Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Torture As Hate Crime (now)

I am in college and started classes and from the start of the term, I started getting tortured again, at extreme levels, to my heart, by energy-directed technology.

I not only had my computer disconnecting every several minutes for 1 week, I am being tortured.  All of the torture to my heart has been since I brought up Sandra Bernhart.  It's being done from morning until night and is specifically under my ribcage up under my sternum.

This is obviously interfering with my classes, which is my work and business at this time.

I watched a clip of Barak Obama talking about the debt ceiling and had dozens of disconnections before it played in full.  He is still making the same speech for the Middletons.  I like how his voice cracked just a tiny bit when he said "the first time in 225" years and then says in a more mocking tone (with strength!) "it's been done 45 times since Ronald Reagan".  Add up the numbers and you have 9, which Chris Rozollo and this man used, along with some others, for representing for Katie Middleton who was born on the 9th.  I remember bleeding with him.  Barak Obama.  I bled, from the vagina, as a little girl who was raped by him, while Middletons, Goldsmith, my own parents, and other government persons stood around.  No one else was getting their head hooked up to a machine that electrocuted them.  Did it happen to Katie Middleton?  If she is such a victim, since the exact same people who tortured me supported and funded her position with terrorist money, do you think these people did what they did to me, to HER?

She is funded by terrorism.  She was getting money and sponsorship money through terrorist activities, actual terrorism, that Barak Obama, this current President, took part in.

Don't worry Katie!  Obama pedophile will rescue you and your criminal, torturing, pedophile family is his message.  Nice undertone for a public address about the National Debt, which is being used as an excuse to shut down the entire government over a major claim by me that is going to put him in jail.  And her and her family, potentially, in jail. 

They did this, the entire federal government did this, the last time I started calling Mercer Island and Seattle police trying to get somewhere with my rape complaint.  They literally shut down the entire government, at the exact same time, making it impossible for me to press my report through and have been doing the same thing.  It's not like I tried to make a report and no one was answering the phone at one place.  The entire government took a Presidential "step" of shutting down.  Hoping I'd forget and not remember or would give up.

What is Obama's plan?  To try to bring in those who participated in terrorism against me, to his side by reminding them of their participation?

How insane and bizarre is it to have Barak Obama speaking about the country's credit being damaged when he is behind hooking me up to an electric chair in his own basement so he could ejaculate into a sock with my own Dad on the other side of me, and now he's talking about the 'bedrock' of America?

I think he believes his underlying message to Katie & Pedophile Crew is to just call me a slut isn't it?  Not one time I was raped, but oh, maybe so many times it's no big deal.


Guess what?  Barak Obama, you are screwed.

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