Monday, October 7, 2013

Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (20)

This is commentary as I read through "Safe House" by E.H.  I incorporate events that occurred in my own life and things I remember as my memory is triggered.

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pg. 168.  E.H. says he got information from someone after they jogged and the man sat back while he read, with no emotion, to allow him to view the classified material.  I stated in the last post about E.H. that this same thing happened to me.  I got into the U.S. and a man went jogging with me and let me see some documents.  They showed me my mother and maybe parents, but mostly my mother, was agreeing to work against me.  E.H. says this happened to him in 1986, which is when I would have been 12 years old.  By that time I had been completely electrocuted by Alan Springer and my Mom at my house, along with others, and raped by Barak Obama in a premeditated rape with electrocution.  I had seen money, a lot of money, going back and forth as well.  I don't remember everything in the reports I read but I remembered feeling punched in the stomach and hit with a sense of betrayal, because she did state she care about communicating with me or was willing to report and spy on me.

I remember being younger when I came back from England and Russia but that's for me, maybe not E.H.  When I met Barak, it was after I got back from there and I was pre-pubescent.   I remember several things had happened that worried me about my safety. 

E.H. says he thought was if the man wasn't a U.S. official but an undercover KGB who wanted to scare him back to Moscow?  Show Howard phony documents and have him running back.  He writes, "I don't think that was the case, but it shows the kind of world, of smoke and mirrors, I live in." (pg. 168). 

I remember I had this exact feeling.  I was terrified.  I was afraid of going back to live with my Mom and Dad.  It looked unsafe, and then I tried to shrug it off thinking what if it's just Russia wants me back there faster or is trying to scare me?  When E.H. says it shows the kind of smoke and mirror world he lived in, and then writes "only a couple of men in downtown Moscow know the identity of the man I met.  And they're not talking."  He says he felt like vomiting.

Here I would say it sounds like E.H. implies someone in Russia possibly knew something about me that could have either helped or harmed me.  Possibly validated me in some way, but I'm not sure what about.  I know once I remembered what it was.  He says he felt like vomiting and after mentioning "smoke and mirrors" it brings to mind some other experiences I had.  He says he couldn't breathe and went to the hotel to do deep-breathing exercises and told himself the FBI couldn't get their hands on him.

I remember I went back to the hotel and was deep-breathing and blowing into a brown paper bag for oxygen and trying to calm myself.  I was thinking I didn't know where to live and what to do with my life.  I was very young and had no street-smarts or understanding of how to live completely on my own.  My Dad, or one of the twins assaulted me with my Mom in Russia.  I then got documents that showed my Mom wasn't on my side.  I didn't know what to think about Russia, or all of them at least.  I sort of wondered if the jogging courier got shot after showing me classified information.  I was panicked.  And of all things, if that was in Salt Lake City, the U.S. later came back at me with more hate crime by implanting me further at that hospital a decade later in a surgery when I lived through another assassination attempt.

When FBI is mentioned and smoke and mirrors, another thing that was done to me when I had last been with my parents was Jim Sandberg and my Mom and Dad and some people took me with other military or FBI (not sure which) to a "smoke house".  It was out in the woods somewhere, a full-size kind of cabin or small shed about 5-6 feet high and large walk-in closet sized.  They poured or rubbed or made me drink a bunch of Wrights "natural smoke" flavoring and put me inside a smoke house that was used for smoking meat and shut the door on me.  I don't completely remember my Dad being there but I am positive my Mom and Jim Sandberg were.  My Mom didn't even look worried about me.  I want to say the smoke house was on the Sandberg's property but I think we actually drove out into a more wooded area where it was, and then I was locked in.  I couldn't breathe and I threw up all over.  I had to stand in my own vomit for a long time and when I couldn't stand anymore, I had to sit down and I was sitting in my own vomit.  I threw up a lot too, it wasn't just a small spot on the floor, it was all over and no clean place to sit.  There was an FBI agent it belonged to, from what I remember, who knew Jim Sandberg.  Possibly a man named Rick, or another name but I found out or knew he was a cop or FBI.

Mentioning "Rick", there was a Rick who was an FBI agent that worked in carpentry who worked on building houses with my Dad or was at our house once building something.  It was either that, or I was on-site with them because my parents had worked a little in carpentry and masonry when I was younger, in Moses Lake, Washington.  I believe it is very possible it was Rick Baken, who is a retired FBI agent now living next to my mother's parents in Cashmere.  I think it's possible because his Dad was an agent before he was and lived in Cashmere and knew people so it's possibly how he found my Mom and Dad in Moses Lake.  Rick and my Dad were looking at where they were going when they dropped an enormous 2x4 on top of my head from a height that wasn't too high to go out of line and miss me.  They aimed for me.  I also fell off of a ladder and hurt my back but that may have been my fault (or not), I'm not sure.  I do know they both knocked me down with a major blow to the head with a 2x4.  It wasn't just some lightweight 2x4--it was solid, heavy, and very long, like for a standing beam to frame a house in between rooms.  I also think my Dad once got hit by someone with something but I can't remember how it happened but he was injured.  I know it was not an accident when FBI agent Rick Baken hit me with that beam, with my Dad.

Given the fact someone who was already working for the FBI (I believe) would do this to me, when his Dad was working for the FBI or was a retired FBI agent, sort of shows crimes committed against me that are unprecedented on part of the FBI.

I think it's the same Rick because I remembered his name and voice and then he showed up again later, and Rick Baken worked in carpentry when he was first employed with the FBI.  That was done to me when I was maybe around 9 years old or so.

When I was in the smoke house, when I was older, I was throwing up everywhere, and couldn't breathe and stood for hours and then had to sit in my vomit.    I remember feeling radiated, by technology as well, some kind of energy-directed weapon which was similar to something I experienced in the fire station tower I was in.  George Bechtold was the other person I would recognize.  It was before I met his son in Sherwood, Oregon, before we moved there from Moses Lake, Washington.  He was there as well.  It was Jim Sandberg, Rick, my Mom, George Bechtold, and maybe one other person, and me.  One of the vehicles that drove there was a Volvo station wagon.   Some of them all seemed to know each other and they tried to interrogate me and punish me there.  One man was taller than Rick or George are.  I think it was possibly when I got back from England that they put me in the smoke house actually.  I couldn't breathe and then when I went back to my Mom, they all ganged up on me to punish me for being in England or something and made fun of the St. George cross (England) jousting, so I thought that was why they brought George Bechtold around.  I had gone home to my Mom and found something wrong with a mirror, like it was a 2-way mirror or something was wrong with it and these FBI people met us in the woods and locked me in a smokehouse.  I'm positive about Jim and my Mom and about 80% sure it was George Bechtold and Rick Baken and then one other man.  They said they were defending my Mom.  From what I remember, they left me inside from morning until almost night-time and there was hardly any oxygen to breathe at all.  I don't know how I was breathing because I was looking for cracks and it was sealed and the oxygen content was low.  I remember the sun going down, like there was a small window or something maybe where I could see it going down or when they opened the door I saw the sun was going down, but it was at least for an hour or so I think and it felt like all day because I remembered I had to sit down.  I possibly had to sit down if I couldn't breathe at all too so I'm not sure.  I remember I thought I was going to die and was trying not to black out.  If I am correct, someone opened the door and threw in a dirty rag and shut it and then later they threw in another dirty rag and shut the door.  I think they had more smoke flavoring fumes on them or something because I vomited more.  Maybe they only opened the door one time to toss in a dirty rag.  I was there long enough to have gone in when the sun was bright and then when they let me out the sun was going down at dusk.  They then threatened to do it again.  Before putting me in, they punched me in the stomach as well, and twisted my arms and forced me to kneel. 

What I found at my house was some kind of a mirror that had an electronic device connected to the back of it.  It wasn't a normal mirror.  When I found it, my parents did this to me, and then removed it so I couldn't get further discovery about it and replaced the mirror with a different one and claimed the other one had never existed.  It was 100% a 2-way mirror installed for viewing and spying on me.  To be more precise, it was not like a 2-way mirror where you look from one room into the other, it was a mirror that had some kind of a camera connected to it, or electronic parts and looked like something where a camera could view or record whatever was on the other side of the mirror, looking at the mirror-side.
10/8/13.  Some of the things I remembered when I woke up this morning and thought about what I'd written about last night, are that at one point, I was not blind-folded after I was sexually assaulted and electrocuted in Carol and Mike Middleton's basement.  I am talking about the group of people who came over later, had a bucket on my head and hit me with a stick, telling me to fight with a stick. At one point, I had the blind fold off.

Another thing, is when someone asked me who is your Lord Protector?  I remember very clearly that I was coached ahead-of-time which direction to point the stick and Mike Middleton just-so-happened to want to be standing there when it was in front of a lot of people.  So that part was not like a "prophetic" thing of any kind.  It was part of the same Middleton Fraud that has been from the beginning.  I don't know if he was bribing my parents or coaching them to tell me how to point, but it was my Dad that was coaching me.

After I did, in front of all those people, Mike walked over to me saying, "You crazy nut" or something like that and whacked me, punched me in the face or whacked me across the head with blunt force and I blacked out.

I also remember some of the people bowing to me and I didn't know why.  I figured it was part of the jousting idea maybe.  I was told while the head of state was absent (some kind of mention about that) someone was there in place. 

I also remember being crowned.  It wasn't like I was crowned by some commoner--there were royals present.   At one point, I was actually crowned with some crown that belonged to a royal.   What that was supposed to mean, I am not entirely sure, but as to the crown-- It wasn't a fake one. That was before I pointed at Middleton.   The fact that Mike Middleton actually did go on to have his daughter marry a royal sort of shows I am not just a "crazy nut", though my mother was saying "be gone nuts' as they all tried to kill me later while I was rock-climbing (and in other ways).

Not only that, after the Middletons electrocuted me repeatedly, and had me holding a rubber ball to my vagina and then were degrading me (it was over a course of time because it wasn't just in a couple of days), I always said "no" and shouted no and after continual torture, and they kept torturing me at higher levels so I put the ball on top there.  Then they removed it and had a man's penis there instead, while I was being electrocuted so I didn't even know it at first and then I realized and was crying and telling them no.  They forced me to do all kinds of degrading things.  No one fully raped me there--there were just setting me up to get raped by others. 

So then I was at my Uncle Charle's house and the same basement theme and I was chained to a bed and electrocuted and Gary Goldsmith and Larry, a black man my Dad knew, went down with a couple of U.S. military men wearing veterans hats or making it known they were military.  My Uncle mocked me about being 'royal' and I think he was possibly drinking, but he stood by as Larry raped me or did something because they did the same thing with the electrocution headband and possibly added a helmet because at one point they got a sponge that was wet and put it on the top of my head first and then electrocuted me, and Larry got in my face saying do I look like a monkey to you?  and screaming at me about did he look like a big black monkey and then he did something that injured me.  I am not positive it was full rape, but he hurt me there, and beat me up viciously.  My Uncle then said something like "For the United States of America" and said "so much for your contract" or "how was that Your Majesty", something mocking me about my being "royal" or something.  My Uncle Howard also brought up Jews before I was sexually assaulted and raped in some way by Larry.  I don't remember blood but I remember a rag was thrown at me and the comments about blacks was for Larry to attack me with and for Jews Gary Goldsmith attacked me and made comments, along with my Uncle Howard, and then for the U.S. military, a couple of older male veterans stood around laughing but I don't specifically remember them touching me, just mocking me and egging the others on.  So I was assaulted for "Jews, Blacks and Military" as if I, the little girl, the kid, had done something to THEM.    They started out with me upstairs talking to my Uncle Howard and then my Uncle Howard and Gary started quizzing me about Jews and making jokes and saying Jews weren't worth anything but their gold huh! and egging me on to agree.  So finally, they going on and on about it and I said "uh huh" and then my Uncle said "Okay, come on now," and grabbed my hand and he and Gary Goldsmith yelled for Larry to help and they all pushed me down the basement stairs.  A bed was there, with the electrocution device, and some sheets and there was a bowl of water with a sponge in it and they said things like who are you?  Jesus?  So they all assaulted me, shouting at me that they were beating me up for saying anything bad about Jews and blacks and the military.  It was when they squeezed water over my head with a sponge they made fun of me saying "You think you're a redemptrix?  Who do you think you are?  Jesus?  You think you're Jesus or something?"  My Uncle didn't do very much except help them haul me to the basement and then he drank and smoked weed or something and watched while they did these things to me.  When they forced me downstairs, they were joking, "Gary?  or Larry?  or Larry?  or was it Gary?  Come on Gary and Larry.  You be Gary.  Fine, you're Larry."

