Saturday, October 19, 2013

Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (23)

Edward Lee Howard describes getting an invitation to go to a movie event about the CIA in East Germany.  In his book, he describes what happened.

Going back to the order of events for me and E.H. (or my Dad),  I met Barak Obama and Charles Goodman, and was sexually assaulted by Melinda and Bill Gates people (and Jews)  before going back to the United States.  I will have to think about which time back to the U.S. After they "levitated" me, making fun of some telekinetic abilities I had when I was younger, and sexually assaulting me, I was in "hiding" with my Dad in Oregon, even though our main house was in Moses Lake, Washington still.

So the next thing after making fun of my being "levitated" and assaulting me, was to have me "escalated" on an "escalator" that was a bridge, and assaulting me.  This was done after I saw Lorraine Rose and others, including her son Josh, and was at a construction site there.  Lorraine got right up to my ear and said this same phrase that others said to me before torturing me...other women, and it terrified me and she knew it.

What was done in Carol Middleton's house, in the "chair" they put me in, with the curtains open, was she electrocuted me until I passed out 12 times for 12 different groups of people who wanted to watch and see.  One set was a Robert Garrett Jr and Dicksie set and they had no emotion.  There was only one person who had any emotional response of crying and it was some blond woman.  She not only electrocuted me and used taking a ball away from me part of the theme, she had me drinking liquid charcoal first, and then gave me something else, and then when she'd electrocute me, black powder and smoke would go everywhere like I had exploded, and it came out of my mouth.  She also had either my hands or my feet in water part of the time, usually right before I blacked out.  I only remember one time where I was still conscious after being electrocuted.

I don't remember the whole lay-out of the place but I think as I faced the window that looked out to the house across the street, to the left of me was the doorway that went into the kitchen. I sort of remember this because of her taking me to the kitchen and having me drink all the liquid charcoal.  She gave me spoonfuls of it.  Charcoal and some drink I didn't want to drink.

The people who came to watch, I can describe in more detail later but some of them included a French couple, one of the Bob-Dicksie sets, several royals, an English military or intelligence man, and Pierre Trudeau and his wife (French-Canadian PM).  I remember, pretty much, all of them.

When I was back in the U.S., my Dad took me to a remote location where I thought we were in hiding.  We took one of our horses there as well, one that I had taken some time to train myself and loved.

I was visited by "Katie" again.  Middleton's kid.  This time it was an entire group of people who showed up and I began having a really bad feeling about it.  They said come outside and join the group and some were playing croquet and others were talking about a karate demonstration of splitting bricks or boards or something.  Lorraine Rose was there, with Rabbi Emmanuel Rose, and Josh, and the girls.  When I later worked for them I never once recognized them or placed them back to that time or earlier times.  David Slader was there, and I didn't think about it later, when I met him in his role as a lawyer.  John Kaempf was there too, a German Catholic lawyer for the Archdiocese later.  I think it was intended to be sort of a "house on the hill" imitation of my being at a house with David Wise in England, which was set up on a hill as well.  This was also a house on a hill.  Martha Layne Collins was there as well.  She was a Baptist and if you really knew her, you'd never know she was a "christian".  I knew her from other events as well, not just this house.  Her boyfriend sometimes seemed to be William Jefferson Clinton and I met them and Hillary on one of the planes.  She was always organizing.

I should mention, I had been on Air Force One at least one time and knew it was Air Force One because it took off and landed from the White House landing.  We stayed in the White House as guests and I was taken down to that dungeon (or basement) once, and we also visited the vacation place at St. Davids, or whatever that ranch is called.  They golfed there and I remember golfing as the main event.  We also played tennis there.  This was also where I was groped by George Bush in a bedroom.  I had my own room, apart from my parents, and wore a nightgown and it was hot.  He would come into my room before the sun was down and sexually grope me and when he tried to French kiss me, I pushed his face back and he punched me in the stomach, extremely hard.  It is possible he also cut me with a knife to my belly button because later my Dad was "replaying" that theme with my Mom there at our house in Moses Lake, Washington, maybe to cover for him.  I know he assaulted me violently over not wanting to kiss him.  That was at the ranch.

At the White House, there was a basement.  They had me wear a long skirt and lift it up and I believe I was given cocaine.  From what I remember, it was a basement that went from the President's room or living area down some stairs to a basement.  I do not remember that it was in another part of the White House because we were staying as guests in the President's living area, which had a guest room or two.  The stairs to that basement were different from the royals and other places.  Once in the basement I remember being giggly because they had given me cocaine.  The politicians that were invited to go there wanted to play a "go under the skirt, touching my legs" and "kissing game".  It was through the kissing game I was drugged.  I didn't want to kiss any of them and they said I had to kiss all of them and then say which one I thought kissed the best.  All of them were grown men and I was under age 13.  Then after demanding I kiss them they said they were going to "French-kiss" me and I said what's that.  They said we'll show you and a man told me to open my mouth and he'd pass a candy to me.  Or mint, "life-savers", whatever.  Then after a few of them did this, one of them had my tongue there and bit down and wouldn't let go.  It wasn't like, wouldn't let go for a minute, he wouldn't let go for like 5 minutes and while I tried to push him off the other men jumped me, beat me to a pulp, and left, having stolen all of my clothes from me.  They tore them off of me, all of them, and left me naked, bleeding, and drugged.  They went up the stairs, and turned off the light, leaving me in the dungeon without any clothes, bloody, drugged, and in pitch black darkness.  Then someone threw a rat down there with me.

That was The White House of the United States of America.  Of course there was Secret Service there.

I need to write more of this and continue with the comments to E.H.'s book, but I am getting stressed out thinking about all of this so I'm leaving it at this for tonight.

The person who I remember bit my tongue and wouldn't let go was Louis Freeh, who ended up becoming the director for the FBI.  Even though Richard Whittemore is an attorney in Oregon, I don't know where he lived or worked around that time, but I also remember his name and face from there.  There were several lawyers, politicians, and a few military. 

After I was thrown into the dark, someone turned a light on and a man went down there and started talking to me.  I was annoyed with him because I knew he was there as a mockery.  So he acted friendly and I asked him what he did and he said he was an "aid".  I said, "Will you leave please?"  and he wouldn't leave and I said, "I don't feel like talking to you.  LEAVE" and he then showed his actual colors by showing his spiteful, passive-aggressive face and he left. I didn't think about it then but now I think they were all trying to make a joke about "AIDS", not an "aide".  They had all just forced me to kiss them and then assaulted me and I think they were implying that was the trajectory of my life--that the White House was going to continue to assault me and have their officials sexually assault me until they hoped I had AIDS or something.

Also, of some of the things Alvaro Pardo did, who was working for the FBI at the time he was basically holding me hostage and pretending to help me at the same time, was to force me to kiss him.  It was basically like rape in a sense because he knew I didn't want to kiss him and he knew the history with the White House "kissing game" and he forced me anyway, knowing I said no in the past, and then cornering me in the room and holding me so I couldn't leave and forcing it.  It's pretty obvious he was connected to the White House.

They also threw a snake down there one time, before anyone else was with me--a poisonous snake.  It was a flesh-eating, carnivorous type.  Then they had my Mom or one of the Dicksie down there with me and I ran up the stairs from her because I was used to bad things happening to me in basements, or maybe I thought if she was down there maybe the door was open at the top of the stairs.

They had me tied in a noose type of thing after that, in my guest room.  I couldn't eat anything because of my tongue being injured and was given ice chips.  Basically, drinks with straws so it didn't sting at first and I could avoid the injured part of my tongue, and then it was ice chips later.  All of my foods were by straw, because of Louis Freeh.  Which is, who knows, maybe why Raul Bujanda thought it was great to drink a huge coke drink with a straw when he worked for the FBI, just like Jenny Locke when she took me out when she was FBI employee Geoff Rasmussen's girlfriend (in high school, later).  It was probably really funny to them. 

So then the U.S. decided they wanted to imitate England and how they tortured me by electrocuting me and then having people across from the window watching.  They hunted me down in Coquille, Oregon where I was staying in a house with my Dad, and George Bush, Secret Service, Abbot Bonaventure Zerr and Fr. Odo Recker (from Mt.Angel Abbey) showed up with another man who I don't remember at the moment.

First I was assaulted at the house, by the Rabbi and a Japanese man and his wife, or a woman (I think Nakata), and David Slader and John Kaempf and some others.  I remember Kaempf because I thought it sounded like "camp" as in "camping".   They had Katie there and some of Lorraines kids and did a demo of karate and then made fun of me, and suddenly took a crochet mallet and whacked me.  I was then strangled by Rabbi Rose in the bedroom where they were tying me up, David Slader came in to help and then Martha Layne Collins and David Slader decided to "inspect my genitals".  I don't know what Martha was doing there aside from being a Martha to the "Margaret" I had mentioned while held hostage in England with David Wise.  So they had me tied up and inserted fingers and exposed me to "look at" my rectum and vagina and Martha said, "Well it looks like it's fairly intact but I think we can push it though."  So she and David Slader decided how I could be raped next and Rabbi Rose was there listening in and Lorraine Rose came around.  I remember John Kaempf came into the room as well, possibly after they'd put my clothes back on, but he sat down and said tell him what was happening to me, and was anyone sexually assaulting me.  It was sort of like they were showing me how there was a legal team and clergy all worked up ahead of time, to lie about me if I was assaulted further.  I didn't think of it that way because I didn't know what was planned next.  Lorraine went to my room after they decided what they were going to do and said, "Joshie, why don't you give Cameo that baseball."  She smirked at me and said, "Okay, Joshie, take it back from her now."  She looked at me and said, "YOU'LL see who is CURSED."  She told me just wait.  She put a baseball cap down on my head and then lifted it up again, smirking at me.  This is what they had done to me in England when they used a vibrator on me and forced entry into the apartment.

I don't know if they degraded me in the barn next, before arranging to have men come out to sodomize me, literally, because I'm not sure which order, but they put me in different stalls in a barn either before or after whacking me with the crochet mallet and would torture me in different ways and said, "Which one do you like best?"  There were 4 stalls and I was supposed to say which I liked best, like when I was in England being asked which of the royal men I liked best, or later at the White House Presidential quarters in their basement or bomb shelter, being asked which one I liked best.  I was held inside, tied, hit, beat up, electrocuted, and forced to drink from water troughs head-first because my hands were tied.  At the other barn I was suspended with ropes, duct-taped, and beat until I vomited.

I was taken to the end of the road which was a dead-end road, and tied to a chair and then they put this hard-backed chair that hurt my back down, backwards on a bridge.  So it was lying down and I had to sit in it, on my back which was very painful.  They had a "guard" watch me from a tree one direction overnight, and it was cold and all I was given was a tarp.  The guard was a U.S. employee of some kind.  Then the next morning they brought one of the Robert Jr.s out, with George Bush and Secret Service, and Fr. Odo Recker was there (to help "push it through") and Abbot Bonaventure Zerr, and William Jefferson Clinton.  There were not a lot of people there and it was all men.  George and my Dad and the Secret Service were saying we know you have more information and you're not talking.  The Robert Jr. said no, he didn't and they wanted hard data and he'd told them everything.  So then, it was maybe one of the few times I actually saw my Dad's eyes widen, because it seemed like nothing surprised him, but this did, just a little.  I was turned around to be face down on the bridge with the tarp that had been over me, underneath me.  One of the men came out across the bridge and said, "Hi, I'm Bill" and I think he said Bill but possibly he just Hi or used a one-word greeting.  He got behind me, unbuckled his belt buckle and started pushing his penis in and then stopped, and withdrew it a little and then said, "I think we can push it through" and pushed his penis all the way into my rectum and I screamed.  I looked behind me, or tried to, but I was face-down on the wood bridge and tied or held so it was hard to even look back to turn my head but I saw Fr. Odo Recker there by the tree where the guard had perched overnight the night before.  And I saw the Abbot and then he came up after grabbing a long stick and began pushing the stick into my rectum with Fr. Odo.  The Abbot was holding the stick and then Fr. Odo grabbed it and ran out to assault me with it.   I screamed again and then after I was almost blacked out, they pushed me over the bridge.  At that time, the water was very high and only a few feet beneath the bridge.  I somehow caught onto, and held on, to a nail that was sticking out under the boards and I believe I screamed out for God.  Fr. Odo Recker was standing on one of my hands and pushing his shoe over it and then I think I grabbed the other nail and was holding on, just under the bridge and he looked shocked.  His eyes bugged out incredibly.  I don't know if it was because I called out for God or because I had not fallen into the water and was holding onto nothing but nails, but then Abbot Bonaventure reached over to pull me up, or one of them, and my Dad or another person reached over and took my other hand or something and they pulled me back onto the bridge.  I'm sure whatever blood there was got washed in the water or the tarp was cleaned.  When I was pushed over the bridge, hanging there, it was Fr. Odo next to my right hand and Abbot Bonaventure by my left hand.  From what I remember Bonaventure decided to pull me out and the other one wanted to push me into the water and looked disgruntled.  The Abbot Bonaventure supposedly died in 1988 and in 1988 I was 14 years old.  All of this occurred before I was age 13.  I don't know how Bonaventure died because he wasn't that old, around 55 or so.  Possibly he was killed because of being a potential witness.  I remember after this was done to me, I didn't forget and wanted to tell police and I kept saying, "The Abbot Bonaventure saw it and he pulled me out of the water so he can tell police."  I always brought his name up as a potential witness and then I was told one day, or saw news "He's dead."  I was crushed.  I didn't know who would testify for me then.  It was the first time I remembered hearing about a potential witness, who I had brought up out loud as thinking might testify, found dead, or dying shortly after my plans to go to police or court were announced.

I forgot about it then and wasn't able to remember because I was taken to be electrocuted for very long periods of time, at high voltage, so I wasn't able to remember.  I do know the Abbot participated though, because even if Odo grabbed the stick and ran to me with a furious face, the Abbot got closer too, behind me.  He didn't stay back.  It is possible he also grabbed the stick himself when I wasn't looking.  I remember seeing his face enraged too, right behind me.

But you can see why Martha and others, even the Rabbi I guess, thought it was funny maybe to talk about "pushing it through" and having one priest named Bonaventure and another "Recker".  They "pushed it through" to reck my rectum with a stick and a boner from a man who then became President of the United States.

I know of these two assaults but it wasn't for a really short time.  The assault of sodomy against me happened for a much longer time than you'd think.  I was gang-raped by them. Another went over the bridge to me after the first one.   So they saved vaginal rape of me to be by Barak Obama which is why, I guess, Lorraine wanted to use baseballs and 'getting to bases' instead of rubber balls for the theme.

Then George and Cheney waved at me from the house later and I found out some of the vehicles were parked there and some at another house.  I went to the other house and they locked me in a storage shed. I was locked inside of an outhouse for a long time and then it was a storage shed and I was there so long that I memorized all of the marks on the plywood.  One was 'stand' and one was 'const' and there was a number 2 upside down everywhere, and "Smart".  Later, when I was taken out of there, Joy Sterling and my Mom took me to the back of this storage shed and Joy told me to go up against the back of the storage shed with my Mom.  My Mom was actually pointing the gun at me to shoot and Joy said, "Don't shoot.  Are you going to talk Cameo?" and I said, "No, I promise."  I don't know if it was pre-arranged or what, but Joy came out of the woods with a gun after my Mom took me behind the shed to apparently shoot me.  It could have been staged, but that's what happened.  It is possible that they wanted to frame my Dad or had a group gang-rape and had DNA from Robert Jr. and then wanted Dicksie to shoot me and on examination find one person guilty of doing all this but I don't know. Before I was in the larger storage shed they had me upright in what was like an outhouse.  I have seen it again and it has been "remodeled" to not have a door or entrance anymore, but it was a narrow closet they put me in, and I remember it being an outhouse and I blacked out and was unconscious there and couldn't sit because I was crammed in. So they had me forced to stand upright in that place immediately after the assault.

I went back there today, and when I opened the door, all I could do was cry.  For some reason, I didn't cry when I went back to the bridge and looked at it and under it, but when I opened the door to that shed, I just cried.  It is maybe because I cried a lot when they put me in there after sodomizing me, I don't know.  They used a condom when I was sodomized with a penis so there would be no forensic evidence and then it is possible another one of them used his entire hand to shove inside of me.  So this is what Lorraine Rose was looking forward to happening to me. 

After this eventually I was at the house and said maybe we should go to that movie event and my Dad shook his head so I could tell he didn't think it was a good idea but I had nothing else to do.  So we went and this is when they played Jefferson Starship and Abba for music (I guess, now that I think about it, for William Jefferson and the Abbot idea and a couple of others.  They used different things to sodomize me with).    They used a stick, like a branch of wood from a tree; a penis; a hand clenched into a fist; a gun barrel; and a rifle barrel.  They also inserted and took out some kind of a metal object that was irregularly shaped.  From what it felt like, and my guess, or what someone said, I thought it was a crucifix from a necklace.  Then I also had "keys" inserted and taken out, I think on a key ring.  They brought it up or someone said something out loud.

When I got shot, at the military base, I had thought it was my Dad because he pointed the gun but I later realized it could have been my Mom because she was behind me and that's where the wound was.  I turned and instead of going to my heart where it might have, it went to my shoulder blade area.  Intentional or not.  She maybe tried to miss, who knows, but I did turn.  I know later when she cut my line rock-climbing, it didn't look like she was trying to miss.  Whichever Dicksie that was.

I am pretty sure a group thought it was fine to assassinate me.  After we left there, the military base in East Germany, we visited Angela Merkel, who I was introduced to for the first time, in a large estate that had a long driveway to it and beautiful lawns.  She didn't like me.  I felt she didn't like me the moment I saw the way she looked at me and she gave me a grudging look and then looked up at my parents with sort of a bright eye and smile and said, "The necklace?" or something about the heart necklace and they all nodded like she knew it had been stolen from me and given to someone else (supposedly Katie). 

After Germany, because I don't remember more than having a tea tray with Angela and then her showing me some of her assistants (some who seemed very smart and likeable), and we played a card game and there was some psychic testing and then that was the end of it.  The psychic testing was partly using cards that had an object on one side and then I was to look at the opposite blank side and guess what was on the other side, and they would see if I was right or not.  I felt they were checking to make sure I was being electrocuted out of my mind.  She was pleased to hear I was not so very psychic anymore.  My Mom looked sort of upset, about something, whichever Dicksie it was.  They then took me to be electrocuted by one of Angela Merkels doctors or assistants and I had the same thing on my head and I was electrocuted, even though I was showing signs that my abilities were already affected by extreme torture of electrocution over the past 4-5 years.

So if you really want to know about Angela, that's Angela.  I thought it was strange she seemed to know Putin, who was Russian, and then she was German and was testing my abilities and then torturing me there in her own statehouse in East Germany.  She wasn't the main person over Germany at the time then, but she had some kind of a formal and professional position.  While she seemed pleasant and could have a gentle or kind way about her, I also noticed she was not one of my friends.  She did not want me to be psychic; she was testing me to make sure my psychic abilities were being affected; and she tortured me with the electrocution device on my head one room away from her, by her own personal assistants.  So is Angela Merkel a friend to children?  No.  To Katie Middleton?  Well, I would say yes.  She wanted to be Katie's 'friend'.

She gave me a small present of a cross pendant necklace.  My Mom looked upset about it when I said, "Look at the cross Angela gave me!"  When I say she looked upset, she sort of looked like she was trying not to cry, almost wanting to say, "It's not the gift you think it is" or something but not saying anything.  I think they cut her there because they never did anything to affect her mind because they all used her.  They didn't want me to be psychic because they thought I wasn't patriotic to them and would talk, and they already had other kids who were psychic that they wanted to use instead, who were already showing the right amount, and predisposition, to corruption.  I.e., Catherine Middleton.  Very cute girl and highly corruptible.  I'm sure there were others.

It's like anyone who dared assault me got a raise or a big promotion. 

I was next taken to Canada with my Dad.  I was wearing the new cross pendant from Angela of course.  Oh BOY oh boy oh boy what fun was ahead NEXT!  bounce, bounce, bounce.  I got to see Katie again and this time, they instructed her on how to torture me with the electrocution device.  The men involved were one of the Robert Garrett Jrs and Ernie Walker, a forensic anthropologist in Canada.  Not only did Katie Middleton torture me using an electrocution device, and controlling it, she cut me with a knife and was encouraged to do so.  After other things happened and were done, Ernie Walker, the Canadian official, told me to take off my cross necklace and give it to Katie Middleton.  I'm surprised she didn't want to wear it for her wedding.  Not only that, Ernie Walker made further talk trying to have me agree black people look like monkeys, so they could again refer to Barak Obama and meeting him in England and plan for my rape.  They told Katie to take away a ball from me too, in Canada, at the Canadian offices.  So basically, by that time, several individuals had decided I would not use a gun or knife or weapons but Catherine Middleton COULD and WOULD, and would torture people for fun, and steal. 

Basically, I got a lesson from this man Ernie in forensic anthropology.  Someone had given me a lesson before, for purposes of making assessments about nationality possibilities or ethnic backgrounds.  When I met him, it was in a lab, like a forensic lab, and in Canada, and he had a computer and showed me different images of people from different races and backgrounds.  I thought it was really interesting until he got to the black person and said it was like a monkey wasn't it?  I didn't comment.  He went on and on and looked like he was getting mad, so I said yeah, yeah and then he exploded, punched me and I was taken into a private medical or forensic room.  He unzipped my shirt or had me in a gown with the back down in a V in the middle, in the back, and began looking at my back.  Then he tied me with rope and strings into what he called a "web".  He was getting really into it, which scared me.

However, think about Louis Freeh, who ended up being rewarded for biting my tongue and not letting go, who was rewarded with being FBI Director.  It's the exact reversal of Hannibal Lector where Hannibal is interviewed by the FBI agent played by Jodie Foster.  He's the cannibal, the FBI Director for the entire U.S.  I met him and said Louis was a French name, did he know French?  There was another man there with a French last name as well.  How I knew Louis was a French name at my age I'm not sure so someone must have told me this at some point or I knew of someone who was from Canada or France or had that ancestry that had the name as well.   The only other thing I remember is that he stood there and then actually, either he kissed me and bit my tongue or he watched as Richard Whittemore or Clark or some other French pedigreed person bit my tongue, but he was right there and what I remember was he looked like nothing phased him and I later thought such a calm looking person wouldn't seem to be so violent or stand by it with no problem.  I spoke with him directly.  When I asked if he spoke French he said "Bonjour."  One of them said, after my tongue was bitten and I was beat up and stripped, "Bon Appetite."  Then I was given a box of bon-bons when I couldn't eat them and had to drink with a straw and they were sent to my guest room at the Presidential quarters of The White House.  They wouldn't let us leave until I was eating normal food.

I am quite sure Mueller is no better.  I wonder if he was also one of the men down in the basement going under my skirt or asking me to kiss him.

All of this, is why my son is kidnapped from me and held hostage.  It has nothing to do with me or my mental stability or parenting.  It is about them.  Look at them. 

Ummm, thinking again...okay, YES.  It was several members of The Justice Department.  Extremely scary business.  I mean, very seriously dangerous and why I have been where I am and why my son has been tortured too.  They were even announced to me at the time I met them as employees of the U.S. Justice Department and I asked what that was and they said they were mostly lawyers.

One section I met in the bomb shelter or basement was "Pentagon" people, another section was The Department of Justice people, and the third section was White House staff.  Louis Freeh was introduced, I believe as part of the Department of Justice group but most of them were altogether. 

