minds, be clairvoyant, see the future, see locations with remote-viewing.  They wanted to trade out my remote-viewing abilities to torture me with remote-torture.
I highly doubt anything they did to me is anything Katie Middleton experienced because while they promoted certain individuals, she was one of them.  I can pretty much guarantee nothing happened to Katie Middleton aside from her claims of being "bullied" a little in school.  She was being funded.
pg. 164.  E.H. says it was a 30 minute drive from the Danube to Vienna and they drove through changing speed and direction.  He says at one point a German car signaled to their front seat passenger in their car and it was  a kind of counter-surveillance signal process, like in CIA training exercises.  He says they were graded from 0-7 on the scale for performance but this time it was only pass "avoiding arrest" or fail "spending the rest of his life in prison". 
To this, I guess since I just mentioned torture and stickers and fighting with a stick, I am not sure how many stickers were on my shirt or what it meant but I thought it wasn't a good meaning maybe.  I remember there were between 7-10 or something like that.  I do remember I was sometimes graded on things too, but I can't remember what.  I don't remember a time of avoiding arrest except when I was crossing from one border to another or in a test, and I gave them my legend name and they said they knew I was "Claire", not whatever I said.  So then I protested when I was caught and said it was Cameo and they kept calling me Claire anyway.  They threatened to arrest me as well, for murder.  I hadn't murdered anyone however, and I wasn't sure what they were talking about but I thought it was maybe a test and I failed it by saying the wrong thing.  I think that was something done in the U.S. not elsewhere but I don't remember.
E.H. says he got out and was given his fake U.S. ID documents after someone said "everything is in order".  I remember for me, they said everything was fine, there was nothing wrong for me and no problem, and P Diddy was there too.  Well, just kidding about P Diddy but a man was there who knew me and knew I hadn't committed any crimes and I was given my ID documents and went back to the U.S. 
E.H. says he was checked into the President Hotel and lounged around at the sauna, having food, and watching English-language programs in his room.  With this I remember being in a hotel somewhere in a foreign country and everything was in another language.  I couldn't find anything in English and finally I did, and watched those shows because I didn't know enough of the other language.  I had someone trying to teach me a little once but at that time, I wanted to watch some English shows too.  I did watch other programs however.  I think they were German when I saw them as well. 
He says he put money in a bank account or safety deposit box.  Then he went to Canada.  I sort of remember putting something in a mailbox maybe, but I think it was just a letter home. I  didn't have anything I sent that wasn't mine or having to do with me.  I think I window shopped and looked at jewelry in the windows and cases.  I don't recall going to a bank or deposit box but that may have been part of my excursion.  I also remember mainly being on my own and fairly independent about what I did as a kid.  I am pretty sure I was advanced enough to know about banks and how to get a box if I wanted one but I mostly remember sending a letter.  If I ever put money in a bank box, it was my own money that I earned somehow, or it would have been someone else putting money in a box for themselves.
pg. 165.  E.H. says when he got to Canada the customs was staffed by women and she acted suspicious and punched his passport data into the system and asked questions.  I remember the exact same thing, with myself.  A whole staff of women and the person I was with said something about women being more intuitive than men, or I said this to someone on my own and noticed there.  I remember some man said "Jesus" out loud and I was surprised.  E.H. says he told them he hadn't been to prison and had about 3,000 in cash, which is what I remember he said, approximately.
I remember being told my Mom was there to pick me up when I got to the U.S. and E.H. says he remembers his wife was there to pick him up. 
E.H. says after SLC he visited the eastern part of the U.S.  He says his contact was not Aldrich Ames, and he never knew the name and ate the paper with the name and phone number on it.  He says he was then screened again at immigrations by the U.S. and they questioned him about his passport, saying it looked funny and the middle name was darker than the first and last name.  They asked him about his true birthplace as well. 
All of this, I remember very well.  I did the exact same thing and had the exact same process.  I had to give my birthplace and ID and when questioned, I followed rules of deny, admit nothing, counter-accuse, and I said that very thing, "Well, if this is a BAD passport, I want my money back!"  to which the older man looked very surprised and then smiled.
I was walking away when he asked me another question from behind.  What is your true birthplace?