Later, right before he died, he brought up Obama and said something about his monkey face wife in a joke and if he felt bad for what he'd stood by when I was assaulted, he possibly was trying to make up for it by trying to have me remember the connection between Middletons, Larry, and Barak Obama later.

The basement at my Aunt Locklyns was the same thing and vicious assault there, but I was more out of it with drugs and medications.  I got drugged more there and don't remember as much but still I don't think they completely raped me.  When I was taken to Stanley Ann Dunham's house, to go to the basement with Obama, I have zero doubts or confusion.  He raped me and I was bleeding all over.  Then he and my Dad electrocuted me, making me sit up in between them and hold their penises while I was shaking from the electrocution, which I guess, made them vibrate.  They made jokes about my being in the cockpit of a plane and that kind of thing.

It was President Barak Obama and Middletons are involved.  Obviously, so are my parents or they wouldn't have taken me to these different places or arranged with the CIA and some royals and others later (several were Jewish) to try to assassinate me.

The things Larry was shouting at me, about being a monkey-face black man, was the exact same thing Barak Obama started talking about and went into a rage over, right before he raped me and saying I killed his Dad.  If Barak's father was the same black man I remember who got in a car crash--I didn't kill him.  I do remember some man telling me to tell him to go one direction and that is the only thing I said to him, which is what I was told to let him know.  The other thing is I remember that man was goading me on, as a kid, to laugh at his joke about doesn't that man look like he has a monkey face? before he told me to give him directions and to appease a grown-up and sort of be polite with regard to joke (nice or not) I said "yeah" and that was it.   The man who said this to me wasn't even someone I knew or was around much

So obviously, either that man (who was Italian and maybe Italian Jewish for all I know) tried to make me his scapegoat, for black hate crime on behalf of Middletons and some royals and Jews and blacks, just to incite blame against me, or he just wanted someone to think I was a kid who was a brat.  Or the fact I was bugged by the CIA went to someone who tried to defame me.  Regardless, it's obvious from what treatment I got by Larry and Barak Obama and Gary Goldsmith, they all were involved and thought they were sharing or exchanging information that had to do with me, which was motive for Barak Obama's crimes.  It wasn't just that.  Stanley Ann Dunham, Barak's mother, was telling me she didn't have a crystal ball when I asked because the way she sat I thought maybe she was a psychic so I asked, but after I was raped, a red rubber ball was brought out and held up to me with the comment that I could have "a rubber ball if you want one" instead.  So Stanley Ann Dunham, Barak, and the people there, made sure to connect a rubber ball with that incident, after the Middleton's and some of the Spencers (Diana's family) had forced me to be electrocuted and hold a rubber ball to my vagina.  When my Dad and Obama were electrocuting me they first joked, when Obama got socks out of the drawer, "The box?  Or socks?  you know, get the socks,--I mean, the box."  They made the same joke about mixing up words that rhymed as Gary and Larry did when they joked about how Larry the black man could be "Gary" and Gary the Jew could be "Larry".

Then Gary Goldsmith gave my Dad some posters for the wall.  Basically, they made it clear they were committing hate crimes against me to get rid of me and tarnish me so they could promote their own agenda.  My parents would not have coached me to point in the direction where Middleton decided to stand, unless they thought it was important.  To me, I did what I was told, but didn't know why and didn't think it was important, but maybe it was, because this group went on to continue torturing me, raping me, and trying to murder me and what results did they obtain through this?

So when you see a movie like "Glitter" or whatever, and the cover of it, with these black women and one of them wearing a glittery red dress like Diana wore on the cover of George magazine, and posing like she did, notice who the film producers are and what their background is.  Oh.  Jews.  And CIA and FBI.

Well well well.  What do we have here.

Then too, thinking about E.H. and what he writes, about crossing the border from Denmark, he said he was told to say "Everyone knows the Swedish men go whoring in Denmark and no one checks to see if they have liquor on their breath and let them through."  The Swedish men go whoring in Denmark?  And then they gave me Danish stamps on my passport, asking me if they should stamp my birth certificate as well.  I mean, yes, E.H. writes about his own life, but he is also making commentary about mine as well and had insider knowledge about my life and what was happening to me.

The fact that Barak Obama hated me that much, and believed I killed his Dad and then raped me, proves he is responsible for the kidnapping and torture of my son Oliver, out of continued revenge against me for his belief I "killed" his Dad.  It means the Commander in Chief would have no problem making sure I'm drugged with Haldol, overdosed, poisoned, thrown in jail on false charges and discredited as mentally ill.  It's not like he wanted anyone to believe me if I brought up his raping me.  It means he would work with the Department of State and U.S. military to keep assaulting me and to lie and create a fraudulent adoption to keep my own son from me.

A tangent from that very important point I made above, is that I've wondered too why Prince Edward would talk to me about marrying him one day (a long time ago) when he's already a royal himself.  After a while I sensed maybe he had an ulterior motive because why was he trying so hard to woo me and convince me of it?  When I asked him why he wanted to marry me so much he said we would be a great team.  Basically, he implied it would be for good "political" reasons.  Why would I be the asset for him?  I don't know if he thought I was politically connected in some way, or related to someone who was, or if he thought I was more royal than he was and marrying me would secure his rights.

Going to another topic, about the mirror with a camera recording or viewing behind it--was serious.  It wasn't a mistake.  I had this weird feeling, as a kid, even though I wasn't very psychic anymore and I sensed there was something wrong with that mirror so I started pulling it out to look at the back and sure enough.  Yes, it was a rigged mirror.  I got in HUGE trouble finding it.  My parents flipped out.  I was shouted at and either beat or told to go to my room and a big effort was made to try to have me forget about it.  They started doing other weird things instead, to have me think there were spy holes in the wall higher-up from the living room, or that behind a frame there was some kind of window and tried really hard to displace the actual mirror with a camera to it with another idea.  I think they were trying to "re-create" suspicion in me to then direct it to a false sign.  I knew it was done as a cover for my discovery of an actual surveillance mirror.  My own house.  Both my Mom and Dad knew about it and I could tell by the way they acted.  It was removed.  As soon as I found it, it was removed and another one that looked like it but didn't have a camera, and was just a mirror was later put there instead.  So yeah, I lived in a "house of mirrors" that were watching me.

As for the smoke house, I don't know what happened to my Mom after they put me in there.  It is possible they abused my Mom, but at first they acted like they were defending her.  Those men already knew about some of my training so instead of fighting me that way, they got guys with judo and martial arts skills against me to make sure they could control me to force me into the smokehouse.  George Bechtold knew Judo and possibly other martial arts and another one knew another kind and my Mom knew (which I hadn't known about) and they teamed up against me and then forced me in where I vomited everywhere.

By the time I was in Sherwood, Oregon, it had been so long since I'd seen him I didn't think about it when I met him through his son Robin.  It never crossed my mind.  They not only beat me up, they held me near a cliff and talked about throwing me over and pushed me over several times and I told them if they killed me everyone would know.  I said people from other countries knew I was there and where I was going and other people followed and people would know who was involved if I didn't turn up.

pg. 169.  E.H. says the FBI got his wife to cooperate, telling her she would face a jail-term if she didn't and that it was "possible" E.H. had exchanged information (to a foreign power) when they were separated.  He says they threatened her with harboring a fugitive if she didn't cooperate.

pgs 170-171.  E.H. describes how he realized he had to leave the U.S., including seeing NSA Ronald Pelton crying on t.v. while being charged with espionage.   When he mentions Ronald Pelton, it would make me think about which man wore a belt and undid it to expose himself, and which one did not, and also when it was used to spank or beat me. 

Before going into this part further, going back a little, I was taken to a preschool where I was electrocuted and taught to shoot a gun.  I was 3 or 4 and I believe it was to back down from formal training in guns and running obstacles and that kind of thing.  Bows and arrows...the works.  So to have me maybe forget about CIA, military bases, and mean things done there, I was then at a preschool forced to wear a dunce cap much of the time and other times there was target practice to a target.  It was like a blackboard with a target in the center and I was behind some kind of a podium, like a pastor's podium and with a gun in hand, aimed for the bulls-eye.  We colored with crayons a little too, but this was some of what was done.  I also remember being locked in closets and taken to the bathroom to be molested by a male teacher.  Before this preschool, where 3 men and 1 woman mainly were in charge of me, is when I think I was at other military or black operation sites, and of course, at the royals and Middletons.

I should add my Dad was there with Mike Middleton in the basement when I was being whacked with a bucket over my head.  After this whole meeting, which did include some royals, Princess Margaret was hiding from me.  I found her crouched behind a planter or something one day, peering out at me and said, "Are you hiding?"  I couldn't figure out why in the world Margaret would be afraid of ME.  I thought it was really odd and wondered, "Does she think I want to kill her or something? or that I'm a loose cannonball?  What's wrong with Margaret?!"  (I mention this in connection to E.H.'s description on pg. 171 of going to the Margaret Hid Hotel). 

I do not totally remember everything that happened in that basement with the whole Lord Protector thing.  A lot of it I do remember, but not all. I might be wrong, but I think I fought with the stick and getting whacked around with the bucket on my head and I kept falling down and they'd shout at me get up and whack me again.  Then they took the bucket off of my head and gave me a sword.  That's what I remember.  I don't remember it really being a jousting stick but possibly an actual sword.  So then I was told to fight and I think it was Edward or someone like him who came in and challenged me to fight my merit.  So I did and of course he was winning and then kept saying, who is ..something or other or what do you something or other and I would shout that saying back.  Then all of a sudden, I remember getting a huge wind of strength and determination and with each line "for England!" I thrust the sword, "for Ireland!" I thrust the sword, and "for Scotland!" and knocked his sword out of his hand and it went to the ground.  Then shocked silence. 

I don't know...then more after that with other things, but I thought, when I saw Margaret, "Is she scared of me because of the sword fight?"

I want to say I lost, not that I knocked the sword out.  I fought with him. Sometimes I did pretty good in a match for my inexperience, but I either had it knocked out of my hand or it was knocked out of his and I think it was knocked out of his because I stood there and otherwise I think I'd have picked up my sword.  So then I got knocked out with a bludgeon to the head of some kind by someone else who called me a crazy nutter.  My Dad and Mike were right next to each other.  I did see some kind of a strange light at some point, not after getting hit on the head, but before.  I don't know if anyone asked me what I saw or not, with the bucket on my head or blind-folded or another time there, but it was a light surrounding above kind in front of me and above my head, but no one had done anything to the lighting I don't think.  Nothing else was with it, just light. 

When I thought Margaret was hiding I then crouched down with her and she passed me a note to take to someone.  I had thought she was afraid of me for some reason, but she was nervous and told me to deliver a message and I did, and if she gave it to me not to read but for someone else, I didn't read it.  I was fairly trustworthy in that regard.  If it was private, unless I had a motive to spy it out, I kept personal business private.  I believe she also maybe gave me her handkerchief because she had one in her hand and it was white and she gave that to me as well.  From what I remember, it was solid white.  That was something I believe she told me I could keep myself but deliver the message.  Maybe the message was for me--I don't remember now, but it had very fine tiny stitches in it.  Possibly one had roses on it and one was white and then there was the one from Charles which I thought I remembered as pale blue.  The one with roses was probably from Margaret too but I don't remember.  It wasn't like a lot of people gave them to me.  From what I remember, the day she ducked down to give me a note, it was with a white handkerchief.  I think she said give the note to your Dad, the handkerchief is for you and Edward wants to see you (or marry you).