Back to Katie Middleton, after I was tied up with strings and ropes into a 'web' I was gassed.  He did a bunch of things and then would leave the room like had to go out and look in a window to check on something and then would come back in and re-arrange something.  Over and over.  So at one point I was in this "web" gassed with tear gas and he wiped a tear away after I wasn't stifled anymore and said, "I know this is hard for you.  You're crying."  He had me put on a tutu at one point, like a ballet tutu and "dance" and I guess like a marionette.  He said, "You've been lying" and kept telling me my nose was growing longer.  Then he punched me right in the nose.  At one point he was saying something about how I had 'webbed fingers' now and this had to do with torture I think and how they were being tied and splinted.  He was forcing my pinkie and my ring finger to be stuck together, and my middle finger and pointing finger to be stuck together and then there was my thumb.  It was some kind of a brace and tie and it was pushed out farther and farther (it hurt).  I think my hands may have been that way naturally, but he made fun of it and decided to "enhance" it by using some kind of a mechanical thing on me.  He asked me what kind of animal I would like to be.  When he put my fingers together that way for a long time he said, "You're a duck".  But he asked about other animals and had me in the cobweb torture as a "spider" and then a big ring of fur around my head as a "lion", and all these people were behind this glass window in the other room laughing at me.  There were men and women there and it was like some kind of Canadian government location with a large rectangular window they could look out of.  I remember some of the people watching.

I was put through one degrading "act" after another.

Some of the people behind the glass were Lorraine Wilson-Rose and Rabbi Rose (with their kids later), Louis Freeh, Martha Layne Collins, The Middletons, one of the Dicksies, someone who appeared to be Diana Spencer, Charles Spencer, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barbara Maiers, Joy Sellen, some Canadians and a couple of other royals and Americans.  I stared at them and tried very hard to remember their faces for later.  One thing that had confused me at the time was how they knew each other because they were from different places.

After they degraded me with various forms of torture and postures and "costumes" I was forced to lay down on the table (it was a high table like a science lab table) and electrocuted for a long time.  First it was electrocution by one method and then Katie Middleton was brought in, with one of the Robert Jrs, and my Dad was told to show her how to use the box on me.  So she cranked up the controls to electrocute me while I had the metal "halo" on.  I was given a large ball, this time a soccer ball that said Wilson on it, and then Katie was told to take it away from me, and did.  Then she was told to cut me with a knife.  I remember I got cut, but I'm not sure how it happened.  I was electrocuted for a very long time.

Before this, of course, I had been sodomized by people and then they gave the owners of one of the houses a new "memorial" structure of a red "rolling beam" pully that looked like one of the parts to a torture device at the royals basement when I was tortured.  It was set up and I was told to look at it and it said Mallory on it (which is maybe why later Ernie Walker wanted to say I was a 'duck' like a mallard or something) and my middle name is Loree.  So it's like maul Loree or mal (bad) Loree.  Then the other part to it says, "Spar Lead Block".

I think "Spar Lead Block" was to say, "push", like "bush", or "fight on you lead block who is now so thoroughly electrocuted and filled with charcoal from the Middletons in England, and with torture, you will never amount to anything."

Carol Middleton was forcing me to say a word before she electrocuted me while I was full of charcoal, she told me to say "Star".  As soon as I would try, she turned on the electrocution box and a powdered black explosion of smoke or dust would puff out from my mouth.  She would yell at me and say, "I didn't tell you to say 'spar', I told you to say STAR.  Do it again."  She forced me to say "star" over and over when I couldn't say it because of all the charcoal she'd given me.  She kept making me take more of it and then say this.

So then they brought in this "Spar Lead Block" memento to install where I was tortured and then after that, they made fun of me as a "star" in a forensic table with their entire group that premeditated rape of me watching and laughing.  Ernie was saying, "Take one" and "Take two" and "Cut!" and pretending like I was in a movie, all after the faux "CIA movie event" at the East Germany U.S. military base.

It is also obvious, when she was involved in times I was drugged with Haldol, which twisted my tongue, she was making fun of my ability to speak or articulate my words.

It leaves no doubt that this has all been hate crime.  No one plots gang-rape sodomy and electrocution of a little girl, and then premeditates so far in advance as to make fun of, and decide which 'ball' to give me before having me sexually assaulted or raped, or "which base" is next, without being full of hate. 

So then the next thing they had planned was for me to soon be raped by Barak Obama and instead of spoonfuls of charcoal and a toxic drink in a cup (sometimes from Carol and other times from my Mom or one of the Dicksies with her), they had a spoonful of honey and milk set out for some baby and Katie Middleton apparently.  So it was one of the Dicksies and Carol Middleton in the kitchen when they forced me to drink charcoal and a toxic drink and say "Star", and then it was one of the Robert Jrs and Carol Middleton and apparently James and Katie with milk and honey and saying letters of the alphabet for the "law to be sweet".

Oh yeah.  But reeeaaaally... this has NOTHING to do with Catherine Middleton at all.  How crazy for me to think such a thing.  Kathy Walker The Stalker. 

About the cops and Secret Service guarding the sodomy of me, I have to wait to make a police report and see some other photos because I don't want to send it to the wrong one. I think his name was even Chris (one of them).  I am not positive but I believe James Cartright came out for some reason, the same guy who was at the U.S. military base, or someone exactly like him because I remember a military man came out after it happened.

After I was sodomized, I was in an outhouse thing and then I was in a house part of the time, being shot at and told to make shots (maybe after being in the next storage shed) and they had a white VW bug outside they electrocuted me with, running just the engine or carburetor or something, and splitting some wires to shock me with.  After I was beaten up inside of it, and my blood was everywhere, they torched it and set it on fire to burn off DNA I think.  Part of it was torched and other parts had seats or parts removed from it.  I had to go in the front, where I was electrocuted with it in some way, and from what I remember, cops watched, and then I was forced to be inside of it, I believe, with the cops, and that was why they electrocuted me after.  They put my Dad in there for a short time too, but they had cops beat me up first.  They said you still want to make a report?  I was punched in the nose and my nose bled.  I think a Robert Jr. bled from something too but I don't know what.  I was also punched in the stomach.  Two different cops beat me to a bloody pulp and had a Robert Jr. take a whack at me or they said they'd do more.  Then they stood there at the front of the VW bug.  They used their German shepherd too.  They let the dog terrorize me, giving it commands to attack me.

They also cemented my feet or a Robert Jrs feet into a cement block and then made me take a mallet and break it, or the other way around and I don't remember right now because I was traumatized.

I think maybe there was a cop named Patrick too.  I don't know who it would be back then.  I need to see a photo of a Kevin and a Sean/Shawn too.  Chris is pretty much a given.  I need to see more photos, but I remember him.  I need to who else had dogs for the K-9 unit too.  I think the Sheriff looks like one of them as well but I need to see younger photos of him.  Back then, I don't remember a black and white cop car as much as tan cars and one with a dog in it, for a K-9 car.  Maybe that one was black and white but I remember most of the police cars being tan.

When the cops beat me up, after I was sodomized, it wasn't sexual in nature except for maybe one of them.  Most of it was just brutal beating.  One of them forced me to do something in the backseat of the VW or tried to get me to and I was crying and then cops, in uniforms, came over and beat me until there was blood all over the seat and then they took the seat out.  They removed the whole thing, back and cushion.  Then they were telling me to drive the VW with the wrong pedals and forced me to practice "driving" with the car not moving.  So basically, the cops not only assaulted me, they destroyed evidence of the assault.

And yes, Alan Springer was at the house where I was raped by Barak Obama because I remembered I thought it was odd he was asking Gary Goldman questions like he was his mentor when I'd seen Alan using that box before and he didn't seem to need a 'mentor'.

Yes.  Patrick was involved in beating and he threatened me with violence.  I remember him standing by his car out there later, intimidating me.  So it was also Chris I think, and I need to see a photo of Sean/Shawn and Kevin and maybe a couple of others for good measure.

I mean, they pulled out all the evidence.  There was blood everywhere.  Patrick Smith was one of the cops that got into the back seat with me before assaulting me and his DNA was definitely going to be around, for one of them.  There was still a window or something on the sides or one of the sides and it had blood all over it too.

What's even weirder is with Patrick, he liked "Katie" or brought her up.  She's probably gone in to have coffee with the Coquille Police and chat actually, now that she's grown up.  They must have a little 'nook' for her in there. I'm pretty sure she likes to make crayon drawings for them so they feel they have their own little remote-viewer of their own.

If one of the Dicksies is her best friend or something, that's great. If Katie knifed the other one, or if she's able to do it, I have no doubt.  However, when my line was getting cut, it was "Peek-Ahn Nuts".  Sort of like "Spar Lead Block". 

pg. 199.  E.H. says his jogging partners had jobs to protect him and keep him from running to West Berlin.  He says the "stazi" wanted hard information on specific operations and he had no knowledge.    As I've said, I never heard anyone giving information up to anyone and never believed anyone had any kind of information actually.  My parents did not share very much with me at all. I wasn't included in whatever they did.  The most I was included at the very start, was maybe in guidance once or twice about being honest if asked about what I could "see" or thought I knew, and not to make things up if I didn't know.  So there was a fun aspect to what was like "training" in various activities and "spy-craft" but I thought it was all just games we played and then the psychic stuff was a small aspect.  Everything got locked down about the time I remember anyone asking my opinion about what I thought I could pick up on.  I remember most of the torture then and then my life went from it was okay for me to excel and be organized and aspire, to attempts to discredit me or get rid of me or minimize me and suddenly I was an "untimely slob".  It was very harsh, the contrast.  I never once heard anyone giving away secrets or ever thought anyone knew government information of any kind.  And then I forgot all about our games too, and it never crossed my mind my parents could read minds, even though when I was younger, I had been able to do the same thing.  E.H. says he spent only 2 months on an assignment at the CIA's German desk in 1982 and couldn't have helped them if they'd wanted to.

The people Robert Jr and I were around were livid.  They seemed extremely upset.  Like I said, forcing me and my Dad together in front of them and crazy stuff.  Then later, the Coquille cops wanted to be "cool" like Middleton's pals and they tried to do the same thing, forcing a Robert Jr. into the VW bug with me while they watched.  I mean, I guess they thought it was "cool" because why else did they do it.

When we later visited Angela Merkel, I don't know what happened to my Dad.  Possibly he was tortured.  I have no idea.  I know all of us were separated, with me in one room at one time and them in separate rooms I think and my Mom didn't look happy after and I don't remember about my Dad.  I heard my Mom saying "Nooo!" a couple of times.  I think she got cut, either by herself or someone else did it because I said, "Why are your arms bleeding?"  Not gushing, or heavy, but maybe a cut or something.  Oh!  and I remember they were going to slit my wrists there.  They told me to put my arms out and held a knife above the arteries in my wrists and they were about to slit my wrists, both of them.  I actually didn't know enough about anatomy to know if they had, I might have died.  I didn't know where all the main lines were and how the body bleeds. I heard my Mom somewhere saying "Nooo!" or something like that and then someone came in and said, "Don't cut her."  They had the knife out and were about to do it.  I am not sure if perhaps they wanted someone outside to see too, if they could see through the sheer curtain that fell over the window.  I don't know.  I think all one would see is an outline of maybe me, and a knife raised, if you had good binoculars but who knows.  I just had a strange feeling someone outside could somehow see in and we were by the window for that reason.  So this would mean, someone outside of the house, maybe in another building nearby perhaps.  It was my intuitive feeling but I could be wrong.  To me, I thought, this is like "shadow puppets".

I sort of had the exact same feeling when, for example, I played near a window with William of Wales one time.  Like someone might see an outline but not everything and maybe that was why someone assumed I'd pushed him and that's why he fell backwards, because if I reached my hand and arm out to have him give me the bubbles, maybe they just saw the arm and then him fall and couldn't see closely enough that I had not actually touched him.  Even if I had pushed him, that would never justify torture of me in any way.

pg. 200.  E.H. says an interesting incident took place while he was visiting Potsdam, where Germany's territory was carved up among the Allies at the end of WWII.  They noticed 2 men in military uniforms about 300 yards away, snapping photos.  He says "closer observation revealed them to be an American military officer with his aide" (driving an American car with special status license plates).

This may be an allusion, on E.H.'s part, about the shadow puppets at the windows and who was potentially always watching.  But also, I remember in actuality a car passed us with 2 men snapping photographs of us.  I thought, "We're that important?"  It was a big deal.  It really felt like "big deal" photos, like someone was going to put our pictures up on a big intelligence board and tell people to memorize our names and faces.  I think one of them was possibly James Cartright and then there was a seniority person with him.  I remember they were getting really close, and someone said turn away, don't look and smile like you encourage it, and then they said get into the limo (with tinted glass).  Then the Americans jumped in the car and I looked back to see them following and said, "They're following us!"  What is sort of funny is that I think Prince Charles was in the car. 

I have to say, when I was sodomized later, I thought William Clinton (Bill) also looked a lot like Charles Spencer.   I'd have a better idea if I saw their heights. 

But I said to my parents, in the car, "Why is Charles following us?!"

See, the reason I question about William Clinton vs Charles Spencer is when the light caught his hair, it looked reddish.  It is also maybe possible both of them were there and another showed up in a car or something, but he said it was "Bill" and I thought it was and remember him from the planes and then as he was walking over the bridge I thought, "That looks like Charles Spencer" and the sunlight on his hair showed reddish color.  I would have to see both of their flights, travels, and alibis.  I never forgot the hair part.  You know, why is his hair strawberry blond?  I have no political agenda for pushing for it to be William Clinton or Charles Spencer.  Either is bad enough.  It would make no difference to me, so I am very honest about this.  If you look at their photos you can see how closely they resemble one another.  Facial features and everything.  I think height would help me figure it out better, but I do remember wondering why the hair had red in it and I also remember going from thinking "That's Bill" and remembering him next to Martha and Hillary to, "Is that Charles Spencer?" and my shock was right in the instance before he got behind me.  It was like somehow, the minute I was grasping at who it really was, I was being assaulted.  It was sort of like whoever he was, he knew I was seeing him and wanted to get out of my sight and give me a blow right away to try to knock it out of my memory.  I honestly do not care either way, but I hope to God the truth is very plain and clear and is revealed so the wrong person is not falsely accused.

I just looked at a photo gallery and all of the photos of Bill have him with sort of red-brown hair in college but then darker and dark brown until he grayed.  So about the time I was sodomized, his hair was possibly dark brown.  If he didn't lighten his hair for some reason, it would mean the person was probably Charles Spencer, which, in that case, his comment about "I'm Bill" meant to be taken as revenge for his nephew or something, over the idea I insulted him.  Bill Clintons hands look sort of small, and I do remember someone doing something with their whole fist and it wasn't someone with really large hands but I don't know who that would be.  The person who said "I'm Bill" did not have dark brown hair.  So like I said, either something was lightened for the occasion, or it was Spencer.  Which then makes it strange when he had engagement photos to his Canadian wife in front of a painting of a priest with a cardinals hat on or something, like the priest is backing him.

I'd have to see photos of both of them from that time, and height.  I didn't notice an English accent but I don't know if you need one to say only that much.  Even if Bill Clinton did other things, bad things, or bad things to me, and I know he was present for some stuff, that's one thing, but I am not interested in accusing someone just to get at anyone in particular.  I want it to be the ones who really did it.  There may be more to the story, like others behind it or pressuring or blackmailing, but I still would not want to accuse the wrong ones.

The hair color was light brown-reddish in the sunlight.  In the shade, you couldn't really see as much and then he walked across the bridge and the sun hit.

I also remember being shown the photos of Bill with the protective services hat on and the cat "Socks" in a harness.  I remember it was pointed out to me and I thought he looked familiar but I didn't think it was the same one.  The hair in the sunlight was not dark brown with mahogany tints or highlights, it was like a dark strawberry blond color in the sun, like mine.  His first wife is so pretty it makes you wonder why he'd do something like that.

It looks like it's Charles Spencer.  In that case, I don't know what Jefferson Starship would be about except maybe "Bill" Clipper-Ship (CS for Charles Spencer).  One of his middle names is Maurice (moore-eece) sort of like this guy who wanted to be in the news for attempted sodomy, "Joseph Moore".  I think we got something here.  I think it also makes more sense with the statue thing they put out after this, that looks like something I recognized from England.  It's a red wheel or bearing on top of a red "crown".  It's a round metal crown-circle thing with sort of spikes to the sides, and then on top of it is this heavy roller bearing that says "Spar Lead Block". 

I was also "in the lead" in East Germany in the car with my parents ahead of Prince Charles and the military man in the car, which was possibly symbolic only for what had been done to me.  Not to say I was "leading" but to say, Charles was the one behind me.  Probably Charles Spencer actually.  Also, not to say Prince Charles was giving anything away or indicating sides at all.  So if they were taking photos of me first though, 300 yards away....hmmm.

Very interesting.

If anything, the crown under it looks like a crown of thorns, and has holes in it like the metal bracket that was put around my head for constant electrocution.  I guess that would be fitting especially after I went under the wood bridge and was only holding on by nails sticking out below.  4 nails.  If this is true, Champagne Charlie is more like Shame-Pain Charlie.   Which would be a huge burden that would weigh upon a marriage 3 times and more.  How do you do something like that and then go on living as though nothing happened and with no fear of getting caught?  So he was also supporting Katie Middleton for some reason.

I just realized, it IS possible both of them were there.  Both Charles Spencer and William Jefferson Clinton.

I laid down to sleep and remembered something.  Men who tried to run away up the back road, where the priests had been standing, whereas all the others stood on the other side of the bridge and crossed over to me.  Charles Spencer sat on my head or pushed my head down as he did something and others assaulted me too.  I wasn't able to look.  Then I do remember several assaults of different kinds, and sodomy, and then when I was up or looked, there were men who looked scared, and who had not been on the same side of the road, who were running the other direction before I saw them.  They had not been in sight at first. They were from the back road and woods somehow.  So if possibly someone testified or gave a statement to someone one way, it's not necessarily true they are lying.  Dark haired men, and one blond.

:)  There was definitely at least one man with dark brown hair running away, possibly two, and a blond who hadn't been there before, or seen, who looked scared.  They were running up the back road, on the side of the hill and bridge the priests had been on so possibly a car was parked out of sight just around the corner.

I am not sure about everyone there.  I remember I must have gotten up and ran with them to the back because there was a helicopter there.  I guess they tried to throw me off the bridge when I went back because the helicopter took off.  The individuals I saw on the helicopter were some from the Department of Justice group I had met in Washington D.C. at the White House basement or bomb shelter for the Presidential suite (which is an almost perfectly square or slightly rectangular room with concrete walls, floors and ceiling, that has a kind of pole or beam in the center or off-center) and some from the "media group" I had met on the Sterling-Tancer plane.  Brian Thebault was there on the helicopter and I never forgot he was there.  I had previously met him and then of course, later it was Joy Sterling showing up so she had to have known they were there.  I know Martha Layne Collins was also on the helicopter.  It appeared to me that John Kaempf or someone who looked like him was one of the individuals running up the hill to the helicopter, and then most of the people in the helicopter had dark brown hair and were younger in age, like 18-25 years old as the average age, about the age of White House aides.  I believe Lisa was standing next to Brian Thebault but I am 100% positive about Brian.  I think it's possible Bill Gates was there as well.

Also, I have a feeling Chris Dabney is older than he told me he was.  The age he gave me was something like 24 when I was 34 but I don't think he was telling the truth.  The reason I think something is wrong is because when I was raped with a vibrator with all the Jews and at Gates' apartment, I believe he was there in person and I think he was the young man who put the baseball hat on my head and said, "Now you're a rock star."  The baseball hat said "Rock & Roll" and it was given to Katie Middleton.  I later asked my Mom, "Why would that guy give me a hat that said "Rock & Roll" on it and tell me I was a rock star?  Why did he think I was a rock star Mom?" and my Mom wanted to change the subject and tried to say the hat didn't say that, and I remembered it did say that, and that's what he said, and that my Mom didn't want me to remember what it had said, so I remembered it even more.  I said later it had  a star on it, just to say it, because my Mom would freak out whenever I said it said the other thing.

The way this young man said this to me, his tone of voice, and his manner, was all exactly like Chris Dabney (who, by the way, has media people for his friends as well as Jews, and who entertains Middletons and the U.S. Army).  Not only that, he has a tattoo that says "Rock & Roll" on it.

From what I remember, this guy possibly had a tattoo that said that, or said he was going to get one and I overheard it, and then tossed this hat at me.  So Chris Dabney has a tattoo that says "Rock & Roll."

I think Chris Dabney was there, and that he's a liar who has been defaming me like the rest of them.  It also makes it even more likely he premeditated raping me and that his comment about "here's another one in the hole" was a reference to repeated gang rape of me.  He was the loudest of them there, and he made sure to get in my face and I believe he was the one holding the flashlight into my eyes to see "if they dilated" because he was right there and so was his voice.  If he wasn't holding the flashlight, someone he was with was, and he was looking into my eyes to check.

He was definitely there, in my opinion, which would mean his age is a false age and was used to lie to me so the U.S. FBI, CIA, Army, and Mossad could get away with more crimes against me.  It also means he would have a motive to try to set me up to go to jail, so I couldn't find out about, or report his group of friends for what they did to me.

When the group left me there, almost dead, they were talking about tattoos.  He said he wanted to get one that night, or someone did.  He was connected to Gates, to the Thebaults, and to a bunch of Jews and the Goldsmith-Middletons.  So when I was being lied about, about messing up orders, it was lies.  It was to prevent me from being financially independent and having any money.  I was also fired when they knew I was pregnant, which was discrimination.  He also made the comment to me one day, "You're caught in my web."  If I had known who he was, and remembered, ahead of time, I never would have gone anywhere with him, but all of these people had been stalking me for over a decade and then counting on my not remembering them, keeping them in their circle so they could all control the information about me and defame me and make it impossible for me to get outside of it and report them and have a normal job, good resume and references, and a life.

They didn't want me to have a life.  They were all hate criminals who were working for the government and who stalked me because they were all too afraid they were going to get caught.  I had more people trying to run into my car and cause injuries when I was there.  So the Chris Dabney hat from raping me, was given to Katie Middleton as a souvenir of who was supporting her by committing crimes for her.

If Chris Dabney was 10 years younger than me he'd have been 1-2 or so when I was raped.  He was my age when he was there from what I remember, or a little older.  If it wasn't him it was an older brother but I believe it was probably him and he lied and gave me false younger age.  If he was lying to everyone and had fake ID then he was working for the U.S. and they haven't wanted me to figure all of it out and sue them over it.

I also remember one part where he and another person said does someone have an "apple"?  Then he had one and said, "I'm putting this in your mouth because you're talking too much".  I had been saying "No" and telling them to put me down and leave and stop taking my clothes.  So while they were holding me up he told me to open my mouth and forced me to open it and then put a red apple in my mouth and someone joked I looked like a pig.  I was still trying to say "No" and I couldn't talk but I tried and sounds were sort of coming from me and someone said, "Oh she likes it!  say 'ah' and oh'" and were making fun of me.  So they shone the light in my eyes that way and then took the apple out of my mouth.  I'm pretty sure one of the guys there was named Kevin because when I later heard about the actor Kevin Bacon I thought it was like making fun of me as a pig and some of the people who were there.  It made me feel bad.  So instead of a ball, they used a red apple in my mouth.  I also recognize Carey Hart and I believe Chris Dabney was friends with him and later I met him again in the U.S. and he is part Jewish from what I can tell, and married Pink, who is a Jew.  His Dad was Tom Hart, in construction and most likely knew Gary Goldman.  If Carey wasn't there, I overheard him saying would Carey be at this other place.  There were a few kids there my age and then ones who were older that they went with.  They were just a regular mob.  There were maybe 2-3 my age and then the rest older teenagers and maybe 20-something and then adults in the background taking photos and facilitating everything.

