Thursday, October 24, 2013

Coquille Law and Law Enforcement Corruption

I have attempted to report the sodomy of me today and the woman who is a legal assistant that took my call was named Terry.  She is also the person who was in charge of the voting booth on election day, and she discouraged me from making a report to their offices, trying to tell me if nothing was reported when I was a minor, there was nothing they would do now.  She works at the courthouse in Coquille, Oregon.

I said it isn't my fault if no one made an active case of it when I was a minor and being threatened.  She also attempted to give me incorrect information, claiming Patrick Smith wasn't an officer at the time I said he was, to make my claim sound untrue.

My opinion is that the courthouse should get rid of Terry.

She did the exact same thing last time and then when I went there later to file a voter's registration, she attempted to say I was disruptive when I was not, and cause a scene.

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