Oh, which reminds me I had one from Charles before too.  I wasn't around anyone that tucked folded handkerchiefs in their breast pockets or inside a sports jacket except in England really, and I liked them and sometimes folded them up for Charles.  He let me keep one of them, or gave one to me actually.  When I was then sewing by hand at my house in my bedroom, I was sometimes making handkerchiefs and thought, "I don't know why because I have no one to give them to" (that wore them where I was) but I gave them anyway anyhow.

I don't know if there is a symbolism of giving a handkerchief or not, but as a kid, since I was fascinated with little bits of cloth, I thought it was a nice gesture.  I think I may have received others possibly, but I mostly remember a handkerchief from Margaret and one from Charles before that.  I never told people about it except my parents I think.

I think Edward talked about marrying me after that, in the future, but I didn't know if he was serious.  He seemed to be in some way, very romantic and understated and serious but then I wasn't sure why there was someone that looked just like him at a couple of locations where people later tried to kill me.  I'm sure people change their minds, but who knows.  I think one of the handkerchiefs I had was important and I was told to keep it and did for a long time.  I do remember I think I gave one to my Mom one day.  It was the important one and I don't know why I did but sometimes I was tricked out of things or beguiled and manipulated and other times people stole from me.  I don't think this one was stolen and when I offered it to her she sort of shook and said, "You're giving that away?"  I used to iron all of my handkerchiefs.  I sometimes powdered them too.  Most of the time, just ironed and had them tucked in a drawer and I would wear some of them tied in my hair over a rubber band.  I didn't have suit pockets to tuck them in, and thought some of them were pretty so I tied them, not in a bow, in a knot over my pony tail rubber band.  I think I gave it to my Mom because I thought she admired it so I was trying to make a nice gift of it.  I don't remember.  I tied them around my upper arm a few times, after reading King Arthur's Knights (and other tales) if they were long enough but mostly they weren't so I tied them in my hair.  I would say that was the main way I wore my hair for a long time.  Ponytails with a scarf tied around it.

Maybe they all hated me.  Maybe Charles liked me and someone didn't like that he did and used another person as a lure.  Maybe Charles decided he didn't like me anymore, or at all, and someone else actually did and was sincere.  Maybe then they changed their mind or maybe someone changed it for them.  Whatever it was, I didn't cheat anyone out of anything.

I had two flushes:  opera and jousting.  I got flushed for different reasons from both.  I loved the intellectual and physical game of jousting and sword fight.  I also liked targets and bow and arrow but probably jousting a little more because of the competitive interaction.  I liked opera for the music and drama and emotional reasons.

I don't remember the Queen very much.  She was out of bed earlier than some and about her business.  I sort of remember 2 or 3 activities with her aside from t.v. trays and it would be counting inventory, cards (and I do remember her reading in bed I think), and a rubber ducky.  With the cards--she played from more than one stack from what I remember ha ha ha.  I remember clubs and a black deck.  She was a very careful handler with the latter.  If that was really her that I remember for that, it was one of the closer moments I had with her but I have no idea what she read into things or what kind of outcomes she saw, but I sort of remember it sitting on her bed with her, comfortably.  From what I recall, it was around that time I became viewed less for having an authentic psychic gift, like a gift from God, and was beginning to be portrayed as a "devil" or "beast" or occultist that could be harmed but I don't know who tried to spread that idea.  I just remember a rumor began to circulate.  It seemed like no matter what it was, some group wanted to vilify me however they could.   It was possibly after the same was done on Diana's bed.  Because first I remember a nice quiet set with the Queen and later I remembered feeling I was getting set-up by Diana Spencer.  I loved the rubber ducky.  Either she kindly gave one to me one day when I had no toy to play with in the bath, or one day she stole it from me and I always remember the Queen stole my rubber ducky.  I just remember the connection with the Queen and a rubber ducky.  I also remember a dressing screen.  I was handed my items of clothing one by one and then would ask for my pearls.  I may have also assisted another women with what she wanted from behind a dressing screen too.

pg. 171, E.H. says he knew he had to return to Moscow and describes how he was going back and forth to 7-11s for food at night, shaving and nicked himself and had to use a Band-Aid, and did a dozen other things in preparation and made reservations at a health spa in Hungary.

I remember going through all of these same things.  I remember being with a man, or my Dad, who had me run to a 7-11 and back to get things, always at night; I remember someone shaving and cutting himself and using a Band-Aid I brought in; and I remember even going to a health spa.  However, for me, I didn't go back to Moscow.  E.H. did, he says, and I somehow did end up at a health spa somewhere with hot tubs and sauna and facials and back massages, and mud masks for the entire body, but I do not remember that it was in Budapest!  If it was, I'm not sure if I went part of the way back and then returned with my Mom, or what.

I know at one place I stayed, it was for a week.  It was some kind of health and beauty spa which was a nice luxury after all the torture.  Which is sort of like the protagonist in The Man Who Knew Too Little being questioned by a London cop who says, "What's it like being a spy?" and he says "Torture" and the cop, digging for answers asks, "But there's the women you know" to which the protagonist responds, "Yeah, they're nice, after the torture."  Getting a couple of perks here and there was nothing compared to the torture I have been through, but this spa was back massages every day, sometimes I was side by side with my Mom and other times with my Dad, they usually did 2 at a time in a room.  Then there was a whole huge assortment of body scrubs, facials, peels, mud mask for the whole body head to toe, and that kind of thing.  It is what I remember the most--the body masks and facials.  So all of these things sounds like E.H. but I do not believe I personally fly back to Hungary unless it was for a week or something and then I flew back, but no one, at that time, said go with me back to Russia that I recall.  I remember having to go back with my Mom to the U.S.

I guess, taking another huge tangent but going back to being raped and who was involved in setting up the rape by Barak Obama, and how many people were involved in it, there was always a link.  From the basement of Middletons there was one or two people who then knew people or went to the basement of my Aunt Locklyn (my Mom's side), and to the basement of my Uncle Howard (my Dad's side).  It is slightly more tenuous for me to find the link between my Aunt Locklyn and the other two places but it's probably with Joy Sterling/Forrest Tancer and their connections with my parents and Middletons.  Most of the men at my Aunt Locklyn's were Hispanic and then there was Miller and some white men (lawyers and Judges mostly) as well, but local for them.  Denis Hotchkiss was one of the white men who went to that basement, Miller was one, and I am not sure but I think Paul Cassel was possibly one of them if it wasn't Kyle Flick before I officially met him or something.  The other men were Hispanic and I didn't know most of them.  One was extremely scary and violent and beat me but this group also used more drugs or liquor with me.  Not hallucigens, but a lot of alcohol and possibly, possibly, cocaine.  I remember they and a couple of the British/Irish at Middletons were licking lines off of my body.  I'm saying they molested me, electrocuted me and beat me.  With this group, their theme for attacking me was that I didn't believe in Mary (as in, I didn't pray to her) and one man flipped out saying, "You insult my MOTHER?!" and beat me.  I didn't insult his real mother of course, and didn't know her or who she was, but he meant symbolically, about Virgin Mary and I had no idea anyone would be that offended if I just said no, I didn't believe in her or pray to her.  He got very angry.  The others I don't remember if they said anything about how I insulted them or why they felt justified to torture and electrocute me when I was a kid.  The links between all of these people can be verified.  It isn't like one incident here and then another there that were random coincidences--they were playing off of each other and working together.  I was at the Middletons and royals first, then my Aunt Locklyn's and then my Uncle Howard's was the order of events and after that, they took me to see Barak Obama so he could rape me.  I do believe Kyle Flick was there.  He did not do as much himself but stood back and encouraged it, like my Uncle Howard did next.  I remember the look on his face.  He hated my guts.  I mean, really, really, hated me and you'd never know it and I didn't sense it later, years later when I was around him and had forgotten he was there.  He made fun of me about Jesus when I said I didn't believe in Mary but I believed in Jesus.  He was swearing and saying "Jesus" and made a comment about "do you see a light"? and making fun of me after I had said at the other place I had seen a light.  I didn't tell him this, I had told them that (at the Middletons) when asked and told my parents later.  It really is not that "difficult" to figure out how the different people who electrocuted me are connected to each other.  I know Dennis was there because I remember how red his face got and already knew who he was from the dojo I went to when I was younger.  I know Miller was there, Kyle Flick was there, Dennis Hotchkiss, possibly Paul Cassel and/or John Bridges.  I am pretty sure Judge John Bridges was there.  Yeah, he licked a line of cocaine off of me from what I remember.  Then there were 3-4 Hispanics or so but most of them were nervous about what was happening and then one of them was very vicious.  The Jews were really jealous of me.  How dare she say she saw a "light" was their attitude, or mix with "royals". 

pg. 172.  E.H. says he went to a Russian embassy in Hungary and asked the officials to send a cable to Chebrikov.  He says the officials' mouth dropped open and was shocked he knew all the protocol for sending a cable and the name of officials and their positions.  I remember, for me, I asked to have a cable sent to some people in England who were officials and had the same response.  No one expected me to know how to do some of those things and I am not sure that I had thought it was that big of a deal.  I wanted to be a professional career-woman.  I was ready to be an entrepreneur when I was young, and I had some talent in certain areas and all I wanted to do, was be an excellent person and professional at what I did.

pg 173.  E.H. says he asked for paper to write a cable and wrote one and thought maybe everyone had forgotten about him.  He thought maybe Gorbachev would be at one of the embassies so he went there and came face to face with Victor.  At the sight of each other they both panicked and ran to cover in opposite directions and then Victor pulled him in with him, to his room and said how are you doing.

The same thing happened to me.  I sent the cable and after no response, worried about whether they cared about me anymore and then I ran into someone, a familiar man (British) and he pulled me in and we talked.

E.H. also says before he met up with him he noticed  a man in a polo shirt and blue jeans following him and thought "Christ!" the FBI wanted him in the West and now the Hungarians were tailing him.  I think here he implies Kyle Flick and the Jews.  E.H. would know possibly that I was the one who told my Mom to get my brother Levi jeans at a time when they were most popular in school and I wanted him to fit in and Levi is another word for levite or Jew, and the people who were using a pole up against me in the Middle East around Israel were also Jews (with some Irish possibly).  One person who said "Jesus" or "Christ" all the time that I knew of was Kyle Flick. 

pg. 173-174.  Here E.H. recounts meeting up with his old friends Igor and Victor and he talks with them, telling them what happened and they say what is happening on their end.  He stays with Igor at his apartment, has mineral baths, and they agree to arrange for a new dacha for him.  He says they told him he would see it the next day and he knew he had to make the next step to officially defect to the Soviet Union.

What I remember, from my own life, is that I talked with the two British men (royals) and I stayed with one in his apartment.  I had a lot of bubble baths because I liked taking baths and it was a way for me to relax and I had my hair up usually, and remember he opened the door once and stared at me while I was covered in bubbles.  I don't think he could see anything and he may have asked if he could come in or was I alright.  I said yes, I was in the tub but covered up or something with the bubble bath so he could come in.  So I still remember how he looked standing there in the doorway frame looking at me.  He sort of had the "deer caught in the headlights" look, I suppose like he wasn't sure what to do with himself or his thoughts or me.  So I think I chatted away and maybe he sat down and I just talked and talked.  He was quieter and didn't talk as much and he didn't mind my talking a lot.  It's possible he came to the door when he heard me singing because I started to sing when I was in his apartment and I didn't know he was there.  He told me it sounded like an angel singing.

So fast forward to E.H. being "dead" and I show up in Wenatchee for my cousin's wedding and Kyle Flick is there smirking to my mother but saying to me, "That was YOU?  I thought it was an ANGEL singing."  This is, of course, after I was raped after being in a royal's apartment.  I wasn't raped of my virginity until after I stayed with him and then they all went after me.  I was tortured and sexually molested but not completely raped.  I was even harmed and hurt in that area, but not raped or bleeding.  Then my Grandpa was dying and I sang to him and my Dad said he must have thought it was an angel singing and tried not to cry, when E.H. was killed the same approximate time my Grandpa was.