Later when I was in the U.S., my Uncle had a whole pig on a stick being roasted over a fire and they had me lay down tied up on a table with an apple in my mouth first.  It was either my Uncle or Jim Sandberg. 
About being in Germany with my Mom looking cut and having a Band-Aid and then I wasn't cut, I also was then in Oregon at this nursery we visited when we still lived in Moses Lake and she gassed me there until I was almost unconscious on the greenhouse floor, and then she called cops to accuse me of stealing her husbands wallet.  I never stole anything.  When the cops came out she used it as an excuse to pat all of us down, and my Mom and Dad and I were all hand-cuffed and threatened.  Then she took out a knife and sliced off some of my skin saying she was taking a tissue sample and put it in a plastic bag and this was when Forrest Tancer (it appeared to be, but maybe it was Joe Wilson, from that distance.  I thought it was Forrest, but I knew it wasn't Joy even if it was Forrest, and it looked like CIA-hired Valerie Plame).  So why were cops and the CIA on-the-scene for a tissue sample from me?  after I was gassed?  Valerie was doing a project on the effects of biochemicals on a kid?  or they were checking my DNA for some reason and never bothered to tell me about it. 

They tried to assassinate me with the rock-climbing venture after that, not before.

pg. 200.  E.H. says Wolfgang communicated with them by radio to the guards.  He instructed them to detain the Yankees and take their cameras.  E.H. didn't want to see them get punched so he intervened and asked not to stop the Americans but to ask one of their guard cars to block them while they sped ahead.  He writes, "In 5 minutes, the escapade was literally behind us."

For me what I remember was a similar scene when I was sodomized.  It was all at once and people took photos from behind.  I thought once that perhaps I saw Prince Charles on that helicopter but it had to have been someone who only looked like him.  I know I saw Brian Thebault and Bill Gates and others on the helicopter.  E.H. says back in East Berlin people only wanted to talk about the CIA and after 4 days he'd had enough.  Wolfgang was upset and asked him to have dinner with the E. German Deputy Security Minister and he agreed and then departed because he was "must happier alone in my dacha wearing blue jeans than having official dinners with hosts who wanted only to discuss the CIA."

I remember this.   This was very true.  I really was not okay with the secured zone where I was getting "bulleted" to the head by some kind of laser.  It was an energy-directed weapon, right to my head, all the time, in addition to radiation of some kind or infrared.  I got very panicked because I was definitely being tortured.  I don't know if E.H. or my Dad also felt panicked, or if it happened to him, but this was after visiting "Barak" and Charles Goodman too.  I was turned into a numbskull with no ability to think or even read and I felt sick.  I was desperate.  I couldn't live like that anymore than having a metal electrocution helmet on my head.  However, given a non-torturous place to live, even in Moscow if not Hungary (which I had liked best because I wasn't tortured and it seemed nice), I don't know why it bothered me so much but it was CIA-this and CIA-that.  I was tired of talking about the CIA.  It was deliberate by them too and they knew it.  I felt they were deliberately trying to drive me away and I picked up on that much, because it was on and on for 4 days.  At first, sure, I'd talk about anything.  I didn't have any secret missions or projects...just knew a little training and I didn't really know all the politics.  I loved hearing the communications man from Canada intelligence talk for example, or about spy stuff, and there were many topics I liked, but they pushed and pushed and I saw the smirks on one of their faces and knew "They are doing this on purpose".  The security man I thought maybe really did want to me so I thought, okay, no problem, I'll be polite.  But Wolfgang was in on it too.  He was also smirking, like Basil the photographer from Willamette Week is who he reminded me of.  I do remember my asking to leave the table while they mocked me was sort of an excuse for them to say I wasn't social when I was.  I went to my room, took a deep breath, and enjoyed being alone.  I wanted friends and confidants and no one allowed me to have any.  Honestly, at first, I thought the CIA stuff was normal, the first day.  Then the second day I thought why is this the same conversation?  the third day I noticed attitudes, like they didn't really want stories or information, they were being pests.  By the 4th day I was almost in tears but didn't show it and tried my best to control my hurt feelings resulting in tears.  Then I agreed to see the one man who was not harsh at all, but the others started in again and I was really tired of talking.  I think he was perhaps one who was genuinely interested but they had worn me out, I thought, maybe on purpose because they didn't want him to like me.  He got mad at one point and I got scared so I just went to my room.  What I remember, is he went to my room later to talk to me, got upset and I think he held a gun at me and I said "I'm not afraid of you.  You are used to having people afraid of you, but I'm not afraid of you."  I didn't say it in a snotty tone, just matter of fact and for him to relax.  He did, and looked at me weird.  I thought he didn't seem so bad and was really used to people who were superficial around him.  I remember he then said something to me or I knew by his face, he knew I was in serious danger.  He did not assault me and didn't want anyone to know he had not sexually molested me. He had his finger to his lips silently, shhh.   Later, I thought it's possible he knew or helped planned the U.S. assault against me, who knows, because he was holding this riding stick of some kind and then people were later assaulting me with one.  I think he could have hit me with it, and had me on a bed or something but then I don't believe he did anything and it was supposed to be a secret that he had not done anything.  I didn't tell anyone for a while and then told my Mom, when she asked, "No, he didn't do anything".  I accidentally told one person and I think there was audio surveillance in the house and the next thing they told me was that he had "hanged himself.  Whether he did or not, I don't know.  I almost think I walked into a room and saw him there, and I was the one to find him that way and I screamed and ran out and thought my Dad had done it because I told someone he hadn't sexually assaulted like "one of them".  One of the Katie Middleton sponsors.  I was mad at my Dad and accused him of doing it.  "You did it!" I said and pounded on him with my fists, crying, "You did it because he wouldn't hurt me!"  When I say Dad, I'm referring to one of the Robert Jrs.  I saw him go in the room and then come out, and I thought I saw black leather gloves on his hands, however, he wasn't usually so obvious and someone could have definitely tried to frame him.  Regardless, the impression I had was that my Dad had killed the man who refused to sexually assault me, and I thought it was "probably because they're worried he's going to tell on them."  I saw both him and Mike Middleton there in the same hour.  The only other person around was my Mom, but I suppose there were always German guards around.  There was one who looked at me and passed by and I didn't like his look.  They killed him within 1-2 hours of his refusal to sexually assault me.

He had told me he wanted to maybe see if he could mentor me or train me in some way, but would have to think about how.  I desperately wanted a mentor and felt without work, and he said, "Does my being Catholic bother you?" and I told him, "No."  I know he was Catholic because he told me this.  He was an extremely accomplished Catholic military man who thought I had talent.  He wanted me to do more work with my weapons and training.  However, he also looked very scared, like he knew something very very bad and very big was going on and he looked at me without the nonchalance of others.  He also said to hold on because he was going to help and find help for me. 

He repeated, as he looked at me, the exact same thing that this Jewish young man Chris Dabney said when I was raped in England with a vibrator, "I'm going to find help for you" (for him, that was a lie).  I think it's possible this German Catholic (the man from Germany, not Dabney because Dabney is not Catholic, he's a Jew) was trying to reference that incident to have me remember the individuals involved because he knew what was planned or how it related to them.  The Russian Alexander who worked for Middleton, the Jewish people, some of the British royal cousins, Gary Goldsmith, Melinda Gates, Barak Obama, Carol Middleton, one of the Dicksies, Thebault.

Either I was in Germany first and Dabney said this to mock him, or he said this to reference what happened with Dabney and that group.  I believe I was around the people in England first for that and the other incidents were next.

For all I know, the man was faking, and was alive, and helped plan an attack on me with U.S. men next. I have no idea.  It is extremely hard to tell, and when my psychic abilities were being electrocuted out of me, it was worse. 

Almost the exact same thing happened with British royals once, I remember and with Charles exploding finally, but I don't remember what the conversation was about or how they were trying to wear me out.  They did something though.

Pg, 201.  E.H. says Lee and Mary arrived in Moscow because Lee didn't want to leave family and friends in Minnesota.  Mary said it was natural and he needed more time to adjust.  For me, I remember my brother Levi not wanting to go visit his Dad (Robert Jr).  I didn't know why but thought it was just he had been separated from him a long time and forgot what it was like to be around him.  I berated him, saying how could you do that and hurt his feelings.
10/22/13.  I think the objective of the United States government was to prevent me from being able to travel to other countries after I had known the British royals.  My Mom or Dad would ask me what I really liked to do, or wanted to do, and one of the things I specifically told English royals, with Prince Charles at the table, was that I wanted to travel. 

So then all of a sudden, a group of people were attempting to have a murder everywhere I went, in different countries, to make me appear suspicious as a kid and pre-teen, and I think I was getting set up to be framed for crimes as well.  Why else have me touch money or guns or knives, or other things and have my DNA samples with certain chemicals retained in the skin, unless they were plotting to "place" me at locations I never was, for trying to set me up, maybe as an adult?

After I was dosed with some kind of a toxic gas, the nursery owner was talking about a chemical and what its properties were and then when the woman who appeared to be Valerie showed up, discussions were being made about whether or not to make a purchase of the chemical. It has since been disclosed  Valerie Plame was in the "hitman" business as well as "weapons of mass destruction and proliferation".  So why take a sample of my skin after they gassed me with something unless it was to later try to place me somewhere and frame me for doing something?

The CIA and FBI as well as the U.S. Army were not only trafficking me, raping me, and torturing out me out of jealousy over my psychic abilities, they were setting me up to die, and to make it look like I had killed people or stolen things when I didn't.

Right after I said I wanted to travel, I was told, after this man was hanged in Germany, I had to go back to the U.S. I hadn't done it, but then a cross necklace was given to me as if it was from him or over his hanging (which I didn't think of at the time), and they knew we were going to Canada where Katie Middleton was going to take it.  So why would Katie Middleton be getting jewelry symbolizing the murder of others?

After some of the bizarre things that happened in other countries, to keep me from traveling and being outside of dangerous and criminal U.S. government control, they followed their same trajectory all the way up to, upon failed attempt to secure me "in" with Alvaro Pardo, an FBI criminal who worked against me, the U.S. used Shannon Borg to steal all of my remaining diaries, papers, medical records, and personal photos with her Canadian partner and she attempted to blackmail me with Wenatchee police by letting me drive her car when I didn't have insurance at the time, which was a time I shouldn't have been driving, but had been a condition forced by the U.S. to illegally block my freedom of travel, and then tried to suggest if I reported her and her Canadian partner for stealing everything I owned, including my remaining clothing and jewelry, they  would attempt to expose the fact I had driven a car when I wasn't supposed to, to pick up belongings because no one else could help me move at that time.

So go ahead Shannon.  Report me bitch.  I drove a car when I wasn't supposed to once, when it really wasn't my fault, and was after Alvaro Pardo in 2009, and this is after an illegal use by FBI and police to block my travel in 2004 by lying and claiming I had a suspended license when I didn't, with Judge Warren, who is a Canada supporter. 

What I have on all of them is, ummm...exponentially worse.  I didn't steal a car either.  Theft, fraud, human trafficking, collusion with police to illegally block my freedom of movement, attempt to smear me internationally.  That was a false accusation made by another person and another car after I was allowed to use Shannon's car and then she and her Canadian medical business pal and the FBI and Wenatchee cops colluded with each other on forcing me out of my new job in Seattle, and stealing all of my property, most of which was later viewed by Katie Middleton.  Shannon also worked for Jewish employers at the time, knew the Tancer-Sterlings, and colluded with a Germanic-looking man who picked me up to drive me to Wenatchee and said to me "Do you want to travel?" and then when I said yes, he indicated by leaving me at the courthouse without a way to get back to my job in Seattle, and setting up a man in a car with local police to pick me up and collude to lie about "grand auto theft", that they were deliberately damaging my records internationally to prevent me from traveling.

Jim West was involved in that.  Officer Jim West, Officer Wright, a female officer who illegally arrested a time before, and another couple of officers. 

After they did this, to force me to miss work in Seattle, to retaliate against me for not having anything more to do with Alvaro Pardo, who was not only a criminal but an FBI criminal, the state of Washington and Washington D.C. blocked me from all of the federally-run agencies from unemployment benefits.

This is, you know, after their criminal FBI man has used a chemical to put a blister on my clitoris when he last expects to have access near my body, which is exactly what Chris Dabney did to me in Washington D.C. and both of them work for the U.S. government and Dabney was present and involved with my being raped with a vibrator to my clitoris on behalf of the Middletons, and Alvaro Pardo stood behind me with Judges and Wenatchee people, and had a knife and gun to my head.  Both of these men, who had FBI Director Mueller backing them and supporting them, did the same form of assault to me when they left, and they take money from the government and then the government tried to punish me for not doing them any favors.  Alvaro went so far as to make a comment about how I was like Red Riding hood and he was a wolf, which I didn't get or understand, and I really don't know.  I don't know what kind of sick FBI-Mossad symbolism Dabney and Pardo were aiming for when using a chemical to the hood of my clitoris after Chris Dabney was present for my 11 year old assault with a vibrator to the hood of my clitoris while Melinda Gates and others watched.  And they kept wanting to send all of my jewelry and things to Katie Middleton at that time.

So here was E.H. or a Robert Jr. giving a "red riding stick" to Putin in Russia, after I had a red-hot poker in my rectum, and then they were repeating the idea of sexual assault to me from the time I was a child to the time I was 34 years old and on.  All of these sick people had no problem glorifying what they were doing, over and over, making jokes of me and symbolism out of me while getting paid by governments to do it.  All of these people were motivated to defame me publicly and secretly in internal records and I'm very sure they did which was the reason for their group attempting to get close to me again, so they could then write reports about me which would discredit me and protect all of their criminals.

Shannon Borg is a Mormon like Alan Springer, who electrocuted me, and she married a Canadian and I have no doubt they sent all of my things for Katie Middleton to go through, after Alvaro Pardo and Jew Mykal Holt went through all of my papers and photos, photographing some things.  They stole everything from me.

There is no way Catherine Middleton has a right to raise any child.  She deserves to be in jail, along with many others.  All that the U.S. and Mossad cared about, was desperately getting her to pop some kids out to make them feel more secure about their plots and their future ideas of how she and her kid will do favors for all of them.  What God would say is that every single thing worked for should go to shambles for what they've done.  Whether it involves her or not, there is nothing that should be left of the criminals who have raped me, tried to kill me, tortured me for decades, kidnapped my son and tortured him and all of this when both of us were children and innocent and there was nothing I had ever done that was an excuse for the anti-competitive jealousy of adults who knew my abilities were better than theirs.

You don't torture a kid for "pushing someone over" even if they did, or "saying something" or following orders of another adult when the kid is tortured to comply, or sodomize them for "liking so-and-so's husband at age 8 when they're not allowed to even have other children as friends.

Nothing is excused or forgiven by me or God, for what has been done to me and my son.  There is not one single excuse or justification, in any of the things I did or said as a child, that excuses what mobs of government adults did to me.  They tortured me and treated me as if I was over the age of 18 and had consented or voluntarily committed some crime when their rage against me was over a kid that was under the age of 11.

I wasn't tortured as a means of getting another person to "talk" either, which is why Barak Obama, who electrocuted and raped kids (am I the only one?) signed a Pentagon bill that tried to say it was okay to torture kids over their parents, which is what George Bush Jr. also said, when he was a criminal pedophile that assaulted me as his "ranch" with his CIA Director Dad (I remembered because one of them had bushier eyebrows than the other but they looked similar).

They tortured me because they knew I was gifted and they hated me for it.  They hated the fact that I repeatedly turned down their disgusting offers to "work for" THEM, the same group that was 100% responsible for torturing me.  Is that how it worked in the past?  You abuse and torture a kid enough and leave them no place to travel to or go and then force them to work with them. 

How many people have turned them down?

This German man who was military and in my room had me lie on the bed and pull my pants down or he did and then he looked at my anus.  He didn't assault me.  He looked and said "Oh my God" or something because he saw what the U.S. and England was doing.  Then he was killed and I was given a cross that was to be a little token for Katie Middleton.  I specifically remember they forced me to tie or untie him, both Mike Middleton and a Robert Jr., and they were glad he was dead because he had indicated to me he was going to find help for me after seeing evidence of sodomy and torture.  It was in Angela Merkel's place, wherever she was staying at the time, which was like a huge estate house or government building with rooms.  When we left it was Prince Charles and James Cartright and another following the car.

My impression, as a kid, when they came out and jumped this German man and he was hung and I had to help untie him, was that they were afraid of him because he thought he might spoil their plans for world domination.  One thing they had already planned, was to have Katie marry a royal, and do favors for Jews.  Diana was involved in trying to kill me herself at times, and torturing me, but one time she said to me Katie was so "sweet" and I said "I know, and I'm not very sweet."  She said to me, "Neither am I.  I don't like people who are too sweet" and I said, "Neither do I."  It's maybe the only time she said to me she thought we were alike or had something in common.  That's not to excuse or explain other things she did, but it's a conversation we had.  Later, when I was with my Grandpa Garrett in Bonner's Ferry he said, "You are a teacher's pet."  I said what's that?  and he said, just remember, they hate you because you're a teacher's pet.  I am not going to claim that teacher was Diana by any means.  I had a feeling it was a man.  But it is one of very few pieces of advice or information Robert Garrett Sr. ever gave me.  "They hate you because you're a teacher's pet."  He explained I was someone's favorite.

I have also remembered more about when I was gang-raped and that Prince Edward or a man who looked just like him was there, showing up to beat me and some other persons.  They had another car pulling up after I was already getting beat up.  It was a gang-raping of sodomy.

Then later my Dad wanted to nail down one of the nails under the bridge that had been sticking out which I remembered and I didn't know why he was nailing one down.

I also remember the group of them was making fun of the fact my Grandpa Garrett had told me to read the story Beowulf.  After they did this to me, I told him who was there and who had been involved.  If they can come all the way out here to rape me, they can also be extradited.  We don't even have to extradite Bill Gates, who was on the helicopter helping people escape the scene of a crime.  George Bush Jr. was not the only George who was there.  George Bechtold was also present, which makes the rape crime by his son later even more disgusting, because he imitated what one of them did with taking off his watch first, before assaulting me.

George Bush Sr. was there.  My Dad, one of the Robert Jr.s did not want me to say it was the older one there first, talking with George Bechtold, but it was and I knew because I'd met them both before at their ranch and on planes and other places.

On that note, before I go into more of Edward Howard's book, Brian Haines is not innocent.  I withheld accusing him of anything for a long time, but he was part of the entire gang-raping group and I didn't know it.  He didn't rape me, but he did many things that made it clear he was a Katie Middleton supporter and his friends were some of the gang-rapists.  He also had knowledge of torture of me.  He targeted me as well.  It wasn't like I ran into him by accident, he targeted me when people knew I was vulnerable, having just been raped by Josh Gatov after a decade of not being assaulted sexually.

All of his friends at the gas station I went to every week, next to my house, were Irish and Jewish I believe.  He specifically dragged me into conversation with him and asked me out and then used his proximity to me to indulge the others who hated me.  He brought up how I looked like an angel, in repeating something Prince Edward said a long time ago, and he put me on a table like I was on in Canada, on display for others as I was being "dressed up" by Ernie Walker, and with Katie Middleton torturing me and then stealing my cross necklace from me.  Then he gave me cross earrings like the cross necklace Katie had taken, after putting me on this slab of a table in his basement.  His other comments to me were that he wanted to be "a rock star", which is the kind of thing Chris Dabney said when I was being "levitated" and after I was assaulted, and he also brought up going to a "rave".  Everything that he did was connected to things Chris Dabney and Middletons and Bill Gates had done to me in England.  He said his father was in the military.  Most of what he did showed me, in hindsight, that he was connected to someone in CIA or military, and most of all Canada and England.  I also had a really weird feeling the entire time I was in his basement, that he had a hidden camera there.  It was just this weird feeling that something was wrong.  Then he took me from one place to the next and then brought out some cardboard or piece of wood with a display of a model of town on it or something and said it was part of his "TAG" project when he was younger (TAG:  Talented and Gifted).  If he was in TAG in Wilsonville, which is where his family lived, they knew Janet Bechtold who was in charge of TAG in Sherwood which is the adjoining town.   It also means he lived near people who already knew who I was and who targeted me in the area, who worked in government.

So while he didn't necessarily "rape" me, he stalked me out, got close to me when he knew I'd been traumatized and would be vulnerable, videotaped me without my consent, said he wanted to be a "rock star" (which was close enough in his mind to porn star) and brought up several indicators that he was connected to Katie Middleton people.  Not to mention he didn't work at that gas station until after it was a known fact I went there for my gas every week.  So he deliberately got hired and positioned himself to stalk me out.  He was also in biking and motor-biking and asked me if I knew a guy named Carey Hart.  Carey Hart was someone I had met, who was connected to Jews that were connected to Middleton and the rape of me in England with a vibrator where they gave me the "rock & roll" hat, to give to Katie.  He told me he had either been friends with him, met and talked with him, or went to his shows.  This is the Carey Hart whose father was in construction like Gary Goldsmith, and Maiers, and who I had met in person, and who I knew mocked me and didn't like me.  He was also someone that sounded like he knew who Dabney was, and possibly through a Jewish connection. Then when I met Chris Dabney again, not realizing who he was, when he stalked me out at the coffee shop I went to in D.C., when he had me at his house later, he made a point to talk about his Hanes underwear.  His black briefs that were exactly like what Jew Josh Gatov put on after raping me, a different day, or that day, I don't remember, but it's all he wore, and then Dabney made sure to refer to them as "Hanes" like Bryan Haines, who decided to suddenly get a job at the gas station I frequented after Josh Gatov raped me.  Are they all cops?

They've all worked really hard for Katie Middleton.  Not only was I stalked out by employers who were people that had formerly abused me, to keep me from breaking out of their abuse cycle and finding real work and real friends, I was trapped in a government gang-bang cycle where they deliberately told each other where I'd be, when, and what to use to get at me or assault me.  These people were so disgusting, they literally took advantage of the fact THEY all knew I was repeatedly and constantly electrocuted, and might not remember everything all at once, from not wanting to think about it, and they used this for an abusive and criminal leverage against me, and got paid with U.S. salaries, most of them, and with other international monies, as they did.

So he knew Carey Hart, who married the Jew "Pink" which isn't her real name but a name she decided to pick up for herself for some sentimental reason, kind of like some of her songs and her duets with Katy Perry for the song that goes, "Baby you're a firework, come on show em what you're worth, as you shoot up to the sky, like the 4th of em what you're worth, make em go oh oh oh,..."  the entire song, all the way to her line about "Do you ever feel like a waste of space (Carol Middleton's phrase for her brother Gary Goldman who was standing there in the doorway with Carol that night) is a mockery of rape of me in England, which was done supposedly, for Katie Middleton.  Katy Perry was one of Chris Dabney's favorite singers at the Post Pub and I can see why.  They worked on material together.

So when does it end?  When do criminals go to jail and get forced to pay me something from the proceeds of their earnings in making "entertainment" off of my aggravated pain and suffering?  When are they forced to shut down their businesses and turn over their royalties and pull their songs and articles and crap off of the shelf?  Making money off of child pedophilia and child rape is no different than making money off of murders committed by adults against innocent people.  Did Katie Middleton auction off parts of my belongings too?  or did her little posse do it for her?  Maybe she saved pieces of skin from one of the rapes of me, to be sold to someone who wanted a child-rape and pedophilia memento. 

