Sunday, October 20, 2013

UPDATED: Cops Involved in Sodomy of a Minor (Coquille, Coos Bay)

I am getting ready to report a major crime that occurred and was given the name of who to report it to, but the name sounded familiar.  Then I saw photos that looked similar but I can't tell because the resolution isn't good, but one of them handled a dog and that was true of some of the cops involved when I was raped.  They had k-9s with them when they came out, and when they took me away from the spot, it wasn't to make a report or to go to a police station, I was locked up in a closet.

I sort of recognize the Sheriff from back then, now that I think about it, and I haven't thought about him in connection until now, but I was told to report this to Chris Chapanar and something rang a bell.  Then I found out he retired his K-9 dog in 2011 about the time I was moving back to the area.  So I'm not sure if he's one of them or not, but there were at least 3-4 dirty cops involved who were local, as well as what I was told was "Secret Service". 

I mean, there were cops out.  Right out in the open.  And yet no one took or made a report?

What's even scarier is some of them are probably connected to Josh Gatov, who raped me in 1998, and who grew up in Coos Bay.

All the cops who came out were blond or brown haired (lt to med.) men.  None of them had dark or black hair at the specific "incident".  That's not to say some bad ones weren't around, but the ones involved were all Germanic or American looking.  Except for maybe one.  Possibly there was one there named Kevin who showed up later maybe and he had darker hair.  The rest had lighter hair. It would make sense to me that if the criminals involved went on to greater positions, they'd do what they could to make sure someone had their back at the police stations where the incident occurred.

Also, if some of the Mt. Angel Abbey people want to know why I'd say Fr. Odo Recker and Abbot Bonaventure (who insisted it was Jerome, didn't like the other name as much, or maybe someone said Jerome and he said Bonaventure) I'll explain.  The names were mentioned.  Full names were used.  Then, forgetting about the names and going online to look for just one of them, Bonaventure, I saw another photo I knew I knew and when I clicked on it, it was Odo Recker and then I remembered his part in it.

I do also recognize this one priest or monk or something who I just saw at the grocery store in a caravan with license plates 068 OCC.  I recognized him a year ago too, and some other man was out there in the parking lot as well, and there was the same checker at the Safeway.  I don't know if this priest man is using something that is ultrasound energy-directed weapon but the exact same thing happened to my back tonight as happened a year ago with the same people.  So either someone is trying to frame him knowing he did something else bad, or he's involved in using energy-directed weapons.  The other people I was around were the checker (a woman) and a Germanic man who appeared to be the same one from a year ago, in a SUV, and then a similar cop even drove past on the way that direction laughing like he knew it was all the same thing.

I even got my keys out again, as I did the last time, to have in my hand if I needed them, before he passed, exactly as last year.  I even got my keys out in the same way and for the same reason as last time.

I was praying that whoever is involved would know to do the right thing, even if they don't like me, and would testify.  So then I thought, carrying my bags of mostly food, "I am not focused on food alone" and I thought quickly what should I do to symbolize that? and I set both of my bags down, and not knowing really what to do next, but feeling a little strange on the sidewalk standing there, I reached into my pocket and the only thing there was my set of keys so I took them in my hand where they could be seen, and picked up my grocery bags again.  I thought maybe I should fast a day but I think I'm okay not fasting right away.  I think it's enough to do what I felt I should do in that moment.  I don't do everything in my life that way.  Of course not.  But when it's important--that important, of course I might think about praying quickly.

About the cop, I have to wait now and see some other photos because I don't want to send it to the wrong one. I think his name was even Chris (one of them).  I am not positive but I believe James Cartright came out for some reason, the same guy who was at the U.S. military base, or someone exactly like him because I remember a military man came out after it happened.

After I was sodomized, I was in an outhouse thing and then I was in a house part of the time, being shot at and told to make shots (maybe after being in the next storage shed) and they had a white VW bug outside they electrocuted me with, running just the engine or carburetor or something, and splitting some wires to shock me with.  After I was beaten up inside of it, and my blood was everywhere, they torched it and set it on fire to burn off DNA I think.  Part of it was torched and other parts had seats or parts removed from it.  I had to go in the front, where I was electrocuted with it in some way, and from what I remember, cops watched, and then I was forced to be inside of it, I believe, with the cops, and that was why they electrocuted me after.  They put my Dad in there for a short time too, but they had cops beat me up first.  They said you still want to make a report?  I was punched in the nose and my nose bled.  I think a Robert Jr. bled from something too but I don't know what.  I was also punched in the stomach.  Two different cops beat me to a bloody pulp and had a Robert Jr. take a whack at me or they said they'd do more.  Then they stood there at the front of the VW bug.  They used their German shepherd too.  They let the dog terrorize me, giving it commands to attack me.

I think maybe there was a cop named Patrick too.  I don't know who it would be back then.  I just found something about a Patrick Smith and he looks like one of them.  There was another one as well.  I would like to see a photo of Sean/Shawn or whatever, and a couple of the others. I would also like to see their photos from the 80s, not that it makes much difference because I'm already pretty sure, but it helps confirm.  What is odd, is I found Patrick through an interview after he arrested some guy for attempted "sodomy" and something of a 12 year old.

This man's hair is styled or curled up, at the bangs, like I did my hair then too, with my curling iron.  I think he knew what the cops did and got someone to claim he did the same thing just to have the news out.
UPDATED:  One thing I have to add is Officer Patrick Smith was bad, but possibly not as bad as the other two.  He beat me but another cop did too, and there was electrocution of me they watched. The dog men cops.

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