Well, the first person who said this to me was a single royal man who was British.  Like I said, he maybe hated me later or wanted to kill me, but at the time, I thought he acted slightly bewildered, but then again, it's hard to say because you can't really tell with the royals, anymore than with some spies, because what appears to be one thing sometimes turns out to be the opposite or someone sets someone up.  There is a lot of setting up that occurs.  I still wasn't sure if maybe he just wanted me away from the other royal.  Who knows  Or vice versa.  He sort of looked like someone who wanted to do me in and was in love with me at the same time.  Kind of calculating but unsure.  I think it's also possible the other royal said I sounded like an angel once and then next it was this other royal, his brother, repeating it.  I don't remember having a very good voice though, until later so it was probably this royal with the apartment.  Or this man who resembled the royal that traded out with him suddenly.

I am sure someone was duplicitous.  I did run into my own Dad at one point, and we both scared each other and then ran separate ways. Sort of the same scenario but there were two different times it was similar.  So with the other man I stayed on his bed and he took the couch or floor.  It is possible that once I may have wondered if he thought I was going to try to take or steal something from him and that bothered me when he was the one saying he wanted to marry me.  Why would I steal from him?  But I decided it was possibly just the curiosity of having me there.  Everything seemed great.  No problems and I sang and we talked and he brought up the marriage topic.  Then he did something against me, not rape or sexual molestation.  He tried to choke me.  From what I remember, my Dad, in a very similar setting, did the same thing.  But they used slightly different approached.  I think it's partly where I developed some of my breathing panic attacks.  The one royal may have been into something that was of a 'different nature' or, really considered killing me, I'm not sure.  He was into making nooses out of nice sheets and this was after suddenly pushing my face down into a pillow.  I don't remember at this moment who did which, because the royal did one thing, either pushing my face into a pillow so I couldn't breathe, or choking me, and my Dad did the other thing, both incidents involving cutting off my air supply.

I know my Dad didn't put a noose together but the royal did.  Possibly I was in the noose so he could see how I looked as an "angel" I can't remember but something like that.  He had a sheer long silk scarf of some kind that he said he was putting around my neck and then started choking me with it.  I thought I was going to die and I was so scared I didn't know what to do and at the last minute he released it.  I believe I put my legs up around his neck, over his head and began to squeeze the bloody hell out of him.  My goal would have been to connect my legs over his head, crossing my ankles together, and push his head backward by bringing my legs back down to the mattress.  I was lying on my back, he was over me, choking me, and that's what I did.  Sophie doesn't look that flexible and she's still alive.  So I had to swing my legs up higher, over and around his neck and use my strength to force his head and hands away from my neck.  Then he stared at me.  I really was not sure what to think.  He kissed me, on the forehead, I think before trying to choke me, and then just looked at me and I looked at him and I don't even know what I said.  He used a pearl necklace on me once too but I can't remember how it happened, maybe slightly, and before fully trying to choke me so I didn't know if he was just thinking about it or what.  I don't remember what the deal was with the pearl necklace.  I will have to think about why he stopped or what I said to keep him from trying it again or what was between it.  He was first saying he wanted to marry me and I questioned it and then after that or at some point he may have said "I will make you my mistress."  He was first talking about redemptrix and did I know what a redemptrix was.   He looked furious but still oddly staring at me.  He said a redemptrix is another term for a royal.  I think he said I was a redemptrix and would I share that with him as co-redemptrix and I wasn't sure.  It is possible he might have really killed me because the next thing they did was really degrading.  There was no dacha.  Or there was, but it wasn't private and was with some big burly man and he'd have known, I think, it was different from what I thought.

I didn't expect anything really huge, or beautiful, but knowing them, I thought maybe a small clean apartment to myself or something.  Instead it turned out to be this room where a big hairy man who was much older seemed attracted to me and I was scared of being assaulted in the room.  I kept asking him if I could just have some space to myself to write or read, or draw.  But I do not remember that he ever touched me, even if he possibly hit me once, later.  Or maybe tried to kiss me and then I ran or was assaulted.  He did not seem to be bad, but I was intimidated not knowing what his expectations were.  And from there I was all of a sudden at my Grandpa Garrett's cabin, waking up in his cabin with one man saying he was Edward visiting and then another who wasn't him at all and just claiming to be.  They were really trying to mix things up.

It went from Edward and Prince Philip to some other man (I think possibly Jewish?) who looked like him and the my Dad too, in a similar role but with my Dad just sharing the apartment and then one day he was suddenly pushing my face into a pillow when I couldn't breathe.  Then he stopped and I wasn't sure if he was trying to remind me of Edward or what.

When Barak Obama raped me, I tried my legs over his head to force him off and he was already expecting it because someone had told him what my techniques for self-defense were. 

When I went from the dacha to my Grandpa Garrett's cabin, is when then people showed up with the electrocution box again and Edward visited me a few times or someone that looked like him and then it really didn't seem to be him at all but some imposter.  My Grandpa acted sometimes like he didn't know what to do.  Sometimes he acted in control and mean to me, other times nice, and then again other times, like someone was telling him what to do.  He was not a nervous person but seemed slightly nervous with the whole Edward visiting me thing.
This is a tangent from this section, but please incorporate this with what I am writing about with regard to rape by Barak Obama which occurred later, and who was involved and was in the SUV that arrived for a pick-up, and other vehicles and dealings that occurred.  It's important because it connects to what kind of torture I have experienced and why and how some of these people are connected to each other.  For example, I mentioned in my post about Barak Obama how Diana Spencer was in the car.  Like I've said, I put most of these kinds of memories into the subconscious because they are so bad.  If I could have remembered when I needed to, or had more information, such as I requested from the FBI a very long time ago, most of the future damage could have been prevented.

For example, it was after this whole experience with Edward and others that I was then in the U.S. getting set up to go to more torture basements where they similar things and then led up to premeditation to rape me.

I know Forrest Tancer was in the SUV that picked some of the people up from the house where I was raped because I was told to sit next to him and said, "Your breath stinks".  I didn't say it exactly like that but he had been drinking and I said, "Why does your breath smell like that?" and he said they'd gone to a restaurant and had a glass of wine.  He was sitting in the second row of seats by the window, behind the driver.  In the front was another man, one I wasn't around very much, and Valerie.  I knew Forrest well enough to recognize him and sit by him. 

However, prior to this, to my even being raped, I had been to their house and vineyard in California before and I was held hostage at gunpoint, with a gun pointed to my head.  We had gone to their house before and once spent a week there or something.  I remember they had a Jacuzzi tub I liked and everything seemed fine off and on.  Then one day my Mom, Dad, Joy, and Forrest had an argument and it became violent, in their house.  One person grabbed me and pointed a gun directly at my head and used me as a body shield for themself.  This is all at a time where they abused me sexually at that house too, forcing me to give Forrest and my Dad oral sex.  Then they were going to kill me and it was over something that went bad, or money.  It was definitely about money but I don't know the rest of it.  Some of it sounded like spy talk because it was "you did this" and "you did that" and "how did so-and-so know about this?" and "did you send a note to ...about that?"  It was straight documents and spy accusations.  At some point I ran to the bathroom or said I had to go and when I was there I climbed out of a window or sliding door.  I don't remember how, but I ran away from all of them and their house and was running through their vineyard when my Dad chased me down and caught me.  If I could have, I would have run away from every single one of them and I did try.

Then, either when leaving their house that time, or a different time, but I believe it was that time, we went to the car and they had an open arched garage or porch veranda or something, and Forrest saw me and said something to me about how I was nothing but a parasite and garbage and he had 2 full garbage bags in his hands and dumped them in front of me.

So then their son raped me over a decade later and I had no idea they were even connected to my past and the entire time, they knew.  Not only did Forrest Tancer choose to take out big garbage bags and call me garbage, it is possible since he knew Diana and she and her brother allegedly did this with their step-mom Raine, that he was imitating Diana Spencer for some reason.  Maybe they thought it would be a good story for the Goldsmith-Middletons.

I believe initially, they were going to try to fly me back out of the country after I was raped by Barak Obama.  I say this because my Mom and I were both getting into that SUV and the destination was the airport and since I lived in Moses Lake, in the U.S., there was no need for me to take a plane from Seattle or Mercer Island to Moses Lake.  If they weren't going to kill me, they probably had the idea to fly me to London again.  I got out of the SUV.  Diana, Joy, and my Mom were there and as soon as I saw them holding that cake box behind me when they tortured me in the past with an electrocution box and had just done so in that house, I fought my way out of that car.  I sat there just long enough to hear from Forrest they'd all had a glass of wine somewhere.  He couldn't even look me straight in the eye--he knew what they'd planned and done to me and he wouldn't even look me in the eye.  He kept staring out the window.  So then my Mom was out with me and it was me, my Mom, and my Dad in the station wagon and I was lying down in the back seat and they were just quiet almost the whole way.  They told me to sit up and I said it hurt too much and the seat belt hurt and I wanted to go to the police and I was raped.

They all knew each other and they were trying to kill me after degrading and torturing and raping me.

So it was:
Barak Obama
Stanley Ann Dunham
Joy Sterling
Forrest Tancer
male driver (I think Joe Wilson)
Valerie Plame
Diana Spencer
Carol Goldsmith-Middleton
Gary Goldsmith
and 2-3 other men  (one looked like Greg Smith and I remember "Dan" as a name that was possibly mentioned)  There may have possibly been an Italian man named "Frank".  I sort of remember the name Alan too, and it wouldn't be impossible Alan Springer would be there actually, but I don't remember right now who the other 2-3 men were.

When I was screaming and running through the vineyard, I was ahead of my Dad and then I tripped over an irrigation line or a rock or something and fell and I got up but my Dad was right there, and then he had a knife.  Since my Dad was the one holding me and cutting me, I screamed for "Forrest", basically, like the girl in Forrest Gump, so it's really great to have all this entertainment made about facts of my life, and be dragged in the mud personally, as a victim, who is always being punished.  There is no reason my son shouldn't be living with me or that I should have been defenseless when the FBI should have done their job and instead, wanted to kill me and encouraged their agents to rape me.  I mean, how do you explain that many employees assaulting me and trying to kill me?  I even had Rick Baken, newly with the FBI, trying to knock me out with a 2x4 to my head with my Dad when I was 9.  And Alan Springer was part of that.

How many "basements" did they use to torture me in? 
1.  Middletons in England
2.  Some kind of dungeon in England
3.  Locklyns
4.  Howard's
5.  Springers
6.  Barak Obama-Stanley Dunham

And that's just some, when I'm talking about basements literally.

There was some kind of dungeon I was taken to in England at one point.  I believe it was possibly in one of the infamous prison towers for the English "royals".  I was held hostage in two places in one of those towers, upstairs at the top somewhere, like Rapunzel basically, and then in a dungeon that looked and sounded like a serious, active-use torture chamber dungeon.  In the top of the tower I was held in some room and they brought a spinning wheel in and told me to spin gold.  They said if I was so magical, I could turn it to gold so when I did they'd let me out.  A few things had happened that made someone believe I was magical in some way or had "powers" when I didn't.  I was maybe psychic, as a gift from God, and I remember some things moving around, not necessarily by me, but I wasn't into witchcraft nor did I have a special gift from God to turn things into other things.  So they locked me in there, and it was concrete stones everywhere and I only had a bed, a chair, a desk I think, and they brought in a spinning wheel.  I think someone came in one time and played a harp.  I mean seriously, an actual harp.  If they didn't play the harp there, it was later.  Someone played a huge harp.  But I sat there and cried because I kept thinking what are they telling me to do?  spin gold?  I even prayed to God, "God if it's possible, help me to spin gold."  Of course I couldn't "spin gold".  I think I tried to tell someone I could do something else instead and maybe I sang.  I said I could make up songs instead.  It is probably why I asked the man who held me hostage at my house in St. Johns if he'd let me play my guitar and sing because in the English tower they were telling me to spin gold and I said I'd sing.  So I did.  I made up a song and sang it and I remember how it echoed, just like the woman from Eastern India at the Y remembers how my voice echoed in the bathroom when I sang, I sang in their "towers".  During the time they held me hostage in there, my Dad saw me one time and looked depressed.  They let me have "visits" and I told my Dad I didn't know how to spin gold.  From what I remember, I was told the "Queen" had said I should be locked in the tower.  Then she let me out.