From what I remember, I had a hair pulled from my body when I was raped with the vibrator because someone wanted a "souvenir".

pg. 201.  E.H. says when they returned to Budapest, his entire family, in 1988, "Connie" and the others were not as friendly as before.  He says he found out they'd been bad-mouthed by the U.S. embassy which told everyone not to socialize with their family.  He says he could understand if they had wanted to quarantine him but why all of his family members?

Here I remember at one point, my family was separated and we were all taken into different rooms.  One time, it was coming off of a plane.  They put my Dad in one room and me and my Mom in another room and forced my Mom to strip all of her clothes off so she was naked.  Then one of them tried to kiss me and I backed off and was slapped across the face.  I was repeatedly slapped and then we were being interviewed and I believe this was all in Canadian customs.  Then they said they had to separate us for awhile and I was placed into a kennel that was for dogs.  I was literally locked inside a dog cage with a bunch of animals there.   Then they took me out of being in a dog cage, where they were putting me in while a dog was still inside, and moved me to other kinds of animal cages.  They put me into several different dog cages with different dogs, where I was confined for an hour to several hours or more.  There were different breeds of dogs and different temperaments and they put me in cages with dogs that were calm or nervous to cages with dogs that tried to bite me.  I did get bitten by one of the dogs, and then they took me out and gave me a shot, saying, "I hope you don't get RABIES."  They put me into a cage with a cat, and some of the cats not liking it, and they also put me in a cage with a monkey they had there.  All of these cages were inside one large room from what I could see.  It was a big "quarantine" for animals room and there were dogs, cats, a monkey of some kind, and some other animals.  I mostly remember the dogs because I was forced into cages where they attacked me and I had to curl up and try to protect my head and throat.  They also made me squeeze into the smallest possible cage they could find that they thought they could pack me into.  The woman who did this was named Jennifer.  I remember her name very well.  Jennifer the Packer.  There were several women, but the one who was the meanest was Jennifer and the other women called her Jennifer and I determined to remember her name for reporting her later.  She had dark brown hair in a ponytail.  She and the others wore some kind of lab coat when they were in there.  At one point, Carol Middleton was in the room as well.  There was a blond woman with a lab coat too and then she was moved out and one of the Dicksies was there when I was getting a "shot".  They gave me several shots, and at one point, they forced my Mom to give me one of the shots.  Her hands were shaking and they handed her the syringe and pushed her at me, so she could be one of them that was giving me "shots" of who-knows-what because it wasn't "rabies medicine" and the only thing they targeted was my psychic ability to dumb me down so Katie could be a "star" instead.

Is she a "star" or a porn star?  I highly doubt anything happened to her like it did to me.

They also shot me with tranquilizer guns.  Serious, animal tranquilizer guns like Ted Bundy style.  All of this was done in Canada, in a Canadian quarantine room because I remember Jennifer, and the other women first there who managed it, were Canadian and showed me their 'red cross' Canada badges.

They had Canadian red cross stuff around, and when I said I didn't believe she was Canadian, she showed me an ID.  It was after I questioned them that they brought Carol Middleton (or Melinda Gates) and one of the Dicksies in to try to mix up who was there.  I didn't forget though.  They had people there who were strangers to me who seemed to be the regular ones, and then they brought in some familiar faces.  There was only one man in a lab coat that I remember, and he was not nice.  When they brought Carol (or Melinda)  in, they called her "Jennifer" like they had called the other woman who was a stranger.  I thought at first it was maybe Carol but I also remember Melinda's name and that she had done work with the Red Cross and thought maybe that was how she knew some of these people.  What I remember, is that the ID belonged to Melinda French.  It had a red cross thing on it so she expected me to think it was Canadian.  She wasn't going to show me and then the others encouraged her to let me see if I had guessed correctly.  They maybe thought I'd forget with electrocution or that I'd be fooled and I wasn't.  I remembered.  She was there.  Bill Gates wife in the dog and animal pen, caging me up and electrocuting and injecting me like the others.  I said "This says French" and she said, "I'm French-Canadian".  I said, "It's not in the right spot.  This says French where your last name should be.  So she looked wide-eyed and horrified and then I was electrocuted or tranq'd.  I later brought it up to my Mom in Moses Lake when I was out of quarantine and said, "Why did that lady say she was French or Canadian or something when she wasn't?" and my Mom wanted to avoid the question.   Billy Gates has a child-batterer for a wife basically, which suits him since he enjoys stepping on little kids' necks in his corporate loafers.  What was she "trying" to be?  Secret Service?

Joy Sterling was also there if I remember correctly.  She and the Melinda woman got my Mom to give me a shot and shoot me with a tranquilizer once.  From what I remember, both Carol and Melinda Gates were there, trading places a time or two, and then one of the Dicksies and maybe the other Dicksie, and then Joy, along with the strange Canadian women and the male doctor and I might remember his name.  From what I remember, at one point, Diana Spencer was there.  Not for long, but briefly and it shocked me because I had thought she said she liked me and that she didn't like "people who are too sweet".  So she got right in my face once and said, "I'm not very sweet, am I?" and the next thing I knew I was injected or shot with the tranq gun and I was unconscious.  At one point, they brought a kid into the room and had it sitting there getting attention with a bottle and being handed from one woman to the next, while I was locked inside a dog cage.  There was a kid that looked like Katie too and she was brought in with a man carrying her and given to a woman and then when she was taken out it was one of the Robert Jrs.  The woman who packed me into a cage that was extremely tight, and so tight my face was smashed up against the grate of the front of it, was "Jennifer" and "Jennifer" put me in the cage with the vicious biting dog as well.  Even one of the Dicksies was called Jennifer for a short time, and when she was holding Katie and Katie going in and out of the room I wondered.  Mike Middleton was there and I think two of the Roberts were there, back and forth.  One of the male doctors there looked like a man who is now in town at the pharmacy and his name is James.  He's working at the Coquille local Safeway pharmacy as a pharmacist.  The other man was taller.  Then they had me packed into a crate the opposite way, with my head at the back and my feet crouched into my chest and up against the front of the cage, on the grate, and they used the access to my feet to shock me repeatedly with electrical shock.  They electrocuted me this way so often, I developed blisters on my feet.  So then it hurt even more to have them against the grate.  One time, they shocked me badly enough my hair or something caught on fire and there was a fire in my cage and they had to let me out and cleared the room and I was having to stop, drop, and roll to keep from being burned.  I am pretty sure it was in the cage and I thought they were going to leave me there.

I was "quarantined" like this for 6 months.  When I was let out, I had not socialized with anyone normal, been around any kids, and I'd spent the last 6 months with animals locked inside cages that were often too small for my body.  I was not healthy and my body ached and I had no breast development which I thought (wrongly or not) was because I'd had my legs pushed into my chest so long.  My back hurt, my legs hurt, my feet hurt.  In addition to this, I was in a daze and a kind of fog because I'd lost something with the constant torture and drugs and tranquilizers.  I also remembered being told someone I cared about had died.  I don't remember who it was now, but I was told someone had died while I was in the quarantine and I was full of grief because I'd been locked up and thought it was maybe my fault they had died while I was away.  It felt like my entire life had been spent inside of a tiny cage and tortured.  I remembered Carol one time, commenting the cage was too large and saying, "Well that's a waste of space."  When I was out, all I did, was move around in shock at first, and then cry, and cry, and cry some more.  I thought I would never stop crying.

I am trying to remember if the quarantine happened first and then the forensic anthropologist Ernie Walker was next, having me on a "show" for others behind the glass, or if it was the other way around.  They were done close together. 
10/23/13.  There were two events that happened on bridges.  One was at the location I already mentioned and the other was on my Grandpa Garrett's property.  It was done at night, as opposed to during the day, and they had Josh Rose (Lorraine and Rabbi Rose's son), and Scott Lewis (who was a kid) there along with Katie Middleton.  They told Katie to hold the flashlight for them.  Barak Obama was sort of leading the kids.

They forced me to lie down on a bridge and all of them took turns walking on me to go across.  Then they assaulted me.  Again, a stick was used for this.  Some of the names of people there were William (Bill) and Hillary Clinton; Barak Obama; James Cartright; Charles Schumacher; Melinda French Gates (and I think Bill Gates); one of the Dicksies, my Grandpa Garrett, Edward Israel, and a couple of others who I will mention later.  Roger Harris was a Mormon there.  Some of them hadn't met before possibly, because before they assaulted me they went around with introductions and shook hands.  "Hi, I'm ___."  "Nice to meet you, I'm ____ and this is ____."  And "Pleasure to meet you" and "Pleased to meet you."  My brother was there, and held the flashlight at times when Katie Middleton was not being assisted to hold it.  He stood next to her.   My Uncle Tom was also there and introduced by my Grandpa Garrett from the start.

I was sodomized with a stick with this group, but not as many times or as many ways as with the other group.  They also beat me, and then they robbed me and my Grandpa's cabin, after holding us at gunpoint, and stole many things from him at the house, and then they collected every article of clothing I had and packed it into a suitcase and took it with them so that all I had to wear was what I had on, which was dirty and ripped from the assault.  They took my shoes as well.  They poured a bunch of gasoline into the fish ponds before they left, and this was all done after they had already exchanged a briefcase of money in the woods when they assaulted me and sodomized me, with Katie Middleton, Josh, Scott Lewis and Barak Obama holding the flashlight.  Barak was telling her to hold it and to point it at me and then he was calling me a "monster" and talking to the kids about how I was a real demon and gruesome monster. 

After they assaulted me and traded money, they had my Mom hold up a gun against me to shoot me and then Melinda Gates said, "Stop.  Secret Service."  Right.  She then went with all the others, to ransack and rob me, an innocent kid, and the house.  They stuffed everything I owned into the trunk of one of their cars.  The Clintons also held guns.

Basically, my Grandpa Garrett had said, before we went outdoors, to get something from the attic and he said we were sending people some money and things to subdue them.  So I got it out and we packed it.  When the people all showed up, after I was assaulted on the bridge, one of the Dicksies, with my brother next to her and a couple of other people, took control of the briefcase with the money, and were about to shoot me, or threatened to do so.  Then Melinda, I'm pretty sure, or Hilary, pulled out a gun and said, "Freeze.  Secret Service."   I think they were lying, but wanted to see what my Mom and the others' reactions were.  So then one of them grabbed the money briefcase from the side of the bridge my Mom was on, and they ransacked the house, took all of my shoes and clothes, and put everything in a sedan to go to the airport.  I know my Grandpa Garrett gave them a bunch of bonds he'd been saving as well as cash.  From what I remember, it was over a million dollars in bonds alone.  He was having heart pangs in the house and I think he thought it was from government technology.  He took some aspirin and knew these people were coming and he told me how many do you see there? and I said the number after I counted them or couldn't count them.  It was a whole box. 

I remember Roger Harris looking extremely greedy over the money, and he had announced he was a lawyer and I believe Schumacher was too.  Rob Schneider was also an attorney who got involved in the bridge violence against me, and he introduced himself as "the district attorney" who could make sure no one got in trouble.

On the bridge at night, I had a few things done to me and I'll go back to that later.

I want to go to a trip we made to the Mt. Angel Abbey after the other bridge assault right now.  We were still living in Moses Lake, Washington.  Only 3 days after being assaulted on the bridge in Coquille, Oregon, I was being flown back to England and had dinner with royals and their lawyers and my Mom was there (or one of the Dicksies).  It was actually, possibly one day later, but I remember I had a disagreement with my Mom about it because she wanted to insist it was one way and I knew then it was the other way and I didn't know why she was trying to claim something else unless to hide or mix up dates for evidence reasons.  What I remember, is it was 3 days later (I think).  Then all of a sudden we were reading from Beowulf and doing a re-enactment of it at the table and I noticed the "new people" sitting there were introduced to my Mom as "attorneys".  They were jewish lawyers who had been invited to see me and estimate the damage potential.  I'd never met their lawyers before, but both Philip and his son Edward had gone out to Coquille, and Charles Spencer, so there was some concern.  Like I said I thought maybe I saw Prince Charles as well but I am not sure about it (from the helicopter only). 

I was electrocuted and held in small spaces and terrified after the bridge ordeal so I forgot some of it when I was there, but then because it was so soon after, even with the electrocution, parts of it were coming to me and I tried to hide my fear.  What gave me away, and had them freak out, was one of them took my hands to see if they were sweaty and I was nervous and trying to hide it.  They were almost dripping with sweat.  After that, they were not pleased and one of the lawyers got up from the table.  Actually, Edward got up from the table and a lawyer followed him so they could talk.  We had been enacting Beowulf up to the part and only got as far as Hrothgar's Queen presenting the cup to drink from and someone said who wants to be her?  And someone had coached me earlier to do it so I said, "I will be her" and then Diana and my Mom interrupted and said they'd be her.  I stood up from my chair, holding out my wrist that had gold bangles on it and said, "But it says she is adorned in gold and I'm the only one here with gold on."  No one coached me about that, I had just made the observation when I read the part.  So I looked at the others and I was the only one.  So then the jewish lawyers' eyes got big and he looked mad. 
10/24/13.  I tried to write about some Mt. Angel Abbey individuals we ran into later but my internet wifi didn't work until this morning.  I wasn't able to go online for anything, including classes.

Before writing about that, I'll write about a few things I remember more clearly with the bridge incident at my grandpa's house in Bonners Ferry.  Melanie Rose, one of Rabbi Rose's daughters, was there.  She was one of two women who got near the bridge at all and the other was Mary Del Balzo.  Carl Del Balzo, who I didn't recognize later when I had to work for them, was there and was one of the main individuals that sodomized me with a stick.  He was excessively violent, and later meeting him, you would never ever imagine he could be that way.  He was a token Italian there, sort of like the Italian "Frank", who was present for the hit on me with Barak Obama, and I'm not sure who the token Italian was at the Coquille bridge, if there was one, but it was 2 Mt. Angel Abbey priests at least, and then possibly money going to the Vatican.  I say, possibly money going to the Vatican because later, when we visited there for a "church conference", I had to give a briefcase to Abbot Bonaventure and usually those briefcases were full of money.  I know there were some photos in that one, or in the manila envelope that went with it because he pulled them out to look at them with me still in his office.  Also, it was not my mother, or one of the Dicksies, in that incident, who pulled a gun on me, she came out of the bushes with a couple of other people like she was defending me and it was one of the Robert Jrs threatening to shoot after I was attacked.  I am pretty sure Joy Sterling was there, along with showing up later in the bushes in Coquille (outside of Idaho).  When my Mom showed up, one of the Dicksies, to ambush the scene, she cried out "Nooo!" when one of the Robert Jrs was about to shoot me with the rest of them there.  She was with Mike Middleton or Forrest Tancer, and I can't remember exactly this moment but she would know and I can think about it more.  When the other group said Freeze, they were Secret Service she said let me see the ID and then they grabbed the briefcase from her and said, "You Lost."

However, while she appeared to defend me there, or one of them did, in England, when I was assaulted with a stick again, after the red-hot poker, and then the boil forming, and being sat on an iron torture device, she was behind there with another, taking part in that.  So that was on the Dicksies over there. 

The vehicles included a full-size limosine and a sedan.  These are the vehicles everything was packed away into.  What may sound really bizarre, is I sort of recognize Pope John Paul II along with one of the Archbishops from England who was present for a basement torture event.  I know I was introduced to him at one point somewhere, but I am not sure why, and I would have to think about where I may have had actual "contact" with him or vice versa (him with me).

As to the Abbey, and taking a suitcase and photos there.  I don't think it was any kind of blackmail against them because it was more like that order, or some people in it, were working with the U.S. CIA, FBI, and military on something.  I had more of the impression at least one of the Robert Jrs did as they do in Rome, so no one stood out.  Also, I never grew up hearing anything negative against Catholics from my parents, so I hardly think religion was a motive at all.  When I went there later to the library, I had completely forgotten about every being there to visit.  I didn't remember, even when I was there, but once I start to think about things, different parts come up at different times, and I remember again, or sometimes remember more as well.

One person involved in trying to blackmail or do harm to me, I thought, was attorney Edward Shea, who introduced himself as a lawyer, to my Dad when we were going to leave after a visit there.  He had someone there with him who I also remember was Irish-Catholic.

I also recall swimming in the Mt. Angel Abbey swimming pool, which is not there now, but Mary and Carl Del Balzo showed up there, and sat on the sides, and one got in the water, I believe Carl, and tossed a big red beach ball around.  From what I remember, Mary Del Balzo sat on the side, smirking at me.  The other "Mary" there was Mary Cedarleaf.  I can't say I'm positive about her like I am with the Del Balzos, but I think it was her and I think her son Lee was in the water along with me and my brother too, and a couple of priests, and possibly Br. Ansgar Santogrossi before he took his priest name, because I remember him saying to call him Michael and he joined the swimming later, and was there maybe one time or so.

What I can confirm, is some kind of groping of boys' penises was occurring underwater.  It wasn't like a hand on the rear or an accidental brush against a penis, it was repeated holding and grappling and I kept going underwater to watch because I couldn't believe it.  Then I told my Mom when we got home and she said it was probably just accidental and playing, and I said, "No, it wasn't."  Whoever the woman was standing up on the hill, who appeared to be Mary Cedarleaf (but maybe not), didn't look very happy and watched from a distance in a long skirt.  Then this boy I was told was "Lee" really didn't look happy, and he was being groped, and I THINK my brother Levi was there because I was going underwater to look and surprised he was being groped too and I was wondering why this kid they said was named "Lee" was groped like "Levi" my brother.  They touched my rear end too, in a sort of salacious way, but I don't remember someone trying to do more to me.  I just kept pretending to be swimming underwater and then I would spy on Carl, the priests and monks and a Robert Jr to see what they were up to.  One of the kids looked extremely scared and was crying or trying not to cry.  I kept looking at him wondering why he had so much fear and panic.  I can absolutely confirm I saw both this kid called "Lee" and my brother "Levi" being groped.  My brother Levi looked more confused and panicked and kept trying to get away, and "Lee" looked like he was crying and scared.  I should say, I saw the hands on my brother's penis underwater and then with Lee I assumed the same and may have seen this but can't remember a picture of it, but I had some impression or noticed he was possibly getting hurt in some way.  I am pretty sure this Mary Cedarleaf sort of grudgingly, not really wanting to, but maybe feeling she had to, offering to have me stay with her but I was sort of scared of her still, from a few scary times in D.C. or Virginia.  I was forced to bond with my parents even though I was sodomized and raped and tortured while in their guardianship and then I wouldn't remember all of it all the time because I was electrocuted and forced to push it from my memory.  I never wanted to think about it.

The reason for our being there was some Christian church conference.  We stayed in one of the guest rooms.  What is also strange is that there are architectural similarities between the alcove for Mt. Angel Abbey, the Sterling-Tancer residence of Ironhorse, and the "David Ranch" that the George Bushes went to.  Basically, like longer halls or alcoves with arched doorways and things, though I think Mt. Angel got theirs later.  I also remember my Dad went into the monastic dormitory with a briefcase once and I think something really bad happened to him in there.  He didn't want to go in, they wrangled him and me in and then I had to stay in one section as they took him away and it was one time he looked afraid.  I was honestly scared he was going to be gang-raped by priests and monks.  It's the "feeling" I had. 

I remember some more about that.  I remember instead of just monks, I saw a bunch of Jews, some of the same ones that assaulted me in England and in the U.S., and I knew they were Jewish and wondered what they were doing hiding out to ambush my Dad inside a monastery.

The other thing I remember is with Michael Santogrossi.  I tried remembering when he went out there and what he was doing.  I think after Bill Gates, and my comment about William of Wales being 'sort of weird; video games; glasses and everything' some of the geeky types thought I meant them or that now they had a role to play.  So Santogrossi came out to the pool after everyone was already in, and I remember his name called out many times and it was explained what it meant.  But it was Michael, not "Ansgar".  I remember he had the skinniest white chest I'd ever seen with some dark brown hairs on it, almost black.  He did approach me to talk to me, which seemed the reason he decided to go swimming, but I'm sure it was someone else's idea to encourage him.  He then got behind me, with an erection, and repeatedly tried to push his erection into my rear end, which was clothed, in a suit and possibly shorts too, and I kept moving away from him and he would leave me there and then try again.  I got out of the pool because of him.

So then he later took the name, chose, "Ansgar" which is Danish, and the whole theme I was asked to recite, around all of this, was the Danish poem "Beowulf" and I don't know what "Ans" means, but "gar" means "spear".  Well I just looked it up and supposedly it means "god"-"spear".

I also stayed in one of the guest rooms there with my Dad and we also were shown to the "shack" I've mentioned in the back of their property and we stayed out there too and I had to wear nightgowns all the time. 

At one point, after all this, I think, if I'm correct, someone said I should live with the nuns for a short time.  I vaguely remember some kind of very small plain room, and baths.  I may be wrong about if this was the place, but I think it's where they had some bathtubs in a room, like ceramic or porcelain ones, and a couple out together in a room and the had some kind of grate inside them and you would go in for a bath everyday, or more than once a day, whenever you felt you "needed" it and you'd get electrocuted.  It was sort of a choice between very bad ultrasound to the back that caused extreme pain, or the "bath" which was nice, until the electrocution.  One of the Dicksies came into the room at one point and was led out and I heard her screaming or crying or something.  She kept saying please no.  Then once or twice, she had to take a "bath" next to me, and other women did too.  It was all the time.  Someone came in to take notes too, while I was in the tub, and ask me questions.  They asked me questions about the President, and political questions.   I remember a doctor being there, or a nurse, and then 'sisters'. 

Then, whether that was at Mt. Angel or not, with sisters, or at a different facility with nuns, when I was with the Mt. Angel ones, I am pretty sure they had me go down to one of their basements too.  One time they took me to be "spanked" by the Abbot (I think) or a priest, either there or at his office, and then something happened in the basement but I have to think about it and then I'll try to remember how it happened.
10/25/13   12:34 a.m.

I remember more of being in the basement for the Mt. Angel nun-place.    All of this happened after 4th grade, when I had a teacher Mr. Martinez, who criticized me for "thinking you're special" and he said this to mock the fact I was taking a college class at a community college.  It was at the correct level for me, but when I was there, I was tortured and I remembered complaining to my Mom and Dad my back always started to hurt when I went to that class.  It was the same extreme ultrasound kind of feeling to my lower back, like someone was targeting a metal implant in my spine with another form of military technology.  I asked my classmates what they did and most were military, so I suspected them, and I suspected my Mom and Dad who sat next to me.

When I was at the nun place with the baths, was after someone was trying to promote Katie Middleton for some reason.  I was interrogated by people who were like Secret Service, in the bath room.  Usually it was just a nurse and sisters, and I remember one woman was a sister that had gotten into trouble somehow and I could tell she was terrified.  She was getting "baths" all the time.  They had people going in to take their "bath" that were screaming all the way in and then after a few electrocution shocks, were dead-quiet.  People left the baths like they were comatose.  One of the women who watched the baths was a lesbian and she was more interested in seeing the nude girls and women than anything else and if she didn't shock hard enough, the others would.

They ruined my mind in there.  Then they were telling me,  "you're not so smart anymore now, are you?"  They would force my Mom, or one of the Dicksies, into the tub to be tortured until she agreed she'd help them with something.  They wanted her to make predictions for them, and help them with their politics and nunnery planning.

