Thursday, October 10, 2013

Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer Criminals

I made another report against Joy and Forrest because the last time I tried, their police department attempted to block me from making a case against them.

They held me hostage at their house.  It was after I got back from England and Margaret passed me a note because they got into an argument about Edward Howard and Princess Margaret.  They were accusing each other of passing out information or documents or secrets.  They interrogated me in a room by myself at their house, and I was also repeatedly sexually abused by them.  It was at their house, not on the plane, on one stay there, at the residence they had in California near their vineyard.  If you walked out from the house, you were on the vineyard basically.

They pulled out a gun and I was used as a body shield and then Forrest took my Mom into the room and I heard screaming and slapping and then I was forced to give my Dad oral sex with Joy Sterling watching, standing there.  Other times, it was for Forrest, but that time, Joy was making sure I did this to my own Dad, in the living room, and I heard screaming in the other room.  Then Joy went into the other room too and I heard more shouting. 

At some point I said I had to use the bathroom and I grabbed one of their telephones and dialed 911 and said the address and then I ran out into the vineyard. 

Their police or search and rescue people came to the property but before this, I had a gun at my head again and it really looked like I was going to be shot that time.  I said I'd called 911 and they were on their way and going to be there any minute.  Not only that, they'd know 911 would alert an entire community to a problem at the house and if I turned up dead, it wasn't good for anyone.

(Hence, the need for a "rock-climbing assassination" later)

When the Sonoma people showed up, they didn't want to make a report.  They all knew each other and I was pressured not to make a report.  However, it went on record.

Joy Sterling and my Mom both cut me with knives in that vineyard, on a different day.  It was to intimidate me and tell me not to talk to anyone.

When they argued about Margaret, it was after Princess Margaret gave me a note to give one of them, in England, along with a handkerchief for me.  They interrogated me in a room with various drugs.  I was forced to drink drugs, take pills, and I was injected with needles (syringes) as I sat in a chair.  I don't know if some of it was truth-telling drugs or if some of it was to deliberately ruin my psychic abilities because they all knew I was psychic and gifted that way.  I mean, the way government psychics or any person from any religion or non-religion can be gifted--to remote-view, to think telepathically, and that kind of thing.  I think they were trying to destroy me.

The questions I was asked were about what royal or which person gave me notes and messages and did anyone else talk to me.  I never talked to anyone about it, or admitted anything, that I remember, except for saying I passed on a note from Margaret.

They kept drugging me and injecting me and then would ask me to think about a location or thing, and what did I see there.  Then they were asking me, Joy was, and Forrest, what am I thinking?  and if I knew what they were thinking and could still read their minds, they gave me another injection and more drugs.

Then kept drugging me and waiting, checking to see how psychic I still was, and then drugged me again, more.  I heard Joy saying she didn't like it, that I "knew too much" and she wasn't comfortable that I could read her mind. Forrest wasn't happy about it either and stood there watching.

All they did, after getting one answer from me about Margaret once, if they did because I am not even sure I told them that much and it's possible they got the information from someone else, was keep asking me to say what they were thinking.  If I was right or correct, I got more drugs.  Joy ordered all the drugs.  She had my mother injecting me or giving them to me and Joy was the one supervising and ordering it.

They had a medical tray that they brought in and everything.

Joy would say things like, "What number am I thinking of?" and I would guess correctly and then she would order more drugs.  I guessed "1 million".  That was one of the numbers she had in her head.  I was honest, because I always thought they'd torture me if I wasn't.  So they basically killed me to the point of being literally brain-dead.  I would pass out and then when I woke up, they started all over again.  One time my Mom looked shocked by what she ordered, or how much.

I think they didn't want me reading their minds before they bumped me off.

I also think given the fact their son hunted me down and date raped me, knowing my entire background and history with his family and knowing I wouldn't know or remember, is not insignificant for the date of when Edward Howard was pronounced dead in Russia.

Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer are criminals, exactly like Mike Tancer.  They support Katie Middleton because they've worked with the Middletons for decades.  They've always hated me.

I had gone somewhere with Joy one day and was talking with her and finishing her sentences with her or knowing what she was going to say before she said it.  Then sometimes, I would answer her thoughts out loud.  So she would be thinking, "What should I make for dinner" and I would say out loud, "How about pizza?!"  I didn't think it was unusual.  I thought it was normal, and for me, it was normal.  So she got upset about it one day and said how much do you know what I'm thinking? and went for a "drive" with me in the car.  I told her everything I knew and she didn't like it.  I read her mind. 

Since she's a hit woman who commits pedophile and engages in criminal acts, it's not surprising she should have been worried about my reading her mind.  So they were torturing me repeatedly until I couldn't read her mind anymore, and that was after Diana Spencer started doing the same thing to me in England.  And Carol Middleton did.

They've done everything possible they can think of to degrade me and torture me.

It is my turn to win something back.  I should have everything returned to me that they stole.  How "ironic" Forrest accused me of being nothing but a "user" and "garbage".  They used ME and then they tortured me to keep me from even having some of my natural gifts.

We didn't go to any other vineyards.  The only people I knew who had a vineyard that I walked through, when I was a kid, was them.

Joy Sterling stood there supervising the oral sex and pedophilia and after I was forced to do that to my Dad in front of her, she said to me with a smirk, something about "you missed some of the frosting" or "don't forget the frosting Cameo".  This is after EIS.  "For England, For Ireland, For Scotland".  They made fun of me for sword fighting in England or jousting and made a joke out of it with degrading me so they could all feel good about Katie Middleton and themselves.

Then Oregon decided to name their drug investigation agency "ICE".  Like that's not obvious or anything.

Also, at one point my Mom traded places with Joy and stood there and supervised the oral sex.  Also out in the vineyard, they did this.  Joy would start cutting me with a knife and then tell me to look away and when I looked back it would be my Mom and Joy would start talking about viticulture and how "A bad frost ruins the harvest" (ABFRTH).  Joy and my Mom traded spots back and forth to deliberately attempt to confuse me as to who witnessed and supervised crimes and who committed them, but I remember which ones did what for the most part.

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