So then they either let me out and it was before that, I think, that I had to be in the dungeon. I had a tour of torture devices with no one on them once and then when they put me in the dungeon, I heard horrible things.  I heard people screaming, sighing, moaning, wailing, shrieking, every most horrible sound you could ever imagine, I heard.

I saw a whole litany of torture devices from the mid-ages like the rack, and the iron maiden, and everything they had back then.  Then later, I didn't see anyone, that I remember, actually being tortured on one of those machines but I remember they put me on one of them.  I was strapped and chained to one that was like an escalator but it was a torture device.  It looked sort of like an escalator and worked like a conveyor belt where you'd go up higher, slowly, and then a sharp edged ax kind of thing was chomping down and would cut you.  They put me on that, all the way up the ax or blade.  Then they had me on another kind of conveyor escalator thing but it pulled your body and joints apart.  I remember that one being extremely painful.  It wasn't like they were just teasing with that one.  I was hurt.  And with the blade one, that didn't cut me but it terrified me because it was slow and deliberate and worked up horror, and it was stopped and started repeatedly so I was extremely afraid.  I know I passed out on the stretching or pulling your body apart one.

I remember passing out from pain because later when I was at my Grandpa Garrett's cabin and he was crushing bones in my hand telling me to go as long as I could and then say "mercy", I did it to the point of knowing I was just about to pass out, and knowing that feeling, I didn't want to pass out and said "mercy".  It's very likely what my Grandpa was doing was partly to remind me of being in a torture chamber.  It was very real. I'm  listing these things from what I remember but I'll try looking up items to see what the names are bc I think I've done that in the past but maybe not fully.  So there was the ax-blade-slicer (which I think I passed out from out of fright several times because I would scream and cry and they still did this to me, never letting up until I was having horrific panic attacks), the stretching-pulling machine, they drove nails or sharp pieces of wood under my finger and toenails, and they had an old-fashioned electric chair (which was sort of modern for the torture chamber and must have been brought in separately) out of wood and hooked me up for electrocution.  They told me after the other torture, here was my "royal chair".  Here's your throne your majesty they said, and mocked me and put a metal thing on my head that went with it.  The hardbacked electric chair was the last thing they used on me.  I am pretty sure it was one of the towers that is owned by the English Crown.  I mean, it was one of their old dungeons or something, and a royal person usually never went down there if someone was being tortured but one of them did. 

It was separate from the torture basement of the Middleton's house.

I know of 2 dungeons or basements where I was tortured in England, and then about 2 in the U.S. (with groups of people) and then I was raped.  And there were smaller incidences, still like dungeons but not with groups of people that were occurring at my house, Springers, and elsewhere.

I used to say, in the torture chamber, to the royal who showed up, "May I be excused?"  "May I be excused please?" confusing the formal table with the torture chamber.

I started bleeding profusely with one or two of the machines or torture chamber things.  It wasn't external bleeding, though I'm sure that happened with the wooden things under my nails, but I was bleeding internally.  I was spitting up blood and it was out my nose, and I think I had a rod jammed up my rear end as well.  I don't remember bleeding from any kind of vaginal rape until Barak Obama, which was after all the other torture basements and groups.  The rod was done with some kind of mockery about "here's your royal scepter". 

(By the way, I would like to add here, that CPS and Wenatchee women who were present for my hearing to steal my son from me, are criminal colluders with this entire group, and the Judge was Hotchkiss, who was present and party to torture of me at my Aunt's basement in Cashmere.  Someone had told some of the CPS and state workers (who have cop husbands and government friends) to sit there and mock me the same way the British royals did decades earlier.  So it's not going unnoticed and it is not going to be that "difficult" to figure out who is helping to be the ringleader for harassment of me and illegal crimes against both me and my son Tina Thornton.  All of those women (Tina Thornton, Brett McDonald, Michelle Erickson, and others) would not have sat there jealously to gang up against me to illegally steal my son and defame me, in that way, as they did, without someone leading them to do this, and Tony Block was one of the men there that took part in that court hearing as well, before Judge Hotchkiss.  It's possible they imitated something I had already written about, but I am not sure I had gotten to that part yet)

After this was done to me, one of the men said, "And here's your royal ball" after saying "Here's your royal scepter" and assaulting me anally.  Mike Middleton and Prince Philip stood in front of me and my Dad was there and my Dad was trying not to cry, but who knows, but at that time, it seemed genuine that he was upset.  So Prince Charles was standing in the background, having come into the room with Philip, and then instead of Charles first approaching me, Philip did.  Philip had been the one to comment earlier, "She has poryphyrria".  (the bleeding disease).  They then, these men, forced me to have their "balls" in my hands and to open my mouth while I was being electrocuted.  They forced me to oral sex as my entire body was shaking from severe electrocution in an actual electric chair, where I had a metal helmet on my head and was strapped to the chair.  So then in the back corner, a group of the royal women came in and crossed their arms and stood there to view me, and one of them ducked to try to hide from my view and from what I remember, it was Diana Spencer.  Anne also sort of tried to, but Anne, the Queen, and Valerie were there and I only remember one of them with their seeming very blond and standing out and it was Valerie, and Margaret was there.  The Queen was the one to say when it was over. 

It was after this whole thing that my Dad was crying all the time at our house.  I mean, one of the Bob Garrett's was.  Every time he looked at me or tried to talk to me he started to cry.  But then, either the Bob's switched (as they are twins) or he didn't care anymore, because then it was like fake crying or just crying to manipulate my emotions and have me think he cared and not suspect him for anything.

The other person, aside from Joy Sterling in the U.S., who asked me questions about whether I could read her thoughts or not was Diana Spencer.  She was playing the harp and then stopped and started asking me questions about it.  I later found out from my mother or one of the Dicksies, I never should have told them I was psychic like I was, or some of them, or many people and I should have lied and pretended to be non-psychic to avoid being tortured more.

I don't know if Philip said I had poryphyrria because he was shocked, because I had been bleeding all over the place, or if it was to advocate slightly less torture because of it.  I don't know.  I think at one point they actually left and took it for analysis and then came back maybe.  Also, I wasn't being tortured for just a day or two, it was longer than that, and I developed huge bruises all over my body.

I think Kyle Flick made fun of me, saying "Jesus" in the basement in Cashmere, because when they put me into the torture chair in England I was told to say, "Sweet Jesus have mercy on me."  I remember Andrew was there too, in front of me when I was in the electric chair.

When the Queen said it was enough or no more or however she put it, I was let out but honestly, I believe I blacked out again because I was electrocuted so long.  I heard her say this but I then I don't remember anything after she left and they unstrapped me from the chair except I don't think I could support myself.  I am not positive about the next thing that happened.  It's slightly possible they then put me in a coffin lined in velvet.

I was put into two different kinds of boxes at some point.  One was a coffin and one was a box that was square with nails hammered into it and onto the top, over me.  I was basically nailed inside of a wood coffin, after the velvet one.  The wood coffin was possibly later, after I was in the velvet one.  It's what I remember.  With the wood one they kept hammering and hammering, tons of nails into the box that I was forced to lie inside, tied up.  I was given a choice of one tool to keep inside with me. I chose a knife.  It wasn't given to me until the thing was nailed together and then pushed through and I had to have it roll to me or move to it was near my hands and cut off the ropes and then I used the handle to push nails back out the other direction and push with my feet and legs. I think they actually buried me in it, because then there was dirt everywhere and I had to dig a way out of it.  I think the wood one was in the U.S. though and with the one possibly in the dungeon or with the royals, they put lilies everywhere.  I couldn't smell anything except for lilies.  The Eastern Star lilies or Asiatic lilies--the ones that have a strong scent.  I guess I remember them as being called Eastern Star lilies.  Someone brought a ton of them in. I don't remember what I had in the coffin except for a water bottle and then the constant noise was a ticking of a metronome.

When I was taken out I slept in the beds with a few of the royals.  I don't really remember a lot of contact or anything, and I was too dazed and out of it to remember all of them but I think I slept in the beds of all the sons.  I may have slept with Anne too, after that--I had slept sometimes near them when I was little, very little, but this was different.  I was older and it was after torture.  I don't think any of them raped me the traditional way because like I said, I think that happened later.  It was like goldilocks and the 3 bears, and one man was one way and had one style of conversation or manner with me and then the next brother had another something to add or a difference, and then another was another way.  I slept on my stomach pretty much and went to their beds in a flannel or cotton gown.  I possibly wore pajamas with one of them.  Then the only one who was over me was Prince Philip.  None of his sons were.  Only with him was I lying on my back and he was over me.  It was almost like they decided that was reserved for only him and then he didn't rape me but did something else for himself maybe and then after that, no one would touch or was allowed to the same.  I wasn't sure what he was doing actually. 

I am not very symbolic but something about a rocking horse. 

He (Prince Philip) told me to pretend or think of it as a rocking horse.  The different Princes had me do different things and wear different nightwear.  I had to ask them what they wanted me to wear or it was already laid out for me in a drawer.  So I would open the drawer, and there was my sleepwear, neatly folded and arranged for me in the room.  With Andrew it was a long puffy sleeved white floor-length cotton gown, from what I remember, and a veil sitting there I guess they thought I could do whatever I wanted with.  I could be mixing up what Edward had me wear with Andrew but I'm pretty sure it was the puffy gown with Andrew.  I didn't know why I was wearing a veil on my head to bed, but I did.  Andrew wanted to talk a lot.  So he talked and made jokes.  I sort of always associated the veil with Charles, but anyway.  With Charles, he had me wear a teddy, and I was told wear the "teddy" and I said I didn't see a bear there. I thought he wanted me to take a teddy bear to bed with me but there wasn't one and I kept looking in the drawer.  So then he said a teddy was a short night dress.  So I wore that, and a stole, a huge boa, and he wanted me to dance for him. Then another brother (prince) wanted me to wear pajamas, with the bottoms and top and he rubbed my feet and gave me a foot massage.  One of them always wanted to rest his head in my lap and stroke his hair.  Another one would kneel in front of me and put his arms around my waist and bury his head into my stomach. I don't know if he was faking crying for some reason, but he cried.  Then when it was Prince Philip, I saw him a few times and it hurt my feelings because I stayed overnight with the princes but not Prince Philip.  He always left saying, "Betty is going to wonder where I am."  When he met me, it wasn't in their bedroom that I used to stay in a few times as a very little girl, it was a separate, smaller room. With him, the first time after my torture, he said he didn't want me to get anything from the drawer, just leave my clothes on.  He said we would undress each other.  I didn't really know what to make of it and I think once I was scared and went to the bathroom to see if there was a window I could sneak out of.  There wasn't, so I went back and then he tried to make it matter of fact, like "work on the buttons".   He and one of his sons, one of the princes, also had me work on buttons with him later, but first it was Philip.  He would try to do something and not be turned on, and maybe he didn't want to be, but he acted so mad.  I thought he acted mad like he was glad he was tarnishing me so I wasn't suitable for a normal marriage or something.  I thought he made some comment about how one of his sons was never going to marry me, like, he was worried one of them wanted to and he was going to make sure that never happened.  So I wasn't completely sure about whether he liked me and was mad he liked me himself, or he was trying to tarnish me and hated me or didn't like me and wanted to do his best to ruin my innocence.  Or, I thought he was mad at someone or himself.  So he didn't get turned on and I had to "help him" and then he said thanks for helping him feel like a man again.  Then on one of the occasions, he got really into his own thoughts and kept calling me "Sarah".  The only "Sarah" I knew of who knew him was Sarah Spencer, who had red hair like me, but it's possible Sarah Fergusen was around then.  I just know I was shocked he was thinking I was Sarah and I said, "I'm not Sarah, I'm Cameo" and he got upset.  I told my Mom, "He called me Sarah and I don't know why."  He called the Queen "Betty".  I sort of knew she was Queen, but it wasn't really talked about around them.  They didn't go around calling each other 'Prince" and "Queen".  Philip called her "Betty".  The only time I was alone in Betty's bed with her, I think it was with playing cards or black magic cards and bon-bons.  So we ate bon-bons in bed, which I thought was great, but I don't remember my fingers being sticky for cards, so maybe it was too separate times.