They were torturing me in the basement, mostly with having me confined and tied up to one spot, and one of the priests whacked the back of my neck and I had to wear a neck brace.  They put a dunce hat on me of some kind, and then had Katie Middleton come in for a "birthday party" and it was supposedly my birthday party but I don't know if it was really that time of year.  I know they said it was for my birthday and after having Katie tie me up more and torture and scare me with the Middletons and some other people, they gave her all of these presents that were wrapped and said, "These are Cameo's presents, and you get to keep them."  So they had her open up each present, showed me what it was, and then how my presents were being given to Katie Middleton.  They had a cake in there, and festive balloons and bubbles blown from a wand, and she would undo the ribbons and wrapping and all of these things were shown to me and then to the side for her to take away.

Then they said they were going to see which of us was smarter.  The little kid Katie, or the bigger kid Cameo.  They gave me a spoonful of something saying, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" and I believe it was Haldol.  I believe it was Haldol because that is the name of the medicine they gave me, which they said out loud.  My tongue was contorted and I couldn't say anything but I was conscious.  They told Katie to say the alphabet and she did and then they said, "Do YOU know the alphabet Cameo?" I nodded and I think I had tears going down my face.  They said, "Then say it if you know it."  And I tried to say something and it didn't make any sense because I couldn't move my tongue.

They made fun of me and said, "See!  She isn't smart at all.  Katie is MUCH smarter than Cameo is."  Then they said they could bet they knew what kind of use or purpose God had for me and said I could perform oral sex for someone there.

I know I shook my head no and started crying. 

It didn't matter.  This country and England and a bunch of criminals conspired to do what they wanted to do.
10/25/13.  I was in the basement for awhile, in one position mainly, because my neck was broken at Mt. Angel Abbey. 

A doctor later confirmed my neck was broken, prior to my auto accident in 1995 where I supposedly broke my neck, and it's not impossible that I actually had not broken my neck in the car accident, and it was instead used as a cover for Bill Gates did with Abbot Bonaventure present.  This was done after we went swimming in the pool, and then we were in an office that was inside of what is now the monk's dormitories.  The Abbot Bonaventure was there, my Dad was brought back in after being taken out of the room, and Bill Gates was there and it was Bill Gates, the same one who runs Microsoft, and who is married to Melinda French, who put his hands on me, with the Abbot, my Dad, and possibly Charles Goodman present, and the forced my neck and shoulder out until I heard a bone crack, and blacked out.  When I woke up I was in a neck brace, in a confined location and told I had a broken neck.  When my neck cracked, it was not like a normal adjustment you'd get from a chiropractor, it sounded like a bone went out of place. 

After this, when I was in an auto accident in 1995, they first examined me in Nevada and did x-rays and found no broken neck and blood pooling in my brain.  It was only in Utah that they decided I had a broken neck, and there is some discrepancy about whether it was broken from the accident or was a prior injury and the doctor said this himself and said he was leaving one of the 'levels' that looked "unstable"  alone and not doing anything to it because it might be okay. They said, "It could be from a prior accident or it might be something she was born with" and they left it there and did not fuse it. 

It is basically evidence of a prior neck injury and I know when it occurred and it was at Mt. Angel Abbey with Bill Gates wanting to enact some kind of "Beowulf" champion theme as a "Geats" who wrenched my neck and arm apart as if I was the monster "Grendel".  These people were not just sadistically sick and deranged, they made money off of it and got sponsorships by the United States government.

Melinda Gates, who had exposed her passport to me on one occasion when she participated in torturing me in an animal kennel, while I was in a dog crate, decided with Bill not to have children of their own until after 1995 when they assumed their secret was safely concealed and covered up with my auto accident of a "broken neck".

Then Carl and Mary DelBalzo forced me to work for them, after they had participated in sodomy of me and cutting me with a knife in Bonners Ferry, Idaho (the knife wielder was Mary DelBalzo and Melanie Rose).  You notice Mary is Catholic and Melanie is Jewish just as Bill Gates is Catholic and Charles Goodman is Jewish, and then there's a Bonaventure and Robert Jr.

So the things Bill and Melinda Gates did against me, with their own choice of active participation include setting me up to be raped by a group of teenagers and young adults at an apartment they leased out to Edward Howard; theft of my jewelry by Melinda to give to Katie Middleton; Bill Gates and Melinda witnessing  Barak Obama attempt to force me to kiss him on a private plane and stepping on my neck when I refused; participation of torture of me when I was kidnapped and held in a dog cage (which was after I was raped by Barak Obama, if I'm correct); and intentionally breaking my neck at Mt. Angel Abbey by Bill Gates and others; along with participation in money laundering, fraud, and sodomy and assisting in get-aways for participants.

That is what Melinda French and Bill Gates, of Microsoft, did before I was 13 years of age.  There is no mistake about their ID because I not only recognized them, in every situation, I verified Melinda's passport firsthand.  It's them.  Most recently, they shut down my Microsoft email account that I've had for over 5 years, which contains all of my legal files about my son Oliver.  They did this without notice to me and I have written them several letters to their headquarters and talked to techs and all they have done is keep my account blocked, without cause, refuse to acknowledge my submission of my ID materials that prove I'm the owner (which they already know) and they had their company upload the entire contents of my computer to their own Microsoft servers to get into all of my records and personal computer information.

This is from people who broke my neck when I was a kid and assisted in rape of me more than once, and they are "leaders" in the technology industry that the Department of Justice doesn't touch, and only pretends to touch, because all of them are filthy and corrupt and don't deserve to retain one single penny from their "business" or have credit for owning a business at all.

Not only have they blocked me from my legal files I saved there about my son and his custody case, they have done this as a favor to the Jewish law firm and lawyers who were supposed to represent me and who did nothing, whose files and email correspondence I saved, and it also has all of my attempts to contact lawyers for assistance about my son and family correspondence as well.  The Microsoft employee who did this for Bill Gates then attempted to threaten me and scare me out of the United States, as if I am guilty of something and they are not the criminals who broke my neck and drugged me with Haldol illegally to cover for corporate and White House criminals, telling me to "Run".

Mary DelBalzo also claimed, at that place, that she was with a government agency.  Then when I was assaulted, after Carl sodomized me with a stick, with my Grandpa next to him, Mary told "Carl" and said, "Carl, Manny, hold her."  Basically, telling Emmanuel Rose and her husband and others to hold me still so she could cut me with a knife and then she handed the knife to Melanie Rose.  Carl was the one who held the gun to shoot me and kill me, standing next to my Dad and then my Mom came out of the bushes.  Emmanuel Rose punched me in the nose and broke it, and there was blood everywhere from my bloody nose and then one of them leaned over and licked blood off of my face.

Right before Carl was going to shoot me Mary said to me, with a face full of hatred, "Do you know who we are?  We're the Sicilian mafia."  Then they said, "Shoot her."

Well, I guess instead of saying "Manny" Mary must have said "Melanie" because Melanie Rose was on the bridge, along with Edward Israel and Charles Schumacher.  It was one of them who punched me in the nose and broke my nose, between Charles, Edward, and Carl.  I remember Ed Israel was vicious like the rest of them.  Mary definitely cut me and either Melanie helped hold me down or cut me as well, and I saw both of them with knives in their hands.  Also, Melanie had been introduced at the start as "Rabbi Rose..this is his daughter Melanie."

Rabbi Rose had already strangled me at 1975 Fir, when he and Lorraine and their kids all went out there, so I am not sure he wanted to be included in the action another time and sent his daughter with someone else instead. 

Then they tried to throw me over the bridge, first, before suggesting shooting me, and pushed me over in the dark, and then Ed Israel was kicking me and I still remember how Melinda Gates or Melanie looked at me from the bridge there.  I don't remember where Bill and Hilary Clinton were.  They were all there and then I didn't see all of them but others would remember.

I want these people in jail. 

I want all of the individuals high and low, in jail and charged for assaulting me the way anyone else would be charged for committing these crimes.  All of them.  Every single one of them.  And as for some of these lawyers that have been protecting criminals, they've also worked to defame me in the community and sent their own kids to law school for additional protection for themselves, while doing everything in their power to prevent me from even making a living for myself.

As for the lawyers who I know were lawyers at the time they assaulted me and participated in sodomy of me, there were these following names, and possibly more:

Louis Freeh
Richard Whittemore
Mary Del Balzo
Rob Schneider
David Slader
John Kaempf
Hilary Clinton
Bill Clinton
George Bush Jr. (? lawyer?)
George Bush Sr. (? lawyer?)
Edward Shea
Judge John Bridges
Paul Cassel
Kyle Flick
Dennis Hotchkiss
Alicia Nakata (possibly related to one of the Japanese men who was involved in assaulting me)
Annette Sandberg
Roger Harris
(some royals' lawyers)
(kids of assaulters who were sent to law school to protect their mommy & daddy included Robin Bechtold, Tanya Rose, Barak Obama, and ? more I'm sure).

That is just the lawyers.  Try fighting that and all of their friends, and connections, when they are kidnapping your son from you as they did my son from me, Oliver.  Then they had 3-4 Presidents in a row, all of whom had firsthand experience assaulting me and who would protect everyone else, and defame me, from the highest office in the U.S.  So is the CIA really that hard-up?
10/26/13.  That is what Diana Spencer said to me and my mom when she came out to Coquille, Oregon to "visit" me after I was sodomized on the bridge in Coquille and then held hostage at several different houses along Fir Street in Coquille.

It's not like this is an "innocent" town.   This town has people and their kids who have known about what happened for decades and no one has gone forward with testimony about it (to my knowledge).  Not only that, the cops were all pansies for Katie Middleton and her family.  I have no idea what it was, aside from money, that made them want to pay special attention to her, because she was not the cutest or brightest kid around.  I think the only reason they did, was the money and promotion-potential they thought they'd get out of someone if they tried to do favors for her.

Also, it is now 5:10 p.m. on Saturday and up until exactly 5 p.m., a few minutes ago, I was being targeted with a massive headache for the last two days total, which affected my homework online for classes and before that, my computer was shut down for over 12 hours.  So I had 3 days of interference with my classes which are all online, and the headache was not a "normal" or naturally occurring one.  I was able to pick up some things shopping, walking to get fresh air, and nothing else.  I could read, or study or go online or write to my son as I have done every day.

This is in part because of specific implants the United States illegally put into my body and even into the top of my head during a head surgery, after they had 4 different Presidents the CIA wanted in power, sodomize, rape, or assault me (George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., Barak Obama).  Lets make it 4 different Presidents, and one Katie Middleton CIA-FBI ass-kisser called Katie Middleton & Family for a royal job.

Before I was taken to Mt. Angel Abbey and then some basement to have Katie Middleton and her family and my parents and some others drug me with Haldol and abuse me and say how Katie was smarter than I was (after, of course, I was assaulted and/or drugged), they had her at the Coquille Police Department.

The cops deliberately put her in a room next to me, after they knew I'd seen her participating in assault of me, and then had adults coddle her over it, and told her to draw with crayons and then gave me crayons for some reason and took the purple crayon away from me saying, "You can't have that one; THE PURPLE ONE is for KATIE."

This was cops, at the Coquille Police Department, in the same building they are in now, in Coquille, Oregon.  Then they walked away and I knew they were hoping I'd do something, and they kept waiting, and I did nothing.  I wondered what they were waiting for and then I realized they were hoping to antagonize or provoke me to do something to Katie, or take a crayon from her, or who knows what, and in their video-taping offices, and then they wanted to teach me a "lesson".  I never did anything.  They came back in and I could tell they were mad about it.

So then decades later, after 2011, I was living in Coquille again and someone kept breaking into my house.  Stealing the purple crayon from the crayons I bought for making pictures for my son; stealing my pens; stealing chocolate; stealing my cholesterol strip test kit the same month Katie and William decided to try to get pregnant or have a public baby (a year ago); stealing my only bar of soap from my tub; breaking into my house with chloroform and other drugs to sedate me so they could steal and harm me at night....these things have all been done and it's been part of Coquille crime and cops since 1985.

Also, every single incidence in my life, of being harmed deliberately with Haldol, to dumb me down, and over "Katie Middleton", specifically, has been with both her parents and my parents (at least one set of Bob and Dicksie) both present and involved.  There may be more than 3 times, but I know of 3 times specifically, I was overdosed with Haldol as a drug, specifically, and where it was used in conjunction with people saying "You're not special anymore" and "Let's see how smart you are now" and that kind of thing.  I was overdosed with Haldol, the first time I remember, in Russia, when they tried to capture my friend who I worked for, and Carol Middleton was there and so was my Mom and Gary Goldsmith, and others.  This was at the house that was next to a Russian politician.

The next time I was specifically drugged with Haldol, and heard "Haldol" mentioned specifically and had the same reaction to it that I did in Russia, was at the Mt. Angel Abbey basement or whatever, next to the nuns or something, where they had Katie Middleton, her family, and my parents and some others, go down to the basement and have her open all of "Cameo's presents" and keep them and they all ate cake and then drugged me with Haldol and said let's see who's smarter now?

Then the 3rd time I remember being specifically drugged with Haldol, after I had blogged about Middleton and their drug-smuggling mafia family and James Cartright, was right before her wedding, 3 months before, and was done immediately after I went online to fill out college FAFSA forms to get back into college.  I was told by the FBI and DEA to go to one place and then they held me hostage, interrogated me about the FBI the way I was interrogated about the President the time before they had used Haldol on me, and they again drugged me with Haldol.  I had the exact same reaction to "haloperidol" that I had the 2 other times I know I was drugged with it, and then they had Katie Middleton wearing the "halo" tiara (borrowed) for her wedding?

How about, when do we see the real one.

I may have been drugged more times than 3 times with Haldol, and I believe it has been sneaked into things since I was overdosed in 2011, however, this is not something "new" someone tried because they thought I was "mentally ill"--it's something that has been used against me as a weapon in assault & battery, and every time, it has been done with comments about how I was now REALLY not "smarter" than this Kootch Katie.  So it's not just hate crime, it's aggravated, premeditated torture and hate crime and with the expressed satisfaction over how this group was feeling better about themselves and their political plans, because they could use Haldol on me, and do other things to try to ruin my intellect, to get ahead with Bimbo Lisa.

It's not very hard to make a solid case for how claims I am "mentally ill" are nothing but criminal collusion by murderers and rapists and pedophiles who are in a corrupt business. 

Before I was in Coquille, my Dad, or one of the Robert Jrs, was playing tapes for me that had another man speaking on them and he was talking and giving messages to me and my Dad got more and more furious and would let me hear a small part and then fast-forward through all the rest of it.  The man was telling me Robert Jr. was not my real father.  He was driving a semi-truck to Coquille that way.

Then after I was assaulted, and one of the abusers against me in Idaho was Robert Garrett Sr., because he also participated in beating me and then said at the house, "I'll bet you never thought I was a millionaire (or multi-millionaire)" like he was rubbing in how everything was stolen from me and even bonds went somewhere else.  Almost like there were 2 different Bob Garrett Sr.s even.  I said I needed to go to a hospital and he said no you don't and I said yes I do, my nose is broken.

Then after the bridge in Coquille, after I was taken around to no less than 4-5 different houses along Fir, from one to the next, to mix up where I'd been or something, I ended up at one where Diana Spencer visited me and my mother.  I asked why they wanted to talk in the trailer camper instead of the house and was told, "bugs".  Diana, I think, unless it was Shirley Sandberg earlier who bought it, either bought and gave my Mom, or pointed out the "bug strip" hanging up in a corner of the room that said "Revenge".  There was a cigarette lighter thing there and they told me to put my finger in it and used it against me to torture me and then said you won't tell.  I was standing by the sink and they were both by the table and bed and at first my Mom was talking with Diana and it sounded normal and Diana was querying my mother for advice or psychic insights.  It was very clear she used my mother for joint psychic sessions.  Diana wasn't the only one.  Others used my parents for the same reason, and I saw my mother talking with several of the men who later became Presidents for the United States, and they would consult with her and my Dad on matters.  I personally saw my Mom being consulted by all of them except for Barak Obama, who I saw more with my Dad (or one of the Robert Jrs) than I did with my Mom, at least alone, where I was and could view, and that's not to say he did not also consult with one of the Dicksies.

They wanted to use my parents (or Bob and Dicksie) but keep me stupid.  Some of the jealousy was coming from others, some of it from one or more of the Bob/Dicksies and those who wanted to promote others to be in positions of influence, tortured me to get there.

The Dicksie who was out there meeting Diana with me was fine and then seemed slightly nervous because Diana was talking about some of what had been done to me, and then she turned to me and said, "Why go for Cameo?  The CIA must be really hard-up."

When she said this, she turned her head and looked down at me sort of smiling, sort of sardonically, and I sensed every potential meaning in the comment.  My Mom looked nervous and it was almost like Diana was saying they were horrible (the CIA) and then insulting me (they must be really hard up to go for someone like you Cameo) and rubbing in what they had done to me (with hard sticks and objects, up my rectum).  My sense of it was first that she was concerned and was there to help and then it was that she was glad it was done to me and I felt my spirits sink when she said this. 

Then, sure enough.

People broke in.  More people.

There were two different times a group of people broke in while I was in there, who included royals, Secret Service, presidential "hopefuls" and politicians and military.  Both times I remember Diana Spencer and one of the Dicksies there.  The one time, I saw this look on my Mom's face and she looked terrified.  Diana held up a gun to my head.  One time Diana held a gun to my head and another time, she held a pen-knife against my Mom.

I was shot with a dart full of tranquilizer for one of the times and then the other time I was gripped out with a grip to the neck.  I will explain in what order in a moment.  Literal "Secret Service" was present at least one of the two times, and I saw them the time I was told to go out and other royals were going inside.   I was told "animals deserve to be shot" by the person who shot me in the back of the neck and I remember I panicked because I reached back and could feel the protrusion from a dart sticking out of my upper back/neck.  Then I was suddenly falling to the ground and that was the time Bill and Hilary Clinton were both present.  I had been surprised they showed up in Coquille because they had been at the Bonners Ferry bridge event, in Idaho, not at the one in Coquille, but they showed up at that trailer there in Coquille.

Later (I will organize all of this so it makes sense as to which time and who was in what group) Diana Spencer shot me with a tranq gun at the animal quarantine after I was raped by Barak Obama (I believe it was after he raped me not before).  Instead of holding a real gun at me this time, someone else held a real gun and then she revealed herself in front of me with a tranquilizer gun instead, and shot me and then I passed out.

I think that whole thing was to try to mix up what had happened in the trailer with the groups of people, because in that trailer, she wasn't holding a tranquilizer gun but a loaded gun that could kill me.

One of the "Secret Service" men who was outside of the trailer one of the times, looks like the same man who has shown up at my house in Coquille since 2011, as "Secret Service" and I'm wondering why the U.S. is using someone who looks like the other Secret Service man or cop, out here.  It's basically like they all know, and all they care about is seeing how much I know.  One of them made me and my Dad kneel and bow to the British royals when they were American salaried-employees.  I think one was possibly Scotland Yard but he wasn't the one saying to bow from what I remember.  They kicked my knees for it.

What is the point of that?

The other thing that is kind of creepy, when you think about it, was Diana Spencer had on gloves when she handled the gun against me, and it wasn't her gun.  She made my Mom give her her own gun from what I remember, and then held it up and pointed it at my head.  Actually, that may have been my Mom because one gave it to the other and I'd have to think about if it was really Diana or my Mom or they both did and switched.

I screamed out "NOooo!!" and I think that's when someone went in, and I turned and it was my Dad in a hand-grip on my neck and I was pulled out and then Charles of Wales, and maybe Charles Spencer, and one other person, went in, 3-4 royal British men, and there was a Secret Service and a cop there.

The other time, she was saying are they that hard up and then she held a pen-knife at my Mom and there was no gun and my Mom, that Dicksie, looked really scared all of a sudden and this military man who looked like Charles Spencer but was not Charles Spencer, was with Bill and Hilary Clinton and my Mom looked terrified.

They put a dart in my neck but the one part where I have to think about it again, is because when I woke up I was on the bed, and I felt myself over, checking to see if I was injured and feeling humiliated because I wondered if they'd had William of Wales, the boy, brought in to watch me be stripped or molested or something, because they did things like that.  So I'm not sure why I thought William was there if the dart was with William Clinton not William of Wales.  I was also scared about what they did to my Mom when I was passed out.  It is possible that when I woke up she was lying there in the bed too, and then started crying because I sort of remember her there.

I woke up with one Dicksie one time, tied up and duct-taped mouth on the bed and had to untie her and didn't know what had happened.  She tried to talk and her tongue was all twisted up.  I think one of the Dicksies was dosed with Haldol at least one time, but I don't know if very often, because they used her psychic abilities all the time.  I know one time she either did very good acting or really couldn't talk.  One time it was done to one of the Robert Jrs too, from what I remember, all about that same time, on that same property and with them having to sleep out in the camper with me.

Another time I woke up and one of the Dicksies was looking at me vindictively and I thought maybe she was on Katie Middleton's side for something.  Then another one of them was cut with a razor or knife by Katie Middleton, with others coaching her and I witnessed it.  I don't know that it's the same cutting she did to one of the Dicksie's later, more recently in the past several years, but one of the cuts was from Katie slicing her in that trailer.

You'll have to see the front of the trailer too, because it has this arrow stuff that they incorporated into her wedding dress idea.

They also had her draw on me in there, and later at the Mt. Angel Abbey place as well, but some of it was done in the trailer-camper.  Mike Middleton was there and it was the same time she cut my Mom's face from what I remember, because then they had her draw on me with a pen, on my face and then they gave me a pen to draw on her face, so she scribbled on my face and I put big round clown circles on her face and Mike got mad, thinking after all, he did mind, because I thought she was a clown and I was beaten up, tied, drugged somehow, and when I woke up I had pen marks over my entire body including my legs, arms, face, stomach, rear, --everywhere and people had written dirty words on my body and all kinds of things.

Charles of Wales also visited me at night one time, and Mike waited out in the main room and he was in my bed and I had a nightgown on and he tried to take my virginity or fondled me or something and then all of a sudden, without doing anything else, he was strangling me, and then he had a cord from somewhere and I was on my back gasping for air and almost passed out when he got close enough to my face and I bit his ear and wouldn't let go.  He yelped in pain, backhanded me across the bed, and said, "Mike, I'm a bloody mess" or "This is a bloody mess."  His ear was bleeding profusely.  Then my Dad or one of the Roberts tried to do the same thing and strangle me and I bit his ear and either Charles or a Robert had to go to the hospital to have their ear checked and Charles was saying he didn't want to get "rabies from that animal".  So I think this was part of their whole point to force me into an animal quarantine later, in animal cages, after I was raped.

I know for certain, one of them had to go to the Coquille hospital for treatment and they probably didn't say "A little girl bit my ear."  Then Mike Middleton was supposed to "have at" me next and they called him "chicken" because he didn't want to get near me, or one of the Scotland Yard didn't, because they said they wanted to keep all of their body parts.