All of this is exactly as I remember it occurred.  So E.H. is highlighting many things that really happened and happened to me as well.  Since the CIA censored his book, it means they've known about everything and yet they are responsible for kidnapping my son Oliver from me later and allowing a fraudulent adoption to occur which is as invalid as a fake passport.  It looks fine, but it can be reversed, and I expect to see that happen and have my son returned to me.
It's 7:07 p.m. and I have remembered what it was I said.  I mean, when a metal bucket was over my head and I had to fight with a stick, and I don't remember what the man shouted at me exactly, something like "Who do you something something something?"  (something like that) and I shouted back:  "FOR ENGLAND! FOR IRELAND! FOR SCOTLAND!"  So he fought me again and shouted the same question and I remember my voice broke and I began to cry in the middle of saying "For Ireland"  I didn't cry, but my voice cracked with emotion.  It was sort of quiet, like a whisper.  I think maybe this is alluded to when E.H. says his passport was noticed to be darker in the middle name and not as much in the first or last name, which was commented about mine.  So they beat me again,  and after fighting me I was asked again, Who do you.....?  and I got stronger, my voice did, and I remember I shouted from everything inside of me with determination:  FOR ENGLAND!  FOR IRELAND! FOR SCOTLAND!  Basically "Braveheart" battle cry declaration.  Not hysterical.  Determined.  And then it was after this he said, "Who is your Lord Protector?!" and I pointed with my stick I think and then I was whacked on the head and blacked out.  I think at one point they may have asked me "what do you see?" and if so, I would have said I saw light because there was a bright light all of a sudden from somewhere but I was blind-folded so I'm not sure why.
So then when my Mom was cutting the line as I was on the cliff, she gave a name that was Russian, and then a number in American, and then said something in Hebrew.  I seriously...don't ask me.  This sort of implies Katie Middleton and her family, which worked with my parents, are for "Russia, America, and Israel" not "England, Ireland, and Scotland" and it also implies that's who Diana was siding with because she was showing up to try to see if hits against me were successful.  As for me, I was a kid who did as I was trained to do.  I didn't have any politics I followed in actuality.  If someone died around me, I never knew what their politics were or had any information on whether the group they worked for was good, bad, or whatever--I had no prejudices against any group of people, though some attempted to egg on or imply I did.
Also, before this group, when Philip came over, and I convinced him not to kill me he shook his head and said, "It's you."  I didn't know what he meant and still don't.  Like I said, there was one other thing that happened but I'll keep it to myself.  All of it is possibly why some people kept trying to kill me.  I don't know. 
I think what is safe to say, is this.  When E.H. starts out his book he states a lot of murders or deaths were blamed on him as if he had something to do with them.  He says he did not and tries to explain why.  I think, given the fact so many in even "intelligence" were given so many false covers and horror stories about me, which incited hate against me whether I was a child or not, it is also safe to say I was made out to be a scapegoat.  The pistol, for example, that I saw in a drawer one day at my house looked very much like one of the guns I saw one of the British royals carrying, though I'm not saying it was for sure--could have been someone elses.   If my fingerprints were on it, what was that supposed to mean?  Barak Obama brutally raped me, claiming I had killed his Dad when I have no memory at all of his Dad dying, and supposedly his Dad died in a car wreck.  I was a little kid and if I knew him, and I may have, I didn't kill him.  But this is what Obama said before raping me until I bled all over.  By the way, I'm getting a rather slow response from police on this report as well.  I was told to contact the jurisdiction it occurred inn and instead I was told to contact Portland police who have nothing to do with it.  They are not who I would call to make a report of rape by Barak Obama that happened in Washington state.
pg. 167.  E.H. says he was relieved when the plane touched down in SLC, Utah.  He says he was told to go for a jog and meet his jogging partner who would give him a counter-sign.  E.H. says he was expecting someone fit like from KGB or FBI and this man was not Russian obviously and looked like a mail-room clerk.  He says he was given documents.
Yes.  This happened to me.  It was the only time in my life anyone ever gave me a document that was official and showed me my parents or Mom were working against me.  My problem was that I was a minor, with no money of my own or assets, and didn't know about "emancipation" or understand how the U.S. was setting me up or working against me to try to electrocute my brains out and have me kill myself by "accident".


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