As a kid, I started thinking maybe Philip took Sarah Spencer to bed with him the way he did with me.  I later thought, well, maybe it was Sarah Fergusen but Sarah Fergusen came up after that.  So after this, the game was, when I went to bed with one of the Princes, they all had to make up a name for me to call them by and I would say, when they said, "What is your name?" my reply was "What do you want it to be?"  That was a game with at least one of the Princes, maybe not all of them.  I don't think I really kept going back to their beds though.  Philip liked me the most--or DIDN'T like me the most and wanted to make one of his sons mad or thought he was going somewhere with a plan.  So I was mostly with Philip and then later, the only one I really saw was Edward.  Probably he was intellectually close to me but it's really like they could have all hated some man or someone and just wanted to disgrace me and kill me.  Philip was muttering things about Edward once, when with me, saying Edward thought he knew what he wanted and he was going to see to it he stayed in line.  But of course, maybe it was just "talk" from Philip. 

Aside from acting mad, or talking about Philip, or just coming in and going out because "Betty will know", he didn't talk about very much with me.  Sometimes I talked to him a little though.  I was sort of scared because I knew his wife was the Queen and they'd just tortured me but I wasn't given any choice.  Then one day, Philip said it was the last time he was going to be there, and then he seemed nice to me and smiled and said, at the doorway, "She knows" (Betty knows).  He said Betty found out about "us" or his trips to see me.  So he didn't get undressed or go to bed or anything, he just said she knew and I nodded.  When I was undressed, it was to my underwear but I was allowed to keep my underwear on.  I don't really remember any of them commenting on my body or how I looked.  I didn't wear make-up.  It wasn't like I put on all this make-up.  Usually I was just bathed and clean, my hair brushed.  Maybe one of them said something about my legs and another something about my back.  One of them said nice things about my hair and stared into my eyes.  I think he saw and noticed the sectoral heterochromia and none of the others really did.  There was always a lady-in-waiting that knew about it because one of them came in to put my nightwear in a drawer for me.  They didn't do that or handle the clothing, it was a woman that did.  I only saw her, or one of them once, so maybe it wasn't true every time, but there was nothing there and I said, "I don't have any night clothes!" and the brother asked for the lady in waiting and she sort of had this "look" like rolling the eyes and she couldn't believe she was doing what she was doing look, and said something to me under her breath and then left.

Another thing I recall is that I was also tortured in Russia in a really horrible room or hospital.  It wasn't for long--I mean, I wasn't there long, but someone there punished me for being connected to a Russian there.  They thought I either worked for him in intelligence or betrayed him and I don't know which because I never worked as a 'spy' for anyone, anywhere, or agreed to on those terms.  One of the women doctors put an electrocution device on my head and gave me shots and they turned it up very high.  I also remember being suspended from a ceiling somehow once but they let me down.  From torture I endured in the dungeon before or after, I was tortured so long there, for such a long period of time, I became keenly aware of my body and when I was at my limit and about to black out from pain or not.  That is how much I was tortured.  I was an "experienced" torture victim.  Then from there I was in England and they did more to me in England and I was then meeting Valerie Plame (CIA) at the London School of Economics.

I know Forrest Tancer (U.S.) called me a "user" and "garbage" because I said I didn't want to work for them too.  So they also gave me a bunch of injections and drugs and I believe, were about to kill me.  They acted like if I wasn't going to work just for them, they were going to destroy my psychic gift for telepathy and remote viewing.  Also, I was told Forrest Tancer liked long flannel nightgowns, so that's what I wore to bed when I stayed at their house in Sonoma County, California.

With the buttons thing, I don't know what the symbolism was with royals but they taught me to unbutton quickly and then one of the brothers had a button that came off and asked me to sew it on.  So I had a needle and thread and sewed it on.  I was taught how to sew on a very good button, and then it was so bizarre because someone was then coming along, forcing me to learn a different way, opposite from what I was taught was "correct".  Even the smallest details of my life were being controlled.

pg. 177.  E.H. says he was in a dacha in Russia and had to wait until Nixon had left to come out of hiding, to not embarrass him.  He says his KGB guards like Arnold Schwartzenagger movie whereas he did not, and they'd rent them sometimes.  With me, I remember my entire family liking action movies mostly and I was the one who liked artsy films (along with other kinds of genres).  He says that on August 7, 1986 the government newspaper Izvestia, announced the Soviet Union had granted him political asylum with the right to live and work in the USSR.  He says since all former Soviet citizens living in Russia are also citizens of Russia, he is a Russian citizen.  He works there, pays taxes and votes like they all do.

Here I would say the timing is noticeable.  It was published E.H. got political asylum August 7, 1986, and shortly after this is about the time, I believe, I was taken to Stanley Ann Dunham's house for a premeditated rape against me by Barak Obama.  It was either that year or about the same time a year earlier, that I was set up by the U.S. and some English, to be raped and electrocuted.  My Dad tried to make it look like Carol Middleton was giving him the keys to the car, but it was keys to the house he was retrieving.  He could have been picking them up for anyone there--the house keys could have been passed on, or transferred, but I remember I noticed.

I also think since E.H. mentions a former Soviet citizen living in Russia is also a Russian citizen, it might suggest I have possible citizenship there.  I do remember some kind of official ceremony and papers given to me so it may be unlikely, but not impossible that I have dual citizenship.  Also, the idea I was living in England so long raises a question as to what kind of documents I had there.

E.H. says he never renounced U.S. citizenship and is a dual citizen.  He says his U.S. passport expired and now he uses the Russian one.

He says he called Mary to let her know about his defection before it became public and called on August 5, and she had moved from Santa Fe to Minnesota, and he invited them to visit.  He says her response was cool, she said don't worry about her and Lee, and now he should concentrate on his own life.  She said he'd made his choice and she chose to live in the U.S., and he was disappointed but detected FBI influence.  He says Vladimir said she still loved him and E.H. hoped so and that they'd visit.  He then called his parents, pg. 179, and they received him more warmly.  His mother asked if he was treated well and he said yes and she said to stay there because they'd love to get their hands on him there.  He was worried about his Dad and his job with Texas Instruments because there was discussion about whether he should be allowed to keep his job with a defense contractor.

I suppose here I'll interject that I said I chose a knife as my tool inside the casket but I think it was a hammer I chose.  I was offered a knife and other tools but I used the hammer to push back the nails sealing the coffin and somehow cut my ropes with the nail edges or something.  I remember they were shocked I chose a hammer instead of other obvious choices. 

All of the coffin stuff sort of makes me think either it was torture-related, Mason rites, or a suggestion that I had a false identity.  I was put inside some "royal" coffin and then I was being buried in a wood one and coming out of it alive.  It's sort of like when people get identities from people who died and take on their birth certificates and everything.  I don't know.

pg. 179.  He says after his defection the U.S. had "the gall" to ask the Soviets to turn him over to them and Igor said they told them to fuck off.

So here, I would say, again, it isn't unnoticed Katie Middleton and William gave their (2nd I believe) kid an acronym like GALMM after I was talking to my Dad at my house and he had me read something about gall, from the Bible, and Mike Middleton and he set me up to be raped.  So basically, the Goldsmith-Middletons and my family and CIA raped me repeatedly as a response to being told to "fuck off" and think it's funny.   Not only that, E.H. did die and probably because of one of them.  In the meantime, all that entire group did to me was sexually assault me, committing pedophile acts to degrade me, steal from me to give money to Carol and Mike for Katie's education, and attempt to assassinate me multiple times, while coordinating government gang-rape of me between England and the U.S.

Where E.H. says "I nearly died laughing" I also remember my Dad was the one who got mad at me in England when I started laughing about something in a hotel room and he said, "You think that's funny?!  you think that's funny?!" and tried to choke and smother me.  He was furious.  So then before Katie and William decided what to name their kid, my Dad was having me read something from the Bible about "gall" while pretending to be whacking someone and I got to the part about an ant and started laughing and then 2 days later, Katie and William had a name.

It's pretty much like Katie kisses my Dad's ass.  It's like all of these people have been working for her and William and trying to kill me, and trying to kill me, raping me, and sending huge amounts of money to her, is not a lie.  I have a legal right to raise my son Oliver, and they don't have a right to even be outside of jail "free".  If that is who is part of the royal family after all they did to me, there is no way a "monarchy" should exist anymore.  They have no right to it and no right to take money from people when they torture children and commit pedophile acts and then collude with other governments to kill kids.  They have no right to have a child at all because they and the others I've mentioned from England and the U.S., should be in prison.  Not only that, my privacy was violated repeatedly, with the U.S. kissing Kate Middleton's ass to give her FBI files about me, handprinting me, and doing all kinds of things against me with Interpol.

Which is also interesting, because Interpol has an address at "Charles de Gaulle" and a symbol of a sword and a balance on either side.

pg. 180.  E.H. was depressed about his wife so Igor had Sasha take him to visit Tallin in Estonia in mid-august for sightseeing and recreation.  He says they were gracious hosts but not as warm as Georgians.  Sasha's efforts to take him to all-night parties at the Estonian Central Committee dacha didn't impress their house host who thought they should be happy with a beer or two after dinner.  Sasha dragged him to a bunch of discos, night clubs and variety shows until sunrise and he needed a vacation once back in Moscow.

What I remember from this is two things.  One was that I was made to walk on hot stones once, and then my Mom walked through fire and broken glass.  The other thing I remember is one of the diplomats or royal's kids, took me and my cousin or friend out to all-night parties and I couldn't understand the idea of people who thought it wasn't normal.  To me, it was completely normal and fun and to be expected:  parties, and dancing, and music until the crack of dawn.  But the house host wasn't thrilled with hearing about it and said kids your age should play a board game and go to bed.  I remember I had a lot of fun and then when we were told we couldn't do that anymore I was so "bored".  I would say to my Dad or Mom, "I'm bored.  There's nothing to do."

E.H. says "Tallin was the start of what would prove to be a crazy streak in my life--a reaction to knowing I was now permanently cut off from family and friends in the United States.  I was alone, inside a new country, a new culture."  This was the first time I sensed any rebellion from myself and it wasn't to do illegal things but to party and be free to party if I wanted to. I sort of remember maybe it was partying out with Prince Edward but it may have been someone else.  It's possible it was someone else because I remember something about journalism and talking about newspapers.   However, I didn't realize really what was going on at the time.  I was excited because he was thinking of going into journalism in some way and possibly politics and we had fun talking about ideas.  Then I remember something else happened though which I wasn't happy about and felt made fun of.  Like I'd been taken out for fun and then deliberately show-cased at a disadvantage for the purpose of humiliating me and degrading me even further and I sensed some of the youth (who were older than I was) mocking me over it.  They thought they really had me.  I knew it was connected to some royals trying to disgrace me so I was even lower than before or "off-limits" to someone or something.  There were some cousins.  From what I remember, they got me drunk, possibly drugged (don't remember) and then asked me to dance on a table.  It was fun, but I remember it was done in part to have me portrayed as unladylike.  Then one of them got stark naked on a dare or told me to, at the house (not in public) later, at said to streak through the lawn.  It was definitely a royal streaking.  From what I recall, some of the people who went and tried to have me at a disadvantage, were Middletons.  Like one of them was Gary Goldsmith.  It was like Gary and then a royal cousin or something and a few others that met us.  They took me to one private house and had a bunch of people lick cocaine off of my body.  Gary Goldsmith was there watching, along with another Jewish man.  I believe they were cocaine dealers to the royals and some other people.  I was drugged at one point and then a huge group of teenagers or young-20 year olds put cocaine on my body and all started licking me at the same time.  At first they said they were just going to "levitate" me and then they lifted me up and took my clothes off and I was telling them "No" and they all ganged up on me and took my clothes off. One of them, when I tried to get away, licked me where you would give oral sex.  While they raped me, Gary Goldsmith or the friend he was with, took photos of it.  I also remember before we went to the private house, several people made a point to take photos of me when I danced on top of the table.  My dancing on top of a table was under the influence, but I wasn't forced to do it--I was dared to do it and I did but then I saw cameras flashes going off and smirks from adults around the periphery and I knew it had been a set-up.  After this, I was still "trusting" the people I was with, and they took me to a house when I had all of my clothes taken off against my will, by at least 6-12 people, cocaine put all over my body and head and genitalia and they raped me.  One person kept repeatedly licking my face as well.  Near the doorway, Gary Goldsmith stood and I was photographed that way.  One was a woman and another was a man standing next to him.  They also shone a light into my eyes to see if they were "dilated" or something from drugs.  Then I started having problems breathing, and someone ended up doing some kind of CPR on me after others left.