Then when my Mom was lying down with me after Charles had left, she was shaking her head and crying and crying silent tears.  He had really almost killed me.  I didn't know why she was crying though--what part or over what aspect of what was happening?
After the Clintons and other royals were at the place, was when the Secret Service group was there and they made it sound like they were arresting my Mom or one of the Dicksies.  I know both she and Diana Spencer held a gun against me so I thought that was what it was over.  I didn't think Diana always seemed bad.  Sometimes I thought she had a searching look to her eyes--the way she'd look in your eyes, searching out what she thought the case to be or what she thought she saw.  She was around for several attempts to rape me or possibly murder me though, so I don't know.  I could see flickers of fear shoot through her eyes at time, of confusion, revenge or mean-spiritedness, and a whole range, but I wasn't ever sure if the fear was over me, over herself, or how to pin-point what she was up to, and I wanted to like her and often did, but then I'd suddenly remember something like electrocution by her or another revenge thing, or how she was around when people were about to kill me or tried, and by the time I was raped by Barak, I thought she was pretty bad.  I thought all of them were because I couldn't believe they'd just set that whole thing up.  The last time I remember seeing her (back then), she was holding the tranquilizer gun and had shot me (after I was raped I believe, so if that happened after the rape, I remember that) after saying, "I'm not very sweet."  I was 11 or 12 years old.  I forgot about all of them.  I know much later, I was maybe in my last year of high school or out of high school and the first teen mags started showing "Hunky William" but I never noticed until one day, someone deliberately brought it out to my attention, holding it and said, "Don't you think he's good-looking?" and I looked, and not recognizing who he was at all, or that I'd ever met him I said, "No, not really."  I know the person I was with got sort of mad and I wondered, "Hmm, that's odd.  Curiously, she seems sort of spitefully offended or mad I said I didn't really think that guy was very good-looking.  I wonder what her problem is."  Then she showed me another photo saying, "Well you don't like his face or his body?" and I said, "I guess he has a nice body maybe."  Then, I remember this woman acted spooked or weird and again, I thought, "What is it now?  Why would that be a big deal?" and I had no idea.  I remember this occasion only because of wondering about her reaction to some stranger in a magazine.  But now I realize it probably had something to do with the idea that if she was someone who knew what I had said when I was little, and then saw a photo of him decades later, they thought for sure I was wrong about my prediction then, or how I saw things, in my own perspective.  From my perspective, what I had foreseen when I was younger, was exactly what I ended up thinking later, even though I had no idea who I was being asked to "assess" with my opinion.  Maybe she was hoping I'd say "Yes, he's good looking" and they'd all say, "Yeah and he is a soccer player too and you're wrong about everything" but as it turned out, my subjective opinion, when asked when I was little, was honest, as I saw it.  I didn't base my opinion on remembering what I'd said long ago--it was my honest first thought.  So yes, I was psychic when I was a kid, and I was used by various groups for that reason and then tortured over it too, and electrocuted.  Not because I was "mentally ill" but because I was a gifted psychic.

With the Dicksies, it seemed on this occasion, the one thought she was following a directive from Diana and then all of a sudden was ambushed by one of the Robert Jrs and some others there.  So I thought my life was being saved.  But then at other times I thought one of the Dicksies was trying to save my life and I don't know.  Rock-climbing was an attempt to kill me, but maybe the other times were too and I was too lucky to even know it.

Also, some cousins showed up and they were Corbin and Aaron and Amy Ball and Corbin got especially vicious.  I never would have imagined he could be so incredibly brutal because he comes across as some easy-going, peace-loving, do-right beatnik and he attacked me.  I can't remember with what but for some reason, I think a pocket-knife.  I also remember all the cousins and my brother talking about not wanting to get rabies from me and thinking, why are they all on their own same side and against me?

Anyway, about the Clintons, I don't know what they did the whole time at the bridge in Bonners Ferry but later they came to the place with baseball hats and their dart man.  I couldn't tell for sure if it was one of the Clintons, the military-looking man or a Robert Jr. or Mike Middleton. 

It's possible that every one of the Princes, including Prince Philip (their Dad) came out to that place.  I do not remember any of the royal women visiting that specific camper except for Diana Spencer and it's possible Duchess Valerie visited one time.  If so, she would have probably been the one who brought up playing cards. Which would possibly mean she may have been the one around the second gun scene.  Which would mean Diana was with the other gun scene in the camper.

One time I was in the bathroom, this little closet, and I didn't know people had gone in or what they were doing and I walked out and one said, "Did she hear anything?" and they looked nervous. 

If there were extra royals out there at some point, maybe Snowden or Valeries husband or a cousin somewhere, but I didn't see everyone.

I almost feel like I can remember sleeping in a bassinet in her room, Duchess Valerie's room once, with her husband there, and they were once really nice to me.  I have sort of this vague impression of it, and I remember I shared it with another baby.  I remember feeling so cozy and snug next to the other baby and then one day they took the other baby away and we didn't sleep together anymore and I felt very cold and alone and cried a lot.  We didn't sleep back-to-back I don't think because I remember facing or turning towards the other baby, same age as I was.  I think the man spoke another language besides just English or Spanish.  I remember some other kind of dialect like German or Russian--something with that other kind of hard-sound in language to it, but a nice man. 

The woman sort of looked like Valerie and the man had a beard sort of like maybe her husband or something and there was this other baby I thought I'd always sleep next to.  That was in a bassinette, with very soft materials and I think sometimes we were handed a little stuffed animal toy, a red rattle (that I liked a LOT) and keys.  I shook that rattle all the time.  It was a round red rattle on the end of a stick, and I would shake it and it rattled, rattled, rattled.  And I loved keys too and would chew on them.  If I got mad, I rattled, and if I was happy, I rattled.

I remember the day The Assholes took my red rattler from me.  They beat me with it first, while I was still lying there in my bassinette.  They beat me sometimes, out of the blue, with the other baby next to me and then all of a sudden, when it was gone, they beat me.  I remember me and the other baby screaming and crying together sometimes and then all of a sudden, it was just me and this mean horrific nightmare man staring down at me, a real Monster.  Then this blond pretty woman who had been so nice to me for so long, was either a different blond pretty woman or changed, because she got up close to my face and would try to disorganize me--my thoughts, my speech, and even tried to have me go cross-eyed.

This song came to mind:  Jezebel by Sade.

It was a beautiful bassinette, with a beautiful veil over it, a beautiful rock to it, and peacefulness and comfort and my beautiful baby friend and playtoys.

I don't know why anyone would have me sleep with that other baby all the time, like we were twins.  I used to shake my rattle like a bell, they said it was my bell.  And then one day, I rattled it and Monsters came instead of people.  I knew their other language too.  I didn't speak it because I wasn't speaking yet, but I knew it.  I knew what they were saying to me and about me and around me.  I spied on them.

Of course I understood and they knew I knew.

They got mad at me because they realized I knew and they wanted to beat it out of me.  Some of them there, who captured me, knew I was psychic and they were as well.  This is what made one of them the most hateful, is he knew and it bugged him that I was already picking up on him.  He hated me since I was a baby.  He had blond hair and wore an oxford shirt. 

I was beaten while lying in my bassinette more than once.  I was punched in the face, in the stomach, and I was beaten viciously with toys, keys, and objects.

It was the start the "tradition" of ritual abuse that the United States of America has sponsored.

I was kidnapped.  They talked about details of kidnapping me and what to do with me.  It was either an international kidnapping or a CIA-sponsored kidnapping because I remember the change in languages.  I was in a Mercedes Benz, new ones, as a baby.  I don't mean just Granny or Grandpa Baird's Mercedes, there was a black one.  It was a large luxury black Mercedes Benz.  I believe it was used to kidnap me.  I was in and out of a Mercedes very young, and then there was a kidnapping incident where it was taken over by kidnappers or someone used another one and kidnapped me.  Someone was murdered in the car.

I had a different name too, and they weren't calling me by the same name I am called by now.

I also know when I was a young toddler, a little older, I had a sibling that looked like me, or there was another kid like me, and we had to wear bracelets so when all of us visited, we wouldn't get mixed up.  There were twin "mothers", like Dicksies, and then there was me and some other kid that looked like me, and we used to all be able to play together in one room sometimes, with all of us wearing bracelets or ID stuff, and then one day, they said we didn't need them anymore and I couldn't tell the Dicksies apart and I never saw the other kid who looked like me again.

The woman who was murdered in the Mercedes, covered me with her body and was shot.  I was just slightly older then, not a brand new baby and probably at least sitting.  From what I remember, a Robert Jr. Garrett kidnapped me with some other people.  Either he kidnapped me and prevented me from getting to safety, or someone who looked like him did and then even though I was a kid, it was rubbed in my face, that their evil had triumphed over my good.

It was a black Mercedes or a Rolls Royce.  It is not impossible that it was a black Rolls Royce because I was driven in both Rolls, and they called it "the Rolls" and in a Mercedes.  Which is sort of sick, if this is something Middletons wanted to allude to with driving a Rolls called "The Phantom" to Katie's wedding, when a phantom is a ghost and someone was murdered in that Rolls I was in who was trying to protect me and get me to safety.  From what I remember, on one occasion, Mike Middleton was involved, either with the shooting and murders of two people in the back who covered me with their bodies, or with beating up and tricking a blond woman who was trying to get me to safety with some Germans I think.  One man who showed up once was possibly Edward Howard, but in what capacity I don't know.  I know Mike Middleton murdered someone with a black gun like a glock.  He also carried and knew how to use an Uzi--a machine gun.  Robert Guy Garrett Jr. also worked with possibly the same group, or kidnapped me out of a car once, or helped take over a car when possibly one of the Dicksies or a woman didn't want them to.  The people who were supposedly my parents were murdered.  One of them got out a small hand-held spy-videocamera at one point, and started videotaping something secretly from inside of the car.  Another of them used a camera to take photos of murders.  The videotaping, from what I remember, was of someone who was killed, maybe someone running away, and mostly, filming me as I was screaming and crying.  I had blood all over me, from the bodies of the people who were murdered next to me.  This man looked at me, mocked me and said, "You look like you've seen a ghost."  This was for the later car ambush, not when I was a baby, but a little older from what I remember and he said, "Look at how white you are".  These kinds of comments were made by one car ambush group that included a black man (I don't know whose side) and then another ambush group that included Jews with darker skin who tried to bring up race to maybe cover for the ghost comment.

Either two or one people were murdered in the car, a man and woman or just the woman, but I remember a man trying to call out my name as he was dying.  He was in the front seat, a chauffeur or the man sitting next to him and I think he had a hat on, some kind of pilot's hat or a hat like that with that kind of brim.  I think he was Italian or Middle Eastern (not Jewish), maybe French.  Darker complected.  He said my name, and he said "I'm so sorry" and kept saying he was so sorry and no, and then he quit talking because he appeared to die.   It was maybe "oh my God, oh my God..." he kept saying something like this over and over and then saw me being taken away and I could see only fear in his eyes for me.  His eye staring at me was the lone cows eye I thought of when I heard this one Joan Baez song.   There were possibly two cars.

One maybe had a man and woman dying who took care of me and I was screaming for them.  They were killed in front of me.  Then there was an attempt to move me to a safer place and the car was ambushed, the driver or front-seat man killed and was dying, and then the woman was a blond I think who got beat up for trying to leave somewhere with me.

Instead of a CIA scene where they tried to terrify me using their agents and employees plotting to create panic in me by scaring me in cars from behind, from the backseat, when they had murdered people trying to protect me, those individuals turned around from the front seat, one of them and held out a gun and shot, and another time the man sitting next to us in the back ended up being a murderer and kidnapper.  I was underneath the bodies the first time, because one of them moved over me so they were shot and killed instead of me.

Then they took me to a place and beat me up and they hated me ever since they had me, because they knew I was smarter than them, as a baby, I was psychic and reading their minds and they hated me for it.  They kidnapped me for revenge over something.

I remember a group of them, sitting around my bassinette or a crib or something they'd moved me to and one of them said, quit talking about it,  and the others said what are you talking about? and he said the baby is listening.  They said, "Are you nuts?  that baby isn't listening you moron." (something like that).  He stared at me, with a menacing look and said, "Yes she is.  I know she is."  The others said are you out of your mind.  One of them stood up, walked over and looked in at me, and I saw his face and they asked me a question, to move in some way or respond if I understood them, and I did.  They freaked out and then they beat me.  The man said, "I told you so."  I knew that man was psychic and it was how he knew I was listening and paying attention to their criminal schemes.

This song reminds me of some of it, because later one of them said they were going to call me "Jezebel".  One woman had called me Jessica/Jessie.  I was also called Anna before anyone even told me this had been part of my name once.  The reason the man said they were going to call me "Jezebel" was instead of Jessica, and instead of a pet name one man gave me of "Belle" for beautiful.  I remember being called Anna by the German or Russian-speaking people and maybe Jessica by the German-speaking ones.  The French speakers called me pet names, like endearing words, and that is what I think the driver was or man who died was.  He looked like Italian, Middle-Eastern or French but he knew I knew those words in French were words of endearment, in general.

The people who had me in the bassinette with the veil, before they beat me or someone took over to beat me, were speaking German I think.  Possibly Russian but I think it was German.  My impression was that it was a Jewish Mossad mob that kidnapped me and murdered some people trying to take me to safety.  Here's how much a "baby" remembered and was "listening".  I heard them talking about Mossad.  It was the first time I had heard the word and I knew it meant "CRIMINALS and MURDERERS".

One time it was a group of men who were talking about Mossad and knew Hebrew and then the next group it was some Russian or U.S.-Ukraine group, smaller in size.  I don't know how I went from one to the other or how I visited but they talked to each other.

When I was being held hostage by the Mossad group they weren't nice to me at all, and then one of them decided to play a horn and played music there.  They weren't playing to make nice music.  They said can't you shut her up?  (Me, because I was crying) and so one of them got out a horn and mocked my crying by playing a saxophone to the tune, or rhythm and innuendo of my crying, and to drown me out.  So then the other guys were laughing and thought it was funny and I cried more.  There were no women around.  Then when they met with the Russians, they were talking about guns and weapons and why I was there.  There were no women around.  I saw one of the Dicksies actually and this blond woman just came out and fed me or gave me a blanket and that was it--hardly any emotion.

When I was with the Valerie looking person and a man who looked like her husband, I was suddenly beaten one day by a man who looked like him, possibly Steven Spielberg.  It was someone who resembled the other man but who was Jewish and had a beard and was younger at that time.  Then there was a younger man who punched me and a Robert Jr. who punched me and beat me.  I was also attacked with a knife inside of the bassinette while the other baby was in the bassinette with me, and they attacked him or her worse with the knife than with me.  It was a baby like me, same age and everything, and they started cutting into it, and it was bleeding everywhere and screaming and they made me lie there next to the baby without being able to do anything.  I think it lived because what I remember was they were suffocating me so I was having to try to breathe with them temporarily cutting off my air supply all the time, and I kept hoping the other baby was okay but I don't remember as much.  It didn't move around as much and it possibly died.  I almost wonder if they took it out and I was screaming and they put a dead baby back in the bassinette with me because I sort of remember something like that.  Then I think they put a doll in there and I knew it wasn't the same thing as a baby.  They maybe took the baby out and just put a dead one in that was different, to be creepy, and then a doll, but that's what I remember.  Larry, a black man, later assaulted me when I was in my crib, in a similar way, but he wasn't the first person I remember.  Gloria was a woman who did, and she was half Japanese and half American-white.

Basically, every morning when the sun was up, I was greeted by this blond woman or a man who took me out of the bassinette, and sometimes it was a "nurse" who picked me up, like a "nana" and I think I maybe called her "nana" and others called her a nurse, and she brought me to my parents to be fed.  The blond woman usually had long sleeves on, like from a robe or long-sleeved shirt or dress and I remembered noticing the texture of her sleeves.  I paid attention to the colors of her sleeves and how they felt when I was held and fed.  The man I don't remember quite as much but I felt warm when held and he always, or usually had a watch on.

Some man, maybe not the same one who wore one when I was fed, used to put the watch inside of the bassinette with me so I could hear it ticking after they took the other baby out.

In one of the feeding sessions, later, after they had switched people or something, the woman tried to get me to do oral sex on the man who had the watch on, or he would have her do this for him while he was holding me and feeding me with the bottle and I remembered wondering why the woman was doing this.  I don't think she wanted to because that wasn't the impression I had as a baby.  Then he'd say, "You think I have to feed BOTH of YOU?" and kicked the woman in the face until she fell backwards.  He would tell her to crawl on her hands back up to him.  This happened more than once--it happened all the time.  He did the same thing, and others did, and it was sick.  Maybe not all the time, but a few times to where I remembered it even as a baby.  "Do you think I have to feed BOTH of you?" kicking her away when he was ejaculating.  It was disgusting, like everything the CIA stands for.  I don't remember the man being a Robert Garrett Jr. but a different man.

After they moved me from the woman with the long sleeves and colors, they had me held by a woman who wore itchy material and sleeves that were scratchy and then someone with no sleeves, and around the time Mossad and a Russian group were hocking weapons deals, they told me my real parents were poor beggars and that I was from the lowest strata of humans you could be from, and so since I was a peasant, and my parents were "peasants", I was to go out and beg with my hands open.  From what I remember, it was the Maiers family that took part in this, telling one of the Dicksies they wanted to see me begging.  They said this, along with another group. 

First I was hearing talk about how I was kidnapped from a very rich family.  I heard negotiations about how much I could be sold for.  Then suddenly I was from a "beggar family" and then it was one thing after another until I was just "Cameo Garrett", pretty much normal middle class. 

Regardless of whatever "class" I was born into, I was able to read some of their minds and remember things they did and said when I was only several months old.  So in my opinion, that has nothing to do with "class" and everything to do with why groups of people despised and hated me, for knowing too much, understanding too much, and reading their minds when I was a baby.  To keep me down, and make themselves feel good, they tortured me and abused me to knock me down to what they felt was closer to their own level.  They had kidnapped me out of revenge.  They weren't treating me like a citizen with any rights, ever.  They treated me, my entire life, like a beating bag they used as their hostage through 4 Presidents and Middleton and some others.

They have done the same thing to my son, kidnapping him from me by friends who are in this "business", and nothing about what has been done to my son has been legal or "official" even if it looks that way.  You can say a black man is white all you want, and he's still black.  You can even write in all of the official records "he's white" and he's still black.  It's the same with my son and his being "adopted" or kidnapped from me.  It says "adopted" but he's still kidnapped.  Do you want to argue with me?

Do you Reaaaalllly want to argue with me?

I thought not.  That's why your pansies electrocuted me instead, because you can't "take" it.  This country sent out how many lawyers that were working for the CIA against me?  Just lawyers alone, not including their military and other types.  How many lawyers?

The latest thing they've been doing is trying to disfigure my face and they started this a year ago.  Tonight the U.S. has been using technology from this computer, which I was pushed to buy when they made it the only one available, and have been using ionic energy of some kind to 'carve out' designs into my skin on my face while I sit in front of the computer writing about their SHIT.

What is the Pentagon?  SHIT.
What is NASA?  SHIT.
What is the CIA?  The CIA is a fucking piece of SHIT organization that does not deserve to be in existence.

You just got the last 30 years of decline in America, thanks to 4 fucking CIA-sponsored pedophiles in a row.  That's right.   Look at how "much" God is "blessing" America for what the CIA and FBI have done.  God must be really happy with George Bush Sr., his Middleton pal Katie, George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama--all of them child pedophiles and rapists; all of them who electrocuted me, tortured me by sodomy with sticks, and kept the British monarchy's secret of ramming a fire-hot poker into my rectum along with a stick and putting me on torture devices.  So what was the CIA aiming for with that?

So guess what America?  You can THANK the CIA and Pentagon for being so full of SHIT all they cared about was aiming for my ass instead of acting like adults with moral responsibilities and doing something that puts the country ahead instead of setting it back to the fucking Middleton Ages.  Those Presidential "offerings" that the U.S. citizens got, were FED to them by corrupt corporate "leaders" like Bill and Melinda Gates, who broke my neck, participated in sodomy of me, and stood on my neck for refusing to kiss Barak Obama on the lips when I was age 11, instead allowing him to call me a "slut" and a "whore" who is "too good for blacks but not royals" when I am not the one fucking kissing Royal British Ass like Obama Kissed Kate Middleton's.

Let's not forget, I'm not someone who stood off to the side over clergy sex abuse, and I was sodomized by some of them, and then ridiculed when they knew I didn't remember all of it at the time.  I am also not the self-proclaimed "special" person Jew who orders poisoning of boys to throw up, repeated rape, and torture by energy-directed weapons.

The U.S. presented to the U.S. citizens, who the CIA through people should vote for, and who Middleton and some royals and a couple of internationals liked, and they used their criminal sodomy circle with Bill Gates, Thebaults, and syndicates, to promote their own people.  They put Katie Middleton, a U.S. Army brat, into a royal position with the British monarchy after giving her welfare check after welfare check that was coming from briefcases full of stolen assets and money and hits the CIA paid for, on her behalf.  They are incredibly relieved now there is a public kid and one living in the U.S. too, because they will continue to further their agenda.

So that's it.  The United States likes Sodomy so much, they made it their National Symbol for Presidents and the CIA.  Who else likes Sodomy or finds it more "acceptable" than average, outside of the U.S.?  Well, let's offer them some loan money and get them into the country quick, right?   Like East India.  East India, for one country, does not have a big taboo against sodomy, so the U.S. can feel more secure about their crimes and why God doesn't bless the United States of America anymore.

Do you really think the U.S. is able to propser financially when the CIA is running around spending money with the Pentagon and technology industry to sodomize little kids?  Playing games over breaking kids' necks, and electrocuting them while organizing huge groups of lawyers and FBI and cops to cover up for the worst possible crimes anyone can commit against children?

Maybe a person can be that corrupt and manage a country well at the same time, but I would say, the evidence already proves the United States has been on the fast-track to the Slums of India.  Why pick East India for the big 'trade payoff'?  Well, for one thing, the U.S. wants to bribe off the current leader of the UN from holding any of the countries that are complicit in these organized crimes from doing anything.  Secondly, they figure most Indian people are struggling and will do anything for the U.S., including kill or torture without conscience, and then finally, where else can you find people who still have ties to the British monarchy and who are also very "sodomist-friendly" when every single President your country has had for the last 3 decades has committed crimes of electrocution and sodomy against little kids?

Maybe you can find a few Arab sheepherders or people who have been sodomists at some time, but you'll never find the cache they knew they secured when they got East India deal.  Eastern Indians might have "caste" problems, and "concerns about wiping with the left hand and eating with the right", but they have no moral objections to sodomy in any part of their religious practices, which makes them perfect corporate partners for clergy who sodomize, Jews who do, Bill and Melinda Gates, Mike Middleton and Gary Goldsmiths's friends, some British royals, and the CIA, and every single past Presidential administration and their employees all the way back to the early 80s.

Eastern Indians have more liberal sexual practices than most every other culture and religion, so while they may be conservative in some ways, they are not going to look as harshly at businessmen and women who "sodomized kids" because to many of them, "It's natural" and it's natural at even age 12 or so.  No one is going to be that shocked, from their group, about The CIA FOCUS on Sodomy and Electrocution For Kids.

So first, find the country with the most people who are going to think "Ah, they're not such bad guys!  That Bushie Tushie is not bad at all! or Clinton's Rocking Socks Machine. 

In East India they have a prized sex manual that specifically encourages sodomy, for all types, in all castes, so it's not considered to be a big deal, unlike how it is viewed by some in the U.S. and especially with regard to children.  So the first step was securing a bunch of 'friends' who are going to think sodomy and rape of kids is okay and maybe not really rape.  The next is to find out who is most supportive of torturing U.S. citizens.  So which countries have the worst/best track records for electrocution device inventions and use? 

Lets look at the "economy".  It looked really good for a couple of years in the 90s, for some, until things crashed.  Nothing has been "okay" with this country financially since this country began sponsoring electrocution torture and sodomy and rape of kids, in ritual abuse themes funded by the CIA.  The graph?  Looks something like this: \  Some fairly even stability and then plunging, going down, down, down, down, down.  Up one day, down 2 days, up one day, down 3 days.  It's not a mid-life crisis for the U.S., it's called AARP.

