Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Electrocution/Rape (Mafia Conspiracy) Report to Seattle Police

I made a report to Seattle police as instructed by King County police, yesterday before 5 p.m.  No one has responded except for a technician who said he'd escalate my call to someone there in the correct department.

Which department?

Well, it could be one of the following for this single occasion:

1.  Bribery of Mercer Island police with money.
2.  1st degree premeditated rape of me by Barak Obama.
3.  Assault (beat up with punching aside from rape).
4.  Aggravated Assault (or torture) by electrocution from a device that was used to electrocute me.
5.  Sexual abuse (forced me to touch his penis for his masturbation while electrocuting me)
6.  Drug dealing (marijuana and promises of cocaine later, or discussion of money that was coming in)
7.  Exchange of a briefcase potentially full of money or drugs.
8.  Conspiracy to commit murder.
9.  Collusion with a large group of individuals to use torture to facilitate crimes.
10.  Human trafficking of children.

I don't know that I could press charges of kidnapping because since my parents took me there, it wouldn't be called kidnapping.  It is possible being forced to go into a basement where it was known I would be harmed could amount to kidnapping, whether my parents were there and gave permission or not.  I did not want to go down there and they forced me to against my will and held me there as long as they wanted for purposes of torturing me and raping me.  So it is possible kidnapping/unlawful use of restraint/hostage taking charges could also be made when the objective was for assault and rape.

Then I witnessed several men and women I recognized who were there.  Two of the individuals involved in basement torture of me are dead.  Stanley Ann Dunham is dead and can't testify, and my Uncle Howard is dead and can't testify about who was connected between these two groups of people that used a basement to torture and abuse me.  Barak Obama is the one who raped me.

So if Jew Josh Gatov is saying I was "taken by a Jew", he was referring to Barak Obama, his Jew-friend, who he would have known raped me and then Josh Gatov thought he'd sure get away with it next.  Then it was Robin Bechtold, who was working with them.

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