I went back and was in a security house with a bunch of guards, a fence and gate, and infrared lasers.  E.H. says when he returned to Moscow they said the dacha needed roofwork so he moved back to the first one next to Yeltsin.  He says he lived alone without accompaniment but with 4 military guards. 

What I remember is I stayed with him.  I went there after being deliberately humiliated but I had still thought some of it was fun and didn't realize how badly some wanted to ruin my character.  He was upset and later when I got mad about not having any fun I remember at least once another female relative was upset, shaking her head as if to say you don't understand how they hate you and want to tear you down.

Whether he liked me in actuality or not, I was told (prince) Edward was not going to see me anymore and had been forbidden by his father from doing so.  This was before I was raped, but they'd compromised me by the time I was 10-12.  It was a massive effort.  It was one thing to them to have a private matter, and another to be out in public as a disgrace. I think it was never on the up and up because of the torture and things they did to me even in private, but anyway. 

So there was crying and upset from my Dad, or Edward Howard or whoever, at the secured dacha and then I had serious cabin-fever because we couldn't get out or go anywhere.  I tried to play games and phone calls were very limited from there. 

E.H. says he wondered if they were there to protect or control him and that's what I thought and wondered and he says he snuck out and past the laser and gates, and I did the same thing.  I got a taxi to take me to a night club where I think someone said they'd meet me.  E.H. says, on pg. 181, that he went to the basement of the Intourist Hotel, took in the show, and had a few beers. 

I also went to a hotel, found there was a show in the basement and probably had alcohol, and I think I knew it was beer.  It was like a play there, a small theatre act and I had beer with the persons I met there "secretly".  It was Charles.

I had been told Edward was forbidden to see me and then given a note or phone call was made to meet Charles somewhere, or it was Edward implied but Charles was there.  So I met him, though at this moment I'm not totally sure it was Charles or someone who looked like him because I knew the real Charles and didn't know him to be a beer-drinker.  I liked the theatre a lot and then I didn't stay there I don't believe, but snuck back to my house.  I possibly went to his room but I don't remember doing anything sexual with him, and then I went back.

When E.H. says, several times, that he was in a "special" guarded location, I remember all of a sudden, it did seem to be very high security.  I mean, I remember there was a man there, besides guards, that I stayed with so it was my "Dad?" or "E.H."? or one-and-the-same.  At the time, I sort of heard various theories.  I never heard anything say we were there because someone had "defected", although I think I didn't know what the formal terms were.  I did know there was government involved and that there was some panic and need to be safe, and the idea of living elsewhere. I think I heard the term but probably didn't know the adult version of the definition.  I also heard a couple of other things and I thought one had to do with my blood.  I am not sure why I thought this, but I did.  I also heard something about how I was "special" because I had levitated someone or could cause things to move but I didn't hear that from the man there, but from others who questioned me about it.  I was taken to a debriefing room and asked about levitation and telekinetic abilities.  This would probably be secondary to "defection" or knowing persons who were royal perhaps, but it came up.  It wasn't a fleeting question either, and it was the basis for then having some teenagers and adults set me up to party and then mock "levitation" with licking me, drugging me, and lifting me up.  I lied to them.  I knew I was lying when I lied to them as well.  I didn't think it was a good idea to admit it.  I should have lied about being psychic but I thought I'd get caught so I didn't lie and was tortured to not be psychic anymore.  However, on one thing I lied and that was about levitation. 

My Mom had also confirmed I was able to levitate people and objects.  Possibly my Dad as well if my Mom ever denied it, and it's not something I remember doing very long and is definitely not a gift I have ever noticed as a teen or adult.  My thought had been maybe my Mom was the one with the ability and she just told me I was the one doing it--that's what I wondered as a kid.  However, I do remember once she got very shaky and was shocked because of some things.  I wasn't into occult either.  So to me, while it sounds supernatural and is usually assumed to be a bad thing, I believed and still think it must be just another variety of a kind of gift that, in itself, is neutral.   I remember the man I was staying with, when I told him I told no I didn't levitate, he looked upset and disappointed.  It's possible he felt it was an advantage for me to have told the truth about it, but I was worried about it.

It's true I saw magic shows, and was in a gravity-free place at a NASA-like center, and I flew planes, and it's also true I probably saw some tricks to it.  However, it was definitely real when it came to telekinetic abilities.  My Mom was getting mad and anxious because I was able to open and shut cupboards.  I would have thought she was the one doing it, but she was getting spooked out and I wasn't.  At some point I was starting to feel comfortable with it.  It wasn't always intentional though.  Sometimes I would get extremely upset and go to the kitchen and the cupboard doors would open and close and my Mom would be there, freaking out.  I wondered about it and checked to see if there tricks to it, or magnets or something added that would cause them to do this and there weren't.  Of course military technology can break things but it doesn't usually open and shut things.  My Mom was open-minded about it enough, for a time, to indulge my curiosity about levitation.  So we tried it at home.  I think this was also after some ability was noticed at the royals' somewhere, with objects moving around when I was there.

It was a big enough deal when it happened that my Mom called my Dad.  From what I remember she possibly denied it over the phone and then I wondered why because I was there with her when it happened.  We also practiced moving objects with thought alone, at a table.  When it was real, she would try to outmatch me by moving her object to knock mine out.  So we'd compete with objects that were used and see who had the stronger ability.  That was with no hands, just thought alone.    Later, when I was older or after torture or something, I remember once we tried and I couldn't even get a pen to roll hardly.  So a pencil, with flattened edges,  was there and I couldn't get it to move.  What I remember was feeling that my Dad was glad I didn't have the ability anymore (Robert, one of them).  He kept saying "move the pencil" and I wasn't able to.  However, when I was younger, I could "battle" with my mother over inanimate objects we were both able to move.  When my "force" was stronger than my mother's, she became afraid of me.  I think because the gift was so rare, she wasn't used to having anyone outmatch her abilities and as a kid, younger kid, I was sort of doing that.  I mean, it started to be possible.  Her force was stronger and we trained or competed and then one day, my force was stronger.  To me, it was natural...It was the natural result of a kid being trained by an adult to learn something and the kid practices and then one day the kid has mastered what they were taught and can sometimes "beat" (as in, competition) their trainer or master.

However, she started to get afraid of me and mad at me.  Or one of the Dicksie's did, and I used my abilities to taunt her if she tried to punish me for, well, not doing my 'chores' or something.  If she insulted me or tried to punish me for something I thought wasn't fair, I would say, "Why are you the one telling ME what to do when I have stronger power than you?"  JUST what every parent wants to hear.  I had no terminology for it aside from what I heard or was taught so I called it "power".  I referred to the ability as "power" or "powers".  My Dad told me to remember Stephanie Powers because she had red hair like me and showed up on t.v. around the time I was having my powers electrocuted and tortured out of me.  I thought my Mom and Dad did it because they feared me and my ability and were even jealous.  Why would my own parents be jealous of me?  I guess if it's how they stay on top and make their money, and find their niche, they might have been.

So when my Mom had taught me what she knew, at first she was okay with it and a man was introduced to me with telekinetic powers who was going to train me further.  However, when she did, it was after I was electrocuted or something, or she gave me a dose of antihistamines because I remember being extremely groggy and she gave me some "medicine" first.  He came over and I couldn't do anything.  So he saw nothing from me that was great, if he did some other time.  I remember someone named Dagmar or something.

I guess Prince Philip talked about Dagmar, a mother or grandmother he said had my abilities, but there was also a telekinetic man I was introduced to at my house who said to call him "Dagmar".  Philip told me I reminded him of Dagmar, the woman he'd known or some Danish royal he was related to.

With the levitation, this was practiced in a kitchen somewhere, and in my room.  I am sort of thinking it possibly happened one time at the royals' house (one of their places) with one of them seeing but I am not sure.  It seems like there was another witness at least once, besides my Mom and I.  So one time what I did, is my Mom laid down on something and then I was supposed to use my "powers" to have her body lifted up from the ground so there was space underneath (just air, no hands or feet touching down).  She would lie on her back and have her arms across her chest.  I remember times it didn't work and I couldn't do it, and other times it did.  Not a lot, because we didn't do it a lot, but a few times.  Most of the time, if we used our "powers" (special powers, they were called) it was at the kitchen table with objects and without a tablecloth.  So it was done on hardwood tables and hands had to be above the table, resting, or in the lap.  My brother saw some of it being practiced.  I knocked my Mom's cup (mug or saucer) out with mine and it chipped.  That was one time.  I either chipped her cup or plate by "thinking" the cup to move over and hit it.  I did this many times, not just once.  It isn't possible there were magnets to the cups because they were normal cups and plates, a whole set we used, and there was no one manipulating under the table either. 

Later, after I was drugged and electrocuted to not have these "special powers", gimmicks were introduced into the house to have it appear as though it must have just been magnets or tricks or something, but it wasn't at first, and I felt it was done to cover up for the fact that I had a real gift that some got jealous over and deliberately destroyed and then wanted to claim never existed.

Other things that would happen is cupboards and drawers would open and close, and one time a knife stood upright with no one next to it.  My Mom wasn't right next to it and I wasn't either.  I don't remember ever seeing something floating in the air, from one location to the next.  For example, moving an object from a counter to float through the air to me, except possibly I saw a card once or twice.  Heavy objects, no, but a playing card, yes.  I am not sure that I was the one who had anything to do with the playing card floating though.  I don't remember that being one of my gifts.

I do know at some point my Dad acted angry and hateful and wanted to ruin my gift and my Mom started acting angry and nervous and scared of me.  I accused her one day too, "You're planning to kill me."  I said it one day when I read her mind because she was thinking about money.  So some people were jealous of me, some got mad if I didn't want to work for them specifically and so thought I shouldn't be able to work for myself or anyone else then, and some of it was competition and some of that competition I even noticed from my parents.

All this to say, when E.H. talks about being in a locked-down security zone for awhile, for "special reasons" I remember being in a place like that and when we weren't at that "dacha" or house, we drove to some military or government building where I was asked questions about my abilities, from telekinesis to telepathy to remote-viewing.  I was tested about reading thoughts and asked about remote-viewing or seeing locations and when they asked about telekinesis, I lied to them and said I never had such power.  I thought well, it's normal enough to read people's minds, but if I tell them I can move things around or levitate people, they might call me nuts or torture me.  I know one of the royals' witnessed it because that independent testimony was part of why I was there.  It wasn't like I was the only one who saw it happen--there were other witnesses.  However, after they'd tortured me, of course, I wasn't going to say I was telekinetic and then not be able to do anything and called crazy as a kid instead.

I know some of the Russians believed me too and they were very accepting of the idea of telekinesis.  I thought some of them were very nice and I don't remember being sexually molested by Russians in Russia.  If there were Russians involved, they lived in the U.S. or something, in my opinion, because when I visited Russia, unless I blacked out or something, I don't remember any of them trying to do anything.  I got sexually assaulted in Russia, but from what I remember, not sexually by Russians.  I think I met Putin's wife possibly, because I remember her a little.  I know when I was in a Russian jail for a time, some guards were taking "out the garbage" and I knew they were going to kill me and she said don't do anything.  I'm not sure which woman it was but I think it was her.