Get ready for Retirement.  So the Berlin Wall fell, and so Russia's iron curtain went down.  And now the U.S. is retiring with its good name now bearing a stick in the rectum of a kid as its proud symbol of all they stand for, along with a Tor helmet with a lightening symbol for electrocution of kids.

Way to go.

WAY TO GO.  Boy CIA.  You guys are realllly working overtime, just like Jamie Cartright and the Pentagon Peons.  If ONLY you could have shoved just ONE more stick up some kid's ass, maybe, just maybe, you could have seen China become capitalist democracy and then those of you who are rich from your corporate crimes against me and my son and some others, could move your families to live there instead of the U.S. that you already proved you never cared about--you greedy stealing thieving child rapists.  Or, better yet, you can move to England and feel more special there next to a U.S. Army brat who married a royal and tries to pass herself off as "a sparkling gem" while her entire team of supporters sticks fire-brands in kid's rectums for a living.

But she is a real advocate for "children with cancer" just like Billy and Lindy Gates.

You can think about it just a tiny bit if you want to, and if you're at all religious, wonder why the U.S. is no longer blessed, or if you're not religious, you can wonder where the law and structure for society went and why, exactly, were all of the same people involved in targeting me, and a few others, when I was a kid--fixated on revenge and power so badly, you might wonder whose motive it was to reward a Presidential position and a royal British position, and immunity from corporate prosecution, to each and every individual who violently raped, sodomized, or electrocuted me as a kid.  Who has that much power and money at their disposal, for paying dividends like that, to criminals who have brought the entire nation down to the level of a 3rd world country?

These are the sickos that have been running the U.S.  So start looking at the sickos who funded them.
10/27/13.  Does Katie Middleton look clean and is she behaving herself this morning, on Sabbath day, in an inoffensive way, without swearing?  I'm quite sure.  She and the Gates should invite the "cancer children" to their Sunday services next week, and be sure to carry a red riding stick to the Archbishop darling.

So back to things I remember from England and internationally, which Barak Obama himself tried to bring up again and mention, when he raped me in 1986?  I am not completely sure yet, if it was 1985, 1986 or 1987, but from what I remember and putting a calendar together, it was around 1986, which was about the time Edward Howard from the CIA formally defected from the United States to Russia.  I was 10, 11, and 12 those respective years, on October.  One of the things Barak Obama said to me before raping me, aside from "Do I look like a monkey to you?" was "You are sure white.  You seen a ghost or something?"  So he was also referring to a "hit" performed in England that HE knew about, when I was a little girl inside of a car, with a white man and a black man running from the car.  They ran off with a duffel bag from the car in their hands, or a backpack.  The black man was younger, taller and slim, and he looked back at me as he ran forward, to the front of the vehicle and beyond.  He was with a shorter white man.  Basically, someone attacked from inside the car, the car was forced to stop so these thugs could jump it and run off with something while I was there screaming and I don't think they had planned on my still being alive.  The name I heard said out loud was "Larry" and it sounded like Larry but it looked like Gary Goldsmith.  I recognized one of the persons who jumped the car, one of them looked like Larry or Barak Obama, the black man did, in physique and face, and the other man looked like Gary Goldsmith who ran off with him.  He looked like a black man named Larry who I knew, but it was in England, and Barak Obama also looked like Larry and they had the same approximate height, weight, and facial features, and possibly even hairstyle.  There was possibly an Italian or shorter Jewish man too, who had another car or was ahead of them, but they were the two running off "with the bag" and who had premeditated being there for the ambush.  The black man said to him, to Gary, "She's still alive."  They had tried to kill me and when I wasn't dead, one of them said to the other one, "Oh shit.  She's still alive" and the other one said, "We don't have time--run."  Then when they were running, the black man turned around and pointed a gun at me and I don't know what happened but they took off.  When they were still around the car, to take things, before leaving one of them hit the top of the roof of the car.  They were also talking about, or mentioned the name "Manny" which was possibly for Emmanuel Rose, a Jewish Rabbi whose wife was English-born and who hated France.

From what I remember, our car was heading to Paris, France.

When I was in one of the vehicles, someone used a machine gun at some point.  In the car going to France it was either a black Rolls Royce or a black luxury Mercedes Benz.  I remember one of the Robert Garrett Jrs being involved in that one.  Mike Middleton and one of the Robert Jrs.  Mike I saw outside of the car with a gun.  Robert Jr. was inside the car and forced the car to stop which allowed the Larry-Gary-Barak Obama people to steal something and run and then wonder how I was still alive.  From what I remember, all of them carried something.  They all ran away from me with either a gun or machine gun and/or a bag and one of them stole keys.  They blasted the car I was in, with the couple in the back, with a machine gun.  Not just regular guns.  They were trying to kill me as well as the couple.  The last thing the woman who died did, before she died, was put a gold locket necklace around my neck and that is what the black man saw when he turned back to look at me as I was covered in blood.  One of them did try to kill me still, Gary Goldman or the black man and when they tried, one said, "I can't.  My gun is locked"(jammed) and then the other one saw me with the locket and freaked out and ran.

Then it was the other kind when I was next ambushed with one of the Dicksies in the car, when I was a little older.  Edward Howard or someone who looked like him was in that one with, I believe, Mike Middleton again.

Later, I believe it was this same gold locket, if it was not stolen from me, that I was forced to give to the Middletons one day in England when I was going to a house to meet them with my Mom and Dad.  It was possibly another one, and not the first one, but they took it and that was before I was age 8 and the ambushing was when I was very young.

So later, they tried to continue to get revenge against me by jamming me with a stick up my rectum, repeatedly, with numerous U.S. officials and lawyers and clergy, and they put keys inside of my rectum and tore them out, and viciously and brutally raped and assaulted me and never quit until after I was age 13 and then they were planning how to murder me with 'brake failure' by the time I was 15 or 16 years old and again, they used a black sedan as their leading car in assaulting me in my car to try to kill me again.

My impression was that the Robert Jrs were not my Dad when I was in the car that was machine-gunned because after one of them stopped the car so the Middleton-Goldsmith-Rose-Obama people could steal and murder, he took me out of the car saying, "And now I'm taking your daughter."  He didn't say he was taking his daughter, or "Hi Cameo", he said, "I'm taking your daughter" and the only people in the car were dead and then maybe one of the drivers slightly alive still, and unless there was surveillance he was speaking to (possible), he made the comment to someone in that vehicle.  It was one of the Robert Jrs who said this, and when he picked me up it wasn't like he loved me, he picked me up like someone who was on a revenge mission.

Then he lied when cops got there, because some kind of person or official arrived, and he made it sound like he'd had nothing to do with it and was a victim of an ambush and I was his kid.  He was the one who forced the driver to stop and he had said himself I wasn't his daughter but he was taking me.  Then when they asked what my name was he gave a different name than what I was called and they said do you have her papers (birth certificate) and he said no, they were at his house or apartment and he hadn't thought to carry them with him for a short trip to be dropped off somewhere or go to the grocery store or something.

Then the next time I was in a car, with a Dicksie, she put a necklace locket around my neck too, to cover for the way it happened with the first car, and it was Edward Howard sitting on one side and Mike Middleton on the other side and they were driving to Germany and then Mike said stop the car or revealed himself as not going along with the plan and the Dicksie acted shocked and upset and scared and then Edward Howard was and then I wasn't sure if I saw her smile at one point, like she was actually glad about it or something.  So they stopped the car, one person was shot or threatened to be shot and a necklace put around my neck and then I had to stay where I was.

Also, when I was at an apartment with the Mossad group, who had the instruments and horns they first imitated my crying with it and then they put the horn right to my eardrum and would play the loudest notes they could into my ears, until I couldn't hardly hear anymore and my ears ached.  They then said, "She can't listen now--she has an ear-ache."  This is with the group where one of them said they didn't like it that the "baby" was there because "it's listening" so this is what they did to me, in hate crimes, so they thought I couldn't "listen" anymore.  They blew horns into my ears until I had an earache.  Then I had one of the Dicksies later coming out to check my ears because they hurt so bad and they brought out a rubber syringe that was red and for suctioning fluid out of ear canals and I had this done.

Anyone wonder why Katie wore "acorn" earrings to her wedding?  from her "mother".  Ache-horn-earrings.  How symbolic.  I wonder why she wasn't wearing a locket too.

It wasn't like they did this to me for a few minutes.  They tortured me with their musical instruments blasting into my eardrums.  They had also taken away my red rattler from me and I was seeing a red rubber syringe for irrigating my ears with salt water instead.  Gary Goldman was at that apartment and he was one of the individuals with a musical instrument.  One of the Roberts was another and then there was some Jewish person who was smaller.

One of the women who put a necklace on me, put it on me and then around the lock that stuck up from the inside of the door and kicked the door open so that I was trapped with my head hanging out of the door, with a necklace holding me to the lock as I was strapped into a seatbelt or something.  It meant I was a sitting duck for anyone who wanted to take aim at my head. There was a man involved with it as well.

As for the twins and how the Dicksies were both allowed to see me, along with Carol Middleton and another woman and I played with kids and one who looked like me, they had all of us in what felt like a monitored playgroup.  Like some kind of weird CIA arrangement with windows that could look into the room and watch the adults interact with the kids.  There were two different places where I remember we all wore bracelets, and we were observed.  One place was my house in Moses Lake, Washington, from what I remember, once or twice.  The transition was to that house.  Prior to this, we were all meeting in some kind of a large room with toys for kids to play with and then there was a rectangular window, like the size or shape of the lights for under the Pont d'Alma bridge, like this:
l                l

They told me "Point to your Mama."

They kept saying, "Point to your Mama" and "Point to Ama".  Which one is your Mama?  Which one is Ama?  They had Diana Spencer in there, two or three (at least two) of the Dicksies, Carol Middleton, and one or two other women.  Possibly Locklyn one time, and maybe another woman.  Possibly Valerie one time.  I remember I kept crying and saying my Ama wasn't there.  At one point, I think Queen Elizabeth came in for a moment.  They went back and forth with the Queen and Anne.  I remember Diana Spencer standing there and the look on her face.  I think they brought her in when they said does your Mom have blond hair or brown hair and showed me photos of what the difference was and I said, brown, so they brought in Elizabeth and Anne and later, Locklyn.  I recognized Queen Elizabeth and Anne and Locklyn.  I remember I was confused though and probably someone had tried to confuse me deliberately.  I pointed to one of them and said, "Ama" but what I kept telling them was my Ama wasn't there in that room.  I remember Diana wanted me to point to someone.  This was after the car ambushing.

I was not only interrogated about who was my Mama and to point to her, at other times, I was in a room playing with another kid that looked exactly like me.  When they removed the kid, I was running into mirrors all the time because I ran to hug the kid and didn't know it was myself.  I thought the reflection of me, was the other kid I'd been playing with all the time so I would run to hug them and smack my head on the mirror.  It happened all the time, and went on for a few years intermittently because I still remembered the other kid.  I think it's possible I had an identical twin or someone who looked just like me who they dressed the same.  I even remember wearing our twin clothes together.  When I was having those meetings, we were always dressed the same, not in different clothes.  The only way to tell us apart was by our bracelets.  Sometimes they would tell us apart with one of us carrying a purse and the other one not, and one of us wearing gloves and the other one didn't.  So if it wasn't a bracelet, it was something like this done to tell us apart, and then a few times they said they didn't know which one was which and they got them confused.  Once a bracelet was switched on me on purpose, and another time I was supposed to keep track of something and didn't and then they couldn't tell.  So they would take blood samples from us.  I had a blood sample taken from me every week it seemed.  It wasn't a large sample, but enough to check something.

The last time I remember wearing the same clothes and being with her, whoever she was, I was maybe 4 years old or something, possibly younger, but we were all dressed up again.  Later, ideas of twin clothes for me and my cousin Rani, even though there was an age difference, came up, or other ideas of how to match, but I was meeting a girl who was my identical twin for a long time, and if she wasn't identical, she looked it and no one could tell the difference without ID bracelets or blood drawn.  Possibly they had a "double" but I think we even had the same mannerisms and voice, except one was quieter than the other.  I'm sure I was the more energetic one.

When I was a baby, I thought maybe I had a boy twin that I shared a bassinette with but I'm not positive about sex.  Then I was meeting a twin girl that looked like me and playing with her and then running into things when I didn't see her anymore.  One day they said, we are taking off the bracelets and don't need them anymore and that was the last time I ever saw her.  I thought one of us was in Canada and the other one was in the U.S.  One of the Dicksies got very upset, saying, and insisting, you got the wrong one.  It's the wrong one.  I was only a toddler or younger and she was crying and saying you have the wrong one.  It's the wrong one.  They all said, "No, we got it figured out" and she kept saying no, you're all wrong.

There were two different things going on, one was asking me if I knew who my mother was and could I point her out from the women they brought in.  The other thing was possibly before or after this and regarding the other girl who looked like me or was my twin and they were deciding which one was going to go where or what role I would have and that is when one of the Dicksies started to cry because they all said they knew and she said you are really seriously wrong.  There was also some upset over me figuring out which of them was my mother, but the main outcry was over what to do with me and who I was, really.  They were saying things like, "She's tougher and has more energy" (me, not the other twin) and saying I should be selected for one thing in that case and not the other and the Dicksie was saying no, she has a very sensitive heart and is artistic and you have it wrong.

Part of the reason I was there in the interrogation room in London was for figuring out my parents I guess but I kept saying she wasn't there.  I didn't see anyone like who had been raising me as my Ama.  They all looked close, and they'd later had me different places so I recognized most of them but I didn't know.  When they said Ama, I thought they meant the woman who had just been murdered and she wasn't there so I wasn't able to point her out.  The others there I knew though.  They also said which woman put the necklace on you?  I knew Diana had been in a car, a Dicksie had been in a car, and then before that probably, it was the murdered couple in the car.  Prince Philip was in one, at the front, and in another one, some Italian man maybe, with Edward Howard in the back and another.  At one time I was driven all the time by Philip's chauffeur, and sometimes Charles would be there or another person, sometimes with Camilla, other time with Diana. 

Then later, after all of this, I was having to give my last locket to Middletons with Carol saying, "You really are an orphan, aren't you."

I think I was baptized in a formal ceremony somewhere too, before I chose to be baptized in a lake when I was 9 years old.  I didn't remember it when I was 9 and I think others thought I didn't remember it.  It was some kind of all white dress ceremony like a 1st communion.  It was possibly in an Anglican church that I was baptized but maybe Catholic.  I think Anglican though and I was present when William of Wales was baptized as an infant.  I read one time, by accident, like someone thought to flash it up on my computer headlines one day, something about it and a "flickering flame" and I read it because I wondered why it came up and I remembered seeing that candle flicker and how one of the adults looked at me like I had done something.  Like I "did it".  The priest or archbishop or someone scowled at me, and then the light almost went out and a few people gasped.  I know one of those baptisms had something to do with water, aside from the sprinkling of it.  It was either when I was getting baptized very young and held in someone's arms and reached over and put my hand into a sanctified bowl of water before someone touched me, or it was that there was something at my level when I was 8 that had water, which I touched, and then the scowl came and then the flame almost died out.  There were at least 2 different incidents involving Anglican or Catholic baptisms.

I also had a first communion or something wearing an all-white dress and maybe a veil, in England, with possibly Edward Howard there or someone standing in for him.

I also prayed with Betty (Queen Elizabeth) every morning in a chapel on her property in Scotland or England for some time where we had a communion there by the priest early at dawn.   Years later, in Oregon, there was a chapel connected to Mt. Angel or a nunnery I visited that was also a separate building like the one Betty used but it was very different.  I offended them or someone accidentally by saying something didn't feel the same, like the Holy Spirit didn't feel the same there.  However, what was bizarre, is I remember a sense of depression in the Oregon place and then the England chapel I sensed the Holy Spirit and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I was literally attacked in the chapel, with Betty and priest and all.  I couldn't figure out why I sensed the Holy Spirit and then got attacked anyway.  I ran out of there screaming.  I was once locked in.  Yes, locked inside the English royal chapel.  What a great day that was.  Once it was just a knife.  Another time, a priest.  Then, locked in.  All of a sudden, one day, the Queen had all of her people jump me in the chapel while I was praying.  They carried me to be tortured at the towers.

I also sometimes prayed there with Anne.  I used to actually ask, enjoying the prayer time, if anyone wanted to go with me.  I really began to enjoy the chapel prayer in the morning and one of them thought it was a bad sign, like oh no, a holy roller.  A couple of others were okay and I thought Anne was maybe going with me for that reason.  Diana looked sort of like, "hehe, thanks for asking but no, I need to get some work done"--Diana was definitely not a big fan of the early morning chapel prayer with whoever the Archbishop or bishop or priest was.  Valerie was sort of the same.  The ones that went the most were Anne and the Queen, of the women.  I genuinely liked going, not just for the company, but because I really sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is hard to explain, but I did and I felt my day started out better with a prayer with others to God.  I prayed anyway, but could feel the "power" of being in prayer with others.  Philip also went.  He went far more than any of the other men and he slightly seemed to be sometimes halfway sincere.  When it was routine or I was there for awhile, no one went really, except for me, Anne, Philip, and Elizabeth.

Someone asked me, of them, one day, why do you go?  Why do you go, why do you like to go, what is it that makes you want to get up early to go there? and I said I liked praying there and I could sense something when I did.  One of them, maybe Diana or someone tried to help me out with what they thought I felt and said, "Power."  I said "what?" and they said, I think it was Diana who said:  "You sense power."  Some of the others who were curious as to why I went were the cousins.  I mean, at that time they were young men, much older than me, but the children of some of the other royals like the Snowdens, Ogilvys, Wessex people...whoever they were.  Some of the older "boys", I sensed, were jealous.

Of me!

Nothing, I mean nothing, bothered them and got to them more than the idea of my going to "morning prayer" with Philip or "Betty" or even Anne.  They looked at me like inquisators and with these very jealous and resentful glows from the eyes and I saw them plotting.  I don't remember which one the most, or if maybe Mark Philips was also one of them who asked with disdain, but they loathed me the most when they thought I was becoming "goody two shoes".  I didn't know what the big deal was.  Philip wasn't perfect at all, and everyone knew, and he still went to chapel and so what was wrong with that?  I think it got worse when Anne and the Queen didn't go all the time and Philip filled in when they didn't.  No one liked seeing me and Philip going to chapel is how I felt, or sensed later.  I had thought Betty liked me and liked chapel too and then I thought maybe she is getting jealous of me?  why would she care?  I thought it was a good thing to do and I did it for natural reasons, not for "political power" like half of them seem to operate.  I didn't do anything for political motives.

So when Diana or another of the boys said, "Power" I said what do you mean and they said you sense power and so I agreed to be amenable and said, "Sure, power."  Then one of them nodded with a smug satisfaction and left. 

Just like a Pharisee.  I suspect one of them tried to entrap me in words they put into my mouth.  They wanted to make me sound like I went for "political power" not because of the "power of the Holy Spirit".

Right after this is when I was then jumped in the chapel.  It was shortly thereafter.  I was going with Betty and then she'd pull a pen-knife.  I saw more of a pen-knife with Queen Elizabeth than I did with Diana.  She always had one on her.  Queen Elizabeth never left herself unarmed no matter who she was with.  Aside from pen-knives, both she and Philip were fans of "guns-under-garments" like guns in holsters at the ankle or otherwise and garter belt guns.  In the chapel one day, her pen she took in with her bible, which had some kind of a slate, like a hard metal slate that held the pages down, turned into a knife and she trapped my fingers inside of the slate on the book like a Chinese torture trap.

You know, one minute you're praying the next minute, the priest is leaping over the pulpit and the Queen has trapped your fingers inside of the Bible or book of common prayer.

Just the normal experiences all kids have in late 70s and 1980s America.

If there had been a white horse saddled up on standby in case I wanted to make a run for Scotland highlands, that would be an even better story but that's not what happened, white horse nonetheless.  Actually, one of the times, right after or around the time someone tried to do something, before the big ambush, I did race away on horses with someone.  One of the brothers or cousins and I, we raced a horse or horses out.  I remember racing on my own and with someone next to me (most of the time).  One time the person I was with raced me right into a neck trap or a branch at neck level that knocked me off the horse.  But once I raced around in a pasture with one of them.  The time I was really ambushed there was a white horse there I could see, and tied up and I couldn't get to it so it looked like an "in-your-face" Mr. Ed kind of horse that snickers at you from a distance while you're being ganged up by the Queens men. 

If I was supposed to learn a lesson I have no idea what it was.  I didn't know if they were ganging up on me for accusations of being a traitor, or spying, or trying to steal Philip from the Queen, or telling secrets, or doing something I was ordered to do that I didn't realize was wrong.  I know the Queen went at me slightly a few times and then I wouldn't go with her anymore unless someone else like Anne or another went with us.  When I was locked in, there was some kind of gas or chloroform involved because the next thing I remembered was a handkerchief over my face.  I couldn't get out and there were all of these stained-glass windows that I had admired so much, openly, and I wouldn't break them to let myself out.  When people came in to take me away it was Philip, one of the Robert Jrs, Mike Middleton, one or two of the snivelers who had tried to get me to say I went to prayer for "power" who either put hands on me or watched from a ways off, and a couple of Scottish guards.  They hauled me off to the dungeon.  I went to their dungeon two different ways:  once from the chapel and carried off to some place, and another time by a secret entrance through a private apartment in one of the castles or palaces I guess.

Yes, I was also at Althorp, Diana Spencer's place.  I was there earlier, and I remember most of it as a baby and young toddler.  I played there, with some of the kids, and I remember their wallpaper stuff, the stables, fountain, and rowing out into the pond.  Charles Spencer rowed me out to the pond, Charles Wales rowed me another place, and then I rowed in a canoe with my family as a child later.  At least one of the rowboats was capsized on purpose to spill me into the water and I had to get back in.  There were lilypads all over the place at one of the places.  Tons.

Once when I was a baby, the other kids who were older sat around my bassinette or crib or stroller I was in there, and made similar comments about "careful, she might be listening".  Jane, Sarah, and Charles.  All sat around me.  They dumped me out of my stroller at least once.  I remember one room was full of wallpaper.  I remember Francis there and Johnny.  Oh yes I do remember all.  The wallpaper room fascinated me.  Towers and pillars and rows and stacks of wallpaper rolled up everywhere.  Some of it was gorgeous paper and very artistic.  I liked it.  One of the kids tortured me in the wallpaper room though.  They tied me up, I believe it was Jane and another, and left me there and locked the door saying no one is going to play with you now. I remember it was one of the most depressing things the Spencer "echelons" did to me. 

I had been around them as a baby, so they knew me but since I was the one who had been younger, I didn't know as much about them as they knew about me.  One thing we had in common was being energetic and having experience with mystical things, though they hardly showed it.  They came across as really boring compared to what I knew what possible.

I mean, THAT was the "magician" Charlie?

I had heard they were interested in magic and spooky things and being creative and artistic and liked animals and all of these things, and then I realized when I was a little older, they were not that imaginative it seemed, and I didn't see anything unusual with psychic ability or phenomena that I hadn't witnessed to a greater level elsewhere.  However, I said some of these things to myself as a little girl, when I was hurt by them because they got jealous or mean for some reason, started calling me "weird", and then began very cruel games and isolation of me.  I did want to be friends with them and I wanted social interaction.  At times, they could be fun and forget themselves and just be kids, and other times, they were into their mind-tripping.   I think they were probably more compatible playmates than some, if they'd been a little nicer, because I do remember then I thought the Springers weren't always inventive but could be encouraged to be, and some of the Spencers were that way and a few of the others.  I don't know what it was that made them hate me because there must have been one specific event or something.