Pg. 181.  E.H. says when he got to the hotel he went to a show and had a few beers and then met two Finnish nurses more drunk than he was and invited them back to his dacha to continue the party.  I said I remembered meeting "Charles" but it didn't seem to be Charles possibly, at the hotel.  What I recall are two different things.  I think one is that while E.H. met Finnish nurses, I met Jewish people.  When I was taken out to party and then to the "afterparty" where people licked me, it was with Jewish people taking me there and they were the ones taking photos of me that way too.  From what I remember, it was teens and adults and then in the doorway, Gary Goldman, the man who looked like "Daniel" that I met later in the U.S. when I was raped by Barak Obama, and 3 women, one who looked like Carol Middleton, and then a younger women who looked a lot like her but was clearly younger and appeared to be a girlfriend of Daniel or Gary, and then someone who looked like my Mom but I could have been wrong my Mom was ever there.  What I know for sure is Carol Middleton and this other woman were there, and there was a brochure from the "rave" or music show we had gone to, and I put information on it.  When I went to Russia I was told don't lose the brochure that has that information on it because it was evidence and I didn't.  My Mom found it when I got to Moses Lake or back to England if she met me there and tore it up.  She was determined to get it from me and destroy it because at the time, I knew she and Carol Middleton worked together so I had an idea she thought whatever happened that was coordinated by them she would also be implicated in being involved in.

My Mom was extremely upset I had that evidence with me.  After I had to be rescussitated from what they did to me there, someone said they needed a garbage bag and they were going to clean it up.  There was liquor everywhere probably, and flyers, and drugs.  I remember some kind of an orgy somewhere one time but I don't think it was that time.  There was one time where people started having sex all around me, with each other and I'm sure I was younger because I don't remember exactly where that was at this moment.

So there were "Jewish" 'nurses' there who maybe were drunk than me that tried to revive me when I couldn't breathe, I remember one said she was a registered nurse and she didn't say she was Jewish, but the Goldsmiths-Middletons and their friend there was.

Then at the hotel where I was supposedly meeting Charles and then it didn't really look like him, I went to the hotel room of the people for only a short minute, thinking they'd be friendly and talk and I basically was a social person, but they started asking me to suck their nipples and pretend they were my "wet-nurse" or doll.  When one of them got weird with that, I had a bad feeling and left and got back to the "dacha" or guarded place.

As for E.H. his claim of having Finnish (possibly in place of saying "Jewish") nurses over who were "more drunk than I" would be another motive for why some of the Jewish targeted me.  E.H. says he told the Russians he didn't want to work in intelligence, just have a serious job in economics.

For me, regardless of who I talked with, that was my main goal.  When people asked me, like Plame or Tancer, to work for them, I didn't sense it was the correct thing for me and I wanted to work on academic things and sustain myself and have a career.  They thought I was being selfish and I felt I was a kid that was being autonomous and not politically aligned.

pg. 182 E.H. says he wasn't able to have a visit from his family until spring of 1987 and that Mary was under heavy pressure from the FBI.  He says she sounded conflicted and then he was told why.  So he waited at the dacha and then was visited by her, his sister, nephew, and others and one said they had been scared to be driven through the woods late at night by Russian strangers.

What I remember here is that I was back in the U.S. or something and then I didn't get to see E.H. or someone for a year or more and then one day we went to visit secretly and it was a group like this that met him, or maybe it was that some guests arrived to visit when I was still there.  I would have to think about this part.  I do remember going somewhere with my family and another family at night and being afraid.  From what I recall, at one of the trips, it wasn't really "Russians" but possibly Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer. If at one time we were all friends, everything got tense and scary around them like anyone could pull a gun on someone at the last minute.  I was scared of them.  I had times where in the daylight, everything seemed normal and then all of a sudden, I'd remember something.  There was another family we traveled with sometimes that I may remember later as well.  I think being altogether in a car with the Middletons was harum-scarum and I remember something about it in Canada.

They practiced their "brake failure" panic-inducing techniques with me half of the time, in these car trips.  It was always, "Drive here" with a gun pointed at the back of the head, whether it was Middletons, Tancers, or Sandbergs.

Of the torture devices I said I'd mention, I looked some up and I was on the "rack".  They had a couple of different kinds of racks because one was a regular rack, one was something like a "horse" (which was used later at my house one time but maybe not there), and one was an escalator rack with a wheel that turned and a big blade that came down rhythmically and could be slowed down or sped up. So they had me lying on this rack that would move you slowly closer to the blade as it went up and down.  They put me in an electric chair, and used attachments to insert into my mouth that were like "bits" or iron bits.  When I had the bit in and was being tortured, to not "talk" or "gossip", was when a bunch of royal women came to the doorway to see me there.   The entire time they did this middle aged torture against me, Mike Middleton was usually there.  This wasn't at his house either, which was something they set up in their basement once, with just a bed and one device, and it wasn't an old 'museum', it was a room with actively used torture devices.  They also put me into a cold dungeon room with a bunch of rats and a man who said he was worried about doing something bad to me (pedophilia), and then later they used the rat cage on me to have a rat crawling on top of me while scared from a fire.  Then later in Moses Lake, Jim Sandberg thought he'd like to try that on me.  I had something done to my knees as well, but it didn't have spikes, it was a different kind of machine that ruined your knees but didn't puncture them.  All of those things were at the Towers, in England.  There was also a "cross" at one of the places but I am not sure if it was there and I wasn't nailed in but hung there.  They sat me on top of the torture device with the triangle, for puncturing or harming your rear end or another area but lifted me off, not sitting me down all the way and instead rammed a pole into my rear.  They put something inside of my mouth that was like the "pear" that opened up wider or hurt your throat but I don't remember what exactly...I'm not sure about that one.  I'm sure about the bit, but not as sure about the device that opened up, though it seems familiar.  I was also tied to a stake that was lit on fire but allowed to run from it and had to help another woman who was tied to it, possibly somewhere else.  I was put in the stocks to be made fun of somewhere.  And I think I was in the scavenger's daughter machine but I don't remember it as much if so.  I think it's possible because of some vague memories but not sure.  I remember having to crouch and holding my knees and being crushed in more and more.  I think possibly the "pear" was in my mouth.  Something was, maybe just from a military doctor elsewhere, but there is a round scar at the roof of my mouth.

The main devices I remember from the Towers place or dungeon of the royals was the rack, a blade machine with an escalator, a knee crusher, and an electric chair.  And I was rammed with a pole mockingly called a "scepter".  All the other forms of torture may have been elsewhere but they were additional things done. 

I did have internal bleeding at some point from something but I think it was from the rack.  Most of these things I mentioned were done in some English tower with Mike Middleton there and then some royals showing up.  It was only him, my Dad, some guards, and royals.  The guards looked like big Scotsmen or military types and only 1-2 of them.  Not a lot of people had access to it.

Back to being scared by drivers in cars, I was in vehicles with those groups and they all had the gun out.  I also sort of remember Rick Baken, when he was younger, in a similar situation, like him and Claudia when they were young. 

When I was put on a cross, where that was, my Dad was also put on a cross.  I don't remember my Mom there at all.  I think she was, because I could hear her screaming sometimes, and I think I saw her on one of the machines once, but I don't know which.  She was once on some rolling or moving kind of torture machine and maybe I saw cuts to her back.  I was put on a cross, to hang there, not nailed, and without clothes and people came in to look at me and I remember being embarrassed because I maybe had just a veil at my waist.  My Dad hung on a cross next to me and had blood somewhere, and I actually think they put nails through his hands or feet.  It wasn't like he was hanging there by only nails, but like maybe there was a shelf to stand on but he had nails in his hands because I remember someone, who I think was my Dad, having his hands nailed.  I know they put a crown of thorns on my head, of real, actual thorns and I do remember it hurt.  I'm honestly not sure how someone could nail through hands and I wouldn't see any scars visible now, and how that could be endured, but what I remember is some group nailed actual nails through my Dad's hands, onto a cross.

Then, at one point, someone was hung upside down too and I don't know if it was still on the cross and upside down or by ropes but I think on the cross.  Or "a cross" I should say.  For some reason I associate the other torture devices to Middleton and the English royal dungeon location and then possibly the cross crucifixion to Russia.  Maybe it wasn't Russia, but all of a sudden, it had an Eastern Orthodox flair, like we were in that kind of a church or something.  I don't know how to describe it.  It was me, my Mom, and my Dad.  My Dad had his hands nailed in the center and I had to watch, and then he was put up on a cross in the middle.  I was on a cross with a footrest to the left of him and I think my Mom was on a cross upside down to the right of him.  I remember she said she wanted to be put on it upside-down when they were putting her up.  I think she was tied.  I don't know how long we were there but a couple of hours maybe, or several--I'm not sure.  It was for a method of torture not death.  I know a tall blond man came in and saw us that way.  I passed out after awhile.  I don't remember being taken down.  If it was torture, it was torture.  It was explained to me, torture or not, as "a form of devotion to God" so I was encouraged to try to think positively about it.  I don't know if that's what they really thought, or if it was the best they thought they could do to ease a child's fears and worries, but that's how it was put to me.

My Mom never let me see her chest.  I think it was for two reasons.  One was that I noticed there was a difference in the breasts of one Dicksie and another Dicksie.  The other thing I noticed one time was scars from being cut on the back of one of them.  I saw them (or one of them) in their bra but when I asked when I was younger about the scars, my Mom looked scared.

For me, on the cross the main pain was I couldn't breathe and my heart was hurting.  We were then forgiven for something but I don't know what it was.  I mean, after I woke up and found out what happened, I was told I was forgiven or something.  I never expected one of the main kinds of pain to be inability to breathe because if there's a footrest it doesn't seem like it should be that bad, if you're just tied there, but after awhile, it is really surprising how stressing and painful it is.  It works on your heart because of the strain to breathe. 

It seems like it was in Russia but then I sort of thought maybe Edward showed up, or someone who looked like him from a distance I guess.  Whoever it was, looked scared.  Maybe not super scared, just shocked, and then a couple of others came over (men from what I remember) and one of them started saying, about me, "Look at her nice long legs.  What nice looking legs."  I started to get scared because I wondered why one of them was making suggestive comments about my legs when we were all being tortured and I was embarrassed to have them see me mostly naked.  So the legs comments really terrified me because I didn't know why it was brought up.  I don't remember comments about anyone else.  Just me and my legs.  There was so little room on the footrest I had one of my feet crossing over the other at one point, to try to support more with one foot and then switching with the other.  I think I then got a bloody nose and was bleeding.  I don't remember any sound from my parents at all after awhile.  I had my eyes closed and then I opened them when they came in, after I heard them.  I'm not sure why I remember this, but someone thought we were dead.  I mean, I think they really thought dead.

My Dad's hands were bleeding and he was nailed there, I had had a bloody nose (from what I remember) and wasn't moving much to conserve energy, and my Mom was upside down facing the cross with her back to the group.   It was the 3 brothers and Prince Philip except I wasn't sure at first because of the setting but it sounded like them and one of them said he was glad it was over or something like that and another said "Oh my God" and then some talk about my legs.  I opened my eyes after one of them said he was glad it was over and then Philip was talking.  I think I said, "I'm alive." 

Then they let us down or something or I passed out as it was happening.

pg. 182.  E.H. says he'd been exchanging letters with his wife and sometimes she sounded like she wanted a divorce and other times was mentioning special times they had together and how she missed his company.

I think I possibly did receive a few of the letters from Edward.  I didn't remember it, because later when I found them in an upper crawl space I didn't remember and had forgotten about them but someone had saved them for me and many were never read by me.  Most of them were not read by me.  My own letters were conflicted because I wasn't sure what to think about anything or who was actually on my side.

E.H. says he was introduced to the Soviet Bank for Foreign Trade and asked to do research on gold bond projects they were considering.  He worked on these projects at his dacha during the day.  He says "the terms and conditions of the gold bonds issued by the Russians in 1993 embodied (his) financial research (pg. 183)."

I think the comment about 1993 on page 183,when he was last speaking of 1987 is possibly intentional.  In 1993 I had inadvertently brought up "the gold standard" in class, not knowing anything about E.H.  This is, of course, when several of my classmates sitting in that Advanced Placement History class had participated in attempting to assassinate me in 1992 by "brake failure" when leaving Robin Bechtold's house. 

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