They went from sometimes fun and sometimes mean, to incredibly cruel, all of a sudden.  Charles was sometimes one I liked as a baby even though he knew I was reading his mind.  He was mean to me for it.  He read minds and he knew I was reading his mind as a baby and he didn't like it.  But other times if he showed magic tricks or games, I liked him.  He started to be a friend, and was closer to my age and then Jane got mad and wanted her brother playmate back and started doing hateful things and getting Sarah to gang up first against me and Charles and then it was all of them against just me.  Charles Spencer used to give me a ball and then take it away from me, teasing me when I had nothing to play with.  He'd raise it above me and let me touch it and then take it away and give it to me and take it away and say he didn't like me anymore.  Then he'd come back and want to show me some kind of magic trick.  I showed him some tricks too, and they used to act mad about it, saying, "you're weird" or "are you a WITCH?"  The first time I heard "You're cursed" come from anyone's mouth, it was them--the Spencer kids.  So basically, they were the ones to teach me, the younger kid, how to "curse" someone and then they didn't like it when I said to William "You're cursed" and he fell backwards on his butt.  Charles Spencer or Diana "cursed me" and then he and Jane and Sarah and Diana pushed me and kept pushing.  They were horrible horrible kids.  They were actually teens by then, and I was the kid.  They tried pushing me out of a 3rd story window.  Charles Spencer was out riding with me when the man who was with me ran me into a branch that knocked me off in the neck, or should have if I'd not ducked.  I possibly ducked at the last minute because I remember thinking I was ridden into that branch on purpose and then Charles Spencer, looking back and seeing I had ducked, looked scared.  The person I remember being on a horse with me was either a Robert Jr. or another man.  I know Charles saw it didn't work and his "cursing" effort didn't throw me off.  Then it was a Dicksie or someone and I grabbed the branch and was able to swing up on it, or where I would have been split in half with an oncoming object, I jumped.  I was at the point where I had been training to ride on a horse while standing on my feet.  Basically, standing on the back of a horse.  It was just at the start and then everything fell apart, but I was at the point where I was riding a little and learning balance on a horse.  One of the Dicksies was able to ride standing on a running horse in bare feet, with her knees slightly bent and balanced like someone on a snowboard.  She was one time charging at me on a horse that way with a knife in her hand, threw it and I jumped somehow and it missed.  I don't know if she was hiding behind the back of another rider and then stood up and that's how I saw her, but I think so.  I think it was Philip or another royal, and he was racing the horse and then all of a sudden, she stood up behind him and had a knife.  I also saw her riding standing on her feet.  Either I was with Philip and she was with another rider with a mask, or she was with Philip.  It is possible she was not with Philip and I do know he wore a mask like the lone ranger--a partial mask.

One of the Dicksies appeared to me, to be colluding with Charles Spencer and Diana or someone, to kill me.  Or a Robert Jr. too.  For awhile, they were going around with their "cursing" stuff and trying to kill me out in the woods with various horse stunts and Charles Spencer always around and then Charles was trying to push me out of upper-level windows with someone else...I don't remember quite yet who.  One time they decided not to throw me out, because of one of them and then another time I think I actually fell and something I had with me caught and I was hanging from a tree branch with a piece of my clothing attached, keeping me from falling to the ground.

They put me in the wallpaper room and told me "You'll never be Queen."  It was horribly depressing in there and had a secret entrance to one of their great corridors or passages to a basement or another room or something.   It was Diana there who said "You'll never be Queen."  My dear God, she said it.  She did this thing that Charles Spencer was doing with me all the time, giving me a ball and then taking it away.  So she did it again, and she wasn't always there.  Mostly, she was away at work or living elsewhere but she had come to visit and said this to me and then after I was locked there in isolation with the curtains, these heavy long drapes pulled down, they decided to do a "Halloween" trick for me by dressing like witches and bringing in spiders and fake things and scaring me.  They tied me down to a table and I believe many of the cut scars I have on my arms, some of them are from them.

They cut me until my blood was all over the wallpaper room.

Before they did this, Diana got her hands on the electrocution device and she brought it over when she'd visit, to electrocute me at their Althorp residence.  I think this is why I freaked out when I saw her in the back of the SUV at Barak Obama's rape site decades later, with her hands on the cake box.  She was coming over to torture me privately, before she was even married to Charles of Wales.  I had a sudden full recovery memory of her holding that box, and I believe Queen Elizabeth also used it on me in her own private quarters once.  I remember I was helping "Betty" make a cake and then she got out the box and electrocuted me there in her private quarters.  Betty (Queen Elizabeth) tortured me many times, with her own hands, without anyone else around.  I think once Philip walked in.  Maybe it was an act on his part, but he said something like "BLOODY HELL BETTY, what in GOD'S NAME ARE YOU DOING?"

Queen Elizabeth tortured me with the electrocution helmet and device, so badly, I couldn't speak and most of the time I blacked out.  She took it to the highest level and I believe she also personally dosed me with Haldol at least one time.  My reason for believing she drugged me with Haldol is because she said something about it and gave me something to drink with a spoonful and then my tongue was twisting up.  My tongue was twisting up and I wasn't able to say anything, and I was being electrocuted at the same time, both things having happened to me, when Prince Philip walked in and said this.

Philip took the device off of my head and drove me to Ireland.  Then Margaret, Princess Margaret, the Queen's sister was there and he told Margaret to take care of me for a couple of days until he got ahold of my parents.  Margaret, my friend, the Princess Margaret, then brutally electrocuted me to the head with the same device for hours straight.  She was bound and determined to try to erase any memory of the Queen Elizabeth, her sister, murderously torturing me in England.  It was in Ireland, in an Ireland cottage she was waiting to do this to me in secret--all arranged and with guards in place, and she left the cottage with a scarf over her head, only going in and out with her head and face covered so no one could see who it was, the same way Diana Spencer snuck in and out of the house in Seattle where they had pre-arranged for Barak Obama to rape me and then electrocute me with the device in 1986.  Mike Middleton was there already, with Margaret.

Doesn't it make so much more sense now...about Katie Middleton, and her 'halo' tiara and what these people have done to me and really...they reeeeaaaally wanted Katie and now they are rightly stuck with her.  They get what they deserve. The scum at the bottom of the pan.  Princess Margaret and the Queen both made a point about the bottom of the barrel or pan, but Margaret was the one who wanted to burn it and then scour it off and say here's what you get, "The scum at the bottom of the pan" and she said it was from "Ireland", and what do you know.  They got their scum in.  Babyfather

After Princess Margaret hid out with Middleton and one of the Dicksies (the last day) for a few days, a Robert Jr. picked us up and Margaret snuck out with Middletons into a covered car.
Take a good hard look at how the Pentagon is involved.  One of the individuals who showed up was U.S. Marine James Cartright who was working for the Pentagon.  When my Mom showed up, one of the Dicksies, she looked glad about it but then either she changed her mind or it was another Dicksie because James Cartright came in and then they started restraining her while they tortured me with the electrocution device more and gave me more Haldol.

So I guess I can think of 5 times I was drugged with Haldol out of a malicious intent and 2 of those times was by British monarchy royals Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.  Well, actually I should say 4 times, and once by Queen Elizabeth.  With Princess Margaret it was extreme electrocution and sometimes men were doing it, but I am not positive she drugged me or gave that to me and she didn't bring it up.  I am positive about Queen Elizabeth.  I know they electrocuted me for hours in Ireland and then Mike Middleton and possibly James Dilbey were really happy about it.  They had a Scottish guard there, and James Cartright from the U.S. and another top official, like Panetta.  I believe Leon Panetta was there.  Leon Panetta was a name mentioned and introduced there.  Maybe the "netta" was the significance and "ha-ha" point.  He was there.

It sort of explains...well...a LOT, doesn't it?

I also remember, if you listen to the start of this song, where the voice on the radio says "That does it" and then it goes to this song, which imitates the kind of place I was taken to in Ireland, this is what a Robert Jr. said after he or Edward Howard told me Katie Middleton's Dad knew she was the result of nothing but a fling.  I don't know which was trying to antagonize a reason to assault me but they never had any reason to electrocute and rape a child, and I was a child.  So these "big men" and "women" were spiteful, vengeful, criminals who had nothing but money and politics in mind.

Also, leaving that house in Ireland was the same black man who had ambushed one of the cars I was in, in England, the black Mercedes or Rolls.  Well, I should say, the man who came out of that house looked like Larry, the black man from Moses Lake who I knew.  The black man who ambushed the car and ran with Goldsmith and the bag looked like Barak Obama.  I'm 100% positive.  It was Larry, the slightly older black man who looked like Barak, just older, and then Barak was with Goldsmith and the car jacking and murder in England.

I am also positive it was Leon Panetta who showed up at the house in Ireland.  FUCKIN' YEAH

I'll say that again.


I have shit on these motherfuckers that a bunch of Pentagon prosecuting attorneys could only DREAM of charging me with "treason" for disseminating "classified information" over.


So basically, there is NOTHING this country can do to me, or put me in prison over, because I never signed up to work for any of their agencies, or organizations, EVER.

I am so fucking free to say all of their shit, they are peeing their pants.  Pardon my swearing, but to be "all men to all people" I think some swearing is warranted over this.  Panetta, who is now the head director of what agency??? is it the Pentagon??? or the CIA???

This man fucking showed UP at Mike Middleton's little Irish hide-out, where a Robert Jr. was as well, and had me electrocuted until my brains were fried and then made me go into another room and talk to him while he sat across from me in a chair and interrogated me with James Cartright and others.  With Princess Margaret sneaking in and out of the house with the lace irish-rose curtains at the window of this Irish dug-out that looked like the place a British royal was sneaking out of when visiting with their newborn baby in the 1940s.

Leon Panetta was friendly and polite, but of course, he wanted me to just think he was in the "nice room" that was only on the other side of the room where I was electrocuted in the kitchen.  Then he had the box brought out of that kitchen and put next to me on a table and he did the same thing to me.  He also had his guards and military kick at me and tie me.

So again, how many child pedophiles and electrocutionists are now in top British royal and Presidential or federal offices?  HOW MANY? 

These fuckers needed all of THEM against ME?  They must have reaaaallly small small itsy bitsy egos.

So imagine all of the ones in prison who should be in prison.  Hmmm.  PRETTY good "motive" to defame me and lie about me on a huge level.  I will take every single one of you motherfuckers down.  You fucking brats are that pathetic, and must have thought I was Jesus Christ Himself to collectively gang up on me the way you did before I was even 13 years old??

You must really believe in me then.  You said "I don't believe" and yet you all did.  You believed.  Let me tell you something.  God does NOT believe in YOU. (I am addressing this part to those who know it's intended for them)

Panetta, sponsor of the pan-scum.  Margaret got one thing right.  She fucking scorched the hell out of that pan.  Even if she did it out of a grudge over me, I never forgot the scum from the pan and Panetta at the same time.  I remember the people who were running around in their little "pedophile-child-torture" team stealing from me and repeatedly going back to me, to make hits against me.  Even hypocrites like Barak Obama, for all of his crap saying I killed his Dad, when I didn't, he was the one out there doing hits on others with Goldsmith before I was even old enough to have met his Dad.  Who had the gun on the car I was in?  who stole a bag and murdered people?  Barak Obama, age ...what?  17 years old?  Summer vacation?  So then he and Katie Middleton are running and slinging crack together with Panetta.

What confidence we should all have in them, running over to Wenatchee to continue carrying out revenge motives with my brother, family, enemies, whoever they can get to, just to get to MY son, like they haven't already shown themselves to be the lowest of the low pond-scum.

With Panetta and James Cartright in Ireland, for that event, what can we guess about what assistance they would give Katie Middleton, and Ireland and how they would try to unite them?  Well, let's see...they were NOT electrocuting Katie Middleton.  They WERE electrocuting me.  So whose daughter were they glossing up and trying to make an academic out of?  who would probably have just grown up to be a hairdresser in Sherwood, Oregon if left to her own devices.

Every single thing these people built up for themselves must be brought down and leveled.

I was forced to do other things for Panetta and then he tried to trap me to say something that made it sound like I had done something wrong and I am pretty sure Leon Panetta was the one who forced me to sign a document he wouldn't even let me read.  He had the electrocution device on my head and then after I had gone unconscious a few times, he came out with some document and told me to sign it.  I said, "I don't want to sign that."  He said, "You don't have a choice.  Sign it." I said I couldn't even read it and he said, "I thought you were supposed to be smart or something."  Then Larry, the black man started mocking me saying, "Can't you read?" and it was dark in the room and I couldn't see it well enough and wanted to read it.  From what I remember, they forced me to sign something and my mother was shaking her head no.  If they didn't force me to sign something, I remember wrong and possibly they retracted their demand, but from what I remember, I was presented with a document and it was Leon Panetta who was forcing me to sign with Larry looking over his shoulder.  It was James Cartright standing in a corner watching and another man.  There was another very high senior official from some kind of military.

Basically it all was confusing to me then because I couldn't understand why a Robert Jr kept bringing me around U.S. military personnel that harmed me if I was his daughter.  It was more like Katie Middleton was his Jew bitch.  Not to mention, if he thought he could get Queen Elizabeth on his side, she was part Jewish too.

After the signing conversation with Panetta and Larry there, Panetta had Larry jump me and I was punched in the nose and had a bleeding and broken nose.  My nose was broken two times, once with Panetta and Larry in Ireland and then again in Bonners Ferry, Idaho with the group that was at my Grandpa Garrett Srs house with Rose, Israel, and DelBalzos. 

Fuckin' yeah I "remember" you fucking HO's.

So not only was this, not only did the above individuals sodomize little kids and electrocute them, and then purchase top positions in the country for themselves with bribe money, they were pimping women out for themselves, not just babies and little kids.

The woman who was giving blow jobs to men as they held me in their arms and fed me a bottle, at least one of them, was one of the Dicksies from what I remember.  So they were having her kneel in front of them and me as they gave me a bottle and then having my Mom give them oral sex and either they did this to cause one of them to hate me for some reason, or to hate them or get at a Robert Jr or someone to have me repeatedly raped in retaliation.

One of the first men I remember doing this was Johnny Spencer.  I don't know what my biological connection is to him, if there is one or not.  I know he had me living at his house for a long time, off and on.  He also told the other kids not to be mean to me and said "Can't you all just get along?"  So what I remember was he was feeding me the bottle and my mother was giving him a blow job and he looked down at her and said, "Do I have feed my family and you too?" or "Do I have to feed my family and yours too?" and then kicked her back with his foot.  His impression, as I saw it, was that he implied my Mom, or a Dicksie, was eating him or he was "feeding" her and she was sucking him dry or something and he was already feeding me milk from a bottle.

I think one time I saw another woman giving him a blow job while he fed me and then it was a Dicksie and he said this same thing.  He is also the one who told me a child was the result of a "fling" which infuriated one of the Robert Garrett Jrs.  I am 100% positive it was Johnnie who told me this and he sat it when he told me to go over and sit on his lap and he wanted to let me know something.  I thought he was telling me a confidence because he was mad at some other man.  Obviously, he was feeding me with a bottle when I was a baby and then the information he gave me was when I was older.  I also notice he was killed the same year that entire same U.S./UK group attempted to kill me again, with brake failure.

I think he is the man I called Edward all the time.  His first name is Edward and his nickname is Johnnie.  I heard some call him Johnnie but I believe I called him Edward and I believe he asked me to call him that, not Johnnie.  I later transferred it to "Prince Philip" who was "Philip" but who I sometimes called "Edward" too.  I called Johnnie Edward, Philip Edward for awhile and then I heard later Edward Howard was my biological father.

Johnnie did NOT want me calling him "Johnnie."  When I was older he said what did I want to call him and he said, "Not Johnnie" and I was already sort of calling him Edward and he said, "Would you want to call me Dad?"  I said, "Call you Dad?" and he had said it quietly and I said, "What do you mean, do you want me to call you Dad?" and I said, "But I already have a Dad" (I thought, one of the Robert Jrs) and he said, "Right.  You can call me Edward if you want to then."   He again implied, another time, he was my Dad.  I remember he always said, "Right"  in a matter-of-fact way.  Briskly.  He was also one who called me "Jessie" sometimes and I said why and he said, "It's J from John and S from Spencer, JS so I'll call you Jessie."  I said okay and liked the idea of a code name.

Then actually, one day one of the Robert Jrs told him, in front of me, he was taking me and the impression was that the Robert Jr had blackmailed him with something.

I'm trying to remember everything I remember about him, good and bad.  I might remember some bad about him later, but mostly I remember I was being electrocuted in the U.S. at seriously high levels after I left.  He didn't tell me to go or want me to go, according to what I saw in front of me.  It was something a Robert Jr. declared to him, I think he gave him a manila envelope with information in it.  I think they were photos of something and a tape of some kind and I was first told to give them to him and then later after he had time to see them one of the Robert Jrs showed up and said he was taking me and there was nothing he could do about it and the look on "Edwards" face was sort of defeated looking, but I don't know if it was just an act he put on for me.  That is how he looked at first, and then I wondered later if he was sort of "in-on-it" and glad and smirking behind my back, but I don't know. 

I would have to think about other things he said and did.  I think I felt suddenly unprotected when I was taken away from him--I wasn't getting along with the other kids and they'd done some things, but it was maybe just the timing, all of a sudden, a lot of very bad things began happening to me all at once.

So Spencer asked me to call him Dad, and implied I was his biological kid, and then recently one of the Dicksies told me, for more than the second time, my biological father is Edward Howard, the writer of the CIA book that has so much information I relate to and remember.  He had to know me and I did meet him and run into him and stay with him sometimes.  The only other person I ever called Edward was Prince Philip, well, and then there was his son Edward who probably had an affair with a Dicksie before donning a lone-ranger mask with my Mom standing behind him on a horse with a knife in her hand.  I once suspected a Dicksie of this as a kid...did she have something with Prince Edward?  A fleeting thought.  Miliseconds.

But honestly, 3 Edwards:
(Edward) Prince Philip
Edward John Spencer
Edward Howard

I don't know why, but I never called Prince Philip just "Philip" that I remember.  I think I called him either "Edward" or possibly "Prince Philip" and I didn't call him "Duke".  It was Prince.

It doesn't really matter to me which, of the above or of possibilities, which it is, but it's relevant and important for me to know when people have attacked me this often.  It also validates points of my testimony.

Also, Edward Spencer gave me a necklace too (though many people gave me different things).  I think Frances gave me a small medal pendant on a chain when I was little.  I think it was Edward Spencer or Edward Howard who took me to the 1st communion at a church.  We went to the same church as the British royal family sometimes because I remember the backs of their heads.

I remember Francis pleading with Spencer sometimes.  There was some woman who would almost prostrate her entire body and arms reaching out with head raised up, asking for him to do something, or for mercy or something.  I think it's possible a Dicksie did but I sort of remember Francis' face.

It is possible one of the men who I remember beating me in my bassinette was Edward John Spencer at least one time.  Yes, and at least once, he slapped me very hard across the face when I was sitting on his lap or next to him when I was older.  He drank too.  Not tons, but he definitely drank and oh my gosh, he was extremely scary when he was drunk.  We put furniture in front of the door to keep him out.

I sat with someone on a throne or high chair somewhere and Francis went in and laid out her arms and begged for something, or pleaded, and was crying.  Later, maybe a Dicksie did.  It was up a ways, elevated somehow.  I did sit on Prince Philips' lap at least once on his throne but Betty didn't want me to sit on her lap so it was only with Philip, but I don't think it was at the royal's this woman was pleading but at Althorp.

Much later, some of the Presidents or men who became President repeated the same theme with my Mom giving them oral sex and holding me and giving me a bottle and it must have been close to the same time.  So how they were gang-raping me with a stick as a kid, I witnessed them forcing my Mom ( or a Dicksie) to give a whole bunch of them oral sex and then saying something humiliating to her. 

One of them, one time, as a kind of joke or something, one of the men, on a high seat or throne, reached under and pulled out a golden egg and said what do you know? when I was sitting on their lap.

About Edward Spencer, he started breaking into a room one time after he was drunk, at Althorp, and it was one time Diana was with me and I don't know what was happening.  I slept in the same room next to the Spencer girls once or twice, outside of a bassinette or crib.  I don't know if he was breaking in because Diana was getting involved in electrocuting me and he knew it, and wanted to scare her off, or if he was involved and pretending or what.  My impression was that he was trying to rescue me from her.  At the exact time he was breaking in, though, she was acting friendly and nice to me, and sitting on the side of the bed talking with me but maybe she was just about to get the box out.  I may remember more that implicates both of them but I'm not sure yet because I haven't though about some of this for awhile.  I know Diana and I moved furniture in front of the door and he still broke in.  I would say at least a half dozen or more times I barricaded doors with a Spencer kid.

Yes, she was coming over to visit me at Althorp and she started a routine of bringing a box with her or a suitcase and putting it under the bed and then she was torturing me from the side of the bed with the electrocution device.  She would sit right next to me on the side of the bed and do it and sometimes she would threaten me to keep still and quiet with a knife or a gun.  She always wore gloves, 100% of the time.  Not one time did she not wear gloves and the one time she didn't have them or couldn't find them she wouldn't touch it and cancelled her plans and then one of the Dicksies went to the same room and was told to use it, but without gloves.

One time when Edward Spencer broke in he slurred and called me "Elizabeth" and then he was calling me Jessie, and Diana was trying to correct him and I tried to tell her Jessie was a name he made for me out of his name.  Then at least once I thought I saw her hand over a suitcase or briefcase to him behind my back while they were talking, which made the visit look like a delivery of some kind.  He was going into the room when Diana was returning from someplace and visiting me and electrocuting me.  I started barricading her from my room.  She would try to come over and I wouldn't let her in.  She'd say from the other side of the door, "I brought some cake for you" and I would say, "I don't want any."  This began the "torture with a fork" idea that happened next because the next time she coaxed me to let her in, she not only tortured me with the box again, she forced me to keep my mouth over a metal fork at the same time. 

She got the electrocution box from someone.  Obviously, the Middletons used it, and then I saw a Dicksie being told to use it, and Edward John Spencer's military connection was to Sandhurst, which he took me to visit at least once.  In addition to this, the U.S. Pentagon and CIA showed their ugly faces.

Despite some really horrific things I am remember Edward John Spencer may have been involved with, I saw him in flashes of pure terror, looking at me with a kind of sincere panic that was almost like, he couldn't believe it--he just really could not believe it.  He had come across the truth about something and he was scared out of his mind, even him, seasoned war veteran.  I never thought of him as a psychic and he wasn't very deep or mystical-acting.  He acted like a casual, jolly, off-the-cuff kind of guy who had some business smarts.  I thought he was smart, but I didn't imagine him to be a psychic type of person or into that.  I never knew.  But I know this one time, his fear was as real as if he had just seen WWIII with nukes show up at his house in person to serve him his papers.  I knew then, that he had come into some kind of knowledge about something that was extremely dangerous, horrifying, and involving me.  It had to be bad for him to be shocked, because he was around royals all the time, and all kinds of things and didn't get nervous but he looked very, very, afraid and sort of afraid for me I thought, like maybe he didn't care so much but all of a sudden he knew how bad something was and he had a flicker of sympathy or fright over lack of compassion from others about something.  It was like I had just said, "I am a muslim freedom-fighter born in Pakistan and I am about to kill you" or "I am the only chance for this country and your own children are destroying me."  So I didn't know if it was bad news about me or some horrific realization of important, not necessarily bad but crucial news that shocked him, but he definitely looked like he was seeing a ghost.  As he looked at me like that and I saw this look, he suddenly said, "What am I thinking?" 



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